The News from Frederick, Maryland on August 31, 1967 · Page 30
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 30

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1967
Page 30
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Page B-8 TUP \K\VS. Fredrrii-k. M u t \ l : m l Thursday. August :tl. 191:7 Give Roasting Chicken A WhirJ Labor Day is the last long summer weekend. So celebrate; with a bang-up party -- lots of good food. How about plump roasting chickens cooked on the rotisserie (indoors or o u t ) , basted with a special herb sauce. Big plump ones for a change, instead of broiler-fryers. ROTISSERIED CHICKEN 1 or 2 roasting chickens, fresh : or frozen Salt Herbed Basting Sauce Thaw, if frozen, either in re- i frigerator or in cool tap wa- j ter. Wash, drain and wipe dry Sprinkle cavities with salt. Tie legs together, then to tail. Skewer or tie neck skin to back Hook wings back and under breast, if desired. Cook giblets and neck" separately, as desired. Follow manufacturer's directions for rotisserie. Or insert spit rod tiuuugh body and m-ck cavities. Insert the holding forks into the ends of the chickens. Test for balance by rotating in the palms of the hands, trten tighten screws securely. Brash the chickens with Herbed Basting Sauce. Place in 400 degrees (hot) rotisserie. Cook chicken 30 to 45 minutes depending on weight of j chicken. Set temperature con trol at 350 degrees Continue roasting until chicken is tender, about 30 to 40 minutes, bruh- I ing occasionally with basting ' sauce. Chicken is done when the thickest part of the drumstick feels soft when pressed with the fingers. Use a folded paper towel to protect fingers when testing. Let stand about 10 minutes for easier carving. Herbed Basting Sauce: Combine one-third cup corn oil, three ! tablespoons wine vinegar, Vz | teaspoon salt, '/ 4 teaspoon rose- i mary, J « teaspoon pepper, one cut clove garlic and one bay leaf. Let stand about one hour before using for flavors to blend. Remove garlic. Use as a marinade or as a basting sauce. BIG, PLUMP roasting chickens match Labor Day appetites. Brighten Up 1 our Labor Day Barherne Isn't it about time you gave then -- try those eheesey corn your backyard barbecue a pones. Tht- an 1 ;-ir;i! v, :h change of pace' 1 broiled steak. \\ i n d - ! t i l l w i t h Something extra to add in- freshly cauch! fMi terest and a new f l a v o r a n d ; rilF.F.SKY t O R N I'ONE make the neighbors envy your j 1 cup enriched corn im-nl skill w i t h the outdoor grill. O.K., ·' '2 teaspoon salt *£ cup grated Cheddar cheese 2 tablespoons minced onion 1 tablespoon vegetable oil l -i cup boiling water Combine corn meal and salt; stir in cheese and onion. Add ! oil and water; stir until blended. With wet hands, shape dough to form eight pones, leaving imprint of fingers on pones. Place on hot, lightly greased griddle or skillet over hot coals; cook about 10 minutes on each side. Serve hot. Makes eight pones. FRIED FISH Two-thirds cup enriched corn meal ^2 teaspoon paprika '·z teaspoon salt Dash of pepper Grated rind of 1 lemon 2 pounds fish fillets '·: cup milk Combine corn meal, paprika, salt, pepper and lemon rind. Dip fish in milk; roll fish in corn meal mixture. Pan-fry in butter in heavy skillet until golden brown on each side. Drain on absorbent pa p e r. .Alakes six servings. Apple Pie Turns Upside Down Variety is a valuable menu- planning device which intelligent cooks rank right along with quality ingredients and accurate measurements to p r o- duce meals which not only nourish but please. When variety is lacking even a well-loved dessert stands in danger of becoming "the same old thing," or "oh, that again." Almost everybody's favorite pie is apple, and today's recipe brings an interesting new dimension to apple pie by borrowing the upside-down technique from cake-baking. The filling combines traditio n a 1 spices and those convenient canned pie-sliced apples. The use of canned pie-sliced apples is a great time-saver, eliminat- Frost Tokays Garnish roast fowl with clusters of Tokay grapes frosted by dipping in frothy egg white, then granulated sugar or gelatin powder. 'ng a good half hour in prepara- · -lion time without sacrificing natural fruit flavor or texture. i The "top" --and delightful difference -- of this upside-down . treat is a layer of shredded coconut and pecan halves which is placed on the bottom of the pie-dish before the pie-crust is fitted in. The completed pie is pood to look at, better to eat and brings a variety to apple ; pie that your family is sure to j enjoy. ! UPSIDE DOWN APPLE PIE 2 tablespoons soft butter or margarine J i cup pecan halves ¥2 cup shredded coconut 2 tablespoons honey pastry for double-crust nine- inch pie Two thirds cup granulated sugar 2 tablespoons flour 1- 2 teaspoon salt '2 teaspoon cinnamon '·2 teasooon nutmeg 1 pound 4 ounces can well drained pie-sliced apples, Spread butter in bottom of a nine-inch pie plate. Place pe- i can halves, rounded side down. 'on butter. Sprinkle coconut on top. Drizzle over honey. Roll out half of pastry and fit into pie pan; trim edges. Combine sugar, flour, salt, cinnamon and nut meg; Add to well-drained can pie-sliced apples and blend well. Spoon into pie shell. | Top with remaining pastry; crimp edges. Bake in a hot oven i (425 degrees) for 30-35 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from oven. Let stand three minutes. Invert onto serving plate. Fruit Ball Salad Cut a fresh nectarine Into wedges, spread cut sides with cream cheese spiced wi t h ground ginger and curry powder. Reassemble wedges to look like whole fruit and serve on lettuce, garnished with fresh berries. _^.. CHEESY CORN PONE is a Labor Day treat. Try Sirloin Kakobs For Your Labor Day Cookout For the big holiday cookout heat. Brush meat, mushrooms select sirloin of beef, tender and and olives w i t h reserved mar- rich, j inade d u r i n g coring. Broil 15 Then try these two "high hat" j to 20 minutes, turning frequent- kabobs. A juicy way to say fare! ly, until brov.ncd. Four serv- ·well to the good old summer-; ings. Home Owned--Home Operated--Home Sponsored SHOPWORTH FOOD STORES time. SIRLOIN KABOBS, ONION M A R I N X D F . 2 I n 3 pounds beef sirloin steak cut into I 1 -- i n c h cubes 1 1 cup salad oil 5 4 cup lemon juice ·Ti teaspoon leaf oregano ] sreen onion, finely chopped I 1 ; teaspoons salt : -2 teaspoon coarsely ground pepper 12 medium-sized mushrooms ]2 s t u f f e d green olives 4 12 inch m e t a l skewers ("om'.vne salad o i l . lemon i r t n s i \ ' ' ' . : i ! ' juice, orej-'ano. onion, salt and C o m b i n e n i l . | " ; i i pepper Pour m a r i n a d e over p a p r i k a , dry ;.\ m e n l . rover and refrigerate ^nd onion p n u d r eight lo l? hours. Remove meat, n n d e to beef e n l n ft om m a r i n a d e , reserving mar'- r e f r i g e r a t e t - n n n inade. T h r e a d meat, alternately n i g h t . A ; r n ; v w i t h mushrooms and olives, on pepper \ e c i u f - ; . ! skewers, a l l o w i n g 4 steak cubes m a k i n g c'"'.i:.n three mushrooms and 3 olives burned duv. n. ( l ; i l f o r each kabob. Place meat o n u t e s . t i t - · : · · g r i l l , t h r e e to four \r *·'.' f - n m ti! h r . . - , ' . · . · !·'".: SIRLOIN-PEPPER KABOBS 1 beef sirloin stenk. cut T'z- inches t h i r k '2 cup salad oil ] j c u p lemon j u i c e 1 teaspoon salt ^ teaspoon p a p i i k a V 2 teaspoon dry m u s l a r d 1 tablespoon brown sugar J 4 teaspoon onion powder 12 sweet '·(·(! or !!irm pepper squares, c u t i n t o I 1 --inch pieces Remove Hi n i l steak cubes. H r / ' . s a l t , i a r d , sugar A d d ' n r i r i - Vuvr and in s or over- it fu!:es w i t h ;iv nil g r i l l ·M.-ds h a v e Ill 'Big Enough To Serve You -- Small Enough To Know You" Prices Effective Thursday, Friday, Saturday, August 31st, September 1st and 2nd. HANOVER PORK N' BEANS 2 45c BRIGG'S FAMOUS ALL MEAT FRANKS KING SIZE OR REGULAR ........................ ' .................. Ib. 59C Extra Good With Schmidt's "Little 1iss Sunbeam" Finder Rolls ALL CRISP FRESH Kosher Dill Pickles 39c Star-Kist Chunk Light Tuna 2 6VJ-OZ. CANS 65C 12V2-OZ. CAN 63C REGULAR SIZE REYNOLDS WRAP 12" x 25 FT. ROLL " 31C GULFSPRAY AEROSOL BOMB 12-OZ. CAN 89C SIRLOIN KABOBS --ultimate in e a i i i u Fresh Fruit Salad Plum Is Wonderful ( ' h n j , ; . , . . ! r . , · , , ' , , ' ! · I - , u ! : \ l - ' i r ! s.-i, on a n d ;,u' I. Aether Make the most, of fresh p l u m s ! w h i l e the season lasts. It won't. ; be for long. I O:es,sing They are great in fresh f r u i t 1 W a s h c , i t m!. lent;(h- salads. the perfect light dish on wise h a i M - . . t e : i , · · · . ( · . . es and f c sizzling late s u m m e r day. Try i ui e,r ! i ; u i i f i - i t o f j i i a i l e o Dip thus delightful recipe that uses pears. ! , ; n i a r ; : i - ;n : . - i j n i l . ' s i n t o several fruit.s s t i l l abundant in (iran:.'e |;i lbr r.i,vk,'ts and in produce a t m n P I , s i a l U a U . u g I I . r f o u n t r v t o a d ; , p l u m !,a MM SU I Hi IT , S \ i , \ r - a n d - . . : 2 ! : ' c s | , pears i . l . , i l , , i , i , | , r i , n , . l , i i ; i i , u : e I N I , ' 2 fresh bananas, cut in length- P i l e I ' l a j i e . s :n · r Serve Wise K l r i p s j w i t h F l u f f y F r u i t Salad ])ress- 1 fresh apple, slired ' i n g topper! w i f h ohoj-pofj pea- Fresh orange juice nute. 10 fresh plums, seeded and F l . r n - Y MM FT s \ f , A F ) halved f n K K s ^ F V * ! - r e n l i ' ' » ' ' . n e M i i r d ';. r u p folfage cheese r u p piaw.m',.*!'-.. «.| f ] ,,ne t h i r d ] c u n Thompson sewlleM j r ' P w l . i n p e i 1 i ; * a m ; F\r gen- grapes Illy. Eig'hl Feivmtyi. N p u;« p A PF u f l R C H V E Jl^J V V X.3X -i .V-t Jt-^JtV« * « 5 %* 5 i t « Soar iw*^ wsxss F L U F F O GOLDEN SHORTENING 3 LB CAN 69C C R I S C O VEGETABLE SHORTENING 3 LB. CAN 87C NINE LIVES TUNA CAT FOOD 2 6-OZ. CANS 27C 2 12-OZ. CANS 49C KRAFT GRAPE JAM OR JELLY 18-O/. Glass 2 for 57c I ' K T I H I ' A N G O L D E N R O A S T ! D PEANUT BUTTER 12-Oz. Jar 41c I6-OZ. BOX 27C 3-lB. BOX 85C ESSKAY Q-WAL-ITY 3-LB. FIXLY Cooked Canned Ham $3.25 FROZEN SEASONKD Beef Patties TM-"· *·* $1.59 5K Pure Lard 2 '-««·· b««« 33c BIG FOOT LONG FRANKS (7 PER, POUND) LB. CRISP FRESH PRODUCE Large California Pink Meat Cantaloupes 3 FOR 89c Solid New Cabbage IB 10-Lb. Bag Potatoes 57 c NEW PHLMOLIVE LIQUID Ciant Size Ilottle 65c COLGATE P A L M C H J V K SF'KCIALS Ajax Cleanser 2 ' ^ ° - -- 3 3 c Ksng Size Vel Liquid *""" ^"^ 85c Ajax A!! Purpose Liquid MO«I 2»o, b»» t u 59 C Regular Size Cold Power 35c Reg. Size Ajax Laundry Detergent (*o 30c Sandwich Baggies ·»»» ·» «o 29c GIANT SIZE FAB DETERGENT 10c Off Label 71c Some Item« Not Available In All Store* -- Q u a n l i T y R i j f h f s KoservcH CARMACK'S SUPERMARKET 331 North Market Street Open 8 A. M. Until 9 P. M. Monday Thru Saturday GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 5-lbbag. 55 C SNOW WHITE SUGAR (Granulated) 5-lbbag. 57 C t _ DEL HAVEN SHORTE^G 3-lbcan. 5S° CAMPBELL'S PORK BEANS 2 l-lb.-12oz.can 49 C LIBBY'S PINEAPPLE JUICE 1-qt 14oz. can. WASHINGTON LAYER CAKE 83 /4 oz. box 10 C FRITOS CORN C ll-ozbag. PS FANCY STOPPED OLIV! 5-V40Z. pail 43 C » * · * · f - « * * '· i ALL CRISP KOSHER ·"^ · · · DILL l-qt.jar 3S C FIRESIDE SCHINDLER'S SALTED PEMOTS 1-lb. can PICNIC PAPER PLATES f pkgof40 T s PICNIC PAPER COPS P kg of 25's 2:9 C HICKORY CHARCOAL BRIQUETS 10-ibbag OUR VALUE ICE CREAM '/a gal ctn. BLUE RIBBON D-LWC KIDDWIN MARGARi^E (!4-lb. Prints) 3 i-ib. pkg 49 e Quantity Right's Krscrvrrl Price* Rffrctive Thru Wrdnrsilav, Srpl. fi. I«K5T lEWSFAFERl

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