The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 1, 1964 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 1, 1964
Page 11
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TM FACTS >. i»»4 r, h». «t. AD HM IHWr. »t l.Mtt l«*fit«iytertil. «OI. fttMT, AltWn, Tt MM4. ironute 1 4> KMtD I***** 8trkMkW4, tan HMMr, wtstsUeU wiaktr tM*. I8» CHtVMLtT flOC-UP • IHO. CY1-4M4. OMC MCKUP -MM In (Odd co,. tfHkn . I MO. CIU CT 7-7MU I«H rOHO PICKUP . I/I Ion, ( efUMir. c«n liter f PM IP YOU HAVE a too* credit nBat ud ye*wi*ti IIMPerdralrlaae, air uuarilllniml wnk Utnfls* call AH ••«», M TOW) <M. MO XL, t dr., H.U, i pornr or air. 411 Mttn*. Win i trat*nirold*rearorMU.mi-iM* DRD - l*U a dr, radio, Heater, wrdrln a wMMvaUt. ALSO 1 DODGE, IH1 a dr aardtop, wMte- walls, Bout e»ra«ie»U«rt condition. Hv rat. *««eHk, eoMldtr tradt. [ AMkHoa Tl »-in4 rORO- ; l*UOala*l*, witte aid red isktrlor. Caller 7^10*. INAULT -18*0 to food eondtuoa. all aS*r 4 t M PM to *M. INI BUKK to food , uoi AW r, .... i row) - i*»rMdi«,iu»i. Iirt trtMmlMtaa, ridlo, tettar. looed work <u *IIO. IOBJ orn*, POMTUC - l«914-looT ID aood ooadiuoo. *4M. ^ . CV74MI «<- IBM parmo - M*» Una, atw [Mca* pant, a* rast. Coed eoadl* Itioi. tan. BBS-IMI |l*»CHEW-HotHod |IMa MERCURY, 4 dr. standard, Itai. mtr drt«. CY T-ino |MI FALCON Dfhm. Radio aad »»Ur. A sood eoMtltlo*. Call •totrtet kutor, ilr coodltloMr. ud bnkM. MBOID t IMI FALCON, 4 dr. tate, GMMl'« CY 1-4111 or •IWOB*litra,4-<toor ro«tru.CHM. OrlttMlent L Cn-MU. IM CYPMH. OUTH ' IM l-doar. Ooad H4 U*», CUITB, CHI I ud HIM. Air. ridta * .ttM.CYT.44la, > !,:«•• i Son Diego eliminates Sweeny from cage race JFJ*& SSS*!**-. fr*»»***8r **"*»" ** *"**« <*** " M "*f**2*£ l * to ' 1 *"* **>*•*»« «»4«»Jli**a*m»»> 18-14.1 th. MM «t «» fir* «*» *» •*** ****» * **-« 8 «* f *••«*• • •*•• «* "*** **'STM, ***** Tin teMMet mor*mt «m 0. 8.»«»«i»»»Mttw». **» »f «**» a* m**« e* rtMi asrM~t*w *t«r* »•* MrM ««ti», *«*. *tm <MM »**», »**•*«*» to* <"*».MI- ««•« ft.** «* ti» (l TEXAS An I uim. RH>»»- vHte-Tb* hntint San Ot*ft> r*eord to 28.3bm8tt«raay aHM by downuw th* Switny BalWocs 74.87 M th* final* of th* Rtfton 4 baanaflnll tonrnam***. Tit* to** tUmla* Witt th* vtetory, San Dtteo Player Molina Btparsa R*rM TmMo SANDIEQO(7*) Pert* TOTALS PO 7 9 8 4 I I 30 FT 4 a 4 8 0 0 te pr 2 \ \ o i 0 5 TP 18 JO SO 14 a a 18 SWEENY (87) FO FT PF TP CACH ud Uka IB o« 1M» rord » «?ll»d«r Wiy or CY7-14M. I • Mk CMe. M 8-MI1 DWABTIttirT- nviinnt IUMM GORDO Player B*n*fl*M U I i a3 KM* 4 t a « Syptak 3|(7 Carter N. 3028 Hudktn* 3048 L*ach 2024 Hanson 1022 Kir* 0000 Brod*rhaua*n 0 0 o 0 Carter, D. 0 0 0 o Snaad 0000 TOTALS 28 3 U 87 Score by quarter* Sweeny 20 4 20 13 - 87 San Dteco 18 18 10 28-78 mows Into Austin next weekend for th* state tournament, Tlw Bulldoci Jumped to a 20-18 toad at the doe* of the first period but a eotd second quarter In which Sweeny scored only four points ruined Bulldoc hope*. Th* Viqueros led at halftlme 38-24. San Ditto mounted Its toad th* third period and were leadlnc at the ctoae of tb* tUnaa 81-44. Th* winners bad four boys seorlnt In thedoubleflturea- Manual Baparza and'Walter Rayna, 80 each; Tomas F. Molina, 18; and Carloa Tre- Ylno, 14-whlle Sonny B*n*n*U took seorlnf honors for th*itam* and waa the only Sweeny player acorlnf in UN doubles. Braefleld bit for 88 points, mountlni hi* a*aaon total to 887 point* and a aensaUonil 1,820 In two aeaooof. jimmy, SypUk, a .Junior, played a tine defenaive tame for th* Bulldoc*. _ BenefUld led the scoring and Hanson played a fine ball tarn*, both defensively and offensively, In the Saturday moraine tarn* which the Bull- doe* won over Randolph Air Bate of San Antonio, 70-88. The Bulldoc* tuned on ttw •team In th* second overtime to win the Ult that tot Item a birth In tb* final* Saturday nlcht acalnst San Dt*fo. San Dleto defeated Tuloso- Mldway, 89-69, for tb* berth' opposite Sweeny In'the Rational tournament championship cam*. B*n*fl*id ran hi* total point* for 28 ball can** tni* Macon to «04 in tb* Saturday moraine fracas, hlttlnt 34 to was Swuny'* 8**flttU*ea*e» acanut onjr *«o*l»at«u It wt« RaMtetph'a tWrd tot* m 28 trtarta. "Hanaon playwd * craatbatt 3 double winners in swim meet BBS POOL, Fr*«pOft- Bruo* Buckley, U|K*nt Johnson, 10] and O»b*r» Boy** w*r* double winners in th* Like Jiekson Optimist CMb swim meet for imallfry held here Saturday afternoon. And Clay Lor*nt wa* th* winner of th* Outstandlnc Sportsmanship Trophy |lv*n by In* Optimist and picked by th* meet mite*. Buektey first plac* winner in th* tl-jr*ar-oW fr***tyte and opra fr***tyl* r*e*8, white Johnson wa* first In th* lO-y*ar-oW fr***tyl* and tb* underwater opan. Boyir took honor* In th* open bacaawcii* andtubrae*. SUMMARIES 8>-y*ar-old tMmtyte - (I) Jimmy Bum* (2) Roeer pork (3) charto* Crawford. 10-y*ar-old fre«*tyte - (t) Kent Johnm (3) Gary Haek- ney (3) Robert Hawkln*. n-y*ar-oU fr***tyte - (I) Bruc* Buektey (2) Hill (3) Buddy Smith. FTMStyte (openMO Bruo* Buektey (2) Jimmy Burn* (3) wayn* Alton. Backstroke (open)-(l) Gilbert Boyer (2) Doutlas Mc- Alplne (3) Date Glover. Br*iat stroke (optn) - (t) Gary Hackney (2) Clay Loreon (3)Tom Huteon, underwater (open) - (I) Kent Johnm (2) oarld Harry (3) Gilbert Boy*r. Tub rao*-(l) Gllb*rt Boyer, (2) G«ort* Smith (3) Buddy Smith. Sportsmanship trophy win- Mr-Clay Lorena. Godleski is at Riverside LAKE JACKSON - D*f*nd- ine champion P*te Waller snot a 78 (o land a mcond plac* tl* with BUI Mueller after tte first round of th* 72-hote Riverside country Club Championship Tournament bar* Saturday. Jo* Godteakl wa* tb* tead- •r folnt Into tb* second round of tb* affair today a* tw tot a thr*e-ov*r-par 79. A. j. "Frenohte" Cayer wa* fourth with a 77. Tb* tournament will b* concluded nert Sunday after an 18- hoto round today and mxtSat- urday. Ttw first 36 hols* Saturday and today an quallfylnt round* with th* field eomp*t- ine tot fllcbt positions In th* final 38 note* next wwtond. Th* four teadars wtr* th* only colf*raAnth*Ua^*fllttt* of 16 player* *aob that shot b*low 80 Saturday. V»m will b* twotrophte* awardod in *aeh flltbt, tint andnmn*r-up. jj..'aiaj»i ' 1«***| as. na 8»'t Hun. «n* as mveha* ••Mt. ft*MM MtHto n* rtrtt tow patMa tt«*)IMaidev*r- ttm* to «Mt tWW on th* ptMod-t** *««• wa* at i*>»* at H» nut of r*c*Wto*i ptay and it WM 81- 8t at the *»»** of th* first firm *tin (KM ii ft*JMm*, «•*«, «**• *>!{* M *l Ik* «kw» ot W» tntr* «j»*rt*r «-«. After H»MK« M* H» iw fl*H tnta t PlTCHINO MAINSTAYS TAKE TMBIR VITAMINS—Stars of th* Hounloo Colt .4to pitchlnt stiff fik» ttwtr dilly vllimlni la Trtlmr Jim Ew»H'» room •I \t» .41* ipMBf Iftlntac e«nip Coco*. Fbu Shown Ml le rl|M »r» Bob Bruc*. Don NcKtotarl, Dtek Firrtll. K*n Jdhn»on, Ew»ll ind Hil WoodMhlck. Ships fail to scratch at Royal Purple Relays BEAUMONT - Brisosport Exporter traakMers opened the 1884 track season at the Royal Purple Relays her* Saturday. But the Ship* failed to scratch in point* In any event. Houston Lamar was the point winner, hlttlnc 781/8 points. San Jaclnto flnlahed second with 66 points and J**s* Jon** wa* third with 68. Baytown wa* fifth with 481/4 point*. Conaly Brown of San Jicln- to set a n*w r*oord in th* 440-yard dash In ttw pnllm* Saturday moraine md bettered ii to win In the final* Saturday afternoon. And Brown ran th* anchor tec on th*wla-. nlnt San Jactnto 440 and mil* r*lay team*. For ttOi, Brown wa* awarded th* Most Out- •tandlne Athltte Trophy at th* m**t. * Catena Park North Sbor* had th* amalteat nonter of accumulated point* at to* mMt, c*tUne IMn plao* wtth 71/4 point*. TEAM POmTS-(l) Lamar 781/2 (8) San Jacinto 68 (3) jease JOOM 88 (4) Waattwry 48 (S)Baytown4B l/4(8)Hou»ton L«*43(7)(U*yufay*tte, La., Sprint Braaeb Memorial 33 Men (9) Galena Park 84 (10) FoMti Part (Beaumont) 23 (U) Waltrlp 22 (12) Qte) B*llair*>, PortN*cbe*Gro»**, 18 each (t4)6outhPark(B*au- mont) 14 (18) Sprint Braneb 18 (16) Port Arthur 11 (17) (U*) RMtan and Bcatmwal Pnrnen, 6 each (19) Catena Park North Snort 71/4. SUMMARIES 180 yard btch burdlwWt) Pat fltaddwt, San Jaointo (8) Morrte, JMM joM*(l)j|lp- per, W«*Uwry. Tim*: 14.3. (tl**r*oord) 100-yard dun - (1) Date BtJBMaWy port Arthur CD Scott, umar (3) Butter, Wtiv trip. Hun* »,«. 440-yajrd da*h-(t) Conaly Brown, San jaeinto (2) Liberate, Galv*aton Ball (3) oi- v*y, Lamar. Tim*: 47.7. (new record, old record 49.7, Brown Mt In prelim*. Record; 80 flat Mt In 1930by Richardson of Beaumont Hieh. (Mc*t's okteat record.) 180 yard tow hurdles-(l) Johnny Morris, Jess* Jones (2) U*ter, Lamar (3)Studdert, San Jaetnto. Tlm*t 19.2. 440 yard reliy - (I) San Jaclnto (8) Robert E. L«e, Houston (3) J**M Jones. Tim*: 43.6. 8.80 yard relay - (I) U*, Houston (8) J*ss* Jones (3) Waltrlp. Tim*: 1:31.3. • Mite ran - John Meaner, . Dou*y, Port N*che* orova* (3) Sehooley, J**s* Jones. Time: 4:37.2. Mite r*Uy-(l) Sin Jaeinto (8) Lamar (3) Sprint Branch. Tim*: 3:26. Distance m*dl*y-(l) W*st- bury (2) B*Uair* (3) Port N*ebM CroTM. Tim*: 10:83.'4. (N*w r*cord: old r*eord (0:86.4, Mt by Waltrlp to 1983.) Two mil* reUy-(l) w*st- bury (2) Lamar (3) Memorial Sprint Branch. Time; 6:10.6. (New event.) Pole V»ult-(l) Johnny Fuller, South Park (2)(lle)cuni§, North Shore G*>na Park and FlBhbaek, Ufayette, La. Helfht: 13-6. (New record-Old record, 13-11/4, set by Bratloff, Galena Park, I860. Shot put-(l) Mlk* Bowers, Baytown (2) SI. CUlr, Catena Park (3) Hargett, Lafayette, La. Distance S3-9I/Z. Dlacu* - (t) CUf Larson, Beaumont Forest Park (2) St. Clalr ot Catena Park (3) Bowen, Baytown. Dlatanc*: 162-2. (N*w record. Old record, 160- 11/t; Mt by Danny Roberti, C»veUnd, i960. Hllh jump - (I) Morris, Jesse JOMS (3) Grav*s, Lafayette, La. (3) (U*) Fuller, South Park and Qroth of U- f*y*tte, La. and MlUltan, Sprint Branch Memorial. Hellht 6-4. Broad Jump - (l)Maurlo* UBlanc, Lafayette, La. (2) Bolmanfkte of Btytown (3) Smith, Sprint Branch Memorial. Distance 20-103/4. Exporter goffers fie for sixth of Basfrop BASTROP, Ttx. - Tb* Exporter toltera tied for aUth plae* h*r* Saturday with Sprint Branch In a It-team tournament. Brazoaport and tb* Sprint Branch team each carded a 328 SCOT*. Br**o*port's Bill Wad*waa third medalist as he potted a 76. Don Simpson of Austin was first with 74 and Sandy Ad*!' nan of San Antonio HeleM* wa* eecond with a 78. •Alamo Hcifbte wa* first wiih 318. Austin of Austin had 319 for **cond, Corpus Christ! SURF .*!»>**•* " »pllf*> ** * •,*fftW,I MAGNIFICENT SINNft PLUS JOHNNY COOl 'SOLDIER in the RAIN* JACKET OLEASON STEV » «5-*a r, Mt- tt*M *Mt eMrtty tk* vMery tat tk* with Mat SMpart* to I" m u» first owrttm*, m*k c>r- te* *"*» snorts shorts swrrwv ffO) HOl'-STON (AP)-T*» Mottt- lon oi)«r»rfUrlc<«*(lrtMtt.**t. »rit*> In bultrt I IUIW«« to 10 Itir >«tKH(« wh»r* th» Am* rlrtn r»MI«tl I M(v* o* taut Its nfflr»«. Ray waa third with Ml and there WM a U* tot fourth be-, tween McCullum and San Antonio Thomas Jefferson, each with 384. in addition to Wad*'* 78, Jimmy Lewis posted an tl, DleU* Penney tot 83 and Walter Llodaey shot an 88. David McBurnetl cot a Mud Arthur Rttn*II, a junior Men cottar, hit a 70. WACO (API - MW. Ctmcron, mother of Bavlor buk«tt«!l rowh Bill M»n»- f#», db»a Sitarttav In • Mow- hum hoapiul «n»r t l*n«tl\v ItllWM. BALTIMORE (AP) - V*U •nn IU.«» .!«»« of Dttroil ov»r lh» «0-\ird In «,l «»«o«d* •tlHltto v nlihi in Bftltlmar*** AU'Giitarn Invltiltonil (•ami, brMktimltlxnrnworU Indoor rvvord. ITHACA. N.Y, (AP)-W»». d*ll Mottto? (if Ytl*. I »n- lor from port 111 spiln. TrlB- tdkd. ncixl to in Indoor retort of 1:OM In tlw «00-y«nt ran Stturdty nlfht In lh«l(a|v. tlfOMl JIBWl. FORT WORTH (AP)-B«»- lor's fl»WJ»»iv]( ihMM d*. throned AMItn* ChrUrtlin M champion of th* Soolhv««t*rn Rocrtillon track ind ft»M mMt stturdiy M 10 record* tell ind on* WM tlml in ln» wind-blown four-dl«l*lon if- fllr. KANSAS CITY (AP) - Tht KIIUU City Athltllcs b*put movlnf back Into Munlclpil Stidlum Situntay. NEW YOHK (AP)-BIII Me- Cltllon, a lt'>'»«r-old lophu- moiT at Dewnt ctlnlon lll(h School, axr«cd*d every lehoolboy hlgh-Jiimp mark on th* books when h« cleared the bar it 0 f**l, t Inch.* in the New York Public schools' Championship* Saturday. BEAUMONT (ArV - Three teamn-Limar T»ch, AMIeae ChrlaUan and South* ait MU. sourl— are set to play In th* NCAA Southwell rational bu- kelball tournament her* Friday and Saturday. AUSTIN (AP)-Two Untwr- •Ity of Ten* Ntircea were th* first of Ihelr nee Saturday to compete for a South- w»it Contortne* Uam. Ttwy w*re In track meeta at Fort Worth and College Station. Mlll*r Molt <»» WtlmtleJtM ttt •*.! nltM In a b*,«»»lt-»ll NKW OIH PANS (AP)"l'n. • rrlns. accuracy with Ma pitthinf truna t*nt Mason R««Mph Into ID* l**d aflhctiO.- 000 GnNiMrKeworhwnsop*" 10 I i t 0 0 Kl*f t n ri»r»r «lth i J«-hot» ttx>«nd*r»pir 118. with th* thick ihatto* of Joel, Nlcklau* not far n»Mn>i It 140. M»**ly MeetNtnoa Mermofett Itirtli IUrw» TOTAM Score •i»**ny 14 Randolph 1 »4 1) s 0 0 \ t 10 rr >i ti t 7 19 ^ •i 14 14 11 a 8-10 te I) 141 ni f»» FO rr vr « a t I 0 I 18 I > * 4 I II Coltef* B»sk*tb»ll By TDK ASSOCIATED Ouk* 104, North Cirottn.1 69 Ohio State 73, Mlini«» Crelfhton 84, Notre, Uamc 71 Rice 104, TCU 88 Purdue 87, wiMotutn «< Army 14, Navy (B Drake 58, St. Unrta 80 N. D. SUIe IS, North Dakota 54 NYU 81, lonaS I Mlchitan 88. Illinois 83 Tana Te«h 81, Arkanaas 8« T*xas Aa>l 74, SouthwellToi- aalO Moro 8parh~Poo» 10 N*f ro Mate Tournanwnt it Pritrl* View Flnala Class AA OilnertlhMl Road* 51. Midland Carver 88 Clans AAA Fort Worth Klrkpatrtck «9, Gilena Pirk Minor 61 Class AAAA |U• umuni chirlton II, Houaton Kaahnvir* SB Ration 4 Clasa A it Victoria East chamtwra, W, Char. loM»4S Woodafcoro40, Hitchcock 48 HERRING TO MEET FOI1EY HOUSTON (AP> - /or* rullrv. *i«th .ranklnt hnntvwvtcM oil! m**4 Tod ll»rrln« «f itouiion In a 10-niiml tatlnf mateh h»r<- M»rrh 17. t\<\(»t. i rtm »»t*ran who f!«M« oat «f Chandler. Aril,, his lout onlr M>««n nul nf 7« fliM*. Ill* record Inrlud** 3d knockeut* •ml 30 itarlilim vlctort**. II* tm» fvuthl ihr** draw*. PORT CAFE OMNMMOUtt towetal Simlar M*n« nlnlng Roum S»r»lc« Palmer's ANNUAL ALL FAMILY BOAT SHOW OPEN HOUSE SUN. MARCH 8 PRIZES AND REFRESHMENTS BRING YpUR CAR TO THE EXPERTS DURING THE NEXT 3 DAYS... •ra4e (lyW *d«W. entire bf*U ivtfem ro*d cke«ied Front *Rd elioMd. with ber, ca«t*r, and »«*-i« •d *ns) kwwium r*p*tk*d • Monday Tuesday Wednesday AIL FOR ONLY GOOD/^TEAR SWVta STOK om 1^8 *.*>, t*»»•• IIMMI 'iij'ifc|.illjiT.ii i " ; •'"•"

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