The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 19, 1959 · Page 32
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 32

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 19, 1959
Page 32
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aAcnn smmAT BULLBTIN iiv itit ' nil ill IIMI i I «! II II I I. I I. Ill I •M. S, PM« 4 Grandma Was Science Experf 'i, By Dion Henderson " (AMOeUtM mti StKtt Wrlt«r) When the oak leaves are as big as a squirrel's ear, Grandpa used to say, the time is ripe lor planting corn. Grandpa, lil<e quite a number of independent observers in the past eight or 10 thousand years, was ahead of his time. He was an expert in a science that hadn't been invented yet. Outdoorsmen have been making pleasant discoveries like this about how much they knew that they never suspected ever since wildlife manage- relations between weather and the flora and fauna that a wizard in Mamaroneck would be a bum in Las Vegas. European wildlife students have done a lot more with large scale, long-time record keep ing than Amoricans, and German eKperts wllh their passion for detail did most of all. With the emergence of an insect there, for Instance, the plotters can predict the whole subsequent cycle of bug.^. Tried in Montana ment turned professional. in-, , , . , ,, , . I The only major application And this stuff about the re- i,^, ^^^^ United lailonship between climate andistaics to date has been Mon things like bird migrations. ^3,,,,-, experiment, started In tree flowering and he like hasj,9r,6. That slate's agricultural had a substantial place in fo k-'experiment station lined up lore since the real old folks,^g^jhcr bureau observers and got a fire going in the caveSp^^dcn club members to keep end started sitting up nightS|track of the budding, blooming mm AFLOAT Houseboats Gain Popularity, Far Cry from Old Shanty Boat thinking. Now It's Science Now it's a science. It's called phenology—and that's the correct spelling. It has nothing to do with lumps on the head. And with professional standing Comes professional handling. The big trouble with individual experts like Grandpa was that they might acquire enough phenologlcal knowledge to practice prophecy in their own neighborhoods, but so many factors work on the intricate and withering of common lilacs. The familiar shrub is a frequently used Indicator be- it's so available. Farmers keep track of the pea for the same kind of information. WHAT A FISH! — Norma Jean Curry is queen of the Miami Deach Fishing Tournament and (the tournament committee says) caught this 12'/i-pound bonlto all by herself with rod and reel. Some fish have all the luck. Drive-and-Stand Is Good Plan for Whitetails (NEA Hunting Editor) By Warren Page The drive-and-stand scheme of whitetail hunting probably produces more poundage of venison in big whitetail-hunting .states like New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin than any other. It doesn't work in most areas of the west, although the technique of posting two rifles or moving them slowly along the edges of a canyon while a bud- Xly bird-dogs deer out of the brushy gully bottom is a pet plan out where the chaparral and the mule deer grow. In the jungle-thick covers of flat New Jersey, deer won't move unless driven hard. Should Divide ; This calls for a club group of from a dozen to four dozen fnen, half standing along creek edges or piney-wood roads the deer should cross, half doing the dirty work of ramming through tangled honeysuckle and bread-and-butter thorns, •hoving out the deer by baying like houndi ^d blowing fish horns or ouglei. Noisy, this technique, tough on clothes and only moderately effective since in the thickets the smartest deer will tneak back through the driving line if given half a chance. This style of deer-driving to etanden is used in Pennsylvania and on the lower penin aula of Michigan as a moderately effective main-strength method when rifle clubs are hunting out leased acreages. LeM Drivers The quiet drive by a small number of hunters works better in country more broken and less tracked up by man. In the quiet drive, which really is gentle push, only two or three —or in some cases only one— of the group move slowly along a ridge. This requires Intimate Imowledge of terrain because there are too few men to oovar much area, The stander —end there'sno law against his sitting—must post himself at least in the^edge of cover or •gainst a lini^breaking tree. The stander on this style of hunt need not be too patienti Deer will movf several hundred yards In fron| of the pushers And already, Montana re ports, the study has produced an accurate and unusual picture of spring's erratic progress northward* through the state. Now Prof. Albert Daumgart- ncr of Munich University, visiting at the University of Wisconsin, has fired up the birth place of professional wildlife management with enthusiasm for the new specialty. A spontaneous meeting developed with university meteorologists, cllmatologists and agricultural experts joining In, and Wiscon sin has the most elaborate observation plan to date practically off the ground. Lino Up Observers Some .500 observers are being lined up to keep track of a whole list of the Important "indicators" — not only the lilac cycle, but the emergence of pussy willows, certain kinds of insects, the breakup of ice on local lakes, migrations of var ious birds nnd other annual biological phenomena will bo charted as time goes on. Eventually, the phonological records should furnish generally the kind of guidance Grandpa could give his own back '10 —planting and harvesting of crops, control of Insects, manipulation of game populations and such. Including, it might be noted, a firm rule on when to put up the storm windows. Biggest Sports Crowd Will Watch Hydroplanes .SKAITLE —(;P>—A score or more of high-powered hydro- They'll come a trot, seldo unless one ol had a shot, be moving qulat-push a walk or even At a hard run pushers has .phey'll usually lets in this •I. HINT lUCK POM ONI^WiUi ANB PIVI MII .IS BIAL MIRCHANTS OILIVIRY TRUCK RiNTAl, Inc. UiS fists St. Fastpi+ch Tourney o Open July 31 Annual City Fastpitch Tournament open to all municipal astpltch league teams will open July 31, the recreation department announced. All games will be played on rlday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Winner and runner-up will be eligible to enter the State A.S.A. Tournament as Racine's representatives although the city tourney actually has no connection with the A.S.A. Entries close at 5 p.m. July 27. planes will dash around Lake Washington here at up to 180 miles an hour Aug. 9 in a 90- mile thriller that probably draw.«! the country's largest sports crowd. It's the 52d running of the Gold Cup, top event In a, dangerous, expensive sport. The race climaxes .Seattle's July .'11-Aug. 9 .Scafair celebration. Anything may happen when the unlimiled class speedboats whiz around the three-mile course. They kick up spectacular clouds of spray a block long. To keep one running you may need a roll of bills about the same length. Hut the spectacle Is mostly free to the spectators, and that's one reason there is hardly standing room along the shore and hillside leading down to the 2.'i-mile long lake. More Than Derby Even if the sponsors' estimate of a 500.000 crowd is slightly on the optimistic side —as some skeptics suggest— It still is a good cut above the number who turn out for the Kentucky Derby, World Series or top football games. The defending champion this year Is the Hawaii Kal, formerly owned by Edgar Kaiser, son of Industrialist Henry Kaiser. The Kai's 103.481 mile average In the 1958 race shows how far the sport has come since the Columbia Yacht Club 's entry, the Standard, won the first Gold Cup in the east in 1904 at 23.6 miles an hour. To qualify now you must complete three laps of the three-mile course at 95 miles an hour or better. On straightaways the boats bat along up to 180, so fast that hitting a tiny piece of debris can wreck a boat. All the top entries now are varied versions of the "three- pointers." At racing speeds the boat rides on tips of the sponsors—rounded extensions at the bottom of the hull — and the propeller. That is, the part of the propeller that isn't out of the water. Despite safety precautions, accidents have marred some races. Last summer a jammed rudder sent driver Bill Muncey of Seattle and the speedboat Miss Thrlftway careening into a U. S. Coast Guard patrol l)oat at 100 miles an hour. Muncey and the coast guardsmen were rescued but the two craft sank. A few months earlier Muncey was injured when his .speedboat disintegrated at Madison, Ind., during running of the Governor's Cup. The first time the gold cup was run on Lake Washington, In 1951, two men drowned when the Miss Quick silver of Portland, Ore., hit a submerged object and sank. All the recent winners used Allison or Rolls Royce power plants. The crews beef them up with "exotic" fuels with almost as much care and secrecy as experts setting off rockets at Cape Canaveral. The boats and their operation cost plenty. One estimate is! that the expected 21 entries ^ combined are worth a half mil g lion dollars. ^ Some Are Rich P This doesn't pose any major P problem to owners like Wlllian- g By Wm. Taylor McKtown (Editor, Popular Boating) An old style of craft, the houseboat, is gaining new popularity In the parade of boats down waterways. But today's fully - equipped houseboat Is a far cry from the shanty boats that used to float leisurely along. This year's houseboat is a floating symbol of the comforts that modern boating families like to enjoy on water. In a hull 30 feet long, you will find bunks for six, stall showers, a fully-equipped galley that can include deep freeze, gas stove and hot running water. There Is a large main cabin with standing headroom everywhere, and above on the cabin top a sun deck with easy chairs for 10. Just Like Trailer Here are all the facilities of a trailer—and mobile homes of the highway have already been mounted on rafts on occasion and taken to sea. Amphibious models are also available. The houseboat leaves crowded traffic behind and anchors In a secluded cove where you can vacation far from the rest of the world. New motors and construction methods have made possible this recent popularity. A small modern outboard or inboard engine can push along a houseboat at a comfortable speed, while slightly more horsepower will produce from 15 to 20 miles per hour—fast enough for water skiing! Houseboats go faster now because they are lighter, constructed of marine plywood, aluminum or fiber-glass and often mounted on pontoons of cellular hlgh- flotatidn plastic. Boxy Design There are disadvantages as well, of course. To the eye of the old salt, the houseboat's boxy shape is not a thing of graceful beauty. The design is not one for a pasage to Tahiti. But today's boatman does not have to go that far to find fun. For every offshore cruiser there are thousands of boatmen who like the sight of land and the chance to enjoy the sheltered rivers, lakes and harbors with which America abounds. The prudent houseboatman picks calm weather for any extended crossing of a wide lake or bay, plans ahead for a sheltered anchorage or mooring. The wide sides of the house-' a dream boat. When the list got too long for an ocean liner, they compromised on a houseboat called "Marmelaide" with a mixture of many features. This 45-foot craft carries a catamaran on davits, has a 17- foot main cabin, two bedrooms and baths and can lower stilts and raise itself four feet out of the water for bottom painting and repairs. A houseboat may be the most likely craft for having your cake and eating it as well, afloat. boat act as a .sail in a breeze and make steering somewhat more difficult, but the helmsman learns he cannot drive up to a dock as he would In a runabout. He uses power plus the windage of the boat to ease his large craft into place. Sometimes he will drop anchor a distance from the slip and pay out anchor line to edge himself in and out. Pontoon Rafts A novelty craft that adapts the deck space of the, houseboat is found in the many pontoon rafts now available. Designed for day sailing, the rafts are pushed along by outboard power and offer swimming platform, sun deck and floating area. One couple made a list of everything they wanted aboard i HAS MUFFLERS FOR EVERY CAR 1 ''.'i! if ON If %ml\) THE ROAD This amphibious houseboat has retractable wheels, can be trailed by auto to a launching site and then driven off under outboard motor power. People who walk into our stock room are always amazscl. We stock over 1100 types of mufflers. That means you can get a new Mides Muffler Installed in your car in just 15 minutes flat No waiting. There's no Installation charge—and your muffler It guaranteed for as long as you own your car'. And your Midas guarantee Is honored wherever you drive-at Midas Muffler Shops from coast-to-coast. It 's reaHy that good. MUFFLER SHOPS ImlDAfMUFFlERS -GtURAnTCCD FOR AS LONG AS YOU OWN YOUR CAR OPEN DAILY—8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Mon. & Fri. 'tit 9 P.M. 3724 DURAND AVE. ME 2-9410 Acroii From Elmwood Ploio Racine and Kenoiho Counly'i Only MIDAS Dtaler Waggoner Jr., the Arizona ant ^ Texas oil and cattle man. .P But little fellows want to g get Into the act, too. Several T community groups sponsor P boats, sometimes scraping up g Just enough dough to get to ^ the race. P There's no monetary prlzt g to the winner, unless you coun; J the publicity for commercia! P sponsors whose entries carry g product nam^s. y The gold cup Itself is a per -,P petual trophy donated 55 year .sg ago by New York's Columbia Yacht Club. It's a piece of P silver with a thin layer ol g yellow metal that hardly looks worth all the fuss. AlMf tli9 XalHonia Cuties'' BaH Team COMING fo HORLICK FIELD - MON., JULY 20 Colifornio Cuti«s vt. Jacobstn Mfg. Co. 8:15 p.m. YMiA LITTLI llAtUlM PRANKSVILLf CUBS at SiiO P.M. At Hte Oata $1.00 AdulH Advance 7Se Kidi « thru 14) 2Sc YMiA UMPIRM re. YMCA COACH IS ef 7iOO P .M. MONDAY, JULY 20th The New Modem ELMWOOD BARBER SHOP ELMWOOD PLAZA FREE SUCKERS for the KIDDIES CIGARS for the MEN 4 BARBERS EXCELLING IN ALL PHASES OP BARBERING and HAIR CUTTING INCLUDING LADIES' HAIRCUTS

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