The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 2, 1918 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 2, 1918
Page 5
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PAGE Fashion Headquarters New Styles Popular Prices 'Quality Tells- 1 -. iMcc Sells" The New Store .112 N.Moin Riverside Park TONIGHT The Bobby Barker Musical Comedy Co. v of 20 People in "A Wise Woman" Annual School Children's Treat Next Friday All school children will be admitted free, no matter where they reside, '•' Free Show. Old Settler's Picnic Sept 10th. i Bring in Your OLD FELT HAT We'll make it look like new 4 South Main Phone 1011 ,i <y »tt>o(ltKti . .'.Mushowslrt ,,.,>... Pauro .,Ironed vailo i-, Chopin .,,, .Cliop'n Chopin .......Chopin . .'.FnirohIM ;.tiR I-'orua, WTion canning corn do not cut the grains too close to tho cob, but after tho corn is off the cob scrape tho cob with tub back of the knife. By this means you get alt the grain, but none of the liar.d cob with the corn. Soda-fountain straws, will bo found valuable on camping trips—used instead of drinking cups. k mtmleat 6»ont Mlcii MIL ho tit touch Interest to many In A recital to bo given Jdltttly by .Mrs. Richard Hall ana Alt.. Archie Bailey tonight at the Mist Christian 1 Church. There will *«e fid admission eharge, the recital aim- l)ly being the response totnany re- queirtii from friends locally to have the privilege of hearing these Hutch- ftison' nftlsls before Mr. flalloy resumes his work as Dean of the School! bt Fine Arts itl'InWA Stata -. College, and everybody 18 Invito!. The program'to be given la as follows: • 1 Where'er You Walk (SomlleJ .'i. .HnndPl TloilcJf and Arms (Sarnnon) LivHaudci Mr. tlnlley B-'Mnrchft Mlgnonnp tin Antoinno . -i ..Impromptu— f inlnur .. ••••-•••v. .-• Mrs. Mall S'lPKJlOgueKPogiittcci) ... •'. ; l - -,'.'.•' Mr. Bnlle}- •I Two Rtudrn Value Ahdtthte Splnn-tti ....... rolotmlse Brlilnnti! ..... ..MM. llnll 6 Memory .-. ........ • 'UPtreat .............;. 'When I Am'bead"My Uearest .;....;•....,'........'.. Homwskl litvtctoa >• ....BIUIY iinhn .Mr. rialloy * <?• <i> - '., Mrs. i-oulfle Elliep'hard', who han sold her home and who intends to leave hero soon for Tulsa, Oklahoma, was plear.anlly surprised yesterday at noon by a party of relatives and Mends, who brought a brisket dinner with them and spent-the day, The flirty fonslsted of Mrs. Loiilsu Shop- hard, Mr. and Mrs. H.T. Shephard, Mr, nnd Mrs. J. M. Shephard, Mr; and Mrs. l'\ B. Shephnrd and* daughters," Miss Sarah gliephorri \ttd Miss tde'ne Shopliard, Mr.'and Mrs. ,); W. Blnn- pled and daughter, Miss Mildred Uniiplrd, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Camp and claufthter, Miss Janice damp, and Mr, Llcyd Shephard. ' '".•"" '..''»• .' l.nst,Thursday evening n't the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. U. McLaughlin occurred the'marriage., of their cjilest daughter, Freldn; to Mr. l^e Hoy Ter; rill of'Tartrldgo. The ceremony was performed by Rev, 0. O, floss, The br '.df is a former Partridge young woman and h:is lived here only a few years but hasi made a host of friends who wish, her and her . husband a happy wedded life. The groom is a prosperous young farmer living near Partridge and leaves this week to enter the service. <§>«•* Mrs. E. B. Piiyne gave a birthday party Inst Saturday afternoon celc- brntlng her laughter, Nell's Islxtji birthday. The afleruoou was spent In games, after which a delicious lunch was Berved to the following little guests: Margaret Hamey, Julia Rayl, Margaret Clark, Hazel Ashley, Marjorlc Rayl, Clora Rayl, Alice ChriBWell, Forest Dibs, Edwin Payne and Joe Webber. <$ <$> <8> Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Preble entertained at dinner yesterday. The guests were'Mrs. UK. Pentz and daughter, Miss! • 'Ruth. Pentz,"Mary LandiB and Calvlh'l-andis of Kansas City, and Paul Nobel anil children, Alfreda, Consiauce,and Malcolm. . .'. . ; ..- ,. '. <?> S> 4> ' "' ' .- . Mr. and Mrs. A. B, Asher entertain? ed at dinner yesterday for the following guests: Rev. and Mrs. Harvey Baker Smith and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tinder and son, •CharleB, of Wichita, and Mrs. Ernest Dlckerson, of Wichita. 4> <$> Sergt. and Mrs. Joe McCandless have returned from a week's visit at their ranch near Stafford. Sergt. McCandless left this morning for Camp Taylor, Kentucky, whore he has been transferred to the field artillery. • <«> «• <8> Mr. and Mrs. IT. C. Troupe of. Wichita, aro here visiting with Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Line and Miss Bjun Wood, and will return homo today, accompanied by Mlsa Ruth Wood, Miss Ruth Stratton and Miss Mary Illnnen- way. '• Mr. and Mrs. J. C. P*tro add Mr. \YANKEE. FIGHTERS GET "GOODIES" AS THEY LEAVE FOR THE TRENCHES NT l''rem tho tnotptnt he sub foot f^i American tighter'* wantoiw looked pSiwp by various. orSVWMPonB besides the govern. WatJlMtfi Tbia Amwcan official photo shows Miss Mary Wither*; of th» American Red Cross hand-! in* owt eigsreti «nd ehQcolate h»r»| to-«ur bvyii who ate on Um wajl O. P, Wright teturhtd Saturday night by motor from Detroit, Michigan, where Mr. and .Mrs.. r"etro ha*e been for several ditys, \lr. Wright has been in Now York. <?> # * Mr. and Mrs. A, M. Jewell enter- tnlned rtt h oho O'clock luncheon today for Miss Maxlno Brnchear and Miss Margaret Batise. Carden flow- era were used tor table atid house detoratious. Miss Carrie Riddle and Miss Josephine Itlddleaf Houlder, Colorado, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. It. W. Chase on Ihelr way homo from Qulncy, I.H.. wherethey have been visiting several weeks. <^ /£v <3> ... •Mr. nnd Mrs. Bert Clambol and daughter of lSl.ttorndo, who have been here visiting Mr. and Mrs, H. M. Gambol, lett yesterday tor Philadelphia, where they will- make their holme. Mr.-and-Mrs. George Fcndley en- tcrlnlned at dinner yesterday, Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Mull, Mr. and M IB. J. C. McCandless and ScrgC and Mrs. Jotf McCandlesJB. . «> Mrs. Frank. Parrln and -daughter, Doris, of Fort Wayne, <;lndan,i, are here for a week's visit at the heme of Mr. aiid Mrs. Thomas Snr("i of Avenue IS east. _ v ' • <8> '•$> llrs. Knihia St'cKltlrlck nnd Utile, daughter, Mary Mnrgnrot, returned Inst uight from a three weekB' visit to Nowata and Nowkirk, Okla., and at Wichita. * <£> «> • Dr. and Mrs. J. 0. Grage left today • for Chicago-, 111,, where they will spend several months while the doctor Is taking. a post graduate course. - * • * Nr. and Mrs. R. A, Lindenberger of Marion aro the guests for a tew days of Mr. nnd Mrs. Chester Macs and Mr. and Mrs. A'. K. Duvall. Mr. and Mrs. : Lakain iS'troud. and son John Lakain, of Newton, are vls- : Ring Mr. Stroud's sister, Mrs. Preston Jenkins and Mr. Jenkins. <j. <$• ^> • Miss KCfle Crotts left Saturday evening for Manchester, Oklahoma, where she will be the guest of friends for a few days. ... <S> 4> <2> Mr. and Mrs. Wllliajn G. Falrchlld, who huvo beeu In Colorado for the last month, returned Saturday night. Miss Zulu Chase left yesterday for Kansas City, where she will teach lu the Manual Training High school. c • • • • Miss Elsie Shaw will return this evening from Wlntleld where she has been-spending the week end. »«>•$> ,;'... Miss N.lra. Webster and-Miss Margaret Baer of Wtchita are here tor a few daxs' visit, with relatives. - >•>;>• • -i Mrs. L. Mooro and. daughter, Mrs. Edith Grimes, will go to Wichita today to visit with friends. > «• • Miss Emma Braeder has returned from a three; months' trip at various points in Colorado.. . , '.• * * Miss Mabel Hawkins has returned from a several weeks' trip in Colo-" rudo and Wyoming. Tho regular Country Club dance will be given. tomorrow evening at. the Country Club. • ••• Miss Bonnio Butler of Stafford was here yesterday the guest of Mrs. Slellu Gordon. > * * Mr. Homer G-. Prook is visiting with his mother for a few days at Wellington, . , -•, • * 4> <9> . Miss Fannie Holloway of -LaCrosse, is hero for a few days" visiting with her sister. • * • • Miss Graco Partridge spent tho weekroud visiting with, friends at Presl on. Miss Mlldrod Payne Is visiting tor a few days with friends at Wichita. MI BS Rowena Cook of Wichita is here visiting with Miss Gladys Hlrt. Miss Blanche Sill spent yesterday visiting with her parents at Sterling. <3> * <S> The Mother's club will givo a bone- fit tea at the Bills' Club Thursday, DR. ATKINSON Chlrapraetto pbyslolan 80 vj; North Main, . 7 -tf - Notice to Dancers. The Do Luxe dances formerly hold at Stevens' pavilion on Wednesday and Saturday evenings will be held in Woodman hall, beginning' Wednesday evening, September 4. Music by Holaday's orchestra,'' ~ ' ?-3t Dancers Notice, i* Beginning With Friday" nlgltt, September 6, I will resume my dances at Woodman HaJJ everyi- Friday night. Lessons every.Friday afternoon and night and Saturday* - PhoneTf: 1455, Holidays mvsio. Anna McDonnell.• : s---et All the Fruit You Want. At Sfljtth'B Grooery and Market, they hafe peaches, pears, plums, grapes, apples,' cantaloupes, watermelons, oranges, bananas and lemons. Phone 15O0._ ; 3-lt Muglo etBdents, desiring time wit* Mr. Haberkorn should make arrangements now. Phone 1318, su-ut Some men like to speak in publio because they don't get a ohance to talk at home.—-Atchison Globe, The bigger you are In the affairs of the country the more necessary it is to keep your word.'—AtcWson Globe, A great blue capo- lined with scarlet or rose color Is a delightful thing town, .-.' THEDA IN 'CLEOPATRA' The $2.00 Road Show at DELUXE THEATRE Prices: Children 10c Adults 25c Plus War Tax Today, Tuesday and Wednesday TODAY AND TOMORROW Norma Tamladge —in— ' . .• ^ "The Secret of the Storm Country** •—Sequal to— "T«ss of the Storm Country" Tst h thL a d aa f Mary Pickford's Masterpiece From Here the Star's Salary Went to $50,000 a Year. Friday and Saturday This Week French Celebrities "Yankee's Fourth of July in France" Coming soon toe Funniest PicKire you ever saw. «THE GEEZER OF BERLIN" Travesy on "The Kaiser" the Beast of Berlin. ramjuuit er's September « Special Sale Seal Plush Coats $21.75 l'ine Silk Seal Mush coals made of Salts best Peco. 43 inches loop, 72 inches sweep, belted, with the new sleeve, cape collar and pockets, lined throiiKhout with fancy mercerized Venetian of scrviciably quality. Belter hi fact than most $25.00 Seal Plush Coats, in all sizes from 16 to 46, for S21.75. Other Plush Coats with and without fur IrimtnitiKS $25.00 to $198.00. 3i All-Wool Serge Suils $16.95 •R Women 's All-Wool SerRC Suits, {rood styles and well iJS made, fancy mercerized lined coats. Colors Navy or Ulack in LC sizes from 16 to 51, regular $20.00 to $25.00 values for $16.95 S Others in great variety from $25.00 to $98.00. jjj Medium Weight Coats for Fall ••J You can save monej- by buying your medium weight Coat afi for Fall now—we have about 50 such coals ideal for motoring ft or street wear—good styles, good materials, many of them LC only half-price, others from 25 to 35% discount—wc bought l[- them for this early Spring wear and are closing them at these fP wonderfully attractive reductions. 5 Taffeta Silk Dresses ifi We have about 50 beautiful taffeta silk dresses left of our jj? spring purchase. The styles arc so similar to those now com- EE ing in for fall that many prefer them to our later numbers on if account of the big saving in price— $11 .98 to $25.00 [or dresses jB formerly $19.75 to $39.00. . 6 taffeta Silk Coats ifi We have probably 20 taffeta silk coats of all grades on Jfi hand. Any of these you can now buy_at. just half former UJ prices. Some are full lined, others half lined and some un- ip lined. Most of them are black, the balance navy, tan; and grey [g $15.00 coat for $7.50, $19.75. coals for $9,88, $25.00 coats for S $12.50, $35.00 coals for $17.50. « Crepe Georgette Blouses $4.98 jjj We have about 5 dozen of these beautiful waists, selected IC for various reasons, from our regular $6.95 numbers. Nolh- t|- ing the matter with the styles, colors or quality. No two alike, fP all sizes from 36 to 46 in the assortment and all popular opera S shades, also white included. As you make a saving of nearly ifi $2.00 on each waist it is a great opportunity—$4.98. Ijj Taffeta Silk and Wool Suits tjj We will now sell you anything we have left in spring silk if or %vool suits at exactly half the early prices: $15 00 suils for FP $7.50, $19.75 suits for $9.88, $25.00 suits for $12.50, $35.00 jO suits for $17.50, $49.00 suits for $24.50. A good saving if you ifi can find your size among this lot. All of them are desirable jfi garments. S Smocks and Skirts Uj We have in all about 50 smocks left; these range from Iff ft* $1 98 to $6.95 each; take your choice of any of them this week u; jO for just one half: $1.98 for 99c, $2.50 for 1.25, $3.50 for $1.75, jjj in etc., etc. A variety of the most desirable materials and a good j*! ifi range of colors and styles in most any size to select from, in 3J Any white wash duck, gaberdine or pique skirt also half Jfj Qj price, and heavy reductions on ull of our white wash silk and J£ salin skirts as well. jjj ifi Taffeta Silk Petticoats $2.98 jjj We have just received another lot of Silk Petticoats with -*| 12 inch flowered flounce, like those we sold special a year ago in at $2 98. Today these are worth nearer $5.00 than $2.98. 4} Besides those we have a splendid assortment of excellent values U< in Silk Petticoats of every wanted kind ut $4.98, $6,96, $9.95 UC and $13.75 each. Kverythiug we have left in Wliit«s Wash j£ Silks and Wash Sattcen White Petticoats we are closing out at jj? 25% off regular prices. Jfi O.F.Sawyer Dry Goods Co., Corner N. Main and 2nd St. JV SiRfiifiifWifiifiiflifiifiW *Wtfiiftin!fiifi!fifitf^inSin THE GREATEST SERUIy OF AU, TIMES HANDS UP!!! Who I* the Phantom Rider Who Lurks in the Background and shielda this Beautiful Heroine From Death and Disaster 7 ? ? ? ? • • • •, • t - • SEE THE FIRST INSTALLMENT OF THIS WONDERFUL FATHE SERIAL WITH THE BEAUTIFUL STAR RUTH ROLAND PEARL THEATRE, STARTING TODAY Children 5c -' Adults m IRIS All Seats Always 5c TODAY MARIE WALCAMP —IN — "IN DISGUISE" i 13th eplscde or "Tho Lion's Clows." BELLE BENNETT In "BRUIN TROUBLE" A bear ol a comedy. Current Events Showing official war pictures. TOMORROW CARMEL MYERS —IN— "A Broadway Scandal" It's u BlueblM. An absorbingly intor- oatintf- ulury ami full of dramatic action, l^lvo roeU. Tomorrow only. COMING THURSDAY JACK GARDNER In •'OPEN PLACES" When a diamond Is kn</wn to be a Zlun Jewelry ami Optical Company stone uo question arises as lu lis quality. Kuth quality churactcilBtti- Is pasMi-d upon by an expi -rt, and by every teiu It must uonfuriu lo Hie Zlnn Jewelry and Oplleal Company slautlard. Vyu do not have to pay more than a reasonable price ior thc.-u* Huporlor sems ajid you (lnd ilum as repreui-iited. "The House of Service." THE ZINN JEWELRY & OPTICAL CO. Henry Zinn John Birchfleld 0TOWAMT AD COLUMNS HEAR AS YQJJR :PHOH£ „ It NO, 3.

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