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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Saturday, January 10, 1948
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Register Classifieds Get Result* THE DAILY REGISTER THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., SATURDAY, JANUARY 10, 1948 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 163 SENATORS OPEN FIRE ON MARSHALL PLAN AbOUt I Own Normal in Palestine; rifnnl _. t (Br(1 Hli) TpBHT 1)0 Pnuliirtinn In Town And Country EUS f. Tells of , g of Equality, Shawnee Railway tTTlO.V Timotheus to, breaks into the routine · Sonology to give you 7 to, items which might be of interest. , f ( , M« 1) L Sham the other night ·'.'HP Saline County Historical ga ' e , a talk on early railroads Thompson is Named to Area Commission Local Attorney Receives Appointment From Governor Green hercs oni · istanl e d,i the' ville Erics' magazine we ar ing on to the general public: -The following anecdote, tn t»i J · savs "concerns Saline coun- STnSoor neighbor, GallaUn Jlunt" f chiefly, but you may find *as Nash we are the when the completed between ^ towns of Saline and Ga latin counties, vent to Shawneetown $7 daVs outing and picnic. -One verv fat lady was unable ,0 get through the narrow door the coach, it is recorded, but nothing daunted, she rode the wScher all the way to Shaw- nectown. some 11 miles _away, re- turnm; manner. British Report Situation Normal in Palestine; Make Protest to Syria JERUSALEM, Jan. 10--U.E-- Thc protest pointed out that Brit- The British army reported today ain would be responsible for peace that its troops were lured into a and order in Palestine until me pitched battle with Arabs at Isdud withdrawal set for May 15. last night in which at least five ! A British communique said tne and possibly eight Arabs were .situation in north Palestine nau killed. returned to "normal" but dispatch- Two dead Jews, believed killed cs said that heavily armed Bnt- by booby traps, were found in ish troops had dug in along tne the battle area today. The Brit- frontier to prevent any new Aral) ish suffered no casualties, the of- thrust. nrilish !licr: " Mills and a "smokehouse at ficial account of the fighting said. ! Haganah sources said the Biitisn v ,,,,,,,,,,,,, The battle in South Palestine troops numbered between 200 and was fought shortly after Arab in- 300. The Arab invasion force was vaders were driven back in north estimated at 800 men. -'· Palestine by British and Jewish Arab sources close to the Arab --, forces with air and artillery sup- League said that no new Arab in- S. \ port vasions are likely because the - ', I British headquarters reported ' Arabs do not d.esire to engage m '·' that the Arab force which invaded war against the British Army. north Palestine yesterday had fall- j The foray also was to provide en back into Syria. ("training and exercises, the Arab Dispatches from Beirut said the sources said, and to give 'encour- British minister to Syria had made agcment to Palestine Arabs who a formal protest against the inva- have been, hit by Jerusalem, Jaffa sion to the Syrian government. 'and other Jewish terrorists. Fire Destroys Grocery Store Carrier Mills Smokehouse Burns At Eldorado, 1,000 Founds of Meat Lost Fires last night"and early today destroyed a grocery store at Car- Eldorado. Pete's Grocery No. 1, in the)- - HEIDELBERG FLOODED. Heidelberg, Germany, looked more ^ ^ WMU u like Venice than a German community during the Neckar river's ^overy progTam ! «i,:,.,i flood in a week. Water drove many from their homes and caused ·* 1_* A Att'y Scerial Thompson Probers May Quiz Anderson And Hannegan WASHINGTON, Jan. 10--(U.E)-- SOITIC 11 iiuica a « « j * *x* j jiuuiiLcu IflG 3ppOintnlLuL OI m thc same unorthodox torney. Scerial Thompson of risburg as one {} -Engine ptrted to honors on decorated with a in* A* Senate speculation ' " ' m a y quiz Ike to Face First Test in New Hampshire WASHINGTON, Jan. 10--(KB-The country today was promised its first test of Gen. Dwight v . cast end oi Carrier Mills, .was I a total loss following a blaze .that started about 5:30 a.* m. today and the smokehouse of the Saline Implement Co., on Route 45 near Eldorado, burned down around eight o'clock last night. The Carrier Mills fire was the most disastrous as the grocery store, the living quarters of the o\vner, Herbert "Pete" Pyle, and muc h property damage. the contents and furnishings went! up in flames. The store and living quarters were housed in a j i tv.o-story wooden structure cover-! ed with brick siding. Reports' here said the store was well-stocked and the quarters upstairs were well-furnished. Carrier Mills Fire Chief Loren Dallas said that Pyle's wife \vas r aroused by the fire and awakened! her husband, who called the-f ire i department. Both Carrier Mills] fire trucks were rushed .to thel _ __ building and Dallas today said |Ccun t y farmer, today was free un- Hit Boosting Production to Pre-War Level State Department Lists Materials U. S. Will Receive WASHINGTON, Jan. 10--Offi)-- Some Democratic senators opened fire today on the Marshall plan, asserting that it would promote state trading by foreign nations and use American money to boost European production above pre-war levels. The criticism was made by Sens. Tom Connally, Tex., and Walter F. George, Ga., ranking Foreign Relations committee Democrats, as T · - - lag, u. s . testified i: I I SJ «·* 1$ W fiv ffii !$'·! | $ ll i ft 1 m m wi ' .ft- Murder Charge Filed in Death Eldorado Man William "Bill" Price, Gallatin (NBA Telephoto) i^J^J, Ma ss., told !er that a plan to gain millions,of tons of strategic minerals for U. S. stockpiles through the recovery program promised a great "im- prov»ment" in this nation's industrial defense. ·; Douglas admitted that the $6,800,000,000 Marshall plan down payment for the first 15 months of operation was directed at rebuilding Europe's production above pre-war levels. But Douglas said that increased production would not lift European risburg as one of three of the go\- p t t General Robert E. No. 18, long since de- crn0 r's appointments to the the H their so j ourn at E d- the scrap-pile, did the llllnois Area Development Com- "fTM W paulev's Hawaiian retreat. that occasion and was m j ss ion set up by Senate Bill N°-i This was disclosed today by with a pair of deer gin bv the last General Assembly. ! ,, , - , . _ . , Urtmo ,. Vorpn:nn n" investigators ; Secretary and former Eisenhower's vote-getting horns, which remained a part ot| T h omps0 n is first vice-president M - h its standard equipment for many of Greater Egypt Association and r tions " \cars. -- . - -- ·· , . r , u _ T l i ; I senior vice-president of the "»-j nois State Historical Society, both was disclosed today ! Chairman Homer Ferguson, R., of the Senate Appropria- on speculation, hearing was in recess when the senators 111 UlC J C W M U U l H - a i l L J i i l l l O l j r **» A - . - ^ - . - - - - .. , , , , 1 1 * . 1 ' *^ - ^ v * -- -- - -v -. -- - - -- -- ' - " - , Hampshire where Sen. Charles W. , was called and the local truck i i n the Fen-ell hospital, Eldorado Tobey will be boosting him for, pumped water for about 40 mm- Tuesday. · the presidency. Herrs letter says the St. Louis organizations of which are inter-, . t call Brig. Gen. Wallace aid Southeastern Railway Co. este d in the matters coming in t h e i £ Graham W hite House physi- built the track mentioned above, purview of the Commission, andi-/ ·mi u.-a; later taken o v er by the' a i SOi is the member representing c j"- 4 , ;,, ,,,i, of Sv ... ...... on last i nve stigators iii»i...w.t,n and from Shawneetown to a point thorough study, and investigation* __ beyond Equality, a distance, ot o£ the industrial agricultural, re- '{j"*"^ at " l p a ,Ue~mTd7 profits'of 15 miles, before 1871 By 1872 creat ional and other economic re-igloOM in hides and $4,100 in " "·"·"'· '"""" 1 » t " 1 t h p ftx - sources in areas of the State in » h ^ while And erson and Hanne- which it appears that such re-j were visiting him . Hannegan sources have not been fully de-,* then a member O f President veloped or have suffered deter "'Truman's cabinet ioration. On the basis of such fAnderson Quick to Rep iy study, the commission may recom-, Anderson already has said there mend plans and programs de- | were «, no discussions of grain" this company completed the extension of the line from Mt. Verton to Evansville, and from the joint near Equality to a connection with the St. Louis-Evansville lint at McLeansboro. Later on. the letter says, the fc St Louis and Southeastern em-! gjg n "ed to promote the most effect-i n the Republican primary'in New that the firemen were hampered 1 d e r " $2,000 bond on a charge o. by insufficient pressure from the j murder in connection with the four-inch water main in that area, i death - of Charles Radford Smith, The Harrisburg fire department!^.year-old Eldoradoan who · died Believe Missing Explosives On High Seas NEW YORK, Jan.-,10--«n)-- Seventy-three" tons of a -199-ton describes himself'as a "maverick" and disagrees with GOP leaders, announced last night that he has accepted a directorship in the draft- Johnson said. Cause of the f ir e-vas unknown. SQme lltes » Fire chie£ h f i . Tne C0 mplaint charging Price, v . no res ides north of Omaha, with CIPS poles nearby. consignment of super explosives sold to a New York firm by the War 'Assets administration were still missing today and 'authorities believed they may be on the high sea's, en route to the Jewish'under- ground in Palestine. living standards above the pre-war level. He told Connally that more production in the 16-recipient. European nations was needed to afford them supplies of U. S. dollars for their badly needed imports.- George told Douglas that - the recovery program would establish was signed by Dewey A spokesman for the Arab- high- Smith, brother of the dead man.ier committee at the United Na- new system of trade Eisenhower league, which has rHarS\eitch manageT of headquarters in New York. ' J -- . An estimated 1,000 pounds of Sheriff Millard Holloway of Gal-, tions charged that arms from here meat were lost in the smoke- ! latin county today said that Price . had - been · smuggled to the Holy house fire at Eldorado according denied having an-altercation with ' -J ·--- *-- ···-*- ------ *-- ---Smith/last April. Dewey of. Eisenhower TM, i implement company. He said thc ( smith maintains-that-Ms brother ', 9v e A'{cause of the blaze was unknown _ ^4^ O f injuries sustained -April 7-was-.beaten, 'air automobile "Fsi'liGi* Tobcv's son £·401. 1IC 4 · - I V V\^j , . . ^,^1^4^^,, vi. V J A W w*Mmi»rf « · »« » . . . _ _ _ _ _ . - - - \j[i^\j \/i, I A I J u*. t Jr., was listed on a complete slate. a - lt hough .it -might have started | -30 - when-he : ^delegates -filed fotf in the- smoker.vr - · · ~ F thrown 'ffonr Land by Jewish groups for sometime. "'The . , clamped an embargo _ ., 1 4 .................. the .March 9 New "Hampshire Re- 1 -r ne smokehouse was a frame publican primary. Petitions also j j )u jiding about 100 feet to the were filed for Republican conven- ! rear O f i byI , , ,, , - implement company tion delegates pledged to Gov. j Dl uic[j n g. The Eldorado fire de- E. Dewcy of New York j par tment sent out both, its trucks tier Gov. Harold E. Stas-j to a ^ - m fighting the blaze. " Leitch said there was approxi- -i mately 1,500 pounds of meat in Thomas and former sen of Minnesota. To Leave Army . By April 1 Tobev, chairman of the Senate!. the smokehouse at the time of Banking committee, issued a state- the _fire, that he sa Ivaged I po»i- he has conclud- blv 500 pounds. All the meat was ^is h "b S estquali- burned Price on a gravel road · between Omaha and State Route 1, he ^dded. Radford Smith and a brother, required hospital treatment following/, an altercation on that date. , on all- further, shipments of- ex"plosives in-" the "New'- York area New Jersey'and New "York s m d 126 agree/ ·' ' . · The State Department, in a special report prepared for the committee, listed many vital minerals --but no uranium for atomic^ ea-.~ ergy^asTOtei3als;io*-TJ:,S. reserve ·stockpileT'fBaT'may be--gained through the European recovery , » M program. the 199-ton consignment sold to I s The minerals would be an a , » 199-ton consignment so o I d ^^ the Eossibility O f pparently dummy New York future Vs. re-amament effort - . firm. The remaining 73 tons still- d ld \\ ere unaccounted' for. , lonial possessions of the western eiged as the South East and St. Louis Railway and it was this company \\hich was finally taken o'.er by the Louisville Nash- \ille Railroad Co. Nov. 16. 1880. f - O DAVEY JONES DEPT.: The Hobo Bill, seen by hundreds of as folks when we went down to Shawneetown to look at the river, snk New Year's Day. Sailed the main work horse on the river, the Hobo Bill is now itsting on its side On the Ohio rivei bottom. During the 1937 flood its owner. 'fcp" William Hale, saved much Ihtitock by working 24 hours foly. The boat had been used for excursions by young people nd had pinch hit for ferry boats *hich were incapacitated. Due to the strong winds on ·fo Year's the boat was beached at its mooring post. A subsc- 1 1'Jtnt rapid rise in river water it. and it turned over on side and is now resting on the tom of the river. Hale is making plans to get ive utilization of such resources th v - it And p au i ey has that he ever talked of his ^ The full committee consists of , a r k e t operat ions in the presence ive members appointed by lnej o f the UvQ cabinet members. - president of the Senate, ive mem- 1 - stassen charged at the opening bers appointed by the Speaker ot i of thc speculation inquiry acaa " ^ ..... the House, three members appointed by the governor, the directors of Agriculture. Conservation, and that about 11 "insiders" had made $4.000,000 since the war. He said of Agriculture. Conservation, ana p j . who is spec ial assistant to Public Works and Buildings, thej t h e Se ^ retarv of the Army. profit- Public Aid Executive of the Hii-; e - d to the tune of $1.000,000. _ ; _ I " * . . i _ l l -- * U r^nw*t+w*ff~t**s\n ofirt L ^*^* "** ~^ . 4 * « _ nois Public Aid Commission, and one trustee or officer Of the University of Illinois. Pipeline Officials Discuss Tapping of Big Inch Near Here boat righted and river bottom. · up from h Col. C. T. Flota To be Stationed Near San Francisco J^Jr 0 '- Charles T. Flota and wv. Flota. former Harrisburg re- who have been visiting and vvh tc counties the .Jen das. will leave for The military post near San . '-v.'.hin the next few «$?v ?loU and Mrs - Flota re ."'0 rciyrr.ed from Germany, * Jid military duty for Mrs. Flota, who had ?omporanly m Phoe- ]omod her husband in Anderson was quick to reply to Stassen's allegations. He demanded that the former Minnesota governor reveal the names of all "insiders" who made a killing in the market. In his testimony, Stassen named only Pauley. Graham, and .Ralph K. Davies. wartime deputy chief of the War Petroleum Ad! ministration. Their names had ap- ! peared previously on lists of corn- Representatives of ^ nc . Te ^ a ^! Agriculture Department. Eastern Pipeline C o . o n e _ o f whom.- Anderson contended that they wss an^engineer ffom^Shrcxeport.! u , d nQl be insidcrs as they were "'· i t h n'ot in" the Commodity Credit Corp. of the Officials of that agency, he said. ui «··*''I _ _ _ » u _ ,,_!.. nrA- \\-hn «-»ro * nn La, office, were in tne past Uvo da * R. U Sieben an . i e e n an Southeastern Illinois Gas to., ana : nc ;^" who wcrc on the with H. I. Lewis, local manager, Discussions were made which. · will lead to a contract permitting. Crushed TO Jhc Southeastern Illinois Gas Co.. to tap the Big Inch pipeline for 1946 ' and Unilcd Stalcs in Har- active mili- a former Sa- attomcv. Russl °" Winter Mild natural gas for Harrisburg and Eldorado. The local company hopes to have the contract signed soon and to have pipelines laid before next fall, which will give Harrisburg and Eldorado thc benefit of natural gas at lower rates, Mr. Lewis said today. The Texas-Eastern Pipeline of-; ficials and Mr. Sicbcn of thc Southeastern Illinois Gas Co.. examined possible locations to tap the Big Inch pipeline. Two possible sites were selected for contracts for Harrisburg and Eldorado. Thc^c j-iles are subject to approval by the Texas-Eastern Pipeline Co. Four Soldiers Hurt In Auto-Truck Crash EFFINGHAM. 111.. Jan. 10--CP» --Four soldiers on iheir way nomc from Ft. Knox, Ky.. were injured 1 _ . · · . « _ 4 l _ ^ : _ A M n X l V l l « S 4 f W l By Cool Cor at Bell Zoller Mine ZEIGLER. HI- Jan. 10--l-E»-- Harvey Wallace, Jr.. 24. was crushed to* death yesterday when he was pinned between a coal car and a truck at Bell and Zoller 1 here. ,,,, was caught between the two vehicles after he asked his father-in-law. Harry Rcvcllc. to hprp tta f i e d t ^ lead thk nation iVthis ing that all the bacon was de-, time of great crises .in .national J stayed. ^^ ^^ ^ ^ local apparatus was sent out on and international affairs." I take this position with only the kindest regards for all other potential or announced candidates." he said. two minor calls yesterday afternoon. There was no damage from either blaze. At 12:30 p. m. fire . , .men extinguished a grass fire ". . . . It is my considered judg-' a t QH south Main street and at ment that if Mr. Eisenhower will 2 p . m. there was another grass permit his name to be used, his tj aze a t 409 West Raymond avenue. slection will be assured and that, | . in naming him as its candidate.' the Republican party will honor itself and make available for the j people's support in November a : man peculiarly qualified to lead j the nation through one of the most i serious epochs in its history." I Eisenhower will move into thc i presidency of Columbia Univer-j sity early in June, about two weeks WASHINGTON. Jan. 10--l-E-- Corn Stocks on Farms Relied Short 1947 Crop iiv *3 iv it«a \; kti f*ji ··*," » V1 * ·*'«**· * »v^«- .-^-- ----- and turn the chief of staff job over I shels. second largest on record to Gen. Omar N. Bradley by April ifor that dale. Corn stocks for that date, how- rever. were the lowest since tne drought years. Corn stocks on 1 Death Takes Mrs. Dora Elder, 77 r Eldorado Resident ,'vav^todav said that the The Arab committee spokesman Eurooean Mtlons . Sne the incident he and said - his charges were based on The special report was submitted lwmg t Sfoned Reidi'^fonnation^nd belief." He said to the Senate. Foreign Relations ques - - -.'that armored -cars- and -airplanes committee'in response to questions man would talk specifically; 31 * 0 * 616 being purchased herei o f what this country can expect him abou? he matte?; so the *r delivery to - the - Jewish under-, in nw materia ^ for the aid sent m '-ound. : , . 'Europe under the proposed recov- Three trailer trucks of cyclam- ery program. nd Radford Sniil case was dropped. The day after the death of Radford/ Holloway continued, the . ite, an explosive more powerful Listed were many minerals brother 'Dewev went to Shawnee- than TNT, were seized by state w hich are scarce in this country U1UUUC1 iyt"^j, ··».».·. »~ ..__t-iJ_.. « nn ^ Conaai-riac i _ _ _ . ...t-;.T. u v~ »««_«J ..« town and signed a complaint charging Price with the murder. Seek to Question Convicted Negro in x Franklin Co. Slaying BENTOX. 111., Jan. 10--E£--j plosive was uncovered-in . police yesterday near Saugerties, DU t which could be stored up N. Y. An eight-state' alarm had aga inst the possibility of a future been out'for the sliipmenla, pjr-, u s . re-armament program. They chasea at. the Seneca Ordnance | wou id be drawn mainly from 'the I Depot, -Romulus, -N. Y.,' since - cy- i co i on i a l possessions of the 16-west- clamite. was discovered Thursday, em European nations scheduled to at the farm-of-Charles Lowy near Astury rark, N. J. Another · truckload of the ex- State's Attorney Max Mitchell said today he has asked that Jake Bird, a Negro, -16-year-old convicted murderer awaiting execution in Olympia. Wash., be questioned m connection with the lovers' lane slaying of Louis Edward Null of Zefgler, 111., more than a year ago. Bird, who has been sentenced to die for the murder of, Mrs. Bertha Klubt and her daughter in. Tacoma last October, has confessed i he committed 13 murders through-) out thc nation in the past 20 years. Gov. Mon Wallgren of AVashing-. Ion has indicated he may halt the Jersey City, N. Y., warehouse early vesterday and later m..the aay 52 cases of combat knives and 50. cases'of iirst aid materials were discovered. He was hela in $15,000 oail by Monmoath couii- ty. authorities .for. illegal storage oi explosives. 000 bushels. This is 29 per cent below a year ago and reflects .the short 1947 corn crop. i Actual disappearance of corn i stocks from October through Dec- · ember was eight per cent below t o d O O O , xecution Jo _ give authorities a - - . push his truck into position forjoJ her *«·' TM Mrs. Dora E. Elder. 77. widow] the department said that 1948 of thc iate .7. \V. Elder of Eldorado, crop prospects improved » ir '"=died JLLs morning at six o'clock j December throughout most ot ine at the Ferrcil hospital after an;country. Growing conditions la- i'.lness of two weeks. 'vored progress of wheat dunn.. Mrs. Elder, who had lived ali Dc «rnbcr. it said. oi her married life in Eldorado., ?At ««sjstagc w*!*** 0 TM resided on South State street- She point toward th_cjprobabilifc was preceded in death by three, unable to identify her but said she believed he Negro. Will Beot Ford If It Costs Lost VenW Hdcr.;»hc country*.available crop L taS, Penny: FergUSOtt chance to question Bird in connection with other unsolved murders. Louis Null was slain July 2p. 1946 by a man who shot him in thc head, dragged his body from I. M. Taylor is Named to National Radio Committee I. M. Taylor, pioneer radio ex- iv ^ ^ -w ecutive of southern Illinois and | mav * ODta in uranium from the same receive Marshall plan aid. Notably absent from the list was the key atomic energy source ma- terjal of uranium. It was explained that the State Department has no jurisdiction over acquisition of uranium, that matter being handled directly by the Federal Atomic Energy commission. This explanation apparently satisfied-Committee Chairman Arthur H. Vandenberg, R., Mich., who recently asked the department to explore the possibility, of obtaining uranium from the Belgian Congo one of the handful of known sources." The State Department listed anticipated stockpile acquisitions of cadmium, cobalt copper, industrial diamonds and zinc from the Belgian Congo, thus opening the possibility that the atomic commission manager of Radio Station WEBQ here, has been appointed a mem- his car and criminally assaulted t ^ ' of the Small Market Stations sta ) m his companion. Miss Manon Bow-j Exccutive connnittee of the Na-j untrv Ur. nf Valior. Miss Bowlm was ,--_.,] AccnpSatinn of Broadcasters. __"»,,« region. Among the materials which Uie Iin of Valier. reports this iy obtain annually are: ww , V vi, to 1.400,000 long tons of the coming year. ! bauxite: 50.000 to 85.000 tons of .he NAB is the largest organiza- ^pper; 23,000 to 40.000 long tons tion within the radio broadcast- of # n . "i25.000 to 200,000 long tons ling industry in the United States. of cnrom ite. 1 Taylor's appointment was maatj _ ·cc proportion loading Rcvclle said'hc did not ^EIdCT'al^M^ M?rid Dro wiU be" **£ injro^in 1948:^| I tn\ £°A V J an. 10-O-,Mos- last night when their car collided * 10 ^£TM 1 ; Ai "'cr in the last'with a truck at thc intersection of oven warmer with! State Route 40 and a black top night Tempera- road near Montrosc, 111. ~ J " ' - - ' Most critically injured was Harold Hughes, 19. on his way home on furlough to Milwaukee, jvis. His companions, all seriously hurt were Jene Peck, 18. Decatur, III.; Jerome Beatty, 17, MaUoon, 1^: late: Daj *«^ ni««n v«.iipr_ 18. Milwaukee, Golconaa. Wa$hcr work - know Wallace was in back of thc truck. . ,,. Wallace's home was ;n Plum- and Tier husband, who died in 1940. ?aid. One daughter, Mrs. Oma Barton when spnnc · vv* « « - _ _ s _ ^ ^ . 1 * * f+^n f\V^ Y'ttT Recording to Tel1 Stor y °* , ington, Missouri! Texas. Arizona, r Qr | ShcltOO Killing ' ~ --'- Virginia and v-^mA^t i^»w» ~ ^ , . of Eldorado, survives, as do several were cxtrcme.y - vas tnic in 1947J STOW-O^THE-WOLD, E n g. conditions land. Jan. M--C»--Ham F«gB- Th | purpose of thc committee 1 ST LO UIS. Jan. 10.-G»--A St tractor designer wno sueu * , r .**_ _»_»--- :,, »»,« «*· *- -- ^ field/ near West Frankfort. grandchildren and_ srcat-grandchil Rites at Golconda Sunday for Pvt. C. L. Brown The .body of Pvt. Charles Lloyd Brown. 33. of Golconda. who was killed in action in Europe on Oct. 18 1944 arrived in Harrisburg by train.'yesterday morning- The bodv was taken to the Rottoman funeral home in Golconda. Funeral v at 2 n m. at the and Glenn Fetter. 18, Milwaukee who was drivinc the car. The truck driver, Benny Bana- yotc, of Indianapolis, suffered cuts but.was released after emergency treatment at St Anthonys hos- aital .here. 3SS in cAnda and burial will be in thc L O. O. F cemetery Pvt Brown was the son of the and Stella Brown of the husband daughter of Lcla Rumscy S M r - a n d I Mr! Seth Rumscy of 1300 West Barnett street and was thc brother-in-law of Mrs Earl Hise and Richard Rumscy of this city. dron. all of whom were very devoted to Mrs. Elder, Thc body will be returned io UiC family residence on State street fiom thc Martin funeral homo al 4:30 this afternoon. Funeral services will be held at the Cal-i vary Baptist church. Monday at 2 p. m. Rev. I. E. Miller and; Rev. H. R. Moore will conduct thc service. Burial will be in Wolf Creek cemetery. ,- lb «. t winter wheat acreage of iccord has finally been sown dc spite great difficulties.' Lighted - OS son.. thc Ford Motor company and oUi- ,J - ork with stations in the - those with would "beat Ford costs me in of - popu ] a tion and * "*' w ~" _ I ^.| VlVv VA ^^W»^^^ I'^T ·""-- ·" my last penny. un d e r, and to guide these sta- Fcrguson said he would come to " ^ constructive channels thc United States later to press his claim. Announces Candidacy For Re-Election as GOP State Committeeman John Spcncc of Geff, Wayne county, present Republican state central v-ommittccman in the 24Jh district, has announced his candidacy for election to. the ' Of Woman's Death MULKEYTOWX, 111.. Jan. 10.-- (U.R)--A lighted cigarct was given yestcrdav afternoon as thc proo- able cause of the death of Mrs. George Dawson, 46. who was burned to death in her bed at her farm home near hcrc Wednesday morn- good f ndusliy practices and standards. 1939 ing. A coroner's jury returned a verdict of accidental death. Authorities said she apparently had been smoking in bed when thc lire started. (iismcu n«s aiiiiuuiiwu »«is \.«n«. \~_ _ , rhaiTCd body W8S dacy for re-election to the office, Mrs. uawson s c "jr ^ h district Dave Evans, Saline conn- f^" d ^' cdn ^ d % af S^t Bc5 tv GOP chairman, announced Jo- husband, a truck,dmcr at Bell fa and Zoller wiTSC -\o. 1 at Zcigier. ful. been worked out in Ireland, nc said. "I had been working for more than 20 years with my friends on it and it was wonder- I showed it to the lalc Henry Ford--he was a splendid man-and as soon as he saw it he said it was the greatest thing America ever saw. We came to a gentleman's-agreement He honored it to the letter, and we* had a tremendous success. "After Mr. Ford's death there was a change in the Ford company management and I claim they have broken thc gentleman s agreement" times during the coming addition to getting together at the time of the annual convention of the NAB. Mr. Taylor will fly to Washington, D. C, on Jan. 25 to attend the first mecung ot hi c executive committee. Mr. Taylor has received a letter of congratulation from J. Allen Brown, assistant director of broadcast advertising, NAB, asking for a biography of himself and a photograph for future use. Mr. Taylor is the oldest rad'o executive in southern Illinois in roint of service in the. area. He has been manaser of Statior. WEBQ since 1926. . . . . Louis recording firm announced today that it will release a ballad soon telling the story of how Carl Shelton. southern Illinois gangster, was ambushed and killed near Jus home at Fairficld, III. last Oct 23. The ballad was written by Snel- ton's brother, EarL and set to hill-billy niusic by Fred Henson, a radio entertainer. The Weather SOUTHERN ILLINOIS: Partly cloudy tonight and Sunday: somewhat "colder tonight; not so cold Sunday. Low tonight 22 to 28; high Sunday 42 to 46. Friday 3 p. m.._ 6 p. m. _ 9 p. m, -12 mid-- Temperature Saturday 43 38 37 34 3 a. m. 6a.m. 9 x m. 12 noon 30 29 29 .39 - :*'.. - *ii nFWSPAPFRI

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