The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 16, 1932 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1932
Page 9
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THE DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK, MD., MONDAY. MAY 16, IBM. u. mnn BY MABEL McELLIOTT ay UEA rrtvKt inc. PROSECUTING WITNESS " Z~ * BECOMES DEFENDANT JACOB KUPPERT -- BARLEY MALT SYRU* Two Fined At Hearing In Police CTt^TAJk'^rKc Court. ATTENTION St«» la mo X«»- bur t!w *tfrls*nur Wf BEGtW HKH£ TODAY SCSAN CARE!' t* tat lore with BOM lll'.VBAB, iKiillvmairc'i «*m. DE2TISB ACKHOYD. *«etet7 Btxi. trie* so break urn the attaehaieBt and raceee4c at a BMUM? r*rrr which »»c clvea. JERSEST HEATH, naploycr. ktappeu · b * tloa of hla mCcctlvu bmt cko**ea h*r mind whe* JACK WARING. Hrath'» »«al»t«»t. »ro4u*« MB !»·· letter. KAY ¥i*AX- o«C»phrr !· thr nrxt to Sm»«» her dl»- oa heart** that -SKI'" ·WEBB ha* Biarrir* aaather arfrL. Bea aad Souui ««arrel OB ChrUt- a«a» ere over *omr »ower» Heath i "Yea. we do." Sh« eyed him «*· j strayed to th« little group of which · course ce could tel 'piciously. "Why do you want to \ Denis« was the center. She was be-' write her a U'ter jknow?" j "Oh. I was just wondering.' i steered the talk into other channels., ...... ,. i It wa» a week later that he net: *° m * T =S«e connection with the mast s-e her face in the drawicc room theater was telling a story and aa i3 AckroydV apartment in Demise's shrill laughter was the must :029 S'J'san Or .t be Oi'J i*ot | ing very gar this afternoon. She' wsut to Jo ei'her ot these He wa» in her element. A pasty-faced There had Iveu a«Uu vouth who had earlier advertised r?acugh between them. . feniw". ::. IV.i:e i urc^v jr.d tr. \ B;b -felt be face. \Vi-at ttowa. High aboTe the outer drire i it «ig. with great windows orer- leanui «f her laterfereaee la So- Mk's aCalra. Heath uka ····» t* b* hU wife nhea hi. 41v«m 4eeree fcecomra aal. $he heI- tatea. Her anat naAerc*ea a ·ert- ·u operation and Sana AeelAea to marry him I«r the cake of mt- earltr. Bea follows Suva ··« Heath and ahoou at the latter, woaadiac hlas allxktlr. Thea Bern taru the cu on hl«*eU. NOW CO OX WITH THE STOB.Y CHAPTER XXXV ·I Jack VTariBg took Denise Sv« S'-is^.a face to £ao*» and noisiest of all. then there wo'-ld be E.O more of -Let's clear out of this," Bob. -~ Ss nonsense. looking the lake. Deaise was en-! mattered. "We'll never be ra'.ssed' \\Iien Desise tel*r-hois«l Eob t;M tertainise. The room was filled | and I know a way »e can slip out the Chinese boy to sjy he was too j with beautifully dressed girls »ad 1 through the service entrance with- 1'i to speak. Slie must cot corse ' bored looking young men. j out being caught." agreeJ. over because the scr? throat was I "You know Bobby, dont your* (smiling to biniselT over the success Lighly contagious. Bob knew that i Denioe said. jot his first shot. * would stop D«:;ise; she bated any ! -Tee. ot course." The two mea They swscjs along Michigan are- sort ot iilcpss. j shook hands. Waring thought thejaua sice by side. Tli* wmttr wicd '"We Ackroy!s hsre nsarreloas thinner and older than!seemed good after the sceated. hot-'health." eho was load c? sa!eg. became a d*Coun Sat- u»p.«ts! 0:1 :ii* n^i^ he soajiht to · .-v.".\.cted 1!.' t» ' principals in ca^o »·· o \V:l'..ji3i »r.5 J?iu\ Joha- bo:h CVWN! '.hi5 city snd each ·a nrth. W»J» ««nT«««. ALB£BT C. PALMER. Agent \ llth ill Uiht MMfclM Work--cu utf LMkuritk-; SAFE WOBE. A SPECIALTY JAMES E. SOLT LIGHT WELDING OF ALL METALS WOU IN MASS. BRONZE AXD ALCMXIL'M 4« Macnolia Are. Phone 973-J 3* TEAKS EXTEWESCE --WAB.VEK * ^'. 55 a-.d ;t* S.sern'.sr. i Jehrxs--:-.. ^ t r\ : '- by T I V O L I i when he had last seen aim. i . . . j r\EXISE said. "I'm warning you! \" Don't climb Into a corner and house atmosphere they had Just' throwing back her bright. Htt!» left. Bob squared his shoulders aad head arrogantly. Bob's Mrs c-jried Waring, glancing sidewise at the' at the memory. What a fraud she fine profile, applauded Susan's taste, was! Why hadn't he seen through ··:·. u; \V.::.a:n be- iir ·,.M: a lr^»l ^ Na.J! t · ha-ve : l.ans ll:^ a.n: a:ij»- -""--os :::;uries \\"iirr t h j :«tl2ijr!% -n-ha «JL» '.he 1 ;or disorderly ; · g *o .* ^im John- . .'ohr. ob'ec'e*! arid ijed » 'n ·,:· result i ::. »Ji..'Si John s* i fl.»-.;rp:i at W!l- .ot so g\od a::d the :c-ixi J?.T'. iaf lifting , · 2i»giitr»:* heard _ r.d^ :· Sse John. ecatlr^ »;-.nesi. $5' The fine was : · talk business, because I won't hare "Do yon mind if I stop in tossor- her before? _ TfTHEX " r You'Te got to circulate. We j row morning to ·« »»« Tn.n-r fam«io« ~ sha i thines?" Bob asked look at those · hare too many females." She i things r'Bob asked him at parting. \ FTER several days that hid Ackroyd away from the Gled- , dings' party on Xew Year's ere he ; Arltted on to another group, a slim. to a eTery Una of her figure.. had formulated no exact plan. He] "she look* lorely today, doesn't e?" Waring asked. "WhoT Oh. yes. Denise." The boy roused himself from some abstraction to reply. Waring appraised him shrewdly. That he waa not in love with this girl was plain to the dullest onlooker. "About 11?" ;-^ seemed endless tUa doctor said "Xot at all. That will be splen- · the youss aaa ns:ght go out. Feol- shakis. did." Waring told h:=i heart SJy. As i excited and Bob he weat back to the hotel where he | climbed into a tasi and gave the ' glow of conscious' driver Susan's address. The house, j when he reacted it. was q'site dsrk. "I was a Boy Scout before." he)There was no s!£Ti of anyone about. reflected. "Now it looks as though' Hopelessly, ho rang the bell once lived he felt a righteousness. I am going to be a Cupid." blooming [ or twice. Then, failing to raise j anyone, he slipped his card with a i scrawled message on it into the tTT Boh Dunbar did not coma to j nail box. Wo'jld Susan let him JT -*-* Half-Day was working out inter- out for several days at least. Did',ness and silence rewarded his estingly. wasn't It? He had some. Waring hare Miss Carey's home ad- effort. He began to be genuinely ' - - -- · · - 'alarmed. Telephoning the o5ce. ha was informed by ll:?s Smith, tho new secretary, that Miss Carey was He -would like Bob to stop by the'and supplied it. The you=g man office some day aad see them. ! seemed grateful. by nature a meddler and his quick, prying mind had seized on the little drama as something entertaining. H« could see the triangle: Susan, the poor working girl; Denise. the spoiled child of fortune; and young Robert Dunbar. whom each hoped to win. The tisit to Tony's proTed rather "It's my Job to find out jnst how i -*-* the office the next day. Ke tele- know when it v. ould be convenient dulL There had been too much the land lies," Waring observed to j phoned to say that the doctor had | for him to come 22 J call? noise and the overheated place had himself. Skillfully he led the talk ; diagnosed his sore throat as quinsy, | He came the neit night, and the made them both Ill-tempered with- around to the office. The house at; and ho would not be allowed tojgo i next, and the next, but always dark- out quite knowing why. The man " " " " " . . . . had learned little more of the story. _ He was determined, however, to j aew plans sketched for the stables.! dress? Waring said that he did know the rest. Driving back in the -- - - -cold air he said lazily to the girl. "When shall I see you sgaiaT" The pale, petulant face stared straight ahead. The childish, fretful rolce answered sleepily. "Don't know. Xever, probably, the way I feel now. That champagne Laura fed us mnst have been poison. I feel wretched." ·That," countered Jack Waring easily, "was the lobster you insisted on having at Tony's. And the ice cream." "It was the champagne," Denisa insisted solemnly. "That's my story and I'll stick to it" "You're a little mule, aren't you?" asked the man, laughing. Decise drew her wrap around her regally. "We Ackroyds have wills of our own," she said so pompously that Waring could scarcely manage to maintain his gravity. More than ever now he was certain she had been reading Michael Arlsn. "And do you always get what you ·want?" He was very grave. a *_pe::dec cc*ts or fort effect. OSi-rr t!-e arrest A single -. noi b«*-r. p«id i-x-'. prcbib that ··· '^no- of J50 and cn% aiJJht br put Inio Arthir HjSrsin made k-i-ro case involved the; r.anie of J-hn Doe -- a man who OSicer Millard Er .si »rr*s:*d ar.d who i v\a* too drjr.k to give his r.»m*. He ·xo:r. to 'til under $5 collateral -STARTS TODAY- At 1.15-J--7.J5-9 UndoulMtdlv tht mott jus *.rttn tht ill you'll kict in 1932 THE MIRACLE M A N A FABAMOl NT DEAXA --WITH-- SYLVL4 S/DiYEK CHESTER MORRIS EXTRA'--EXCl I S I \ E Picri *f* or wi\mr«TCR s ArrLE BLO«SOM FESTIVAL We carry only standard coals. Their quality cannot be surpassed. Geo. S. Rodock Son Fifth St. »t PB. R. «, Former Llndberch Car Pilot Killed. Co'.ton^ood. Ariz . May 15 --W. A. j Cl.trS. 3d. ar.! Jact Lynch. Los Angeles, i f ) : m c r co-pilot mth Col Charles A i L:::Ss*rgJs. i»ere S.Id today by the fall ! of -I'sir plane in the foothills north of , Cl'-menceaa. Ar:r CMrk was th» crand- i son cJ the Ia:e Sen. Clir'i. Mo::;*nm. CITY OPERA HOUSE Keenly he watched the boy's eyes, j Waring did not mention the fact · not there and would cot b,j any Some new emotion darkened them that Susan was no longer at the' more. Some sickness in the family, for "the Instant. j office. He had learned it himself, she thought. That night Dunbar Yes. Bob said. He'd do that- only that morning. Heath had ex- j made another try and when there Waring was shrewdly silent- | plained rather stiffly that Miss I was no answer rang the bell of the "By the way," blurted Bob. "I;Carey's aunt was ill and she would'nest neighbor. A thin man ia car- don't suppose Miss Carey Is still j not return for some time. If at all.' pet slippers answered the ring, with you. She was married, wasn't j "The old man's keeping some-1 "They're gone away and I don't she?" j thing back." Waring said to him-: know when they'll be back." the Waring did not need to assume!self- After he had given Susan's!man said sourly. Since he Uid not . astonishment. "Married? No. of j address to Dunbar he felt better. I know that Susan came over from j course not. What put that into your j The boy would go to see her and ' the Sliltocs every day to see the ' head?" i everything would be made, right. · fire' he could not give Bob that ray "I was given to nnderstand." Bob I "I've spiked that young lady's ; of hope. said slowly. "Walt a minute--let!guns all right." he muttered, think-i When Susan arrived the next day me think this out. I was certainly j ing of Denise. He looked with dis-! accompanied by Mrs. M:l:on. the told she was going to be married i taste at the girl who had come; older woman said id!y. "Don't you to that orchestra fellow and go to j from the agency to fill Susan's j want to look in the letter box. I place. She was tall and thin with ; honey?'' heard I a pink nose and pale blue eyes' Susan pointed to the heap of mail r \ o \ R\BIO PHONE wo--siew RELIAISLC HU1O SERVICE ROGER F. LIPPS tXPLKT KAUIO SEKMtE. HOUSE WIRING. rlXTrBFS AND Rtr.URS Vo Job Too Small--N»tte Too Large T O M O R R O W At 7.15--9.00 The BULOVA BAGUETTE "MISS AMERICA" The New Nationally Advertised Up-To-r-ate Ladies' Watch 'NOW ON SALE AT McCLEERY'S JEWELRY STORE California." Waring shrugged. Tve nothing about it," he said, "and I j which looked as if she might have don't believe there's a word ot truth i been crying. which was revealed as she pushed _ open the front door. fa it"since she's not the sort of girl! "I'll miss that kid." Waring told "The postman never uses It." to leave without giving notice. Who' Pierson confidentially a few min =be explained. I* she had oniy told you?" he pursued again. iutes later. known \ihat lay behind that small "Honestly. I don't know." Bob ( Bob Danbar. at home, raged aad iron flap said, but involuntarily his gaze i tossed about like a caged lion. 01; (To'Be Continncd) ISSHOITOOE deuce to get hiai. I Four policemen. ' them, were i LEWIS TO BE SPEAKER Birthday Party Given who tried to stop } Sammy Hoke. Jr. son of Dr. and Mrs. S E. Eoke. Adanistown, celebrated his flfth birthday Saturday, by enter:ain- ir.j 54 of his frien-ds at a ia-sn party. Games were playact. Refreshments -vere j Gordon Du:row. Raymond Thomas, i ] · Johnr.te \VsIt. Kober: Gibson. Louis- Sros'.us. Car: Tiioaiaj. Harvy Thomas. · Billy 3ros..ts. Carl Gachan.;er. Thomas ; 1 Carlin. Clyde Thomas, Fred Carlin. Bob , | i Carlin. Charles Carljz THE PEOPLES FINANCE CO. LOANS i| PAY OFF '* YOUR BILLS . . . 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May 16 (Monday)-( ~ remier Suyoshi Inukai died shorty; snort time. efore midnighs- from bulie: wounds in- ; Ail the organizations in icted b- assassin members of the group j are expected to take part in this cele- snii-a-y terronsts. who ^ere respon- · braiioa, and a parade of several miles todgeJf a tbe county ooserre A: a special meeting of county committees, held Thursday night in :he Firemen's building. Wesarcnstsr: the parade eo; i»-as announced as follows: B. Walter dabster, chairman; William F. Bncser. Samuel C. OU. C. Myers, Daniel Thayer. Kenne;h Stunkel. Ralph Bowicgs. George Albe-- Frye. George Stu?. Rayhue Bowings, Bobby Renr.. Billy Renn, John WilLam ymghng. Thomas Davis. _ attacked. Bombs ^ere expIoCed at :he office of i 7- ^^ -*· * Mt - A^ oe Metropolitan. Po'-ice Board, the I tneirs on May 30. ;anfc of Japan. th= iiescquarters cf the vemment party and the hoir.e of ;:;» rl Keeper of Pnvy Seal The assassinated pre:nier. vrto TBS years old, died alnaosc sac hours af- r he Tas she:. \ W*«r the oatba»t of tsrrorisai, a-hica G- Bowers. Sormaa Sauble and Ray- jnaxed a. kBg of poli:i»:! mono Davidson. me chairman re- imes incluilSiig an attack upon the parted the proposed route ot parade e of the emperor fcixseif,' 18 men. j and stated fcs order lo have the parade ch Treannr an armv or narv officers" · njove z 1.30 p m.. it -sin be absolute- _ jiform, surrendered ":o the police. : I? necessary for all tlrose participat-j In the office of tae Metrapojtaa Po- ' ing to be a their designated p'^ace by x B-Dard the bossbers left a hancoill 12:30 o'clock. Eaca district -sm. be I zned "OT the · The Yooag Army and ; headed by a banner and ·rSl form a New Way to Hold False Teeth in Place Do false *»eth ainor vou br cropp'n^ cr sZipp.ns' Jjst spr.nklc 2. -ittle Fastee^n on yojr pZa:es T.I.? nc~ S«« po^acr holds tee:^ Srna a^d co3:'ortab. No sr-:nn:v. pa-'.v j ;e*th Ircrn W.II.arascr. s D--JS S'cre or your ate o: po.: nation's pa: s and education. ar.d -he sov- ~ era! chairman. Merwyn C. Fuss, for the Seli of e; · vice-chairman SioDld be nodfied as to ; tne subjects of the fioats tbat are to BLOOD-TESTED CHICKS Brown and White S- C. Leghorns. 5S-1M. Bar. White and BnfT Rox. Anconas. Bcff aad RIacfc Minorca^. Keds. Golden White and Silver-lLaced Wjandottes. S3 per 100. Jersey Black Giants. Light Brabiaa*. BofT Orpiactnn^. S13 per hundred. Assorted mixed. SS per loo. 11X1 per cent, dflirery caaranteed. 1 to R-week-old chicks. Turkey Ponit^. Jc. Ducklinr?. 20c Free Cataloj Phone Mt. Airy 116 BECK'S HATCHEKT Dept. L. Mt Airy, McL The premier vras sh 3t shot their -?ray -to ihe resi-' si May 30. yayi^^ THROUGH THE COURTESY OF WAKSER BROS. TIVOLI We Will Present A FREE PASS Good For Thursday, May 19, 1932 "Beauty And The Boss FREE WITH THE FIRST FIFTY STEAW HATS PURCHASED FROM The Young Men's Shop Week lyW 31an have found that Lewis R. Dertzbaugh THE RUG STORE MULLJMX * BENTZ 4 EAST PATRICK ST. PHOXE 7SS THE GREATEST BARGAIN OF ALL --INCOME Store Marfc-Donrns occur everyday--But Income opportunities suoh as offered today com? as a rule on;y fw:ce in a generation Monthly Income Investments Not Stock*. Bond- or Incnraoce Write -- Wire -- Call or Phone for Particulars --Xo Oblisation Direct Royalty Sales C o r p . 4 W- CHURCH STREET PHOXE 1543 We Buy, Sell or Trade Securities 35jjfeAa^^afatg^fejSfej!ay^ I I Banking Service on a personal basis *2--MICivrlT MOtt CARTOON' * WITH sorxo j , J .--. -------1 · , I Matinee 2.15. Evcnin? 7.15 and 8.45. 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