The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 1, 1948 · Page 18
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 18

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 1, 1948
Page 18
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Newc. Fr**«rt«k, 5Mu, , July i, U.S. To Stay In Says airlift operation of peace- j Sunday. I official Soviet newspaper claimed the Western air fleets were plundering the city by i , . . . 1 "1 HiSU**-* h V S U » 9f u***, «*v» ^n / - f- »*i_ out machinery and pro-j Umted s £, tw Alr Forcc ls treb . return flights - American j bng for tfae timc ^m*. at least promptly denied the ( t m . numbtr ' o f B-29 Superfort- Seiit Europe Washington. June 30 The officials Reds Blasts Tito 'Rotary Begins Another Year June 30 (*3--The VIUKV »»«.~ served a crisp ao- surrender notice on Russia today: We rateod to stay in Berlin despite Soviet efforts to pusfc us and the other Western powers out. Secretarr of State Marshall issued the W-word declaration from the hospital where he is under- come * physical checkup. He promised to "deal promptly" with questions raised by ihe Russian blockade of the foraser German capital. Marshall's statement: "We are in Berlin as a result of agreements between the govern- · charge. There was speculation resses that the newspaper's attack might herald a Russian attempt to restrict use of the air corridor to Berlin. Mate lO Overshoot . . KoaOS (JoilimiSSlOll Goal i Europe. announcement tods./ fo!-1 rlosely the disclosure that the fighter force there u» being doubled With the assignmen' of a wing of jet planes to the Amen- J can rone of Germany. j American air strength thus is being bolstered in Western Europe at the height of the Western powers' struggle to keep their foothold at Beriit. Except for a one-month period last spring, the number of Super- j visiting Germany o n " hai -The "Soviet attempt to blockade the German civilian population of Berlin raises basic Questions of serious import visth which we ex- peel to deal promptly -Meanwhile, masurium use of air transport will be made to supply the civilian population It has been found after study, tnat t..e tonnage of foodstuffs and supplies which can be hf:ed by asr is greater Easton. June 30 A*--Governor Lane said tonight that Maryland may spend S50.000.000 on better roads this year. * I believe," he said. ' that we w ill fortresses overshoot" the State Roads Com-1 rotational training missions missions goal of $40000.000 in 1948 been liniited to single 10-plane conditions, the 50 X^on^r..nmg*«^SIfS n Ui«l nark should be ( "^ a °U.i«f "'"·s due to arrive to- the Governor said in a ) d a y bringing the total force up t o ' speech prepared for the annual · a ao-plarse group, ladies' night banquet of the Easton ' Fighters To Remain R°'=»-y Club. u A group of the long range In the first six months of 1948. b o m b e r s arrived in Ger- ( Lane said, the commission advertis- ! m any in earlv April At that', ed for bids or put under contract' ti-r.e i: *i as planned to continue highv. ay construction and repair sending full groups instead of projects totaling S24.200 000 squadrons to Germany for threc- · Miles upon miles of new high- month training tours. wi:h a new way. or betterment by resurfac-'St ou P/ e . D -, ac "' s a de P arll "S K r ° u P realignment begin to take | 'Captive' Mines May i Face Coal Strike nouncensent as a likely prelude to a strong three-power protest directly to Moscow against the Russian squeeze on the city's supply lines. Bevin Is Determined London June 30 i--British Foreign Secretary- Ernest Bevin .asd today the Western powers are determined to continue flying food to blockaded Berlin despite the riik of grave trouble v. ith the Russians. He told the House of Commons * If ever there wss a time to stand firm it is now." Bevin said the~Western Allies are considering a direct approach to the Kremlin in an attempt to settle the Berlin crisis. He did not specify whether the approach would con: merely of a protest against the sr would include a re- w ., put aslde how . wee* by WCCK, he said cver untjl nlanpow er strength of Final plans for the Chesapeake llie Strategic Air Force could be Bay bridge 'are now on ihe draw- buslt up and the group returned. ing boards and will be completed to be replaced by single squadrons within 60 to 90 days," Lane iaid v. hich remained about one month. ' H e said he learned today from While the bomber groups will War Deparlrnent th t ' A · not be on permanent station in cretarv Ro ,. a ii ha , .. ,,.,,,,. - ' .Germany, but w i l l only rotate in ^retarj Kovall has ugned a per- {ri , he forllfi ed fiRhter ««* »««« Maryland the green force w l ,, bc aS3 ig ne d permanent- light for construction of a S35.- 1 To itart the ne-sv fiscal year with a total of 102 members. Frederick , Rotary Club at its Wednesday , luncheoa session inducted three | new members as retiring Presi- ·dent. John R Fitzpainck turned 1 ove' the gavel of office to incom- ! *ng Preijdent J. Ricnard Ramsburg and .a* handed his pait-presi- de'iTi pin fay another past-presi- aer:. Kc-lnieb D. Baker. W.Iliam H Kemp, brick manu- fa-j'.jrer. Merritt Lock'AOOd. cattle- breeder a:;d Hcviara Smith, pub- I c .^ere inducted into Rc'.sr-. and introduced by Le-.vib R Dei'.^oaugn. v.ho itrfesed. "at- teiaance is the fundamental re- qa;ret;en: of Rotary membership. The records of some of the member^ 'iere today are almost un- oe-.evably good, covering the 28 ears of Frederick Rotary existence Singing h.s 'bwan song," Mr F.'^pa' complimented fellow Ro'.cr;. o3:cers for their coopera- ::o'! the past year, and po:i:u:-d out hss concept.on of .orograni highhgh's during their Jerri of /2Ice. For community service, he chose Ro:ary sponsorship of the Japanese beetle curb campaign. I In public recognition of individ- ua! merit, he ipecified the Rotary Western powers lo fly i:i more preic-itauons for loca! Y. M. C. A. food and personnel The L'SAF Setreiary AJvsn G Quinn and re- now is mo\ing 39 more traribporti coHege president Dr Henry Russia read Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia, above, gut of the Communist Party on the grounds that he has beeu playing too close to western imperialism, according to a communique in the Coramun'st newspaper Rude Pravo in Fraguc. Czechoslovakia. Tito and his followers were accused of Trotskyism, anti-Sovi- ettsm, "ineptness" and "f^Ke dftootogic tactics," among other things. , June 30 VP -- A broad hint of a strike was flung today at the coal mines ojvned by the steel industry should they stick by refusal to sign the new 1948 coal wage and welfare fund contract. It came in an editorial of John L Lewis' newspaper, the United Mine Workers Journal. The steel- owned mines hava balked at a union shop clause in the agreement which the rest of the soft coal industry has accepted. Commenting on the holdout, the Journal said"Everyone acquainted with labor- management relations in the coal fields knows full well that if the steel industry attempted to revert back to an open shop the men who suffered the hardships of economic domination by the steel industry prior to complete unionization, of their own free will and accord. would deem it a proud privilege of asserting their American rights t^^^the captive mines at will." Tht»e so-called captive mines | produce about 60.000.000 tons an- jnually for the steel furnaces. They are manned by between 30.000 and 40.000 of Lewis' 400.000 soft coal I miners. j The "captives," represented by [Harry Moses of the HL C. Frick j Coal Company, have so far refused i to go along with the union shop ] clause m the new agreement claim- j ing it is illegal under the Taftt Hartley Act. The "captives" are \ expected to make known their, , final decision in a day or two. pos- t sibly tomorrow?. I Otherwise, the new agreement, ' provides for a. $1 daily wage in-. | crease and a 20-cent-a-ton miners" t welfare fund royalty payment, i i I LEGIONNAIRES DIXE I Fourteen members of the recent i membership drive teams of the j Francis Scott Key Post, American i Legion, and the team captains, Ro- ger Carpenter and Wilbur W. £ jj ker. attended a dinner-meeting o»J Tuesday evening at the Legion- home. G. Ernest Lipps. vice-com ? t mander of tha Western Maryland! District, and W. M. Ray Spurrier.! present commander of the local' post, also attended. j At the conclusion of the dinner '^ j Robert E. Clapp. Jf_ vice-com- i mander of the Francis Scott Key] j Post and chairman of membership, | thanked the group for their ef-1 forts in the successful drive. T |fi , post cow numbers 600, the largest in its history- The team members I were also thanked by Mr. Lipps and Mr. Spurrier for helping them to attain their quota for this district. 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Stahr^ of C'ub services for youth of the commun.ty, he cited as including sponsorship of a Boy Scout troop and furnishing them uniforms and equipment, entertainment and backing of tne Frederick High ly To rc-mforcc the 86th Fighter thc Ni'codemus National Bank of 000000 span linking the EaMcin «roup (equipped w i t h World War . II conventional cng'.ned planet * the USAF w i l l transfer from thc Panama Canal Zone to the United i States zone of Germany thc 36th i Fishier Wing. outfitted with F-80 ie: fighters. This, at least in terms of equip- and Western Shores Grasshoppers Denude Mississippi ROt'LETTE HEAD:, HANK Hagcrsumn Ju-e 30 -- Ellsworth R Roulette local attorney ^0^^ f^balf teVrnT^-spo^oT- Tucsday elected present of |ig . he a n n u a , R r javcee tsack and field n.eet- a : ding Frede r i c k Future Farmers ol Amer.cj Rotarsan William E Hardy, was named program chairman for the next ear to succeed Dr. Wayne C. Xeelv. to renew four-power attempts to settle East-West disputes in Berlin --after Russia lifts her blockade A Government source said the Vnited States. Britain and France already have begun consultations on the form and language thc communication would take. It was understood this was one of the topics discussed when Bevin met with U. S. Ambassador Lewis W. Douglas and French Ambassador Rene Massigli during the day One official British source said Britain has asked the dominions to lend all the transport planes they can spare to help carry food to Berlin. The Allies stepped up the pace of their air cargo service. By late afternoon 225 planes. 100 of them British, had reached Berlin with vital supplies for the 2.000.000 or nore Germans in the American. British and French sectors of the ·-ity. The U S Air Force began this Bassfield. Miss. June 30 Desperate farmers are praying for ment, wil! put the USAF on a ram and fighting with fire a hun- , more equal fooling with the jet- gry army of grasshoppers that is' equipped combat elements of the widening a path of destruction Russian Air Force However, the through corn and cotton here. F-80 jet outfit will not arrive m At least 10 different localities Europe until late August or early have been laid waste by the September. Some Significance While the Air Force emphasized that the visit of a full 30-plane group of the bitt bomb carriers son made arrangements to dis- was considered only a part of the patch a C-47 National Guard plane routine training program, there this factor: Thc last two squadrons of thc An. flllitiK the \acancv created bv the death recently of John D Hollyday. The directors also elected Thomas W. Pangborn. industrialist, as chairman of the board and John J Porter, as senior vice-president. W. 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Wilson inspected the scene \esterday Wil- B-29 group began arriving in Kansas City for needed poison, if it cannot be obtained from nearby New Orleans Farmers have been herding the Europe just as Russia took nev. hoppers together and attacking! action in the Berlin area, with burning fuel oil. i The Soviets recently imposed The farmers said a heavy rain new blocks on the inflow of rail- would halt the insect crush, and , transported supplies from West- chances appeared good for scat- i ern Germany to the United States tered showers. I and British zones, forcing the "Gonna Buy A Stove" SPECIAL OFFER Detroit Jewell Stoves. Completely Installed Including 2 100= tank of gas ONLY s 137.50 FHEDERHK WELDIXG TO. PATRICK AT BEXTZ ST. Open Sat. Till 10:00 P. M. PHONE 467 Easy Payments /{/r Conditioned Because we strive constantly For family comfort \ve provide an air conditioned funeral home. This is one of tne many features which makes our sen-- ice modern and complete. 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