The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 8, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 8, 1934
Page 6
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The Paris Morning News PARIS. TEXAS EstatoUcbed July 1O. !#«» XORTH TE3LAS PtTBLJSHING COMPAXT Catered a* Second Class Mail Matter at th* Post- *fOe* *t Fail*. Texas, under Act o* March. 1S79. New York Day by D«y BY O. O. MdNTYRE PnbJish«d Daily Except Monday SUBSCRIPTION' RATES (Isr&diac Stmdajrs) By Mail, One Year .. By Mail. One Month. By Mail. Six Months i« cisar«cter. •tandin* ^ co2c:T!C» of Tb« S*w» will 6» «pe» belac scoe«h» to tb* «tt*stloa ot tb» have tfc«li papera Mast to tb«ta fru=> t&* It TOU do «x« «*t yoar pa.p«- plea** m If tb*r* to so eon>r.!*itJt ii i res^m^ tbat t The Thi^ That Com-» Once In m Lifetime pt:bllsiier» «r« col .iiSca.l «rror« k or 1= advert:!E*r:K stber miter It 1» bTOC»bt to ti*Jr *or copy orai error* tlaat TO correct != next Values uN" c. number of Paris citizens rset reeeni- ; }y and organized the U. S. 271 Highway association they inaugurated a m^ enieni Thai . lias vast possibilities for Paris and a;I^ the f to^ois an<5 cities on the route froi^tort Srcsth' to Beaumont and Port Arthur, ibe purpose; is to have Texas Highway 49. going, southeast j out of Paris, aad its conn nee-tins- links on to • Beauiaom designated as U. S. 271. making: a; nationally marked nig-h^rsy from Fort Smith j to Beaumont tinder that cumber- ^Vith this. designation on the maps, traveler? from the j north ^"ho are groins: to the Gulf vrill be roineci ; through Paris with the benefit to tbis eity that > results from tourist travel. The city council recognized the vrorth of . tbis designation by appropriating funds f or j tSe issuance of nisp5 bearir?^- this ciesisrnaTion ; and for other publicity for this scenic route \ through Oklahoma and on through the historic ; east Te.-£ss section, and this vnl! be done by | other towns and cities alon^ the route, each \ of which will reap some benefit, as the route . becoraes belter publicized szjd traveled by; N EW YORK, July 7—They dragged me, m goif atheist, out to a Great Neck course. Rube Goldberg and John Golden did. 1 went to the country"to sit on verandahs, gaze pensive! v out to'sea and mediate on the blessed promises. Bui here I am in borrowed golf togs wandering •around like a fellow lost after |an airplane crash. Four bysitters saw me tryj |u> tee off. miss and grab forj y falling britches in one; |stroke. Two. with no more eul-j |ttire than razor backs, laughed i out loud and the other two j pretended to be hunting for! something behind a tree. I sup-j o o Mdntrre P° se **Tcme grants "oof!", when swinging a club. j And can I help it if my pants don't fit?j This time 1*11 hit that ball if I have to do a { little plowing under, I not only hit it. but I j bequeath the club the makings of a first class j well with love and kisses- I believe I tore j something loose in that first wild swing. } Snapped like a new pair of suspenders, i Maybe it was 2 ligament. Thar would be roe. j One swing- at a golf ball and Fm laid up! string-halted for the summer. I have a nice j home, good neighbors^ a zither and three I charge accounts but I leave all to come out ! here and bust a suckerine strinsr. 1 Little man what now?Just stand like £j sap I suppose. This is Gene Buck's jersey pull- j on. You could toss a dog down my neck at SO \ paces. That caddy—the cad—motions me to ! come on. I'll start, ouch, when I'm ready. I< want to deep breathe awhile. One. two, three ] —e-xhale. One, two—I knew it! A lung or i something- has slipped its mooring. Hear that = funnv whistle vrben- I inhale. Still if worst ' comes to worst I can go back to the river show j boats. Toots Mclntyre the Human Caliope! j more cars, tor tne tourist business is one oT the foremost means of distribution of money that has yet been discovered. Travelers pat- xtmize hotels and restaurants, buy oil and gasoline along the roacls they travel, and spenc* for other purposes. Their spendmgs -"are distributed among all lines of business and from the roadside hot dog- stand to the sky-scraping hotel and big department stores, this income is received. Steps are being taken a'iso to have Federal dssijTsatlcm of jEFiErhwsy 5 east and west through Paris, the best and' snortest route for tra^-eiers entering tse State at or near Tex- srkana and going into the Panhandle or Xe~f M'ezieo. This Traffic mostly soes DOW south of 'Paris over Texas 1. which is also designated as XL S, 67, because the traveler from outside the .State follows TJ. S-. designations knowing "ilaev axe given only to roads that are b?st ' ; for travel fey reason of being best improved, Tourist travel to Texas -will greatly increase during the nest two years r largely on. account of the Texas Centennial celebration wh.ich is now being organized. Paris and the Mother cities on thes two main arteries of travel ninsi leave nothing unlone to get all the publi- ieiy possible for these roads. For the to and cities through which the tourists trave are the towns asd cities wber? the tosn mosey will be spent. _, 'There is scheduled ic-r J-j'y 1*2 g the highway from Fort Smith, and. fy£%tf*°r r: : : "Sfip>(*~_1 y;gr^ "v^*|jl H£* htf^Ci 2S C-ei^j*.!." S.S IH>S— in other towns and cities alo-ng these high- BtysL As the .largest place b*:.weer) Fort Smith and between Texarkana and Falls Jt is to the ir,terest c<f '•'to take a large part in this campaign. T\"e sfca" be \E6glectiDg a trustful source of ousicess i~ we d-o not, and the united efforts of every citv 2J2.Q if*~vn r *" tne rotut'ss is li^.esssrv to i.oe fallesi. rneasur-^ of sue*-ess in the ur.dertsKicg- Paris is a beau'iful city—or;e that *ne tour- Sst •'wiH rertjeinber ^'.''n T'^ssur*' ^r-c tr-fif re- "wjl] be helped if w*- ke^p sl:v% /to <mr op-portutiJtips and tell tb? world about Ourselves and our eity. High.v/ays are beconiin^ Ha^-j-g. and more the n>''S2> of *rcv-*i ««fj : -' ; r pleasure as we^ «i.s t'UsK'SS avid the cn.;**s tn^t realize this and pi;: Themselves ff>rv.-^?vj : T; :.':e cT^ts of the T >'ur''Iic Wi.)] r*6 tbe c:*j'? : i that receive tne greatest returns. i- , »-i i i'CD standing in soaseone s "vray. Alt ray j life I've been in someone's way. All tnv life] T have Als-1-vrays in the TE-ay-y-y" That ball] just missed me. Go ahead beat, me \vith your • clubs, tramp me n^ the sod. Have your fun!Kit him once, one see-gar! S^^rueone •waves! froni the c-ub porch. He \rants to piay! No, he's motioisitig me away. vThat it ist I sup-. pose I'm standing on a patriot's grave or .. tvbere they've planted sun flowers. Don't look no-^v but there comes a felloe in uniform. I'll act indifferent. This is free country, the bills and dales belong to the people Thoreau once said. SUNDAY, JULY t. BACKWARD GLANCES IT A. W. XCTUXE Settlement of tbe estate of Col- -and Beanett, Bailinger & B*an«tt- onel Hobert .31. Jones, wealtliy 1 Mrs * Jo»«» filed, her bond of citizen who $10.000 with \V. B. Aikin. S. some property in L*m*r county, was m. .'lone and weairyint affair, lawyers reaping substantiaJ fees in representing tne widow ivho { llon to be d not lce C2«ment and O. P, Starlt as sureties in November. 1S73. About a year later Dr. Clement filed petj- from th^ }x>nd was executrix of the will and cred- ^ ° n Mr *' iior* who filed claims, in ran for i Jon f s to /""^ ?-. new bond witbin about ten ye<trs in the courts of La- ! 20 W«- ^ust beiore the end of this TO ar county and the Federal court j ^^ sh f "f^ "?*..« **** « T\-ler adaitional 10 days m which to file •* " the new bond and this was <To«« The application of Mrs. EUisabeth.' witb j_ B . McLeod and J "C Nor- Jones, the widow, for probate of } ^ ^ sure ties and the former the will 'was made March 7. 1S73. [ bondsmen were released. and stated that Jones died in Choc- j . ed ^ece.nber 10 1ST,. tho« f h the cerufxed copy of the will tiled for record m ILamar ; <the or*g«nal be- ms m the records jrt Kiamicta county, C. N.> **ted that U ww made and executed February- 10. 172. Mrs. Jones stated in her pe- that smce the death of ner lhur crandfather> . in the meantime had a w , ^^.^ one che to the Jone5 wUL Tho court took s dce of . this and addressed to th ^ ! sneriff an execution ord ^ rins nim husband she had become a resident ! to , evy on an<J sel , such ^ v of citizen of Lamar county and was the estate, as would make "the therefore qualified to act as cxeeu- | .^^^^ of $1(KO(M> and costs . It trix. and she was duly appointed by | inis ^^ done tllere fa no available the court on petition of her attor- ; record of such actioa , nor do th« neys. Maxey and Li.chtfoot. reports of Mrs. Bailey later mak« In October. 1S73. Mrs, Frances mention of paying such bequests, Love.' daughter of Colonel Jt-nes. ; though they may have been paid asked to b«* appointed administra- 'in the Chocta-.v Nation. trix of the Lamar county estate, al- I In JanU ary, aS76. Mrs. Bailev lepins: that Mrs. Jones had not fvleci ; notified the court that the appraisV a copy of the will in Lamar county, j ers appointed to set the value of The records of the district court ; the . i^ mi ± r county estate had failed were destroyed by fire some years | to do so and . she asked that otbers a^o and I have no means of know- | be appointed. and the cvurt there- ins what was done with this peti- f ,,p On named j. B . McLeod, I. M. tion. but Mrs. Love was not ap- t S!M j th aad j. R , Jones as such appointed. for in November Mrs. | Prai sers, These men proceeded to Jones did file a certified copy of f ix the %-aIue of The estate «n Xa- the will and she continued as ad- { mar count y which later they're-- ministrazrix. | ported to the court, the details of 3.1rs. L.OVC was represented by ] which will be sriven in another Wright & McDonald, Kale &. Scott, 'story of this extensive litigation. WEATHER BULLETIN BY BL WESTOJ? I TexEis and the southwest begins i cooler and probably scattering: ! rains. rKostly aboui. the north.| east B-it-i *a^t^rn p-ortions of Texas. 1 thoush neai- mid week heavier, | snore genera! and extending :• 10 w-est. In general' tfeers All United Stares '[ **?*} d ,, b j near t>.e normal tota-I Mondav. j u iv <t. j ?S4 _ Rajn9 [ ramfaa bat as u appear, to.*«me in broad strip from Montana, ^ia j ir ' spots - *ca««rins and bowery . . . i there n^ay be a few <irv sections. «as. and nonn- | ei:pecl ^ !y afcout ; the "eo«thwe*t. At j f-r«i rather cot.-*5 tor th« t aroarsd last of we«k turns v« the ^reat lakes cast: few scarv-erin?: showers in temperatures decline «t MOCKING HOUSE BY WALTER C RPQWM Tuesday, July ifl— rains in north and n also northeast of sre; most of south !i?ht. rains; much cooler ev< \Vednes<Iay, July 11 clear \v c*>M.niry laki?s. ' * , mach wa ™* r ' Scat«rin ? dd;» w*st: i About ih«* tim» of the rear tn lakes: in i " ftari " a11 centra! r*»giorss therft Btatt^rin* ! ' are ™ an >' ***«- sfc<J^*rrr rains. 'xi-h*r*» ; 3t is al ' c -«v the tv^ak of the rainy Generally ] ^ason here, and while It is tr«« r in aJi part? of tb** ! * hat a Jul >" sometimes rrea.' Chapter 5: KECONCTLJATION" Harper put Aiine Croycen's • He Brants to knovr it anything*s the mat- I ter. Irs the n^me of Attnt Clara T s vva^ed doves " : under glass, h^re 1 am 39 miles from home, a ( nervous wreck, probably bleeding ^rema'ly | r:n S a^ay in-the pocket that i fine Tv'esnng' an outrn tiist ^"<"'i ;Zer ! i>r?in and. he asks if : ter* Xothins. s"»"eeiheart! I've never felt bet- ' "-.-•&«n a po;snant gesiure. ./-ithe little ke^- to Richard Croy- ^-ould SHU? 2 L.rat [^^ pi ^ 0 . ^ e arum's reniincia- 3;»~hine ?S the tuat- | t :on of nis beloved instrtzment had except «»,bout th there ar^ probably ; ' ^' sho-Jrers; cooi. | '"" Thursday. Juiy 12 —- i?b<yvf*?ry ; T "* rains about eenrrai rfrgrsons ar.c i r '^ <: -\vest jrreat lakes, most of so«'h ; *~ ?l . ! occur. sticH. for --xarnple, as ii» £irne ttrrje it wascx- rt in May and center of the city. I had not been j c-f you coa'd discover in months of in -.-er>- long before yoa arrived, | STispicion, quarr.ets, and jealoujj ac"%*• hen v>u br"u^-ht rrte up h^re ' ctxsation."*' Harper ausivered quiet- to view'the bodies fconldn't tinder-lly- "A*<i If you ^«re • bajf a man j ^d southwest clear; t^ P era- r stand half of what I sa.^ and heard J yoa \voald not i>e slttiae there now | to-'re*. rls ® ^ ^**h and Fve been tryins: ever'since z»'| brooding tr>*iTijEr to drug your con- ? * ricay. July ^ - , - 'h-fwf^rard'.v ?« r»irto« 1 « f i? ,re out ^hat re.Uy toolc'-pftc. j «^nc* ^h l^uor.- [ ^S^^K^^ ^^ c ^Ta^ Thi'^rW*; 7f" * i^ S^ in thai room." j The glass stood poised, halfway | T=lrjM1 **,, * rt ^-v,'l ! ,I-- ^«',«-,-, evilly ro«J in th" northeasst. th» ; co^nbined ? in. n«ar St. T*i*~*r jrummer miss nearly b*j;in in or n^ar tlS'S' LT^SI of *ne "wes*^ 01* st?Tt?J•* -y, e i ivey* and wHMn a «3ay or two fe-sr ! to Bufresne's lips. "JDo you really e^a,,-.,, to higher lenti sv>7- he queried sardoriicai- | " Sa - P Vday. JuH' 14—i ; IT. -What wuasd you saggest?" | ^ttled. but on3y fe^v "I'd suxsrest tha_t you go itr>me- j rain spots irz various parts • rains are> s=iead!er and more- cop- j*^tj« h«t 'f warm wind* come i?t 'h xny srame or gx>rr is 103" tne fotir-letter-Trord of being j'^ say. 3 and found him in the upstairs H- jtnern. At any time a frank discus- } fresr.e. I .-n«H nc-t step out of cbar- brary, the scene of his mocking | sion -would have cleared :i a.H up. j acter itsairj-** the -venin ? before. | Instead, it ^vas allowed to fester in f p ^ rr<? L!ufrestl e frowned, then ,IOHNSC»- ^O PITCH HUGO.—I>an Johnson and tf : Oan»S*. siar harJ?rs far the 1 T?^«-rs are «£s.ted lo go to tire : mound acalnst tn&/ » sasd'lot. much j cbampionft. *.h* H»avea»r Biu-as in 1 Antlers Moantajpeers lost For Texas anrd th*; Souiliwc^t | earn** last wefk to the Ark. La. Okla, K M*x» | since ther. Kayo wo a rwln Week of July S io IS, 1524, ia i from Antlers. in warmer generally. TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE ever: if I had a ^ittle shovel and bucket I too ' T .~ea.k for ariv k^nd of iraTr.^s. In fact my enbirss fast. Ho-w hot the sun! Brrnard vcY-l com* ^I&n-g 1 'v--h s his neck. Hes'I-me: ??•*<! from lie o^'n tin just hard-spurred -woes. At times he could fjardSy credit th€ ta.1*;. ACROSS i you ^ravejy misjudsed your wife. } Although the "few minutes'* | Had you acted -wiih the slightest | lengthened considerabJy and thft -TT- -.- - ;.'•• u _; j decree of sanity and und*rsfand!rrg , njaater of th* house had not re• v. ait. TAa-.. ,,e c^s-d. poured | both o * j. oa .^ouM have been spar- [turned. T.!J« detective was* ftot itn- "'' ^ ) ed a g^r^at deal of suff^rjr;^;."" | ?fati«st. Th* d^-Iay. he mused, ou& i Harper flungr out bis hand £o j :n a ^O'Jd caus«. and I check Dnfrcsne's risir^- r^to^r J Solution of Ye«terd»y» T. Spofi *^ * <2-nK and ^o " i: "- incn r * e res " mec nis =* s . Urine q«*«tj,,n s asa .ja retort. He browsed ns- the book- J 1*. t until I have flnlsh«-e. I talk- she i ves in<s taking out on« of the ^§- ^tf:5:*5 Ith her just before I c*m* to TO ; cmCK . « t down on the broad | 1 - S "^g . The mominc sun b*- ; IS - ^a^^J^ • KO&sum way throisyn wh« j *r» a* he !diy turn- puttsr-g 1 zi' h^iis** a. jrroup ^s 'raujrftir?sr ; * ;j '^ ,i'.:rt^ r-^"*— p"3 r ". putt, putt. he dav. I n";iist r^rriain ca'm. V.atywJny r^a- "yvh-orn you susp«ct«d was j r>crya!ty to h»r Hitter's secret k«p T^J**-jr»tjp2* "^'/>ur '-vif^ in ^^+« Kr*»Tt« f tVhat ha.pper5*.-d ?" r-aT's t ^;*>^« •w.-nat. nlsee^ "h-»r^ th-v • Tf F -a-er*—< v^ars TV? / b«»t VOTI ! with a I ^ crf i into z. 'Yo« w«re ri?rht. Harper, I bed. B»tvi-een th* aSibl I had this hous». | her silent and your unaccountable \ attitude made £t Impossible to turn S 10 you for h*Jp. Know-ing irte truth \ of Jt herself, sshe n«ver dreamed * that you ha<J found out about th« j and «.-*r« accasins b»r :n t Harper I*>ok*<J up at th<? sound fOCrt««t*piK. but it was o!<J the roon3 - T* 1 * »ray-Juii«<3 d a m«a»ajre for him. "Mr. »a«tf he would be ready in hovered ever the stcs. ^ T-T ^5 : r^ ? \. - SToins 1 near fb'vse |pr<?par«;-I and tb<e letters ! had writ- t:-" 0 ^"" mind. \ ten to mvself I felt quite certjair, | ""When yoa telephoned and toid ? by tb« armchair. tha* I vtodd never be suspected, no * n * r a-bo^t tbe. ambush afte waa ter- 5 !aa«t drirtk *T<5od matter what happened, | rifled. She thought that this K-.D. |T r^Trj«>r- c this, sir?** "I took * tazT and j^ot OUT .*ome ! was at the bottom of it. From her ; **Y^je. Andrew*—ar,-3 T think it distance from here. T has! been : sister's account she kru-w that he { ^HT b* <juit* »•' Hs:ht to take the nfer aJ^ri^ -with 14," TV hit* balls ftr? ajr fake up s [ and I — ....... ....... . _. j sere. T has! been 'sister's account she kru-w that he { ng watch on that sand-urn w »« capable of n*Ar:>- an>thins. ? • to tb* surfac* of uired to r*3J*b to rood S4. Brascftes of 29. S«a 35- GotI of 42. Klsfl of 45. God of 4*. N^rsf* 50. Dispatched SI Poker i«na S2. 54. ii* B«3 caiscp? »*. Call* IS. D«cay» 37. S«a IX. SIotJon« of tl»* S4. Mix circcl*r!y kn*-?.- a tr.eetinj? hid been / 2 Ae /"ori« Morn ing News thirteen years mgo rtlris r 'to look as sf sd;' TO a^O a n*v.- xrours** i—tha.T of teaching: fh* vour^s-! r<K,-t prints i*&.4sng ^ rsis* 5 TC^r!^"* 1** r i"K~~ ? b«? school *hJ<5 behind a wal). thf v* 1 Tzn^f-d for tb*t :Kt the bou*e. There J to the door. I | It Sh« saw that a terrible cri»w was at ' They smsl'-d *t each o?h*r in j dins. Then the oTd ^s^rsre^n* Pt^phe^ t not the t»l!ff nod P th" 1- : n^ h"*--- •-• n hand, but *h» didn't feno* what to H'JtJrJ' ! do nor -trhich way to tyrr. Hhe I man ! kme**" about the m^">.ins ih-^i rishT, j 5Jarj f 'out thfs other thSng: arose too *ud- ; by •»,- h*- dr FRIDAY JULY 8. 1921 ltv Jj-tcrsti* rv \V. ^ } fjt'iir™*" *^ values afr^r- f"';-J«Hz3*!^r v.•000. STJ increasr- of $^50//X? d'j«? TO a •••oT:pt*i<; A vso!*?ut. M ir<3 and rain ^t'-.r:.r : struck - <Jark. waSte<J. bat T Tt-ajs fariou* becaxiw* <; ajr^'H. Th*-n r had rr *1 5.740.- Parjs in the early e\'*?rs5?;s.. ari^ 1.77 inches of ir»i« f^li >r» 30 Tinnutes. \Vn^i'.v, srt asses w«--re out in several p!af' j s an-,.: oth*r rrnnor ,s done, 2.000.0CK* H or ?*•>• L?«*Tjtenant«.— I>? ror J-f# >'as the fir*t s>e i f*'/n i Srs The strfe.?. wt a'!. To w? rn*nt. hf: turned in at the 3 \ "Hf went up th* »t*-p* «.' 'fer*<J ?h* hou.*e. althoyj^h J coyidr/t I* 1 for her to forrnui«.'.<c-. a.i*yjhJ* rnast plans- {that. lay "Then came the f»re at Mrs, MOT- j lock'* house »n«J *h» maw th* op- I " I. t;*» I or foo*prints of of th' 1 f<y»Tp o ortce filled "tTsth tne!"' . . r i! • '•*•"** ^ ! '*wit^3' pU7-z!»u, J watcb«<S an-3 *ir. ftut now tney are ni'i _; w f human creatures ic the:;,-, portanity to slip away ai5Ob*«rre<4 tn the confuwir-n. Wsrhrrut t*»^?U- ingr. »h» <3ajehfr<5 bHndly out of the- Jtt>H»e TKjf. ev*>rs proper!;; 1 <ir« ; -s-..-.- «j sgrajnjit. the- utonui. It wa« a jif 1 *?f panic »n<1 it cam* to n">» •.-.;. | The unnd. the wnow, the co!<J rnoch for her "Sbe floun4<»r*d m tf*<e »t<jrm af- ou;. I <Jors"t kno-w how of dirtv rease. 1 Times. ?o r*»]a?iv<-s in Paris of f Mrs. If. F. Erv.'in at La^onia. Shf niotl:er «"»f Mr^ W. M. HOUJ»^ ^f Paris. .^. Cu^rtson gave a dinner at tb« for tht p^lf teans that ^oa i« *t»i July 4. wh^si Paris defeat^ of\tiv« «dwr Nonit Texas club«. f \V<« wjs-h otb^r p^opi*' would ' their s^IfiS'Hrs^ss s-o w-f c'>uM tak«? j them and ,^ an ^asy !;vnig.- i Ian in Sia Taw MedoHm uays: **Bf yoxi 'want a rip« - old Age 'j^tj «««"t jeit it by bein* roUew wiien iyoa jure I ter at abort dffttsnce an<I ; back. That i« her story. Mr, Du- Tv'^r Courier- 1 J hM b«hin«5 the v.a!!. but !t mu>!t ' fr*sasii*. and it i* c3*:-aii a.n<3 clear, I j have w^-n <ju!t« a wbil«, for T be- s J«ave U to your own con«rS<?nc« to | jran to get istiff with coM. | fx^nt out what »m«nd* y<*u *>w* 1 "Su<3d«n3>*. **»* front 4oor !><^a.n j her for your O7tw«rr*.ni.«4 lack of *" {to bang: fn th* wJn<S, Whjrn that ] faith.** Cal- I pro*p«cc. I kn*v thaf «om«thfns | "Too know * <}*••**! of a Jot of i mu»t fcav* happened *n<5 1 tWwwt. don't rou. Harper?" Du- • to he*p cj«j»r of Jt. How I have eacplainiwl my «J>»enc* from the hot<»1? So t !«ft my Today** Amusement* Sadie McKe« | Jffttn Crawfo«l. f->»nc*»ot Tone **}*<•« fnwm« tb« in «s«rly voice. nd - i* Thi* Mm U Mine J>TI»W«*. Ralph At Th« Lamar Charfi* 7Vw« nwwre tliat i>ro««ljt m* lo what in tfei* how* th«u *ny 34- \4i 35

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