Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 15, 1953 · Page 27
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 27

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1953
Page 27
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Page 27 article text (OCR)

WIWHWDAY, APRIL il, I9M ALTON BVSN1NO TILSORAPH •^ ^ B B iwa&wN ME IN J I 11 .'..'.'.' ' i Tin Otnf M«tt» Mm» hrrtn. IK. HIE YOU TO WHAT 1 ADIEU TH' k RETURN AT MVIORC NJSHT...FAIU I IW1U. NOTOUR V HOT. _ AYE.5OLDIER. SENERALT WATCH WELLMV BANC?UO, I BACK.-MAC8ETM, ^ SIR?^ THE NEW KINS, COMES/AL KNOW VOU WE SHALL BANQUO /TRUEA PERFORM WA9VOUR My 1 WHAT YOU ./ COMMAW US. .'.BANOUO.THY SOUL'S FUGHT, IF IT RND HEAVEN. MUST FIND IT BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY YOU'D BETTER DREAM 1 [CONFOUND ITTWl66S'THER&n r *1§^'- i ^ AK ' AMSWER/ VOUE • <SOES AGAIM.' I SET'-ms tHERM^l $JSl L /fvS5^!f l iJS!l ' 5TAT FOR 6TEArA,Arslb WATER J[ SjMS, IS COMIN6 FORA, 6POUT6 OUT/—TH& IISIFSRNAL H^ f JP* L IMSP^TIOM H MECHftsil^Mi 1^ <O MOCH LIK&>— '-£\ TOMORROW, AND i.* 1 ; AT£rv\PERAMEr4TAL MUUe £&** 1 "E'UL HAVE MORS [I'M EXPeCTIMG IT TO 6RAV/ —WHAT AM x , \X)lMS WRONS BY J. R. WILLIAMS TaUHlMtHE- I TOLP YOU TD HAIMC3 of THESE 616 HAIL JUMPED OFF ROCK& AN HO&S D CUMMIM SAV1M<5 FACE DONALD DUCK TELEVISION: KSD-TV-Channel 5 WEDNESDAY 8:00 P. M,—Wrangler'* Club 8:19 P. M.—Music Hall 8:30 P. M.—Sportsvlew. Weather 8:48 P. M.—L N. & Telenewe 6:00 P. M.—Armchair Adventure e:18 P. M,—Dottye Bennett Snow 8:30 P. M.—Those Two 8:48 P. M—News CaraVaa 7:00 P M.—1 Married Joan 7:30 P. M.—Cavalcade of America 6:00 P M—TV rheatai 0:00 P. M.—Boxing 9:48 P. M.—Sport* Parade 10:00 P M—Arthur Godfrey fl-OO P M.—T. V. Theatre I2i30 A M.—New* 7:00 A. M.—Dave Qerroway 8:00 A. M.—Ding Dong School - 0:30 A. M.—Arthur Godfrey 10:00 A. M.—Garry Moore 10:30 A. M.—Double or Nothing 11:00 A, M.—Bride and Groom 11:18 A. M.—Love of Life 11:30 A. M.—Search for Tomorow 11:48 A M. Guiding Light 12;00 Noon—Short, Short Dramas 12:18 P. M.—To The Ladie* 1:18 P. M.-iHomemaklng 3:00 P. M.—Break the Bank '2:30 P. M.—House Party 2:48 P. M—Welcome Traveler* 3:00 P. M—Kate Smith 4:00 P. M—Hawkins Fall*. 4:18 P. M.—RUM David 4:30 P. M—Howdy Doody At Horn* and Abroad Aniwtr to Previout Punt* HORIZONTAL VERTICAL r JHHU w MHC.I " Fir-mci n n u u en a u LI ra m r 1 u 1 River in Switzerland 4 City In Pennsylvania 8 Yugoslavian river 12 Fort , New Jersey 18 Painful 14 Was borne 15 Before (prefix) 16 Drains 18 Poems 20 Eye layers 21 Weight i measure 22 Gaelic 24 High card! 26 Employs 27 Incorporated (ab.) 80 Tilt 82 German city 84 Paid attention 35 Accompany 86 Finish 87 Russians 89 Toward the sheltered aide 40 Dreadful 41 Belgian resort town 42 In that place 45 Made 49 Turning back 81 Anger 82 Metal-bearing rocks 83 Harem rooms 84 Individual 85 Puts on 56 Greek district 87 Edward's nickname 1 Swiss mountains 2 Air (prefix) 3 Came in once more 4 City in the -\ Ruhr Valley 8 Plant part 6 Rainbow* 7 Lamprey 8 Propel 9 Heavy cord 10 Notion 11 Cape 17 Cats 19 Seen ted 23 Counsels 24 Hurt i j r,i n ra ra ra u h ,4 u w r j u riK-aura UCHU uwuo rriLinw rauu ncjua 25 French seaport 26 Beneath 27 Solitude 28 Nostril 2B Attractive 31 Weirder 83—• Plow, naval base Scotland 38 Deterrrtlnt 40AtUr« 41 Meaning 42 Steeped , 43 Demigod 44 Level 46 Wander 47 Sea «gl* In 48 Act aOTurf W 53 FOR FAST SELLING of unneeded things use TELEGRAPH Want Ads! The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart Wednesday 560 KC USD (NBC) 6£ (ABC) 680 KC WEW 770 KC KFUO 660 KC KMOX (CBS) 11*0 KC KWR (MBS) 1880 KC WEL 1480 KC WOKZ 1870 KO P. ' News; Sports tf ready Martin New* Songi ol Today Ed Bonnet New*; Bonnet Clof* ol Pay New* Song* of Praia* Sporti Reel Reading Circle Allan Jackaon New*; Hinee Curt Mauey New*; ThonuM News: Hayward rtnt riv«i N«W» New*; Record* Record Report Sport* Bxtra Gcort* Mutt* New* • • Sport* View Cadillac Sypiph SporU; Weather France L*UX New* Parade New* Morgan Beatty Unne Ranger One Man'* Family Concert Hour Jr. Ml** Stan Dougherty Jo Stafford ' Ed Murrow rirrt Fly*; New* New* Exclusive Supper Serenade | :oo Walk a Mile QUderfle«ve Mystery Theatre Garden Guild Close Of Day FM Only Family Worship Travelog F.B.i Conf* of B-Bar-B Chuck Nonnaa Or. ChrUtiaa Wild Bill Hlekok Cecil Brown .•« :15 :30 Bet Your U«e Bl| Story Mr President Bob Hope Dangerous Assign Tomorrow's New* 1'enn. Emit New* Concert Hall New* Melody Pattern Eve Blessing News Open Bible PlayhoilM What's My Use Gabriel Heatter News; Muslo ntus Moody Guest Star Crime File* Bandstand December Bride Top Tune Time Htan Uaughenj Frank Edward* Mutual Newiree) Family -Theatre New* Morgan Beatty Platter Parade Beautiful Music Muslo Master* New* Abide With Me New* Chuck Foster Time To Dream Owight Cooke •port* Crosby Show Health Talk Sport*; New* New* Platter Pared* New* By MlMlsstppI Concert Favorite* New*; Oretv Dance Orch. Dick Jurgena Merrymaker News; D. Patrol Dawn Patrol Thursday i I N«w* ut M«lo4i ia* ciupti l4S N»WI. RFD 630 Market*; Weathar HKD 030 frau uind UM New* * WMthtT Concert N«w* It Waatntt Call Farm Journal Newt Country Jr.; lflrts> SunrU* Salute Tom Oalttr •porti; N*w* World News Weathtr; Tcmpoi rimatablM Nawi UreakUit Club Hruca B*rnnfton Braaklatt Club Concart Barred Heart Madltation Hymn* Music Ravalll* Chapel Window World New* New*; Rex Oavt* Weather; Var. Crotby Stag* New*; B'fUt Club Ntwil Cloek Newi, r Mo*|l» ^^ Cd Wll»on; Nawt Newt; B' ltd Club N«w*i Oloek World Newt Sport* New* CUH » Naaey Newi Meiody Magic New* New*; (ialut* New* VarletiM World New* Clock WatelH* Ed Wilwii Newi; B'<U» Club News Mu*ic«l Oloefe Chape* ;»u welcome Traveler Double or Nothing True Story Whispering street Kitchen Club Hlfo Mat* Science Child Welfare Devotion* Tneme* ol Afe« Arwur Opotrey Art Roberta » NetgbMt •BOW Case 1 lit do ;4I Strike It Rich Phrate That Payi Bob Nope A Clr) Marriae New* Friend In Need Muiio of Maftaw Devotion* Woman. World BandjUnq Newt Grand «la» Rosemary :46 New*; Weather Victor LlndUhr Meredith WiU»n New* Rhythm MooO> Martha uan* Melody Just tor Women St L.OUII New* Open Bible New* Concert lime Warren; Newt Aunt Jenny Helen Trent Our Qal Sunday BocalUt * Wto News: hmrheoB (Ms Newi Play house) New* ilai fredencn* Concert Newt Maaterworkl Repote Market* New*; Davit Ma Perkim Jr Malone Road of Ule Curt Meatair commeattr? Queen fof • Newt; New*; Can Date Neva BirtMey Ml* ttwe'i T* Ve5 What* N^w Have Garroway Judy 4 Jan* New*: Frederick! Dugout Dope Brown* at Chi The Common (uo4 klutie Apprec'Uon Vie OamoM piano Portrait 2nd Mr*. BurtaB Perry M«*o« Nora Drake Newt; Rtndttiaj it .a« |:ti Road of u<e Pepper Youn| Rlgnt toHapplne Sacred Heart Native In Tone Program far You Newt Aak Me Another Grain; Uvettock Newt Untie Federation Hilltop UOUM Houte Party Mews UO Backstage Wife Stella U«ll«* Wicl'ler Brown In M.V Hou»e New* BUI Chamber tfutte .16 46 Uoclors Wl<* td Bonaer Bible Itories Neai Becitai Dental Society Travctoti S3on( Shop Child* Album Open Bible curt Ba« IMU Becord» Ruben Q MM *d«iw fir»i •.StVaJIff Wild Mooieyt fed Thank* to J. Easterbroolc of the Durban branch of South Africa's 5.P.C.A., purban'f l«vaoui mon- key colony—threatened with §*• unctioa — U doing well again. When garden and orchard owners, an^ry about monkey raids, de- toe sjumaJ* erbrook guessed the reason. Thai monkeys were starving. So he started a feeding project. At a cost of f3 9 day, th*> S.P-C.A. sends a truck wife buMUifc caw- k«y-nutt, P*P4W« Tbe monkeys ilall if

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