Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 18, 1998 · Page 20
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 20

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1998
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY GLOBE, tronwood, Ml Iron fair premium list (Continued from Page 21) 21. Emergency meal menu using preserved foods. State emergency circumstance. 22. Display of comparison of different preservation containers. Describe advantages and disadvantages of each. 23. Other related Age of member 13 years and older 24. to 46. Same as age of member 9-12 years old. 47. Dried fruit or vegetables. 48. Any other. 49. Cost comparison of purchased canned, frozen' or dried items to those done at home. 50. Educational poster related to methods of canning and free,zing foods, utensil used. Statement of purpose must accompany poster. 51. Poster on food preservation safety. Department 26-Y Clothing Clothing Revue Rules Open to members enrolled in Clothing & Consumer Projects (Let's Sew series 4 Looking Good and Recycling Projects), Items made in school may not be entered in this department, A limit. of 4 items or outfits may be modeled in the Revue. Items modeled in Revue must be entered in the fair in order to receive premium;). All exhibits must be products of exhibitors work. Fair entries (sewn articles) must be accompanied by a 3x5" card with the following information: a) fiber content b) type of interfacing, if used c) intended care d) intended use e) approximate cost of garment (including time spent) f) pattern company & number g) preparation of fabric and notions used. State Clothing R«vue Delegates will be selected at the County Revue. Delegates must be aged 14-19 to participate at the State Fair. CLOTHING REVUE CteM A~1»tt 2nd yemr member*, age* 440 Same as Class C CteM 0 - r*f 4 2nd year member*, age* 10 4 11 Same as Class C CteM C - 1*t 4 2nd year mem- bun, age* 12 4 oMer Pnmium 3.00,2.50, 2JS, 2.00 1. Simple skirt. 2. Simple top. 3. Outfit for casual 4. Outfit for best wear. 5. Article for another individual 6. Personaliz«! ready-to-wenr outfit. 7. Ready-to-wear outfit. 8. Pantn or ohortH. 9. Sportswear 10. Simple dres* or jumper. 11. Sleepwenr, 12. Outerwear. 13 Knitted or crocheted item. 14 Recreational item or outfit , etc-J — Thursday, June 18,1998 15. Recycled Garment. 16. Recycled accessory 17. Recycled purse or bookbag. CteM D - 3+ yemr* in protect age* 10 A 11. Same as Class F Cte« E - 3-9 year* In project age* 12 Voider Same as Class F CteM F - more thmn 6 year* ot prof** Pnmium 3.00,2.50,12S, 2.00 1. Skirt * top. 2. Swimwear with cover-up. 3. Outfit for casual wear. 4. Outfit for best wear 5. Article for another individual. 6. Personalized read-to-wear outfit. 7. Ready-to-wear outfit with accessories. 8; Pants or shorts. 9. Sportswear. 10. Drens, jumper with blouse, or skirt with blouse & vest. ll.Steepwear. 12. Winterwear or other Outerwear. 13. Knitted or crocheted garment. 14. Recreational item or outfit (jogging suit, etc.). 15. Tailored jacket 16. Blazer & pants or skirt FAIR EXHIBITS Cte« G - 1st 4 2nd year member*, age* 8 4 9. Same as Class I CteM H - 1 ft 4 2nd year member*, age* 10-11. Same as Class I CteM I - 1st A 2nd year member*, age* 12 4 older. Pnmkirru 1.75,130, MS, 1.00 1. Simple skirt 'with' elastic waistband. 2. Simple skirt. 3. Simple blouse or shirt 4. Simple article for clothing care. 5. Simple accessory of self. 6. Dress or jumper 7. Sportswear. 8. Sleepwear, 9. Jogging suit. 10. Knit top. 11. Ready-to-wear garment, with description. 12. Personalized ready-to-wear, with description. 13. Pants or shorts. 14. Item with decorative stitching. 15. Item for use with other 4H project 16. Stuffed animal nr other Bluffed toy. 17. Stuffed pillow. 18. Recycled garment with description. 19. Article for someone else. 20. Display of basic Hewing items, with description*?. 21. Sown doll or other nown toy, 22. Display of 3 or more mending techniqufH. 23. QuilU-d item. 24. Appliqucd item. 25. Holiday item. 26. Article for home um>. 27..Tote bag, gym bag, or knapsack, 28. Non-wearnble item. 20. Recycled accessory or other item. 30. Display on good gnximing. 31. Any nther, related to pro- jrrt. Page 22 CteM J - 3+ yemr* In protect, age* 10 A 11 Same as Class L CteM AC - 3-6 year* in project, age*12toMer Same as Class L CteM L - More than 6 year* in protect Pnmium 3JJC, 2.7S, 230,125 1. Skirt. 2. Pants or shorts. 3. Blouse or shirt. 4. Display of clothing care. 6. Skirt, vest & blouse or jumper & blouse. 6. Dress. 7. Sportswear. 8. Sleepwear. 9. Jogging suit. 10. Kniltop. 11. Formal wear. 12. Personalized ready-to-wear, with description. 13. Non-wearable item. 14. Item with decorative stitching. • 15. Items for use with other 4H project. 16. Stuffed animal or other stuffed item. 17. Tot* bag, gym bag, or knapsack. 18. Recycled or updated garment with description. 19. Article for someone else. 20. Display of advanced sewing items. 21. Sewn doll or other sewn toy. 22. Display of 4 or more mending techniques. ' 23. Quilted item. 24. Appliqued item. 25. Holiday item. 26. Article for home use. 27. Accessory for self. 28. Mended, darned, or repaired item. 29. Beachwear. 30. Lingerie. 31. Suit or tailored jacket. 32. Original garment, designed & made by exhibitor. 33. Display of 4 or more related sewing techniques with explanations. 34. Display of wardrobe planning, grooming, or purchasing. 35. Horse accessory. 36. Riding apparel. 37. Riding accessory. 38. Ready to wear 39. Any other, related to project. CteM M - Looking Good member*, age* 8-11 Same as Class N CteM N • Looking Good mem- ben, age* 12 A over Pnmium i25,2.00,1.73, 1.00 1. Friendship bracelet or necklace. 2. Display showing personal color and line concepts. 3. First aid display. 4. Complete Ready-to-wear outfit with accessories. 5. Display of mending techniques. 6. Personalized item, with description. 7. Personal care display. 8. Suitcase/travel display with chart describing wnrdrobe powsi- bilities. 9. Personal'health plan with chart of propreHS. 10. Cost analysis dinplay of purchased vs. sewn item*. 11 Clothing rare display. 12. Display of shopping trip, including description of situation, need, costs, results. 13. Display describing fabric fibers and weaves. 14. "Feely-box" or other display of textures. 15. Display of clothing evolution of historical clothing. 16. Created or personalized accessories. 17. Personal Critique of "before it after" makeovers found in magazine. 18. Display of clothing related careers. 19. Analysis display of 3 clothing items. 20. Analysis display of cash vs. credit purchase*. 21. Display of raw materials to clothing purchase process. 22. Any other rated to project. Department 27-Y Knitting and Crocheting CteM A: Knitting, Age* 9-12 Premium 2.00,1.75, 130, MS 1. Slippers. 2. Hat. 3. Headband. 4. Scarf. 5. Two needle mittens. 6. Any other article. 7. Simple sweater. 8. Sampler Afghan. 9. Potholders (made of wool). 10. Any other related project 11. Any related visual CteM B: Knitting, Age 13 and over . Pnmium 2.00,1.75, 1.50, MS 1. Slippers. 2. Hat. 3. Headband. 4. Two needle mittens. 5. Any other article. 6. Simple sweater. 7. Sampler afghan. 8. Potholders (made of wool). 9. Any other related project 10. Any related visual CteM C: Advanced Knitting Pnmium 3.00, 2.50, 2.00, 1.SO 1. Slippers. 2. Hat. 3. Vest. 4. Two needle mittens. 5. Any other article. 6. Simple sweater. 7. Sampler afghan (containing a comb of various stitches). 8. Buttonhole raglan cardigan worked from neck down. Any yam, may have pattern stitch. 9. Set-in sleeve pullover or cnr- digan, embroidery if desired, any yarn. May have pattern stitch. 10.Pullover or cardigan with mixed colors, carrying yarn. 11. Pullover or cardigan with mixed colors, bobbin knitting. 12. Afghan. Pnmium 2.00, 1.75, 130, MS 13. Four needle mittens. . 14. Four needle nocks with turned heel. 15. Any other related project 16. Any related visual CteM D: Crocheting, ege9-13 Pnmium 2.00, 1.75, 130, MS 1. Slippers. 2. Potholder (made of wool) 3. Belt. 4. Hat. 5. Scarf. fi. Simple vent. 7 Poncho. 8. Sampler afghan. 9. Any other article. 10. Any related visual CteM E: Crocheting, age 14 year* and otder Pnmkm 340,2.50, 125,2.00 1. Slippers. 2. Hat. 3 Scarf. 4. Purse. 5. Mittens. 6. Simple vest. 7. Shawl or poncho. 8. Sampler afghan. 9. Any other article. 10. Simple doily. 11. Crocheted toy. 12. Sweater. 13. Other article 14. Related visual Department 28- Y Home Environment CteM A: Exploring Your Home Pnmium 1.75, 130, MS, 1M 1. Chair seat cushion. 2. Set of 4 place maU or tablecloth. Include description of dishes-silver to be used. 3. Decorative pillow (no kit*). 4. Message board for telephone. 5. Wastebasket made or recovered. Include photo of room article is used for. 6. Flower arrangement using fresh, dried or artificial materials. Include diagram-description to show where used. 7. Any stenciled article for home. 8. Pillow for child's room. 9. Mat framed photo-picture. Include, room description and samples. 10. Shoe bag. 1 1 . Garment bag or protector. 12. Cosmetic or bath supply organizer. 13. Poster illustrating a color scheme for a room. Explain which room and why that color WOB chosen. 14. Design notebook. Include samples of experiments done with color, line, texture, space or shape. 15. Wall hanging. 16. Creative plant container. 17. Plaque made of natural materials. 18. Dried weed arrangement. 19. Creative accessory for room: mobije, box, etc. designed by exhibitor. Include diagram or description to show where used. 20. Creative stitchery article (kits allowed) (cross-stitch, needlepoint, etc.). Include diagram or description to show where used. 21. Creative wreath-swag (ie. grapevine, pinecone, etc.) de- sJRned by exhibitor. Include 3"x5". card f-xplaining where used. 22. Any other relating. CteM B: LMng With Other* Pnmium 2.00, 1.75, 1.50, MS 1. Set of 4 plnce mats, tablecloth or runner. 2. Simple curtains. 3. Kitchen appliance cover. 4. Decorative pillow (no kits). 5. Floor pillow, at leant 24" 6. Bulletin board for bedroom 7. Rug. (Continued on Page 23)

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