The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 8, 1934 · Page 9
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 9

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 8, 1934
Page 9
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& ftJNDAY, JULY ft, 1*34. I THE PARIS NEWS, At The Grand Clsarli* Chan, portrayed by Gland, solves aaotlxer .mystery in the Fox ..picture*. "Charlie Chan's Courage" ' »t the- Grand. Theatre todav (Sun- Who threw jthe deadly killed a iaithfui Chinese ser? -Why did a p«t i parrot the bird, silencing that -forever? - "Who had been murdered at a, millionaire's lonely de»ext mansion . . . and where was the body? x» the questions brist- forth from the story by Earl .r>*rr Bitgers that have to be -•olved by the enigmatic oriental 4«t*c&ve created on the screen by Warner Oland. it is one of his most baffling mysteries. : - In current literature Chan has •npplanted Sherlock Holmes and %veri 3PhHo Vance- On the screen "Warner Oland has become def- Init«3y Identified as Charlie Chan *k> much ao that letters addressed - «imply to "Charlie Chan, TJ. S. A./* Save been delivered 10 Oland. - "The " leading feminine role has been given to beautiful Drue !-«>*ion,, talented star of the Broadway *tase, who makes her debut in a "leadias motion picture role in "Charlie Chan's Courage." She is one of the Fox debutante stars, Donald "Woods has the juvenile lead " opposite her. ".Charlie Chan's Courage" is Abased on Bisters' novel, "The Chinese Parrot." of a recover hita when >* become* a victim. How th« wife t*«ch«* her errant mate an tinforyettable lee- son is said to aive .a new and. un- ucual"" twist to the story mm w»U aM to afford the *tar an opportunity to display her dramatic talents to the yer>- best advantage. , Ralph Bellamy * will be seen a* the unfaithful husband, and beautiful Constance Cuznminss a» the woman who tenapts him to leave the straight "and narrow path Others in the cast are Sidney Blackmer. Kay Johnson, Charles Starrett, Ix>ui» Mason and Vivian Tobin. AVERY WILL GET WATERWORKS FUND Application for PWA Aid Is Approved; Annona Also Applies Application from citizens of Avery, east- of here, for PWA funds to finance a municipal waterwork system has been approved, according:, to word received from . Washington by Pat Beadle. local attorney representing the city of Avery- Beadle said as application for funds for a seWage system had also been approved by every department except the financial department. -with every indication that it would be passed here. Funds for the water system amounts to $22,000. Work on the project will get under way im- Application for .funds for a, similar project has al&o been made I by Annona. In the RKO-Radio comedy•drama, "This Man Is Mine." "which shows at the Lamar Theatre today and -Monday, Irene Dunne •••will b* seen in what is promised to be ajn entirely new type of. role foe her, : . This role, according to advices from the studio, is the foreran- ajer of a series cf more colorful charaeteriiations than, she has Bad In the pas*, role^ designed to .irive scope for her native fire and la "This Man Is Mine.*' which Is »JS adaptation of the stags suc- c«*3»: "Ix>vs Plies In The Window," lad star will be .seen as a resourceful wifsi who not only roanoenvers to* risk ner. husband ro the rcnTa- BARGAIXS IX FTJR>riTXrRE . AT BAKER. FUKSITUKE CO. MURDER HEARING AT ANTLERS ON MONDAY AXTL.ERS Ofela..— Preliminary hearing for J. W. Gillreath of Snow, charged with murder in connection with the death of Gus Randall last Wednesday, will be held Monday morning before Justice of the Peace M- A- Brock at 10 o'clock. Gillreath is alleged to have fatally -wounded Randall, Snow postmaster and merchant, followiissr a dispute over the election held the day before. Self defense will be the basis on -which Gillreath is to seek ac acquittal, Les Welch, his counsel, indicates. County attorney Buck Smith is expected to lead ths prosecution, assisted by I. C. Sprasue of Ida- be!. at t&e r>. H. Baker Ftzr- joiterc- Company. "The Kotise That Sells ^or iisss," are finding that bai^alns abound in every type of furniture. .A f«w of I&e many special bargains offered this -week by rhi= store Inclade e: T25 rug: for only flO, a. 9 x 3± size* a $35 kitchen cabinet for^"5 17.50. a. 555 «as stov« tor $15; * $25 iSsJi Boy" for. ?T5; * ¥35 Qarfcsville Revival j To Qose On Sunday j • j CI-iASKSVILIiE. — Tbe first I week cf the revival campaign j under way in the First, Baptist | church here conies to an end Sunday, the evangelist. Dr. "W. E. B. Lockridgre of TerreU discussing special topics. In tire morning nis subject will be "Christ, the Son." of "Caesar's Friend," TKe Day's Dial All Hour* Central Standard ,12:00 Xoon CBS Edith Mtir- ray. songs; NBC Gene Arnold and Commodoreiv 12 : :30 p. na. CBS TSTindy City Itevue;' XBC Concert Artists. 1:00 p. m. CBS T>etroit Sym-phony orchestra; XBC Talkie Picture *lme.- 1:39 p. na. NBC I>ancinc Shadows. 2rOO p. m. CBS Buffalo Variety Workshop; XBC r>Ion Kennedy, orcanist. 2:30 p. m. CBS Oregon on Parade; NBC Chicago Symphony Orchestra. 3:00 p. ZD. CBS The Playboys; XBC National Vespers. »r3O p= ra. CBS Prank Crcmlt, Julia. Sanderson, Shi!kret*s Orchestra: NBC Sentinel's Concert. 4:00 p. m. CBS Nick Lucas; NBC Catholic Hour. 4:30 p. m. XBC Guy Ix>m bar- do's Orchestra. 5:00 p. itu CBS Peter the Great, sketch; NBC Sflkezs Strings, Previn's Orchestra. 5:30 p. ao. CBS Chicaso Knisrht, music; NBC Gordon String quartet. ' 6:00 p. m. CBS George Jessel's Variety Hour; NBC Jimmy Durante, Hnbinoff orchestra. 7:00 p. m. CBS Harry Sosnick's orchestra; NBC Will Rogers, Goodman's orchestra. .7:30 p. na. CBS Fred Warlng's orchestra; XBS Album of Familiar jntisic. S:00 p. ra. CBS Wayne King's orchestra; NBC Hall of Fame. 8:30 p. m. CBS Forty-five JMinutes " in HollyTVOod; NBC Canadian Capers. 9:00 p.m. NBC "Irene Beasley, songs: 9:15 p. m. CBS I-iti!e Jack Little's orchestra; NBC Madame Schnmann-Heick. S:30 p. rn. NBC Ne^vs. followed by Freddie Barrens* orchestra. 9:43 p. m. CBS Johnuy Johnson's orchestra, 10:00 p. m. CBS Blue Monday Jamboree: NBC Edd!e Duchin's orchestra. 10:15 p. m. NBC Russ Colombo. Jimmy Grier's orchestra. 10:30 CBS Henry Basse's orchestra: NBC Hollywood on the Air. 11:00 CBS Earl HinesV orchestra; NBC Hal Kemp's orchestra. Sta-rfoa CBS SXATIOXS 5C:Soc ....... . ........ l i* ---- ..... ... Z.093 « ____________ s:o VTB3M. Chicago ............. 776 ACT>IBLE >"BC STATIONS \?BAP. Ft. XVorth WOAI, S«.a Aatoaio .......... 1.1 "5 Chicago ... ..... STa FERA/TQ USE 19Q ] P1JSHMATAHA MEN: Calto* OK Fo*r ; Otters later Pgojccte Mondaj Ofcla. — Six., work project* in th« county ar* j on the calendar of the FERA. for { next week, calling for^employment j of 190 tnen. officials announce, j Tiiirty workmen are ca&ed Mon- | day" for eacb. of the projects: j Sardls, Tusfcnoma. Few«ll, ;*ad | Ringold; forty at Flnley on Tssea-j day. and 30 at Jumbo on Friday, j Thirty-one men. are to be added on j the Jurabo project later. Notice cix-unox The St*t* or Texafc " To' 'tis*' or &zy Gossiaiilei of. Urr?ag- ,.&>vasy — j Grt*tingr: You ar« hereby corcjna»<l«fi, ] zlt3.z. you «uaanion l»y making j»ubUca.tioa j or tbis Oration ia »oca« a«wspap*r r published, in zsie couisty of Laraar is there be a, newspaper j»ublisSi«<l "stierBia. but if not. vi»ea : in tiie nearest couaty in each week 'or focr cons*cwiive previous to *he return day &ereo£ Tosa Beb«ts wiioa* resJ<tene* is unknown.- w> b* aad - app«*r fcaiex* th,* S£on. 62»<i. district court at the »«t rectilar *erni ther«cf. to be hoMen ia the county or I-asiar oa tise 6th. day e? .Aajcst, ;Ai>. 1SS4, at lie conn house thereof :"* Paris, Texu. then and ifc.«re TO answer a. petition filed, in *aj<i ccriirt, on the 7th. dav of July A. IX. 1S34, in ».- stttt numbered. OB ^be docket o£ said court No. 15333 wherein Ladle 3ebe* Is ,_^_ tliai for raore lhaa 12 prior ro the fIlia£ o£ this peution ane is AiMi has bft«a an aciaal bona. iid.e iRha.biia.nt ci th* State of T«sas. &»d Sas resided ia i-aaiar couniy ior ai 3ea«t six raont.i:s aex^ -pr«ceedinr-''tie liiinp o* tliia- suit: tiiat on or asout the 1st day of S«i>U 1925. jfiaiatitf ami d«f"i!<iaai were !a-wfc!Iy marri«d to eacii oti'er: thai riiey lived together as husband and •wiJft un'.H on or about tie ISth d.ay o? !>*= 1S3Z. when by reason o: thfe cruel and iiarsii tj-eatment. JS-nd. ir«prop«r coada«t of e«;«a<iat5t toward p^.iuiiif. she was forced aad _comp*x!ed to perman&ntly him which time they have not lived to- ^^^ in «n ?S5 ^Hroorn ccfte. ! „ , _. Y<m are invited to visit this \ Students at Commerce and sec these ftirnlture bar- ] . - - . 1 COilMHKCEL — Gold service IX H. BAKES FURXITGRB CO. | Medals were si v e?i to rive student-: * i The House Tftat Sells For 3L«?*5" l of fleers of East Texas State ' •i5 North 3Iain Street- Te5. 4.Q1. Teachers Coilesre Saturday rnorn- ins 'or their work throughout the past year, thes* beics: Clarence Jones, president of the student coaitciV Joe Woosley and Jim CaStrelir editor and business manasrer respectively of the East Texan, -weekly uevvspaper. and Mirrray O, Gentry aird Melton O-wens, editor and business manager of the Locust, the yearbook- the o£ 50 Probably y»» »r* too. "Hi* Fowwr l*iO'»»i,' -wjn t«U y«ytt tr> rfairry CITIES SERVICE POWER PROVER stop your gasolene waste! Get a 30 second power test and know your motor's efficiency >arsii. erael arkfi tyrannical , t to-A-ai-d fcer- -«r>ilcli secerai coadoct •»«": o* sucU naiur« a.s to reader their far- tv-e" Uviss -^oseiJier as Imsbaad a.BC wi-« insupportable a=<i premJses COR- sidtr^d, plaintir; -*as Joreed and cora- pfii^i to abaa-don him as aforesaid. Pllisiiff alleg-es tbat delecdajit. "»as 2—•a-" or violent ieinp*r and i«iempera.te hkbiia:' that vrbi:« tJiey lived tosetiter h* ik-o-ald -C0233.S hom« Crank aa-4 -abase tli-s plaJntii? a^d <iid so OB inmercwis occa^iocs; t-iia.1 aboa; oxi* year prior ;to their sr=para.tloii d*fsnd to-ward w=is plaiatitr a eo «tuds*<i course o£ vexa-tiorss condition of =3 worry . and «» ~tEfi inpairftd lier ts= b« cited 10 appear . for , costs ,or relief. S*n*ral and cial. ir> lanx- and rn «QBiEy, tba^. she y ba iaatly eatititd ;o aad. «be "wtli r pray. - said said court on lie said first dar — -— rtext terra" tier*i?f. -verit -witfc J'ffcr have executed tins- saute. '• Given under ray "hand arid seaT' of said _co«ir:, at office IE ^aris. T— Cl-rk L>isirict court I^-inar cos TSi^lE. Pursuant to »- Resolnticn passed or tie City Coii-cii of ^th« yi*? ol". Paps sTve""n«ice tita: an election by ^« <:uaiU;«d voters o* th* CJty of - -«.-;is. w»;-j <>i=-n taxable prop-rtF ir: sa.:d C'-ty ^rcperiy 1-sr taxation, -wJU ** —«*<S ^~~ ;-w««a the bonrs oi 5:0$ o'clock. A. X., aad £-00 o'clock. P. >!-. on -he 7th ca.;r o^ AuV^st. 1334. £or--tfc« porpos-: cf de- termir.iag the io'.lo-:»-i=s prcpositics: "\Vi«tiier or not the city of Pans i£e City ir. "t,Ji* sfsirn. of Seventy Thousand <5~S O30.CC> dollars, ar.a l«vy s rax aumcUai to pay tiie i=ier«t c:r the sai<l boTids to Iwar inT.-ires': iroirt date at a raio =oi exc«t<ii^E 4 T>er c^r,- annum, interest payablfi s«sai-a.===a:;y. Said bca<J» mattirins' s«ri».:iy at th« r*- sp«c,t:ve limes and in ihfc respective aaioar.ts. as may b- iii&d by ;h« C:ty Council; so ixsnd 10 be i»ued Jor a period «sc**d:n5 iliirty years rrora i;s <ls<* ana all beads to be isswed -or tie psirpose of b-^iMins Sewer Z>:s- pos4U Plums. ccTistr-uctlon of sian-tol*^ and. »c large rsent a-<i irapraves«=* oi' tfce pr*s«3t S^^er System asd to b* itaowa as S«T*r Coastr-ciien Eociis. Th« polls 11.5- pl3.~rat and fic^rs cf sa.Id eli^ction »h \VARI> 1: Central 5~ir« Statics. r>. r sicms c,- &« re-sp-^c- "WARD ~- ilasoaic Sliis- Gra=d A^*,. W. H. %Vri4fht- presidics officer; ipr You're -wasting money every time yoa drive your car found a. way to stop dbi» ncfdlets was«r! But I*Sb School, I<. TV. The forTn o£ balJoi to b«t iistid :said *leetKvzs ior ti<os« "votiKg- ia favor of th* issO£.aca c; bosds shtU b? <£ A aew izxstmrccnc, the Goes Service Power Provcr, •will tell you quickly and precisely the amount of gasolene that is corning through yo«r £xhaosc ptp«— teasled gasolene. Tb* Power Prover analyzes the ucburned, 'wasted gasolene and records its findings in per ceot of cornb*zsnon emdeocy on as easUh*- read dial — in less than * minute- Then vour car is tuned accurately and scientifically by an expert mechanic, using specially precision tools, to bring: it up to effiaeocy. Your car emerges from die Tuning Routine with surprising new energy — new power —new pick-up—new smoothness—saving •you money on gasolene and oiL CITIES SERVICE POWER PROVER WUJL B£ AVAH-VBUE IN PARIS, JULY 9, 10 AND 11 M*Jcc an appointment oow to Jwrp« yoor cmr t«ste<3 on the Power Prover, The com- boscioo cfedcncy reading will cose you nothing; a complete toning of ignition, riming mod cuburetioa only SO cents per cylinder. The Power Prover b*s improved the performance and cut gasolene and oil costs of more than 250,000 motor vehicles. Wh»t it has done for others it can do for YOU. Inquire at your nearest LORECO Service Station for details "j?or tit* isscaze* cf S«ir»r Co:- strtictios Bends, Scries ns*4." tracf.on Sosds, Series *'IS34." Th* *i*ctica to !>« iieiii ia accerdi^c* with, the O<Ber*l El«ctSo= I-s 1 *-? cf »hi S.t*t». in so r»i- as tie »arr:« ara ap- previsloss or tii« City Oiirter. S^Tsry o-wTisr o* r».x«bl» prcperty in th* City of f^tris. wiio has daiy resd- ^r*J. aa.:d property ior tasaiioa, ir. i who la cuiistrcd to vote ;or^n of th* Is'jrislarsre ef th« »tst* ar.d Cjty for 5il <S> <%om&$, str:£ in "h- IV'ard in wfcicit he oTicrs to vdf far »f th« City or"P»ri* *Jfi.xed, this :he ""* * * *J. M." CROOK ilayor. C:ij- of Paris Att««t; >Jrs. Cdoa? Parte. CJty »«cr«T3irT. city of Paris. ^ SAIJC 1 THTSTATE OF TSXAS. Cc-uaty cT ! By virt3« of SLS or^r of s*>- ! Coari of QaUi* Cos=ty, »StJ» Jisdijia. S I>!stric! or T»3t»» os *b« IS day «f | JUTS* A, I>. ISS4. by th* Clerk th«-«of. ta *fc# cx*» of Soailtwestwra l^f^ ST*- »-3rmne» C*.. «. «orp*r».Iioa, versus iL S- frrrtMl to ws •"Rxrthl*"> E. J., Jr.. *n<5 '»if«v iSyrtt* Burns S, J. Burn*. Tit* Scottish Araeric*a Moricaii;* Co>. X>!«!.. «. corporatJoa, lie First Xat- i<an«7 B*ssk of r>*troit * cor per *t{ on. ar-.d >lr», J*w«» 5S«»r« N^o, SSSS-C. ar.d «o Ttt». us Sfc*rtT? Directed snsi <J«::v«r*d. to s««i for c»»5i. w;:>.;» «te»<l by !a-w ft>r SJs*r-.*r» Sal««. <vss tn» first ToesMSay ir. Aas*j«; A. «>. 1SS4. « twfTir tb* 7th a»y of «"»5'1 wocth, t*fnr» the Court K<>us« cloor of Fleet owoew «nd bos operators arc especially urged to tar-estigate Power Piovef Service. It has brought improved performance and greater economy f» more than 4,000 fleet operators. LOT-CO Golden Flash, Lorcoo Ethyl Gafolene, Qries Service and Koolmotor Oils and Greases, Acme Tires and Acme Batteries LOUISIANA OIL REFINING CORPORATION to •wit: Part of tJ»« J*rr;<^ y. en B'osnn-'Wi Prmlr 1 .*, an.-? TR« I*nd conf«y»d to M. EL SoTomon I>>* T» B. ISS, pa** t a. srtak*. th« N a »:*!;*: Th«ac« S -jnaic* In Swrvey; North 89 3-1 CITIES SERVICE IN THf SOUTH on th« C5t?i day o? Jus«* ISS*. «* te« j «f K. J, Bwrrci To iwJtj-fy * i mwouTitlnf to $s*?3.1S ts* i of A. By € O, Two Men Played An Important Part In The Life Of Marsha Moore SHE MARRIED ONE TO ~ SPITE THE OTHER, PROVIDING THE MOST INTERESTING ROMANCE EVER PUBLISHED IN THE NEWS Seldom do'\we hesir of. or read about the woman who marries for spite . . . but that is just what impulsive Marsha Moore did when she married one man to spite another, and suddenly found herself and her affairs swept along to a conclusion she had not expected*. Spite Marriage ^y Katherine Haviland Taylor Starting In The Paris News Monday July Read every \vord of this novel, and find just which one of the men she did marry for spite. Geoffrey Tarleton and Bob Powers are the two admirers of Marsha who suddenly become embroiled in events that make this novel by Katherine Haviland Taylor the most interesting ever published daily by this paper, ^ O w Paris News

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