The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 4, 1970 · Page 1
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May 4, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 1

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1970
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Where to EM It t- Briefly Comics TV, Radio I-S Weather .Editorials^ . s_ Women -~— -It- ***** • f)- THE WEATHER - Partfy' cloudy and warm through Tuesday, ^igh today 80. Lows tonight in lower 50s. 'High Tuesday in 80s. Sunrise 6:08; sunset 8:15, The Newspaper Iowa Depends Upon Des Moines, Iowa, Monday Morning, May 4, 1970—36 Pages—Three Sections Price 10 Cents U.S. Planes Attack Centers in Area Above DMZ WASTE PUNT, NOT UNDFHi, URGED IN D.H To Re-Use Trash, Cut Pollution By Otto Knauth The City of DCS Moines should build a modern waste disposal plant instead of seeking to bury .JLa_sh_in_Aut dated landfills, a Cornell College: geology professor says. The system proposed by Prof. Herbert E. Hcndriks re- t'u'r n s to the HERBERT E. economy all re- HENORIKS usab | e products such as metal and glass and converts garbage into an organic fertilizer which can be sold at a profit. Furthermore, sai'd Professor Hendriks in an interview, the system reduces both air. and water pollution to a minimum and offers a permanent solution to the trash woes of such cities as DCS Moince instead'of the temporary solutions posed by sanitary landfills. "Dcs Moines has an opportunity to demonstrate real leadership in this," Hcndriks said. "It could lead the state to a permanent solution of the trash-disposal problem." Des Moines is running, out of. room in its present city dump along the Des Moines River and has had trouble locating a new site because of objections by neighbors, unsuitable land and other factors. The landfill method, in which all trash, whether it is organic garbage or inorganic cans and bottles, is buried,together, often results in the pollution of both surface and ground waters, Hendriks said. Furthermore, it is inefficient in that itr doesn't return to the environment.those materials that could be reused. The 'disposal system proposed by Hendriks is now being used in an increasing number of U.S. cities, including Houston, Tex., Mob j 1 c , Ala., Altoona, Pa., . Scacsdalc,. .NX. .and Saja. Juan, Puerto Rico, he said. In general terms, this is the way it works: Trash is delivered by truck to WASTE Please tur.n to Page Three 40 EVACUATED AS AMMONIA illMESlEl REGISTER PHOTO %Y HENRY BARNET Pretty Rock Fan Nineteen-year-old Linda Phipps of Des Moines makes a pretty picture as she listens to the performers at a rock festival Sunday in Greenwood Park. MORE PICTURES: Page?. McCallsburg I DES MOINES ! an lowan | i In Cambodia Mason City Captain Leads Tanks, \ RESUMPTION Of LIMITED' JAMMED Finds Deserted N. Viet Bunker By Laurence Stern i vCi The Washington Root j PHUM SATUM, CAMBODIA - The helicopter settled down | in a small jungle clearing inside the so-called Fishhook of eastern i Cambodia and soon an American tank lumbered out of the underbrush. "They'll take you to the cache," the pilot said. U.S. planes bomb town, allied troops uncover North Vietnamese supplies as com bill. opera- Cam- The tank churned through about 50 yards of trackless limbo and suddenly we were in the midst of a North Vietnamese bunker complex that, until| tions continue the past week, had served as aj boclia 1 PVGF company-sized North Vietnam-1 J ese base camp. j __ It was now occupied by Company M, a unit of the llth Armored Cavalry Regiment led by Capt. Stewart Wallace of Mason City, la. The North Vietnamese moved out hurriedly, in their picnic style tables with! for lwo leaf sun canopies and expertly battle. camouflaged bunkers and sacks of rice stamped "China Nation- was an underground arsenal of mortar.s, Chinese machineguns, rocket launchers, recoilless rifles, torpedoes, mines and j small arms ammunition — had! <->nough to keep a North Viet- leaving i namese company in business full avs o Ready or Not, Summer's Due Des Moines residents enjoyed a dose of summer-like weather Sunday. The mercury climbed to 79 here under partly sunny skies. High temperatures in Iowa ranged from 74 at Waterloo to 82 at Council Bluffs. Partly cloudy skies and a high near #0 are forecast for Des Moines today. Name Welk, Skelton, Cash, Humperdinck tor Iowa Fair By Nick Lamberto i Four stars of the entertainment world—Johnny Cash, Engel- j bert Humperdinck, Lawrence Welk and Red Skelton—will headline grandstand shows at the 1970 Iowa State Fair. ROCK CONCERT LULLS YOUTHS By Stephen Seploiw The music was loud.; Jhe au- Tahker Pipe Splits In McCallsburg By Michael Sorkin (Register Staff Writer) MCCALLSBURG, IA. - About 40 residents of this Story County town (pop. 272) were evacuated Sun- • day evening when a hose leading from a semi- trailer truck unloading ° ««« 200 anhydrous ammonia sprang a leak, spraying deadly fumes through the heart of town. McCallsburg Fire Chief Carroll Lura ordered the town fire whistle .blown three times to warn .residents. Alarmed officials quickly moved the tanker truck about a mile north of the city. Elderly People Flee Fourteen residents of McCallsburg Manor, a hotel for elderly persons two blocks from the spot where the leak occurred, were driven to nearby Story City. Some had lo be carried to the cars. Other residents left the area in their own cars. " Np injuries were reported and residents returned to their homes after about an hour. Mrs. Carolyn Beal, 48, owner of the hotel, said when she smelled the ammonia "I knew just what we had to do" and called some neighbors to help to drive the elderly residents to Story City. pe^r^ly in'the dJy?' i WASHINGTON, D.C. ,AP) -! MOSCOW, RUSSIA - North she said. "If it had been'late fVicc-President s P iro T. Agnew, Vietnamese leader Le Duan has at night, some- of, us would saj d Sunday he thinks North| left Moscow for Peking to per- have been gone for sure." Vietnamese forces are overextended, "debilitated and deci- al Cereals, Rice and Foodstuffs Import Export Corporation." But the captured ammunitions cache was the supreme trophy and the men of Company M proudly showed it off to a small group of visiting 1 correspondents. Under a jungle camouflage! Agnew Calls Viet Enemy 'Decimated* "We killed a Dink near here this morning," said Captain Wallace. "He's still down in the bunker and \vc couldn't get to him but we found a communications wire that led us to other bunkers. Pentagon Confirms Targets Hit By George C. Wilson .e. The Washington Post WASHINGTON, D.C. - The United-States has resumed lim- ited'bombing of North Vietnam by putting some supply bases back on the target list, Pentagon officials confirmed Sunday night that such supply bases as well as antiaircraft sites have been hit in the recent bombing raids. The stcppctl-up air activity over North Vietnam has the twin objective of protecting President Nixon's Vietnam- ization program and pushing Hanoi into serious negotiation to end the war, the officials claim. _YJce-President Spiro Agnew ; said on the CBS "Face .the Na:lion" television program Sun- clay that the. large bombing raid over the weekend, involving about 120 U.S. planes, was part of "what we call protective reaction." dience tranquil. The driver of the truck, Tom Latimer, 34, of Perry, said the mishap occurred shortly before 7 p.m. after he had transferred some 32,000 pounds of ammonia from the truck to a storage tank at the Arco Fertilizer Co. plant here. Latimer said a transfer hose | b r o k e , spraying ammonia ENGELBfRT HUMPERDINCK Kenneth R.. Fulk, fair board! But almost everyone at Sun-'f um es all about him. He said secretary, said: "It is the heav-iday. afternooiv's four-hour rock! he shut off the main valve on ..... ' ' ~ P ° SS ' ble first class all the way. "Iowa people in the past have proven they want good quality entertainment and we're going to give it to them." iest lineup of talent at any fair-concert in Greenwood Parkl the in the United States. We're going' seemed lo think the whole thing '< " was "groovy." j "if I hadn't shut it off quick Between 5,000 and 6,000 per-i it would^eally have fixed this sons, mostly from junipr in'gh | town in short'order," he said. mated" and unable to continue their fight in. South Vietnam and neighboring states."They have 67,000 troops in Cni Laos right now, they have' 40,000 troops in Cambodia," he said. "They're trying to fight a in Vietnam. They've been war for years and years 1 don t think they re (chances of lth y k ' nd ° re- . ' The 1970 fair, Aug. 21-30, will!P ick on g" itars - school to college age, came but to hear four rock bands bang on. drums, thump on organs, have an entertainment budget] But only two or three of $286,000. the largest in fair! limes > as the music poured histnrv " I out of mammoth amplifiers T IIT ,u ,„„„ ,. ,! lhat lined tn e stage like In addition, the 1970 national! championship hot-air balloon j races,will be held at the fair! Aug. 21-23. i Don Kersten, Fort Dodge at-! torney who is president of the so mega- stage many electronic-age phones, did the audience siand la shout or clap or show any emotional response at alL After calling for help, "I got out of there fast," Latimer said. He and Chief Lura donned AMMONIA- Please turn to Page Six IRON BELL, STOLEN HERE Two "priceless" antiques war in a and •^ance;Ho-COTTinWtMsrf g hr.'lS roy?d - b y lhe American Statement Questioned and that a prolonged and bitter TO a newsman 'who qucs-; con flict is inevitable, tioned that statement, Agnew j Nevertheless, the French pro- said, "You would admit, I be-jposal for some kind of inter- lieve, there has been a great The North. ,„,. , fr ,. , eminent has charged that the They ft often leave somc-j raid violated tne g ombing na , t i announced by former President I Lyndon Johnson on Nov. 1, ! 19G8. i Four Bombers Downed j Hanoi claims that two American bombers were shot down over Norih Vietnam on Saturday and another two on Sunday. While House officials insist that the President's new military moves '— such as the ground assaults against enemy bases in Cambodia and the, intensified bombing — are not an American escalation of the war. Many Vietnam war critics take an opposite view. The ... weekend bombing raids against the north will fuel the controversy in Congress. This new bombing of the BOMBING Please turn to Page Four CAMBODIA Please turn to Page Fioc HANOI APPEAL TO RED CHINA By Dev Mu.'arka 'c'The London,Observer NEWS ANALYSIS suade the Chinese to allow Soviet military supplies to V i e t na m to pass through This is one of the consequences of American intervention in Cambodia. The Soviets have c o.n c.l u d e d that settlement in their activity capability national consultation on the In 7 ! dochinese crisis is being studied Occasionally, someone could. . . . ., , Balloon Federation of America, i be seen fingering an imaginary were stolen early Sundav mor!> said 12 of the top 50 balloonists P1 ,it ar nr slanni™ an imaoinsrv, i in g from Salisbury House, 4025 will be here for the Researchers Think They 're Gaming in Cancer Fight By Jonathan Spivak (Reprinted From The Wall Street Journal) WASHINGTON, D.C.—After years of effort, medical men arfe closing in on an elusive prey: A virus that may cause human cancer. Researchers have here tor tne competition:; lit will include spot- landing '- contests, hare and FAIR- Please turn to Page Three found evi- j dence that seems to link viruses to three forms of human i cancer, two of them not uncoiii-1 mon among women ui the U.S.,] aud one prevalent among ] youngsters in tropical Africa.) It's now known, too, that somej different viruses cause cancer in animals of almost every species. Proof ttat one or more of INSIDE THE REGISTER Raiders Hit Israel Camp guitar or slapping an imaginary ! ' ng f ">m Salisbui drum as if temporarily moved l onaw ^ da d » ve - these minute infectious ageuts are responsible for the disease in human beings would make possible the development of vaccines and stimulate other preventive steps. Thus findings made so far)HOLLYWOOD STARS pay are spurring a major expansion! c °s tume s and P r °P s that EGYPT reports commandos de- izers. slroy Israeli .encampment on Sinai Peninsula Page 14 by something coming out of those amplifiers. But for the most part, the youths sat on the benches or sprawled on the grass as passive as an executive riding an elevator with Mu- zak. The most excitement came when Anthony Morasco, the park superviser, thought the noise had reached an intolerable level and shut off all the juice. He turned it on again after speaking for a few minutes with some of the concert organ- Mrs. E. D. Weeks of 4111 Tonawanda drive reported to police that an iron bell and a; lead mailbox door were miss- diminution and their activity in recent | by the Soviet Union, subject 'ta y ears -" I approval by Hanoi. Agnew was interviewed on j the CBS television-radio pro- ! • Soviet Sc ' orn gram "Face the Nation." j President Nixon's action He reiterated the adminis- ! faces the Soviets with a thor- tration position that U.S. in-|ough reappraisal of American cursions into Cambodia are policies in the international are- AGNEW- SUPPLIES- '. Please turn lo Pay? Five '' Please turn lo Parje Four j 1 Poll: Public Backs Nixon But Opposes Using Yanks S P°<* ing. ' Mrs. Weeks told police she saw four youths speed away from the house shortly after midnight Saturday. She said the door has the date 1765 carved in it and the initials "C.W." for Carl Weeks, Mrs. Weeks' father-in- law, builder of .Salisbury House. Police said entry was apparently gained by breaking a pane of glass in a door on the (Special Dispatch 10 The Regitttr) PRINCETON, N.J. - Initial public reaction to President; WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) Nixon's plan to support' Cambodia shows approval outweighing j Dr. Benjamin Spock, war critic and pediatrician, was arrested disapproval by about a 7-5 ratio. But the American people land the results, based on the 95 would have preferred this sup-, cr ccnt f ,^ } h ^ Sunday when nnvi i/\ Krt in iha < r " rnliomiic cor with at least 75 port to be in the form of arms and m a t erjal and not combat troops. In iact. 58 per cent oppose sending U.S. troops into Cambodia. other persons conducted a GALLUP POLL religious service in a park they have heard or read about across from the White House to for C4NCER- ~~Pteuse turn"to Tage~S'fz" orated their best movies as M.Q.M- capitalizes on senU- nienT ~."'.." "'".'".~.'~~ r.'TPage'9 Residents Complain -I tried lo tell them lo t.unui: east side of the buildijl 6- down," Morasco said. "They ': S*\isb\uy House, a replica of didn't. So 1 just shut the juice if /nghsh country home, is off." He said he received some i headquarters for the Iowa Ldu- ROCK'" Please turn lo Page Seveii A key weason for opposing the scudiug of troops is the tear of a major involvement of our forces ia Cambodia. These findings are based on the work of 105 Gallup Poll in- cation Association and contains '.tcrviewers who talked to 528 many valuable furnishings and adulls m P erson Salurda >'- arl"obje"cls." "" "' "Following are the quo si ions the iighling in Cambodia: "Do you opproL'L' or pnwc uf the way President A'.'/oii in handling the Cambodian situation?" Approve Disapprove No upiuiuu "Do you iliinl; ; should sc/ici arms GALLUP - turn i'o Page Five 51' 14 f f t'r.c I 6'. mid mute- protest the movement of US. i troops into Cambodia. : National park police moved in and told the 100 persons gathered for the service that it was bring conducted illegally, The service -was near its end wtei ;ihe olfictTs arrived. There was no violence, although two of the demonstrators had to be carried to police vans. All were charged with "failure .1.1,1 move on," police said. ' Spock posted a $25 bond and \\iJl appear in court sometime "laiC-r"ffiis"week. "" "

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