The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 2, 1918 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 2, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

SIX. 77?<? WorldkbestMusic for every Home! You may hear it in the Humblest cottage or the stateliest mansion— the masterpieces of music interpreted by the world's greatest artists. The Victrola brings this treasure to all alike- There are styles of Victrolas in keeping with the circumstances. and surroundings of every home. Vkh«l> IV.A, V'klf.l. Vl-Ai »ku.l« IX.i, Victrola No matter what the style or price every instrument is a genuine Victrola, and will play any of the 500Q records in the Victor Record catalog. Come and have a demonstration, and select the Victrola best adapted to your home. We arrange payments to suit your convenience. / THROWN FROM MOTORCYCLE UNCONSCIOUS AT HOSPITAL Cause of Accident of Extent of Injury Unknown—Condition Uncertain. VkinU XVI. TfctraUXVTI. IFRED WEESNER Successor to Briggs Bros. DRUGGIST No. 3 South Main Phone 168 '/ITEMS OF INTEREST ^ |T0 REP CROSS WQRKERj, R' Word has been received by relatives V^'here of Hie safe arrival overseas of iMiffs^JlaiTiet English who is a lied ! Cross nurse. Oon. Pershing recently vlsilfd sev- • qral American lied Cross Hospitals at 'Paris, and lie talked confidentially 'with each man. Ho told each one that he hoped they would noon be well, and Inquired what regiment they belonged to, and told them how proud he was to be commander of such bravo men. He told them how splen- ; didly thoy had fought. He also thanked many of the nurses and phy- ji'iBlciana for their brave and splendid J k\\ft>rk; And to those wounded soldiers ja';wbom he could not see personally, ho . f Bent tbo following message, "The '("American people are proud of you." Bobble Barker Show Good. ,A big crowd greeted Hobby Parker -*•w.U W B splendid company at their Y.'ponlng in Rlversido Park yesterday. tV 'It bus been sonie time since Bobby -and SSalda Barker were here, but they '•were remembered by the park patrons, ••' and 'received with an ovation. The play thoy presented, "A Wise Woman" is somewhat void of plot, but offer.*—every opportunity for the comedians, and the introduction of song numbers. Bobby iBarker and a very Itpgthy fellow, Dan Diehl, handle the comedy, keeping the audience In continuous laughter. Zalda Barker, a pretty blond, has a pleasing soprano voice, hor numbers being well adapted to her style of work and going over •big. Juliette Heath, a lady full or "pep" InjectB ginger into the proceedings at every appearance. Carrie Scoville is an artist, her potrayal of a dope fiend being one of the beat bits of character acting seen hero for some time, The chorus Is lively, well dressed, and well trained. A notable feature of the show, Is the male quartet, two of the members using stringed instruments. It's a good show, entertaining thropghout, free from the usual slap BtieK seen in musical comedy, and not a suggestive line In the play. The individual numbers went over big, and the entire production was accepted as one of the neatest musical comedy shows playing the park this year. They will present a complete change the last half of the week, opening Thursday night, and if possible for Bobby to arrange his bookings, Mr. Heck will hold them over for a two week stand. Hutchinson appreciates good clean entertainment, and Mr. Marker will undoubtedly be repaid for his efforts by good patronage. UNION ICE PLANT BURNS. Fire Started Mysteriously Some Time Saturday Night. A fire broke out Saturday evening about half past ten o'clock at the Union Ice Company's plant on South i Walnut. All the fire trucks responded to the call and alter a fight ot about three hours had It under control. The fire, origin of which Is unknown, started in some mysterious manner at the southeast side of the plant. The fire Bpread to the roof and did considerable damage to the roof. Are you'insured? If not, better see KinUel agency about it. I^Pcof/m and Foiwafa ]| MAJOR PHILLIPS DIES. Jeffrey LftVferenco Is still unconscious at the Methodist hospital as tho result ot a motorcycle accident tire and one half miles south of the reformatory yesterday morning. it 1B not known how the accident os- curred. Mr. Lawerenco left home alone yesterday morning .lor a ride, and was brought to tho hospital at about, twelve -thirty in the afternoon by O. V. Crlswell ot liangdon, who found him unconscious by the roadside. It is thought that several people may have passed the place of the accident without having seen Mr. Lawerenco, who was thrown into the weoHs, and only one ot hlB hands be-. Ing Visible His condition Is uncertain, and tho extent "of his Injuries will not be known until he regains consciousrlcas. Arlington Branch. Garment,., 43, •Pajamas »•• Itcd Shirts II. C. Shirts "A" ............ II. C. Shirts "B" ............ Bandages, 1810. Slings .•Manytalls Knitted Art., 32. Sweaters .•.*...... Box Wrlstlols .. Surgical tju-esslnffs Cwtleton. Garments, E. Pajamas .,.,.......*..»...». 11. C. Shirts "A" BandoRcs—flllngs Knitted Art—Sex Haven. Garjm'nls, II, It. Shirts "A" Rut-glrul Dressings Unndiurcs, 4r,o, SltllKS ••• M/tnytalls Knitted Art., 30, Sweaters .,........>. Sex Had Been Employed at the Sldlinger Drug Store for Years. Major Phillips, who has worked for lift Sldlinger Drug Store for about 25 years, died Saturday afternoon, at his home at 3KT B west. He is 1 survived by three' children, Winnie, Hazel and Clarence. Tho funeral will' be held tomorrow at three o'clock, with the Masons in charge. $><$><$,<f>4><8><8>^>$<$'<t><S>3>'»>"$ v <S> 4> MONTHLY REPORT. <5> '. " The report for tho month of August concerning the amount of work checked in at the Red Cross headquarters received from" tho various branches and auxiliaries is r»s follows: Hutchinson. Garments, 360, Hoys shirts S9 Hoys Underwear 31 Girls Petticoats 68 Helpless Case Shirts "A" K> Helpless Ovsc Shirts "B" IS Bed Shirts 21 Pajania Suits 3« Bed Rocks : 13 Surgeons Operating Sets 0 .'Surgical Dressings, 47,7.6. Bandages 9350 Slings 0193 Hany tails 167 Knitted Articles. 318. Sweaters 153 Sox 170 Scarfs , 4 Wj-lstlets 36 Helmets ...'. •. 5 Auxiliaries to Hutchinson. Grant Township. Garments, 24. Underwoar - 6 Girls Petticoats *> Hoys Shirts 9 Bed Jacket J Bondages—Slings « 90 Knitted Art, 8. Sweaters 7 Sox * t Ofaee. Garments, 16. Hoys Shirts •> Convalescent Bobes 1 11. C. Shirts 10 Bandages—Slings JO Knitted Art, 6. Sweaters «• Sox 1 _ Van Sickle School. Garments, 22. Boys Shirts 8 Boys Underwear 14 Bandages—Slings .3- Knltted Art—Sweaters 7 Busy B«es—walnut Township, Garments, 6. ' Pajamas 3 Bed Shirts « J Bandages—Slings . ...a. Knitted Art—Sox, pr. r- 1 Flfty-Flfty Club. Bandages—Slings ...... . Knitted Art—Sweaters — North H»y« 5 - ' Garments, 10. II. C. Shirts'"A"..•< . 2 It. C. ShlrU "B"...r.. * Boys Shirts ....>...». • Bondages—SUngs i» Knitted Art—Sweaters 6 Medford Union. Garments, B. 1 Pajamas >> Bandages—Slings • -™* Knitted An—Sox 4 Pershing Club. Garments, -0. .„ Boya Shirts 13 Underwear »• 6 H. C. Shirt "A" J Bandattea—Slings "1 Knltied Articles, 8. Sweaters « Sox 2 Funston Club. Garments, 34. ' ITiidvrwear 18 Girls Petticoats IS OLD MAN DIED. David | Centers Passed Away at the County Poor Farm. • David Centers, who has been'at the County Poor Farm for the past 25 years, passed away Saturday evening about seven o'clock. The funeral announcements will be made luter. Dillon Very III. Chicago. Sept. 2.—Hiram Dillon, Topektt, Kansas millionaire, who is 111 at a hotel was reported to be Very- low today. "Mr. Dillon is just barely alive." said Mrs. Dillon. V Papain as Bondages—Slings 201 Knitted Art, 7. Sweaters • • 2 - Sox 6 Pleasant Grove, Garments. 53. H. C. Shirts "A".! 6 II. C. Shlrta *'B"., 4 Girls Petticoats 6 Pajamas ......r^.- ,., ,. 2 Burgeons Operating Sets 3 Pay*' Shlrta , 25 Boys Underwear > 3 Bandages—Sltnga .., 44t> Knitted Art, 7 Swea ters ... Sux_ ; & l Donnell-Dealy. Garments, 14. II, C. Shirts "A" 10 4 Bandages—Slings 490 Knitted Art., 4. Swe HON AIR RAID ON HOSPITAL KILLS TWO U. S. SOLDIERS" BUT COM^S TOO EARLY TO GET THESE WOUNDED FIGHTER* Wounded American soldiers arriving ut hoijrttal. , Carman airman recently achieved •pother "great victory" when they dropped tonibs on the American ge<j Cross hospital at Jouy, Juring fourteen others. The wounded American soldiers shown in the photo would have been in danger, th« hospiW- The noapltal vai plainly marked with the insignia and the airmen, flew low enough . Wristiu^ , , i Sox 1 Falrvlew, Garments. I'l, It. C. Shirts "A" 11 Bandages—Slings so Salt Creek. Garments, 10. . „ 11. C. Shirts "A" S Gtrlu Puttleoals • J BOJB Shirt J Bandages—Slings 1ST Eastern Star. Bandages—Slings 176 Knitted Art., 7. V . Sweaters 4 Sox • • \ Central School. Garments, 14. II. O. Shirt "A" 12 Paiamas J Bandages—Slings »J Knitted Art.—Box 1 Kearney Red Cross Club. Bandages—fillnes .'..-. , 176 Winona Club. Bandetres—Slings 311 Knitted Art.—gor .-. » Doniphan Club. Oarm«nt»—Bed Bldrts 1 Bandages, 98. SI lugs f2 Manytalls • S* Union Valley. Qwtaenlji, 1. H. C. Shlrta "B",.. I BtuHlaees—Stings 87 Russell Club. Garmenta. 14'. Bed Shirts 5 11. C. Shirts » vyilllna Worker*. Bandages—Slings ,.. 2JB West Valley. Garments, It. lL O. Sldrts "A" « H. V. Shirt* "B" J Boys Shlrta • Girls Petticoats J Bandages—SUnns , 20« BRANCHES. Abbyvllle. Garments, 7, _ pajamas « ; JfTC. ShlrU "A" • Bandages, 1S8. ... Slings 1J» Mauy Tolls 10 Knitted Art. «. Sweaters J Surgical Dressings , S40 FOR riETCHirS^ ' CASTORIA Horlick's The Original Malted Milk - t *<M» tnfahU and tnvaltctti ohms IMITATIONS ,.1430 ,. 3S0 . He .6000 Wristlets Garments, 57, Pajamas ... Bed Shirts . It .C. Shirts Bandages- Hayes, A" SUnffs Huntsvllle. Oarmenta, 36, pajanioi; -•• lied Shlrta II. C. ShlrtB "A" Bjvmlages—Sllnpa ......... Knitted Art., 20. Sweaters .... S<»x **-*• Helmets • Wristlets Langdon. CTtrtnehts, €, 11, C Shirts "A" ....... Bandages, 2130. SII1IR3 — lUauylails Knitted Art., 19. Sweaters Sox Lincoln. Garments, 11, l*ajan»afl Bed Shirts .Surgical x>rw«lnga Bandages—iSUngs Knitted Art—Sox Medora. Bandages, 200. Slings ...... Many tolls .............. Kulted Art., 2. Sweaters Nickers on. Garments, 10*. Pajtunas Bed Shlrls ('onvftleacent Kooea ..... 11. C. Shlrta "A" ...... Bandages, 721. Slings V —. Manytalls Knitted Art.. 114, Sweaters Box ~ Hclmeta ••• Partridge, Garments, 17. Pajamas 11. C. Shlrta "A" Bandages—Slings Knitted Art., 17. Sweaters • Sox Plevna. Garments, 24. -Pajamas ' .......... It. C. Shirts Bandage Foot Sock A.'prona Bandages—Slings ......... Surgical Dreaslngs ........ Knitted Art., 40, Sweaters Sox Helmets — Scarfs , . 11 .1300 . 209 . 2«0 .•- * _. ai . l 10 3 44 160 10 5 21 274 2 1C 1 1 .2046 . 86 . 4 7 .4337 . SO . 6 170 30 ft* «BNttBj«ER SCt J0NS TO JfiATTLE ItAfStJlt v" WHO SEE^ THAT HIS SIX BOYS ARE SAF^ i Mrs. Ckarha Meyer sad Meyer service flag of *tbr it am. Mr. and Mrs. Ouariea Meyer of Cincinnati have sent six sons to R M Amertea in the tight for donweracy. And these proud parents are going after the kaiser both Ways. Three of the boys Joined the army and thral lb the navy. The parents came from Alsace-Lorraine, ' .. 27 211 0 11 370 < 11 _ 2 . 0 . 2 . It4 . 230 .41S0 Garments, 12. Pajamas Bed Shirts H. & Shirts "A BiUtdages—Slings Sylvia. kntttoi Art., 3, Swraten Sox • • • • • • • Turon. Garments, 31. Pajan'.ns -• It. C. Shirts "A" Bed Shirts Bandages. 420. Manytalls •••• Slings ,. Knitted Art., 33. Sweaters Sox Helmets Surgical Dressings Yoder. Garments, 11, Pajamas Bed Shirts Bandages—Slings S 120 . 96 . 325 . 15 . 17 1 .1K50 FEW/HOMES.TO REN Five Five-Roomed Bungalows and a Lunch Room Being Built by Mor > ton Salt Company. The serious shortage ot houses In Hutchinson is working a hardship with the renter; ivhlle the man who bought his house .Is not having to move or pay high rent." While not as much as usual, there is considerable building being done by people who cannot obtain suitable houses. The building department of the McNaughten Investment Co., has contracted to build five five-roomed bungalows and a lunch rooof for the tiso of employes at the 'Morton Salt Co. New houses nro being built in Hyde Park by John Starr, S. D. Kldgeway, C W. ^Hufflne and tho McNaughten Investment Cp. • * « • ; KPI(^<ED UP 'ROUND TOWN. 41 • 4>«««««4>4>««<»««»4>4> R. E. Cheers of Lamed was a caller In the city yesterday. Henry Veatch left today for Memphis Tenn., on a business trip. Mfs. J. H. Detter was an out of town visitor hero from Sterling. Mine Helen Nicholas was on invited guest at the picnic at Ilolstead today given by the postofficef force. The Irwin Memorial Presbyterian Sunday School gave Its annual picnic at Carey's Park today, - ' J. S. Tfear returned yesterday from Claremore. Oklahoma, -where he Is opening a now store. Thomas J. Praser sold a quarter section of land Saturday, twelve miles south of Hutchinson to Clarence Wood of Burrton. Marion Bunnell, offlco secretary at tho Y. M. O. A. returned last night from his home at Alton where he has been the last week. tE. Z. Berry began wiork today as general secretary at tho Y. M. C. A. as successor to Garland Craig who expects to leave about the fifth for his Y M. C. A. work in India. MrB. M. M. Blasdel of Nlckerson, Miss Jesslo Edwards of Lyons, Miss Eulalia Kaiser of Goessel, Mrs. Nate Neal of Mlneola, J. F. Harness of St. John, Mrs. Bay Love of Partridge and Mrs. S. G. Demoret of Pretty Prairie were among tho out of town visitors hero Saturday, A New Kind of Hay, Honolulu, T. II.—Experts hero have perfected a process for making hay from, sugar cane tops, 60,000 tons of which are available In Hawaii each year, The sugar cane hay Js said to be as good hay as ^lmothy,~ KHAKI BILLS "1 A man can bo a pro-Hun even if he doesn't say a word against this coun­ try.—Atehlson Globe. J. "W. Gloss who is stationed at Camp Funston is home on a fow days furlough visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Glass, P. T. Jacobs was hero yesterday from Camp Funston, where he Is stationed. Cottage cheese an guava jelly spread ou barley bread make novel and delicious sandwiches. THEY LIVE THROUGH HUN GAS AND ESCAPE BOMBING RAID \ These American Midlers shown tn the photo »«nt through • Ger. ifMA iw« attack »n4 not only lived p> w.l. .be. t#ie M_gm.l Aw*rie»n KMwyi soldiers arriving at tm»M y J#uy, »ce«imt pf them«elye». TW wir* »ent to ttw Amnricap Jfed Ctm hospital iUiiff, fnt**, W t+ «»jr«r»t« trad m mri mmq V • '• '

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