The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 8, 1934 · Page 11
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 11

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 8, 1934
Page 11
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SUNDAY* JULY t, IftM. THT PAWS NEWS, Buildi Improvements—Remo Marks New Era In Real Estate Lines Govrnment Is. For First Time, Behind Building , Of Homes "By O. IV." The purpose of tlie National Housing Act is to iraprove nation,-wide- bcusing 5^andards.^ Rrovide employment stnd stimulates industry; to improve conditions with respect to home mortgage financing, to prevent speculative excesses in morts-sse invertmerrt. and to Your Home Xe«ds the Comfort and Beauty of NEW AWNINGS Let a •«itb yon *ARIS MATTRESS AND AWNING COMPANY 99, "W. Sherman Phone 370 eliminat* the necessity for -ccwtly second mortj^^e financing, by creating a system of mutual mortgage insurance, and by majcing: provision for the organization of additional institutions to handle home financing:: to pronaote thrift and protect savings; to amend the Federal Home Loan Bank Act; to amend the Federal Reserve Act. and for other purposes, -which will be shoTvn later on. in explaining the operation of the various titles of the Act. We have <5eaJt tvith the insurance, of Building and Loan Shares in a general way. in th* relation to attracting the flo-w of private ftmds into "tlsese thrift and home financing institutions, through the additional confidence created by the insurance of Bulld- ins and L«oan. and Savings and Loan investments. It has been said by one of the high official? of the Unite<j States Buildins and Loan Leas^ue, that the adoption of the National Housing: Act, marks a new era in the relations of the Federal Government with housing and the financing of real estate, Morton Bod fish. Executive X r ice- Presldent of the TJnited States BtxjldLas and Loan Leasme. said there is no question, but that the Congress ha* placed at the command of Building and. Loan Associations the devices for <Io!ng their job. and witlistantlins: xhe risers of depression and deflation. These are: tl) The Federal Home Loan Bank System, a. central reserve credit agency: (2> The-Home* Otvn- *rs* Loan Corporation, for absorbing distressed mortgages:: (3) The Federal Savings and Loan program for those associations and • com- which find J^ will serve their individual ne^d*. (4) The Insurance of building and loan in- j vestments, in many ways similar ! to -the guaranty of bank deposits. } \Yiih a major leadership on the • part of .the Federal Government, looking: to the repair, moderniza- 1 tion. improvement and ownership ! of homes, there J* no question, | "hut what the Xatlonal Housing Act should be the turning _point. as regards recovery In the field of thrift and home financing. Title One deals -with housing renovation, and rernoderaization. The president is authorized to create j a Federal Housing Administra- j tion, and the chief head of this j administration is to be known as The Housing Administrator. Insurance Of Financial Institutions The administrator is authorized and empowered, upon such terms an<* conditions as he may prescribe, to insure banks, trust companies, personal finance companies, mortgage companies. build- 120,000 Pounds Steel For Building Chevrolet Building Steel to Begin Arriving During Next Week STOCK EXCHANGE GROUP AT FIRST MEETING Delay in receiving- steel and reinforcements is holding: up construction of the new DeShong building on South Main and South Twentieth streets. L. M. DeShong. manager of the I^amar Chevrolet company, said Saturday. The new ! buildingr will be- occupied.' by the | Chevrolet company -when com- i pleted." - | Steel for the building. which ! ^f^and loan associations, install-1 will include a: total weight -of ap-| * J * " " ' ' proximately 120.OOt) pounds, is j shipped by water'from Bethlehem, j Fa., to Galvestou. From there it i is sent to Dallas wli«r«. it is fab- } Heated before being shipped here. I Mr. T>eShons said a. .ahlpment is j expected here the latter part of i next week.- ' '" ' ' - j Thfr - Twentieth street front of \ ment lending companies, and other such financial institutions, which are approved by him as eligible for credit Insurance, against losses -which they may sustain as a result of !o:-j^ and advances of credit, and purchases of obligations representing: loans and advances of credit, made by them f ~"* «j-»iiii*.iii*, m cm•so.viv vuui*r.»;ic:u : trt«»r»i» o tr__ .j LI .j- i — . —.-".. «.»• ,^m ii»»t. lummy m T»«»nincTon, wnert i prior to j to the top of the windows on tho ! :L?f* ph **- Kennedy, New York fiRancwr, wa* named chairman. Left to right, **ai«d: Ferdinand Pecora I earlier rf—* fi n «T- x~« -r^r-r^^T re-™-*- «,-> 5 <-: na ' rrr ^ n Kennedy, James M. Land:*, former chairman of the f«**ra! tr»*f*. •*•«***,**»**;»_ c*,_j 5 — ,^ .._' subsequent to the date of enact- j the building is already completed raent of this Act. and P - ! -- -- * January I. ; 193S. or such date as the president rs&y fix by proclamation, for the purpose of financing alterations, repairs and THROUGH WITH SCRUBBING! wagon driven by P. A. Z-arter? On« of the team of mules Sltebed t» the wagon was hurt- T L e «. new securities and «xchanae commission it shown aft«r it« fir«t when - to Estimates Gladly Furnished 5-cr Painting and Papering Financed by Home Owners Loan Corporation Call 36 For information ALEXANDER BOOK CO. Money to Loan \Ve U'iii finance the building of a ne^v home for you, or for the improvement of your old one. PARIS BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION M*T3Sb*r: F'WJftri; Hoise Loan Bank System, Oait«<S •« ButTdhis &-"*<! Lt-k^n I^eague, Texas Building: and Ix>an I^ea^uc, amerJ/caii ?.avii?5r*- BuildtnjC and I>oajs_Institute, Sonthwestera n Conference- hei)rto t next ^eefc. 4T , wir 4rrTT1?o ^^ A ^ shaj.1 tte insurance ' T he nortb Tral! of toe bunding can ! AJLL, ^ tAlJtUfc-JK KOAD improvements upon real property. In no case granted by the a,dmiaisiris.tor ^o any such, financial institution ex ceed 2«J par centum of Uie total amount of the loans, advances of credit, and purchases made by such.'financial institutions for such purpose; and the total liability in- | s eurretl by tnt administrator tor * work can i be done on that front wall -until steel jreinforcemeJits, arrive. The Main street front will be "conaplet- right: George Press Photo) Landis, form.r chairman of the fed«ral trad* commission. Standing Jtft to matftew*. form*r trad* commission m«mb«r, and Robert 'E. H«aly of Vermont. (Associated such, insuranee- ahali in no exceed in., the aggregate 42aO,uOO,- 000. No insurance shall be granted to any such financial institu - tioa vritb, respect to any obliga-1 steel ar.d tion representing , such 1O3&,f throughout not be built until steel arrives, 3Mr. I DeShorsg- said. -•',-.. \ An atitoni£.ric sprinkling' system i will be installed in the building: I for fire prevention. 3-Tr- T>*Sfaonj: | said Saturday the contract for in- j been I*t to the Texas Atiic- ! TO COUmHY CLUB j L 0311 Sll6ll Is Planned >"ow Connected By Gravel; To Hisrhvray Five ! A sixteen-fooot all weather road ; <-..., , ^ , i -- gravel now connects Gordon • matic SprmKler company of I>al- i las. Cost of thft system will be j Country Club with Highway o- j approximately ?3.750. [ v","ork of laying: the six-inch, be ~of wood, i topping of gravel over the road, a ! AUTO. A3SD WAGON j HIT, MAN INJURED | | IZ>ASKL. Okla.—Collision of a, i and an^ automobile down- • i Saturday afternoon, resulted) injury to W. A. Vv nlitlngcon, 1 loan closet is being planned by the j one finger ^of the rfeht Vid'aSi 1 I>amar chapter of zhe American; his upper lip, 1 B. John- ; - '--4 V •WJ- f .:-...- $1.19 QUART 69c PINT L to cover tie £vecafe kit* an emergency b T I c k - ccnstructfon ineludto? 'brick walls, Cr °* £ \ son . .xec'ative secretar 4 to 6 iiottrs to smooth. tr*n*p*wartfinis proof, grcaat-pr said Sat- Me- advance. o£ credit, or purcnase by [reinforced with -steel, wood floors, j completed Saturday afternoon. In it. the face amount of waich ex- Uon, bears such, interest, ha* «ucb maturity. anc. contains eucli otner terms, conditions and restrictions, as Xhe administrator shall pre- and joists. Although construction of th-e building is betas:, delayed somewhat b— lack c-f material, there are lisiance of more than a mile, was ." urcay. She saJd there are numer- the 1 in ) do addition have been still about SO loca.1 tvorkmen ployed on the job which is ous calls being received by chapter for articles to be use sickness from nefrdy people wi not possess such articles. As funds on hand do not permit the club feel the j the chapter to buy such artlclee, ! K bo - n lo ^ ^^ whicli and <iu*t-proof- E"r«m. boiling •water -won't turn it -winter Won*t an. culverts: for Lnscimuonat TJie admli^istrator is. fyrtj^^r aa thorizsd etapuwered to ioans to institutions which are in- I trured, and to ester into loan I with such institutions, j the security of ol-^gatiOTkS j meet the res^iiremeiits pre- i scribed. Such ;oa.ns or agreements may be made for ihe fui! face value of the obiigarlons of- feree as security, aad sha.Il be at such rates and upon such terms and conditions as the administrator shall determine. PL'SHMAT.AHA COUKTS Charter ;x*>. 1S54I He»*rv« TJistrict No, 11. j RBPOHT OF THE: CONDITION OF THE I in Pans, of June 30, 25 LIBERTY NATIONAL BANK in t.h« State of T-xas, at the close of business on { ASSETS SrowrE. Boswell and Ruth TaliJiina: !Lou!e Williams and Loraiae Moade. Clayton: Cur;is Gofor:h and Dora "Weaver. Xashoba.; "W. G. Curamings and Casa Rea. Dela; Carl Garmon. Dunbe?. and L.o:s Clayton. TRANSFER OF tsrht sun-tanned B o y J Scouts from, eig-ht to~wns is t«.e f Ix>ne Star Area. GouHdl returned j to their hC|m^ Saturday afternoon after a fell -week of scoutinr activities at .<\mp Clark here. A prograrn Pricay ni^bt Including a. water carnival which presented \ ^ T *^fi^.& "*~ the swimming diving and life SE.V- \ «~ v *-^ ' ins classes, was attended by 175 I Directors o: ,^*~ } membership -will be slad to !ea.Tn I ^"s- Johnson is asking Paris and ! irens to donate ! undervrear | ^--omen and children, ! i work was accompHsbed wltiiout f layettes, towels, -wash cloths, mb- ; [ borrowins: money. The club is not 1 feer sheets and mattresses. ?*<ew ? i in -debt, it cas been pointed ot=t, ; Articles or used ones in usable I J"and is expected to enjoy new and ; condition -jril! be accepted and ap- '• \ greaxer •'popularity since the road i predated, she said. j ile-axSing- to its new club house now ; Any person -Dishing to make a.; I Is passable in all weather. | donation to the loan closet is re- j Quested to notify Mrs. Johnson by telephone. Xo. -S4Q. or to bring: the i articles to the office in the i ilasonic building on Grand ave- \ j ni ^- Articles will be calied for i Sadie McKee." Joar. Crawford's; when ilrs. Johnson is notified bv I scarring- vehicle now playing- i telephone. " • :e Plaza. Theatre, is one 01 | ' i _ ictures- that will please i TT - /•* ^- - yone. The men will -«- their i J*aT»T1in UOUJltv Xontil I I pect^d to be completed about Sea- -j " .""._" i -r--,*.-- ^ rt ,,_ i ,. „..=,„., ..IfTOfe.r-, ,,...:- «_ ? \ this work has been completed and : ^f"** r ^" - C * 1 "™ •--rp-"* 0 *" •*-.:--.• = . „ . . , .^ -sheers, pillow cases. L- j f especiauy m view of the fact the ; for m6n ^ omea ar ScoutsEnd Week Here When Bmlding or Repairing If In Need of Abstracts or Title Work See U s Scott Title & Trust Co. At The Plaza Docs not mate-floor: pery. Has tto <i£s«gree«i>le odor- Easy to apply no polishing today. Fimakyoor Kno3«im to- I Murphy i Pro vine | Lumber Co. |-Tbe Home of Those 3CH> Per Cent arsd S3IOOT3BC AS A fPbohe 11 t- ^ter No. •OT-O- o^. ^ Keserve- Djstrict Ko. REPORT OF THE COXDITJ.QX OF TSS FIRST NATIONAL BANK ac In the Stats ri«s In the area. The evening program bsgs.r. at 1 s ~' & SviCk S:30 o'clock with a musical pro-f ^^ ~*" 3 -'p 3 rc gram directed by Mrs. Troy C.(^" e perfect I Thompson. This was followed by i patrol stunts and drills. The pro- I grajs closed with. a. perf orrnance t by a tumbling teem. In Jail s, j_t the close of business on Jtme 30, ASSST3 I ISTT.201.84 | 61.550.00 | C.200.00 !n• vualt and b^iftn-."*^ with wthrr banks 135.135.93 -h'ftrk*' artd '>ther rash J;*TOS ..... ; €32.27 Other As*ei* ..".... 1.130.SS I Oth&r borids*. s^o^eks. and E.-.->curiti*f» ... ...... ..... ho-js>?. 575,000. «><*; Furniture arid fixtures .>'*i> . . . .... . ... : :''..,. .,','.. <.v?>st! than i*ar»kin Billie B. Smallw-oiid, J. A. Sm*I!ws0d to G, E. Glendenirtg; SHU* 3- Smallwood, J. A_ Small- •^vood to G. E. G!end«sinit; Noel Fields to C. A. Dennis: -l^ary M. ther to !>. J. Johnston: Mary Cnather to I>. J. Johnston: ;'*irsjr "0 jTauies vv. anc A. J. I ge- a kick out 01 her stunnirur \ ~" love scenes bet^veeTj i vj? 2 - 1 * 5 oJ«i.- *s still detained in th* the star and Franciic: Tone, who f•.* anri '" couniy jaO for contempt In, tiiis picture marries her In th^ I OI cour ^ foIIowinS- his Eppea.rance end. - | before :be grand j; Filmed or. & lav^h scale, the 1 Iha " ^° _ i Questions Francis Smith of- Sulphur j picture, based on a Vins. i.—i^j^ ; CO _ IT ^ J ,. .^ Springs won the honor of attain-1 novel, -depicts the rise of a servant I -o^Tli!!" t ._ n the Goal" by being juSsfed t ail-around scout last week, wife i«fas Arfr- f .s , SP52.507.SO i •LtABILlTrES . ' • 1 iJ^tnand rt«>i:t.'*5tji, oxc**pl U- S, Government d«po*itA, pub- i lie fui;-3s snd d<?i>wa;ifs of ether b«Lnk» ..... ,?S77.S2S.OS i l«« o? i>tait*s. c<?«ms?s. sciiOwl district, or oth«r \ >«* or inu-.JciiXUitit* . . . , .... . I04.SI2.3" j '••* «Jov«rn»^cat and ptrsTal savinss d^posiis ...... 10.475,71 1 sjtojrfts or otn«r banks, inciudsr.*: certified and cashiers' When You Think of Building Materials OF ALL KINDS FJ^I Your ;n.*T»d Tarn To LYON-GRAY LUMBER COMPANY Phooe 27S, A shSpraen? of balsa, wood and other materials for making model airpianes has arrived &nd will enable the nest week's class to have a miniature Air shorn- <Surir,g the week. Tlsiting night? -will be Tl'cdn^s- day and Friday, as usual. A ??<?- cial program will be prepared by the boys for Thursday night when the IJons club win hotd their weekly meeting at the carr.p. irl who of a MARCHB.4IVKS HOME DAMAGED BY FIRE Rayscorsd. Edward Tone Arnold whom :he f Gene and i she i are the :r.' she lias to make a final choice, Th* players mentioned are excellent oas" anc g^d work is •done by His: her RaSston. Jean I>ixoa. I-eo Carrc-1!. Earl Oxford and Gene* Austin. And tt"? another triumph for that ace of directors, Clarence Browr.. more asked felony ty near talk and bars as- ed a Cue of $50 beside the jail •- The grand jury wili re- will be brought before the ac that time. ; United States Government Securities Securities guaranteed by Ufiited States Govern men Interest and-or r,r|Ticips.i Otzier bond*, stocks, and securities 53S.OOC.OO .... t as to and e owned otter tbEs bouse icestrrve -wicii Federal Reserve Bank~ '. [ . ! *H" Cash in vautt and Balances with other banks !!I1* Outside checks ar.d o-J;er cash' items Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer and clue from U s' Treasure- hurch. The preachsag i by the pastor, she | Not si«cu»*d by pledge of losns an<S- ifai A <•:«*> UTiU Common «ioek, j I. Jam#« 5J. Cecil. ea*M*r of the *bcv*-n*m*<J bank. «o «ot«mnly that the aboV6**t*t<>m*nt i* tru« to th« ^*«t of my Before me thl» Tth day of July, 19J4. X.Ury rt. ^TrCAtttaM^.' VT H«nry r. M»)*r. r ^ f •»•• Pniiiai • i j ^-^ »*«««t rOWWf • Wlfm VO. to -was not the roof priir- the Baptist will be JRev. G. K. >?ay!or and sin Vflll be in charsre of Mr. ar..i ilrs. Mark Short who have conducted inany service? here before- Ther» j o'clock damaf^d -what is known -win be two services & da--. OTM> i as old M&rcbb&nks home, 33S|lji the uiornins aad one :r. :i.e s East Houston street at Thirty- j first srreeti betrsc: confined cipaliy. Mrs. TJ. G. Gr«|r«r, wfao live* in the hou«j Trlth l»er husband, ha<5 to bo removed by flremen. Mrs. Gregg: bad saderfrone an operation y^rlday Hi her boirse asd *o was unable to leave. Fire Chief Jodie Mas* said au- parentJy the fire *sad started ir. a *lae. Tarpaulins^ spread over household furnlshinsrs. prevented crater damage. J.WJiARRISON & SON GeoerAl Contractor* No Job Too Little or Too Large Estimates CWrfmly Gnren PHONE 1162 542.S2S.7I 153.500.30 165,309,00. 277,120.0-4 L5.GOO.OS S.452 33 S" r 34?,«2-1.4t LIABILITIES s, e.v<-?pi U. S. Government deposits, pub- d-epo*lrs cf oiher banks . . .". ___ '. . . , excep; postal -savings, public rancls " and lic funds ZLR I Time deposits, I deposits of other banks I Public fanes of States, counties, school districts, or other subdii-isions or municipalities: United Sratss Goverr.-r.en^ and pc«tal savings d»co.^ts" Deposits of o-her banks. inclx:din^ certified and c^hiers' .14i.5S5.ST -13.0:3.23 Totals or" t'en-rs lo to > Secured by investments , > >*ct ssecure^ cr i s^ cf loans and-cr * o' loans a-d- 2.095.5.- Will Begin Revival FORT TCXWSOX, OkU, will start here July A r* 13 a PLUMBING REPAIRING Given Owr Frompt Attention PHONE 1133 B.F. BERLY Succwmior to D. J. KKNNCDY PtvmlMM* w«l W« 11-11 y, ChvnA ARE YOUR FLOORS BRIGHT AND NEW LOOKING? You can have neu--looking;, easy to kceu clean floors at Icnv c Through the DR6ADNAUGHT RENTAL SERVICE comrl^taly 'refinish your floors yourself von can — from the sar-lrnj: ? o the fsnal Look at your fJ<K«rs now, then call 155 on the phone or drop in and see us. We want rhe opportunity to tcH you about this new. convenient floor service. " THE$HERWIN-WILLIAMS Co. iPHONE373 I Other liabilities . i Capital Account: Clsuw? A preferred stock. 1,500 share?. r»ar fIOO.00 per share, retirable at SI-JO.OC* P^sr share Coir,rt:aa stock. 5,?0•}. shares, par ?IOO.O-J per sh3.r« prr^tits—net . . , . . , Totai Capita' Account . . ....... Total Memorandu "Liabilities: ~o«U 15I.43-.-i.S5 i and Investments P stocks -*.n<J s"^curi 45!..TS<J.Od iexcluding rediscounts^ 753,225.ft?> nst Ctrculatirrs; outstar.-ti^r <c> Asraintst public fund* of sitaj^s. c districts, or Othfr si:bdiv;>h^n^ o <,d> Agafnst deposits of tnjsr departm ie"> Asa.'n*t. other d:-nosits ....... , (h> for other purposes ..,...,..,....., State of Texas, County of I-irnar. **; 1, J. M, C*v!ness, oa*hJer of the above r»am-9<J ba'.ik,. < svear that_the above statement, is trua to the best <-i my and belief. - . . , Subscribed and aret'ora to bwfor^ m© this tkh Hay. 'of . '" . . -' "", - JU-.F-RKrX.KlOD. N'utary 'p-uMje . : — Attc&t; if orris, Ficfciin^, R;-O,* iTujeptoy^/W, C;'"CSajat,.

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