Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 13, 1942 · Page 12
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 12

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1942
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

!!^LI^^TXlP OUR -~THE MORNING AVALANCHE Bomb Bursts Are Analyzed SCHENECTADY, N. Y., Feb. 12. (—Bomb shelter;; to withstand the terrific forces of bombs weighing 2,000 pounds and more src- being designed in America, according to Col. George J. R. Fisher of Washington, Fisher, chief of the Civilian Defense Division, U. S. Army chemical warfare service, rioc!aved in s science forum address iliat in 1939 and 1940 the typical high-explosive bomb weighed 100 poundF. ' "Occasionally," he said. "500- pound bombs were used, but these were rare in early stages of the v/av. "Today, however, 2,000-pound bombs are not uncommon; and sizes up "to three and even four thousand pounds are being dropped. As better bombers are developed, the proportion of larger bombs definitely increases." The Washington expert said structural strains imposed by these huge demolition bombs can be besl appreciated by considering the optimum effects they produce. These effects are three in number — all coming in split-second succession, and each having its own direct influence on the design of protective shelters. List the effects, Fisher said: "The first is impact—the shock imposed when a mass of a ton or more, moving at a speed o£ a thousand feet per second, meets a stationary body. The explosive reaction exposed the bomb case to heat as high as 36.000 degrees Fahrenheit; it distends and splits the case into a shower of sharp- edged splinters or fragments. "Thus we have the second effect —fragmentation. The flying white- hot fragments are prope'lled initially at speeds as high as 7,000 feet per second, which is well over twice the velocity of most military projectiles," the speaker said. "The third, or blast, is effectively dissipated by a well-designed shelter,'.' Fisher continued. "Yet as much as 35 per cent of the kinetic energy developed by the exploding bomb goes into a 'blast, or the ultra-rapid displacement of air to accommodate the transformation of T. N. T. into gas." Appeal Is Posted For Missing Pay "Phone CAMP DAVIS, N. C., Feb. 12. (&) —Seen anyone with a pay telephone station? Well, you might notify the Camp Davis signal officer who posted this notice: "Will the person or persons Tvho insdvsrt' 5 "* 1 " »*««. n »; n * 3 pay phone from wall^of recrea" tion hall for souvenir, please return telephone. Coin box may be kept as a personal memento. Telephone is urgently needed. We have a number of customers waiting for sen-ice." Buy A Defense Bond TODAY! Lubbock, Texas, Friday, February 13, J942 IN TRAINING—Apprentice seaman Walter Ryzowicz, Guard, is unbaffled by intricacies o£ masthead knot AT,.- sev £™ 1 ^nnred bluejacket beginners attending Mer- Alarme School of Seaman's Church Institute, New York. Historic Drum Still Used After 5 Years SAX FRANCISCO, Feb. 12. (U.S. —A drum whose rolling beat helped inspire George Washington's frost-bitter, forces at Valley Forge is still being used here by Charles J. Bessette, a recent arrival in San Francispo. The instrument has been through four wars since the American Revolution. Bessette once used it in recital, at Carnegie Hall. The drum is insured for 85,000 by the Smithsonian Institution, which will inherit it when Bessette dies. According to Bessette, the drum was one of 90 ordered bv Gen. Washington from a cabinet-maker in Flushing, L. I., during the Revolution. A fire destroyed all but nine of them. Bessette's is the only one still in use. The'others are in museums and private collections. "It came into my family in 1348, during the Mexican war, when it was -given to my grandfather's uncle," Bessette said. "My grandfather, Tommy Bessette, carried it in the Civil war, and my father. Mose, took it through the Spanish-American war. "My father drummed on it for V S2JT C *«»*l* Cyi..*-r» nn ,3 -..1^,,_» ihe World war came along "he ?ave it to me and I took it to France with the 'Fighting'69th'."- James Gorrell of Donegal. Northern Ireland, who has just resigned as rural postman, walked 94,846 miles in his rounds in years. Lamplighter Harry Has Blackout Blues KENMORE, N. Y. <U.PJ—Black- outs are just a .headache for Harry Torrillo. who works for the Department of Public Works. His job is to extinguish all of Kenmore's 317 gas street lights in case of a blackout. Kenmore missed complete electrification when depression forced the village to curtail expenses. TorilJo must start turning out the lights about five hours before the familiar electric arcs are extinguished in the village. This seems bad enough, but putting the lights on again is even worse. It takes about two days. Loosens Up Thick Choking Phlegm Spend a few cents today at Mark Hali^L- D ^ U 5 Stores. Bowen's Drug store. Lubooco. Drus Co.. John Helfey Drug or |- "' a "y S° od drus store lor a battle ^^''f CANADIOI. Mixture (trlpla :n»>—Take a couple of doses at bed? ~ '"»_,"* injtanc powerful effective action <pread thru throat, head and bronchial tubes. Ic starts at once to loosen up true*, chotmg phlegm _ soothe raw mem- Jranes and make breathing easier — by u^Wli^l^^ Oial 4343 f01 The Avalanche-Journal OffiW 911 Broadway DIRESTLY SOUTH OF THE SQUARE I 2 DOORS EAST OF MONTGOM-" ERY WARD Friday-Saturday-Sunday iooih * 25c Nice large *ize, at Muminum Easy Hair Curlers 2 For JUNIOR-ACE FIRST AID KIT LY50L . . 8-Exposure Roll Films Printed and devel- for SOc Mennen ; s BABY OIL and FREE Talcum DUKE ELECTRIC DIAL. Coca-Cola got where if is by jusf being itself...a soft drink delightfully delicious and re- freshing ... in its own bottle. Those who have experienced its refreshment welcome its clean, sparkling taste — itsqual- Fry of genuine goodness. They want {£? real thing always. You trust its quality 1615 Texas Avenue IOTTIED UNDER AUThORIfV OF T.'-JE COCA-COIA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. LUBBOCK Dial 5529 Powder 75c O. J/ s Beauty Lotion__ 25c PEBECO Tooth Powder i ^ ram ^^^~^"^' n, i J'T^A iij~ij« ^n 0_ 35c GOLD MEDAL HTOH OIL 100 HALIBUT LIVER OIL CAPSULES Potency «?jUv3 F 1 QUART CLOROX 35c PI?EP |g c Shaving Cream, jar stSonEERSf TONIC 25c Feenaminf SI. 25 CREOMULSION For Coughs of Magnesia «. I $3.00 Ivory or Bronze <t» ft /p% *i.59 BOTTLE OF 100. TOOTH PASTE. »7" *^ S2.00 t^eg. SOc Johnson » GLOCOAT APPLIES. jj OR FLOOR DUSTER j *"«*•. Com[jlete with ^ long handle ' ^ mviiuic . 19c Excellent for shopping When not in use folds enough to go in $' picnic, small pantry drawer. III MODES* BOX OF 12.... —a-^jp*ri mm m • •« m<t^saa CITRATE of MAGNESIA 12-Oz. Bottle 5KAMPOO, Cur to Large 8-Inch $2 ELMO $1 FORMULA CREAM While they last GILLETTE Tech Razor and 5 Bla ^^••••ai 1 -i imu*n $1.35 PINKHAM Vegetable Comp., LJ i SOc $1.00 LACTOGEN BABY FOOD 69c Men, Women Over 40 Don't Be Weak, Old n i HAND CREAM and 1 Jar FREE BOTH FOR m PACKAGE STATIONERY 40 Envelopes * "0 sheets paper '_ I 30cPolideni Toolh Powder • • ••*!. TONIC * * % Reg. $!.SO ZfPPER •Utility Traveling Bag ? C SOc ITALIAN M :AJ 2 FOR $1 Melal Box CHOCOLATES Fine quality a*«ort»-f centers 59c $4 Electric HEATING FAD at control Univex Midget T CAHERA Takes mce size picture; * tensational value. AT 3-he. S* Movie Films for lh. home. Choice of Mickey Mou lc , Ncw , «e=K Travel, Donald Duck and many ot | leri . 25 or 50-foot roll,. . . m. APRIL SHOWERS .PERFUME ARRiL SHOWERS DUSTING POWDER. APRIL SHOWERS BRILLIANTINE REVLONfr tUor ." ll . l ....$1 YAHKY CLOVER . $1 Talc and Cologne Set COLOGNE Re;. 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COD LIVER OIL . . . $^69 & $*59 MAIL ORDERS ADD 10% FOR MAILING CHARGES THE CANDY OF THE SO.UTH Wfe- [Right R.eiened to Limit Quantity Giant BJergens Size I FACE DREFT 1 S0 ^ P GIANT SIZE 3 for • OXYDOL AT OUR CIGAR DEP'T. THE LARGEST IN TOWN Beech-Hut King CIGARETTES, 2 Pkgs. .._ SI.2Ji A Carton. 2 PKGS. Georgs Washington TOBACCO AND PIPE THREE 15c CANS BRiGGS Tobacco 58-7

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