Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 12, 1961 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 12, 1961
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

>IA*, MUffc, ^Clothes ACftoSi TltlY M-MM 00*00* garment. 5 Head covering 8 Foot covering 32 Singing voice 13 French friend 14 Conversation 35 Thailand 16 Decay rjjKNautfcal term '53 Brand 20 Endured 21 Cold 22 Honey mafcet 23 Heavenly body . 26 Put on clothes 30 Elevator inventor 31 Pedal digits 32 Mineral rock •33 Consumed 34 Kind o£ pearl 35 Ache 30 Throat growths 38 Merchandise J-JP Every one TO Blemish 41 Horse's home 44 Entrances 48 Evict 49 Small child 50 Arrow poison 51 Poker stake 52 Individual 53 English school • 54 Remitted 55 Kootlike part 56 Moral wrongs DOWN 1 Flower holaer '.•2 Lamb •* Asterisk 4 British soldiers 5 Bear GWUd 7 Mine ONiffibM 10 Bread spfeft 883"* Bffl W uteF iitf 24 Germifi king 25 Bearifljt B 26 Acc6mt>!i*h«« 2? Fly 28 Great Lak« Lino . ucauu titan 2} &*"?** ij 34 Window pitt 35 Social gathering! 37 Seasoned 38 Conflict 40 Clothes styles 41 Detergent .42 Pood fish 43 Italian city 44 Sheet of glass 45 Opposed 46 Masculine appellation i 47 Oriental coins ' 49 Summit ; NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN "Henry let a big one get away last trip—a $68 pot!" CAPTAIN EASY ALLEY OOP JUDGING BS THE LOOK DM WELL, IF AS OXY \ OOP'S FACE, I'P r , SAID, THERE'S A \ SAY HE KNOWS, V WHOLE SPACESHIP V ALL RIGHT/ FULL OF MOONMEN SOMEWHERE ABOUT THEN OOP SHOULD KNOW WHAT TO MAYBE .^,, BUT B6TTI5R TO 8 SAFE .,> KILL .ni3T KEEP FLYING.' If V. T. H«mH« vJ|*-\» r-NVTrM ^%POULP WELL WELL! LITTLE OU Y AW, OOP, MVGOSH pxy.'VJUSTCOULPNT; IOIONTHAVG STAV AWAY FROM ,/ A THINS TO DO WITH COMING , HERE! HONEST I .DIDN'T,. MHLJ— -\ :..-,£ I /...r THINK I'VE V ,6 3[ BEEN DOUBLE' /„ '* 3 \CROSSEt5 Vtf. ;//) '" •ST>C (^-<iJf ,tF,'V _.£_I>M t't fcF4. Irtc. TW. »»( (IS C.t »»/, c TIZZ •y Koto OXMK SWEETIE PII By Nodine Seltzer &-/£ ©1«1»J««a.llw.T.M. R. B . U.S, P«t. OH © 1961 by NE/I, (lie. T.M. R«(. U.S. Pat, Olb A&Y AND RITA REACH CAP HWTIi AIRLINE... FEW.YAKKJUI& ARE LEPT IN CUBAi EAp./. BUT I THINK WE CAN ELUPE AUTHORITIES-IN EASTERN ORIENTS, PROVINCE I ffHEM 7.0 ') WILES ay TAXI PLAME TO THE •WESTERN TIP BLONDIE W ft CU6AN JML rOR rOUTICM; BLANCO CAN TAKE US ACROSS THE CHANNEL TO A REMOTE VILLAGE ON THE COAST1 BRING IN THE VANCJUI.HW. AfiAW. MAV8B BV MOW H&' POWN AWP TELL WH6RK HI HlO THAT tJICKEL PLANTS II, THIS IS PEGGY— . TELL BLOMDIE THE LUNCHEON IS THURSDAY **«. ~"T INSTEAD OF $*jj*\ FRIDAY ilr^ '&&& "EaGs lllj AND TELL HER THAT ( HELEN AND PHYLLIS 4 VJILL PICK HER UP , AND TOASK GRiETA FOR THE ^RISOLLA'S POP By Chic Young ( AND TELL HER NOT TO W(?X\R ' BLUE 'CAUSE SALLY'S WEARING ^~-r PURPLE AND ./x/.K-, THEY' By Al ^"Freddy got a wrong number when he called me last night—so he took her to the movies instead,"' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill BI MM r "Let's not tell on them—let's just get involved;*' SIDE GLANCES By Golbr.ifk . ••• — »'«-~v^i^j Tiuri . YOUR CAfe AND F/XED IT/ NEXT YOU CAN W\SH AND WAX {T MORTYMEEKLi "I wasn't snoring! I was breathing hard. It was a very deep sermon 1" YOU ALWAYS LET ME I MAKE THE DECISIONS! ^-rlT'S NOT PAIR.' i SHORT RIBS AND I'M THE ONE WHO HAS TO SCOLD THE CHILDREN! THAT'S NOT - FAIR, EITHER/ WHEN YOU'RE ANGRY YOUR EYES SPARKLE LIKE DIAMONDS YOU DON'T EVEN FIGHT FAIR/ ===Sg~=^£> OtVELOPEPTHE H-BOMB-TAXES •UP.,.<3r\LL.BOlU)ING FREEWAYS.. 60WGUP OUT OUR WAY By Frank O (tTmi i7 r fd.A, int, 17,1. iTi'i" u.d. M.Tiif!* By J. It WiUkm. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major tttipfc vou KNOW/ weye GOT A PRETT/ I WE couu? Reoe^ecv WIN THE TOW CHAMPION6Hlf7 exeepr f»? ONE THINS ... •y Dkk THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI we HAveN- c GOT A PITCHER. i Cg 1961 by HE*, Inc. T.M. B«£. U.S. Pat. Off. WHV, SURE.' I WAKJT MY HANDS FREE.' WHUT IF I <30T HELP UP AMP COULPKJ'T GIT MY HAMPS UP IMTIME? EE WHUT IF SOME BODY TOOK A POKE AT ME ? WHUT THEM ? GIVE THEM TO ME. SO I CAMT TAKE A POKE AT you.' I WAMT MY HAMPS FULL, SO I WOM'T PISSEACE AWSELF ON THE I'VE (SOT TO TKV AUO PUT HER DOWN BEFORE THE 7 By WiUoii Scr« lt , I'D BETTER 6BT OFF THE ROAD. K TKVWS TO LAWD. MU. HA.KPEK WOW't BUGS BUNNY V/HY.VOU BIS PORPOISED . ^^.THE BOARDERS iMtMlS HOUSE USE^'' C ' Lll 5^,?i^?',v ll:T K?M?l BNlTlRELY too MUCW 6AXK WATER AMDy/L^^" K^^I •7viV« OCCUPY 1H& TUB TOO J.OMS — 60 x xl( "U^5O LONG YOU COME AM £>O|MSID'ATTACH M.V BATH METER rO "fME- Tup/ DERDSITA QUARTER AMD /> a A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF HOT WAXER ' > ' Hl =" (?DKS.|t^TO TMErTOe-^THeM AFTER IQM1MOT6S trie WATeR.. IS AUTO - IS A S1EPARATZ5-, ARIUM POSJD, V-^-AN EX.. ilbEA/ SW ^fe^i 5S&- ^ B ,& f _- a .S10MALLVWE ' <|) 3TAKES A^ ItATEREST I IN THE HOUSE «_

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