The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 2, 1918 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 2, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

Mem EIGHT. THE HtftftfHTttSOtf NEWS. • CLASHiriBD APVRnTlijlNO RATIS J * ONE UKNT A WOHU KAlil I l^' 1 . 1 " . * TIUN. Ahlnovlutlims and aeries or in _ • Rials or tiuiiiPnils count n« one word. • Under this plan classified ndvcrtlseia • can tell In advance the woel cost of • their nd. News classified nds are * taken by phone for your ai'ciinimoda- Ion, mid nil hills are duo arid iiayiiwe _ FOR SALE—MISCtLLANCOUS. IPSam©® silt Si M&vg.msi steinway A Son upriKlii piano at n Kicririre. Mt>0 Cable. & Nelson ' piano nl n bargain »ZS!i . Kiliurn piano It solo at once nl ii bargain. See or c.ill urvllle l-J. Hunt, piano inner and salesman, 106 Sherman west. I'lr.uie 7::r,. Jy-tt roll StALK—Household fiirniluri', I-UK" tu-d room suite. Iillllnid tutile, reirtKiiu • tor, iiiano, fine, shuti-uti. hij,;h iriadit iar- • Ion, and nil liniH are «" i : /T ,,o„ r • tor, pianu. fine, shotgun. Iuj,;h R -jade ear• the day following llio dale •» »|" er " , |,,enter tools .heavy mnple lop work bench • Hon. You tan assist us main- !"''» " , i w iti, heavy viae; must ho c'"s,si .. u t by ynu pav the collector promptly on pro- ,i T | ul!w |ay, Bclitntiun of statement. «! 10.17. 1J07 North A SI . 1) 8.1 . K H.I 0 m ]i x:t 1 s:i n si It 83 'J' s:l U «3 X S3 Poplar. rholl' 2-3 8BCONDMAND 'Ires nnd tubes, ail slies. We ouy old casings, for KIUI.mlcci: repair work see us. Mld-Stutf, Motor Tiro Co., upi/oslle Mlsouri Pacific depot. B-lf Hutchinson Typewriter Co. . 1WV.U, TVl'I'IWUITKItS llnrualna In tl'-bultt Muclilncs. ltoiabiiUBh-W tley HldB. t'lionu 3i)»0. 23-II WANTED—MALU HKLP. vi'ANTKI'- -Tliren' or fur flrst-clmvs mile . nri-y helper,! or handy met l« „.',.,,„,,. .[.in nniis and on erectni! Hoor. A 'pi.iy 'lU tV,> „». Kuterpn... Kgm Fi>U SAt.i; -Hlld.«eye maple dresses and cuinni'Mle. s.tnltnry couch .baby our- rl.iKe, difilnif rhalis, t-UK^, soft coal healer and other furniture, 'lot* A eaM. ifc-iit ,,.IVTI.'U ltov over l v or man on farm. • N ^ i '., e to run and wire for Ford. > Full HALR ~-Hollin,;ilshnicnt 12 ml. 1 v News and will tome seel la, Junui, Colorado. A dandy w rue u. H.^L huckster iwiuun and luunoss. Iiuiul tihornian. you. WANTKH Laborers. Morion Salt Oo. W 4ii? an hum. 1/'" B J"b. Uu* to ami from work. Willierspoon, Uitflur & Co. STKAM nOll .Klt. We have a low pressure boiler for stfnm heating plant, will be sold at a very low figure. Hee II at News Office. from .also imiuire D^ti 11 l r OH .SAL10—-Twelve horse steam enfflno ono 111 Iiieh Ensilage culler. Inquire, J. K. liorders, lninan, KAIIBOS. Aue 14- HeplS. WAHTI -:l»--l -»n.» hand, married «.»»• ' II. llucuii. llulchliisoii, ivajis.. No 2, l'holie ID-F-i. 1 Shit. V. WANTEIV-Slejioimipher; one with raJI- rViad !,r flour null eilM pri-forieU. and bus boys; p'od pay •• - 'louse. Uli-let •^M^'i'JinrrAr .wWv.-, u^. Locul manager. v'\NTI--I>—Wand boy; ono who Is not ^i''!; school this winter. Foreman News oltlce. — WANTriD-Boy between 16 mid IS: apply Model Steam Laundry. W*KTW1> -Married man to work . fun,.. Ceo. M. Newlln, phone 33 -1 • \V77ri --'«MITll~-Ouo<l «" around man a. liner Fi''' Stalil. BMmwuoo. Kiuia. Hi-' WANT Ell Works. WANT 111.. Mam boys al UlxliU- UottllnK -Coloii'U coolt at 133 Vi No. 3u-tt WANTED—FEMALE HELP. between 15 and 24 win enl woik, AUt6M0ilL«t- HUtcfilMdin It tht lotlcal »artt»l M second-hand automobiles. jfroapajUM buyers should watch this column for co*' plcte list of boriraUii. Kon SALE—1'rnctlcnliy new I31S .'"|'d touring car. Has lia -^sier shock absorbers and 1'f'rry l^eck. immediate delivery, rinme hVU - J. , -* i > ItAIMATOltS I'romtit servlcw on repair work. O. K. Aulo lln.nntor Co., 15 Muuili \m»hiiirXC«n. 1'hone U30. ,i 2-11 11.17 HL'ICK touruift car, sliix'k nttSorbors, new tiros, spewlomcter, dash llicht mat Yale lock, »6a .i .l)U. lt.'lio HUick Co. K-ll P'olt SAI.KV-Umut roadster , cii-ctno liglim, storicr, wlro wheels, food t.rea. Ciusn ur timds . I'lionu ;U'JUW. 26-tt rult KALE—New Auto Tire tubes. 20 per cent off. Maytieid ItaUlatur bliop, in Mouth Walnut. HU-ir TELLS MEXICANS U. S. IS FRIEND I'XHt SALE—1817 funi truck, tluunmsoi. I'oundry & Macldno Works. l»-tt Eilltl) Tourme car for nu'sk sole, *3all. .ipply at l>as W. »lli. 31-tl WANTED -Kurd touflllir of body. I'hono 313H. roiwlster 31-21 Kdk HALlv— rractlcally new SUIUT six. lleno Lluick Co. 31-bi KOIt SALI'i— IVord touring car. I'hono r ,83-W. l''(.ll SALE--Kurd tourlns: car. I'lionn il526 . ... WANTED--1'MrU chassis, l'holie 1116-W^ ONE tjaxon six, nearly now. 33tlW lJlh. 3l-tt FOU SALK— Focia. McVey Livery. 8 U l-'Olt KALE—Some pood sprlnjr pigs; ulso Some sows that will sell soon and somo Kood fresh milk cows; one young calf. If. Ix-hr. I'hono ^37-J. 24-tt SEED RVE. Itc -cloaiK -d BCC«1 rye for sale at the Kansas UraJi! Co. »2 .U0 per bushel'buik. 27-121 KOH SALE—Ui-ood sow with 6 two months old plfrs- Four blo.iiu west ut Wells Urocery, SuuU. 11 utchiuaon. 31-Jt LADY'S MUG seriro talloretl suli and black plush coat, size 3C; hum's dress suit, size 38, 40S A east. 2-3t KOH SALE—Horse, bufrgy and harness or spring wagon. I'hune 3'J'J2 or call at 1405 E ;c3t Sixth street. 2-3 ONE 10-20 II. P. Titan tractor. New, never plowed an acre. Can save you J201..00. 321) W. 13th. 27-lt FOU SALK- Household goods and 7 pa.s;*-uger studebaker In goud condition. 42'J Osborn strt el. 2-1 FOU SALK—Tip Top tinvad route ,two lHJrses and wagon. Call 101 7th wesl. 31-U FOU SALE—Twelve foot labia suitable W'ANTEl i—llright ««* between 15 am.; for store .,.-,'. m North Main, - • '<•""»" rL X~n "ioin pay! !•'«•'" SALE-Violin and electric n.Pihlnc while wn.« and sp^id.d oportil.uty | g.KM maehir.e. 201 for •.'•'""'•'•"''•'^'•.^T^.S ^'ri.mdlnK I ,Aj,: SALE lisley organ a ply m persull ut luleplioue uul " J, ' lt | 1| ,. I(l l„g machine. J'hone 2214 and new sew- 31-31 7. I7 ^T ;,",7 _ riHim I'll Is and'F"! 1 SALF—Largo bunch of young ^uT' kUeTo 'r 'giif TirUaoaugh-j i-uckcns. S15 2,uJ East. - 31-31 Wiley Ti'tt^Uouin^ Apply „'",1""" 2: r .'irj FOU SALE—Helghui and white buck rail; tweeli the hours ut bits. 92li East A. 31-tl WANTED-l'l'Bli ff ; lM i" horhou ^S «Vl; % FOU SALE-Almost new delivery wagon, lege gl,1 ^jr^ar^ji ?Thr. K 10.4 .i '•"»»« 2-3 board, rooin W Wl'ED—Young lady In advertising Je- .laiuueiil. Call mornings between 10 Ali'd 11 at Salt City Ulismcas College. 30- WANTEM—Waitresses, lla.-V;y system, goiKl pay, board and room. Apply local manager •WANTED—Olrls over 10. A].ply In per• JII Model Ktea m Liundry. FOU SALE -Nice hogs. Phone 302-W. 30(1 West B. 31-3t FOll SALIC—New Zealand red 128 lai east. rabbits. 14-tf. FOU SA LE—Household furniture. 211 Fifth west. 2-2t FOIt SALE—228 egg incubator. 135-It. f'hone 28-tf | Will SALE—Stave silo. Call 10-N-12 W'ANTED—(.'onk and 'IVM uulds at Me.h-, odlsl H.isiillal. »u|H. 1»1 | WANTED—Woman or girl. Aj.p -i' In, person. Magic Laundry. 29-01: I'OU SALE—Furniture. 411 H West. GOOD Ollll.or woman ror general housework- 1121 Fourth (-n-M. 2-21 •\\'ANTED-('!lrl for general housework. Phone -J 11 0-W. 31-11 FO.'t SALE—Solid oak buffet. I'ho nel^'Jfl. 30-tf WANTED—MISCELLANKOUS. W A IV.TMI I—Stenographi*r. Hall Co. Apply Ts) •\VANTK1>— Coulc. Apply til Uuy Nursery. WANTKU WANTKl i -4'Jiria ut Ciuinylund. A k'Tl ut Hon Ton. TO TRADE. WANTl?:i> aixl wanon. lluteliln .-ii .»it, Also oiu' pair ) TUA.I»K---*JOO4 Mu.tweil for y-.uiiK ItiJtin, harness i'. \V. KtfrfJt 'Mion. South IjltK-kH Wt:«t 'If Wltllfl SlUlV. W inuitvs; fiiu y yiar o\t\ jai -k HJKI i ht/utl of Jennies. ^> WANTKL>—To ritjuro your plaatering' uud iwilchwurlt, SlUuco work a spw;ialt1y, I'hono J. 1*. <Jr«en, SU-tit WANTIOH'-To trade funn c\oHv. 10 city for WOBUTII whwit hnul nr mtKloni dty nrojH -rlv ur fri.'il niori (,':tK'' on real rMlutu uj) t»i <h *i0U, bul. i • AtMrtas Truder, care New*, ai--'tj \VANYI31>—(Jioun. bi'ltflit straw; will pny — — 1 $4. 0 'J per tun delivered lo the Hutchinson TO Pado KIVL- room liouso tn I 'ai 'tndso j n ox Uuurtl and I'aptsr Co. iB -U Phono 971-\V, II. (X DeMerrltt. 31-0 WANTED—revery body to know that trie place to buy work shot« Is at the llock Island Sl.os Shop 'ill S. Main at. the fight and work alios best In town, An'l boy Scou.3 shoes 217 S. Main St. *20-tf. WANT1SD—A pliuio for trlrl lo stay for company und go to school. Phone Klli-lC-U. 31-til WANTED TO UENT—t or 5 room alrlot- ly imHleru house. Hoferwieen given. Pluuio 21102-J. 30-tf. 1(10 ueres weslern land for lluleiiitison proiieriy. —Ask MuNaulilcn. I'hono 16. ; WANTICD—To contract your cement 21)- It. work, sidewalks a specialty. Call t'77. 'J'O EXO HANI IE—Will take III food ear _—___ 1 as i*irt payment on five MIOIII cottage. WANTl'JD— Wa-sblnii'S; work" goaranleod. For cull thCG-.l atler II p. m- j J'hi.ue HOllli inoriiuttfs or evenll.tfa. 2-3t . • — WANTED—A .small buUdli.K suitable for TCI TUADE--liiully in I rum house, fiO ^hlekejl house. I'hono SG7. 2-21 11. lol, on West 7th tuT vacant property. I'houe I HOC 3 "-tt' FOU TUADi:— IMU on North Main arid Hyde Park for reaidonee. Call fill! J'.'ual Tlllnl. 2 -01 TO TltADE—Ford for goud lots, northeast ' part. Must bu priced right. V-W i.-ure News- ' 2-m L08J. LDHT—Sunday afternoon. poeketbuok eoiititlnllltf ¥&-00 bill, one "liver dollar, one dlmf~ Somewhere HI). I'luiu street be- tivel II Sevenlh illui l''i,uit)i or on Fourth. Leave at News offleu ur phono 2737-J. Ile- wanl. 2 WANTED—Second hand furniture, liouh Furniture Co. 28-tf WANTWD—Small barn to move. Phone II03-K-11. 29-01 WANTl'JD—Family washing. 220 15. 3rd. 20-iit FOR SALR—CITY PROPBBTV. l-'or homes on payments see. 0-rooins on lOlh VliW, 0-rouins on Illli-^USOO. 7-rootn.s on 4lh S2300. &• roonu, on C east $1000. 7-roouui on 8lh t'JSUO. Sidney Heally Co. .127«, N. Main ^ Phono 13». LOST-"Hatui-<luy night al Uiveralde Paik. | an envelope eontaliiiuK films, kodak 3U west IHh, St. new five room house, l.'etures and u letter. Please return t"i J300 cash, balance monthly, Frances 1'u.rkor at DeLuxu^theatre. 2-21 —Ask MeNaghten, Phone 15. H6-tf. J ^OST Package containing boy's long FOit SAI^E!—Two mory six room renl- panjs and shirt belweon_ llulettliuion denco.^ 208 13th West. E. T. Foole, tllid .Steillng. Luuve at Newu or etttl | phone 810, (103-W. Floyd Vosberg. 31-31 2S-K l -'OH SA1 *E— A larue uew butlgalow, ceiu- uut buAon.eut, clone In. Phuae 1306. 31-U L OST—On OUi na»l or on Mtxlora road, Imlies black and white chuck coal, ereeii lining. Finder please phone 164tl-J, " 3*-3t,FOU SAIdi— Wiglit room mod.aru house. .—r , 12,600. 130 Fifth wesl, SI-IJ -LOMT-Solid rutibur tiro or tuito trullw! _ — ,—,—; on plum ijf North Mulii. Cull 111 r,; I.IJU-SALK—0 room house; modern. 101Y C.'i»t 01 phono 207K-W. 30-t( LOST—lirludle Ffenct. hull dog; split ear. V Phono it- L. McVuy, 2068, or McVuy J,.vwy. ^ _ _ _ SW-U CoaT-U'iiuiU on Huick cur. Findei uioiuo • • phone 1352. / - ,J " 29-7 North Mudlson. FOll SALE— 2 tots and t room house, 300 V west. • M -J61 POUI-THY. 2-1 ' I 'XHt BALE—llrowu lK '«h«vn hens and — -I oiinsr clilckeno; Wo feet or 0 (not IHIUI - I <OST~ Wilst wau-li with Initials It, K. (liny wire w-Hli posts and stringers. «06 A STCttll71»-J. 31-ltioaat. Phono 30S1. ' 2-!lt t !> ; li)ST--Two flu bills. Loave News utfjcti •HOOWS trtlh ROOM AND »P*Rp. SPWNG ClUt-'jaSNB—Two pguniV jtr 'w for sale, Ph^ne H37-VV. *ttenioon», 7-lt. wANTep-^ro RI8NT. WANTBD TO. J(iaMT—Five room modern house. Cull Ciw 'Uh »t Hewn o/flu«. 8-tf MOTORCYCLES AND BICYCLES. FClU ~SALi £-OooU bicycle, 110 W.vit Tenth. »-«• l'XIll SALK—Bicycle. Call 2030, 2-2t FOR RENT—FURNIGHED ROOMS. FOll 11ENT—FiuiUahed room with prl vatu family near high school. Phone 550-J. 30-3t FOR RENT—Ilooms furnished or unfur nlahod, alld will board,.329 A West. 31-lt FOll IU3NT—Large front room, bath In connection. 100 1st East, Phone 16HCJ. 13-u TWO FURNISHED room In • modern home, board If desired. Phone 992-W. UOO.MS In first class modorn house, board next door. Phono 297. 31-0t FUliNISllKD ROOM with prlvittc bath; modern house. Phono S265. 2-tf NICE Clean modern sleeping rooms, lloasonable . Phono 1217-lt. 31-tt hOU, RENT—Modern rooms In good lo cation . Call 3207-J. - 31-lt LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS. VOW RENT—To st.ulei.Ls or business people, 2 nice furnlshwl rooms for sleeping or light housekeeping; modern. Call 324 Sixth west. Phone .1897-VV. 2-31 FOU KENT—2 light housekeeping rooms unfurnished; one sleeping room furnished; furnace heat. Phone 3267-W 29-4 FOU 11ENT—Modern housekeeping rooms S00'2nd west. U-U- ONK or two light housekeeping rooms. Phone 735. . . 27-ti FOll UENT—Housekeeping rooms, 104 west 4th. .0-11 Two rooms nicely furnished. 221 West First. 31-tf LARGE ground floor room . 127 \V. 2nd. 3»-ir FOR RENT— RESIDENCES. FOU RENT—Six room modern house ex eept rurnaee; furnished with garage. Phone 510, 406 Seventh west. 2-3t FOIt UENT—9 01 10th East. 4 rooms, barn ami hen house, J7.0J per month, Call at 012 North Walnut. 31-lt FOU UENT—Five room house, WIS Eleventh east. Otto II. Webb phone 08S-W 2-7 FOU RENT—Seven room modern cottage, furnished, Phone 20, 2 FOU UENT—Six room modern house. 211 Fifth wesl. 2-21 1 Y?v>^'- BEGAN THIS Sailing Dalian Wfjut into ti feci All Over Country. MANY ARB UliNLWTTliD A List Has Been Prepared of Re- cciving Days for Santa le. Stations West. Miss Elisa Cortez. . Miss Elisa Cortez, a Mexican firirl V/ho is director of the Argentine department of the Y. W. C. A„ is now is this' country and will speak to 1 Mexican-Americans throughout Texas, Arizona and Mexico during September and October. She will interpret to Mexicans the friendly ntti- 'iudo of the United States toward 'them, and tell them of the Y. W. (C. A. work. After a bachelor readies 50 lie; is so proud of the fact that ! even a vamp can't land htm.—Atchison Globo. Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S CAST OR I A An nlphebctlcal HsL has been t>r^- pftrpit wtilch conthlnaVll of the names of Uiwna and statioiia on the Bantu Po in Kansas that art? in the Hutchinson jobbing district which will be effected by iho Sailing Day plan. This plan w(Wt Into (ifioct this moining" on all oC the ralli-Ottdfl or. the country and is concceded to be a benefit for all concerned. , The ItHt Is aB follows; Dr.stlnatlon HecclvttiK Days.. Abbyvlhe.; .Tuc»<ln>-, ThuiKUay 4 .Srtlurduy. AUtiins...... MtintiJty, WTciltK'.suay. Kriuay Acres Mumluy, Wedncaday, Fridtiy AJdon,....... Mutidiiy, Woiliu'-nUay, Friday Alberl 'I ucttday, Thuistlay, wuturday AJamota.., .'i'uomluy, Thuiailny, Sntnrtluy Alexander. .Tuendrty, 'niuraday, Suturday Ajny 'lui-mliiy, Thursday, Hulutday Anthony Monday* Wodneaday, Friday Aniuys Mondny, Wcdnoaday, Friday Ardt'il Tuesday, 'riiurKday, Saturday .AsWand..... Mondny, Wtdut'sday, Friday Attica...... .Monday. Wednesday, Krldny Haall Monday, Wednesday, Friday Uaalrin Tucadny, Thursday, Saturday Ureter,.... .Tut'Hday, Thursday, Saturday IJclleront...Tuesday. Thursday, Saturday Bclpic ..Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday BclvJdcre... .Monday, Wednesday, Friday Uurrton.,. .Tuesday, Thuraduy. Saturday Hurdettc Monday; Thursday Costleton. ...Monday, Wednesday, Frlfiay ..Monday, Wt'diudday, Friday ..Monday, Wednesday, Friday Dally / Dally ..Monduy, Wednesday, Fjlday Ready for You New Fall Clothing , for Men find Women Small Payment, Down, Balance $1.00 A WEEK Ladles' Waists Ladies' Dresses Ladies' Coatn Ladies! Suits . Misses' Coats Men's Suits Ladies! SWrtr Ladies' Shoes- Boys' Suit* Boys' Shoes Men's Shoes Men's Pants Carvel Caldwell... Clmarnm.. Charleston Coats. Copeland L'orblu . Monday, ...Daily Friday Friday Friday Frldav Your failure to reeognts&e the growing value In an acre tract, In Farmlnffton while you can buy one at so low a price on easy payments is bound to take from you a big amount of profit you are Justly entltled to. Phone 15 for auto to show you. —SOT M <2J ^a_ 'First National Bulidtng. FOR RENT—APARTMENTS. UP STAIlUi Kurnlslitid aptirtineilt, either 2 or A rooms . Call 2020 or 3003. 31-tf FOR RENT—MISCELLANEOUS. KOR KENT—Kxcollont atoro bulldlllf 200 blouk Ninth w«l. Also fixtures If do- sjrod, Phone 8'JO-J or seo Ben Lainoom. Z-1 Tl'O STOHK UOOMS FOR KENT No, f and li t-^st•Sherman>for rent, can comblnu 2-rooms. Cou Thompson Imp. Co. 16 -U. FOR KENT—Building suitable,(or suburban grocery, goa Intuit B, - ll-tl KltONT ItODM, groiurfl floor. (Jail 324 Second west. ^ ' »•« NOTICE—MISCELLANEOUS, C. > li. JAMK.S, conU'iiotor and builder, Plana und specitleutlon furnished. Phono 33-t r ti. O-tf. LJCT WE do your rfpair work on bulld- nlb-s, i«inllnt'. I'hono 2345. 31-4 Suitable for heating plant for store or shop. Will be sold very reasonable" Inquire at News office. F®ir HeuQii The very desirable .-business r-^iiii at No. 1 N. Main for lease. Inquire ot C©® a ink (S)iMs@is Masonic-Temple. OAJSII PAID for old told and sliver. Hooni C Cenlrui Stale liank iildg. 20-tt FOR SALE OR TRADE. KANSAS CITY, MO., PHOPISKTY for *:aio or exohanee. KU rooms Queen Anne residence luid vacant corner lot. All improvements In. Price S6.5O0. Hub- jvvl lo $2,800. incumbrunce ,but ean deliver property clear. Six blocks north or Klectric Park, 2 blocks east of Trootfl car lino. Will sull on easy tiayinenia or tnido foiNclonr farm, S. W. Kansas lan<L bonds or bankable papers . Ludwiir Abt, Hulgel UldB., Moberly, Mo. SlUI-H KOIt SAL.IS Olt TttAUli LANP UAUGA1N. 331 acres eood wheat laud of sate at $10 pur acre under the market or would trade and take in stock of merchandise in good location, located 3 rnlos north and 1 mile west ot Spearvllle, fc'ord Co., Kans. CU-U or wrte owner Q. 11. Joluison hpearvllle .Kansas, l-tl. l-'Oll SALK. UBNT or Trade—7-room house, No. t& Twelfth west: newly palmed, papered and revarnlshud; modern except furnace. "See or pboue carl Nelson, 027 >outh Main. ».tf JfOR SAIJ-3 OR THADE—8-rOOm seml- iiVJdern cottage, double Karaite blue ^rass lawn, shade tree 60 ft. front, wilt consider smaller property and difference. Phone HH. 6 -<f. Hm SAl^5~ljir TttADB—iirand "vim pluycr piano for Iota In nojfheaat paj-t. Adieus M. IC cure Nows. »~H FOU 8AI.K OK TUADB>-Four lots In the olnvenlli block on KI*hth eaat. phone FOR^SAL^—REAL ESTATE, COU311ADO CATT1.1S JtANCUl '5 I've sale, Colorado Cattle Ranches nuuj- Ine (loin ICO to 20,004 acres. Several intrnliia from small aoreufro ouluvatod in-, tnriiHl oil Investment , ItofeiiMica any Colorado SiJ-ln»s Uauk . D, V. Donaklou. 10 & U Oftsette We, Colorado. t»*n VQ\\ SAi-H—t room house, » lots, plenty fruit mid sttado. ,.C10„\Yost.A.. Wlft (five time on tialX ton, L«.. tt. f.P. «> It Write W. 8. WW, Uoifib* 3=Acire "Uracil, B9«$>, Rki soil, north part of city, one block from Adauas'St.,-'Pavirig. $850 per acre. See owner, 5.29 W r 9th hoven room all modern, bath on both fioum, almost new, northwest part or town, »S,050. liilBht room, uli modern, I0»st rirft, Jfl.iOJ. Almost new. • Five rooms and batfe, nice shade, and lawn, ttaraee, Hast Bevonlb, W.M; rtnw for J20. ICiglit room and batti, bantr on Monroe street, J1.2G0. Wlllpay 15 per cent in rents. . FlvoDooms, practically modorn, 2 blocks of Majn, East 13 street, »l,26li, Liberal terms. Five rooms, close In, East- Heyeiitti, »1.7«0 , . . Five roomx and bath. Kast Third, (2,300. (34)0 down ,balance monthly. ' ' - / nrot National,Dank Bldg. ' FINANCIAL. immt TQ torn on city homo*. IHOIK terms en monthly pay mint plan. Farm loans. - > • TUJB KINKWS Aaj3NCY. Phone 2055. falate ICxchungo Hank uid^. 130 YOU NKI5D HOI ' Private loans on fum.lture, piano, eto. Kasy payuionU. 1 Bhciinay wast. 1 -lf VMUl LOANBt Oil LOANSt n -aak MoMPCbtaul fjrst National Bldg. 1- tM'IHO Frlrt'll.. Friond^. (Jill den Garfield. Gray. Friday . Daily Friday . Dully Fiiday Wednesday, (.-learvvalcr. .Monday, Wcdncstlay, Coldwalt'i*.. .Monday. AVedufHday, Cairo. Monday, Wednwnlay, CunninKhajn.Monday, Wednesday*, Friday Dartmouth.'t'uo.sday, Thursday, Saturday Darlow..'... .Monday, Wednesday, Friday DeerfU-ld ' Dally Dilw> u.....Tuesday, Thurrtday, Saturday Dlghtuu... .'t'utiaUuy, Tlmrnday, tJaturduy Dodae City Daliy Duiuice Tuetidtfj', Thuryday, Saturday Dutiuoln Monday, Wednesday, Friday iiilhnwood.. .Mondai', Wednesday, Elkluui Kiifilcwood...Monday, Wcdnt Kday litis!gn .,. Monday, Wednesday, , Monday, Thursday ..Daily ;ity Daily ., .Tui'sday, Thursday, Saiurduy , Monday, Thuraday tiiout Beml.Tuosdjy, Thursday, Saturday Cerlalny Monday, Wednesday, Fiiday (J.rigston... .'i uesday, Thursday, Saturday H'aKaard .; ....*. Dolly JlaUtcad.. -TneHday, Thursday, Saturday Harper Monday, Wodnnsduy. Friday Melacr Tuesday, Tiiurattay, Saturdaj' Hartlund Daily Holcoml) .Dally Uowell Daily HujiOton Daily Hunnewell. .Monday, Wednesday, Friday IngaJb '..Dally lHub«l.....J,Monday, Wt'dnowday, Friday Jctmore .Monday, Thursday Kendall Daily Kent.. Tuesday. Thursday, Saturday .Tuesday, Thurdday, Saturday ...Monday. Wednesday, Friday ..Monday, Wednesday, Friday Monday, WedueHday. Friday L'uesday. Thui-yday, Satui-day UMn Daily I-.akc City...Monday, Wednesday, J£rld«y Larned Tuesday. ThurHday, Saturday I/ Monday, WednesdHy, Friday l^ewlH Tuesday; Thursday, Saturday Macksvllle.. .Monday, Wednesday, Friday Meadow ~ " Kinsley.. Kingman,. Kiowu.,... Kline... J J^ajru Tuesday, Thuryday Mauafield Mayline Med way Medicine Moscop* . IjOllg^ ,.. .Monday, .Dally ..Dally ....Dally Dally Wednesday, Friday , Daily BOYS' NEW FALL SUITS 50c A WEEK Buy your Boys* School Suits and Shoes on credit, n small payment down, balance 60c a week, Youths' long Pants Suits, $1.00 a Week Ladies' Shoes $3.50,$4.50, $4.98, "$D.B0, $6.50, $7.50. Small payment down, balance 50c a week. Boys' Shoes 50c A Week COMER COMMERCE CO. 17-19 North Walnut St. Men's Shoes 50c A Week Monti'guma .......................... Dally Mulvaliu,.;-.-.Mondny, Wrdnosduy, Friday Nlckemoiu,.Monday, Wednesday, frldity N 'aKhvllle. , : ..Monday, Wodni-flday, Friday \ekonia... .TUcsdny. Thuisduy, t5utiil'ilay N'ess. City.. /rtiosday, Tliursduy, Saturday iVt'tllcton.. .Tuesday, Tlulimlny, Saturday .Vowtoh.DAlly line poinlw ''a^t und soiilh) X^i-wich..... Monday, Wedncsduy, l-'i Iduy Offurle,'....vTueado.v, Thuritlay, Satuitlay Olney. Monduy, Thursday Omar...... .Tuesday, Thuruday. Sattmlny OU--.AH poliits fast,.,.. WcdncMdny Oil—All .polnlu noulh \v^dii«sdny Oil—All points Vagey to Nettlclon .. *. Wi^dncHdai Oil-All points Whiteside to Kinsley ami L'odgv> City. Pawnee ltock ' .....Tuesday, Thursday, gatiirday PnrtridBO.'. .Tuesday, Thumday, Stituiday Pnxton Tuu»dny, Thuindiu', Satuid.iy Perth M<mday, Wi'dnesdny, Krldny Hevnn Tuesday, Thursday, Salurdtly l*rutt. ......*.. .Monday," Wednesday. Friday Fretty rrolrlc ....Monday, Wednesday, Friday Plercevllle' Dally Protection.. .Monday, Wednesday, Fiiday Kaffo,.......Monday, Wednesdai*, Fiiday Hayniond... .MortQuy, "Wednesday, Frld.13' noila Dally lU»me Monday,' Wednesday. P't-Jdny Itoael. Monday, • rbumday. Uuwh renter Tuesday, ThurHday, Saturday Saiiford. Monday, Thursday Sutanta...... .* Dully Sayro -Dully Sawyer'. Monduy, Wednesday, l-'iiil.-iy Scott City. .Tuesday, Thursday, Sulurduy Sears... Daily Sitka. Monday. Wednesday, Friday Sharon..Monday, Wednesday, Friday Sun, City.....Monday, Wednesday, Friday Sutton ; i Dally Sublette ..., * Dully § t. Johnj,,?,,Monday,,'Wednesday, Friday linllowivator,.. Dally Shu/fer.. .> .Tiiesdoj*, Thursdm', .Saturday Slcrllnir...,..Monday,' Wediirsdoj-. Friduy SpchrflllftiVTuesdoV, Thursday, • Saturday Stafford.... .Monday. Wednesday. Friday Sylvia. ..."..Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Syracuse , Dally Sprlnc ..M/inday, Wednesday, Friduy ^otith Haven.Monday, Wednesday, Frldav Splvey.. Monday, Wednesdav. Frldav SorlnKViile.. .Monday, WednefHlov, Frldav Tlniken Tuesday, Thuredllv, Saturday Tractor Tuesday. Thursday, Sulurrtuy Varncr Monday, Wednesdnv. l-'riduy Viola Mmiddy, Wednesdiiv, 11'lday Wllmore Monday. Wednosduv. Frlduv wiiltrsido. .Tuesday, Thin-silav. Saiurdav Welllncton.. .Monday, Wednesday, • Friday ti'llhurton '. .....Daliv Wrlnht Dolly • iMjrisy Monday, Wednesday. Friday •^enllh Tueaday. Thursday. Saturday '/enda Monday, Wednesday; Fiiday C. M. HRiSTOL,. General Superintendent. August J8th, 191S. Attention Street Car Patrons, Owing to pormancnt ImDrovomonts bi'inp made lit Santa Fi> mulii lino crossing on Main sri'ol, all cars are slopped nt tlio crossing and will bo until WedncBtlny uiornlng. We ro- grot the necessity of transferring and having to dlslrub service at this time. We will endeavor to give tlio best servlcu under existing circumstances. HUTCHINSON INTEHURUAN UAlL- 1 WAY CO. . 2-lt . Card of Thanks, Wo wish to thank our many friends for their kindness during tlio Illness and death of our mother. MRS. NETTIE BELL. MltS. MAIlY HOLM3 ESTELLA M1LI.S. OHAS. WILLIAMS. JESSE WILLIAMS. Vegetables. Eat more vegetables, including hood lettuce, celery, green corn, tomatoes, mangoes, hot peppers, carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes, egg plant, summer squashes, onions,-and potatoes. I. Smith's Grocery anl Market. Phone 1500. 2-l< Mclnturff Studio. The Mclnlttrff Studio Is opened again, baring been closed during the oiontli of August, while A. P. Mctu- turff was taking .i vacation In Colorado. 3l-3t (1.00 Way, Men's suits or overcoats cleaned and pressed f 1.00. E. E. Gallup, 41'J N. Main. Phone 001. Mon. Thura. 13-tf When a girl says nobody under- 1 stands her the chances are everybody understands her.—Atchison Globe. Cottage cheese an guava Jelly spread on barley bread make novel and delicious sandwiches. WHAT IS LEFT BEHIND AS THE GERMANS CONTINUE RETREAT ^ Ririwd twwbw Wt.bjr G#fw»n», »fe»T», »B4 Q*mw tom«i* Avfw^ •The tipper phpto, « PriHsb P« B J . picture wag tafcw ra n «ar AJ^rt. Ifial, shows what o«r hpy» fipd The l«ww phoWi » French pffi=t«l when tboy enter a (jerptan^ trench pielvr«, «bow» f-»e<ti«n «f a Q«f, WU>x rfriviflP the Hurts out. Th» r mai> ?pti?ret# d»geut nt*k«« by the Aroericen end JVench trdoftiy It »h»w» whet h»v«e the. -W™ ertiUery has wreMght. FrwchfjSU., \ 41er« m elwrin,^ the d ^^p

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