The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 8, 1934 · Page 10
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 10

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 8, 1934
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

A Weekly Review of Paris Business and Industry Published Each Sunday In The Paris News Reflecting Activity Of Paris Institutions DEALERS OPTIMISTIC OVER BUSINESS Local Dealers Report Big Increase First Six Months stud-1 over the \ dealers fhp> fre^est business since 1950-31. , These "fiWes, released TO The News Saturday, _ show the j fi t b :V^; n %v this major industry since the hectic days or i *• ~~ '• so-called " degression" set in. .and optimistic) Jo-ji^T"^ indicated ih?.i ihev expect to I 1929 when the Statements from all Par:; dealers inopiea tnai u c finish the current vear with a sales volume thai will the bissesi in the pist live years. «>ld three times as many Buicks so far this arear as \ve sold all twelve months in 1933. with two cars over. The fact ihat the buyer of * Snick ism. buyer of a quality ear in the higber priced bracket reveals that the public now feel justified in putting their moeer into this kind of an automobile, which to us means that better days are here- In addition to Bnick xvc are this year handling Hudson, Terraplane, and aJUtou^rh we only took this line on iu March, \vjc have alreadj- *oki a £OOd many units. world z$ ine dustry. s of cornr-iete recovery m tnis-major ms looked io by the enure countrv a s an .DotlSS? l^an,E:ford Motor and Plymouth Motor ra v-'hsl the'i" 53. v: AJ GuHiek. AI Gulliclc •Company. Pontiac dealer*: OB Ji -«tatew»em. sbowed n? to hare c? period of any x~ar 3931. In -view of the om- Irur product we are offering tbe public tl»is jear -we are expecting our bttsJnes?; to -t_-on- t:ime to increase as tbe tmyer of tfee higher priced car steps 3cwn and tbc buyer of U*e lo\v~ d™ 5-ffitoc cs r i?i" r*^" " * •"• "^ priced field reprcscni- by tbe last fe-sv years. "We bave made many citizens in this territory conscious of the fact tfaat Studebaker is this year offering tbc sreatcst dollars -value in its entire Iirstory. and Has always in its S4 years of basroess made only quality products. of fc Hanson- manaser for Oscar u ijtcdelaiker «ealcr: feel t^at T»e »a^e done .\veil in Pari> =-ince oar r*e^ asct*cy bere ju^t l>ef«re tbe first of Hie >ear. sance StTidebiaker toad not liees represented in Part? in j VISIT | 1 EVERYBODY'S SERVICE STATIONS Fi5r Gas aad OH Faxette Kiddell. O\vncr PHONE 32 OR 33 S QOR &C 01 IJo^d X>eSbOTi=:. Tnanazxr. Chevrolet Company: l\"e liaci an njfasaaBy year iu J9S£. and in spite the fact that there -was ooe montb in 19S4 when Chevrolet had uo production, and we consequently tiad no cars TO" seJJ. our total basfness; for tiie first six months of 1934 sho-w^ an increase of IS per cent over the same srx njootfcs of 19S5. Since tbe lasr sis- months are always our heavy volume nTt>nths -we expect to finish tfeft year ivitb an even larger sain. "VVe feel very optimistic over tiie future and aro baj^kin^: tfii- up by construction a new building fully a.rr?p!e to take care of o«r needs during f arirre years. T-. t^. (Siiaky i Ha;rood. sales ntanjicer. Koss II iff Motor Com* nany: BuJck. Hudson. Terra plane dea ler^ : TTe natural -y feel elated over the fact that we liave already PERMANENT WAVE 3 to $5.09 TT. D. TKT LORECO GAS AXD OIL. Al' Vi'orV: Guaranteed SANITARY BEAUTY SHOP Stl Lsmira Azenrte Phone S» IL- CADDEL'S KELVINATOR -J ct.-T.rk: Kefrigtrra tor and and Service Untie Your Most Useful Servant ELECTRICITY Pot AB Electric Outlet On Every Wall Texas Power &UghtCo. Drfve a New 1934 STUDEBAKER .'irs-d ycu'" fctjy one OSCAR DUNAGAN tsfntsn a 71-2 "?*h CALL FOR SUREBEST It's Better Bread Soatiswest E, C. Gantt Co. Ger That Good PC re, Rfcb Sweet Milk From NELSON DAIRY —It's better axwJ costs no more: tAMAR ROAD Frank Company, dealers: We have only been in Paris long enoujrb to gri^e a comparative six montlis statement of 1933 and 1934, but \ve are very optimistic over this years business. We have already sold $0 cars in 1934, tbree more than we sold during the "fentire year of 1933, Onr Kirestone tire sales show a gain of more than 3O« per cent, and -we ordy lack 330O gallons of ^^soline of sell- ins more gasoline than -wre did during: all of 1953. \ytoen \ve sold 5O.OOO gallons. We are constantly being forced to add mechanics to our force to take care of increasing: demands for service work, especially in onr brake departtMetn, Siartin^ ont a year ag-o with practica.ilT uo dealers. -\ve uov*.- bave more than forty selling tires, and four strong dealers sellinzr cars, the Bean Walker Motor Company of Httxo: L. T. Shattle, Antlers. C- E. Sale. Clarksville. and Ray Smith, Htisro. We expect the cest six months to be even oetrer. Palmer. Kusfh Palmer Mor Company. Chrysler-Plymouth: Our Chrysler and Plymouth brrs-iness has been very satisfactory this rear, and sales n^ares released by the aoto- niobiJe manafacrarer we represent show that more aoto- mobifes have been shipped dnrin— the first four montlis *>f this year tJiars during tlie nasi focr years combined dtzr- ins ibis saine foor month period. Business is definitely here and ive are on the upward tarn. \^"e think that tbc nest six months win be much bet- t**r. and ve have already bought lots of nf^v atitoinobfles to take <_-are of the i demand. DRY CLEANING PRICES CUT BY CITY STEAM Anrtotincemeat of a. reduction la the price of dry cleaning: has b«en mads by J, R» Shirley, manager of t&e City Steam Laundry, the j new price on cleaning men's j suits, coais. and ^women's dresses j being: 50 cents, the new price to : { become elfctive Monday. ! This price reduction puts tiie I charge for cleaning and pressing i back to the level used by this i Jauiidrj- prior to the time that ! prices %v-ere given a raise in accordance- with the X>ry Cleaners! Code under the provisions of the j Xationai Recovery Act. at which ! salaries of employees were raised. ] "The original dry cleaners code | provided for an increase in the j scale of wages with other pro-! visions, and in turn the dry clea.n- ! ing establishments were to be j benefited by a. stipulated price,*" j said Mr, Shirley, "however since j the 3.b—sdonmenl of ths prlc© ' fixing policy by cods authorities we have decided to reduce our 'price back, to otir same old prices j before the c&de- was established-" "At th-s- same time we will respect the minimum wage scale as prescribed by the XRA. and do even better if possible. ""Our cry cleaning alant is equipped with, a continuous flow system which insures clean tluid for customers goods during the entire operation, *^Vs ~xiH continue to insure all cleaning 1 while in our nacds against fire, theft, and collision. "The City Steam Laundry is desirous of offering every possible advantage to its customers, and we will appreciate th? smallest orders that, cirr friends give tis. witrt the prorr::"« tu continue the same high quality work tiiai -w,-e have- given in the past. i The dry cleaning department of 1 che City Steam Laundr;- is a mem- | ber of the Master Cleaners and | I>yers. which features a, quolity type of cleaning service by its nierrsb-srs. ScarborocijErh. .John Scar- 7. IDC., Fort! dealer: "e fee? elated over ihe fa« dsHnsr tbe past sis •we Iia-. e *o!d more asseriscr cztrt, trnc-ks, a?^3 commercial cars, both in- diijrjnallT and collectively, tban we sirold daring the entire year of 1933- Conditions are unquestionably ?x?tter since our rmirc orcBnJzation »« showing ir ^ajn>. Our =-er-s-5*.-c do- TIOLENE OIL DISTRIBUTED BY PAR-TEX STATION iiQierse triotor cii, s. 100 pe~ cent st3per Pennsylvania motor oil, is no" ;? c" Deiii^r cistribiiteci in Paris by the Par-Tex Oil C^rnpary. -ocai-S'J on the coriier of Son ham Tlolene is rrjadc irorr Cabin to take f.-are of the in- in;: anttoirnt of service work, as asasnsT 12 men for th!«. -^auic time la^t year. A ^ain of rtfftr* than SO p*-r c*nt J-f shown by our part.* o>part- asent for inc pa«t S»T months. For Prompt — First Cias- FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE i>orn!es*Jc or i r : PERKINS BFxOS. CO. r:s-jca;rc J- f ept.. Paris, Texas Ph. 2424, Night Ph. 22O Ao Unlimited Wbck M2k Market —AT— * Creamery Co. Providing Northeast with MOTOR FREIGHT SERVICE fHAT IS — -fast —Dependable — Economical —Efficient. ICE CREAM QUART Hildebrand's "Get Gulf and Get Ahead" SAM WEISS of GoiT Reflate* Prodact* CTUG£- 3?C p'lTC tl^St 3t does. 71 Ct TC- ouire t?i<5 sTilphurio ac;<i trea.trTi^nt ^vrijcn is necessary ^"ith ii'osi crudes of asphaSs: or pa.raffir; baso €rries v,'nic5i must be removed bc- Parls rrsotorisfts are irr/it%<i by any ot.hc-r brand of osS that trey :r? -suart can?. r?a<3y for irirtart on ;T3so?Jri r , o^ AUTO ODDITIES o*tve# ey GASOLINE CO Tbis SEodel place bu2t by 3£. H. Basaett of Pluladelpbia recestry Sew 1ST -miles from Omden» N- J. into Maryland- The plane is tlrivea by a srnaS smgte cyEader sascEce motor. (2) Florida ashlers tafcea to tsse air in antogrroe to Iszrt f or ji*zEt sea. turtles. Tf . the tsrrtJe is fa*-^T ) p^<i j-fv* drairfe up ^"to- •f-^jf~ <.j_t>_»_>^J'_ :y r £f rrrmy^'f Qjffj >i L the ashler is pnBcd off" into the -waiter- (3) As Iowa dentist > •*_*!< fly tihzs T:niHjt!,ajie aatosnolalc for >™« T TT T*ft •"".- It rs cccrDleti in *ad dutch, ex:) Grosley Dedicates Radio Program To Rodgers-Wade Kadio listeners Monday i^L^ •fill hear a. hig-hJy interestitis progra.rrt dedicated to • * ad^ jt*"yr"iT*rxii"^ CTomiJany Crosley SJielvador Slectric Kefri- =-erator realers, TTiih the rotund For Complete ALEMITE Imbrication Brin^ Your Car T JOHN SCARBOROUGH local Jimmy Jefferies ceremonies one rr - as of rnast^T i expect Fp=ark- | hes o* nurnor In addition j to fiuisbed ret-ditlozis of ciirrej^t: tunes by the Early Birds or- t chestra. Gershun L<evene-. director j o" th« orchestra, in the manner of * a. footbaSI coach, hs-s T?.-arT!cd his | T7!iZ£^€7ia.n3 tO play neaC-5 ^1? * music, especiaJIy dedicated to | company. ! i Tlis reason *cr this ' srspscial I ! broadcast is the Crosley Shelva- j I makes interesting advertialnsr talks | j on the Early Bir-i r.ovr, TV!!! teil | } of tlie special feat-ores of Tho | * Sbelvador super-refri?erator. The | j •wise listener ^"il! J«arn ho^.* tJse i " Shelvador offers about 40 pc cent more usable spacs- storage gerator House Hard'ware Company Paint and Paper Department Joe Gillespfe In Pfaone J3 Stalling Roofing Co. "We Top TErn All" General Roofing Contractor E. C. StalUnss. 33 Grand Aveac^ Plione 92 ( Scott Title & Trust Co. Bids.) ce- for f*>o<i than the Pontiac 8 See It- Drive Ttt Compare Prices " AI GulHck Motor Company 72 Sontb Main Street ordinary refri- . the same price range- * Turn your <Jis.l to WFAA. MARX PLUMBING The Better Kind nd ai 7 a. TIT. Monday. Je'y 3. near aa ho-jr of early TT. orate 5 cheer nrlnsrled -w-itii interesting facts aboct Rodg-ers-TTa^e Furniture Company and 'h* Crosicy Shelvador refrigerator. Water Hyacinths 5c Plants of »U Kinds 20 for *1.9O ROBINIUS GREENHOUSE Telephone 724 Hudson. Champion of the Road Uses Champion Spark PJugs. ROSS LUFF MOTOR CO. Bnick Sales* and Service COMPARE OUR PRICES Before you buy auto supplies Hooten-AIlard Atrto Supply "A Hrjrrse Owii*«5 Ir.sti'^tJor," S3 S, 20tb Street Tel- C«O SIGNS A, M. WILKINS IOO So. 3«tb BUD WEISER The KtRjsr of BottJed B«»;r« Distributed Wholesale by TRY OUR MIXED HULLS AND MEAL IN 100 POUND BAGS SOUTHLAND COTTON OIL' CO. "IJHLfc, OKIGIKAI- E3CCHAKGERS" BARNETTS TIN SHOP, or •no *jod Iroo Worlt, Rep«lred IS EAST KAUFMAN b.TRJEJK;r G«lTaafzed Tftnfc* HeoornS FHOSHE NO. EAT IDEAL BREAD •*fd«»l for Ercry Mead** Ideal Baking Co. "A Paris Institution" Chevrolet Owner* Oor ser^-Jc* departniftnt l« com- piet^ly «^aippcd a_n<J nitACCd toy trained mecJi*nicx to *erv* you best. Lunar Chevrolet Co* Faui» Orocer Company Wholf««Ie Distributor* of Qwlfey Foo4 Pro^vcte For tto* En«iT» Tnttf« Territory Drink -< POWER MOVER TO VISIT LOREOO STATIONS MONDAY Science has Ion* known ihat Carbon Moao:csde. an odorless, colorless deadly sras. seeps into cars and endangers car drivers, ca-usins: headaches, car sickness and drowsiness, affecting- both mind and muscle*. Poorly adjusted engines produce this sas in yreat quantities. Cit:»s Service Company. of which the Louisiana, Oil is an important unit in the South, has developed the Power Pr«ver, a, highly sensitive" ..mechanical contrivance that immediately detects a motor's inefficiencies and xv-itb the aid - of precision tools, the operator is enabled to adjust the motor for maximum poorer output at least cost. This grreat step tosrsvard in tne scientific world has made ic possible for aut«mobile owner? to eliminate any risk: and to know- exactly what proportion of the jrasolhie and oi2 is really being tised and -w-hat is beln& wasted. The Poorer Prover makes motor txming exact and discards the old methods of '"listeniris"* and £!iess- work. The two steps of Power Prover service are first £he testing of the exhaust gas to detect the inefficiencies and. shortcominss of the motor and second the tuning routine, The Cities Service Portable Power Prover will be in Paris on July S. 10 and 11 at Ixsreco stations where car owners will have the opportunity to' bare tfaetr aotomobUes tested and read the. motor's efficiency -on an easily viewed dial. The public is invited to se<s the unique machine operate Tvith hntnan intelligence arsd srjper-humaji precision. "W- 3>- <Jack> Milling is the Paris Ix>reco ajrent. TRUMAN E. JOHNSON ELLIS JMOORE^. ^ ^ Hepresentmsr Jefferson Standard lafe Insurance Go. €14 First Katl. Bank Sld=. SUITS, DRESSES, COATS Master Cleaned 7^**.and Pressed .:... * ^V City Steam Laundry Telephone 21-22 Every serv« c « for the motorist T>odse-P!ynK»ath Dealer Langford Motor Servic* Successors To Motor Serrtc* Company Rainey, Love &. Office* at 28 Sooth Main $cn«t Ftxmo 417 LAMAR TRUCK & TRACTOR CO. Sole* mod Service—FvrmaXI Tractors—International Track* W BCXHAM 5TRKET BUY FURNITURE MADE IN PARIS LYON-GRAY LUMBER CO. The home of Quality BtttM* Pborws Exchange Your For Meal and Hulls Our Hulls are CU2AX and « U r meal fs TELLOWi 4 Lamar Cotton Oil Company •The Friendly OD Mllir* Senth 25tb St^ T and P. Track, For Utmost Power Agent YOUNG MALLORY*5 333 SERVICE STATION 6S Soutn Main — PhOE* 333 Goodrich 15res—Gulf Product* Road Service PAR-TEX OIL COMPANY L F. Coinrl^y, o£ court*oaa qtiailt? servlcst. QUINN SHOE SHOP SO Lai mar our "That Creamy MiDc 1 * To Tour Home W. H, MARTIN DAIRY L&xcar Ave. Road, J*b. 2401-31 : Wte«B Tour Car —Won*t Start Easily —Woir't. run with, usual —"VTott*t Hdc or steer *» jood as wUcn new. vV« have the finest and tins most mechabies. GEyCIXE PEI.<X> BATTERIES \'our cleanest, tnost efficient, most economical fuel for beatmg, cooking and industrial uses. . » „ ^^^ ^^^*«* lexas Cities - Gas Co. We Have TO LOAN To Repair Your Hoom Paris Bullcling & Loan Association HOGAN CLARK ; Local representative jiod distributor CONCX:O CONOCO G«n* ProccMcd Motor CXI 17* «t» >*orOi Mate 4C FILING SUPPLIES Everything YOU ficcd to make your of f kc thoroughly modem. i

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