The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 17, 1932 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Tuesday, May 17, 1932
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Last Edition T HE WEATHER FORECAST FOR MARYLAND: Mostly cloudy tonight and Wednesday Probably showers ia extreme southeast portion. Cooler tonight, and in east portion Wednesday. VOL. LV.--NO. 182. AF) M*aus Associated Press. Full NEA Serrioe FREDERICK. MD, TUESDAY, MAY 17. 1932. FINAL TEN PAGES PRICE--TWO CENTS CURTIS CONFESSES HOAX ON LINDBERGH RECONVENING OF CONGRESS NECESSARY, SENATE HOLDS hin^on, May IT (AP --Repub- :'.-·»" Sma:« leaders Jiav* advised Speaker Garaer tnat :: ~x~ necessary . to recess Congress is Jcne for the con- · rentions a-i that suomser s-assisn »ill r,g business. Corner ;ai:J he and Representative Snell of New York, th* Republican _______ leader, conferred j-"sterday srith Sen- · ator Moses of New Hampshire, prest- Series Of Twelve Arranged Un-1^^^ I^Sf £S | and were inforsned they lei" :. would be ur.posstble for Congress to coac- I plet-e its business by June 10, as on;| inally plar.ned i Gamer said if Con«r*ss did ad.Kurr. I it tiould probably reassemble in July or DISPATCHER'S BODY FOUND IN BALTIMORE ST. Cause Of Death Of Railway Employe Being Sought. Eis-aorth der Auspices Of City Ministerial Association. Demands So Great Thai Charity Heads Consider Making New Appeal OUTDOOR DEVOTIONS IN JAKER PARK PLANNED Inn jjU 1 A] Concluding Event On Septem- HEAVY USAGE OF FLOUR - IN FIRST TWO WEEKS May :7 i.\P --Tbe -tio:-.. 35 a train dis- ay trie Washington. Baltimore and Ar.nJi;x.lis Ele*-tr:c Railway. »ai found early to-day :n ?.:-. alley behind the building of C H Kror.e- beryer ar.d Company. c-ffee d-'V.--rs ir. South street The mir. 'A as pronounced dead at Mercy hospital There were no mares i of -.ijle:ic«? about irx- txdy bat r.o csuie of death was ad'.ar.cvd by t:ie hospital physicians ar.d a '-\^ ADMITS HE PERPETRATED HOAX ON COL LINDBERGH Man Who Drank Ice Water While Working On Road Claims Compensation. ^Jorrlst^n »as :de:i::fici by a milrjad pass ar.d a n-.eniber.«h;p card | of ;he Bro'.herhood of Railway Train- sn which were f^ur.d ai a ·xal'.et :-i on- MADE ILL, HE SAYS, AND HAS BEEN ALLOWED 82.25 DAILY JOHN" Hl'GIIES CCRTIS her Denominations To Unite. TOSPEnKATM i Some Sections Of County Need More Than Originally Esti- : mated For 9O Days. The fourth annual Sunday evening community services under the auspices of the Frederick; City Ministerial Association will be held June 19 to September 6. inclusive, it was staled to- dav. The services, which have been largely attended in the pass three years, will occur in Baker Park. with the various Protestant churches o' the city participating and will bezm at 6.30 p. m. In accordance with the ustiai custom. ] Widely-Known Lecturer Will: Tell Of Prohibition. ! appear :o have be^n robbed Through officials of the railroad com- ; pany :he pohce got into jon:ansn:cat:oti ', iv:th Morrison's p-»renLs uno came to · Baltimore and ide^tuved their son. They *as sing'.e ar.d ::vei at Patux- ' Other Cases Before Board--Go To Cumberland Next. ·'rn - .2r..-nt c^ib.l.ty bo- f j r v v i to d.-.nk ice ^ a w r ; ;: or. tSv r.e'v J? Person ' MEETING HERE ON MAY Although only two weeks have pass-' «=- s*c. _ . . , . - . . . " . _ , , Company officials of tne rai.road said cause of V.:: ed since the ninety-day a.ownnce o f ; ^^ had ^ an my ^ . w alwut , ^ ^ ^ ^ Parni Board wheat was turned into] flve y ears . g e was on ~r ^ a d-5- ^ - - - - - ^ . . i '"our a-d made ready for distribution j patcher up until three o'clock yeswr- i s:a:ie roic :n :: "° pa5: rl -"" :r or - c -""-"- es i « the needy of Frederick county, the i cay afternoon, the police ^ere told. I J Martin. 50. of Graceharr, br-ajtht | i demands for flour have been so great j 1 that charity heads are considering j SWOPE--NOGLE Announceroen; has been made that j a request to the government ; Dr Ira Landrith. citizenship superin- j for more wheat. of the mtemational Society of I Supplied under the Frederick county . Prettv Wcddinjc This Morning In St. ! ! John's Church. I J agauist his en\p'.oyors. L. R Wa«- j Ische ar-.i So:-.-;, In:, of Thurmont. a ; {claim xh:ch *xas reviewed tills m rr:- ! ! ir.g by t!te Stat-? Inc-istrial Accident · i Xo 3-jrard ^15 nude by mission ir.ea:oers. Robert Carr. | and Mrs. John Xojrle. this c::y. became j . interest of the prohibition amend- j , T i the sani- hear»r.T. While attempt | te b ~ :d A° r TM~~ luted for use in homes. events in the open air. Each j - Sxmcay eventag the church designated i *or that service Trill plan the program, ! "the minister preaching the sermon and j The public meeting the church's choir furnishing the auric, ^turday even^ a me schedule of churches and their! oclocx. in Calvary re3ectire services as announced today church, and is under r **K^ --/tuner r»o*^n1»*c cr«^*i is as follows: June 19--Calvary M. S- church- June 25 -- Evangelical Heformed C Julj- S--Church of the Brethren- j ^Jeen touring the country, speaking July 10--Piisc Baptist, church. i more than 500 cities lor the AUiea auspices -- ihe young people's societies of this city, i timaiecJ Dr. Lacdrith is associated -Kith Dr. Daniel A. Poung and other prominent . °£ - j leaders, aad smce last November has i a - : in i thir-y-s ! mr.n rrior. =WO (-;-)»« fn*- rho Allied Board Evangeiicai Lutheran i forces for Prohibinon. July 17 church, July 24r--Grace Befomied church. July 31--Presbvterian church. August 7--United. Brethren church, j Youth. Meetings similar to thai to be August 14--Trinity M. S. Church, 1 held here teese held in Baltimore, Hag- South. Members axe being enrolled in the three _ of this organization. Allied \ " c:l Men. Allied Women and Allied i SabOJasviTe. and to the and lliddletown secticcs. Many applicants -would arrange in seeking the fictitious boats he had described. August 21--Y. M. C. A. August 28--^Erangelical Lutheran or erstown and other Maryland cities in December, and Frederick is included in the second country-wide tour of the Campaigners. Members of the Baptist Young People's union. Christian Endeavor Societies of the Evangelical Re- Calvary Methodise, not yet decided- September 6--Evangelical Reformed. »nd Grace Bef armed. Plans 'or the services have been j formed. Grace Reformed and United made by a committee composed of Rev. [ Brethren churches. Epworth Leagues of Dr. G. T3"!? Williams, chairman: Rev. i the Calvary M. E. and Trinity n. E. Dr. Henri L. G. Kieffer and Rev. Dr. \ South churches. Luther League of the to ^ ^""^-^"^ ..«---. -- ^- -- ( -»«i^J, -IT r I r go to the warehouses and carry,.awayj-.JJP* tM ^ r 3 aret rb°' etrtrs of flour Others, after ' S!eefl a - tae org their sacks of ibrir applicatio flour. Others, after ^ere approved, ^ould | induce some person to haul * nour to their hosies in passing trucks or! 0 " 1 "" 1 autosjoblles. Floor Satisfactory. 4 by Mike -B.- Holleway. 33. 2. _, . . · bridzeaian for Jarooe 2nd Hou?hton. who j sang during tne ^^ employ_-= on the new L:oerty road [ _ near Ur.ionviile. Ju!y 1C. 1930. suffered j the ceremony a. tne -iia-»d Tht. eve allesedlv in the i :ddin$ breakfast was serven \ ' , " ^^ . ^ . i , to the iminedia;* fancies at the home : °^^^ s ^^^al^Nciberrj-. S. i ! of tne ande. The happy ccrap.e ,e:t | Q Kg ^^ rcpre ,.. nKd by snemsan P. ' Charles E. Wehler. Archie E. Fisher again -snS. ac; as treasurer, and WU- ijam A. Harley will be chairman of the ushers' committee. Evangelical Lutheran Church andi^V^ Soc ^ formed the Red, Young People's Society of the Church | ^» **** tae ""^ nad Men sarnpi ° a i of the Brethren are co-operating ; ^ 2i Eas " Sac: " n strect - BOYS RESCUE 25 SADDLE HORSES FROM STABLE FIRE , r = - f o t . -he Svang^lical Re:o-med churTh. j d cakes 2r " d Tbe ocal Red Cross CROWNED MAY QUEEN headquarters , 3Dss lHary McComas Receives Western ;Xs~» ! Maryland Honor. fnr- ' by some Baltimore | earlier m the spring was given a fur- ' Miss Mary McComas. of thus c t ty j ther test by leading officials of the Eed. ruled as Queen of the May at Western . Cross and vras found altogether usable ' Maryland College on Monday. ·" hen ' and satisfactory. j the annual Mav festivities were hsld daring and _jna:ajstreagta._ a. coup-e o. Funeral Services For Man Wno Died Of i A copy of the resolutions adopted by I on Hoffa P-eld. Westiranster. snd werr 18 year old bo,* early tnis nio.^nig ; T«nw.«~i vr^ nn ^ i the Meiers' National Feceratioa m i "a^elv avended. The scene was laid rescued 25 blooded saddle horses from i Self-Infbcted Woo^ds. i Chicago, voting appreciauon of the i in "Mother Goose tana." and the Cin- claim for compensation on ; ^ fracture of the rigltt arm as of Sep- ; tember 3. 1931. while en-.ployed by the j j S'.aley Canning Company. W. Cl^itan . McSherry rcprcsentod the plauittfl. and H. V. Quail represented the United i States F.del:ty and Guaranty C-cmpar.y. insurer Tlie prerio'as r.ll3wanc People He Met And Boats He Named All Imagination, He Says Schwarzkopf Makes Announcement Of "Complete Confession." i : HopoweU. X. J.. May 17 AP).--Col. H. Norman Schwarzkopf. supi-riiHemlem of state police, announced today that John Huirhes Curtis, one of the Norfolk negotiators in the · Lind'oei-gh kidnapping case, had written "a complete confes- ; sion" that all the people with whom he had told of negotiating and all the boats on which he said he met them were creatic"S* of his own imagination. j Colonel Schwarzkopf's statement follows: i "At 4 o'clock this morning John H. Curtis sat down to a typewriter ant wrote a complete confession concerning his activity in the case. "He stated that the boats and all the people to whom he I has been referring were creations of his own mind and do ; not exist in fact. i "Shortly after the kidnapping Mr. Curtis told a story about having made contact with the kidnappers. A newspaper representative, according to Mr. Curtis' statement, made a very lucrative otter to him for his story to be given exclusively to VISIT WITH RELATIVES I that paper. Also, according to Mr. Curtis, a very lucrative , offer was made by another newspaper and a film company con- phiiadeiphu. Map IT .API.--Poi:x-; cerning his activities. This served to spur Mr. Curtis to said today that after a thorough In- ! greater activity. ·s'igation they found the report tha: i ,.^ r Curl ; s a ] s() sa j(j t na t D ean Peacock COUld have pre- ,ra Gerriion. 19 year old daughter of ^ u n f o r t u n a t e t in t h j s gnormOUS deception. Ada laurdrv h a d breti Kidnapped i I / - « I I T - J I I . *u and held two days until a ransom of i miral Burrage merely presented to Colonel Lindbergh the $300 had been paid was untrue j s t or y ^ ne had heard it, making no recommendations, but per- vouched to stating that so much very wide- agencies "It has further resulted in many... official airplane trips, auto trips, as well as keeping Colonel Lindbergh away from home and activities during the.jnost important days of the 'case in pursuit of fictitious clues. "Four days ago when Mr. Curtis came to these headquarters the police authorities started questioning him and checking his story- The result of the check and the questioning of Mr. Curtis was culminated at 4 o'clock this morning with his complete confession that all the information he has given was the | result of his imagination and deception as well as his desire to Denies Identity When She make a e° od newspaper story that would bring lucrative returns and that there was no fact or foundation on which tne Girl Told It To Get Says Detective. . was first revealed by a reporter who said ht.lsamed it from her fatlicr. and was then reported to the police. Alights From Train. Washington. May 17 (AP).--By great 1 BURIED IN WASHINGTON per | story was built." j After Colonel Schwarzkopf issued this statement he was i.asked if anv action has been taken against Curtis and replied Ann causm m o«r,i,g. iMpnrpnp oiirPTTnuc i.asked if anv acton as een a £23 '£'·*£: TM-^* LATER ANSWERS OUESTIOHS j tnat Curtis was not under arrest . a blazing ^stable but six aninjais per- | --uneral services were held Friday i "equitable and fair dealing" of the '· derella fairy tale was used as a feat- Company, ished in the Eames. · marning for Hush Reynolds Cramer. . Red Cross wkh the mub, has been 're- the col- lieve t'ne choke of s. stream of gra.n at the Tr.-arir.or.-. Milling and Warner Mosley and B-orl Jenkins, j o ; Washington. D. C_ and were con- _ ceived by the local Red Cross chapter. OinC l-wl^*- ! r?;;."T^d hv r?pv TV- TTpnrv "p" *-3nrsr ' \*n*cv~^ ^ fn~*±itr- rafn-=?if\n r^-'-rir nt* employes of the Point to Poinc Hev. Dr. Henry H. Rancc. Cedar Hill employes 01 cue r-o^i-j .^ ra^K. *.m- s mctec oy Hev. Dr. Heiir ing School, were awaiened after mid- i followed bv interment in night by the glare of the blazing bam. : CErn eSery. Washington. They took the panic stricken animals j xhe deceased d:ed suddenly Wednes- one at a time until the heat forced ] ^- scoral:l? ^ a res ult o'"a self-i"them back. The frame building col- j s,: ;ed gunshot wound. He had been'. lapsed just as they dashed out. j .~ a - o: - ^ ork ar-d wa5 'bei:e T5 c to have Many of the horses were privately i - oegn despondent. He is survived bv his · owned by prominent residents of the j -^ow, 3.5^5. Frances W. M. C-amer- his j adjacent suourbaa area. Wesley Heirhcs. | father, William A. Cramer, formerly of THREE KILLED W H E N j Corner, VW^jTeTiL^e^Crait U r* ···!! m iimir- r - A i i c* ^"- ^^ ^- ^Siiilngton. ii-? Tas a^ed . S. MAIL PLANE FALLS 30 ?ears . tw) -^^ a , d :hree ^ and was bora at Walkersrille. About Burbank. Calif., May 1~ ''A?.--Go- j 15 years ago he and his parents and iag into a. sideslip a; an altitude of U' - moved to Washington, where he about 100 feet as the pilot was pre- j has slr.ce resided. On November 24, paring to land a U When a further requisition might be le ure Os. The tne occasion. M?.y procession from campus down stairaay snade for government wheat could ui»t Hoffa Field was picturesque and col"r- be stated today. ful with the queenly robe of whlt«? sat-; I -jn. the gowns worn by th£ royal at- · tendaats and the noi-el of ihe : Mother Goose folk. The q;ieen -as j crowned "Queen of tie May." fay De^n ! Samuel B. Schofield. Followir-s this she jwss escorted to her throne. 7.hica wss !Mrs. Harnwe.l Makes Ta.k Be-;^^TM ^^^^ OF DRAMA" IS SUBJECT OF ADDRESS Til .ani Henry Cover. 60. compensation from the cccr, accident occurred Septtnsber -S- *^s"- ana he sivs. caused complete destruction of the soft par'.-; of the rr.idcls ana internal parts of his runt arm. John O. Rutherford represents t'ne Mer- · "'- I - , , r ....,- f, ··- (~~-, ^·- -queen -as -- ^~-= M-^a. C^-v..., Com.^...-. ... surer. Th-? members of t'.:_- Commissior. were ;.;rr.par.:cd by Mrs. ".V. N". W;ll.a,-KS They ^"cr.t frorr. here ti York. May 17 (A?.--Mr? Grace: Trenton. N. J. May 17 fAP).--Police ! blanfcetin? the entire Atlantic seaboard : in their search for the 5cidnna?p«r-mur- derer of the Lindbergh baby, find their For:es-ruc a eo-dvfendant with her son- in-law. Lkut. Thomas Mass:*, and two na-.a: enii?t-:-d men Ji the Honolulu irurd^r tria". growing out of the slaying i* in Ha* accused cf attackin? checkup was mace of the activi ties of the inmates of the State Home for Epileptics which is only a few miles from the Lindbergh hctne. I- was investigation handitapped through in- «*»*" that one of them micat Mr.'. Massie. arrived in New Yor.-t from ability to determine definitely the i been responsib:?. fore Zonta Club. ine "icchr.iqus -jf tie Drama" was the subject of a tali given by Mrs. Frederics W. HarnweH before the Zonta club at its wet-tly meetis? at .ited States mail j 1S28. he was married to Miss Frances r* B3 " ba ~ 3 Fritchu Tea Room Mo=^lace crashed and burned, shortly be- j Woadricge Marshall in the Presovterian ^^ night, fcre law micsiight. catisia? death to . church at Front Royal. Va. " i " T " ac theater w^l never give out. that its two Dassengers and a pilot. · ^ j -* -'-·* ?rof«*sjosal may. but the amateur John Johnston, veteran Ps«S= coast TROOPS OPEN FIRE ON transport pilot; Harry Christiansen, rad- , io operator for the line, and Harr Crandali, the pilot, were killed. A Spring Sports Day at Hood. The annual spring sports cay at Kooc college will be held Saturday. The day's program will begin with athletic events and will include a special lunch- RIOTERS; MANY KILLED ? :aT £hc -- * ac:ed ar - d =°- rea - sb * jsaid. as in many cases a good reading play ;s not a gooc a:ting play. First to be considered in ir.akir.s a r.Iav 13 the Royal Guard or tha Kings Men M-ss McComas was accompanis-J by 2, retinue cf cschess-ts. and other at- · !endan".s. "Hunipty Dumpty" a cro^n bearer: "Jumping Jack." "Jack and Jill." "Three Kittens." "The Ladv :n . the Shoe," ana others. A May Fcl: dar.ce was a feature of the evnt. Among tijcse a"er.d:r.g v.ere- Mr. ' md Mrs. George W. McComas. , or- cnts of the May Qu-een. l.ttle M-;S Jane McComas. J.I^sos Betty Lov or.i Margaret Sager. this c.ty. COUNTY MINISTERS MEET Final Gatherins: Of Year At Braddofk Heights Jnne 20. ^*- ^'-dre^- c: "Trie A'itr;ontv "*f G'jd's .i . XI -r.^ay 'jiorn- btforc the Krrd- Bombay. Icd.a. ?.l3y IT CA?.--The Royal In5h Fusilecrs opened firs tonight on a ir.ob of Moslems who were . looting arid burning toes A. A. banjjuet at 7 o'clock fn the evening at whi:h the class, winr.i-g the cay's events will be annour.ced. l,iicy Carrington is general chatr^tan for the bridge party, which will be held ;n Meyran hall f^IlDwing the banquet. The committee 'x the Seld day is as follows: Elinor Nichols, cha^uiati; Claire WiSiarns, and Martha Myton. 3hency bazaar, the cen-^r of ths of the --ots which have resSvCd ;n the deaths of 72 persoTis ar.d in injuries t-" mere than 800 s.nce last Sa:urday Sren were killed ar.d 5-3 injured during the forenoon m spite c. the fac: that the city was patrclied by 3msb tanks and trsop= brought hastily from Poona last rJght. Bursts of -r.e broke out from time to t me curing the cay as tic trocps clashed Tnth the rioters THE WEATHER TODAY Precipitation for 24 hours ctiir.g a. rr.. tcSar--"-or... Prcrit; ta-.'n :.Ta- --6.1: Nrnnal Msr srec.p:tst.T.--3 50 inch- - " es: actual May. 1931--352 aches. , P-" Excess ir. 1932 prec.pitatian to May st«: 1--2.46 'itches 1 " C: - Hign rsmpcraturc yestercay--S3. Hi«h temperature a year ago--Si. Love temperature last n.ght--60. Low tear.perature a y?ar ago--61 Sun ?ets today--7.19 p. m. Sur. r_=es tomorrow--* 54 a nt. Moon r.seo tomorrow--5 36 p. m. sets tomonoiF--3.21 a. m. Failed To Stop-. Fined S10. Ells Glass. Sntznitsburs. was tl«ared of charrs of drtir.serj r?cit.3S3 orlvtit^ at a Itcarmit last "?-cc?t bctort Justice J Hsnry Stokes, of Err.:r._:.s- b"jr. aft^r cl^rltt. vitri^cs on the par. of ;r.e .=t?.^ 7. ^ro -jnablo to s-.f-ar t'-^l he TT^ -;r.dr-r the -.nflupr.^e of ..' plfsc-'d guilty, howe'er. of faJ^i^ to at "a boulevard and wa? Sneo S10 William T R-DEer-«tcel was finra 51.25 for contempt of court in failir.g -o ar- sier a siimy.ft". to sppsar at tn-,- me. Tr.e trial »?.s decayed TrhJle Tcwr. Constable Joseph R. Koke out ar.i brc-'^l-t Rosenstec". to t!v cour.- roon-, ?^o defer.^" ~-.tji-.sses verr called by J. Fraruc Campbell, Glass writ-ir. th«3 the producer who casts the play, c-r act- 5 as the director, then the scares and the audience which sreatly aSects tr.e actors r.c- matter how tnativ times tlie .slay ir.ay be g.-.*n Heal :r..ngs take zway from the play anc simple stajecraft should be given carefti- a-tent.-c-n In comparing the old c'ay i-»tr. tn-e nnodrrr: c.=e Mrs Harr.- well stated that the old play had 'as.des." re-ac;ns of letters alccd. .'.r.d ha~l extra -cr-aracters. Ver. out- stand^ig ^i the drama of to-day i= tive naturaln-^ss in the actir.g of the char- a:*er=. Interest and suspense are two of "trie 3ut=t3.r;c.r.5 features of the crania today. The audience 3i~s.t always kr.o-i ;ust 7. hat -j, g:-^i? ce on tr · stase. Tr^ play always has contest. Act 1 of any play should expose to t.-.a publ.c as much as possible abou Articles Of Incorporation Approved. Capitalized at S250.GCO. ·r." H. M Spahr ir.austncs. Ir.r . 7 as placed or. record as a corporator. Saturday :n *he ofSce cf Clerk of Ootiri. The application f*r ir:corpcratori ;ia_- mi^sion. gxvtug tr.e firm -he r cht · o to ntir.'j;"act"re l.nte .r. any ar.d ?.:i forms, to cnish stor.* 1 . G-^JW .7: lid*. ff t-c-it^ .-'~~*iT cs^ s. Oc cr ?riy jinu ·* - reta 1 or as broker, in rvlarylar.ri. V.'*^.-:- -jtstocx D. C , or ja any rr.-;rch, Harrj^burf .nc: at 1045 o'c.ock crick CTor.'y'/ r_a. As?oc^tior. a". its rec'ilar rn-n'-'nlv- met-tins Re-.. C. E Drvclcr.. cf Bucl-:?y;t.-wn ;nd s cor".!' '' 1 rorr.7csod of Rc-^ C \V. :triS5 Brti*i~~ -f*:. R°-- . Hcr.n L G Kicffcr. t-i.-s r.ty. Rf. J?hn S. the west 102ay As she a!i;htfd from her train at Grar.d Or.tral stat.on she at first i cen:ed her identity ar.d relatives at the station tc srct declined to · answer quest.ons After she IBS rec-:^r.lzed. hourever an^ ;h: Sashliehts of p.-iato^raphors Sartd she a few questions Her son-in-law ar.d da.izhter. Licuf and Mrs J.Jass.-?. she said, ^cre re: -n San Frar.c^co for ;he pres- en'. b-;t planned to leave ;c.-n to -.i^:t lis mother .n Winchester. Ky Lisjt. MIE.=:« lias be-r. granted ?- leave from the Navy and also has b'-cr. transferred sut ?.frs. Fcrte;-cue so.i =:io d;d r.ot 1-tnoT: to what station lie ~»s to ;c- ?.lrs ""jrt^sruc arp^are-d in tr.e trest of ar.d showed !ew if ar.y traces ··*f tr.e o~~eal sr.? ^ du-.r;£ the last few tr.-jr.tlis -. Hawa^ ITI the sr~^~) w.i.cli rr.e* .ier ?." the statl:-r. ^'a-5 her hJ^bar.i Ma;or Gran- FIREMEN TO MEET -.,,_ c:cr. o-jntry. a; to deal tatc. Those forminc the corp-c-ra'-- ^r. ar* 1 Karry M Spahr. L;-d.a E Srsahr and Pauline S~or.?eifer all c-f Tr.-jr- rron". Harry M Spaltr is. r.arr.ti ri.- ccr-.t a?cr.t ar.d Thiirroon". is nven a? the firm's pce-toffic-? adclrc^s. The r x k about -' s S:%ided mlo 15.GCO sh,=_ros of rr«- the play. Mrs Harr.we'.l sa.d Sliaies- p^arc ~'as a rreat p-oct End c"n.iract^r "-·s~:-r but r,ot a p'_ivwr cli". ·I'.cr^fore .-.u plays are rarely .- th'tr or.?- .r.a.l"fccn: su^x; 07 the "Ijb was d^tnbuted during the DUJ.»SS rrvtmj. One guest be- thr* spcijter wi^ present. Mrs. G-oorse Ross, tliis city. rf stock at £10 par d year T'r.« ccrrn-.r ·»·-· is 'f, r-T^rt at · s r.--:; ni'-yip.g t." o" l.-'.d ^.t tr.eiTocr. H-'/ii- 3r?.ccc"k HC.C..IV Jur.f- -"'. at -..1 T.---" Fall .".r.; 7.11 c- f-l'c-'-c "05 lur.-h a- -. Mr Td :7r= J^ p- U Fr*cr.c'-: C~-;r'y Co-.r.r.l ".' E^ - :^.':cr. ir. .j ac_ ·..·.- " Abo it, 00 ir..r._s --"^ p.r.d '. a"* TIC d th" 1 1 :r.che~r. ^-" "^ V.s rr.-- S t.'-5 :n :h- V :: C Markrl Flutters l-ni-ert Carrol! County Convention To Be Held ' At Westraiaster. 7. - ;r.r._..". " . .. t.ij? Ca.- r:. l C--urtv ~_rc3-'r.s A^sjciat.c-n w.'.l c-» ""-c- i a" VT-^::r-_r.':er. Tr.-^rscav. ?.;h E Slatth'ws. of West- Dr. Hirr~ X -: a: SI She was Alice EUler. who under*cr.t an op.rat c-n for appendicitis Monday «i :.-.;- Predenck City Hospital, a cojag jnjceiy, _ _ / , Hearings Tonight. Karry En?l rt . cha.g^d with fizr.t-r.j and d^oroerly conduct en th; = rcf,.' was iirrcsted Moncav sigh; at 3 -55 bv Officer Brost. He was pl«ccc v-dcr $25 collateral for a hcsrins ir. FO..CC Court t-onlgh; Lou-s Treff was arrested at 1145 Mo-dav n:~ht by OfT.cer M-lIer on a chargp of cnr.ker.n'". 1 * "n the street. He will have a iiearag K- 4ys -·-·- -.-t..rr. .-.;--: b-r. .'s: f:r«t ro'.r. ''.i-;- ?*. .:.-:·-1 rallied qu.ckly to "--. ,. t Cf-~* -- - . v . ^ -- - r** t ." £-~ _r. ^j^i .. . _.. ^. . -- ^.i -* o. c.-,:-«, r.,c'.'.e ri -.··lament :r. Washing- · ·-. " .-··'··V '-.I a;a.r. in p ;j'..CAt.or. of I.-.': w-kl" car .o.ic.r.; figures, ujl rc- Ma; or G~:orre rastor --f S'. Paul's r ar.c a ro:a". so.o oy R--'rard Sliill;r.; A ?2r2« ^. thf af'trr. -on will V -=r..-°5 .r. :.r-- -»f rr.=.-rr. Tar.cyir.. -.;.r. 3r.i?-: "curt A.r- Oi.r.cs Mil.s Re liters' J~T., ?jce=.""U A vs'.a. 3--r- ;r.:r E". irott C-'.y. ?l*iant H.".'. ar.i cr. W. ...= ftr'vt at -! 30 p. ~. sr.d prj^s ' "i"..l "ot. opcr.ed ^ n a bar.d "Clues tha; ae njw have would be of aiurh more valje ar.ii seemingly un- ; ·.rr.portar.t e" ider.ce might take on a much more valuable aspect--;f only ·» ! .lad the motive of tr.e crime to hoes up i 7.1th them " ' Do7?r.s -vf th:-ori»s have boen advanc- oi ar.d many of them are extremely :;.-.·»". Tl-.e '·r.e g:v-tn mc»»t credence cy tae ^o"c? Is that the crime w.^s cooimitte-d by gangsters s-o'.tly for ran- . ^-om. Tnis -^ the "theory hc:d by Gov. ; A. Harry Moor- of New Jersey. He d^- ' rotints entirely the th-e-ory that the baby ' f as kidr.3pp?3 for rea. 5 oris of re' fr.*m:« ;t J pc:n:e5 out that a na::-~.n- 2! S?-jr» of i:_s proxin-a-e ma have '· some f-oes iho ni-.jut lii'-c ooen brocd- .r.g o-.-er a far.r.-?d wror.; or slight. But tlte New JerKy chief executive Nvw York .n that 30tr. bc"_ere that popular racket *.th ;ar.5Eters ar.i raci- ^- n y "av 1 * sjff^-^i finaTM'~iallv t:vc for the crime. - Bn:ckinr id5e Before Grand Jury. -It is like l-ooiing for same one in I New yorfc _ y^ r 17 fA j.,._c 3 ]. Henry an impenetrable io?" one official work- J L. Breckinridge. personal represen-ta- 1ns or. the case expla-nec! here today. ! tlve of Col. Charles A. Lindbergh, was ~ : f- first witness to appear before tae -If we kr,,w the actual motive, then , -^ ^^ ^^ j u _ ^^.^ COE . . vcned t-ocay to invest ijatc the payment · of S50.000 ransom to the supposed s;J- : r.appers of the Lindbergh baby. J Col Brecfcir-ndge had not been Fjb- · poenarf but appeared at, the requsss j of the District Attorney's office. i Instead of calhrs Dr Jolui F. Con- cor.. Bror.': mediator sh-o paid the rar-som rr.onsy to tr.e £uppDS3a ki5- r_apoer*. a* the £rst witr.oss, Coi. 3re;k- .r.rtcse was ta£en into tbe giaad room G-r-emor M57es tr.-:-ory has strong ,-_3port in tr.» r^veUt.ons of the coti- . _ -.. ,,,, ^ A^ -. · -- -""v*- a "^ ~*( "· i iriA^oc^s * try Dr Johr: Cor.-on tr. tr.e Bror.3 ar.d , Search Spreads. Hope well. N J . May IT iA?.--Col. Hs-ry Brscker.ncje. fri-nd and advisor of Col. Cliarles A. LinSberra. told a. grar.d jury :r. tie B-or.x. Sew York, today ^hat h; knew of t-ite futile payment of S50.COO rar^om for Col. Lmd- Wh;;-» the strand jury considered the ca^e a New York the search for the k_dr;a.p?irs T!".O extorted a ransom for the child wr.o ~as already -dead it/resd Co". H Sorrcin Scr.-varzk:-?f a»kf-d sovcrr.ors of the states to r.ave ma-de a careful clt^-k of ^~~. pris-:r.erj: arrecCed sirice March 1. Col. Scr-.Tirzk-opf said all persons who wtll ;r,terror:a;e prisor.srs will oe gtrei a des:r:p;:or. of tr.e or.e ^r^cn sougi;^ This was thought to be a ir.staber of the alleged Sidnsp gang with wlt.cii Dr Jcnr. F. Conaon dealt and --iose tloe^s Norfols. Va. Wr.:le , dsjcript-on i« is r-eli-eved t-o have "r.e had r.-2ver ^jol.clv exuresjed , er - aui«»rrties. f Ccl. believed the v.e K . c^r.t to S3 65% A; 2 - j per ceat. Cal : Denmark has nc.ifisd a.i foreigii ja · bands co leave iiie country. c '· 'rio~e cf W.-.:le t.:e :ans-:nt --c-'.-ve poir.ts to New York ;anjsterj there are other ^os5tb5 3tot.\e5 * oo^.t to sc-me or.e who l:v-:^ ir. '.ie v:cir.;ty of tUe Lindbergh estate at Hopewe'.!. ;-.;-·;- EdTjn E. Marshall of co-ir.ty wlicre the *xiy *as found, said .-, is a poss.o.l::y" 'hat t'.ve crime rr..?.it ha-.e bf^r. comm.tted Dy someone '.:vtng n« Restaurant Porchajo Appealed. The case :ri ^liich John Kcr.o"^? att5 John D. Pappa-jcstopu'.os. who -vera lessees of the West Painck street property adjoining the BuSTalo Restaurant. contest the right of the owners of the building to sell it to tie restaurant Prose- ' OTners. was brought before the Mary- Mercer j land Court cf Appeals at Anr.apolis today. Leo We.nbsrg represents the lessees ar.d Stoner and Storm rapre- ssnt the property owners, who sold the property at a mortsare sale. --h-ch vras On Uie X ii» kidnapi»ng a i«ter rattfifid bj Uw Circuit Court.

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