Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 14, 1942 · Page 2
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1942
Page 2
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PAGE FOUR—THE MORNING AVALANCHE Lubbock, T«xos f Saturday, Februory 14, 1942 Dig! 4343 For The Avalanche-Jo urn ol Qffteefc f) Congress Apparentlyjleady To Repeal Law Providing Pensions For Solons » Angry Protests Are Received Market Reports The Nation Over . . . 1 Registration To [condition Of Ranges Epidemic Peaks ' WASHINGTON, Feb. 13. Bombarded with angry protests from all corners of the country Congress seemed ready today to Repeal the law under which i granted, pension. privileges to its own members, the president and other government officers. I Sen. Barkley (D-Ky), the ma Jority leader, termed the pension act "untimely, unwise and unfor 6inate," and in the general Sen ate debate which followed th concensus appeared to bs that bot House and Senate had made mistake. - There were protests, however, that the act had been misunderstood and an acrimonious exchange between Sen. Byrd (D- Va.), who opposad the pension bill from the start, and Sen. O'Mahoney (D-Wyo.) ' "Unjust Ridicule" | O'Mahoney asserted the legislators had been held up to "unust ridicule" • and declared Byrd was "endeavoring to continue to smear {he members of Congress." •_ "I have never smeared the members of Congress," Byrd. replied heatedly "I resent the imputation. I have told the -truth about this pension bill and I'll continue to tell the truth." . A bit later Byrd told the Senate that O'Mahoney's questions indicated that he was "completely ignorant of this legislation." : Still later, Byrd inquired whether O'Mahoney was accusing him of "smearing Congress" and the Wyoming senator replied that while be might have used those words be had intended no reflection— that his remarks had perhaps •Very unfortunately left the wrong impression." ' Other Rep*ali Intended .' O'Mahoney asked that those who sponsored the original legislation "confess that i blunder has been made" by leading the repeal move. •; Nearest approach to defense of pensions came from Sen. Overton (D-La), who said he had decided against taking one, but reminded that aged lawmakers some times were "thrown upon the Spotlight Stocks - I At A Glance.. NEW YORK, Feb. IS WV-Stlw. elo.lnR , ,_«. and n« ehtaije of the hfteen mott •CUT* ttocki today: _ ^ ch "ze Pitlno Mint* |.M« >!£• ~ l Socony VRC ».«» £. — J. Gtn 6.2M J 6;« -•• » Erie TcR Ct <.600 - S'l -r Vi At'chlwn °™ tnTir™ 3>0 M * 4- 1'i Cons Alrcrifl Aviation Corp X"0 Hupp Mot 3,300 Seaboard Air En 'JOO 3*. 9-32 "V. Stand Oil NJ ---- J.1W US Steel ------- 3.IM »*• 3.000 IS . South Pac _.__ + 1-J2 + •*• Stand Oil C»l 5.8M :onc~i Oil JS- 1,700 Stock List . . JTEW TOKK, F»b. 13 <JP; Am Can In 100' i Kith 8V, 135'j Am T and T — 17 Anaeor.da " AT »nd BV 34 Arifctlon Corp 32 B»m!da!l Oil — S7CD Chrysler .—l 1* Cent Oil Del 1* Curtis* Douglas Alre « 125V. 3«''< 3 iTeeport Sulph „ l Gen Elec Gen Motori Goodyear — Houston Oil lot Hanrester S M'.d Cent Pet 6 IS 45 8XD 1 3'i VI'4 31'-. 7*4 35*. 16'» 33 ^ IS'i CTote 62'« 3H 4,71-. 31 J i T'i MKT Packard Pan-Am Airways — 5 1«'A Penney Phillips Pet — RwSlo Sears Roebuck Socony Vac — Sou Pac 1 15 M . 22 28 39 •n, 12*. SO NJ 30 Stout scd Web»ter I Tei Co IS Tex Gull Prod — 1 Tei Gulf Sulph — 5 Ter Pae C and O — 1 US Rubber •OS Steel \VU Tel M'/i 28% 33 •MM, 13V, $1 ll'i 3B'« IS'.i NEW YORK, Feb. 13. C*V— STOCKS—Slightly mixed; price changes narrow. BONDS—Steady; new IVi billion government loan well received. COTTON — Higher; trade and New Orleans buying. CHICAGO: WHEAT — Firm; ihort covering. CORN—Firm; hogs at top prices since 1937. HOGS—Active; 10-15 higher; top $13. Small receipts. CATTLE — Slow; steer* weak; dressed beef draggy. Qrain . * BUi _- 29 _ 10 Mi 33". 8Vi 15H Sl»i 24 36V* 3«H Sftt JJV't 15V. 50«-i 23H 1SH S1H 24 J.TEW TORK CCRB 33V« T't 11 «, SS 3J SS Azn Cyan B 17 Art Nat Oa» A S 'I Cities Service 2 3 Eagle Pich * Wl El Bond and Sh _ 31 IVi Gulf OU « 3J Humble OU 7 55-4 Lone Star Gas * 8Vi Wall Street. STOCKS MAKE ADVANCES X1EW YORK. Feb. 13 (l?> — Generally bearish -rar netrj failed to disturb the stoct market unduly, today and many leaders managed to score modest advances. Transfers for the day amounted to only 319.320 shares, smallest turnover for s 5- Livestock«. KANSAS CITT KEPOBT KANSAS CITY. Feb. 13 (.•?)— (tJSDAl — Hogs 700; elo;v uneven 10-20 higher; snot'.- ly '5 higher thin Thursdas's a,vtr»ge; top 12.60 to all. good to choice nO-250 Ib. 17.45-60; 270-360 Ib. 12.0<^40; sowa 11.40-85. Cattle 4<IO; ca!ves-sa!»b!e and total 100; kllliEK classes of cattle Jullj fteidy; »up- ply consieLir.j mostly of cow». vtalen steady to easier; stockere and feeders unchanged; good 1056 16. Jed ttters 11.15; common to medium heifers 8.00-1060: Sheep 1 200; killing classes sttady; best fed lambs offered 11.50; 106 Ib. kinds downward to 11.25; few native* 11.50; slaughter ewes 6.50. POET WORTH BEPOBT 'PORT WORTH, Feb. 13 <JP> —ITJSDA1 — CactlB TOO; calves 400; fairly active cleanup trade at mostly steady prices. Good and choice fed steers and yearlings 10.5011.50, c«rnmon end" medium kinds 7.009.50; beef cows 7.10-5.75. eanntrs and cutters s.00-7.00, bulls 6.50-3.00: fat calves 8.25-12.00, eull sorts 6.75-3.00; stocken scarce. Kogt 1.600: at*adr to 10 higher than Thursday's average; top 12.50; most good and choice 130-2SO }b. 11.35-50; good and choice 180-175 Ib. welghti 11.85-15.30; packics sows 10.75-11.00, stoeter pigs 9.50 down. Sh«p «00; killing classes steady: medium and low good wooled lambs 10.50-ll.CO: strictly good iambs scarce; shorn yearlings 8.25 with 2-year-old wethers out at 7.25; wooled fat ewes 6.00. CHCCAGO BE FORT CHICAGO, Feb. 13 (fi — fihaktef of! early weakness, the *rain market tocay dereloped rallying poirer that lilted ne pncrs almost a cent, soybeans 2 cents and wheat, corn and oats fractionally. Buying of professional traders and processors accounted lor most ot the support, with the market borrowing strength from the fjrmtr tone of securities and fr«h gains In hog prices, which reached new peaks 4lr.ce 1937. Wheat clcsed unchanged to H higher than Wednesday, May »1.29'V. July S1.3C'.- '«: corn ^.-'« up. May 81-«6'., July 88U: oats VV-'i up: soybtanr, V»-l^» higher; rye •i-'/i up. FORT WOBTH BEPORT PORT WORTH. Feb. 13 '«—Wbe»t No. 1 toft red winter 1.39!'4-40U: Ko. 1 hard according to protein and billing 1.33V*- 35 "4. Barley Xo. 3 nom «s-6g; No. 3 nom Sorghums No. 7 yellow rol!o per 100 Ibs. nom 1.10-1*: No. 3 mllo nom 1.07-11: No. 2 »hlte kaflr 1.08-12; No. 3 kafir nora l.OB-09. Corn, shelled. No. 1 »h«e 1.01-flS; No. 3 yellow 94 3 i-9t^i. Oats No. 2 red SO-81: Ko. 3 red 5T-S9. Still Above Average AUSTIN, Feb. 12 (tfj — Texas ranges remained above average conditions on Feb. 1 although they dropped 5 points during January, The Feb. 1 condition was 81 per cent of normal, the U. S. Agricultural Marketing service reported. Surface moisture was getting low in most of the western two-thirds of the state but adequate sub-soil prac- Be Started Today (By Tho United Preii) WASHINGTON, Feb. 13.—The selective service system, taking every precaution to avoid disruption of war production, this weekend begins regip'ering 9,000,000 additional men i . military service. The pleted governors were the machinery turning earlier, allowing men working at key de- the first part of January was not fense jobs to register during time particularly harmful to ranges, al- 0 £f though winter weed and grass TTiah Started Feh 9 growth was damaged and delayed. SelecUv? SrvSf °f ^fj With lhe n ™ ""^ *** ' OUOW would open registration places either tomorrow or Sunday, or both, in addition to Monday. A few. already have the job well under- still supplying pasture although a Said Reached Hearings To Slart On Stale's Budge! The cold wave of short duration Wheat in the Plains area was AUSTIN, Feb. 13. W.R) — The Texas state board of control announced today that hearings pre- Worst effects of an epidemic of paratory to recommending a two- mumps and measle:i is being ex- year budget to the next state Jeg- perienced now in the Lubbock islature will begin here on March scnool system, in the opinion of 15. The legislature will convene Dr. W. B. Jrvin, city superintend- Jan. 12, 1943. ent. Budgets for the University of He was of the opinion that ab- Texas and other state-supported sences due to such illness will colleges will be taken up first, begin to decline next week, but Hearings on budgets for state the epidemics undoubtedly will eleemosynary institutions will be affect attendances materially for started on April 15 and for state two or three weeks long. departments of May 1. Exact Figures Lacking The budget to be prepared by Although exact figures from in- the state board of control will be dividual schools were lacking, he furnished to the governor and the estimated that absences now num- legislature. Its figures arc reconv ber approximately 600, most of mendations subject to change by them due to mumps or mealses. the legislators and veto by the gov. Hardest hit among the individual ernor. Official Records. . way — Utah started Feb. 9. good rain to replenish surface Produce .. Tnprrip<; nf thp wnrlH" wtipn bour stretch 5lr.ce last June 30. The Asso- mercies 01 me worm wneni . ... r*..., .--,..?.. n » so itoet* ^as un CB1CAGO KEPORT CHICAGO, Feb. 13 W> — Butter «*«r, creamery. 89 score 33*,*, 90 centralized carlo'.s 3<"<; other prices unchanged. Esgs, unsettled; fresh graded, extra Jims, carl JS'/j; current receipts a? 1 -'.; dirties 26^i, checks 26 3 /«; other prices unchanged. Poultry Hve, 21 trucks; hets, orer 8 Ibs. 22; brokers, 2'i Ib!. and do^n. plymouth rock 31; other prices unchanged. left the halls of Con* V Barkley served notice he would lead a move to attach a. repeal rider to other legislation unless the Senate civil service committee speedily approved the repeal bill already offered by'Sen. Byrd, Taft <E-Ohio) Bailey CD-NO and Johnson CD-Colo). > Sen. Clark CD-Mo) jumped up to demand that similar pension privileges for the president, vice president, and cabinet be repealed at the same time and Barkley said intended. i«V.g»"oi so .t«k s up J .. bsroiseter sines Veb."*." Of «83 l*eue» tra.d- ed. 253 changed. .. up. 205 doira and 229 un. Better ihare performers Included TJ. 8. Steel, Bethlehem. Chryiler. Santa ?e. Atlantic Coast Line. Great Northern. Southern. Parillc. BMlng, Douglas AlrcraJt, Patlno Mines, American Smelting. Union Carbide, du Pont and Owens-ElinoU. Allied Chemical dipped to a new 1941-4S low but ultlmateir came back. In arrears were American Telephone. Teias Co., Sean Roebuck, Caterpillar Tractor. Eastman Kodak, Kennecott snd Americas Can. Cotton,. fTyler Man Is Killed In Accident In Arkansas » HAZEN, Ark., Feb. 13 (/P) ~ A ]5Vorld war veteran identified as Gordie Lon Hendley, 54, Tyler, Tear-, was killed instantly last iight when an automobile swerved and struck him as he walked along U. S. highway 70 near here. t Justice of the Peace C. Calcote iaid the driver of the car, booked as Pvt John Henry Hogg, Titusville, Pa., pleaded. guilty to a iharge of. negligent homicide and paid a $100 fine. , : "The soldier said he just fell asleep at the wheel and didn'1 know anything until he woke up prith his car in the ditch," Calcote said. "He continued his journey after paying the fine." I Calcote said Hendley was en route to Hot Sp'rings and that pa pers on his person indicated he •pras attempting to re-enter rnili- Tary service, t ' Partial Renovation For Capitol Planned J AUSTIN, Feb. 13 (/Pj—A partial renovation job costing an estimat- fd 5117,136 is in immediate prospect for the state capitol. > Bids will be taken March 3 on firep'rooling the roof, repairing {he dome, replacing or repairing skylights and repairing glass pan" els in the ceiling of house and senate chambeis. NEW ORLEANS BEPOBT ORLEANS, Feb. 13 (fi — Expectations of record breaking January eon- nucptlori lisure* and trade buyin? brought strength in cotton futures here today. The market closed steady 15 to IB points net higher. High Low Close March' ' 18.46 1S.20 18.45 May 18.62 18.39 18.60-62 July , _ 18.73 18.53 18.72-73 Oct. IS-'* 18.79 18.S3B Dec. an. 19.CO 18.99 19-04B 19.08B B—Bid. JTEW TORK REPOKT TORK. Peb. 13 W)—Cotton futures advanced «0 to 95 cents a bale today under good trade and spot demand. The showing Tfas made In the face of. >stter than average selling by Wall Street louses—several -were credited -with dlspos- ins ot close to 30.000 balej—inspired, said reports, br & gloomy vlevr of the "war. Market supporters vet', encouraged 07- ft fresh batch of reports from Washington that the farm bloc -was persisting: in efforts to curb government sale- of surplus commodities under parity. High Low Last 18.43 18.17 18.41 18.59 18.33 I8.58-S9 18.69 13.45 18.69 18.-8 18.53 18.77 18.53 18.6S 18.33 March May July Oct. Dec. .Tan .._ 18.68K Middling spot 20.04K, up 13. K—Nominal. American feature films were the most popular hi Sweden, in the last year. B^LL IS INTRODUCED WASHINGTON. Feb. 13. (U.W— Sen. Robert M. LaFollette, P., Wis., today introduced a bill to provide 85,000 free, paid-up life insurance to all persons in active military or naval seivice, including Army and Navy nurses. Distribution of silkworms In Japan will be controlled by the government. Buy A Defense Bond TODAY! utticers Hold Meeting Members of the board of supervisors of Lubbock County Soil Conservation district, at a meeting Friday afternoon in the office the Federal Soil Conservation district, adopted a program of work and then began plans for starting what work can be done'under the present limited resources available. Lack of funds • due to. wartime curtailment several months ago, stopped -work on the district, after approximately 75 farmers had made applications for individual 'arm plans, it was explained. Supervisors hope to be able to start actual work within a year. . Inventory Taken The SCS made a survey of the the county and took an inventory of the physical, economical and social problems. In a report, made to the superviors, an attempt to solve the problems was indicated Meantime the board, according to Earl Davis of Acuff, chairman is preparing soil conservation practices that farmers can follow out this year individually. These include £,Lli{> ClOppLilg, a oaticfoC- tory cover crop, terracing or contouring and cthsi- prar.ticeg. George Turner of the 'SCS, who has been assigned to work with the group, met with the supervisors and discussed the 100 page report. Besides Davis, other mem- Marriage Licenses Euseblo Prieto. 3J, and Aurora Term, 15, both of Post. Building Permits A. \V. May, o»rner. and M. Vf. Hunter. contractor, to construct one-story frame addition to garage at 2116 Twenty-second street, (100. A. W. Mar. oirntr. and H»y Givens, contractor, to construct one-.tory frame, ree- idence at 1713 Twenty-seventh street, 53,600. J. A. Turner, owner, to construct residence at 710 WoUfanh. S300. Fred Blair, owner, and Avlnger Lumber company, contractor, to move buUdtng to 418 Avenue C from 126 East Broadway. Avlnger Lumber company, owner and contractor, to move building outside, city limits from 125 East Broadway. M. H. D«y, owner and contractor, to construct two one-story frame residences at 3507 and 2503 Twenty-ninth street, J3,- 500 each. Warranty Deeds W. R. Tanner and irtfe to Iri -Elliott, uiuthwest one-fourth ol section 19, bloci D2, *9,600. K. A. Overton and wife to Mrs. C. Turner, lots 7 scd 8, block 4, Sanders addition, *50. A. 1^ Kornfeld to George E. Turner, lot 9, block 3, Mornlr^slde addition. t7JO. S, C. Arnett nnd others to George B. Turner, northwest one-fourth of section 17, block B. 5800. Oil And Gas Leases A. L. Smith c.nd -*Me to H. 25. Livingstone, east 120 acres of section 139, block 20, SIO. New Autos Registered Dodge — McCaffree end Stotts, 3119 Twenty-clxth. street, truck. The registration will be the third moisture would be beneficial. since selective service became lav/ Small gram pastures in the Ed- during the summer of 1940. It em- wards Plateau and South Texas braces all men who were 20 years areas were deteriorating from lack old before Dec. 31, 1941, who will of surface moisture. Surplus feed not be 45 or over on Monday. from the Plains area was being But 17,000,000 within these age moved into Central and East Texas limits will not register. These are where feed crops were short. In the men 21 through 34 who gave South Texas some ranchers were volunteer workers their names, buring pear. ages, telephone numbers, home Texas cattle were wintering in and business addresses and the I good flesh. Cold weather the early names of persons who always will! part of January caused some know their whereabouts in regis- 1 shrinkage, but the storm was of Oct. 16, 1940, and | short duration and a little supplemental feeding was all that was necessary to bring cattle through with negligible death losses. In Central and East Texas a prolong- Restaurants Germany are peel potatoes. and not canteens permitted In to trations held last July 1. Number Inducted Is Secret A large number of these—the exact number is a military secret Buy A Defense Bond TODAY1 —and since have been inducted into the army. Still another registration, which officials expect to be held "next spring or early summer," will affect additional millions of men now between 18 and 20 and 45 and 64 years old. When this is completed, officials estimated, the total of men registered will have reached approximately 49,000,000, or three- fourths of the nation's total male population. tinder a War department regulation, selective service headquarters will not announce the exact number of men listed in this third registration, but it has es- 1 timated the figure at 9,000,000. The :T15u3 uHlTCSvIj //nl^ii v-j. j. £u. Crij." one-half of one per cent in its estimate of the first registration, has set Monday's figure at 9,861,134. ed cold spell would be detrimental to cattle since feed supplies are already short. buildings was Sanders school, I where approximately one-fourth of the enrollment was absent. In I at least one primary class, about I half the children were out of school. Dr. Irvin repeated his reminder I that children who show any signs members of the faculty have been of illness should not be sent to | ill. school. He said that teachers have been instructed to be on the alert for any symptoms of sickness, and if any are detected, to send the I child home immediately. He warn-] ed that exposure might become dangerous if a child is contracting) one of the ailments. 'The superintendent also reminded that state laws require that any chi,ld who contracts mumps, measles, whooping cough or chicken 'pox. must remain out H. V.ROBERTSON SCO. AOOOtTNTAJJTS Jo AtTDrrOHS AX4UU.O SONG WRITER SUICIDES BRIGHTON, Eng., Feb. 13 tf>) — Felix Powell, composer with his brother of World war 1 marching son, "Pack Up 1 Your Troubles In Your Old Kitbag," fatally wounded himself while of unsound mind, a coroner's verdict disclosed today. Powell died Tuesday of a gunshot wound. . of school 21 days from the time of becoming ill. This law will be enforced, he said. Thus far, he reported ,only three THE FAMOUS 2 DROP HfAY'TO GIVE YOUH HEtO COLO THE A Iff. US£ AS DIRECTED. use z oaops OF COOLING. SOOTHING kNQSE DR. R. P. REEDS Osleopathic Physician And Surgeon 301 307 Myrick Bldg. Lubbock. Texas' PROCTOLOGIST Omnibus Tax Bill Is Bringing In Results AUSTIN, Feb. 13. <U.PJ — The omnibus tax bill over which Texas legislators fought last year is getting results for the state treas- A compilation today by Slate Comptroller George Sheppard showed that since the new taxes became effective on May 1, 1941, they have put $73,047,175 net revenue into the state funds. •Motor fuel tax (expected to decline shortly under restricted automobile use) brought the state $4,765,001 in January or approximately 5550,000 more than in January of 1941. Cheshire County Council in England is building camps for people rendered homeless by enemy action. COTTONCLUB Buy A Defense Bond TODAY1 bers include, W. O. Perkins, _...,__ „-,. „-_,, Thomas U Holt, George Eklund, THURS. FEB. I9TH and Grover-C. Gillett. NIGHT ONLY* Announcing THE CHANGE OF OUR NAME! Telford Lumber Co Wij! hereafter bs known as . BUILDER'S PREVIEW SATURDAY MIDNIGHT THEN SUNDAY AND MONDAY MIDWAY 1800 BLOCK OK BHOADWAY TODAY ADMISSION: 9 C -- 22 C MATINEE AND NIGHT THE EXCITING STORY OF RADIO! A PERFECT .BLENDING OF: DRAMA—SONG COMEDY—ROMANCE "THE GREAT AMERICAN BROADCAST" —STARRING— ALICE FAYE JACK OAKIE JOHN PAYNE . Specialist In Disorder* of the Foot DR. MARSHALL HARVEY CHIROPODIST 1109 AVE. K. PH. 7341 Hay And Hudspeth ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW 810-11 Lnbbock Nat'l. Bank Bid;. Thonei: Day 2-3(13!; Nite 1813 and 4716 Lubbock Anton No change in policy or personnel Is made. See Us ... with ali your building and repair needs! WHERE YOU GOING, SfSSif to the music of America's iV£W STAGE-SCREEN- RADIO Favorite! —ALSO- COLOR CARTOON —and— LATEST NEWS DIAL 6616 Day or Nighfr Ambulance SANDERS Funeral Home D FIOR1TO and hi: ORCHESTRA • featuring • "CANDY" CAND1DO FRANK FLYNN \ nrtwil Will Hold atlc B«em<loii BICYCLES Buy now, while bikes are fully equipped; Thrill yonr boy or girl with one of our streamlined deluxe ^ I JQ5 equipped mcxietj. ''ijtj TERMS HOM£, AUTO SUPPLY AND SERVICE STORE Bill Slater. Mgr. ISth and Ave. L Phon« 3588 Beginning Friday, Feb. 27 ijv THE LUBEOCK MORNING AVALANCHE

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