Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 3, 1965 · Page 7
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 7

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, May 3, 1965
Page 7
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VOUtt We believe that all men are equally endowed by their Creator, and .* ,f 1y fiovernmeni, wiUi the sill of treeilom and Uiat It is evferj rnan s duty to God io preserve his own liberty and res pet* the liberty or others, t reedom is self-control, no more, no less. lo discharge Uiis responsibility, free men. to the beet ot their BDI iiy. must underslHnd and apply to daily living the great moraJ guides expressed in the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule «r.J the Declaration of Independence. This newspaper is dedicated to furnishing Information to 0Uf readers so mm they can belier promote and ^reserve their own ireeaom and encourage others to see it* blesslnas. For only when man understands Freedom and Is tree to control himself and all he produces, can he develop to his utmost capabilities In «*e.rmonv with the_at)ove_moral prjnoiples. CIOVIS NttWS^tJKNAI'~Mo»d«t;i\l>iiiy SIXTH AND PIJ.K '^"pllONlT* The Walker Case There has been considerable •Miblicity given to the part play!d by former Maj. (Jen Kdwin vValkf-r in the HK12 I'nivorsily ol Mississippi integration troubles. It will be remembered that Walker since then has won a judgment for S'lOO.OM Irom the 'Vs-sucialf'fl Press for libel, he- ;-ause the A] 1 reportc<l the tor- tner general had led H-hellions students on the Mississi p p i campus at Oxford The fnited Press had reported that Walker nrjcd the students not to participate in the noting Walker was arrested b\ the federal marshals and was transported by air to Sprint;! i e 1 d Mo where he was placed in a mental hospital, without a hearing ll«- wa<. ordered held for $100.000 hair. Subsequently. be was discharged without a ti lal \\ r jrcen!;v river, rd ,t cn\>\ "! A Retraction Co: i e> ! i i> n and Vpoiii^'. " wiiii h -Aits pub ii-hrd !>'. !;;••!. i !•' ' .1 Heraid-'lnb'.irie The Herald Tn>.ut;e sa:r| On Sunday 'Ui .Sep!ern!i •• : I'.**.' no's ("Turret! on ';•:•• can: t 'mv«Ts;'\ oT \\\-- Trihune concluded that General Walker's reported conduct was a .serious breach of public responsibility for a man of h i s distinguished background, and editorially cirticr/ed what is in goiul taith believed to be the actions be bad taken at Oxford. Fur almost two years after the Oxford events the llearai- Trihiune did not receive any request from General Walker (o publish a corrected version of the events We have recently learned that .statements a b o u t Gene r a 1 Walker in the editona? Entitled. Oh- Miss Misled," in our publication of Tuesday morning. 2 \W1. w e / e in fact ' now informed Walker did n o t armed rebellion " arr\ on 'seditious ||p ac(he o the «ippi and >t;tion t the fli . < st'l'i'-s television wa>>- -•,:n V U, t : :< c ii! Tex.i* ,c ir.fn ;::,.,•. nrj p;cf;; .'mil r.tdi •' \',i ,' • October. f.iNe \A tlia' (li'i Si-ad a. 1 ! di.l not i 'u ;!|e- " ||e did (in! act 'lead ol a campus mob The eilitnr- and owners of ti;e Sarasota Herald - Trihune .;-'• L'iad tn retract, correct anrl ap.''.'ii:i/o tnr the e; rone o ll s s 1 ;.'cinent- made bv us m the referenced ediN'riai and to e\- enilMrras-iri''!! 1 , that mav have tiecn caii-f-d in our comments V\e should further like to call .1' '••:.']<>!} tn the d. -.imr.'r.s h e d ir.iiita; y career of <i e n e r a ! V, al'f'er atid ',n h;s liie-liinu (led!. and t" a;s editn American Way By tlAtmv ttnoWNH 1 The businessman is continually berated for concerning him- iself with profits, and ignoring jany "obligations" of "public•service". For example, a recent editorial in this vein (similar to many ion the subject! castigated local businessmen for not expressing proper gratitude for 'the great quantities of wealth flowing into i their coffers." Proper gratitude. it was implied, would be to i sponsor civic and charitable organizations in town, and "relurn a little of that wealth to the community." SOl'RCK OF WKALTII To put this in its proper lighl let's starl at the beginning. . . What docs the businessman go into business for 0 Obviously, to satisfy his own profit motive•whatever that may lie He may want to make as much money as possible maybe he just wants to be his own boss—may- !bc he's in love with the particular line of work involved. Whatever the nature of his j profit motive, there's only one way he can satisfy it and stay in business by getting people to buy his products or services And how does he do that'' Again, there's only one way He must offer people something they want more than the money they're being asked to pay No one has to buy The individual only buys if he wants to. Il an individual buys a product from a businessman, it's because he wants the product more than ':ie inonev involved To make tin- sale, the business must sat is!;, a need or desire of the customer The example of a public servant is the businessman who profits l>v providing his customers with the tilings they want. Thi-y have said thank you" with !he,r voluntary purchases Whai fur'her obligation could h' - Monster In TK§ Rfver Everybody*! Bustocsi * ^ If SEC Wrong, Ho About Zoning Laws THE ALLEN- SCOTT REPORT toitnrr i ALLKN PAUL SCOTT By SAM CAMPBELL Don't be too quick to blame the Securities Exchange Commissars for cracking down on the profits that Texas Gulf executives made as a result of inside Information. At first blush, It might seem that a man has a right to use any information he comes by, as long as he does not hurt anybody else. In fact — in the case of the Texas Gulf people — it might seem they would have been a little stupid if they had failed to use any and all information, whether it was inside, outside or upside, pertaining to the Canadian mineral strike. Would SEC Staff Profit? If T had been a stockholder in very own community, imposition takes day? Take the zoning laws, 'fffif stance. The gist of them is ' city hall says you can't aw property without its jwW. provai. Yet almost fivj believes in Zoning. So if a person ean bited from exercising hfs fiffi ty in land, can he not' also fee forbidden to exercise Tils" property in knowledge? ' ' Since zoning laws tHfHTOrbifl property uses are so populaf, who then is left to £tpnj» 4 the SEC? Tf you believe in-one-' as* peel of interference, do'-you not thereby set the precedent for the next step of interienence? And when you tell a~friaW He Leaa! Publication WASHINGTON -• I I S intelligence can I'd. the strung 1 noise mi; from Hanoi be compared the bt'-t he tr.isi- emanat- :iii(l i'ekliu: ran to the uri'.le;- a po>sible amnesty forms of political for the Commumsts, The Doctor Says BY WAYNE G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. Newspaper Enterprise Assn. statement about Q—When a person has dia- Texas Gulf, which I was not and | can't employ constructively the am not I might have been more jknowledge that is in his head. than somewhat concerned if 1 1 how much further can you go? were to learn the company em- '• Maybe the Securities, Ex- ployed officers who DIDN'T ichange Commissars ought Ip be have enough sense to profit le- ' gitimately by information that was in their possession. Further, it seems to me not j neighborhood improvement proj- beyond the realm of possibility jecl. that members of the SEC staff! -would have been very happy to , have had advance information which it accuses Texas Gulf officers of profiting from. During my farm days, I pitched bundles for a farmer who went back East on a grassroot ! junket for the Agricultural Ad- j justment Administration. He 1 lhe Clt - v Commission has al- :ame back with more money than vv .f ys Waci a task °f Pleasing us he left with. While he was back,? 11 and lhat ls impossible. It there, the AAA boys decided to! 1 *, our responsibility ,lp jielp go into the commodity market | th * m .. as . 11 ls our and their cit on behalf of the "government." ! and j he lar ^ er ll § ets « That of course would drive |P™!l!_ ems thal P resent prices up. So while performing their official chores, the AAA cleaned up. But a gooiPhouse- wife would start with TJ&r own abode before she lauiSfchei « Jighborhood improvement pro :i. Letters To The Editor and other betes how much sugar can be reintegration e at? If he takes insulin or anti- I diabetic pills would it do any Around rumhlmus that times precede great la chHiigurj car tin pi a kc- The Cumtiuinist \ let « in e harm to use saccharin similar sweetener? or a Women's Job Corps man I rauie - aie '.lie tin: t to launch \'let Nan lot I! 1 •„' S iC'l the Presid e n t the statement not bens content but on the A — How much sugar you ;t was too long a n d C ou]d take without showing sugar in your urine would depend ouni:u OF r.VITl.E - The on tlle severity of your diabetes. •:,mi.:umsl forces in South In some persons this disease dl'ive !' Da Nai "i 1 ! -s.r,; '•"'••• ;•: !•,'".!m t .,!"•••, < 'Mn-utr '' K'" ' ' •*••:: ••:• .«-.' I!-". . \r;f :-..••. :,.- :; ,.- f ..'• ,,.'.!'. /-• .,,•;•. . ,, If.. . j - i a.''•.••".],';> i.f , i. ,:-,- n<>! •.•,....• VM,;,;, \ \i.,::.- .;e!l!le "• ••: - '••". ! II..' ,.!••! :.,-• .1 v.-Mini,' , - - •:•'*. Mil K I III I IV M ffl \fIIM. l-'lt'eell u' mam equip] nartu'-e-led units oi reciji mortars, ha'.e in l^uangna:!! Provinces. TIlC-c ' '•llti' torces arc ex head (hi- drn \'irt N.iiii ir: ' :hc Siiu'.i; <':;.! Tne sli.itc^'- \ let \ani ir.-- lii the t! '•:;! Sar.;'Mi organized six controlled by diet alone. If. r, city more I lads bet on the side for themselves. The farmer was befriended by the inside tip, so he bet, too. So there's no halos. even in these^Tifre'e Washington. Who selves. I have always beQEVSl would hate to live without churches, schools;-or a area. Surely we the importance of foundational institutions. Without Sin? first stone, let us see without sin. 15 down town cooperating The essence of the Texas Gulf case is this: The executives of st. miormation ,! w,r: ; Vn't'; \ >••'! c a v \ weapon* iilie.s-, rule-, a n d e been identitied mmands inc 1 u cl e cted to to pill Sea ci to cli. spe.'U Sou!' .(•)•- ! :s'!:nc l;n..' of- tic D.i Nil!.:. 1 al: 1 !rmn S.ilJ.nii vvl'.cre tile I inilitai v command i • ''»• -< ; 'Tins mninnu- tinea' i- reason behind I'• .•-.i<!">'< J son's ernei ,:cnc\ decision t' Tl.e-e an, v\ nere troin three to t e n battalions, with lorm 200 to 700 < iiM'n in each battalion. Many of j ti:e battalions have a heavy weapon, platonn or w,th mortal s up to 82mm and Miiiif recoilles> rifles, as well as heavy machine Runs. There aiv reports of -) 2 inch mortars. \ . N military experts report !•;,.; weapons' and much of the .niiniuiiilion lor this grow i n £ i ,,: : . ; 'r.;::)iM lurce must n o w , oin,- :i»!ii North Viet Nam by , ., '!•;>;., is whv the I' S has M:e'c''!ieiied naval patrols of -;ie Snutli Vietnamese coast. •icc-ord- however, you cannot eat an ade-^aid company had knowledge <-.l quate diet without having sugar i the mineral strike. That knowl- in your urine, a carefully regu-|edge was their property; that is, lated dose of insulin or toUm-'it belonged to them. drt ' tamide should be taken daily. Now comes the SEC and as- o u r problems through with a disappoint- ng small number of downtown >roperty owners and tenants larking lots have.been d at four convenient In assist the downtown whereby estalilisl location. 11 Synthetic sweeteners used with safety. can be !scrts these company people Surt'ly those employees* a n d employers who everyday, use cannot^rightfully use such prop- important - valuable'parki n of; erty. That sounds bad so far as soaees -UK! feed .. , -j Q-What is esophagitis' Could] th / SEC is conccrned . but wait! ^. ^."^.'Vvvo company it cause dizziness and buzzmg |Don - t throw thal rock! Not yt , t t . i f il , ( , ns lh;(n tlu , v OFFICE CAT («"' a '-i .t: \., i ' . «!.,:,. .",;;•. »ii!ii;»-it \*.r-. "KU !:,C;! !,. $*.<»•• • \..- ••• * .1 .'' .!•»•'•! I I '. \l I.I >Ki' .:(.:'•: VS ;..,' dl. i t !i e \ MI in t in i i;i in l«l t'J fi.ii, .'>••. Jate in ti.e rnorrurij; ,".* , . ' ..•••'.- i •• • .l.i!:iti'T I-A« rv time 1 canit cl't-a.-e Sii'.n n He t me::' nt : ,e;- Moll !' V^ cek> hl,u k Ill'iVe l! Ii .ij'l'V: di;e, t! \ > e \tlieric \ K-T Na: ,,c. .ij'p:'" c: '.!>• e 1 -s ,\:i , \ ;c' N. in ,i ile t:-.e * •;!! ei e~ • .: : • 1 \imatc!-. •, 1 1 : 1 ii ( •< li.Tt !e ,1 \, f<l' INSIDK HKI'ORT - When he •, .1, i xVa.-i'mgton la-t munt' ;: M.!\\\e!l p a \ ivi rtment on Ti <M.; ,: tl •. H (KH) r.i !;.,•• .i .. . }>.f .I-.'.:, ,. I;.,- hir'i,'-,! ill II. t'.f \\i.'l!.er'> .In!, ( ,.;;, |, i. ',''.<<• ,-.' pel !e, !: :•>, :i, ,,,re''. 'All I said *3: Show me a filter that delivers the taste and I'll eat my hat." Try Lucky Strike Filters made a new swank area of the C'api- artment is scheduled l-'. b\ la'l. rais i n g tliat Taylor may be !! ^aigon to a hieh- , \\ashmgton The ' 'onstMA ati\e t 'nioii. \uie V" ! .'ing up a . M - N' leaders h i p ^ p U I) 1 1 C I'resi d e n t ' Liberation i-t 1 ' \' I f t ii prop .s^.s t:sa' "tl'.f I' S allow tile sett'.nj up m \ let N.un "I -i Uiu-ra- n!'.i!!!:t!ee for North \'iet \M,u". > mild ,.; N..M.1 1 ei.nitli • U " I" ,. I, M ii He I I o 11. » At-... :: :'i '-•• IN IM» l'Kn»4U < Dl lit 'il I ul M t M \* Ml Ml . IHV. MAI I'EK Uf Hit i.Assr wiu. AM' rt»iA MtS: O>' KoUKH!' !' s u r 11 t It,,- trf All. '- : t«!a'r l "t i -I 1 1. '-'- i -: fcXtl I IISlA i la- until SulUli X'ii'l N.ill; ID I ,'. " ll should iiapp' n M i n h is t'xpecte'i \« I'liv-ldcll! .luhn-ul:'- et! "iiiicijiidilioiiu! (list ..-s-...". bt in i 1 , \ let Conn otlici.iK oi hi» delegation While the Pit-Miiviit i_ silent about tin- v, a! i "It in any \ u t Naiii tu aidt-s made an IIMMU'I »•»»: Lc» uii'ludt Ju liia enlist euer- in N o r t h the hope ,,i tiie country bi-lieving m ;er Hepresenta- icc, li-Ind is • iiroup Tins invited Massa- •esi'ntiiti\e Silvio \\i-.i,. House c, other GUP law. \V!nte House din- in I't nee Minister .1-, the best friend I've ,-i tin- Hill " Ai a similar !,,. l'.;it:sh Prime !,•• Harold Wilsun. Conte's t 'LI nine w as sealed ut iea.l lable The President 1 i.ii'^ottei, ''mite s. help vear in tiiv^artin.u cut- - in i!ii!ti-!'iili.)!i dollar tc-remn >:;! I . House Appropna- i'!,j.rn:,iu OH" I' New 'S ni'k St-nator 't K.-'ineiiv ha- lu-i'k-d up .ili! , rclu'.ions staff by hll • ex new Altiert Barie^ .1; a.- his press spokes- A lonuer a>sistant city i.i Wi'i cester Mas.- and Bar- in the ears. A—Acute inflammation of the ! esophagus may be caused by i swallowing hot foods or caustic, poisons and by such infections; as scarlet fever, diphtheria and typhoid. Tn persons who have taken antibiotics or cortisone- like drugs for many weeks it may be due to a fungus i thrushi that is ordinarily suppressed by the germs normally found in the mouth and throat. I Chronic esophagitis may he due to excessive regurgitation of the acid stomach contents. This is often manifested by heartburn. Ksophagitis would cause some pain on swallowing bul y o u v on Id look elsewhere for the cause of your dizziness and head noises, hardening of the arteries is the most liekly cause. The treatment of esophagitis depends on the cause The antacids used to treat peptic ulcers usually give some re- hel Kor esopbagitis the liquid form rather than the pills is p ret erred Q---1 have mid claudication and have been advised to take law doses of vitamin E every day tor several months. Can too much of this vitamin be harmful" A—The treatment of claudi cation i intermittent pain on walking) with vitamin E is still experimental. In one carefully selected series of patients with this complaint 80 per cent reported improvament. Although vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin and large doses of other fat-soluble vitamins have caused poisoning, no serious side ef fects from vitamin E have been reported, Q—How can 1 donate my eves to an eve bank' ' A—The Eye Bank for Sight Restoration Inc. '210 E 64th St New York NY.. 10021 > can reler you to the eye bank in vour state For is it not a fact that in your tin The ancient sport of cock fighting goes back to at least 500 B.C. It was introduced in England by tb<> Romans before Caesar .s time From the time of Henry VIII hardly a town in England was without us "cockpit." It was introduced into America at an early date. George Washington. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were devotees Today it is against the law in most states on lhe grounds of prevention of cruelty to ammuis It is expressly forbidden by la* m Canada. in past This is not • intended as an insult but as an honest ple-as tor more civic and customer service pride Should we ask the City-Commission to help us with "parking problems and then allow 'ourselves or employees Iff use t!i<-se valuable narking*spaces'* I'd ^av nu and believe every fair ilnnkni'j. person should As a suggestion to better my and your Clovi.-, shopping 'area whv don't you, as a valued customer of mine and evejy down 1 o\vn business house 1i!»«in to ask line simple question On 6V- ery shopping trip to the down town area' 1 The question is. • no Y n i OH Yorn FM- I'LOYKJvs P \ H K IN MY siiopiMNi; SPOTS'".' And :! they say yei? "TTjay be you nii.u:!i; sav uv downH' w n merchants don't desprve»~yotir patrorut-'e This articte33 a since; t- 'appraisal and should make nnh'idv mad Instead it -•.!»nit(l make for a better DOWN TiUVN CI.OVIS Sincerely yours. Andv Suiter lO'i W. Fourth a ! end > pniKN'nsiup a!" consist^ .in being it-lid not in having a fri- Tennyson M KOSs AMI,, 1 ll 0 t.IKKh 1 1 KMniis n.akfr U Uth ------ ' Iti Knt.ri- 17 -Slal! ol »ut)icnu ii* Orii'iiUI loin 'M liava.un '/to Ntitiu-v, 21) Sprile SiiSamle '»b Epoch 1(1 M I 3 Hi KlUi'l ll; 102 'h"mai '.'J I'tTClifs •2'< t L'7 I'ertan 3J Kcri-ivi-rs ol i lialiU 34 Si-liooiiiusUT i.Slot 35 land pan i K I'lease .send your (juestions and comments to Wayne C. Brandstadt. M D , in care oi this paper While Dr. Brand- suuit cannot answer individual 1 •• " ••! new-'. i'»t'r.s bar- letters he will tnswer letters ;'h,.es"w'ub tup aide' to Oregon ol general interest in future Piescntatuf Edith Green for columns. i 15 ' - - auu Elaine 4O •-- laurcjtr 4,1 I'lK'lOM' 'PIK'I 44 Arab 48 Ve«r null 40 Equal form i bO Moslem tilulatiun 66 o( lulU wars before joining the Kenned', slalf kept aking the world sale \ve tin 1 we ,sUJu't J st lnj.iivva\s that. sale pe. Harry—Last week a grain of sand got into my wife's eye and she had to go to a doc-, tor It cost me ten dollars Larry—That's aothiag L§st week a fur coat got in my wilv's. eye and U cost me three 'hundred. 17 Un\t lor U Jud£e« m urt.-u.ilj MUWM 4 Abound.'

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