The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 1, 1964 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 1, 1964
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

•j?.f' „,,. u.., M>.> i. DM TM f«n RECIPE OF THE WEEK This dressing teams well with many foods By "OLI.1 CU)TK-fM*J «th H»i». «***fty of wratu* * litiN f«r Mf fimlly, * nwtMr of •>* MtlMd *M •** b*M »»ll*«l t< •forid* eMM Mr*, R v*« llmoM »lcM X»«" afa lk*t Mr*. Cor* IM w*it PMMI MH* i i e *MU Air* c*Mir •! if t ww. TWr*» of h*r *n »•' -ii df*« **r* (MB MIII it **«-•* »l f*N | *Mi1d miiwir > km* iM ihr**ehiMr»n tf»i »i * Mm* tint*, *irn i ll»n,i, • MM. "BMMtM HMMRlty, •' ' i tore* timily *«d my Incline I «*«• M*t ftttod m« tor likiRft ir* of yuwdtom. V<HI i.j»« to IIM ehlMr-tl lu «<• II, ar»! I t*n4t morwm l in lb»p«lt »B*» in** torn* l« fMNd to «»fW.ltf«- «Mto*d df biqrtai 10 hid* . nick frl*w»« lit hnipMal* or *M*rlr «r* «i«»ri too >h<irl tn* I'm >lw>r* |l«d b> »«» Moadiir m-ifBIBH »(*)«," •h* eoflvn*M*<l. mmrt (rf Mr lit* p*r*M« at la l*» el*Mt- •r tm o»* o* hm t»W»* wfcWh win M*t II yoMt elurt** it • Urn* for **ilM. Another room o«Mtln* fl«* Mfay «r*». All <T»«ttMNom*, •M hie muiiHtod t*y eutoutt •Ad fl|WM Of MllMU Md «HHtM Mr***r*«rowm. M, to M • «M« job MM. Clty«omm«aiJ. li tito*«< u OM of !!• inttii room* Cotorful utrMiMft dMorato C*r* C*nt*r i« Hr«««««i r>.r; •klUrMi *n1 u tmuliy inn i frflir >fi<iN>i RllMl, "Illi *n jVCfMI Of «rmmd IS>. liul it in TM Ilriot^ort ri«Wmf>*t if lh» Dm* *1M* irttrtlWt MT ehiM etr* ««*ir. "I h§v» t**ft M taattrt vttfc Z57 bmlll*! d«fl(H til* P*M jrtir," th* r*(»rt». mw r*ffl*flii*r* (hii It *M IHurl Olo«*r, TM Mr*. PrMMf eoM«*r« •»»r, who *nM h*r UMt *d which h*« l** •t N *r* r***rv*<l t'>r church •§»• tot IM* tlilllnf III* ill ind Irw ' *ld*rir. THI* li lh» unly Urn* of lh» «**fe *h* In M invulv*d in tM M*d« 'if l>iht»« ind pr»- •chiKil children. Mr*. Pullw.T u » m»ml»r of III* Clut« Churrh of Chlrirt k* M* t*H|M la th* Th» «hlMr*a il» AM e*r*4 for rani into tt» UtovMttte- •h* r*t»ri* Uu» »h*fr**i«lly Ini** Uwm b>th*pl*>ll«MMOl •y*l*m. "My nar**ry Mtoot procram follows • ptttorn M •dMilion l« not U* prim* IHI>IMII-| would Ilk* to »l*lt oth*r *«r**rx *ehoolt M IM •r*i but Mwr •MrtfltMM*. llvwl thw* tajflM whit* trowuc up i*d WM munrtod th*r*. 8h* M* llwd to Glut* tor at jwtr^hMtvtr^MdhM notod miny lmpror»m*nU to tb* city derlf* Uwttlm*. only OM eWW, rrtd, 16, r*milM it MOM now. ittr otn*r ohlktrM tr* Mr*. John (friMM) wldtor of rrwporl, Mr*. R«b*H (N«tM) M«Ui of ciut«, Mr*. RoMrt (Mm) H*nd«r*on ol 0*rmany whir* Mr hypbMd will M In In* ••rvla* until l*»7j John prillwr, ilBfto, IB IM *»or*t Mrvto* I* itiiyi ind Mr*. K«llh (Irli)BpMdof n-Mport. Mr*. PrilMr tdmlU Utit Uwr* w*r* tlm**, wbw tb* yowtitor* w*w littl*, tMt MTftac, WMft IM _ . ^<^ firm*r MMO! of twoem*** tot eo«M,, U«o. MM* to Mf la tM *MH care •ntor, *!*», CM My*, "t teMT* to UMMiypro- STini fetal«(Mr*** *boet40 MIM of latu-MtlnB* to f»t- tow. Twto* a rear lasMlas refslMUattoa *MJy of |M eeator by tts Mato tiaeasttt R r**4 U pirt, "I *m MT* ttowcri* UnprMMd wttn yo*r pro«r*ffl of uUvHto*. vaur WtYMtt ft* Kid to** of ehlU 4rM MmM ttrovgh tend ud MM. PrrtMr Mto mow* VMjMitt tor M» drMttof Mtf MfPMM MM* rMlBM wftHJl MW *MM* with f**U r**d- •**. M* M* wortod oat tto> arM*i*c rMip* down to IM public bcfurss on 'Su family 1 sponsored by mi UKI JACMKW - A*M*t* •to BfBMfier at Ctttoi Mi •VMUty at tt» (MfffMtr of OMcW* OtttMy Mlml, Dr. •Otewa WWW, I»B*MI *pon- •end by Uk* ja*Mvamttl*« or. INF tt* ***** H esteMltMSf ptrlMfttM, M*f D*t»M«* "triiai** taut tar Hfwes to relate cwi*H«aity to tt» tat**tri*lud mttoni «*» of ...... w rf ;.-<i jt*-. .i*Tia..-Ai - t oa Moediy SB* TM*diy, it • fern. o>. ww*r u * MttoMiiy i, m«r» u the fl*U ol tMotofUti MtooUtorteyntM. m U DM ittHwr ol "ft* CsBttftlr of M* by M*ldMt * **HM»Mwoa- iflp 1VMB *M^9 1lS|l|Hlfittf 10 b§ (OoMtMHd on MCI 1) DR. OflMON WMTBH Toflv*lMtWM (Witt UN wbtitto «t**w Pitton* ia rsntltr Ufc"), ttd "TM NtW Cntttofl A* Me* tropoli*." imv****** After swrvtoeia world w*jf n u * M«l «h^lHB, or. wiator r*t*Md to nmfd Uainetsttr to ear* • Pti. D. d*STM to th* Men of swill Million*. t»r. wuter •« (Mtk «• "OpportoBtttoa We mw tor Ministoriac to OM Aaotter." TM eoatoxt of M* MbJMt ffl*t*nil will M tM modwa •merttat p*ttorM of family tit* tad ttawrtwa ttflaf. TM pefelle teettr* I* b*U|t •powered by tik* Jicuon th* rtitaialerajjr MM* graft* (Ml tM Iff •» fie of «*Mrti taiWesViM M. vtfdiat wd MttMl tTfltoci •bo.HMd, TwMfeltei.ta. CHOICE ASSBMilY «f GOD in E. w. H*MM*,Jaassr tout** e B. M*iMe SAPT1ST MM. CORA PRATIIBIfS IIOMK lifnr- •d lu "chlW-IU*." 8h* lu* n.nunUdcirt- out*, fifttTM of inlm*U anl nurMry rhjfrtif ch*,rt*r» jlU OMf^lh* Imut*. TM* Urt* pbynouM oeeupWf OM eonwr of th* miin room, tod colorful *tr*im*r« d*oorito MllUc ir*u. 111 How You Benefit From Our Contu(;t Lens Experience •^ ts-VWIi Mflle'e MMeW Science has made great strides in the tloMgn, proceis- ing and fitting ol CONTACT LENSES. Ycl, they are made better by tome laboratories and fitted bettor by tome practitioners . . . thou who have kept abrentt-ot improved technique* and procedure* by way of RESEARCH and EXPERIENCE, • Some have only recently begun to fit contact lento*, becauH to many pec- pie now want them. Most of these practitioners are using the latest fitting procedures in an effort to bring about perfection. But the proper fitting of contact lenses is aidad greatly by knowledge acquired through persistent RESEARCH and EXPERIENCE,« TEXAS STATE OPTICAL hM tucceisfully fitted many thou* sandi of patients with contact lenses. These are produced in our own contact tens laboratory where improvements in design and processing have been effected through RESEARCH and EXPERIENCE, f* S. The practical application of this vast EXPERIENCE pro- vldes you with EXTRA ASSURANCE of PRECISION-FITTED CONTACT LENSES. • Because we produce contact lenses in our own laboratefy, our cost It greatly reduced. As a result, T S 0 patients get the benefit of a most reasonable price for contact lenses of unsurpassed quality. • Combine EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, and COMPETENCE with LOW COST and CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMS and you will realize how smart it is to consult a DOCTOR OF OPTOMETRV at T80 about CONTACT LENSES for YOU. Finest quality, precision-fitted TSO CONTACT LENSES are ONLY fell complete with examination. BIFOCAL CONTACT LENSES ARC ALSO AVAILABLE AT REASONABLE COST. There eve no finer CONTACT LENSES AVAILABLE ANYWHERE AT ANY PRICE. The good thing about the seasons is that all we have to do is wait. riTe may not like the weather we have now, but something different will come soon. We experience a'great variety of weather in a dozen months. It's a great consolation to have this mighty spectacle of spring and autumn, sun and rain, day and night continually unfold around us. It's the dependable rhythm of nature, the ebb and flow of seasons, the beauty of earth and sky, which give our lives a firm ground tone. But Christianity is not a nature religion. It finds the revelation of God to nature alone buteven more to human personality — our own, aa the 'children of God, and supremely to Jesus aa the Son of God. That is why it is necessary for us to become an important part of His Church. We can got in the mood to understand the presence of God when we experience the quietness of the woodlands or hear waves breaking against the cliffs, or look heavenward at the billowing clouds. But, it is not enough to get to a mood. We must, join to the communion and fellowship of other believers to order to obtain our purpose and faith. Come, Jet us go into the House of the Lord fc , BuniUy ttramdfijr KpM*Un* •i*U 10:19-15 ttl-10 TWilU9$TIATII mSUM aUM NSSHtl If TBISIIUSINISI fllatt... N*not mN c i»w. Bf >. BB 9-S40) rrM IMsfOIT l« COBMiT UUVsUVBIOBCWTsl 'lotekem TTfex A** ShrATB O»*"ri«aA,L. CVTJISU 1AM tf COaMUKT CHURCH «f CHWST «M,W*y*trM»M CliflWi nefftMl •M*M>*^V CHURCH of GOD .JJfWM N-w CHURCH of Tht MAZARINE M* "•*** Chircli ol JEWS CHRIST off UTTER DAY SAINTS Lake Jackson ' Azalea at Elm R*v.C.A.B*ll*y.f BronCn rrVS, WSCOPAL Otalsi IKtatf A^Nivw CMett'"Blk * *"un™AhT Urito A. P. C*rf»**. *MMt vU WeMt jy»*i'^ rt^NpMiH*^ •~ sjBjpgf'if*, •••••IM) eTVeWaT ' METHODIST ju2T& e*i«*Vi i5S*» < *^S±tS" UPeJIJaPiP^Mll P»W^ PftNTICOSTAL SIVtMTHDAY ^aShM^BMMMMM Js^*nleflin*SsT "' ^P^^^PW^W^^W^^^^P- K

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