The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 8, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 8, 1934
Page 8
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v. C * -. -'f, n «"?'•;> - r < ' " -V " TMMMS NEWS. Gash Prizes Are Offered Cash prizes totalling $ir.50 will b* yiven Monday, July IS. at; the ' regular monthly Farmers Sales J>»y. according to anuounceuiesu from tiie Paris aud Lamar County Chamber of Commerce. Fruits and •vegetables will be awarded prizes for this monti in the competition. ; All entries must be brought to | th« Brooks "Wagon Yard on Mors- j <S*y. July IS, and must be receiv- ; *d .by 11:30 a. zr». All livestock.! farm machinery and any other -• articles desired to be auctioned by '. tlie auctioneer provided each. ^ sssontb will be sold free of charge. \ Cash prizes jf $1.50 for first' place and 51.00 for second place ] "will be awarded in these classes: i Best five peaches; best water- ! Taelon: best 10 ears of iSS-i com: ; •best sir tomatoes; best three can- ; taloapes. - '. ON SAN FRANCISCO'S BATTLEFRONT Cotton Fro-r: Page One) higher ihan normal yield but will ! be a torm o- crop jTssurn.'^''*? for' areas "vvnere ths OUTDIII is ctir— \ tailed by erouth, weevil or other \ canses. For example, should the drouth ; in Texas cOEciaae thai state ivoiiid I b^ under ths quota assign e-3 1: ; by ine secretary of agriculture by ," •several hundred thotissind bales. ; Should Mississippi, or: the other | baud, escee-d its quota, farmers i there could buy the surplus ex- i Tesarrs. i Tbe purchase price tv--i:!c be ! less than tri=. tax but ever: to the I ferzners Trhoss yield -was reduced | would, get 2. return which other- j wise would be lacking. j • The payments for the -exempt:on i certificates would be in addition ; to rental ancl hervefit payments; tinder the voluntary cotton con- j trol San Francisco's waterfront was turned Into % battleground as furious fighting broke out on several occasions between striking union pickets and po'Sce. Man* were reported shot and others were injured by tear cas or fiying missiles. This picture shows police rushing into ,. the fray, and one of the knocked out strikers may be seen iysng prone * en the street. (Associated Press Photo) Body Of ManExhumedAnd Identified In Weird Case MT. CL.EMEXS, ilich., \J?j. —The i article of ciotiiihK worn by Ostin body of a man. found dressed in j whea fce Vanishe3 the ^™i^ o * in omen's cloihmr and lyias on a j Jun9 26 in addi , !cn :o a Da £ of • r "*"t' ' i^O'Sl T-t£> "H^--*-^. \V~7 r 'V* *^ V/•»"">£» * , ^ — v. i.-~> W.L.- _T - c --~ ;- lV omens pajamas, a blue dress, an arouna the necs June 2>. was ex- ; <Wned p ^--™ c * <r-<*-"«-* ",-» ~3 hunied and identified Saturday as j cenl£ which Mrs " Osdn"ioi*"V- Authorities began an investigation : husband bad wi - h fein , ^ h ~ ^ ^ u , £t! _ s _H, b 'v ^-«?° ; * ° aSe "'.^ ?0hCe aaTRI £* d i last saw him alive. ^ -e=J-*=-' * ->---- rt — jvrss as mystifying as it was bi~- i call for delivery to a £rover:nment j ar —,» { The bodv was dressed ii a representative cf the old =as ex-j ij^ bod: , , vas ? denli ned as thar I white hat, "a srreen ~ccat~ a yellow. eruption certificates, in the -->. ent; 0 , p a ,_,i H" Ostir. 36. Detroit fac- | slipover cr<-ss, a brassiere, thres o' a sale, asd he issuance cf new | tcrv ^. or -.- 5r _ an ,j the exhumati^ii i pairs of nndcrcloihfng ar.-J two ones to the purchaser. j , va ^ ord'rr-rd" by Osiin's wicov,-. j pairs of stockings. A rope was •• Tbis will enable ih~ govern-i Hstelle. after O>t:n"s car was f'_>und i Around the neck and vras fastened "tnent, cfficia-ls said, to ercamine I Friday within r?>> f-e-=t of ^he -^pot : to a tree limb, but was not tense action, Ma^y injustices mi^ht en- i 1-afflins ans*:?. i«o!ice said, was ! could not ha-"e »^:r>ported a man's ••sales, they added, and some I si the place, --'.here it was found, i death was declared <Iue ro stran- growers misbt abandon ihezr i a- the time the body was discov- | culation. however, akliourh au.'crops after selling their ras fret j ered. | "horit;es doubted Ostin ha.d taken ..certificates. . ! In the v?h:c:e '--as found ev^ry i his life. ";-•-Tb.e-& may be no re=:rlo:":o-s on | j •iit-e t-azisfer of certif:ca:es be-! TT*^"I [longed 10 each o-h-r ar=a cat; not tween tenants on the same farm.: 1—i"j g i^^'f* j be separated. or in'cases where the-crop is sold | AAj.tJ.VxJl ! Many 'of the 2.v-?0.000 men in and. tiye certificates accompany it. j _ 1 the organization, vacationing ""•certificates which | tCcntinued Fro:;; Ptig-e Onej j d ^ r or «2 €rs ncl to - vear un iforni = Trisco Is Still Tense Additional Machine Guns Are Ru*hcd to Downtown Buildings SAN FRANCISCO. #F).—Additional macbine s^*ns. manned by policemen, were rushed suddenly TO various downtown buildings in t?an Francisco Saturday to reinforce- the Ions lines of machine suns and bayoneited rifles in tb» hands of ±,OQO national guardsmen on duty on San Francisco's i waterfront, the scene o£ riots Thursday in which two men were killed, and many injured, in clashes between police and striking longshoremen. Except to say "threats" had been made, no explanation was given for the police activity. It •was not explained what th3 "threats'* w*re. The police machine guns were put in position outside the national guard sector. Police headquarters said the bluecoat s^iard assignments included 10 men on a 2 4-hour basis at a warehouse in the industrial distri %: an undisclosed number at zhe San Francisco Industrial association; four each .at the establishments of the two morning: newspapers and one each at t^ie plants of tJie two afternoon dai- iies. VON PAPEN-S FATE IN DOUBT Heat (Continued from Pass One) l-eeorne a better citizen when he is : released. It is imperative that -we { take such a step as this and it will \ be posible only after we have made a change in the present pardon sys- tern.*" The fate of Vice Chancetlor Franz von Papen (above), conservative non-nazi friend of President von Hindenburg of Germany, remained in doubt in the midst of semi-official reports that he would be demoted to lower rank in the Germar cabinet, possibly to the post of Saar commissioner. (Associated Press Photo) Mme. Curie Dies GAL-VESTOX. Tex. C-F» — Con- | grressman Joseph TV. Bailey, cam- pajsrning for the United States senate, Saturday nigrht repeated bis challenge to Senator Torn Connally his opponent, to meet him in joint Sxemption provide for the tax free sale a* 1 qjiorss fbced tirder the terms of j 1 - ?ss "^^ r r ^ ?t ^s interrupted b; -.cotton gro'wer. Any excess above ! secret polxv?- •ilj* f&rm. *jnctas T»-;1I he tased 50 [ To the slv. :u "rooi'v--. n.;: 'j>er cerri of tlss market i-a'u-c- fir-I whose leaders n.c revcJr ceve]. __ i lace tnc prospect of bein^: shoved •efi by the secretary of aarrlcuit-! Xsrl par'7 -ea-de: tire, imless the producer s-ccsires i full"' ^.'ordec sta" tlons among their former leaders.. The belief persists ihst not -'=" i rrrore than "0 per cent of the -'^u WHERE THEY SPEAK (By The Associated Press) For governor: C. C. SrnaI-1. afternoon. Temple: zslgrht. Austin. Edgrar E. vritt. afternoon. Buffalo, rsisrr.t Fra~klir;. Ecwarci 3v. Russell. Fort Worth. C. C. Mcl>ona!<3, afternoon, Decatur; rtight, Sherman. James V. Allred, afternoc 1 ?! ^"errjonc 33is"ht \Vich — iia Falls. Tern F. ^-Iitiiter. El Paso. Maury Hughes, HOUS:OIJ. For United States senator : "Porn Connally, Bro^-nwood; Joseph TV". Bailey, afternoon, Orang-e arid Liiberty; nfs^bt. Beaumont. For attorney gerrerai: Ciyde K. Smith, afternoon. Sc-wie: ni^nt Vi'lchita Fallir- "i.Viniarr: -*IcCraw, Henderson :er \Voodward, BeUvilJe. property. This Is undeniable. But zoning prevents tbe individual in exercising his on-n property rigbts from materially injuring others. The sale of residence properjy for industrlai use in a residence neighborhood depreciates the surrounding: property value. Usually it results in destroy- ingr residence utility. Hence it has not been difficult for courts to reach the conclusion that the protection of a majority interest is preferable to guaranteeing: the individual's rights to do what he will with his own," It is a maxim of the law that a man should so use his own as rot in injure his neighbor. Older than this maxim is the commandment to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Cbief Justice Cureton, in his. recent opinion upholding the ripht of cities to reprulai* and If need be to prohibit filling: stations in residence districts, says: "It is not*to »? doubted that Ions before the enactment of zonlns legislation in the United States >h» courts o? the country had found ample authority in the dominance of the police power to re^ulat* 1 . govern and restrict the construction of buildinss and in some instances prohibit their location and construction for certain uses and to prohibit certain occupations in specified localities. TY> auite a~ree with Associate Justice L.o<*>- ney when h^ said. 'Courts judicially know that srasoline and other inflamabl^ petroleum products are explosive and constanilv meraace- the safety of "persons and State park, for ivbich there would be asked an expenditure of about i ? 100,000 from Federal funds. As I the steps which- the city would be | required to take wer<? not clear. ] and as there -was uncertainty in! the proposal as to the control ofj the city over the area, the coun-j cil d**cided to take no action in the | matter until the mayor could obtain definite information. CATHOLICS ARE PAJXEL> VATICAN CITY (rf» 5 —Unconfrim- ed reports Father ~Muhler. a Catholic priest, bad been slain at Munich in the suppression of th-^ storm troop rebellion created a. painful impression a:non^ Catholic officials Saturday- aisrhi. for sale. TVbile !t cannot be correctly said that a gasoline fil'.inc station is; a uuis^ince per se. yet- when located and maintained at a r>Ia.ce prohibited by a reasonable re?ru!ator>" ordinance. It may be properly considered a. nuisnnce. bv reason of jts prohibited locntion. a.n«: dealt with accordingly'," Finally. Judgre Cureton savjt: "Xot only .!.« s. fir.-nc station a source «f dancer because th** stor- asre place of larjre ciuantities of oxnl^s-vr-s. but a filling station* bo operated without customers, and ther*- cannot he <"uj«- tomcrs without increased traffic, the passing of cars fron and into :h*» str-Tts. It is too r»]a!n to require arcum<»nt that th«- location of filling stations may be controlled by the municipal autrtor!- t!«; under a prr»oer statute." The zoning- statute and the City of Pmri. obvt«r «t*t«U •*tn. obj»ct ta n*w. promote tlx*- health • !• «MB^ , **r*. »»f«ty «Ad g;en«rAl £004 of the commuuity.- If tb.* on* to constitutional why not the other? Conditions have not ch*n<*d since this permit was recently refused. Slain street is th» MUU* residence street now it wa» theit and has been for over half a .century. The same objection* »jr»- ,made now as before to tn» *r ing of the permit and for reasons. "f?t th» city permitted the suit. In which to^that time the <•!._ . successful, to be dismissed'and !• now considering: the sranUnc of the permit which had b«en formerly refused. The niayor and council justify this actien because they say tli«> ordinance is unconstitutional and that no lawyer in Texas can -write one th>» jvill stand. The Supreme Court fr« shown what it takes to write a. valid- restricted residence ordinance, so it this one isn t any good then w* should have a new one written and to the meantime protect th« home owners on South Main street' in the use an<j mfrinsement of their property by refusing thia permit. Any other oourse will have a disastrous effect on residence property on other strictly residence streets of Paris and -will permit the gasoline filling stations to be placed wherever operator* may see fit. \Ve, the people who hav« helped to make Paris another name for attractive and comfortable homes In beautiful setting, have a risrh*- to be protected from the «njust encroachment of these gasoline filllna: stations and. we' demand that protection of the mayor and council. ANNOUNCING The Opening of MRS. GATLIN'S CASH GROCERY At 361 West K*ufm» n \Ye invite you to visit us and get our Jow cash prices on sro- ceries. produce and fruits. •:r Us Your Country Pro- due* - . We P«y Mark«tt Price* I Final Three Day* Final Three Days w;ll go back to duty, ce- he party be- ' ro r-=as<-•'•^ -^» ^--" ^~~ ~~ L °~'" : * 1 - iebate Bail rtT- -V, | Mme. Marie Curie; twice winner ; of a Nobe! prize and co-c*is:overer ; of radsum,, 4ied in France, after 2 I long illness. The famcui 65-years on issues of the campaign. \ old scientist had turned much of ey outlined again his plans ^ er earnings toward further cancer e reempio; raent of millions ; r *3*arch. (Asscciattd Press P:-!oto} 1 rBor?a' ••vrio are now enforcedly ?; C e 12 T^ ^- — --' - -^, -- •"• *- Jl i- ^*-^ i. _.,..-__ _•..,,,.*. r>rob- | of last week enc when Kn>- a"-d ' s ' tTJ2 -tlori was-the triost vital prob- I his a,:c?s s-vept Naris fr^~- ^ J -h i ^ errs '- cn ^ ron ting: America today. ; places *o "traitors" —-;=-,••=-.= " ~ i ^'~- said ine depression st?:! cor.- ! Resi'-len-s c-* Bad xv••;<.«. rma ^ ' ^routs us and that the comins co«} Tvlunirh. tol-f •_•' Kitl-er shou:-"£r : - = ress ^'—' have to take steps :? 5 loudly and ancr-'y =5. h» --"'-""ed •' p€rrr ' anert?: '" ri?me<3 ?" tb ' 5 ' 4 ?conorni-: i er5 ^ • Jjio -T r. T-C, •ir?r5s *•-<= | tomcb:'=s •'«.-earir ; r H:t;er and i corn pa: ivrrs alreac-.- had "-^ GREEXVIL-I^E. Tex. L^ — Ed- '-'-ard K. Ru.«j=*;<I. <Jec:are<3 here Sat- r '-'-y rsig-jit that, "the liquor inrer- there would be no return of the | act: and h:srn°r prices for arricul- | i oral conirrro-dzTies iir.dT-r rr;r: asrri- < cultural adjus=trrs<?r:t administration j legislation ^~h!rh h 1 ? Fsid h* 1 sup| ported: and th"? ~ohi do;!;'r d^va:- | vocated and which was passed «-y J conjrresy a* the behe=" of Frcsid 1 ?"" I Hoosevelt. DO NOT USE WATERED VINEGAR And Expect Satisfactory Results 50 GRAIN FULL STRENGTH P-en saioc-n. j r^o-ehrr. -.\e-^ sai^ b;- rt^vv.-.,-- TO ' "ihe liquor crowd canno* be <ie- i have L-e-Ti Taken :r_ ?. r & --..->.-^-."--- ' F 4 ?"^^ upon TO keep their pro mis- D D. DRAPER, Jr. Due to popular demand \ve will operate our OLD GOLD Buying Dept through Wednesday ! D, D. Draper, Jr., Government Licensed Gold Buyer In Charge There's real v^uc i r - surh as solid, gold fined, or piated ieweJry ih^t you ^o 'c-n^er «-ear. v,-aich cases or chains, igs, ncCx'ace'. rin;. medals, eve^lass frame? and the I troop heaccuartrr?. i In;i vi: ! recalled tea- he often ? :-- there to ! study out problems a.s w*:: ^ to | a h«ra-:'- --^ej-,.,,-^-, ,,, specu:a . .^J^':^ charge-d. "xhe liquor interests a.r-= the foe c-f decency, truth and -/era- city. I* \s not tbe. nature of- t"c» -icacr cro^'d to k^-«p promises." Russell, in discussing' issues of •vvuld be to fi»ht ag^iris* the <Jc- pressios. | GRHEXVII.LE. Te/c. (/?;-—Insistiriz: thar "ibis state must b-* put on i a. pay-as-yoti g~o basis ;f its <rr*?ctt ' 5s *o be stren;rtri?n*i<J a.nd urss^rv- 1 ed." Maury H-a^he?, of r>allas, ! candidate fo ryover~or. in a. earn- i pat^n a'Jdlr^ss here Saturday ni^nt ; advocated "a thorough c»v*rhau:- . in^ cf our j?y=t.err! of TS.X3*3<"Tp. TO j prerenr any trickery that tvQUl<3 i "fcrtjicr increa-Fe The/ ourden of i those I*aj-t able to pay.*' i Present autornobiie Hcerisc ta?ff, i addeti to the levies on jrasonn-e ? and ad ^-alorerrs tax*s. ar** prart:- ; ca.!I~ confiscator> - . he saKS. ana ^ sn-otiM be reduced immediatelv. AKTOXIO. Tex. 65*—Snd- like. No matter v%'h3t inz *s •a'^rih, rrn~ n tor appraisal. Hundreds of people *i2ve recci'.'ed sfveral dollars for th;n^s thev thought were worthies?. Bring in your OLD GOLD now! Wednesday is the last day ! n;s •?.•*•?-t s tour of SOUTH and soathweE- Texas, XJuited States Sers-tor Tom Cosnallv Saturday his accorr.piiEh- 5 ; * ^ere th-- o' v-r-^ v p «^ " 1^1 : - n -" t sxi-nre-d up his accorr;pU E h- I *«-osu..i | r . 0 ,-r«-,o^<i<---'- v"'•-•-" ~-fV " ,.V-"~ ; rr ' er - ts in behalf of this section c-f j I iorJ^ii^nlv.r^V"! r-^re biS- - J?* ^^^^^^ hi * SrSt trm * ^ ! V?"^^^ Bond ntSn^cd :rom Paxe One) Is the only Vinegar that ^vill properly preserve your fruit, vegetables* Etc. THE GRADES OF 95 "'" '-"---'••: Connally. a can<J*da.t«j for r«>- j ' 5GC ~ ^" e ^- ' nom;na.tior: for a second term ir ;• "" -"•'--: -he senate, ^.-i" carnpaigri in XVest | 1 Texas next •sveek. -with t^.'o address- i j ^^ — I ^ Monday, the first at Eastiand 1 ; at 3 p. in. and tht second in ! j Src'"*"nwoo<S at S p. m.. Tues<j2.y h* 1 s •»":!! speak *n Plainvle-w at 2 p. m. I \ *C&;.5.H. ,.rd FT.J;-' r-a^e One* ]«•"*! at Arnarlllo at % p. ITS. I : :- ConnaHy <3*tai:ed the things h* : - w-ards life. H:s phJIoo-s-',-;.-h:- i^arn- ' s;1 - rt S i~ : e ha-3 he»i>«-d accorrspllsh fcr i ; ing-s have arv/a-K t,-e*-V: '.-heerfyl *^* 3 ^^ctiori cf in* state, inriudins: t . ones, and his **,h->dj5 -.-r Jiving t "' i * tfe~eJopmcat of the arip- base ; | routine—a carefy'Iy <i;fc^ip;irse<J : ''"^ military svLatior; facilities in J j dietary pnr.c:i>Ie^ v;h;ch 'he pofc- *"- improvernenta at Port Arthur.; \ him to violate. . "" ; r -' *-"' ports: drouTh relief for { I Tb» Z*ak«T.vocwl *sta.t» •» a fit-- 7 '"' 5 s;r -''^' in areas in ?ou:?s ar-J I I ting 1 f'ls.ce to mark his bir-""^ssv "'•• u "'-""-" A ' e " 5 * T«sx.a« under the "f.rrsi.?, -of j ,.-,.,, j'_. , !-*:* Jones-Conn ally cartJ* relief* TTard 4. hig-h school. I,. -K*r.<5«i proposed 10 bo is- to be added to by a ffgrt of •r.t as part of the pia.Tis to give ployrncnt to Idle rner.. ard the estimates that more than 109 ni*?Ti "will bs employed for* about four months in the -work. Under th* recently enacted statutes persons quaiifted to vote in this «l«?ct:on ,-sre property owners who renrter^'i thftr 7'rop-erty for rajcatlon. Those who havo, r.o* i *. :r."'.:«ib:e to j fhf •"•r-fJr-i'.'n of so rendered vrjl! vote, ar'cordir.? r The n:ayor read a, let'er from Torn L. S»a«chaTT!p. a rrs*rriber of the S?a?.^ ?sr,K board, touching th«! possibility of rrjakfns t.h« ndlns: I>,ke Crook into ; te^rrnent to The man -who has. out- j lived aj? but a ?*•*• cf c*.s genera- S tSor.. J; r, MKRCER REPORTKD j CL?:vEt-JiXI>. ^- — Reports the.T ' R.* ?!*!>;:<; Steel Corporation, th:rd i largest io the industr:--, >s planning • to a.c'4'jire •srJ^isin a t^eek the Cori ri^an, JIcXirsn«y SteeJ company of '-"ve."ar.*; for a tota' co-nsideratiorj approximately JS3,OC;^.<fOO. ated frojn ere* I circles Sattsr- of da The only nation which ha* promptly ar.d f«iiy paid it« debt*l!menta to the tJfjjie^* Stattw, was prais*?^ by Co.rde.Jl Hula, secretary of «tate. Saturday for **k«*-5>jnsr fa;th with Jus' financial or-f^- • * ting "a tim«Iy itnd valuable «x- am pit • tw tiie SPECIAL OFFER fo introduce Kyanize (Lustaquik Finish) Enamel 3Oc— l /z Pmt Can Kyanize Enamel 15c—Rubb*r»*t Brwb 45c Value—Both f or . . . JOHNSON - BILLINGSLEY CO. To Use Are White Pickling a nd Pure Apple Cider The following merchants in Paris and Lamar County no-w have this high grade 50 Grain Vinegar in stock: Robmsot* Grocery Company 300 South 25th Street White-Way Grocery 211 North Main Street \ Pete Humphries Company j iH Bonha.rrs Street j Homer Walter* Grocery I 67 North Main Str*<rt. | Burleson^s Red Front Grocery! 21 Kast. Prlc« S'rwt j j C. C. Phfllip. Grocery I 11 darkST.-j!ie Street Market! HackeT» Grocery 4Q Clsrksviiio Street Little Store C. M. Parson Rasto-wa S. M. Parson B«Ik 5. E. Burton J. C. Sanoers Cash TT S. 2<* Carry Store Stre*t Smith 4c Hillhoiise Grocery 42 South 20th Street J. R. Westhrook & Sons Charle» Delphenis Grocery Jt N^-rtli 20th Street O. E. Means Grocery 4-> CLarkKville Street T. J. Preston's Store y, I'aria Tranin Grocery 41 Lamar Av«nu« E. 5. Crowley Atlas Leonard Lander* North Main Street E. N. Weaver M:n:«»r T. J. Lemons Rugby. T<rxa« Landers A Co. Roxton Fry A Brashears Howland Mercantile Co* Ho-srlantf. T«xn* Pine Bluff Grocery 273 Pine Bluff Strict Union Produce Co. L^dlonla^ Texas Richard PhOIxpc rton & Con.*«6 -Siar. Barnett A Smith Union Cash Store Petty. Texas J, A. Thompson D*?j>ort, "S ClarksrlHe Street J. C. WHkins A: Co. Arthur CSty Lamar Avenue Grocery rrom wh'Ch your vinegar comes and see if it is stenciled (or marked) 50 Grains. ThU movement inJor»eJ by Mw§ B««!«h BI*ekw«H t Cowity Home D««fKm*tr»tfon A|«mt. Forw. T«

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