The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 9, 1948 · Page 4
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 4

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, January 9, 1948
Page 4
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OB FOXJB DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG. ILL.. FRIDAY, JANU ADS Charge Accounts: 15 Cents Per Line for Each Insertion. Special Discount for Cash-with-Order Minimum Ad Accepted TWO Lines ECIAL! WASH JOBS THIS jk/SU Marathon's Service, Cor. Main""and /Raymond.. 159-6 rn-rt' Card- BUY TODAY-YOUR 1948 EVER- RADIATORS FOR AJ v A *'*v . _ _ - * M I TM.-_« 11.. «ii «,r»1-« f - /tire JQ ^ Jl JL \f toff*. A * *r ^f ""^ TM'" -- "^ ^^ Ready Calendar or refill. Phone 1180W, Harrisburg Printers, 22 South Vine Street. " 7 - tf . . ly all makes, cars and ide Service. 162-2 SAHARA LARGE LUMP COAL 'nf Thanks - - : - -- - SAHARA LARGE LU«r w«" - of rnanK * ALEM1TE LUBRICATION SER-!$6.50 ton, quick delivery. 313 to "express our- heart- ^J^g Kt Dunn) saline Motor I south Main, tcl. 338W. 162-to our, friends- ana . · 132 -tf. -- . -- _ 41**.:** ' Avr^**acoiflf1c At w. __ »-..TTr» / V C Y U B M i c iw wAj»iv^ _·"·-.- L thanks to our, friends- and ghbbrs for their'expressions'of npdthy at the time of the'death Bur-husband, brother and father; o we-- thank Rev: Wallrs, - the' wer= bearers, pall-bearers, the mbers of the Ammoma Sunday iool-class, the singers and the rrisburg funeral - home.- ine lutrtul floral offerings were cs- [y/appreciated, i /Con Dabney; children and jthers: 162 ' 1 1934 OLDSMOBILE COUPE 6; 4-rooms new furniture, 2 good horses. 1 1340 W. Robinson, Dorris- ville. COAL, CUKE, AND KINDLING. Call City Coal Yard, Tel. 55R1. ' WASSON COAL AND STOKER. Jackson Ice Coal, Tel. 256. 132-ti Card of Thanks' [ take this method' of extend' heartfelt thanks'to fall for corn- ling--sympathy and help in my ·enfe" sorrow because of the ath^of my beloved 'one; Beulan Snard: For the - beautiful serv- ·· ftbral offerings' and other idnesses, I am - deeply grate- RoberJ, Maynard. 162-1 Card of Thanks We-desire-to thank each and eryone who contributed m.any ,v at^all in the arrival and-fan- al of-'Staff Sgt. Virgil-L. 10 lost his life in the A N T O N I U S STRADIVARIUS violin, bow and case, good A-l condition, $35. Can be used as orchestra or student violin. Ivyc Showier, 310 N. McKinley, pho. 917W2. 16 1 (5) Wanted PASSENGERS TO NORFOLK, Va. Write Box X, c-o Daily Regis V i f\ l - · ter. 161-3 HELM'S PULLORUM FASb£L | : T T I 7 A i r chicks; holder three world's rec- j PASSENGERS TO MICH.. LEAV- ords; R.O.P. sired matings; gov- ing Sun. morning. Tel. o93R-i n^nmnni- nnnrnvort- SPYfid Chicks. lOA-A uiua, j-v.v/.i · OA*V\A *4iv**.*»-o"j o-- ernment approved; sexed chicks. Free brooding bulletin. Illinois Hatchery, Metropolis, 111. "156-11 SMALL RESTAURANT, DOING good business. Selling because of sickness. 220 South Granger. * 161-2 RIDE TO PONTIAC, MICH.. FOR one. 1225 Oak, Dorrisville. *l61-2 FUEL OIL BURNER, USED'ONE month. Tel. 300W2. *161-2 _ QNE WpA TO iLET. INQUIRE , ixie Griu 162 . 2 1 , r, . , ii. ,ia e r- We especially. thank the icnds-for flowers, the American - for their-'courtesies shown g o - e" families and the services they ndered, each antt every friend. 10 helped in'any way,- Bros Joe jse and Charles Durfee for their :nsoling words and the Gibbons neral-home for their sympathy iown' our families and their ef- cient-' services rendered. The % Thomas- Palmer 1 and Iloy arger'-Families. *162-l Death at 84 Ends Colorful Career of Country Journalist SIKESTON. Mo., Jan. 9--U.H)_ Charles L. Blanton, the "Polecat Editor," of the Sikeston Standard, died last night of a heart ailment at the age of 84. He had been ill for several days. Blanton's death closed one of thc most colorful careers in the history of weekly newspaper journalism. He was famous as a man of violent likes and dislikes who expressed his opinions bluntly anc plainly in his editorials without sparing the feelings of his friends or his foes. He also was known for his sudden changes of opinion. Once he was awarded an hon orarv colonel's commission by Gov Lloyd C. Stark in recognition o the political support he had givei the governor in his paper. Shortly afterwards the two had a falling out over patronage mat rs. Ever afterwards the Standart carefully omitted the capital let " · it mentioned ··i asK nv «»« to agree with me and don't care whether they do cr not," Blanton said. He m-med that his motto and lived up POULTRY, EGGS AND CREAM. We pay top prices. Sugar Creek Produce, Phone 918R. 10Q * f t e r s whenever Stark's name. 'I ask no one ATOMIC WARNING. Dr. Edward L. Bortz. president of the American Medical Association, warned a Baltimore, Md., audience that doctors "arc not well informed" about effects of atomic radiation, and suggested that each urban area in the nation take steps io care for atomic casualties in the event of an attack. to it. The title of "Polecat Editor" was conferred on him by a rival SOMEONE TO REMOVE TREE for the wood. Dixie Grill. 162-2 ureeN was conferrou on nun uv a *!»«» 123-tf Q ike5 ton editor, Clint II. Denman oY the Herald, who was as strong- Iv Republican as Blanton was TO RENT OR LEASE. SMALL farm in Saline county. Cash rent. luiiii J.i* u«m»iv- x.wv»»»*.,,»· «----·-- 1946 FORD TUDOR SUPER D E : Write Box YY, care Daily Register. 1.... n fnrltn VlOotoiT C*. "R A T f l H - J luxe, radio, heater, kin, Golconda. C. E. Man *162-3 1947 CHEVROLET, 1-2 TON PAN- el truck. Call 1041R1. 160-3 Card-of Thanks Each : and everyone; of us want , express our thanks and appre- atioiTto everyone who' rendered ny assistance'in v any way during ie illness, death' and ; funeral of ur dear one, Mrs. Faithy Dooley. hose-^acts of kindness shall never e forgotten by W. J. Dooley and 3 ns, Jesse and Willie; her sis- rs Mrs. Lucy Holland, Mrs. Fealy Turner and Mrs. Grace [assner, her son and daughter- i-law: Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. ·ickering, and^all other relatives * - WANT TO BUY CLARINET FOR beginner. Call 1148R-2. c l62-2 6-ROOM HOUSE, BARN AND chicken house to be moved. See Rex Parks, Carrier Mills. 162-3 j(5a) Help Wanted MAN AND WIFE WHO WANT a good home, man to take care of stock and general work on stock S2SS B aS W! ^SS! S SEE "SSfWJTS gfe.affco" S^las.'sagu;"£ggrffi M O N A R C H BICYCLE, ALSO, or postcard only. Write H. A. N Jesse French piano, both in good TMTM Roister. 10^ condition. 710 E. Washington. Carrier Mills. '162-2 NIGHT COOK; ALSO DAY WAIT,_ : ress. Apply in person between NO'. 1 GRIMES GOLDEN AP- 4 and 6 p. m. Margaret's Cafe pies, S2.50 bushel. Roy Cozart, 1 mile north of Ledford. 161-3 159-tf la Meinoriam. 1946 STUDEBAKER CHAMPION 4-dr. sedan, low mileage, in perfect cond., priced low; also, typewriter. 1250 S: Granger. *162-2 PAIR OF HOUNDS, coin. 824 W. LIN* 160-3 In loving memory" of my son,j 4 -ROOM COTTAGE ON WEST 'mery Lebo, who was killed Jan. Lincoln, empty, $3,500. Lazich and 1940. · , .. ! Lazich. _ 162 ' 2 ! 1947 NASH 600, FULL EQUIP-' ment, 15,000 miles; 1947 Hudson' '"cone isThe face I loved so dear, Silent, is the voice'I loved to 1 A*)l" Though your memory lingers In my heart so fond and true, There is not a day, Emery, That' I do not think of you. Sadly, missed by his mother, . , · * * _ -- m _ T 1 KV. I ment, 15,000 miles; u s o n Commodore 6, 4-door sedan, 11,- . 000 miles; 1939 Chevrolet coupe; ' ^^ cQupe . 193g d idoor sedan; 1942 Chevrolet 2- door sedan; 1942 Nash 600 ^door sed an. Harrisburg Motor Sales. Democratic. . Denman used the term m an editorial about Blanton. The next dav Blanton's Standard carried a bi« cartoon showing what the Polecat Editor looked like. Blanton took the title as an honor and u-^d it frequently to refer to himself in the Standard's columns. ; Large Crowds at McKinley Baptist Revival Services Large crowds are attending the revival services being held nignt- )v at the McKinley Avenue Baptist church, of which the Rev. C. W. Miller is pastor. The Rev. George B. Leathers, Saline Association missionary, is the evangelist, and has been bringing heart-stirring messages each evening. Two professions of faith were made at last night's service and one Wednesday night. The church choir, under direction of Maynard Cannon, has been leading -the congregation in inspirational song services, and the director, as well as members ot the choir, have been singing^special selections each evening. In- addition to the night services, which begin at 7 o clock morning services have been held this week at 9:30. There will be onlv an evening service batui- dav" but beginning Tuesday the hour's morning service will * UN Chief Urges Council to Invoke Power in Holy Land LAKE SUCCESS. N. Y., Jan. 9 --(U.R--Secretary - General Trygve Lie urged the United .Nations Se- curit% Council today to invoke all its powers if necessary--includ- -- ing use of military force--to keep .peace during the impending par! tition of Palestine. The UN chief implied strongly- thai council action would be needed unless Arabs refrained from their resistance to the UN's Holy Land partition program. Inaugurating the attempt to split the land between Jews and Arabs Lie opened the first meeting of the UN Palestine commission with a denunciation of the| violence in Palestine and a reminder to the security council that it must back partition with all its strength. He said the current bloodshed in Palestine was "deplorable" and warned the nations and peoples concerned with Palestine against "any action which might delayer hamper" partition. The diplomats of five small nations of the Palestine commission were called together by Lie to start carrving out the Palestine blueprint drawn up by Russia and ihe United States in the recent | meeting of the UN General As-i scmbly. It calls for formation! of independent Jewish and Arab states in Palestine next Oct. 15 or sooner. Secret Palestine Arms Ring Broken, Nine Men Seized FREEHOLD, N. J., Jan. 9--U.K --Two trucks, each carrying enough illegal explosives to level a city, were sought by police of eight states today, after a secret Palestine arms ring was broken with seizure of nine men and 120,963 pounds of explosives. FBI agents captured eight of the men and 71,900 pounds of explosives--described by Army authorities as cyclamite, 6 1-2 times more powerful than TNT--at a lonelv New Jersey farm. A truck and " driver with 49,063 pounds more of cyclamite were seized in Asbury Park. N. J. Police said that two more truckloads of the explosives were known to have been obtained by the organization yesterday from the Seneca Ordnance Works,, Romulus, N. Y., a war surplus de- j pot. An eight-state police alarm was sent out to intercept them. The more than. 60 tons of cy- clamite seized was in addition to 65,000 pounds of TNT captured last week aboard a Palestine- bound freighter in Jersey City. Charles Lowy, owner of an express company upon whose farm the cyclamite'was discovered, was arrested and held in $15,000 bail after pleading innocent to charg-1 es of storing explosives without a I license. It was at one of Lowys warehouses in Asbury Park that the truckload of 25 tons of cycla- mite was seized last night. The other eight men arrested, all employes of Lowy, were: Hubert Pond,' 29, of Syracuse. N. Y.: Harry R. Sessions, 29. of North Stockholm, N. Y.: David Chandler, George Evans, Edward Robinson, Charles Bond. Major Day. and Angelo R. Tettilo, all of Asbury Park. Smallest Plant Seed The South African horb, tho strep- tocarpus Is th* smallest known plant seed, it takes 1.800.000 of these seeds to weigh one ounce. Chemical Flut Fo»4 Use of chemical plant food In tbf · United States probably date* .back to 1830. when Chilean nltraU 'of sodn nrst was imported. KEWANEE LADYIOSIS 26 IBS. FOR Ml* · v oncc raider vou put o« trying toreduce th* no^imcultit^toos^^mg Remit «c ««- a T n vou arc conscious that «ce» uncomfortable why not try incsijcnsivc home recipe now g^' the youthful appearance aw aSu return the bottle to acturer and Ret your money, back. yS, aid ncvtf know .a hungry rap- upoll genuine List Your Property With Us · MAX AND GEORGE We hove o waiting list of Buyers WE CAN SELL IT FOR YOU Lazich Lazich REAL ESTATE BROKERS . - '. PHONE 888 AUTO CLUB ;vM.«ii. AA«**.**W*^V*» e * ---- -- Nash Sales and Service. 157-tt , Vlarttia' Lebo Roper. 162-1 FRIED DOMESTIC RABBIT WITH cream'gravy and hot biscuits Satu-day. at Murt's Cafe, 422 S. Granger. (2) Business' Services 1938 BUICK CENTURY SEDAN very clean. Phone 1174R. 162-3 GOOD LUMP COAL, $6 TON DE- livered. Tel. 1168W2. 142-tf 4-ROOM SEMI-MODERN HOUSE with basement, garage. West Raymond, $3,650. Lazich and Lazich - "Here's a Register Want Ad offering a Black Persian Lamb coat for sale--the black sheep of their family probably has reformed!" me puuuv; is invited and urged to attend the meeting which wil continue at least through next week. EXPERIENCED WOMAN FOR general housework. Apply 322 South Main. 156-tf NIGHT WAITRESS. APPLY AT Turner's Cafe. 162-2 COAL AND^ GENERAL. HAUL-, ---- ing Chas. Ewell, Jr. Tel. 782R-2 | SHORTS AND BRAN. *° *l61-; T?,,..TM TlT.vrl.-nt COLORED GIRL FOR CLEAN UP work. Apply at Singer Sewing Farm Market. MOVING - LONG OR SHORT distance. Also coal hauling. No. low-* Center. nisiancc. jxiou ».»/«" -«------«j- - .. . ,,,,.._ 5 vein lump and stoker coal, oil MaiSi treated. Harrisburg Transfer Co., TeL 87; I27 ' tf SINKS AND BATH FIXTURES. Builders Lumber Co., Carrier 162-- VACUUM CLEANERS ARE OUR billy business. O R. Buford Cit Hall Biag., Mt Vcrnon, 111. 132-tf LARGEST S T O C K OF.WALL- paper in Southern Illinois. National Paint and CAR WASHING. SEE ORVAL Durfee at Saline Motor Co- 132-tf SALES AND SERVICE FOR Electrolux cleaners. John Hodge, TeL 922R. 109-tf COMPLETELY MODERN HOME, stoker, hardwood floors, double garage, cost $11.000, will sell for koOO. Cash payment $2,862.50, balance like rent. House empty. Sec Lazich and Lazich. 162-2 EXPERIENCED AND CAPABLE deputv for Saturday nights. Grove Nile Club. 1i;a -* f MARKETS LIVESTOCK ST LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Jan. 9._U.E-(USDA)- Ll Hogs C l6.000; salable 9,000: market mostly 25 to 50c higher than average Thursday. Closing slow and advance partly lost on a few late deals. Bulk good and choice (6) Employment Wanted PAPER H A N G I N G . FRANK Dond, 516 W. Lincoln, tel. 1208W1. TRUCK DRIVER, SEMI OR straight bed; age 37. Tel. 282W2. c - 180 to Ibs., S2 to 50: Group io Drum Up Pre-Convention Support for Dewey NEW YORK. Jan. 9--(U.K»--A board of strategy named by Gov. Thomas E. Dewey to handle his unannounced candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination soon will begin visits to various states to drum up pre-con vuntion support for him. it was disclosed today. A committee of three, thc same managers who engineered Dewey's nomination on the Republican ticket in 1944. includes Herbert Browriell. Jr.. former chairman of the Republican National com- Sale of the Year! fa/ace ANNUAL CLEARANCE ·t We priced everything to sell quickly. It it going fast! If You Want Real Bargains Come to the n . . ton ff87 for'few loads, mostly al ' - COAL HAULING AND GENERAL bauling by Smokey Joyner, tcL 1299. *161-6 5-RM. MOD. HOUSE. NICE FULL basement new furnace and blower, fine location. Bargain. LOU o--O*' ·-* iwi *^* " -·** -- ---under 230 Ibs. A few clean-up deals S28.25, and 32o Ibs.. S28. Most 160 to 170 Ibs.. S2750 to S28.25: 130 to 150 Ibs.. S2D to S2i: few $27.25: 100 to 120 Ibs.. S21 to $24.25: sows. 450 Ibs. down. $25 to $2.150: over 4oO Ibs.. S24.2o to $24.75 Stags, mostly. Sl.oO EXPERIENCED W A I T R E S S , fountain or short order COOK. Pr.o 1208R2. '160-3 W R E C K E R SERVICE DAY phone- 69, nite phone 214R. Saline. O . t ,,,. Motor- Co., "Chevrolet Sales and nc r lot. 5-rm modem nw nime. N. new truck. Main St Two 4-rm. semi-mod, houses. -rm. house, water, toilet, cor- COAL OR RAMP HAULING, «.v';/J. Russell Sprague. nation- c., committeeman for New York, and Edwin P. Jacckle. former slate chairman. Now. it was revealed. Jaeckle. Sprague and Brownell will make trips to several sections of the country to talk over Dewey's prospects "with other Republican lead-, c-rs. They were expected to con-| rentrate their efforts on the states _ AjJJLA^VZj i II i*t*-' * ^ v*****v-« ^»--- \VrYte"Box"BB. care C ows around. $19 to $2°: co i baily "Register. '161-2' and mc dium beef cows S16 to canners and cutters. S13 to $16. v l - , - - . , ctule 2.300: salable 2.100: calves *hi*Dc«cy '»"«» lo ^ lasl 500, all salable. Limited supply summer, of steers and butcher yearlings finding sale at steady prices, large- lv medium kinds available from $20 to $25: cows and bulls stead in active trade. Odd head good Service." 127-tf (2A) Bus. Qpjxirtunitiei FOR PRIVATE PARTIESOR banquets phone Connty 54F1L The Country Club. 1034f 5-rm. house. 2 bargain. semi-mod. lots, Dorris (7) Lost BULOVA WRIST WATCH. t\vcen Gaskins City and BE- Lcc iieiKIIU. u«i»4.«""- l IWCCII Vl«jsn.ii3 %»»v^ *...- -- - - 6-rm. semi-mod, house. *";! \vrighfs at Midway. Reward. Rc- Sloan Webster: possession at U;rn lo Sim Duffic. 20 X. Water. once. . , ,,,, Gaskins City. c162 " 2 105-acre farm, store, ice house. (3) v For Rent 1 ga-acru MI in. o«.««-. .^ ..,, -- - - - -gasoline pump, cream buying sta- E , Uon, S7.000. Will take a small j^, Jhomc as part payment. " «w *__.^ V K«« 1^ j^*il r 1017W 1. WITH RED S ET 161-2 SLEEPIXG'ROOM IN MODERN home. 108 E. Walnut 162-2 4-RM. XJXFURXISHED Call 1041RL APART- 2 ___ (9) Miscellaneous PASSEXGERS TO . MICHIGAN. ! iv» i.ji^»*«v..»... leaving Sunday morning. Anderson fcY.~l040\V2, 520 W. O'Gara. ^Scn-icc Station, phone 8« : 162-2 ^ «a tivt ^v» »»·*-- -- OOOQ beef bulls. $21.50 to medium to goofl sausage bulls. $19 to $21 Good and choice vealers $2 lower at S25 to $33: common and medium vcalcrs steady to SI lower at S15 to $24 . Sheep 1.000: all salable: receipts mosUv trucked in wooled lambs. Sarkct 25c lower than «-«« Good lo low )* to packers. ^Ti VV*^»" - « . - - - ^«T · · · A. 4l**»B few lots s;ood and choice to other interests/ S26: mcdium to good, 32 lo $25: cull to mcdium throw- outs. S16 to $19: -other classes 4-ROOMS FOR LIGHT HOUSE- iSSSi Mrs " Eva ^ ^ ^p lelc ^ th WILLING TO SHARE MY T-li Tel. 3-R-M. FURN. APTS. IX- at 121 W.Rayrno^ between 5 and 8 p. m. or tcl. 800. (10) Instruction scarce. Chicago Produce Poultry: 12 trucks: weak; fryers 36 to 39: broilers 33 to SD; ·White Rock and Plymouth ROCK 34: colored springs Report Marine Killed, 4 Seized By Chinese Reds TSINGTAO. Jan . 9.--UP--A Chinese general said today that one of five missing American Malines who left Tsingtao on a hunting expedition had been killed and. thc others captured by Chinese Communists. The Chinese. Gen. Ting Chi-Pan. commander of thc Peace Prcscr-; v.tion corps here, said thc Marines were stopped by Red sentries at Huchiachung. about 10 miles from Jhe front lines. Thc Marine? , resisted capture. Cr.c was fatally wounded and thc others taken prisoner after a brief light BIRTHS (4-A) For Trade 4-ROOM HOUSE, ten full " LIGHTS, WA- 2 acres for Orval , . , property in Hamsburg. Barnficld, Saline Four. salad -Green Lite Cafe, ·159-1 County Republican Committee Endorses Green TOO Per Cent Evans, chairman of the Central cd that the ; committee, today Voung hen' turkeys 48: young iiccsc 34: swan gccsc 25; ducks ^Buiief: 532,498 Ibs.; unsettled; 90 score 75. , Eggs: 13,329 cases: unsettled, extras 1: 52: extras 2: 51: 3 and 4: 49- standards 1 and 2: 48; 3 and 4- 46 current receipts 43 to 44; ' -- · · 37. * 161-3 TRADE FOR A PLACE cent '·"** --·- --of thc cen- pe tral committee for re-clcclion lo At Lighlncr Hospital To Mr. and Mrs. Joe Goolsby of Rosiclarc, a girl, born yctcr- y. To Mr. and Mrs. Earl Killman oi 1310 South 1-and ,Mrcc1. a girl, born this morning at thc hospital. To Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Smith oi Harrisburg, a boy. bom this morning. i POPCORN GROWERS NOTICE We again will be writing contracts at a firm price with responsible growers. We have a very large supply of INDIANA STATE CERTIFIED SEED POPCORN -- Purdue Hybrid 32 (same as K-l). Purdue Hybrids 31. 3S. and 20. In addition to having a large supply of seed Popcorn for our firm contracts, we will have a supply of seed to sell to those who wish to buy the seed out-right and sell, on the open market. Miss Mary Tucker, 70, f\e v l S*°_l_:». r^inc- Green Observes 51st Birthday Of Hear Galatia, Dies LINE MAYTAG AND OTH- Gov. Green's dur- . ing the past eight years has been so conducted that the Republican ^ * _ . . --t ____ A * V. ... M*k4 *St*\ ^TTlll CHICAGO, Jan. fl-'V.!''--Gov. j flight 11. Green obscnc-d hi* I Miss Marv Tucker. 70, died this Joist birthday today Green who mourning at her home northeast o f | recently announced his candubcy Galatia. She leaves one brother. FULL LINE MAYTAG AM ^^ ^conducted that the Republican . Robcn Tucker, or Raleigh, RFD. l\UU\:i l U V f V V I * v » · » · -- - -- - O - - T Her body was taken to the Court ncy funeral home in Galalia. Funeral arrangements announced later. c (or thc Republican nomination for a third consecutive torm as gover- r.or. was in Chic:it;o. His aides t -aid they Knew of no spcnal ob- be I icivanccs planned for Uic anni- i \crsary. In addition to our storage plant at New Haven, we will have large crib facilities at Kidgway and other points in Illinois and Indiana to store the large contract acreage that we will have this season. Contact our representatives in Illinois or direct /with the office. j. A. MCCARTY SEED COMPANY 526 N. W. Fourth St. Phone 5-5131 Evansville, Indiana .NFW SPA PERI iWSPAPEUI

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