The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 18, 1931 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1931
Page 10
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TRB DAILY HIW8. MD, FB1DAT. PBOTMBIE 18. 1ML I I BX SODNCT DCTCHEft NEA Serrfa* Writer. Dec 18 --Th» Congress j proanses a i^se of Democratic i as a natsoca: poetical j factor, ~ iici of Demtx:rst.c .nKirggncy j Wisec you siart cosatmg £.ea£s in j she closely i.v:ded Hoose aac the elcse- j ij- sL~Md Senate, TOJ £ud a sniU bat { of Deaxxrrais who are i as liberal--or rasLcal. £ you must ·aoe sur-h * asockery of Repub- a~ eoEfo. is. the Senate danng the 2»st session In Lae Ho_s« tils l.:i grojp the- oreecaJ^ -\en isouds a ba-nce ol power. I; ·*-. ho'xi £-." a balance in the Senate any l-sie that tae Democrats obtain a zsjor.ty there Such btt^2ce£ of pover woilc hardly be trsed. howfper. iasnach as ao on* members it any £p ^O'*lCiH5*~~Q^S*, DC~- thev are progressives, second are Deraocrsw Ttere Is no other way for them to ft asd the progessrre Democrats thus «v show a tendency to co-operate with tbe Democratic leadership, especially in the Hojse rKE:x:rat_c ln«argeacy. al- i thgogn i: s^ght develop against Speafc- j K Jack Gamer - his poLci« appear- , aartoa «^«i «. «d too conservative Is moet .ikely to MCUUTO »a! at H»eta. Tbt Bcmltb appear againss JToor Leader Joe Bob- Maculae. Jswc !n the Senate who is accused of ' · gane ultra-conserratSve on tpxs- Lepnwy No Longer Dread Disease. Records In the Bible and histories of j epidemics indicate that there was * when leprosr was among the of Mr. mud Mrs. William Stover, nemr torn, Sunday. Taneytown. Dec. 18.-Mr and Mrs. Henry Bertrem and son Charles. Cm- ' C (Photo by Acme) ANOTHKR GOVERNMENT VAUJS".--They fought for only 18 hoars, bat it wa» lone eno*(b for rebels to overthrow the *o»e«UBeirt of President Arturo Araajo. of Kl Salvador, to Central America. In « h '« remarkable photo rerelutionao troops are shown ta front of the fort "El Sapote," blazing away at the Presidential Palace where they «ncc«wfully barricaded th« President. HEALTH By DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN. Westminster ! Fashion Plaque Wk(*kt«*^» WfcA 1 f t ^_'ft*A A«\P"L»^ ·*· tioas o' ard tavatior: is unimportant as a cause of either j-.cteess or death in the United States. In 1926 ot£y one person under 20 Ti» progressive* of both parties us- aaHy p^iy together bj: It seetcs in this 0,^ taxed, of all epidemics. Today It aevioa as :f Ae clesvag* between them ' and the rank and file of Democrats in Conirress '-s far narrower t*ian that which has alwavs existed between Re- , veaira O ( ag e " died from this disease In pabhcan insurgents and th" adminis- K«tMn «r?porters. Thev seem to agree. »a the Trm*^ on methods o! taxation prSnarCy directed at great wealth. Aad on aereral of the major issues it appears that- any gene-al conscrvat this countr. acd in 1927 and In 1928 no one under 20 years of age died of leprosy. Nevertheless a considerable number of cases may be found in any Wesuxunister. Dec 18--The appea tase of Edward O Taanan from Jua- tlce of the Peace C M. Murray, on ·charge of drivtag » car while he was .under the influence of Ufluor and of S reckless driving, was tried before the court Tuesday Tne case grew out of an accident that occurred, near Rldge- rtlle. about 2 a m . Jjly 1 The other car was owned by C W. Madison. Dundalk, and driven by Carroll Beck, trawling toward Frederick, while the Taltnan car was be^ng driven uraard Baltimore The cars collided on the bridge oter the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad tracks, on the Frederick-Baltimore road. The case was tried before j the court The traverser was found Taneytown -Mr. and Mrs. Vernoe Grouse. Mrs G Bowers and Miss Mae Sanders. tonsrtCe. and Mr. and Mrs John H. j spent Saturday afternoon in Westmin- Sauble. of town, were entertained at i ster. dinner Sunday at the home ol Mr and Mrs. Tolbert Shorb. near town. --Mr *ad Mrs. William Ohler and Mr «ad Mrs Wilbur Hahn were entertained M dinner Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs. Blmie Babylon. Mr. and Mrs Clifford Hahn and daughter Mary. Hartley, were visitors at the same place Suacay afternoon. --Mrs. Mary Stover. Mrs. Sarah Albaugh. Mr. and Mrs Veraon Crouse. Miss Mary Koontz and Paul Koontz. of town, and Mr and Mrs. Clarence Albaugh and daughter Esther, near town. were entertained at dinner at the home The hiy* winds of Monday blew off part of the barn roof at the Motter farm at the edge of town, tenanted by WiDbaas Crebbs. --Mrs Tolbert Shorn, Mrs. JCbert WilhSde and son James Albert, near town, spent Tuesday vsth Sir. and Mrs. William Ohier and Mr and Mrs Wilbur Hahn. --Mr. and Mrs Hubert Suil are spending this afternoon in Hanover *nth Mr and Mrs. Jacob Null. News advertising pays. trlaL Give It a AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE IKE THEFT FBOPEKTY DAMAGE LIABILITY HELFENSTEIN URNER rute great population, and there are con- i guilty of reckless driving and sentenced progressive £ vwtan -sri!" find the pro- gressrre pos:t.aB supT»rted by a large gro-op of Dercocrats--and sometimes ef Republicans--*ho are not Inrargent Meanwhile. It is predicted that any party progran: in either house most tvre the support or the progressives if S 1» to be successful. Last session the Democratic pro- fressrres in the Sen=t« were Wheeler of Montana and IKII of Washington j^SO. 10 s considerabje extent Walsh of Moatana and Wagner of Kew York. This year there is in addition Casti- gaa of cokcaco, a ftcstin? progressive off whom much is expected There Is also H'-iey Long or Louisiana ^no ad- sires 'Borah. Korris, LaJtollette and those felloTts." Sacli men as tnese -anil revoH against any attempt, bv Leader Robinson to co-operate or. conservative measures ·with the adoiinjtration Ar.d there are stantly from 200 to 300 persons with leprosy to the Federal Leprosarium in Louisiana. In other parts of the world cases are more frequent than in *ht* country. iThis applies particularly to Hawaii tend the oriental countries * # -v Leprosy is caused bv a germ which gets into the body by being carried from one person to another, either in soiled articles or possibly by Cles or other insects. Men are affected about twice as often as women. When leprosy develops, it attacks the skin and the nervous system particularly, and produces serious uiccrs and paraljsls. I "Nowadays this condition is controll- jed by immediate and complete isolation in institutions of everyone who is found to be infected Such patients are kept in the institution until all of the lesions on the skin and on the mucous membranes arc healed, and to pay a fine o! $10 and costs of suit. while under the influence of liquor the finding of the court was not guilty The second appeal case was that of ! Vemon Shipley appealed from Police j Justice George B Benson Mr Ship- ', lev was charged with driving an automobile while he was under the influence of liquor. The arrest was made by State Officer C E. Minnick on May !6 The case was tried before a jar and he was found not guilty Jacob C Norwood. Jr. Svkesville, -7-as tned before a jury on the charge | SUGAR lOib«.47c | | Genuine Leg Lamb IB. 2O 1 Pork Chops »». 15 -T S» ^- y c = Ib. § Pork Loin | Pork Shoulders . I Pork Sausage . . . 1 Esskay Hams 10-12 av g | Corkhill Hams 10-12 | Smoked Picnics . |I Beef Liver . . . . I g Beef Brains . . . . per set ! = Round or Sirloin Steak . . u- ib. Ib. Ib. Ib. 13c lOc 17c 17 c 17c u II = ? w ·-- I y "Merry Christmas and A Prosperous New Year to All" ALBAN TRACTOR COMPANY, Inc. 721 East 25th Street BALTIMOBE :-: MARYLAND n». »· 1 7c 15c 2Oc A Christmas gilt that win be highly J = Souse, made of all pig's feet regarded is this knife-pleated scarf ,of = ~~~~~ Ib. 20c S ,f non-support of lus *ife and ch:ld. | crepe de chine in two contrasting col- ^ ^ The verdict of the jury was not guilty. | ors. C. JIM SHULL PHONE 386 313 EAST PATRICK ST. = = a dozen'other Democrat:; senators with 'wntU^the patient has-been found to bt TSFCKSSl'^G; *3 nin^S j _ , . _ . - . * * " . . The House of majority floor leader Js Period of not less than sLx months Rasaev of Illinois, wno says he stands for everything: that Senator Norns of Nebraska, the most progressive of progressives, stands for The progressive fla\ur run* strong among many other Hrose DemDcrats, bat at feast a couple of them who seem to be as progressive as anyone else are Hud- tileston of Alabama and Howell of Nebraska Of course there are Democrats in botti branches of the Hoblnson type who are as conservative as any Republican and it is no soft Job to devise a program ·which Trill permit a united Democratic framt. Nevertheless that has been the task be:ore Speaker Jack Gamer, up- as trnom so much attention has been tocssed. Gamer"s progressives barest yet proved a thorn in his side. He and Raiaey seem to understand each other. And otrre-s among them appear to be- lter* that wortnwhil-c progressive ob- jeetr?es can be achieved under his leadership. Every article found in contact with | the patient, every thing that may pos- I sibly have been contaminated by a dis- | charge from any of the lesions should be destroyed. ] Furthermore, the premises in which the patient has been living must be a* thoroughly disinfected as is possible by persons expert Jn disinfecting- meas- | ures Fortunately cases of leprosy are , so rare that they are promptlj j brought to the attention of public j health officials, who take the responsibility Dbr proper enforcement of hygi- j emc measures. Give Practical Gifts GIFTS THIS YEAR SHOULD BE USEFUL ONES For Him Mansfield Shoes MADE BY MAKERS OF BOSTONIANS High Quality--High Style R ---- K\ * *······! K!! i 1 i s THE BENNETT SHOE STORE | EXPERT SHOE FITTERS The News Job Printing Offic* £. JUUA 8LANSHARQ On the Wonai s Page Jap Premier Only Five More Shopping Days Until Christmas OPEN EVENINGS Desirable and Practical Xmas Gift Suggestions Here are listed the answers to many Christmas Gift problems. 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Blue Green ana B^ac S3.95 Japanese Printed Silk Robes · -ry attractive gift $4.95 BILLFOLDS--COIN PURSES--BELTS--CARD CASES--MILITARY BP7JSHES Chiffon Handkerchiefs W,de lace triamicd 50c - SI.OO Boston Leatiier Bags Rusiless Zipper^ SI.OO Bath Mats II es $1.00 T.ADrKS' SUEDE JACKETS WarrrJy L,'j;ed 55.95 GLOVE SILK LEATHER JACKETS Fir.e Qua'_-.v S7.95 PROFESSIONAL NURSES' UNIFORMS RetraUtion St-«1e--Snurt in \ppear?,nce $1.95 - $2.95 HAL Inc. ·The Store Of Courtesy ami Service" 17-19 North Market, Street O P E N E V E N I N G S U N T I L C H R I S T M A S WE LET YOU DOWN EASY ON FOOD COSTS Toasted MUFFIN CEKPS, 35c Ig. pkg. Starch reduced for -weight control. lOc pkg. 2 Ibs. 23c Seeded or Seedless Raisins New HaUowii Dates Brenneman's Fancy Mince Meat, 25c Ib. Has that old time flavor -- and how! Root-Beer, Ginger Ale or Sarsaparilla Extracts, 17c bot. Makes five gallons Large Jumbo Cocoanuts lOc each We guarantee every one to be good. Greenwood Assorted Chocolate Creams Win make a dandy present. 5-Ib. box gl.OO _ We will hare a large and beautiful assortment of Maine Chrislras Trees. Select yours early. Bndvceiser Hop Flavored Malt Syrup 3 Ib. can 50c Fare New Orleans Baking Molasses 30c quart New Pnre White Country Lard 2 Ibs. 23c OX HEART COCOA , BEST CANE SUGAR 10 ojonnds 45c SKIXXER'S Noodles, Macaroni or Spaghetti 3 pkgs. 19c Jar 17ci SLICED BACON FAQS: The word SPUD comes from the Society for the Prevention of Unwholesome Diet. An Flavors Jeilo, 2 pkgs. 15c Xmas Stockings 5c, 8c, and lOc each Flamingo White or Chocolate Icing Sugar Flamingo sugar is 500,009 times finer than granulated. lOc pkg. Best Soup Beans 5clb. Fancy Bine Rose i Eice 4 Ibs. 25c ! Prcnumn Soda Crackers 15c pkg. Old Virginia Buckwheat Flour 3 Ibs. 14c 20c Pkg. Maryland Malted Butter Crackers, 15c PHONE YOUB ORDER NOW! Fancy Sour Pickles 23c qt. jar Roral Scarlet Tomato Catsup 19c Ig. bot. 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BUTCHERING SUPPLIES Best New Lard Cans, 3 for SI.OO Glace Pineapple or Cherries. 25c Vo Ib. PHONE 56 STAUB'S FREE DELIVERY Persora^l The SERVICES of a BANK i depend on two things--its financial resources and j its personnel. In both respects this bank excels; i for our financial position is unassailable: and the , staff is composed ^f efficient. ^o".rtf-Aii-. tious persons. Farmers Mechanics 1 National Bank Frederick, Maryland "The Sank of Personal Service ··············I

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