The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 13, 1924 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 13, 1924
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

PAGR FOUR. T H K 11 I' TClll'NSON N E \ V S , THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1924^ THE HU1 CHINSON NEWS w. MO HO A N 0- EDiUi II Kntrji-fti ,.• tfi, r.-if.-rri. . in hi,: r tntuli, K:'l r >.iv (•.! ' .-. SI.I through Mif mrui^ n *< V<M;II • .• .,.*»,, mslt-r- ! TELEPHONE 4400 Prlvaic hranoh ••Xi 'daaRC'. whin i operator atimwi f ivrt prr^<o *i 01 <t>- Dartnifni unnted TERMS OP SUBSCRIPTION Flrtl. S-r.onri imd Third 2ontl Itj ii,i\tf MM., M -*: , .H.ui- I My iim a. : 'HI.MIIIH 2.On ! Hv ins. i. UiCf in--nt!iii J.;'j ; By nmil. 'inn".Mh !>• , Fourth. f>Hh. Sixth. «od Sevmth ! Zone*. By mall, ono yeni.i,. f« u By mall, nix inmiihe.... By niKll. Mirer month!,. Uy mall, * .TIC month By ''HiiiOT, pci wfcit.... MEVUE" *uDn BUREAU OP CiflCULA TION AMERICAN NCWSPAPEP PUBLISHER R' ASSUC1 ATiON, WEMBCR OF ASSOCIATED PRES? Thi- AsiiK -lHictl Pi-.'as is oxrhlPlv^K untitled to tin- a a* for rreul.iieallon RII now* '.Tcdtti or' -1 3.1 .1 10 .•a to n oi not nthtn Mili» :uii" 1 1. ntii) h.w, and the polilk'iatM who gn .u-mui't trying In gc?t. I ho furnmr j |j> nhuMng Street and ' '"('."'ih" mnr. po.-.- M\ j •>:. ;; ! :n ''<>• i !:i 'ir,vii (j;.".- ['••a. e 1 ;> •> n *. f '!'!:•> fh 'Y .-Mem;.! 1ft 1 *»Ni 'i k ih- « • rm«»r with .ha i AH.-A-: • (UK " n;-u;i ;i Ume !: w;b slip- : \<t>< ea. v -*i; it poll! W. an to j <J,O !'*: M mir.- • uie.s in i ho j fi )UMl:> .•> a'm.liu* the fit> fui'.is. i Hill hi i it r il.t."^ \s h -v. >•; »•:>• :..rm heme h :»:.»•" r.i't.-. i.f.JP ami mur • C'tii are ; n it th i:i l hi'- Jr. i. f IIJ '' * i,y liuiti'. i.n.I wii'. :j MI'.III ^ i people i»n lite Sarin have been trained In Inuic and political e'com omy, tl! (i dwi 'JliTn hi run!I com- muniiii's itwiy ]>p t-xpc< i^il to turn down the old pi>'ii,ii:<i I'nddor and tlinr .i ]'• II .c; |!l.- iKirK Irjrif wtHMV It llfiuii::.. Daily Thoughts tnesmueh ns ye have done il unto one cf the lenrt of thett*. i iy brethren, ye hnve dene it unto me.—Matt. 25:40. KliKlnt'ss h;is i un\ CI'I-M ! mm • sinners than pfihor ?.(••>], rid- famnff! or 1 r;;i*nhitr. - -1*" W. Kahfr. ;»y w.iy 'tf illf I'l'niH piiP'^H of Iho w.-paMt -r* jnd turoURU. iv;oli ;iiii.-t thr- oviMlin;; nrdcr. what- it happens U> in\ 1 wi.-di. poll! i'-;i All rtj:!H .if flijtl .MKhep h'- T ' rrvrrl The Sldlinger Dreg r»«. PflEPCRIPTlON SPECIALISTS Talinhon* No. 1? N»rth Mttn Stretu Hulehinion l 'tdiikly is pidilic; to 'Hit tin -it' Hllp;u the f». i!i **r th :i! a comlt'ii H-y. tii'';. .'hii -i ,'i -up !t ; u iiti .'.KMJ iiml u hn iti'jil ih*' h> ih »'rir that il, any pff.Miarii' I. .-•lifiuld ''hum \v it h W Why nro we jumping on i\n Knl- Icttf;? Well, wn'vo K ( >I ,l1 ^ (,, 'P soma of our political fi»nd^ alive. Wo cati't llvo without nnr political ft 1 mis and so many of tha ohl onoi-i havt! dlod oa our hands within ih*' ypar or two last past. We 1 'iXfil it up with (lov.'rnor IMuehot a yeai 1 i a- MI )ne*t Bprinc. Douhtlesn, eaeh still entertains his original opinion 'of the other, but outwardly, nt least, j earn is nH'otteih'il, \Vh"» we were ! out West not long a?ru we met. On| vy • Lawrenie, There was u feud I we hoped would last through all ' the weary years, for Davy U young I and we are still vigorous. It began ; eu w<< took a praMtiihous smash int Davy. !!•' retorted in a letter ! thai Mas bitterly satirical and we ! replied in kind. 15ul w!un wo met ill Street j nnl u»nt: auo. at luneheon in the Facts About Child-birth I T tuts been proven contrluiively that much ' nf the au(Terin», pain »nr) dread «g* pittlentrd during rxpectanttt* M waff] Hi at child-birth la antircly u*M«c««Mtv. ! An eminent physician, Dr. J. B. Holm« # r^prrl En thU science, ftrtt produced Use nrmt remedy "Mother's Friend," which nfils the muscles nnd tlttuea to expand mora i rafiiiy, during tlm con*tan t readJuattMntj month nflrr month, riffht up to the cllmu of rhild'birth. "Mother's Friend" \t npplird externallf. Thre* itrnitratloni of expectant MOthtrft hove used IL "Pains disappeared In two days after usiwt 'Mother's Friend/ M write* n user. "I owe my life to 'Mother 's , Frlenit/ " declared another. Vat "Mother'a Friend" aa our nothcra and ff**ajdBMthtra did. SUrt today and axparltna* ttM ^ derful comfort it wilt lira ran. Hutchinson folk are invited to make the beantirul, Jm (Dims (§za^ (&* HUTCMIN60N. KANSAS. Saturday A Bargain Sale of Warm, Winter Blankets eiar<s for Hut if I hemselvi 'S i" ber ,t pcl- • t i v.lih the sitUL' i*e alen- \\ ords. i and nel with the water Trout. W Y. MOIUiAN ! San Dial Hotel, neither could re* member what the feud was about ' and we were forred to abandon it. 1 NO REST. x • All d;i>, as thnaieh tin* town ' wend. I'm saying, with a ' * si'ih, "You merely wnMe your 1 * time, my irietid—I do not wi-h ' '* to huy." Fur biooniin^ maids ' * with e>es like star.-, and men 1 * with princely airs, would sell * ue- hook.- and motor ears, anil * bonds ;nni oil well shares. * "lliiji |.ie>snre selt'sinanship" * i> ;;;id if hr.s e*»me to * i- r J i>-; and life IrM -omes an or* (!• ;il (.rear in (.••.'••. y weaiy jay. * 1 have :ii ;nr Koin -fks salted * dov.ti. I'd !vep ihe roll iuuict, * out all i!w uuemifs in town ' liave jnttcil thiwu the f.tet. "("lo " forth." 'he taanuc'-rs exi luitu. •* in s::l-\- a.* a Idii ainl any. * '•pai >•'•<<• ihat uay ami clinih hi* t.::ti M'd p.'HT hU roll ;iway. • 1tii- him tin ih.* itmimi .ijit.-* " !:i -.h, and eha.-e him/dow a th.e SHE SAYS SHE NEVER FUSSES. Hy Ruth Cnmeron. "I never make a fuss over thinps \ that ail me." a neighbor of mine ; said lo me one day some weeks ago. ! "I don't believe in Riving" in to yourself and babying yourself all the time." i At the time of speakin&nty*jiei{;h- ! bor had a sllpln attack i )f imilj-'os- . lion and ht-r remarks were apropos ' fif t luit. and also \ ery obviouslv '. aprope.s of the fact that her sister• in-law had gone lo bed with tonsil' itics. And f«o it 5oe> and has gone, Norman llapuood is no longer worth j-hooting. Bryan i« so gen- ertilly discredited, even by his own party, that, our work in undermln- itiK him may ho regarded as completed. Seuntor Arthur Capper has been re-elected for another six years and isn't worth bothering about anyway. For the moment, at least. It is ha Folletto or u. peaceful old aiu\ and who wants to condemn us to a peuceful old age? It is noini; to he exceedingly difficult for those who fix the final KtntUH and standing of the various football teams to confer this year's championship on Harvard. But we have seen them work before, and we will have faith in their ability to do it. put si'.'*!'* 1 , a 1 .: nu«. buy. iuf >r'\" i 11 my \ in •• r e,i r. ' dim » Wit] •ii For .-iand i ho says h.' will •tif' liim all the «r I 'v." ge.atd'd i!ie roll tlt.'.t t-o.-L ' ;i> 1 takf niv th.' -uo.-r •••ii.-s- II.- -h.oli.v^ me >\i> rU. :i ad in I (w e nn ore to liPt However, neither Harvard, nor Princeton can blame u anything that has happened, and again we have warned Yale s for | Time ! them ! i of the disaster likely to attend the ; scheduling of games with real foot- I ball team>. :ind, , an t ot lour the >alk ItllJt-'Ut. it 'ii eu That wa« some weeks ago. Last w .'di my imiiihhor vvnt to bed with a train--.! eitrs--- and a doctor in daily a:i "-mi HK •<•. Site had an af- ttx 1 : of tousilji;-. 1 woml' red win n 1 h**ard about ir whetii.r .--b. t *.-m **mhered h-T severe pronoati'j -mi 'tit about baby- 1 iuc oims( It'. Probably uot. Or. if «h^ did. she PI nimbly thought that lit-r tonsil it is was a totally differ- . ... . ,. , ... , " :., The New York World «i worry- in' mitt.-i\ and that ativone ei^o 1 , , , ..... , ,, ., * had wlu-t ,ho had. thev would have '^ H,UL 1 1,1 « > ?. J I • habied tle.mselves more. ouluUje to handle the Ol.UJuard. | Ther- are a L -ood manv j.eople b - v , au : v tl " lint ' e >T 1 liko thi> n .i ^.bor of mine. The-, j meiuber the Cleveland convention . are .-on.Mar.tly trying to axsert their, ,,r , the ^ampaien subnequent thoro- i superiority over oth*-r« by findinsj 10 * j fault, with the way other people 1 ; bear pain, or give i . or in ot ii '"-r ^ays fa * f.tai iiion . of hf*-. As proof right to find fatilt tii j f tiiry do—with that ha to sickness, | r -~ * unpleasant j \\ proof of their j |j ley will toll j ^i- A Puzzle a Day 'k pat- 1 •w ALT y,.\.<u> TH: FARMETiS* "FRIENDS" li (. t\-. •All.l . .Uj.; « n (, 'ent on the "t]u-y" which is i i ri r ) I 1 | | illy as naive as saying "I'm bet- M ' than other people." Ihi? th.-y igni.n- th*» fact that!' 1 1 1 ' M reas they do know bow the oth-j , . . • r- 1 people a<-i. they do not, and j 1 | naot possibly, know the. exact! nditiuns v.hkli the other people | | | I I I 1 I > Y.ui eaut tell how \ on would bo- j I 1 I I I j j j v with your n-ighbor's sick I .Ma .10. unless y.ea .-ouhl have it j | | \ | | I I 1 You , lui | <now how patiently ; | j j j j j I lot as a I • ' J ' ' ' big v. i_h ; maiitii' Tlmv tai'Ii .e: llih :i wnii H -iaii-:, sllouid is. He ih, • • iiii'-:-' Ml a pad; ai -,\itl, ai'd tie •Iroad.-.. n;i .--t but Vim do f .-.-l about i tjiiiveli'. I klto^ ( -Wh-'ii I 1 shall want llll'V (|tip>. : >\u- will be nor ohl d::iig!iter-in-law. know how you will ! ;:e tiui il you are old ! top ^ iif reas Ih* up the eturi r : -e Ihe Wall iriend* w .iu.-c ov> a pro«). laal 01 ilu- tariiM ;.ke for railroads ilu.^irv 101 ii ifepre rity is ha »i .ii on p'e the ca::e of the farming in- M.'.I tiie receipts pasrtiiger lurr -i ;;-tni' d i lei •Hip- prohl.ide. \-'.\ ••. who ha> an ia road company farmers ra ! «*• a a good pVice i <ir • >vay v, i 1 It t le > m;-n and woaia; ; >a i.^ in .1 lie rai Wants to set 1 ill good crop and ge it. It is the sam mataifael 111 ers e woman who says; i i). ing useful I know: to live tiny longer. I o be taken." i she know'. 1 • Maybe j • *-aj ;t .-r 10 die, and maybe ; It is inj belief th:.\j from vi-*w deal h wi- ii ; ; real 'tuantity from a di.^latte** I ;.- we draw' nearer lo it we are les-* : 1 ptluisiastie. IHSM anxious not (o he i a brother to anyone, and more anv-, hiu, to "stay and see thu shovv a liitie leaner." I ha \i' betn surprised many times i to find mvself aeiinu and f^eljn-' '. diff' I't -iiily from the way I ; should h;;v, le 'ophi ^-icd I vvould act i and feel u I 'jei' re.n ;iin eircuui-; ••ir.nces. .Vmi I don't Mippose there u anyoiiM of Hub experience who hasn't had such a surprise. Strange; it tuVfs us ro long to learn the i legion it teacht .-h. ON SECOND THOUGHT '*> i i!. 1 louse in the J' J hilad"l;.a:a iMhlic Ledger A messenger, in a market bouse. 1aru-J from tlw hooth with the etar. and went to ull the >iMee:i looths, finally coming hack to ih* otii with the star. Ho could ente: any iiooth at any side, and leave i; by any other side- He finally ^discovered the short est route; one which visited each booth only once, and did not cross his path. Can you dls.eover Ihe /-our^e he followed? Yesterday's ancwer: A D. TIK - word represented by the letters A 1> it* ''abandoned." Kor in A 1>, we have: A "11" and one ••ii," which bpellH "abandon- J'tire, wltite. flawless diamond^ cut 011 American .standard^, can be purchaKod in Itusrtia at $100 a carat. The difficulty lies In getting them out of Russia on account of the Soviet ban. $3.95 Have You Seen the Newest Millinery? IS you have recently Inspected our display S'ou can confidently answer "yes." For tlm newest winter hats are shown here — in an abundance thut assures every woman an Individually becoming and wholly satisfactory model. Two Specially Lots— Priced f'li-an clothes feel warmer than iiti'Ml ones, i.i-wis Cleaners. Phone MOTHER'? Fletcher's Castoria is a pleasant, harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Teething Drops and Soothing Syrups, prepared for Infants in arms and Children all ages. It has been in use for more than 30 years to safely relieve ' Constipation Wind Colic To Sweeten Stomach- Flatulence Diarrhea Regulate Bowels Aids in the assimilation of Food, promoting Cheerfulness, Rest and Natural Sleep without Opiates * To avoid imitations always look for the signature of C/LO^^^&&**\>Proven directions on each package. Physicians everywhere recommend it. eV '-rytlilnrr rntin ; I;:;HIIIO 1 I!I'S in liu:i^'.' Ti>.- inumi'.i* ur- .-.-ri aiv cutnii,h''ii it. it 'ti'.i c pi u-. dui'llutl Ulld friMIIK'lMl} R 'IJ lll'ulie "ln'ii there U u^rlcuMural advf-r- fclty. Milt with pru.-perity on Hie farm Ihe workers In the fnetnry are Imsy and the nwiici-.s of the litclory are niiiltiUR IIIMIU'>'. The tii^ hanUs. ihu-t- wliich pn'- siiinuhly oniroi ihe tlnani'o.s ni the 1'iilied Slat.-n aud pcihaps the world, are dlreelly and inniiieation- ahl>' inleivtitcd In the fanner's | yiireeKs. HIM prosiierlly niea::s I iJood lime... and lhat iiK'aUrt profit } lor lie; hankf,. A I line of adversity j does nut mean piofii for the lianlt- ; tr because he is continually (roue j pelted to take losses and to decline j opportunity because of luck of Hinds. day cl­ ou llo : "lljb" ' b" ral It is nnr piirpos-e lliis may siiin- evuuon to pn-ach briefly up- ..-ri .Marina I... Kolli'lle. or t'oHeiii'. ae he prefer* lo railed. We lake as our text pr.'iiiuni'iai.ieitii-, he ,>v,eleil Jilsl 11 Irr ibe e : ,.'vle-,it" hh uim w-Hi a lumvMarier. "Vv'e will fii:ht 011." said "Hob." Those .lei ,\rite of polities In Wushincioa and elsewhere have picuueU "Iloli" as a i-rafiy, >auaiious, eourai;ei.ius indi- \ithlal. »ho has Hie (win ^Ifla of ; tlepl\\ and i.-n't an.'- tblv In- U « sue I, v.'hooti'e, da j perennial x l queralil" re in the lir.eilines. "Wu will fk-'at fin!" pld man -on • v. iioily nior or t.• Ii.-11 1 is 1 ba\'e said lhat. 'Vila at 'inien. W'e say he •A Of tile Ulld. We r:l> . liiiillMiler]:!..', old dacU- tiaetiisheil only by a •ouch and an iincon- Ire 10 be and remain Duly a sm- •Al'.houl lin hi use™ could '-- be vol in flalit on uiiii no hatilefiebl his thlrtj >..,, life ho has ne\ alien:'.' ) aiiiii lie has And in r puhll:- r said a tiling worth I 1 ernemberliii; or done 11 ihinn which i I will live beyond his political gener. ; julhni. We serve notice nn the ; lu Hit'! Washington eorrerponilenls now that Hi' do not intend to stand for . , , , , . , any further eoddlinv; of l.i.Knllette have judfemcnt enou B h to see. the. (sl) . | s|m(| . ( . h( , v |„ cl . H1 |„, lv „,,,.' real facts of the case. Ills inter j And he isn't couraiieous. The \ »•'• liu with those of the big fcl-1 ea»lesi « HV lo iiolllleal ditlinctlon ; II may he a llllle starllln Kansas farmer but he ought to . the Byand New Baby $/IQe WO Cash—S10 Monthly. 525 Cash—$12 Monthly. A daie'.y attractive Huliy Grand, cased tn beau'.ifui satin maliouany. wilh bench to inaiii., uiily flll.'i. Sao cash. *UI liiontlily or $-5 cai-h, 310 moid lily. Wonderful New Player tOQQ $25 Ca»h Piano yOJO $12 Monthly SEE IT FOR YOURSELF BUY A PIANO TOMORROW A Carload for You A to Choose From Just tin loaded a whole ear of pianos. Many ot these are wonderful bargains in used rebuilt pianos from our famous Kansas City factory »hop. Splendid values such as a— like new Kimball for S2BS, a used Kiiorr, fine musical condition, 1160; and a sweet singles Elhurn piano, used but nol abused, for only f!!(15. As little as S10 sends one ot these to your home; fa, $ti or tS monthly pays. .Many mare—Including a beautiful new Kloinnn and Nord at only $285 lu mahogany or S2Hr, in walnut. YOU ARE SAFE Backed By the Famous Jenkins' Guarantee Il Is well lo remember that the house ot Jenkins hits fulfilled promises and backed Its ttutirantoes for 17 years. You know you're'tnfo when you buy here. ONE PRICE No Commission m North Main Styles and About Half son Prices. Models Early Sea- Children's Hats Pretty Hats for the little Miss—coupled very mod- srate prices, make this showing of especial interest to parents who have winter hats to buy for their daughters— at $1.39 and $1.95 Are two noteworthy values a^ their present reduced prices. Choose a Pretty Coat From This Collection for s 55 There is a nice variety of soft materials in Black, Brown and Reindeer, with pretty fur collars and trimming'—nicely lined and stylishly made, Other Good Coat Bargains at $9.95, $15 and $25 i We have gathered together a collection of Women's Coats that is desirable to the very last garment—and that will give sure satisfaction, and Coats that you can i'cel safe about, quality and style as well as price. You will do wisely in making your selection from a stock that contains the best Coat bargains m town. The Curtis Store Co .i

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