The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 8, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 8, 1934
Page 7
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•UMMY. JUT «. 1M4. Union Head Speaks Here National President to Dis- CUM Farm Problems Wednesday Night 3 J. R. Emerson, national president of Hie Farmers educational and Cooperative Union, will sr»eak foere Wednesday night. July II. according to an announcement Saturday night by J. A. Ptslfcs. • Mr. Fulks said That Mr. Emerson comes directly from Washington, IX C« where he has been "working -with congressional delegates for farm legislation. The sj>ealcer TviU discuss farm problems in genera! -in.;l i"v~?r-j the public to attend the meeting. A reception committee for Mr. Emerson, has been appointed in- Deluding representatives of Red River. Pannin. Delta and I*amar counties. The Red River county representatives include Dr. C- L. Lunsford. .John Peterson, Macklln Atkinson. J. T. Mahon and George "Wrigrht. Fannin county will be represented by J. E. Pearson. A. L- TFheeler and Jack "Wood. TT. J. X«emons.. J-.'W. Russell and John Boyd wit! represent Delta county ind Lamar county will be repres- snted by James "WV BJard. W. p. Foxing. S- EL Keiinemer. Joe Pollard, R. A. Crawford, O. X. Gools- oy.-Robert Arthur and R- J. Ellis'. PAGCJBfCM MRS. INSULL BACK IN AMERICA MARKETS At A Glance Court**? XJBW f <MK* COTTON Jan. Maircfa May . JoSv Oet I>«c .12-31 J2.24 1I.3S 12-2* 13.4» 12.SS 11.33 12.34 ' 1Z.1* ..12.25 . 12.17 12.19 COTTON . Clos* Hl«h lx>» Clom» Jits. 12,27 12,2* !S-2& 12.2* March 12.35 12.S* 12.33 12,33 May 12.46 13.4S 12.41 12.42 July 1K»0 12.32 12.7* 12.4* Oct ..........12.97 12.9S 12,O« 12.M I>ec ....12.22 12.20 12.15 12.13 CHICAGO Ci*AJLN Prev_ Cloas Hixh Ijo» CIO** Sept Cor Sept. J>ec. July •Sept. 31 SS«- S7 5S S7 ...* .69 41% 4=% 41* 4±«i , 4=* 43S. 4±ti 4S* 4«% 44«i 44 44»i July . Sept. l>«c. Youth Kitted In Car Crash IDABBJU Okla.—The funeral of Woodrow Wilson. 19 year old Broken Bow youth, killed Thars- ; day afternoon in an automobile | collision was> held Friday after- ! noon at 1'ashaw church near! Broken Bow by the Rev. William j Pocloak of Gold**. | The youth's neck wa« broken , when the car in which lie was rid- | ins with M» brotfeer. Jolin Wilson, |' swerved in loose sravel east of j Broken Bow and collided •with an ._ automobile occupied by Mrs. J. A,; Beavers and Mis. V.«W. Cobb. both \ of Broken Bow. The Wilsons* car • ov«rtBraed bat Jobs Wilson and the two women escaped serious injury. f Wilson is survived by his parents " Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wilson of ' Broken Bow. and five sisters, be- s side his biother. I ANTLERS PERSONAL » «** ' Jafcel ^Oson has re«urn«dL t** OJt- :2ahoma . city ^^ a visit - JR. K. Cooper. ANTLERS- Okla. — Misses Hlsie _ . and Catherine Harris, and Miss! Clyd<? Less!* Cozhran left Saturday for retat«v Chicago to attend the Worlds Fair, County Asent George Inues. J. A. Holt, F- C. Amend, C- E. and Miss Bess Rae Alexander were j TO COXSOJLERS TVater bills musi be pai^ oa «r in Durant at a district meeting of cotton acreage reduction commit- j ->efore May lOtls in order to «eur» t®*- I the 10 per cent disconat. Bill Silverman leaves Sunday for I SUPERIXTEXDENT OF "WATEB. a. two weeks vacation trip in Mia- i WOHKS .. pt. ........... «5*i SS «»% SS% c. -*.--- ....... «» 6S *7% *7% Horn* owners loan 4 per cent bonfis bonds 101.22 per e*st Stock Market Moves Slow t JWrs. Samuel ia*uil. WIT* of th« d«pos«a utiJities ruay.'-sts who | ta««c trial in Chicago, w «hown a* «h* was greeted at New York by \ h«r »on. Samu«i Insult, Jr. Mr«. Insult,' who had been abroad nearly ;. two y*ar*. *xprened confidence her husband wouid be vindicated. i dated Prew Photo) . TORK- (3=) — Trading !n stocks continued Saturday at about the slotcest pace in a decade ind prices,, In consequence, underwent little cfeausre- Bettceen the heat, and the absence of stimulating news, the share market had no appeal for speculations. Attendance in TTall street "was unusually smalL even ±or a. July week-end. Turnover on the stock exchange •was only 1S2.050 shares, the ?rnall- «st Saturday volume since August 11, 1S2S. the day after the ex- 'chajifre had been closed for the £tmeral of Presidenr Hard in ST. Share prices continued to ti^ox-e in their recent narrow». The Standard Statistics Co. average for SO stocks eased off two-tenths of a IJtJint to 7S.5. Iu other financial markets, a, tendency to zrsark time and wait developments remain^n in e\-l- .dea'ce. "Bonds he!«3 steady, with XT. S. treasury obiifiraticris shoeing fur- th*ri~ .strefigih and on co-rrsniodity exrh»njr*>» oi>«n at the week-end TjKjv«tnents were narrow in A f**vr preferred scored gain^ rsnyisg ast sts 5 p-oiats but fractional up *' n< ! do-s-'n •were the rule as iradins: plodded nlons. Wfeeai^ sagged 1-5 to &-K cents a bushel, Otfcer grains eased with it, Cotton had a farther loss? of 20 to 35 cents a bale on additional rain in the cotton belt. Bar silver re- ttrrn-d to Its 1934 high, 46 3-4 cents *tn ottnce, cp 1—4. Silver furores and markets -were closed. Cotton Mart Trades Down ' ORI>SANS. (5*j— Cotton wa*> moderately active in Saturday's short "week end session. A sharp drop in Liverpool cables and private reports of showers in the western drouth section was responsible for an early decline of 7 to 12 points. The -weather map. however, failed to show any ra.lrus of consequence and prices recovered 5 to S points but lost some of this rally in the final trading:. The c!o!=e was steady at net declines of 1 to S points. The opening was easier owins to ihe lower Liverpool cables, and reports of Texas rains. First trades showed declines of 12 points on July due to liquidation in t*iu.t option and net declines of 5 points on later posiuon^. Faiiurr- of th«? weather map ro substantiate -^ e rain reports caused October to trade up ar.d I>ec*mber to 12.20. 6 points up from the 3ows. of thts recovery tras 3o«t Lh,e ers-d v.n -vsreek end., liquid a- Octobe- closed at 12.0-i. 3 point;* net for the day HTI-! •er csosed at 12-1?. aifo S n-et down. July closed at iown § points net_ ! 1^ to or to NOT1CK TO WATKK COXSU^tERS "Water bilis must be ps.i<3 on or before May 10th in order to secure the 10 i>er C'PTST. <3iscoe?st. SXJFEKIKT.ENT5ENT OF WATER WORKS Now You Can Get Genuine Gloverized FOR MEN'S SUITS AND LADIES* PLAIN DRESSES New Reduced Prices Effective MONDAY! Beginning tomorrov/. you can have your clothes clean- ed'and pressed the "Gloverired" way for the same price vo j pay for ordinary cleaning. This is the lam- «"*u5 continuous flow system, vlrerc dean fluid is con- 5{;',nti>. gently nmninjj; through your clothes. Cleaning Them tho-ou^h!y .... no zrn , . . . jrrimc or dir. i5 left u-hcn this famous method is used. Have your clothes cleaned often at these low prices .... they'll wear lorjier, and you'll profit in the IOH.C: run! Cat! U5. we call and deliver PROMPTLY! PHONES 32 AND 33 Wheat Prices Fall Saturday CHICAGO, (JP) — Disturbed by by doubts as to the probable import of the government's forthcoming monthly crop forecast, wheat values underwent late downznms Saturday. A disposition amony most wheat traders became evident to keep near to shore pending issuance of the official report due next Tuesday, especially as a slight improvement of crop conditions northwest was noted by an authoritative private summary made public " Saturday. Earlier, the wheat market displayed something- of an upward tendency, influenced by statements from a leading trade expert that commodities—food commodities in, particular—were now selling upon a.u inx-estment basis, and that wheat prices computed in terms of gold •were approximately no higher at present than during the ba^rk moratorium in itarch .1^33. TVheat closed unsettled near the day's bottom level, 1-S to S-4 under Friday's finish, com 1-S to 5-S down, oats 1-2 decline to 1-S advance, and provisions 2 cests to 1« cen ts up. Coru and oats receded late with wheat. Rains in parts of Iowa and other states had some bearish effect. - - - : Provisions advanced owning more or less to scarcity ' of offerings- Packers were bcyers of lard futures. * Livestock i The Rev. John F. O'Harz, C. S. 1 C., is the new president of the University of Notr* Darns, succeeding the Iste Very Rev. Charles l_ O'DonrseH. (Associated press Photo) Rogers (Continued Frotrt Pace -~>nei buy hiin. The trainer with him •nrasent the ovvr»?r. but knowing r.or&tnfi: at*oat what in the world the dog: ?n;§rht cost, or any other dojr, I finally ivcrke-i up couragre and gr^neros'.ty ersousrh to say to him. "Say te-l your boss I vrill yive him 100 dollars for this o!<5 dotr." "^>13 I j*:st figured that I I had the dog. aj:d had just f i is 50 or 75 dollars fc-r sc-o f are. The trainer kinder grinned I and said —EVell I do^bt if you | g«t him "Will, The <5og: ^ecs ISO I a -sire^k," Wei! I kne 1 ^ I couldent | afford to pay him thai if I had S h!n^. ElspeciaUy just to "w^alk I around and be rcp«d at. Then to- I day I ?** sorne hogs along: the o5d s;de-«Ti!k. Yoii rent thetn, color, any breed. They aint I trained ranch, only liist to root j *nd- jrrant, and look life* a hog-. { Th»r«s the old Southern Court ! Hous* Trjth its bis: pillars, fron?- | ins o«r on th* park, or square, I with the Confederate Monument I in it. -ir.d th«» cannoTi and cannon I ba'.ls p?!ed *TS. each corner of the | park. Now all this has be*?n pt:t I there, not & speck of it is reaJ. I Its a!I been made lust for th« ] picture. Th* trew. srreat fcic ones, have been transplanted. Tet -when Thfs picture is finished and srone. this sa-trs* 1 sf><>t may be the Bowery in Xeis- York, or the whole acres t of this space tak*n up with a.i* i ic^b^r^ or an ocean with a Hncr | on «. j Yesterday I Trork«d at a beautiful old srav© yard sc«-t>e. willow tress, old un trimmed rambling rosr bushes, ta!I uncut jrrass, all urcr: a little raised mound. And where do you think it was? A!! "Mjide" on the inside of on«? of [ the great stsire*. And it waji j some:hinsr that j-ou couldent iTn- i aptne HOT b^sns: real when yo« • looked at it. I Thrr-s 1 * s«~t*r!!c arJjsts arc niarvel- f>*-is. They and th* ih.'.t tlu* h^yjTK'Jw hay wnoivn. Aciir.s: is jui«t a«i bad. and s*> is ttir sTor 1 .*-?-. But th? mechanics have improved. Xo^' I hav>- tr> K<?t up and run ovrr and march ajcatn, for we w-ili I have to take this parade sc«?n«» a i doren time*, and a dos*n differ- t>nt way* tor angles'*. Bat there I is jM>m*lhins ftbout marchJns: to | "t>ixip" that yox> never jret tJre'd. \X"hsu wonderful old ,ton'to «i>f the.** extras arv around hor<" In their uniform*. 1 ATII tb<p l«»st i**Jtl took in s one in the whol* mob, TJttl*^ Henry WaUliall, that pr*»l nelor. looks* *v*ry Inch the ex Cb*pl«ln, M-any an ^s fowboj is marvbtjvs' in th«»«« tinlfftrtt 1 ** fc^d »{*«>$: <>t.!»«•»*» that «i*e not tu the »cen«» tha^ brought th* WORTH. -(iP»—(U- S. D. A.)—Hogs §00: truck hops steady: top to packers 4.TQ; better grades 175 to 275 potrnd truck ho^s 4.60 to 4--70: tmderweig'fets 3.75 to 4.55: packing sows 5.25 to 4.00. steady. Cattle 606 including: S±7 ^ovemnaent: calves 200 including 1 1'JO government: nominal. For week: slaughter steers yearlings and other classes slaughter caitle mostly steady; stockers aad feeders tending weak to lower: slaughter calves strong to 25 higher. Bulk prices: grood to choice fed steers 5.DO to 7.S5: grassers 3.25 to 4.75: good to choice fed yearlings 5.50 :o 6.00: butcher cows 2.00 to 2.50: sausage bulls 1.50 to 2.90: weight steer calves 2.75 to 3.7s. Sfeeej> 300: nominal. For week: fat yearilsgs stros^ to 25c hiirner: other classes steady; medium to good fat lambs mostly 6.00 to 7.00; fat yearlings 3.75 to 5.00: 2-year old wethers mostly 3.00: aged fat wethers 2.25 to 2-75: feeder yearlings 3.00 to 3.25. TO BID ON HUGO POSTOFF1CE HUGO. Okla. — Hugh Johnson postmaster h&s been notified bids on The sites for a rse-w postoffic? b'jildms; for Huco will be- opened ir. his office July 2S. YT, E. Reynolds, assistant director of the pnblic works division of th« United States treasury, recently announced th*t art aJIocation of JSS.vOO had made for the purchase of a stt* and construction cf m. post-office- building *a Tex (^-. — Polly Phelps broke, up s. IP-inninj: pitcher's dael between 'Bo^ Johnson of the Jacksonville Jax and Ralph TCes"? of the Henderson Oilers Saturday vrith a. triple down ih* first base line which pave th* Oilers a * to 0 victory. Henderson 0^0 000 000 r—2 S I Jack. 0&0 000 00? 0—0 S T DRASTIC PRICE REDUCTIONS UP TO BRING CHEVROLET to the record low price of NEW REDUCED PRICES Nt» Reduc«<i Amount of Reduction STANDARD MODELS Sport Roadster ............... $465 $25 Coach ....................... 495 25 Coupe ....................... 485 25 MASTER MODELS Sport Roadster ............... 540 35 Coach . . . .. ................... 580 35 Town Sedan ................. 615 30 Sedan ..................... -. „ 640 35 Coupe ....................... 560 35 Sport Coupe ................. 600 35 Sedan Delivery ............... 600 45 COMMERCIAL CARS Commercial Chassis ......... 355 30 Utility Long Chassis ......... 515 50 Dual Long Chassis ........... 535 50 Utility Chassis and Cab ...... 575 50 Dual Chassis and Cab ........ 595 50 Utility Long Chassis and Cab . 605 50 Dual Long Chassis and Cab . . 625 50 Commercial Panel ........... 575 35 Special Commercial Panel ____ 595 35 Utility Panel ...... . .......... 750 50 Dual Cab and Stake Body ____ 6SO 50 Dual Long Cab and Stake Body ................ . ..... 740 50 r cars m.i fKrmp*T3, »pjtr» i£r» *rw? lire Jocjt, rr» list prase Mod*l9 i* $18 *ddztxxi*l; .M**rer Models, $20 jtddf pric«* of coinmercMiI csrs Special wyxbiprrjerj : exrra. Prices *uZ>y«cf to change TTOtic*. Gorrv«n» Cftevro/*r : '* lo*^ cJe2f*»zwef price* G J& ^4_C. term*. j4 G AND UP, F. O. B. FLINT, MICH. Chevrolet armonacecL price reductions several weeks ago, some- «r important liappened - . . sometliiiis of Tital con- to every buyer of a low-prieecL car: Chevrolet stepped into the most f&voro&le price position, it bos enjoyed in a Ions timel Reactions aiaountit?g to as nroclx as $50— the most s&B- ftxsndfd pride csits announced in the low-price jield this year —dropped Chevrolet's base price to a new low figure of $465. Just compare rb?s> price—compare airy' Chevrolet price—with those of other cars. Then .compare •what vou get for what von pay! There'll be no question in voor mind which car to buy, once you do. .Chevrolet offers patented Knee-Action—and others do not! Chevrolet alone has a Fisher body! And the same thins applies to cable-controlled brakes, 1T-S. frame, shock-proof steerius, and SO-horsepower. vaive-m-head. KX-cvEnder eixEJoe- Chevrolet gives you far more features— far finer qualitv— afar better name for dependability. Yet the pric» of the Chevrolet Standard is lower than that of any other six or, of course, any eight in the world. CHEVROLET MOTOR CO., DETROIT, MICH LAMAR CHEVROLET COMPANY 62 Sooth Main Str««t, Paris, Texas horses over, they fix ev*rythins ready for the actors ;o drive *m Jn. and in caste of * runaway, watch them "Pick rm up." "We lay around under the shade here when not "Shooting" ar.d talk o«d Jimc vaudeville with some of em. Shean of Galis^r and Shcan is vlsiiins: the • < Set > " and lots of o?d timers amonj:: these hundreds of people, or I mijrht roll over under the shade of ch* next tree and talk "Ca?f Koplnst" 10 som« boys that have made Ch«yenn«. or P*ndl«ton, atray back when they were wild. There iroe* that fife and drum corps with IMxi*. you just got to pet op uric' march, even if ther* was^n! any camera. Picture, making is a "Nutty" business but its fasci- There* Jack Ford our ktddlnjg. but terribly competent director yelling. "See if 1 you cau jret Rogers x>n th* set." | The band is pfayinp Dixie. , I By McNawshtj Inc.) i. New Low Chevrolet Prices DELIVERED IN PARIS Sport Roadster $5S6,25 Coach 617.00 Coupe ........................... 606. 1 5 Ask For a Demonstration COMMERCIAL CARS Dual Chassis *x*d Cab . 749.30 Dual Lonj Chassis and Cab . - 7S3.6O Pick-up 381,25 MASTER MODELS Coach 719.90 Sedan 7S1.25 . 699.40 Drive The New CHEVROLET only 5 Miles

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