The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 16, 1932 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1932
Page 10
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THt THE DAILY NEW*, FIZDEKICK, MB., MONDAY, MAY 16,1933. BANK CASEISAM Preliminary Lega! Questions Before Allegany Judges. The Merry-Go -Round CARROLL GASES FEMOVED;?--.3 *· f "^ Cour. '.:- A.;a: berUad. riearc *: la the ca«- -"- '- -' L. CM aac S E..T. : Er- --. . . the cl-?ed Ctrr.-s. 1"- c.-.y. an; Gr--r; *.V At de!er.dar.:s. C.:.-: J -:·· the a'..")! ·'·a . S3!5 frr-r. !-3 :93: a: · the Cer.--=". 2.000AIANNUAL MAY FETE AT HOOD | and players led to Brodbeck Han. The fete wa» given under the direction Miss Mary Catherine Thompsoo. On Saturday evening a dance given by the Marionette* in Coblentz ' Ball for the faculty, i and seniors. alumnae, 'uniors -.Wedding Ahead? MM T FIEF CLAIMS DELEGATES Largest Campus Event Of Year Held At College. SEEK LEGISLATION : 10 BENEFIT LABOR DANCE HELD AT NIGHT 28th Annual Convention Opens i At Cumberland Today. e".;OPPOSED TO IHJUNCTIONS\ ' Shakespeare's ··Midsummer Night's ( Dream " was artistically presented by Undents of Hood College at the ' May EHy feie Saturday j More than 2.000 persons, it was estl- ' mated, from Philadelphia. Baltimore 1 Washington. Hag-wstown, Harrisburg. : Lancaster aad other place* attended · the celebration. Tbe criaraciers of the ; Baltimore. May 15.--Kgisla-.ioe beoe- . rtrajnauzation irere cleverly impersonal- fltsng labor in Maryland will be dis- ed and elicited much applause. j ciiised a.'. the twenty-eighth annual | i The play was given In an improvised i convention of the Maryland Stale and j j theater on the lawn in front of Brod- 1 Dtstrir. of Columbia Federation of La- ;. j beck Hall and ample provision was 1 made for the large crowd. The stage 1 ; built between two overhanging trees made a realistic background for tee presentation The festivities began ·bout 10 o'clock in the morning with th* annual baseball game between the i fathers and daughters. The contest. I which was close and exciting, was wit- i FederaiMKj o. Labor. bor at Cumberland tomorrow. Th* ses- : s:oni will continue three ciays j Five measures which organized labor hopes to present a.' the next session o' ·be Maryland Legislature, will be brought, -j? for discussion, according to Henry P. Broening, president of tot State Federation and of the Baltimore Poiir of these measures wili be introduced by Mr. Broening. while the flfth will be presented by P. C. Handel. vic«- president of the state body and b-jsi- he e-.e Taylcr. Mr .'.'-'. 'Avr*- .»--. fr*.: :r. .t p!.-.i *- .;:.c :'.:«; ·;.- Alt .rr.ey \V -.:.o-r^ : S'a'.., .- A ' t . r n Clar/: dcn:-i.r»0 C lianjc of Vciiur Cranlrd. was .'1 cu ..- Mr Pi3 o.) n- the Wa^h.r.r.or. Trtist C "np.v.i- i...:- cott Ci'v t- t'.'.c .-!'" Co:r.- . ......t . - * . n «^'' -· _ pany. wr.icr. ur^ t..','X p ^ ~ rnent Mr Ka'.vls ;ur-.:-r r it.-'TXfs'. that the ir.cU-trn !··· ciid :-.,- i'.-.-.".- mv ,, . 'X T. T-i i ^ * " . - - " · r * * " O crime asri!"*t ;· P n ---- ^ - - ·- ··* ·aw. Mr. Cooler. 1 .:. Mr M-.. - Mr Summer'; .ir.c. M. B management .."-·.-"·_·· " ". ·h? Centra: Tr_=' C --." St.\:o Further Clue Submitted To Police In Lindbergh Case. It seemed evident an intensive sifting of the Condon-Curtis clues was going on in the hope of drawing forth some- pertinent threads that would mate the net in which to bag the fiendish criminals. In Good Health. Dr. John Grier Hibben. president of Princeton University, a close persona! frlt-nd of Lindbergh, was in communication with the flyer's estate during "I have been told Co! and Mrs. Lindbergh are both perfectly well " ers. The measures to be discussed include laws prohibiting the importation of prison-mad* goods inso the state, the establishment of a current raw of wages in Maryland, and the reductioa of working hours for women from ten to eight a day. Opposed To Injunctions Another measure to be urged will be E-T..C-. L Or.-v?r I ·.-; .ini S M.-C Ma- Mi. -run.-: C Th 3ir.« KIni.-r Br. -*n. .f \V STUDY THOUSANDS PHOTOS WACHTER GUILTY It i.« Convicted Oa One Count By Baltimore Jnrr. nessed by a number of persons and was | · won by the fathers. 15 lo It. ! At S.30 o'clock in the morning, tiie Sophomore Class serenaded Miss Mar- , . , , ; !an Rudy. Yoric. Pa., and proclaimed ° eis a?ra '- or '-"* lOca | her Queen of May Day. At the same j time and in the same manner. Miss { Louise Lamade. WUUasnspor*. Pa., was proclaimed Pnnce Hood. Miss Helen Pilat. New York City, was chosen Jester, and M'ss Katherice Francies, Pittsburgh, maid of honor, and Miss Patricia Sullivan. New Kensington, Pa., j best man. While these honors were j conferred by a vote of the student body .. . , the result was kept, secret until the ^, K ^ !t traditional announcement early the morning of the celebration. The May Fete, the largest and most important campus celebration of the year, began at 2.30 o'clock with an overture from Mendlessohn. bv Miss Elizabeth Gabel. riol'n; Miss Ruth Gsbel. violincelio. and Miss Miriam j Rhoad;. piano. Following the Maypole dance, which was colorful and elicited much applause, the heralds. Miss Harriet McClelland, and Mas Helen Craig. announced the conrnff of the Queen and Prince Hood and the court procession. Attired in appropriate costumes, especially designed for the production. Expect To Add 100 More To Total This Week. HOOVER MEEDS BUT 44 *:-. ^".-.-nd-'Cj.-r- .ir.--^r:'-d to .--:.-.:: r-ird Maj - V'A l N J . Ma IT -- John Car'..- Norfolk. Va.. l.T.^micdi- :i-. '. ?-e,! addi:inr:a! questions at ".:-a;!i j.irtor? at the Lindbergh '.he principals tnd coon attendants Baltimore. May 15.--Edmund J. marched to the theater and the plav Wachter. former purchasing agent of! began. Baltimore, was found guilty tonight by: The ladles of the court were Misses a criminal court jury on one of IS i Louts* Patterson. Eleanor Bowles. rp:;;d matter o! fsri the rec:rd-- t-! curatctT kcp- ments ar.d r.l'. pos'.tors hv. ;· f ^- --.^- ---'- £k?. . A*u..~ w ... ra.'uc d;:e -. - offirrrs hz 1 . .' o! the m -:·.-:- for the bsr.': Mr \V'-.r.o- ·ASS ar.::3uii-.-d official-y. counts in a bribery indictment against j Katherine Francies Martha Emenck. for f-jrther him. The jurj- was out more than 21 j Adeline Dodd. Elisabeth Irwln. Cath- ho;lrs - . erlne St. Clair. Thelma Mason and | The smjle count on which the jury j Sarah p auon . The gentlemen of the i preference on ail public work the Slate. Mr. Bandel will present a bill to prevent the use of injunctions in labor disputes. "The purpose of introducing this discussion." Mr. Broening said, "is to get the State body prepared lor an intensive campaign during the meeting of the Legislature next year." The convention will be addressed by Rev. Bruce McDonald, pasvor of the Westminster Presbyterian church; John Manning, secretary and treasurer oi the national label trades department of the American Federation of Labor, and Raymond W. Bellamy. Federal Director of Employment for Maryland. WilUam Green, president of the American Federation of Labor, and Frank Morrison, secretary of that organization, have been invited. New York political and social circles - · are playing with a rumor that Doris within Duke , abovc , ,i, e - r . s j les .. gjri in the world." and New York State Senator Elmer F. Quinn i below) wiU marry. The report his be*-n denied both by Mi.v» Duke, -iho is heiress to S50.000.000. and by Senator Quum. Washington. May 15.--Franklin D Roosevelt's campaign for the Democratic presidential sojcisat^oc will start, up again tomorrow with his supporter! claiming 100 or more delegates will be added to his column before th* weei is over. Opposition to trie New York governo; irill take New Jersey's 32 !n Tuesday', primary without a contest. Alfred E Smith, who is expected to control thi. group, also is conceded a majority o Connecticut's 16 to be named at con vention Tuesday. Roosevelt farces, however, expecte* t.o offset the loss of these 40 odd con vention votes by capturing possibly a! of.the following: Kansas. 20r New Mexi co. 6: Morgana. S; South CaroUsa, 18 Vermont. 8: District of Columbia, 6 Tennessee. 24; Oregon. 10; Nevada. 6. Those in Oregon and the District o Columbia will be selected at primaries the others at state conventions. President Hoover, who needs only more pledged votes to cllnch^the nornis ation is expected by his managers pick up these easily out of the 87 Re publican delegates to be selected dur ing the week as follows: yer Jerss? 33; Montana. 11; Alabama. 19. Vermotx 9. and Oregon. 13. Roosevelt has no delegates in. the Sel in New Jersey. The delegation ail! b instructed "oat controlled by Mayc Hague, who is allied with Smith. H reputedly favors Owen D. Young; how ever, as his first choice for President^ nomination and either Newton D. Bake or Gov. Albert C. Ritchie as a second. The Dead Sea has no outlet an noes not. contain animal life. Bird and animals avoid the region. ~T*^*s r~v A v * TODAY '' I THE- S N V WODLD NX/AD \ . V . V ? h±r_ ZJ l \ o; the oreman of fore or r.r.3 .:- ":r-. -.i-r- cX?./-.- Br.-..* r. p. Tr.-. C-rr.s-i-y ^"^ :!ia: "-".·· f Ho-, -.r J memberr o.' ;.-.c tors ;n tr.r Wa-. at the :;rr.e .: m Trust Corr.rja-.y State's A-'orr.?v of Jerome Lauc-'.l.n ^ - poir.ted frr :hc--c ra.-.^ ly err.p'.oved r.'.torr.i ton TrjJt. Cm-.3sn the main ~r^--cc-.:-. ants ar.: -« or.c ^ record :r. sch.-'-.f of '. T-ust said r?m.par.i .r. -.:; In the C^-^-.;.: C 30. with th'- Cor.-r which is tr.c 1 ba,-:-; S5auist the ccf-:.da:-.t.« Mr. Wc.r.brr; f.;r'.:-. -r Oc-"..irJ-d :!'- «i by a zrar.d ;urv v . ' h a r.A-::.e fo- man zr.c. -\-r.cue r.i- rr.--rs T «- r 3. -,,= ana iTittrr^tcd r.r.c "'r..-- 7. -^--^ :ic*. i * by the asjistar.: Sf- ' A"--:--.. :---- iou5l~ emp'.^yoc ir- 1 ; -ex." ?-- '-.c VV'A^' ingtoc THIS: Co-.^.r.;.. a.: .-f tihi. .-VLIJED AIR VICTORY M.r 16. !!!S. fl: . in th-- air I; 1 .*? aav ix-f-.T.'. t.-e : and Fr--:;,-li -,M-:r. aloft in Pla:-.d F'-ar-.-ior-s ar.d ac.-ir.t-:c '.;: 7,-! ma- .'..:u« Or. May S i - · - . -1: a'.iri n - a \ y or: the I ! ..i'.:..: To H-:«··*-,,·::. N J . May :5--Tr.e fever- _«h hunt c-'.^r land, rea ar.d !.icy for the ;r..!:", .:n lo tilt* peT^nal effort-.' 5 of Col. .i^.vi · Jaf.«:e" of ;h? C.IM sought to pick :'rmi a ro^ac's sr.ilery the of ·!:e eitorti":ia: to uhom he paid J50.- I'O? Dr F Condon, the 72-year- · :d eaurat'r. «h tos=«d tho parscet of mo:'.!--.- to a jn the murky stillness S. .1 rerr.otcry n«*ar his New Yor!c home, ap^and ,\' New Yoric po'.icc neadqaar- tfrs s'l^rt'.v after noon He TI..V; ac.'ormanied by three mc3. aol.c'.fd to · Now Jersey detectives. Tour O\er Fliotos. Tin". ·»«--.* at or.ce 'o the Bureau of Criminal lacrit.ftration. -.\here thou. ^.i:-.:j; -f cr'rr.:nil picfiros -xore on file H: 1 ';:--. 'ator they -,%ere still pouring over reported its verdict charged him with i court were accepting $1821 in connection with pur- tricia Sullivan chases of tires from the automobile tire concern la 1937. less than a month after he had taken office. Vivian Carlson. Pa- Janice Archer. Louise In 1339 half of England's troops were archers, and by 1360 practically all of the archery troops were mounted The men used a bow about 5 feet in length, and a 3-foot arrow. Lamade. Elizabeth Walton. Frances Felser. Geneva Ely. Neva Smith. Yir- g'.ziis. Magee and Katherins Ayers. all of whom were attired in Elizabethan costumes. The May Queen was becomingly attired In white satin gown and Prince Hood wore a blue suit. At the conclusion of the play the recessional of the Queen. Prince Hood STICKLER SOLUTION DEALING See rf you can switch the letters around » as to spefi a word that is tKe name of 3 place that ts best known tor if5 dates. ifeiiJSJSi^tM^^ HENDRICKSON'S usher in National Cotton Week With 500 Fresh New COTTON FROCKS AN OPEN LCTTER TO OUR FRIENDS AND OffTOM£RS IN FREDERICK AND VICINITY » » cay troops \Vl- -.f '..:?-·--' c^ ' h ' .-ol.~.fors of . c-'to-.to7.« of 'ric r. f.-r Fr« :r.r^.:;.i A'i«tr:ar: -ntort-i Asolor." Br:t.'h i' vurr;e\ ^- tr-.:.-%*ri ar.c lK»:r.btvI the c:t- ·-.-.\vs nr.a 10:1 tr»::u= · -.- raf :r. the a;r ?.·.· -lar.fs T»er- .-.i.-'t do^T. or Saar- :'.-.: tip d : v .e Ar.i -. ·--T.-.-B.ts ;:i?r ti'.is nun--ar.d the five R3*ig rs a:th \ihoni John Hughes Cur- ! i C 1- . L.r.abi-rsh himself negoti- i Clayed a part .n the kidnapping ! i:rcor or n'.err'.y tried to commer- 1 a cr:mo committed rjy others, j e r.:.vir q :.-.-.t..j:: confrc-r.tir.g the j Up ar.d d»-^:! the Eastern coast j ra.-oj '^ c.:;t-rs. some hundred smaller i v.crnmcr.t c r a f t ?.nd a comp'.omcnt. of .»j-p'..-.r;05. all hca-.".y armed. :a quest of tr.e \£-s^i". usesJ by the gar.;, which tortured C-'. I in jborch with e-.-5«ne rcp-^ris SCOT, his s.". ' horn t hey claim- cc 10 oe 'h'ir capii'.e T:» CTat Guard 5parrhTs had a full c?.5cr.-^-..--r. of t'ne bcit ar.d the men. :.;rr._--.·-£ them by Curtis through the N"^ Jerj*;. ofllc'.als C C CARTY : Leaders Hail Marching Million iool ·n. k».plr* th. faith ,1th pri««. an tt«l ;oa will alva? a Ssi ^O»rtr'»- be»n and i,- qarttv. prioaa «-a -a b» ccntlnaad vltbeut ^aaliTlostica · v ^ic* of c. c. CJBTT. isoosEcaiara i in tt - - * -3 t it at* the stor*. Ir.taot. .icr». jfaaa W. Salts. »·/ ilo-t Mr- Kajaai* Socle" ** c- e. Naturally, this ever reliable store would have a complete showing of the season's newest styles "and materials by the yard. Always Acceptable! Dotted Swiss Dresses All White or Pastel * -f Qf^ Colors JL *«7O Eyelet Batiste, Pique, Duralin and Lawn Wash Frocks Great Assortment of Other Styles Sizes 14 to 52 $1.00 to $2.95 | Special Feature Sale of A. B. C. COTTONS for NATIONAL COTTON WEEK! Assortment of Fast Color Materials, wear. Formerly up to 39c yard. For summer c'aai-rnar. of t.-s C ·:'- iscz- C rr.x-sar io -'. C .rr.ra - -5.-ars- Josef V S ta'..r: -.irtia.; -.- i'and Wjrsers' Ir^pect.oc; » nd M L Ki.«-^i P..JC rr.ire :.-.; PA.S.-AO M.v, Dr. ;· N.sola. Lor..:iV -0.1 000 tirorkfr.- dc-mrr-flra-..-;-. :.-r:i3 13 a 100- r - t r c tv.': :o ^!,T · '. ^f MoloUf. caa;r;ran of the Oer.tril SKecutiv« Com- OUR INCORPORATION SALE offers many opportunities to purchase at tremendous savings... come early and make your selections. If the wedding isn't until June you'd be wise to buy your furniture now ... We'll gladly hold your purchases for future delivery. C. C. CARTY INCORPORATED for this week 2Bc yard TOUK HOT WEATHER NEEDS--NOW! I| If it's made of Cotton--Hendrickson's has it § in stock. I SMOCKS - MIDDY BLOUSES - LISLE and I NET BLOUSES - HOOVERETTES - MAIDS § UNIFORMS - BED SPREADS - HAND| MADE GOWNS - BOYS' WASH SUITS I GIRLS' JACK TAR TOGS. g., _^_^^ ^---- ..-_-. i BUY QUALITY AND HAVE NO REGRETS! Hi 1MB 48-52 East Patrick Street Frederick, Md. /^MERCHANDISE OF MC/Z/T /877 r\«f\^r\nfvafvf^n/\ft/\ai^tsf^lgl^^

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