The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 1, 1948 · Page 16
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 16

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 1, 1948
Page 16
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¥·'"* ifeV- T** Hewn, Fra««rick. DM, Thwrt*?. Julr 1. IM» WMQAi GlV£ T t DON'T ACN'iSe Law Named Head Coach At Mount · Mount St Mary's College. Em- ' mitsfaurg. WAiaesday afternoon, announced signing John Law, cap- j tain of Notre Darr.e's 1929 national ' grid championship team, as head ; coach for football and baseball. The new head coach of the . Mountaineers will take over his duties by September i. Announce- i ment of the appointment by the College Council. \\ a made late '· vesterday afternoon, by Manager; John L. Sheridan, presirlers:. Acceptance of the contract by j Law. irosn his summer home. ' Brewster, N. Y. "is presumably for '. a year, at an unnamed salary." a j Mount St. Mary's spokesman said. . Ccach Law replaces Steve Fill- · powicz. resigned last Spring after j a disastrous football season at the j Mount and a mediocre showing in j the Mountaineers' specialty o f ; basketball. 1 Xo announcement was made of a j replacing athletic director, f o r ! Rev. James Diamond, who has \ been transferred from faculty ( duties at Mount St. Mary's, t Same Assistants i The college spokesman said it j is expected that Assistant Coaches Wally Opekun and Art Malloy will ;' conduct basketball and physical j education classes this Fall. leaving j ihe new head coach free rein with j the Mountaineer gridders. Last I season. Law was line coach for | Holy Cross' star eleven. J Nationally known in football, i Law is not so well recognized in ( college baseball circles of this gen- ; eration although he has had plenty · of diamond experience. I His pigskin popularity as a mem- : . -my her o£ the Notre Dame varsity lines ! /\ JX 1 Q_ of 1927-28-29. being guard and - Rising Star Mwrr t» Prrrtoiu Pawl* HOKIZOXTAL 1,8 Pictured young radio actress 12 Notion 13 Scottish sheepfold 14 Cloyed 15 Cooking utensil 16 Color IS Dutch city 19 Symbol for erbium 20Footlike part 20 Priority 21 Meat cut (prefix) 23 Half-em 2 2 Neither 24 Brother 24 Field 25 Negative word enclosure 27 Western cattle 2 6Bs owned 3 Harden 4 Babylonian, deity 5 War god 6 Unit of reluctance 1 Shout 8 Sun god 9 Follower 10 Relinquish 11 Paradise 14 Oscillate 16 12 months Opponent's Bidding Hints Distribution 29 Moan 32 Even (contr.) 33 High card 34 Speed contests 37 Sew loosely 39 Dine 40 Social insect 41 Either 43 Decays 46 Attempt 47 Negalh.. 49 Split pc.. 51 Musteline mammals 53 Pilfer 54 Rectify 56 Swiss canton 57 Roof edge 55 Hurried 59 She of ten appears on the stage VERTICAL 1 Mature 2 Smell 27 Indian weight knife 23 Beverage 46 Group of 30 Perform 31 Born 35 Auricle 17 Hawaiian bird 36 Remained standing 37 Obstacles 33 An 41 Harem rooms 55 North Dakota 42 Sloping way (ab.) 44 Size of shot 57 Diminutive of 45 Pierce with a Edward three singers 47 New star 48 Submit to 50 Sheltered side 52 Make a mistake 53 Uncooked bread 4 A K J 7 2 V K J 7 5 *3 *Q52 4 Q 9 8 6 4 V Q 4 3 · 34 4k 1094 N W £ S Dealer A 10 i * Htlf «*MM 653 VS. 4 K 10 9 7 6 5 2 A T It t 9 ·* o ·) » A 10 96 2 I * A Q J f * A K 7 6 · Lesson Hand-- N-S vul. South West North East 1 V Pass 1 A 3 A Pass 4 N. Double Pass 6 V Pass T. 5* Pass 7 V Pass Pass Pass Opening -- · 8 1 H i IV 1 iJ.ltll captain of the collegiate champion Ir^sh team in the latter year. Graduated in the Class of 1930. he position of h' where Detroit. -Tune 20 tip,--Ri^ht- Cubs Again Down Cards Chicago. June 30 i,T)--The Chi- hander Bob Lemon of the Clcve-; cago Cubs lashed out from their immpdiaMv took over "the ' l a n d " Indians tossed the first no- j lowly cellar position with unex- rmn.euici^ . jjanhat- ' hlt no ~' un S ame of {h e major | pected fury today when they made , !,,,,,,..» season as he blanked the | it two straight over the St. Louis It j Cardinals with a decisive 9-1 vic- he remaned taa college, wnu-rc- »«= , iu ""V":" : Detroit Tigers 2 to 0 tonight. It two years Since he has been . ^ hjs mh ^ Q£ ^ g ^ eastern scout for the professional his f shutout . Green Bay Packers. Los Angeles ; Rains and Chicago Rockets, work- coHece! and found ! base - a11 " " Only three Tigers reached first Ralph Hamner scattered six hits while his mates pounded Jim for a dozen i with the Nei on Department. vears " as the big ', Hearn and four successors for 13 interim i converted o u f i e l d e r put together j solid wallops. One of the blows York Correc- pitching performance! that knocked Hearn out of the box in the third inning was Gene His gridiron experience has ern- j braced nearly every known sys football. He says. . All the scoring came in the first s- ! inn ' n S as the Indians pushed over Mauch's first major league home run. It came with none aboard. By WILLIAM E. MeKEXNEY America's Card Authority Written For NEA Sen-ice Today's lesson hand is the result of a discussion that I had with Ivan Half, of Pittsburgh, Pa. A player rarely gives me a hand in which he got the worst of it. Therefore. I thought the point Half brought out all the more impressive. .You will note that over four no trump. Half bid five diamonds. North bid six hearcs. The opening lead of the eight of diamonds was won by declarer with the jack, as Half did not put up the king. Now declarer's only problem was the heart suit. Should he play them to split two-two, or if he played them to split three-one, which hand should hold the three and which the one? The odds favored the hearts breaking three-one, not two-two. As Half said. hN bid of five diamonds indicated that he could not have more than a singleton heart. Therefore, declarer's correct play was to lead the ace of hearts, then the ten of hearts, and take the finesse if West refused to cover. Half's five diamond bid. as often happens in a hand of this type, did more to help the opponents than for his own side. With that bid. declarer should have no trouble in figuring out the correct distribution of the hearts. City Softball unearned runs to give Lemon j Thc frail-looking Hamner fan- I , futilely for the ik Leahy. Notre Dame: Rex Envigb.t. South Carolina and Frcnk ihomas. Alabama/' Last Spring. Law helped Leany at Notre Dame for five weeks and interpolated informative research through screening movies o£ offense or defense by outstanding college elevens. Have Won 10 And Lost 6 Frederick Hustlers" semi-pro baseball club has ivon 10 and _lost 6 games during the first half of the 1948 schedule, according to statistics released t h r o u g h the club's oScial statistician "Red" Shaw. June 30. The veteran utility ir.Selder and business manager of the club. Aus- :iri F. Atigleberger is currently :eadiag the team in batting with in enviable percentage of .420 for 50 times up during 14 contests. Another bulwark of the team. -"Rastus" LeGore. holds the edge as the most reliable of the Hustler nurlers. with three \vins and no defeats. Salting Averages G Ab Anglebc-- - . 14 50 Price 14 55 Jones 15 54 Hummer 15 0 Trassell . . . 2 6 Thomas 9 Kemsfaure _... 36 De Lauter ~ LeGore -- 6 Rice _ S Ford S Stout .- _ 11 Myers - ~ Hildebrarid . 10 Gilbert ;3 Pitching Records LeGore Rice . 5 Engle 1 De Lauter 0 Geiser . . 0 ,,_. loss for Houtteman. hard luck man of thc Detroit Tiger mound staff, as he yielded only i\w runs and five ; hits. The Tigers kicked in two ! errors in the initial inning to get , Houtteman into trouble. ' Thc score: K. H. E. Cleveland . 2 5 0 ! Detroit 0 0 2 i Lemon and Hegan: Houtteman and Swift. The victory gave the Cubs a 5-3 '' over the Cardinals for the ' Player H " ters Team G. AB. H. V F W 2 7 4 i The scores: ~R H. E i Hossler ... A. L. 5 13 7 ; St. Louis i 6 1 , Harley . VFW 13 47 22 t Chicago 9 1 3 0 ] Simon . VFW 14 46 20 | Hearn. \Vilks. Munger. Burkhart. | Swomley D. P. 14 43 17 ; Papi and Garagiola; Hamner and ; Summer C. C. 15 40 15 ; Walker. ; Moss . A. L. Cannon . VFW K. 21 20 .364 19 20 .333 .303 .310 .300 .262 .250 .238 .233 .200 9 15 5 3 5 29 50 IP 12 21 30 40 34 51 W. L Pc:. 3 0 1 000 .714 .500 .C-DO TRICO GAMES TONIGHT Kidtveek night of the Tri- Coiinty Baseball League, postponed last night because of rain and wet grounds, are rescheduled for play tonight at McCaray Field, it ·was unofficially announced \vnen the games were called. The ballpark management added that tonight :s the only date open for arciightea contests this week. j St. Louis. June 30 'S*--Paul I Lehncr homered in the fifth in- I ning and singled home the win- · ning run in the eighth to lead the : St. Louis Browns to a 2 to 1 vic- ; tory over the Chicago While Sox i tonicht. Fred Sanford and Al Gettel both gave up eight hits in · the pitching duel. The score: R. H. E. I Chicago . 1 8 1 S t Louis 2 8 1 Gettel and Robinson. Sanford and Moss. New York. June 30 '.-p.--Jack 1 Kramer posted his seventh victory of the season today and his fifth in a row. pitching thc Boston Red Sox to a 7-3 seven hit triumph over the New York Yankees. · Kramer got off to a rocky start. . yielding two runs in the first inning but thereafter he muffled the Yankee bats on three hits until thc ninth when they scored iheir final run on a double and single Kramer walked only three and fanned six including the side in thc ninth. After thc Yanks tied it up in their half of the' first, the Sox moved ahead in :he third on singles by Johnny Pesky. Ted Williams and a fly ball by Stephens. Williams hit was h:;; oniy one of the came in five tries but it enabled him to =:re;ch his consecutive ga7re h:tt;r;g f.reak to 16. Tho Sox salted thc gar-.e av,ay in the sixth. ?cor:r.s tv. ice on Stephen*" l-»:h ho-r:cr of the jear and Wally MOFCS" steal home The scores: R K. E. Boston 7 in o N e w York 3 7 0 Kramer ar.d Tebbe"s. Rasch;. Page, Gurr.beri and Bcrra. 5 Phils Rout Bums ' i Crone D. P. | Brooklyn. June 30 ·«»--The Phil- i Norwood D. P. '.adelphia Phillies took advantage of : Shaffer . VFW j 12 walks to hand the Brooklyn ' Willard VFW I Dodgers their fourth straight de- , Palmer .. A. L. ; feat. 13-4. ( Ramsburg D. P. j The victory cost the Phils the ! Staley . . D. P. j services of Dutch Leonard, their ] Slagle . A. L. i veteran knuckleball artist, for an '. Davis . A. L. [indefinite period. Leonard was'Murray C. C. ; struck on the head in the third : Rowe . C. C. inning by one of Harry Taylor's : A. Kelly C. C. , pitches and was carried from the ', Gleason · field. He was rushed to Swedish i Martz . A. L. " Kosoital where it was said he had ! i suffered no fracture but would be ! hospitalized four days. i L e o n a r d , however, received . 1 credit for the victory, his seventh I as he left the same with a 6-0 ; lead. Walt Dubiel finished up. The scores: R. H. E · .Philadelphia 13 12 o 1 Brooklyn 4 s 1 · Leonard. Dubiol and Seminick: ' Tavlor. Ramsdell. Minner. Paiica ; and Edwards. i 14 14 3 12 12 13 13 15 14 13 7 11 9 12 J 15 35 46 11 37 32 35 37 47 36 41 14 21 16 40 15 43 Radio Program MBS ABC VBC CBS WOK WMAt, WBAL WTMD Braves Beat G-anIs j ^ Bov-ton. J t! ne 31 .?-- The Boston! Brax-es extended their National! League lead to a game and a haH! tonicht bv defeating the New York ! G;ants 3-1 behind Bis Bill Voiselle.! -vho h--l ^-r-, *~i-~,-, out of t h c ; i box in his larf nine starts. Thc \,c:orv. ach'evcd over Larry Jameson, who h-«d won seven in! ·accession over the Bravcs -- .ix last seasor--was th~ first at home . for the Tribe over the New Yorkers Oriy run r-ff Yo:_«elif was Jehnnv ' Mi;c "6;h honor of the year in ib** ^ixth jnrjirjst The =core R K Nev.- York 1 7 Boon S 10 Jan?en Ker.rscdy .Tone*: Cooper: Voiselie ar.d Salkeid. F 0 0 PLAY AT MYERSVILLE Tne Karrr.on* ar.d Barlonsvir.e Slugger baseball teams are scheduled to clash Sunday at Myersville at 1 o'clock. SEEK BOMB ON SHIP New York. June 30 ?--The crew of the hner Queen Elisabeth ccmbed thc giant ship today on a report that a tir.-.o bomb had been rjlaccd aboard. The search failed to turn up a bomb. Police anci firemen conversed on the 3ri:i-h Iwxtrry liner after rew.-paocr office? received telephone call'5 thai a bomb would explode on the Queen Elizabeth 20 ( hours sfter she left port tonight. | rNION TO COMPLY Chicago. June 30 ?--The United Packinghouse Workers of Am°-ica CIC" voted today to comply \ h all provisions of the Taft-Ha. v ·· Law. IT any officers fail to comply, they will be removed from office ' immediatelv." the union announced. The Braille system, which per- ', Jnits the blind To read, was per- | in? ed b " Louis Brailie more than j 100 years ago. ' Tests made by the U. S. Bureau ' of Standards showed that Caroline I vapor mav be exploded inside a ' soap bubble without bursting it. ' OIL STOVE BLAZE When an cl tove over-blazed in Klinehart's alley. between Fourth and Fifth streets, shortly after 5 p m . Wednesday, the Junior?. Citizens and United firemen were sent to the scene on a silent alarm. The stove was carried outdoors. Otherwise the fire- . men's services were not needed. Evening - , cs Report. 15 ilin.--nbc Newscast Everr Day--cbs Network Silent Hour--abc-east K:dd:e5 Hour (repeat)--abc-trest Network Silent (1 hr.)--rabs-east Kiddies Hour (repeat)--mbs-west 6:*5--Sports: Music Time-Of Men and Books--cbs 6:^0--Jean McKeana Lum and Abner repeat--cbs-west 6:-*5--Newscast by Three--nbc Loire!! Tbomas (repeat Jl)--cb» 7r3--Supper C:-Jb--nbc-basic The Be-.ilah Show--cb? News and Commentary--abc Fulton L.«w:s. Jr.--mbs 7:13--Xewa and Comment--nbc Jack :?m:;h snJ Sonsr--cb* IVxilv Commentary--abc News: £:r.ner Date----.b» 7:30--Van Darnrae Quintet--nbc Jerry Wayne Show--cbs K*iry JSorjran--abc-east Child's World--abc-west. Ne*·% Comment---mbs 7:-*5--HarVness Comment--"be New 2 Broadcast--^bs imports Oomment.~-mbs S.OO--To Bo Announced--nbc To Be Announced--cbs Front Pag"--abc-«-ast Criminal Casebook--abc-w«jt L-jcky Partner Q-jiz--mbs 8:30--New Face' 134S--nbc Mr. Keen's Drama--cbs Criminal Casebook--abc-east Hunry Morgan--abc-wcst Talent JacVpot--nibs S:55--Silly Rose Comment--; 9:00--Th- Mcsic Ha!:--nbc .Dick Havmes Variety--cbs To Re Announced--abc Oabrie! Keatter. Comment--rabs 9:^TM-Xews Broadcast--mbs 9.30--.Tack Carson Jt Eve--nbc Candid Microp'.ioe--abc-east Front Pace--abc-west Andy Russell Revue--mbs 9:45--Movie Background--mbs 10:00--Bob Hawk Quiz--nbc : The P!ayhosi«e--cbs Boxinir it Sports Show--abc Family Tneater--mb? 10:30--To Be Announced--nbc TM* To Be Announced--cba Dance Music--mbs 10:45--Earl Godwin Talk--abc 11:00--Xe«s. Variety, 3 hrs.--cbf News and Dance Band--abc · News. Dance Band - hrs.--mb« 11:15--News Variety to 1--nbe | 12:00--Dancing Continued--aJc--Re»t NEWSPAPER! UKrr; BEFORE HERE mrrr AND JEFF True, Brother. True If You Don't Get In Deep Wale* BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES To* Useful . "mXY. gt VCO ·=Q*A'£."Wl»4 KS.VO IfcfoOOOl 1 'XWAiV: \'i^ S-W-l-M S-O-V-T. R='Et W\W P. eMftl.\_ I M\K.O v4tVi_.OVk-HMO'S VOO J«*JN VOW BED RYDER The Aftermath l==F BECAUSE CF Tri£ FRECKLES AXD HIS FRIENDS He's Tied Up Today J PUSH, IARD/ UFT YOUR END, ANDY/ ALL TOGETHER. NOW LIKE A I 10 CO!M A GOOD GA3 TO I - TOO MAMV COOKS UeHTEN TMc , I SPOIL THE 5ROW/ E ON. HEAVE.' LETS POT OUR SHOULDERS , DAY'S LABOR/ NOW. MISS 6ALLANTREE/ HE'S PUTTING A 5TSCK DOWN INTO THE WATER TO MEASURE THE DEPTH. SU? OUT QUIETLY. WITH ME, SANDRA. NO/ I'LL STAY AND WHEN SILK FINDS YOU'VE JSTAIL HIM. GET DOWN TO COea 19*8 BY KEA SSaviCC. I«.C- T. V_ "EC. U. S. PAT. OFF. '. PWSCBLLA'S POP Could Be Worse e oat so rxucx r f Somett,7s T w I hsd fcur hcm OUR BOARDING HOUSE OTTT OtTR WAT \'=AH / M.^'gS EVSM A. * UTTLE MOR5 RiCHLV '-^e C~ F =S CDT -- AMD BOTT T HA\; = SOLD 5O ? -4A7 MO. ASSD Sl3CK£^S Vi *so -- rr WAS A SUP OFTWS BO«5MTH!RrrV VEAR5- TOO SOOM ^-.s^^.' ,,_ ^ NEWS PA PERT

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