The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 13, 1924 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1924
Page 6
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II PAGE SIX. THE HUTCHTNSON NEWS. THURSDAY. NOVEMBER RED PEPPER HEAT i STOPS BACKACHE The heat of rod peppers takes the "ouch" from a «ore, lame back, rt can not hurt you, and It certainly ends tho lorture at once. When you nro Buffering no you can hardly get around, Just try Hod Pepper Ituli, and you will have tho ciulokcst rellof known. Nothing has such concentrated, penetrating heat as rod poppcri. Just, as soon an you apply Red Pepper Hub you will fool tho tinir- ling boat. In Hireo minutes It Tvarnis tho sore spot through and through, J'aln nnd soreness aro Bone. Aslt any druggist for a Jar of K OW II' B Hod IVpppr Hub. Do mire to Rot Iho Koniilne, with tho name Itowlos on ouch package. Hearts Aflame Forced by family necessity into a hasty marriage, sha had but one real love — music —until the famous Dr.— came Into her life. Then almost before she knew it, she found herself swept along on a tide of passion that threatened to engulf her very soul. The story of her terrible battle with her conscience—the gradual slipping downward on the forbidden way j —and the miracle that, saved her, is one of the most hoart-stlrrlng true stories ! ever put In print Don 't mln t It—ona of the biggest features I In True Story Magazine for j December. Now on the newsstands. Buy It today. T rue Story At all newsstands 2Si Prayed Lost Money Would Be Found; Comes Next Mail Monde, Kan., N OT . 13.—Mm. A. Jensen of Chicago, III., tolls an Interesting little Btnry In connection with tho recent finding of n purse containing 11 ,000 In currency which was hidden In the barn on tho premises In this city by her eccentric husband a few weeks prior to his sudden death In Meade about eighteen months ago. Mrs. Jensen said alio had always thought, this money which Mr. .li?nsi?n drew from a hank bore had boon secreted In the house or barn, notwithstanding the fact the most diligent search had boon made for the treasure. A tew days before thi money was found a brother of the late Mr. Jensen, who by the way Is a preacher, came to Mrs. Jensen with the suggestion that tho rela­ tive* meet togjU.jr In prayer that the lost money might be found. An hour wai spent In earnest supplication, and tne next mall brought a letter informing Mrs. Jensen that the long lost purse containing $1,000 had been found. Two little boys who wero playing on the barn floor picked up Uie purse and carrier 1 1t to their mother. Was this In answer to the prayers of the Jonsens? SOUTH HUTCHINSON BLONDES RHEUMATISM LEAVES YOU FOREVER Deep Seated Uric Actd Depotltt Are Dissolved and the Rheumatic Poison Starts to Leave the System Within Twenty-four Hours, Kvcry (JniKpiAt In this county Is nU- tlinilzcd Lu say to fvcry rlu'iimiiilc isufftrer that If fl. full pint bo:tip of A ili'inliii, thn sure ennnueror of rhPU- iimtiflm, do as not show the wny to Bt°p thu ii »;<my, r*'<1ucti swollen jolni.s and tin : I\V;IV with ^vrn the slightest t\vlni:e of rheumatic iniin, ht» will Kidtliy return your monty without cumnmnt. Alb nihu has been trteil and tested for v. ;ir.i, and rf.illy murvtMiJUM results v<- lit"-ii aiN-ninpliMlii il in tho most fcn-VTi; i -iijifa tho suffer Inj- and a pony was Intense and ;iltemia and WII.TU the pati-Di wna hplptfss. Mr. ,l;inv s II. Allen, of 2ft Forbes Ft. lin.-iH-:-:. r. N. V., tho iMsi 'ov*r**r <••! -MIt iniiii, WHO f.-r m:iny y.;irs MJl 'frrod ilit 1 lorrnrnts of unite rheumatism, do* Mies all hiifforrjis to Icninv thai he do's not w:\ nt a cent of anyone 's muney uiilr?,<f All -nrhu decisively con- Mii .-r-i thi.s worst of all flt.-i*;in *rH, nnd he hup insti IH.U il Mi uRizists tu guar- iiiitt.- U JLS ithov lii tvory frvtnnre. Si'lllnpt.'r liruj; On, Is my appointed HI ." nt in your city. If you live out of town I'll gladly F-nrt you free particulars. AFRAID SHE COULD NOT LIVE Operation Advised, but Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Made It Unnecessary Glasgow, Kentucky. — "! waa rundown, nervous, with no appetite. My -.aide had given me ||trouble for five or six years. Attimes itwaaalllcoulddo the doctor eaid I couldn't live but a short time longer without an operation. That was two years ago. My sister-in-law recommended Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. She had never used it herself, but she eaid one of her neighbors suffered just like I did, and It cured her. After i had taken four bottles the pain left my side. I had a Bne appetite to eat anything that was put before me, and 1 began to do all tny work and my washing, something t nadn'tdonefor years, inm a dressmaker, and this last fall I began suf- tring with my side again, so I began taking the VcgetableCompoundagain. I am on my fourth bottle, which makes eight in all 1 have taken. I feel so much better when I take it and everybody tolls me I look better. My appetite improves and I feel stronger in every way. 1 am a very nervous woman and it seems to help my nerves BO much."-Mrs. M AGGIE W ALLER, Glasgow, Kentucky. HAD LESl HR WENS' All Over Face. Itched and Burned Cuticura Heals. ' I was troubled with pimples for many yearB. They were scattered ul) over my (ace and were; large and red. The pimplea Itched and burned and often caused I OBB oi sleep. My ^aco was disfigured and the eruptions often caused embarrassment, *' I tried many remedies without success. I sent for a free ssmple of Cuticura Soap and Ointment and after using found relief aa pur* chased more, and after using three cakes of Soap and three boxes of Ointment 1 was healed." (Signed) j Mlfls Calherjne Hougbney, 4140 Storer Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. Use Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Talcum for daily toilet purposes. Binpici rra« br Mail. A<Mr«sf; H 0«U«« Labor (.IOMM,D *pt. H, fctfJd** II. MMI ." Sold •?•«•;• SMT Try w oaw SWa« Slick. , New Shampoo Lightens Faded Blonde Hair No need now for dull, streaky, faded, luslrelcjs, lilonito hair! Blonclex, tho new blonde hair shampoo, leaves no oil behind on the hair 10 form film, on which dust and dtrt quickly collect—f-ausliiB the hair to darken and bei-ome discolored. Not only keeps Unlit hair rrorn darkening, hut actually brine* back thu true guidon beauty even tn the most discolored und darkened blonde hair. Makes hair fluffy, silky. Henerirtal to SCHI P and hair. No injurious dye. or chemicals. Gives wonderful thick lather. Money back If not delighted. Get Blonrtex todny for smaii oo."t at all good dealers, such an A & A Drug Co., Terry Foltz, Scott .t I.anyon Co.. E. E. Bloom & OJ .. PcKues-Wright Dry Goods Co. Mrs. J. Perry of Hutchinson spent the day Tuoeda/ with Mrs. A. Nelson. Mrs. Fllramlngt returned home fro mtho hospital last week. Mrs. Howard Pall who has been 111 for some time Is reported better. .Mr. and Mrs. Claude Payno and family also Grandma Bleakly spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. F. Komper. The young people's class of the Christian church will give a play Friday evening at 7:30. Tit'-, "Mrs. Tubbs of Shantytown" every 'iody come the proceeds will go on ;hc debt of the church. Little Warren Gresham son of Flev. and Mrs. Gresham la confined at his home with measles. Mr. and Mrs. Yannle anfamily I are moving to tho Sand hills. The Loyal Bereans Sunday school clnsi was entertain 1 Tuesday evening by Mrs. A. Nelson and Mrs. Trabtio at Mrs. Trabuo's home. IJttlo Irene I.amberth daughter of Mrs. Llllle Lamberth Is absent for school on account of croup. Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Hook and daughter of Wichita Kansas spent a few hours Sunday with Mrs. Ullie Jjamberth. Mr- and Mrs. Homer Parks and son, John, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Clark all of Montezuma Kansas motored to Hutchinson and 6pent the week end. Also visited with Mrs. Llllle Lamberth. Viob Ledbetter spent Sunday with Vivian and Maxine Lamberth. FAKERS GET $600,000,000 BY USE OF BIG NAMES BY GEORGE BR ITT NEA Service Writer. Now York Nov. 13.—Names and titles that sound like ft million dollars for fraud promotion purposes can be bought for $50 a month, and In England ono similarly potent brought .only four pounds a week. More often the promoters take the names they ncod without paying anything . "Big names aro the promoter'* prime bait for suckers," says Bd- ward A. Schwab, head of fraud In- voatlfatlons for the National Vigilance Committee of the Associated Advertising Clubs of the World, who quotes the prices listed. 'A wise Investor will be thrown on guard Immediately when be sees on Indorsement directly or Indirectly from a prominent person. Le- uses such Indorse­ ment sometimes, of course, but It Is a favorite trick of the swindler. The public is tremendously Impressed by big names. "Our bureau estimated that |600,000,000 was lost In America last year through frauds. The post- office Inapoctors put it at $1,000,000,000. Half of that was attracted by the promoters using Impressive names and titles to Inspire confidence. "Contrary to their knowledge, the names and pictures of Thomas A. Edison and Henry Ford were used by promoters of fake land selling schemes around Muscle Shoals, 1 just ran across an advertisement of a Texas oil promoter which says, 'Big men like John J. McQraw of the New York Giants and Mayor Hylan of New York Invest their EDWARD A. SCHWAB money in oil on the Judgement of I "Our best name case, of course, was that of old 'General' Robert A. Lee In the Texas oil game. The promoters found him working aa a Janitor. They convinced him he was a relative of the Confederate hero and brought him In. In the end Ihey swindled him out of the very money they paid for his name." Winning 8HOW BOYS HOW TO MAKE BOOK SHELVES. Bad Coughs Ended Quickly by Double- Action Remedy Remarkable results in quickly clearing up tho severest coughs have been obtained with a prescription by a well-known specialist that does two things at once. It not only Eoothes nnd heals the soreness and irritation, but it very quickly loosens and removes the phlegm and congestion which are the real cause of tho coughing. It is often astonishing how speedily the cough stops, Thu prescript Ion In known aa L>r. King's New LMflcovery for CoughB. It Iff particulurly valuable (or night coughing. To promptly end this nnnoylng onil wakenlitt: scour^o, nlinply tiufnre retiring lake ono L('aspoonful of Dr. King's New Discovery nnd hold it In your throat 1? or ::0 seconds beforo swallowing. People tvho usvo been untxblo to rust on account oj continual coushlnff hare often got leu their full 8 or & hours' aleep fay this slmplo inuthod. Dr. Kfns'a Is ©redlent, too, for chU« flrcn'a spasmodic croup, bronchitis, laryngitis, bronchial asthma and hoarseness. Ou ualo at all good druggists. Ask foe CoEioHS Design books for boy book shelves have arrived In the children's department of the city library. A number of boys recently mentioned the fact that they had no place to put their books. These shdw how shelves may be made by boys. They are simply constructed and can be made of scrap pieces of wood. Clean children want clean school clothes. Let us do the cleaning. Phone 1335. Lewie Cleaners. ll-10t HAVE COLOR CHEEKS Be Better Looking—Take Olive Tablets. If your skin Is yellow—complexion pallid—tojgue coated— appetite poor—you have a bad taste In your mouth—a lazy, no-good feeling—you should take Olive ; Tablets. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets—a substitute for calomel—were prepared by Dr. Edward3 after 17 years ot study. Dr. Edwnrds' Olive Tablets are a purely vegetable compound mix- od with olive oil. You will know tbem by their olive color. To have a clear, pink skin, bright eyes, no pimples, a feeling jf buoyancy like childhood days you must get at the cause. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act on the liver and bowels like calomel—yet have no dangerous after effects. They start the bllo and overcome constipation. Take one or two nightly and note the pleasing results. Millions of boxes are sold annually at 15c and 30c. wedding presents received at the Hill Forsha wedding. Thloves broke Into the drug store of A. McCormlck at Nlckerson and stole a barrel of alcohol, two kegs of wine and a lot of whiskey. Thero was talk of having Judge Houk call a session ot the grand jury. THIRTY YEARS AC.O IN 1894. Mr. and Mrs. John Klnkel had returned from their wedding trip to his old home at St. Louis, Mo., and wero living at 1009 North Main street. Mrs. I. E. Stewart and were back from a visit at Blcomfleld, la. Mrs. H. Whiteside, Mrs. R. R. Price and Mrs. P. J. I^lmbach went to Wichita to visit friends. OTEY WALKER LED THE FIREMEN •IN TAlONGi MOUSEHOt-D GOODS FROM THE BURNING BUIL&W^ IN THE EAST END OFTOWM art's brother, who was visiting here from Montrose, Colo. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. McBurney returned frcm Burlingame and were again occupying their home on Sherman street cast. TWENTY YEARS AGO IN 1904. L. A. Beatman who ran for county high school director was arrested for beating his wife. C irles Brewer of Bloomington, 111 who had been visiting his brother, Elmer a Brewer left for his home. .Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Stewart entertained at dinner for Mrs. Stew- TEN YE/RS AGO IN 1914. George W. Lee predicted that wheat would sell for $1.50 by first ot June and f 1.25 by March 1st. H. M. Stewart former postmaster who drove with his family to Gulfport, Miss sent a travel-log of his trip back home. Mrs. B. M. Ramsey Mrs. Susan Walte and Vrs. T. J. Burtch wero hostesses to the D. A. R. Tho Jlothodlst revival closes with 600 accessions to the membership rolls. We never close so can give you the best of Ford Bervice. Phone 59. Ragland-Klngsley Motor Co. 13-lt Latest Equipment On New Limited* The Rock Island will start a new- Golden State Limited train from Chicago to Los Angoles or. December 28th, which will contain tho vory latest innovations in through train service. The train will be made up ot new standard Pullman coaches and tho special features of tho traiu will be an observation-library car, a barber shop, valet service and a shower bath. This new train will not have any baggage cars, pas«enger coaches, tourist cars or mall cars. Thero will only be four stops between Chicago and Hutchinson. They are at Englewood, 111., Rock Island, 111., Kansas City. Mo., Topoka. It will only stop nt Hutchinson when there are passengers here who have secured reservations lu advance. The now train will replace tho preicr .i Rock Island No. 3 and No. 4, if- cording to local advices. Double Undoes Him. Middlesborough, Eng. — Arthur' Clottgh, local cricket star, has a double who has been making love to most of the girls In Middles- borough In Clough's name. Dozens of letters are arriving at Clough':house from young women, pronilr Ing to meet him "as arrange*!. Clouph has asked police to trv his double. Free Show. Sunbury, Pa.—"A free ticket in; any show for 15 pasteboard top-from milk bottles," advertised u local movie house. Next mornlnc scores of milk bottle tops were missing from front porches all over the city. Tht advertisement did not appear again. "Gels-lt" Makes Corns Vanish Earl Sande, lntet nationally famed jockey, is making the last quarter ot the health handicap In tine time. Suffering a broken leg and other severe injuries at Saratoga Track last season the game turfer is recuperating at his Jamaica (N. Y.) home and says he'll be in the saddle next season. WJ Stops All H tii -tint Instantly I T.ven SurRcons don't cut their own eorns. They use "Gets-It" to rid their (t -et of cum ut callous pcsli. Why should you risk inlcction or n : ! ip of your razur whtn il is so easy to end ciirna and callouses, nuickly, cumplettly, p«r- manfiitly. Two or inrci; drops of "Gtls-It" tt'jps all corn pain—then the com loost-ns so you can perl it right off with never a twinge ot liui'.. Try it today, E. Lawrence ft Co., Chicago. 6oiJ •"verywlierc— money hack guarantee. BEAUTIFY IT WITH "DIAMOND DYES": Perfect home dyeing and tint lng is guaranteed with Diamond Dyes. Just dip in cold water to tint soft, delicate shades, or boil to >1\U\I\ , IIW llye rich ' per " adlliUs 'A® menetU colors. B 'iR '-hrnfn Each 15 - cent •if V nil package contains • fill I directions so slm- •| pie any woman can dye or tint lingerie, silks, ribbons, skirts, waists, dresses, coats, stockings, sweaters, draperies, coverings, hangings, everything new. Huy "Dlamona r>yes"—no other 'rind—and toll your druggist whether the material you wlBh to color Is wool or silk, or whether It is linen, cotten, or mixed goods. BETTER THAN WHISKEY FOR COLDS AND FLU Tho sensation of tho d ug trade is .v, ...,..) .: l ... .. . v ri. I and tou ^h :.:ii-Y.':', uu'.hontutivcly guaranteed by the laboratories; tested, approved and most enthusiastically endorsed by the hlghext authorities, and proclaimed by tint people as ten times as quick and effective as whiskey, rork and rye, or any other cold and cough remedy tliey nave ever tried. All drug ulor. s are supplied with llio wonderful cllx.r, so all you have to do is to stop into the nearest drug store, hand the clerk halt a dollar tor n bottle of. Asplrunnl and trfll him tu serve you two tea- spoonsftllls. With your watch in your hand, tako the drlnl. at one swullow and call for your money back In two minutes If you cannot feel the distressing symptoms of your cold failing away like a dream, within the limn limit. Don't be bashful, for all druggists Invite you and expect you to try !t. Everybody's doing it. Take the rLiuaint'or ot the bottle home to your wife and children for Asptronnl Is by far tho safe; nud moat effective, the easiest I• take and the most ugiecablo cold and cough remedy tor children a well as adults. Quickest relief to: catarrhal croup and children' choking up at night, (adv.; Late*Novels Now At City Library The city library announces the arrival of a score o rso new fiction books, Including Peter B. Kyne and George Barr McCutcheon novels which only recently wore concluded In popular magazines. The annual display of Christmas books is now being held at the library. New arrivals In the fiction lino include the following: , Creeping Jenny, K, D. Wlggm; Professor How Could You!, II. h. Wilson; Olory Hole, S. E. White: OIO Laal.-n, Hugh Walpolo: Hidden Uoad, KlKle SlnKmaater; Slnsing Season, Isalml PatL-rson: Ciouiled IVmi, It. K. Onions: Picaro, C. B. Nordnorf; .Surety First, MarEOt Neville; East of the Setting £>mi, G, li. MeCulWi-'on; Widening Waters. M. H.% Mc.Carti-r; IlligKei! Water. J. C. Lincoln; White Monkey, John Galworthy; Stents front the Midland. J. T. fretlcriek; Nina, Sudan Kru; Beauty or the I'ur- ple. W. S. Davis; Guy CoiinplratorH, l J hilip Curtiss; Smothered Firea, II. T. Comatoek: David Blalze of. Klnga, K. F. Benson; .Enticement, Clive Atden; Dovonahers, H. W. Morrow; Kerlelirr, Rden I'hlilpotts; Red of the Renews, O. K. Richmond; Passionate Quet -t K. I'. (Jiiiicnh.-iin: Knihanled 11111, P. B. Kyne; Twisted Foot, W. I*. White; Little French Girl, A. D. Sedgwick; The Traveler in the Fue Cloak, S. J. Weyman: The Arlc of the Covenant, Victor MacCluro; With Benefit oul Clergy, Florence Haekett: wood- smoke, F. H. Young; Buddenhrooka. Thotna.s Mann; Thu Prisoner Who Sung, Johan Bojer. LOOKING BACKWARD (From tht filti of Thi Newt) FIFTY YEARS AGO IN 1874. T. F. Leidigh was advertising having Just received a car of lake sai(. Charles Jewell was building a new residence on Sherman street eact. C. C. Barnard and K. J. Myers wero married by Rev. D. M. Moore. Bring the Children To Toyland Our 3rd Floor Ftorabaugh-Wley's Don't Forget Our Semi-Annual Toilet Goods Sale Exceptional Values In Women's and Misses' Coats and Dresses Friday and Saturday FORTY YEARS AGO 1884. , The News ran ii long list of the Butter-Krusr [DoosNot Crumble/ j Try It ' * This exceptional coat and dress offering is a Special Feature of our 24th Anniversary Sale. Here, you will find beautiful garments priced so very low for the wonderful qualities, and stylings. COATS hi this special group of fine, warm coats, you will find such popular cloths as Bolivias, Velours, and Cut Polos. They are tailored in the season's best styles, and come in the most desired Winter shades. Regular $25.00 to $29.75 values are included at $18.00. DRESSES Think of it, $25.00 to. $39.50 values for $18 00! That's what we are tloing ill this special group. Here are beautiful models in Chenille, Bengaline, Crepe Faille, Georgette, and Velvet. And, there arc dresses for every occasion— street, sport afternoon, evening wear. Titian, black, navy, cocoa are a few of the colors. Select your Friday or Saturday! Pure Para Rubber Reducing Corsets , $5.00 Pino Para Hubber Reducing Corsets In tho laced front, clasp back, lli-lnch length style. They come In pink color, and havo the top nnd bottom edgou taped to prevent tearing. The hose supporters are reinforced. Very specially priced, whllo they last »5.00 A Clean-Up Sale of Wool Middies $2.98 Thero nro 49 Middles In this lot. All wool middles In groen, red and navy blue. The size range is broken, but sizes 10 to 23 are present. Every middy has a chovron on the sleeve, and is braid trimmed. Here are wonderful bargains, while they last, each $2,98 Regular $5.95 Value Silk Jersey Bloomers $3.79 Ladies' bloomers fashioned of all silk jersey. They are well made, reinforced and have uu elastic waist and garter ltneo. 27 and 29 Inch lengths. Colors, brown, Autumn, rust, American Beauty, l.avln green, powder blue, navy and black. Valuos you'll appreciate at 13.79 I

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