The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 9, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1948
Page 6
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Ml*'/' , ' · 1 *-'· rfe PAGE,S1X THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., FRIDAY, J A N U A R Y 9, 19-18 To Conduct March of Dimes Drive in Eldorado ! T, Leo Dodd and Garland Car- ptntcr have been named lo head the March of Dimes drive in Ei- dorado township. They will cooperate with the. Parent-Teachers groups In conducting the drive. Carpenter is president of the hl- dorado PTA council. ' Change in Writing '*· In early forms of writing, the let- fcrs ran on continuously in lines, and It was only by degrees that words became divided up by spacing within the. line, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica. Distribution Into sentences by punctuation came even later. QuicMy Relieves Distress of AfewdropsofVicks Va-tro-nol in eacn nostril work fast to relieve head cold distress, make breathing easier. And u used at first sniffle or sneeze. Va-tro-nol _ helps to prevent many colas developing! Try it. * allow directions in the package. Arab Force Invades Palestine (Continued from Page One) ^ Why feel old at 40, GO or more--why be · the victim of the older y«irs ? If life nr- parently has lost its zest, you aKaic may be able to enjoy life r.s you dM 2= your youth. If added years have slowed down year vim, vitality and youthful pleasure?. here is a simple method that mry change your whole outlook on life. Why not try and regain the pleasurrs of living you . once enjoyed? Why be discouraged--win- not regain the verve and zest of a tr.uch yocnccr man? Many men are obtaining ! amazing results with Beytron tablets. Just ask your dnifwist fo era border, and attacked the village, made up predominantly of American Zionists, at the foot of a sloping hill. Another band advanced on Tel El Kadi and set fire to the pump- inu station. The Arabs who converged on Dan, the Biblical town marking the' northernmost boundary of civilization as it was known then, struck at a settlement on the outskirts and wounded two. The Jewish settlements sent urgent appeals to Hagannah forces at neighboring centers. Reinforcements were dispatched to the scene, arriving about the same time as did British troops sent from Mctulla. Repel First Wave The British wheeled up light artillery and were reported to have destroyed several nouses across the bo'rder in Syrian territory. Accounts from the scene of battle said the British repelled the first wave of Arabs to cross the iro'i'icr Women and children in th» Jewish settlements were herded" quickly inside their houses as the fighting went on. Hasannah troops were reported fighting sidc-by-sidc with the Bnt- The '-u-abs were reported to have been fired by arguments that Ti- berias and Safad had been Lebanese territory until they were handed over under the British mandate of 1925. . , Beirut said the invasion was believed to have been carried out under the leadership of a prominent member of the Arab league technical military committee. ish. ALLEY OOP Something Ails Branson By V. T. Homlin W/B.L. DOCTOR VJ0NMUJ I NEED YCW HELP CN NEW PROJECT.' IT'S 5URB GOOO T$EE YOU ASAON. BRONCO BUT YOU DltTNT COME HERE JUST PCX5 TH' WDK.»\VHAa**S UP.' THIS HOSPITALITY WE FILLED 1M UP VsTTH DINO5AUB. THE STORY: ~ -_ after I had been in Hollywood three months, writing the movie script for one of my own mystery books--and letting Jeff Haverson help me get over Oscar Craig. Jeff was director on my picture and a very attractive man. When Liz Leyden, my unpleasant collaborator," informed me vindictively that Jeff had been married for some time to Avis Vaughn, our glamor star, I was stunned. Jeff had been searching for an actress who looked enough like Avis to play her sister in the film, but not finding one had cast Avis m both roles. That day's rushes showed bit-player Madge Narney to be the perfect double for Avis. Kut the star didn't like the idea and threatened trouble. Jeff walked me back to my office afterwards, admitted his marriage, said Avis refused to divorce him. * * * IX His voice was a monotone. He i deliberately squeezed all emotion from it to keep it from betray- straightened out." "Look here, Haverson," Liz decided to be conciliatory. "You know Avis was only bluifing." For a moment Jeff hung on his heel. "Was she?" he said. "Well, maybe she bluffed once too often I'm me Youth Held for Compsfiion I Hi/ill *t *-V **.**** g* -» -- QUIXCY. 111.. Jan. 9.--«-- iug him . "it's hard to believe IT ,.«o,._oir? vmith shot and kill- r, n «.-" .Tpff said, "but I was in love V ^ U A . N ^ ^ J . . -i* -- . ~ ---- - , A 17-year-old youth shot and Kill just asK your oru R( j» t i«r o^TM... , (Each tablet scaled to retain hizh po- ' c( j a teen-aged Companion. tency.) Woiacn too find Beytron helpful. | , . , him in a p eor j a robbery. 1 .......... " 1! - -- ^^ ! * .UCU i l l i n m « -- , uu a Quincy hotel early today. Po'ice said Richard Grubough sdrr.itted shooting Leroy Mil- Icr. also 17. Mansfield. 0-, m a 11I1 null. ·*·* *f · i now," Jeff said, "but I was in love with Avis when I married her. And I wanted to make our marriage last. I thought I knew how, too. The bright boy from Brook- Ivn, that was me. 1 knew all tne answers. Work together! That .... tired of her pushing around, and I'm going to do something about it." His lace was ugly and stubborn and deadly. He walked past me without a word and went out and slammed the door. Hard. I guess it was the way he looked that affected me. A " little chill played hide-and- seek up my spine. Liz, of course, was undisturbed by any such hypsersensitivity. He said bluntly and matter-of-iactiy, "Well, it's up to us." I asked him shortly what was up to us. He said to put on the peacemaking act. I still didn't see why it was our affair. This was strictly between Jeff and Avis. And I was beginning to get an idea. If Avis stood pat on her refusal to play the part of the wife unless .she plaved the sister also, it woula SUCHTHNd 0KMNED THEM STEXKS PCLICK7U6.' rris THEM 5TEAK5.VOO P?T- PELUED CL' KVENX pOIJjONED HIM, THAT'S WHAT.' About Town And Country (Continued from Pr.gc One) of 2:03.5 in the half in Ic iu i. It was announced that oo\. Dwight II. Green would speak at Saline County Centennial cele- Blondie cries over "burnt cookies! A scene from Columbia's '·Blondie in the Dough," with Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Hugh Herbert: plus Red Ryder in "Stagecoach to Denver," showing at the Grand Friday and Saturday. Triimcan Uses Either Hand In Making Point in Speech « _«· · v%^« * ·»» T-«r ·%.T¥/"*YT/\¥ G r-£ n «sl 5+- «j-» l/\itrrrt*- TrtY* .. frVlO f l l By HARMAN W. NICHOLS United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Jan. 9--OLE)-President Truman was warming up to the subject of universal military training in his state-of- thc-nation speech. "We must," he said, "maintain strong armed forces." stand it no longer. For/ the first time in her life she went on the radio--with a solo in hand-clapping. She kept it up until it became a mild epidemic down on the floor--in the Democratic sections. The woman said later that the way she looked at it, it was about tim,e SOMEBODY did a little applaud bration. . Mrs D. II. Hiller was installed as president of the Harnsburg Council of Church Women. Voters approved the Harrrtburs- Raleigh Airport authority, 592 to 117. , , The Saline County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to institute condemnation proceedings to secure needed nght-of-\va for the Billman road. "Founds Hollow lake was closed because' of loss of water due to a faulty drain gate. Three thousand saw air show by local pilots at Muddy airport Royal Arch Masons honored of 27 receiving HAM degree. Dale Sullivan was elected president of the Harrisburg Lions club. Charlie Williams, 43, Eldorado. wasvelectrocuted at Dcring mine. Shirley Louise Hale, two months old, was suffocated at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. \\il- lie Hale, in Eldorado. Harry Reed was elected chairman of the Harrisburg Commun- itv Concert association. "Bob McLain, Eldorado, who worked as an auto salesman in Eldorado was killed when the truck he was driving and an L N train collided on Route 16 near Equality. Indian Head mine closed down permanently. A hearse stolen at Shawnectown was found abondoned here. Paul Spangler advertised in The Daily Register for his lost fountain pen, then found the pen at home. _ LJlci* CU. tiiC OlOV^A. M i ^ w j - » · · ' ^n,» VS41£, u . a a i u v * - w . -- t-. · mean the breaking of the contract The five microphones before the mg. 'between her and Jeff; and if sne; cn i e f executive caught a ripple of The only announced candidate , , , _ i j _,_ %.:«. ...UistK rr»oHr» ^ i*...TM^ r..*x»* r\nn o«/l nf tho fnr thn \Vhito Wll^P DrPSPHL WflS lC r 31SO i » - jiaiiaiitiu, v-» *·» -- 8li5Weia. " vi*v *.v e ^.« hotel room where they had come v;as it _ Never give other actresses "ifo r -ebbing the Koern Jobbing J o r directors a chance to come be- Co" Peoria. of S200 and four guns tv;een us. yesterday. ' 'Grubough gave . J. t/- no immediate From Southern Illinois Surgical Appliance Co. will be at a S DRUG o From 3 to 8 p. m. Saturday/ Jan. 10 explanation for the shooting. He -a ; d that he and Miller and an- cther vouih. Bob Livingstone, lb, '·obbed" the Koern company yes- terdav and took a bus to Quincy. He implicated Bruno Dresh (allias Herbert Booth) 2nd his wife, both of Pcot'2 in the robbery. Dreh and his wife were ar- if.s-n'T £·.- Peoria police. Livin stone" aia was held, by Quincy authorities. _ 1 CHARLES A. FERGUSON Announces for REPUBLICAN Precinct Committecman In Harrisburg Precinct 4 "I had an attorney friend draw- up an agreement and Avis and I signed it. As long as we were married to each other, I was to direct every play she starred in; and she was to have the femnme lead in every play I directed. Fixed it so that neither of us could sign a contract to work in any picture unless the other was included in the deal. Any studio had to take both of us--or neither. Or face some pretty expensive hti- '«ation It was an air-tight agree ment, all right." Jeff laughed. "That was to keep us together--and happy forever _ * · * . . , Al r\*iv I t t r i T l C im fast enou^ lie free to marry again. tf * i» Liz read my mind as if it was :i open book. "And don't get any screwy deas, sister,-' he said. "Avis will never let this part in technicolor et away from her. Or Jeff either- Extra La?GQ 6-8 Room Size J-CIRCULATOR DELIVERY ESTABLISHED 1906 It lasted three months. together, I mean." I began to understand a lot o things. Jeff was a good director His pictures made money. H flidn't have to worry a b o u whether or not his contract wa going to be renewed by the studio \Vhile Avis would have hit th «=kids long ago if her career hadn been tied in with his. Easy to se why she wouldn't divorce him A lcn"» as she was married to him the studio had to give her the leading part in his pictures. But . . . "But you could divorce her, eff." 1 couldn't keep all the " ietween her and Jeff; and if sne; cn i e f executive caught a ripple of The only announced c; ust the hold on him which made applause from one end of the for the White Huse pres im her meal ticket, she'd divorce House chamber and carried it Sen. Robert Alphonso Taft "im fast enough. And Jeff would I around the world. War broke out ( He had another distmcti present was ,H1 ^C*l A4L»V* ·»»· U V » l * Afc w v* V * *··*£* · « « » » « % » A *L\r \JL W l l i V . around the world. War broke out ( He had another distinction, too. in another quarter. The sound ef- He was the only member of Confects, if any. were smothered. gress with an advance copy ol Two red'-headed boys--nobody i President Truman's speech. He eot their names--were perched'adjusted his spectacles, ironed his - · · · ---" 'speckled red tie with his hand and followed the address line by line. He took notes with a ball Sentence Mother of Five for Allowing Sex Parties in Home UAY CITY, Mich., Jan. 9-- U.I! _ A 23-year-old mother of five children today admitted allowing* toen-agc boys aud girls to hold wild drinking and sex parties in her home. Mrs. Frances Pcyck, a widow, was sentenced to the maximum 90 days in jail when she pleaded guilty to contributing to the delinquency ef a 16-year-old girl. Municipal Judge Davis R. Louis called the case the "worst" in his experience and said "I am only sorry that the law restricts me" to giving you such a short sentence." Policewoman Eleanor Olson said Mrs. Pcyck told her that some 20 teen-agers ranging in age from 10 to 19 years used her house for drinking parties in the past two months and also used her two bedrooms. "I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by turning them (ho policewoman quoted IVyck as saying. i He alternated, showing no partiality. But when he referred to "the Congress," which as of now is'Republican, he flipped the page with both hands. out," Mrs. The Daily Register, 20c a week, by carrier boy. i WATCH 'EM LAY! Clean Tools Garden tools will last longer and do better work it they are kept clean and bright. \ difficulties until everybody is in an uproar, and then she'll turn up at the studio sweet and meek and readv to go on with her part. And the "contract will still nold, see She's done it before. And she can sic her attorneys onto Jeff and cost him a let of dough if he doesn't let her play the part of the sister, too. You see, its ai- readv been assigned to her. "i" still don't see what we can do about it.' , "I think we can fix it so inat Avis will let Jeff cast Narney in the sister part--which is what he really wants. And. then everybody atop the knees of two gentlemen sitting on the Republican side of the House. The kids, dressed in ,,..,,. ...*, .,,,,.. - --.sweaters must have been all of i point pen, alternately rubbing his five Maybe they didn't like the'stubble and frowning. Uses Either Hand The President himself was slick in a blue suit with a pin stripe, 13 years from now. Maybe there ' only one stick of bubble gum \Yil5 U I U V U l l t Otl*-". " i L / U W k / i W { p l A A l l , * * * ** ««»*.«%· W.M.V ....... ^- ^- -- *- - r between them. Maybe they plain;and a blue handkerchief in his lap- just didn't like one "another. Mabe'el pocket. He had on a straight their quarrel was nobody's busi-' up and down tie, instead of a bow. ness Anyhow, little fists "flew for He started by saying he hoped ev- a minute" The two gentlemen, to.erybody had a nice Christmas holi- their credit, did an admirable job day and that Congress wouldn't of attracting as little attention as! strain itself too much in the corn- possible. The boys changed knees ing year. Congress nodded. Then -with three feet to spare between he opened his leather notebook ASTH SUFFERERS FIND CURB FOR MISIRY DUE TO ASTHMA ATTACKS. RUSHED HERE! New hope lor relief from asthma parov- yams is recn today in reports of success y.-it'i a palliative formula which act* to relieve congestion. Men and women who forrnciiy suffered with dread cowthinc. chokissr. wheeling asthma attacks now tell of blc.tjc.1 relief after usins it. PROMET1N costs J3. bet considering results. thU is not expensive, amounts to only a few pennies IT lo(Caution--use only us directed.) PROKETM U sold with strict moticy-back cuarantcc by Ray's Cut Rate Drugs, 5 So. Main St.--Mail Ortera Fillfd. will-be happy them. The war was over. Solo in Hand-Clapping H\^ W^J*-.1IV-VA **i«J *v land began his talk. Mr. Truman is what you might fllf ill JAUAIVI V-*«l*i*"»£ , *«*» . * · » -- - -- . - --- -- -- - tj ~ -- tj Mr. Truman was nearly through call an ambidextrous speaker. He his talk before he got much of a uses either hand in making a hand from Congress or the galler- point. For instance, when he was i i U H l V./'LHI X L tOO \JL \tlt\r ^ t » A A V * £ S V S * * A b * A. V*. *»·**%·*·»» Wf , . - - _ . . -- -- -- -Congress is used to speech-i talking about our economic power -- .-- , - . ,, ,.. nn t Dinner ics Some spectators are, by nat- he banged the desk gently with his thinking it o u \as he went aion ts ,es. some.sp ^ ^ he menti d iou invuiu* r But not Mrs Dd . a Weiner The!taxes and what Congress ought to tji i. ...,,_ fT^iti -- r-r V.rt*- j-»r* V*TC- ' rlrt -"iKrttif thorn lio wavpH tn t nP You d eagerness out of my voice, have plenty of grounds. . . . * * « Jeff shook his head. "I can't divorce her, if she wants to contest it. You see--I left her first And I haven't been an angel cither." · never answered that The door of the office opened without warning and Liz Leyden oozed into the room. He ignored me and gave Jeff a disagreeable look. '·Well, you've fouled things up. haven't you?" ... Jeff looked at him but didni answer. He continued to look at him. It was as if he didn't- see him or hear him. either. "Have I?" he said finally. "Have I?" His fsce changed. He got to his feet "It might be," he said slowly. that I'm "just getting things t t t o v o u pace f o r a Art OUt tO JOUr piai.c J.m « ARANCE We still have some nice things, all original stock, that yow may want. Fine uality Women's Wear rices below cost! It's moving fast! Get your share! as»u jiii. w«v *·" .«-- r -- ... ,,__._ few drinks this evening? 111 come alc-n" and we'll hash over me script and make Avis think we ve re-wTitten the part of the wife for her and built it way up to here-Liz gestured at his cnm. Thai v,av she won't feel she's losing face when she agrees to let Jeff cast Narney as the sister. , . , , , ,, I was beginning to see wh the -uidio heads valued Liz Leyden. He was little Mr. Fix-it. (To Be Continued) · Appointed Dean Of College ot Education at SID CARBONDALE. 111.. Jan. 9--Dr. Douglas E. Lawson. professor ol education now on leave, has been appointed new dean of the College of Education at Southern 11-, linois University, to succeed Dr. Eugene R. Fair, who leaves immediately for U. S. Army educational work in Germany. President ( 'Chester F. Lay has announced Dr Fair, who has served as first dean of the new College of Education since the summer of 19*o. has received an assignment as "Educator P-6" in charge of the five tcachertrainina institutions operated by the U. S. Army in Grclcr Hesscn. i He and his wife and three chil-1 drcn will sail from New York Jan ' 15 They will live in the city of 1 Wiesbaden, near Frankfort-am- J Main. , | Dr. Lawson. the new dean, nas been a member of the Southern faculty since 1935. and obtained leave "of absence last summer lo accept a position as principal of the Punahou School in Honolulu. T. H.. said to be the largest private elementary school in ihc world. He will assume his ocan^mp 'duties here at the bcsinnin^ of the 1948 summer session or as soon thereafter as he can obtain release from the Honolulu school Meanwhile, President Lay announced that Dr. Marshall S. His- I kcv. dean of men and professor in the Collccc of Education, uill serve as acting dean of the College of Education until Dr. Lav,-- j i son's arrival. Dr. Hi.kcy \viill con- j jtinuc his responsibilities as j of men. i Dr. Hiskcy came to Southern in j the summer of 1946 as associate professor of psychology and acting dean of men, and in the fal? of 194" was promoted to full professor and dean of men. Ho was also named acting director of testing. He has also boon ir. charge of veterans counseling services and of the student employment service. JjllL 11UL itli ;. ,L/Cl.l! ( t ' c i i i ' t - t * J- **^- i ·j.«*-k\*j uik»A »»·»«**. w *«o~ "-**»» -- »-o--- ~ -President was getting hot on his | do about them, he waved to the tax cutting proposals. Mrs. Weiner Republican side of the house with --whose husband works for Demo- the portside hand, cratic Congressman Thomas E.! He also turned pages with eith- Morgan of Pennsylvania -- could' er hand, while he was reading Properly balanced feed isall- important in egg production. OCCIDENT Laying Mash is a feed that supplies an abundance of the vitamins, minerals and proteins that good layers need. K e e p O C C I DENT Laying Mash in the feeder at all times, and watch egg p r o d u c t i o n soar! Holland's Feed Mill Dorrisville Phone 220R ·COOD£CEDING IS WO ACCIDENT S^OOCXDENT ' " RENTOX GIVES F20RSA LADY QUICK ARTHRITIS RELIEF "I. have had Arthritis so bad at times that I could not do my housework, says Mrs. S. Mayhew, 631 Marquette Street. "At times ray fingers and wrists were so painful from Arthritis that 1 ·was not able to go on with my house work. Since taking Rento.x I can now finish my house cleaning with no trouble. I have also been a victim of constipation and bladder trouble both of which caused me to lose sleep at night and left me tired out the next day. I can now get all of the rest I need and sleep right through the night rather than waking up at 2 a.m. and being unable to get back to sleep as I formerly did. 1 have recommended Rcnto-v'to my cousin and will recommend it to anyone that has the same trouble as I have had." Hundreds of people arc finding out daily that thls-great medicine containing 26 splendid ingredients of herbs and other medicinal agents is just the medicine that they need for relief .01 rheumatic ailments, gas bloating, indigestion, run down feeling. Helps to build rich red blood. Relieves kidney and bladder condition. Why not go to your druggist today and get a bottle of Rentes? Insist upon genuine Rentox Compound, don't be "switched to another product PALACE IS MOVING 300 Pairs of All Wool Dress Pants Will Be Placed On Sale Tomorrow $15.00 Pants at $11.25 $12.50 Pants at $938 $10.00 Pants at $7.50 S.OO Pants at $6.00 The Daily Register, 20c a by carrier boy. These Pants will be sold without alteration as we · are not in shape now to make alterations. CLOTHING HOUSE HARRISBURG'S GREATEST MEN'S STORE NEWSP

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