The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 13, 1924 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1924
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13. 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWs. PAGE SEVEN MIL RADIUM AT LAST OPEN THE DOOR OF THE GREAT UNKNOWN? Tf you arfl sick And want to Qtt Well and Keep Welt, write for literature that tells Mow and Why thla almost unknown nnrt wonderful new •lement brings relief to BO many sufferers from Constipation, Rheumatism. BchitfcA, Gout, Neurit Jo* Ncu- raUlA, Nervous Proatr&tton, High \Blood Prcnaure and diseases of the Stomach, Heart, Luna>ft, Liver. Kidneys, and other ailments. You wear Depnen's Ilmllo-Actlve Solar Pad day and nlRht, receiving the Radio.Act Ivo Jtays continuously Into your system, causing a healthy circulation, over- eomlnR Blugglatineaa, throwing off Im- imritlus and restoring the tisaucB and nerves lo a normal condition—and the next thing you know you are getting well. Sold on a test proposition. Toti are thoroughly satisfied it Is helping you before the appliance la s*oure. Nolh* Ing to do but wear It. No trouble or expense, nnd the moat wonderful fact about the appllanco Is that It la sold BO reasonable that It la within the reach of nit, both rich and poor. No matter bow bad your ailment, or how long standing, wo will be pleased to hnvo you try It at our risk. For full Information write today—not to- nwrrow. Itnriium Appliance Co., 6&1 Ftrnrihury Hldn. \jn» Angoles. Calif. MAVE KIDNEYS EXAMINED BY YOUR DOCTOR , Take Salts to Wash Kidneys if Back Pains You or Bladder Bothers. > Fluali your kidneys by drinking 11 quart of water each day, also take salts occasionally, sayB a noted nuthorlty, who tells us that too much rich food forms acids which •ImoBt jiaralyzo tho kidneys In their efforts to expel It from the lilood. They become slugglsli and weakon; then you may suffer with a dull mloery iu the kidney region, sharp pains in tho back or sick headache, dizziness, your stomach sours, tongue Is coated, and when the weather is bad you have rheumatic twinges. The urine gets cloudy, full of sediment, the channels often get soro and irritated, obllglns you to seek relief two or three times during the night. To help neutralize these irritating acids, to help cleanse the kidneys nnd flunh off the body's urin­ ous waste, get four ounces of Jad Salts from any pharmacy here; take a tablespoonful In a glass of water before breakfast for a few clays, nnd your kidneys may then net ftar. .This famous salts Is made from the acid of grapes and lemon Juice, combined with lithiu, «nd lias been used for years to help flush and stimulate sluggish kidneys; also to neutralize the acids In the system so tbey no longer irritate, thus often relieving bladder weakness. Jad Salts Is inexpensive; can not Injure and makos a delightful effervescent lithla-water 4rink. By nil means have your physician examine your kidneys at least twice n year. • ADVENTURES OF THE TWINS. •y Ollvs ftoasrv, ••run.' MRa. OOOH ANO THE CROW TAKI A TRIP. The peddler was saying, "Well, wall, well I" Mother Goose and the white crow Btopfied on top of a tower of the castle of the king of Yum Yum band and peeped over the edge to see what was going'bn. There In the yard leaning up against a tree was Unddy (lander's magic dust-pan, but the old gentleman was nowhere to be seen. '•'The very idea!" cried Mrs. Oooso. "He could have brought the cook home and then left right away. He didn't need to go Inside and make a visit. Nancy and Nick will think he's never coming back." Sounds of "yum. yum" were coming out of nil the windows of tho castle, and Indeed oul of all the houses in Yum Yum Land, because it was dinner time. "I know what's happened," said the crow. "Tho king has Invited Daddy Gnnder. to stay to dlnnor. Beauty A Gleamy Mass of Hair 35c "Danderine" docs Wonders for Any Girl's Hair Which Class Are You In? D OCTORS know that eight out of ten people are suffering from Anemia—blood starvation. And the tint result of Anemia is lack of energy— lessening vitality. The test above will show you If you are one of the eight. Press the thumbnail firmly . . . un­ let* the blood comes rushing back rich and red, it indicates Anemia. Gude's Pepto-Mangan baa been restoring and rebuilding the health of run down bodies for thirty-two years. Easily assimilated by the blood, it supplies the cells with the iron and •Vnganese they tack. Thousands of physicians proscribe it lo liquid or tablet form at yow, druggist. Gude 's Pcpto-Manga" Tonic and Blood Enricher He'll be along soon It we give him time to finish. But you wait here and I'll fly down and look through tho dining-room window." Pretty soon he came back. "Yes, that's It," ho said. "The king Is at one end of the table and Daddy GandV Is nt the other end They're eating great stacks ol bread and butter. 1 heard the king say that never, never had he eaten such bread in his life." "Oh, that's the bread that Mrs. John set to raise. The bread tho cook found and baked Into loaves and took home. If it wasn't for that bread, Daddy Gander wouldn't bo here." "He'll soon be through eating," said the crow, "and then we can all start back to the Twins on tn magic dust-pan. It will only be a matter of a few minutes to get Jack's bouse on It, too, and then back to Pippin Hill tn a Jiffy." "lx>ok! Look!" whispered Mrs, Goose suddenly, pointing down to the yard of the palace whero the magic dust-pan was leanln against the tree. "It's a peddler. He's picking it up." The peddler was saying, "Well, well, well! If I didn't know that Daddy Gander bad floated miles away with the floating powders 1 gave him, and that—No, no! This can't be the magic dust-pan! Hut it's a good one, so I'll put it In my pack and sell It for sixpence." (I'll Just say right here that the peddler bad started a lemonade stand, hut once a peddler always a peddler, and ho had taken to the road again.) "Give me my broom. Quick!" cried Mrs. Goose, And without another word she Jumped on and rode right at tho peddler and grabbed It out of his hand. "Brooms and dust-pans go together," she called as her faithful ateed carried her to the tower once more, (To Be Continued.) (Copyright, 1024, NBA Service, Inc.) They Wouldn't Move Knyboo; ?, special features; 7:30. violin orchestra. " WOT, Schenectady (380) MS, travelogue; 9:30, program, Welsh singers. KI'QX. Seattle (23S) «-». news reports; 9-9:<5, children's entertainment; 10>-M. orchestral 1S-1. orchestra. WM, Springfield (317) «:08. kiddles; <t:15. hook review; 8:30, mimical: !>, soprano, cellist; 10, trio: 10:30, dune. KSD, St. Mollis Tost r>lapnU'h (316) s, baritone, pianist. EAST SALEM COMMUNITY The landlord tried to eject them, but the Gypsies who had leased this Chicago place refused to move. So the landlord engaged bricklayers to close up the doorways and windows In an attempt to scare the GypsieB out. The din from within, however, brought police to tho scene. The bricklayers were ordered to leave. PARTRIDGE Girls! Try this! When combing and dressing your hair, Just moisten your hair* brush with a little "Danderine" and bniBh It through your hair. Tho effect Is startling! You can do your hair up immediately and it will appear twice as thick and heavy—a mass of gleamy hair, sparkliug with life and possessing that incomparable softness, freshness and luxuriance. While beautifying tho hair "Dan­ derine" Is also toning and stimulating each single hair to grow thick, long and strong. Hair stops falling out and dandruff disappears. Get a bottle of delightful, refreshing "Danderine" at any drug or toilet counter end just see hSw healthy and youthful your hair becomes. Mrs. A. Shain Are You Weak, Nervous? This Advice is Vital to You. Kirksville, Mo.—"i had a severe ca&e of tho La grippe and did not get along well afterward; it left me weak and a nervous wreck, could not do anything. I went on this way for some time, just could not get back my health. I took many medicines but without results. At last I began taking 'Favorite Prescription* and It soon built me up and gave me strength and I felt like a different person. Woineu who want a good medicine will find it In Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription."—.Mrs. A. Shain, 402 W. Illinois St. Write Dr. Pierce President Invalids' Hotol in Buffalo, N. Y., for free confidential medical advice. HATCHET FACED? FORCE TONIC feeds the tissues and cells of the body and thus fills un the hollows of silken cheeks with good, firm healthy flesh. HI SUE IV III IIIMISTS •Mr. and Mrs. Will Dlggs end three children, Welden, Vernal and Marjorle left last Thursday a. m. for western Kansas to visit Mr. and Mrs. Clarion Maxwell and Mr. and Mrs. Droh'bells who are former residents here. After their visit there they expect to go on to Colo., for a visit witli his sister Mrs. Ollle Faulds. They expect to be gone about two weeks. Mrs- Lyman Crott* has returned homo from several weeks visit with relatives In Colo. Misses Ruth aud Bdlth King were guests of Miss Frances Dellenbach Sunday. •Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dixon of the Poplar church attended services at the Community church at this place Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Coleman ond family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Glass. .Mr. and Mrs. Willis Havercroft were Stafford visitors Saturday and Sunday. Born Sunday morning to Mr. adn Mrs. Bert Hirst a hoy. Also to.Jlr. and Mrs. Roy Tlllery a boy tho same day. We were greatly shocked to hear of the death of Charlie Ghoraley of Hutchinson. Those who went from hero to the funeral Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hofsess, Mr. and Mrs. Will Love, Mr. and Mrs. Heaton, Mrs. Cummins and Jim Markhams. Carl Reed and Walter McCoy stayed all night with Cleo and Glen Havercroft Saturday night. Mrs. Frank King spent Sunday at Jno. Millers. Roy Love and wife are home from a short visit to Oklahoma, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thomas of Arlington and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Van Zandt and children, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred McClellan, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Mack Stlggins attended a'surprise at the home of Mr. and/Mrs. Royer at Alden, Saturday evening. Billy Williams and family-motored near Hutchinson Sunday to the borne of her sisters, the Misses Wlldens and spent the day. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Horning of Wichita were here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Thompson, the first of the week. Bryce, Junia and Fern Todd were dinner guests of Helen and Arthur Hall, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Leatherman and daughter of Moundrldge, came Sunday to spend the day with Rev. and Mrs. Clarence Eshelmau, but found when they arrived that Mr. Eshelman's had left Friday for Missouri. Byron Eshclman is staying at Charlie Chaso'a.while bis parents are away. Mrs. Paul Porter and little daughter Pauline of Hanston, is spending a week with relatives here. Born to Mr. and jMrs. Frank Miller, Oct. 30, a boy. Miss Gladys Crotts, who visited Sere in October with relatives and friends was married soon after returning home to a Mr. Gray. Congratulations, , Some of the young folks went in and completely surprised Byron Opedyke Saturday evening, the occasion being his birthday. We suro had two good meetings Sunday at the Community churcn. Tho pastor being absent, Mr. Floyd Hawkins of the Y. 11. C. A. of Hutchinson came and gave us a fine talk on "Peace." Sunrtay evening being Father and Son evening he gave another nice talk. Next Sunday morning there will be a Ladles Guild service.,. In the evening Open Forum. Mrs. R. F. Buckley is staying at the Diggs home while Will and his wife are gone. -N'oan Caacldy and wife assisted tho Darlow people In their revival meetings all last week. They expect to help this week also. Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Crotts attended the Ghorinley funeral in Hutchinson Sunday. The Homer Fountain! and Ina Greesons also attended. * Tho last report we had from Mien Teeter who has been very jiek with typhoid fever was that ue wua getting along as well as can bo expected. John and Bertha Rhoades ate supper Friday evening with Henry and Marjorle Hall after which thoy went to a freshman party at the high school. Mrs. A. C. Everett attended a missionary meeting In Hutchinson last week. Mr. Van Zandt. our lumberman, was a Hutchinson business trans­ actor Saturday. Mr, and Mrs. Roy Love were Hutchinson visitors one day last week. • Mr. Hoff of Hutchinson was In our vicinity Monday afternoon. Will Love and family spent Sunday at Ed. Hofsess'. Uev. Earl Frantl aud family returned Sunday evening from Heatrlce, Nebraska where they wero called two weeks ago by the serious condition f Mrs. TTrants's father, the result of an accident, he was improving nicely when they left. him. C. C. Trestle's did not start on Thursday as was reported last week but on Sunday Instead. D. H. Ringer shelled corn for Clarence Rislcy last week. Mrs. Bishop was on the sick list tho first of the week. Mr. nnd Mrs. Edd Bennett of Holsington attended church at East Salem Sunday morning. Mrs. Etta McCiongle and sons Elmer and Wilbur and daughter Bertha attended a movie in Hutchinson Friday night. Mrs. Dannie Klngcr' returned from a month stay in Kansas City Wenesday evening. Detter and Griffin shelled corn for Fred Beck last week. Mrs. Warden Ulshop and daughter Ida shopped In Hutchinson Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wheeler of Hutchinson were callers at tho Clyde Murphy home Sunday afternoon also stopped for awhile at the home of the writer onrouto. The Farm Bureau held its business meeting at Salem Monday night, and elected officers for the FARMING Hoes Hliould be givi :, n some min-j eral to supplement, grain rations.| since grains under climatic condl-j Hons In different parts of Oregou I are deficient In minerals, partlcu- 1 larly lime. Hogs that do not receive enough minerals generally bo- come lame. \& Boeirnse of the high Quality ;iml beauty of its timber and Its resistance to decay. Hie food value and popularity' of Its nuts, the black walnut,Is a tree worthy of extensive planting In waste places, according to tho Department of Agriculture. The black walnut ulso has an ornamental beauty. Htate t'nlvorslty. The woman Is Miss H. Anna Qulnby of Columbus An Ohio woman has raised a Utter of pigs lo a ton of pork In 180 days and so has qualified for membership In tho Oiilo Ton-Utter club, an honorary organisation of hog producers sponsored by Ohio While the beet crop throughout the world will be much greats: this year than last, the sugar con tent of this product has not risen In proportion. The crop In Burop ean countries hna Increased nearly 4,000.000 tons over tho 1S.889.0H' tons produced last, year. Green feed grown In the yards saves the labor of carrying the feed to the flock. Manure that otherwise would bo wasted Is ntll lied by the plants, and the ground is kept in better condition as n result of plowing for the seed,bed. Ohio leads the country fn the number of farmers' Institutes heir! In tho state last year. They totaled 61S, with an attendance of 513,281 Indiana came second with 483 In stltutes and Wisconsin third with 299. ensuing year. B. Bookless was elected vice-president for this, township. They hold an all day meeting at Snlom Tuesday of thla week (Nov. 14). The ladles and will serve refreshments. Mrs. Letha Snodgra»s and Mrs. Almn Ringer spent Monday with Mrs. Carrie McGonlgle. Will Beck looked after the pastor's chores during their absence. Frank Rltcha and daughter Florence attended church at Pleasant View Sunday- evening. • Mrs. Etta McGonlgle asslste'd Mrs. Ray Oreen to do some paper- lug last week. Icicles due in a few days—Ut's clean your winter clothes. Lawls Cleaners. Phone 13.15. .11-10! Arrows For Divers. Sidney, Australia,—Carl Heller professional diver, seeking pearls In the South Sens, emerged from the water onto the shore of s cannibal Island. Ho was greeted with a shower of arrows from thr natives, who thought he was sn "evil spirit." mm Proaram for Nov. 14. (Courtesy of Hiutlo Digest.) (Hy Associated Press) WSB. Atlanta Journal (435) 8-9, Kl- ttio Kalohis Honolulu maids; 10:4S, entertainment. WEM, Boston (808) «. Blr Brother club; r,;3D-7;30, mualcul; 8. program troin WEAK. WOK. Buffalo (319) 8-10, concert; 10:30. ilanee. WON, Chicago Tribune (370) B-.308:30, ensemble, string ciul»U>t; 5:30, program; 10-11, orchestra. WLS. Chicago C145) organ; 710:30. lullaby, farm, soloists; 10.30, orchestra; 10:10. Konl and ulenn. WQJ. Chicago (41S) 7-S, concert, violinist, tenor; 10-Z, Skylarks, BUMM- duets, contralto. Harmony Ktnirers. KYW, Chlcuso tf.38) 0:3,1, bedtime; 7, concert; 8:20, apeiikm-w: 0-2. revue. WHK, Cleveland C-'S3) 7, music, educational forum. WFAA, Dallas News (476) S:30-S:30. entortalument. WOO, Davenport (404) Sandman; 7:20, educational lecture; 8. musical. WHO, Des Moines (526) 7:30-8, movie chats, soprano; 8-9. old fashioned fiddler, render, string instruments. WBAP, Ft. Worth Star Telegram (470) 7:30-8:30, program: 9:30-10:45, old time fiddle music, Krum String Hand. WWJ, Detroit News (517) «, News orchestra. " „ WHB. Kansas City (411) 7-S, tn,lk, rmmlc, trio.' . „ _ WDAF, Knnsa.1 Clly Slur (411) School of the Air; S-'J:30, uopular program; 11:45, Nlghthawlcs. KFI, I,os Angeles (469) 8:45, Aeolian organ; 10-1-, proBniin. instrumental quartet: 1, orchestra. W1IAK. Loulavlllo Tlmea (400) 7:300, concert. WMC, Memphis Commercial Appeal (500) ' 8:30, orchestra; 11. midnight Irollo. WCCO. Mlnneapolis.St. Paul (417) 6, sport; 0:30, concert; 7:30, lecture; 8:30, musical. WRAP, New Tork (492) 8:30, soprano: 6:45, Happiness Boys; 7^, style talk: 7:15. concert. W.ty. New York (406 ) 6:30-9, dance, talks, music. WJZ, Now York (455) 6, ensemble; 7, Wall St. Journal rovlew: 7:10, talks; 7:30, soprano; 7:45, current topics; 8„ pianist: 0:30, orchestra. WHN, New Tork (360) 3:16-1:30 a. ra., orchestra, talks, dance. WOB, Newark (405) 1:30-7, solos, tnlks. WOAW, Omaha (526) «. story hour; 5:30, dinner program; 9, community program; 10:30, King Arthur and. his Knilihts. WAAW, Omaha (256) 8, market- grams. WDAK. Philadelphia (395) 6:30, talk; 7, concert; 7:30, play; 9:05, dance; 10, concert. WOO, Philadelphia (509) 6:30, orchestra; 7:30. recttal; 8:20, concert; 9:05, recital; V30, dance. KGW, Portfand Oregonlan (433) 10, lecture; 12:30, Hoot Owls. WCAB, Pittsburgh (482) 6:30, Uncle Novelty Jewelry Half - Price With the present popularity of Novelty Jewelry, you will find thU an ex cellent opportunity tofulfill your wants at a very special price concession Included are many of our best Fall Jewelry Novelties — Early Christma • shoppers will find gift inspirations in this sale. All the popular coloring-; and styles of beads, earrings and bracelets. Beginning tomorrow. Beads—Formerly priced $1.00 to $17.50, Now.-.. 50c to $8.75 Head Bands—Formerly priced $3.00 to $4.50, Now $1.50 to $2.25 Ear Rings—Formerly priced $1.00 to $6.50, Now 50c to $3.25 Chain Necklaces—Formerly priced $2.50 to $4, Now $1.25 to $2 Novelty Braclets—Formerly priced 75c to $8.50, Now 38c to $4.25 Sale of Linens Just in time for tho holidays and bringing with it a call to supply linen needs— this Thanksgiving Sale comes value- laden. Table Linens, Bed Linens, Towels, Piece Goods Are included at pi-iceB that mean gratifying savlnga for every shopper. You can afford now to have your linen closet, full of those things that make Holiday entertaining easy. Half-Price Millinery Sale. A clearance of large numbers ol our Fall &at3, including many of ths se»,ion'« best model*—created la our own workrooms and from eastern designer!— Sports Hats, Dress Hats, and Street Hats in the newest colors (raetat and satin hats not included). Formerly $2.50 to $15, $1.25 to $7.50 Why do your own Family Washing when our Terms are »o Reasonable. PHONE HUTCHINSON FAMILY WASH LAUNDRY A. HfTuttla, Pr »p.

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