The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 18, 1931 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1931
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY !TEWS. . MB. FRIDAY. DECEMBER 18. 1931. MINX DAELY RADIO PROGRAM oj Ccueo Feature FUPAT. 0ECEMM* l* rKIDAT-S BEST FEATCfcES Smrs-WABC t-- WA3C II ill -a- Andj-- *JZ P. WhiUBAB-* Band-- WJZ Ketwort Thettcr *t the Air-- VTEAT Metre* ooi. STANDARD TOfK SUBTRACT cs» coot let Ceairsl tCASTEKS STATIONS) WBJU- BALTDCOKe-- WS--l** k. WJZ « 00-12 Ofc UBZA. BOSTON. Urt ftBZ. »PKING»IELO-- S*S-- »»« «. \v« e u-: is. ; se-«-3e. ^-oc-n-oc t y--b- . « is-- MBSJC Hst» sj =o- »!.3-is- or SiKnreoM -..LU BOSTON -- 5»» JM «. A\E«? v 00-« 3«. S-OO-S 30. .0 CO-ll^C e 5 · · sts :-JO -- DiSiies P» - ; ' .tti'.sres 9 SO-- vYcef Or -_."V BL'FFAIO-- 3*3.1-- !·· «- V- · 13-7 00 T 30-10:90: 10:34- · :a 11 «-i: se c , v.j 6 l»-- Dinner Txasers ·; j-^. i! oo-- variety; Or. f.-.E BllFALO -- ^ti »· «. WASC - - =- ii. 1:00: «.XS: * JO-SSO 6 .'.- \_^sr. Sport* ·.l*-aoaaler» 11 (.« __ . ;r Picti^es. VIOBB: rrwrniMr '0 S3-- Faa:;!i. v»a:ioa; Msssor'es. Or- tYLW. CINCINNATI -- «2S-- '··· «. V JZ S '.S-t 30. S 30-S 00 9-JO-JO-OC 6 CO-- ^'-asb^ie Cea:wr. Muse S 5X1 -- Cc::co ueea 10 CO -- Orcc.. Variety 16 WABC: . £ oc-villagt: Sa=«nr 5: ^ 7 3i-- vus'c- An S 65 -- Haas S M--fcoekfT 10 3O -- Day's Orcil. irraSi CU:VELAM-«»-I»J» t WEAF « C5-S '-*. 6 45-7; 7 30-9 9 30-11; 1"*-30»1 CC T CC-- -Ge"e 4c Glean; S.OO-- yrouc - ! « . - VTXTK. DETROIT-- «*!*--*« Or. w « u . i » . 6-OO-- Town T«!k: Valietters: Saccesi T-li-- -HoUt Or . Saart S*s S 30-- ElseciKe 11.01-- Carol be* 11 ·*-- Rrponer II 00-- Peat.; Hoist Or. wr.M. DETKorr-- TM-- a» JJWEAP: 6 t^-. .;. : «*-s '»- ·* OC-ii cc C 00-- Thi- TS-" Sew«- O«ro«*T T IS-- SSicAr.her. T«o Pair* 11 00-- E^=oa S lope* Orca. . - - WKAP 6 *5-T. 8-9 3C. 10'30-lJ «C 6 K-- Miocapi Troubadours J.W-- PiiO»- aiusica.*. Ootoea TtrnM $.50-- ii'^sic *TOJ 11 95-- Weather: Or W0«. VCWAKK.-- tS-- tl* k. SCO-- Cnt Don. Sport. Osnce Or " IS-- Bors" CS-ib. Laneford -- . 7 «*-- Rojjdfrrs; Dues S 33-- Ea-,Ji3*.a. Cocom OrcSs. 1O 09-- Tr»pper»; Esterucacx* 10 15-- G.ele Tmtwr. Or . - U-- \jfMW is»**vic* v*« . .-·^« ·,.*· ·.- WEAJ-- KEIV TOBK- US-- *M k. Kooaj Or.: H-iTM" «n lif^n Van - . 7 90-- M^:r;:2 M-^ic. t«a£i a Or-I 45 -- GclSberss. S CO-- K^St C!c!. Kf^nsao O*. 10 09-- Anuts. Tt*ater ol the All 11 00-Soags. !*!»:. Kirtwry Or*. 13 as -- coon-Sajioer »ai F-^ak Oa. WJ2. KtW iOKK-- S»S-- 7S» «- 6~0d-- RaSsiEe Jtt^-or; \ia St«*«i Or o so-- Bo=se L»!Ji:e*: Lowea Iborna* T «-- Asacs-ice!.'. teisure 7 so-- PSUJ Coot. Kip^j * 8 00-- Soses « Or : HWpot ·:i-- Ed(£» cd aaipb. Jo=» iiarr 9-33-- singers Or : W£2sezsan Oz- 10 SO-- CJara-LB-Ens: Wave* o! Meixly II 00 -- S.usber Music: Desar Or- 12 CO -- CallowaT. Sto^iS On. WABC. KEW \OKK-S19 -- Mi k. 90-- «^-- «"« Or . Tecor: ixwn or 09-- Mir: Ms 8-15--£C£i2 Sana. Current ETesL. · 00--Sou. Speakers: Jasta 10 OO--Pageant. BiasleT: Tito Oulaar 1! 00--Bfliseo. Sue« cger; JialrS«nera ll:«S--Olsea. Bemle, Krarjer. BaUrooo Bars Ors. KCAt. PHILADELPHIA--W4--11TM *\\ABC « ^ C - . 3 9 7 45-1C 39. SO 45- li oc :i :s-:i 3J 5 00--NV^ \omil. Sports 1 3O--Trppers 10 SO--S^x«t» 1J.OO--OarSe= Or VfXJT. PHJLADEtTHIA--5SB--SW k. WEAP- * 08-11:00 7:00--Feat. T:45--AE-Stst IS 00--Oreteslns KEKA. rJTTsRCEOH-SO«5-«T« «. WJZ 6 45-7 15. ' 30-B 59. S «-51:00 6 00--Lawre=«. Pen.: ve!TKt«r» 1-15--Str-.E3 Z JO--R' 1! (X--Sport* Si'" -Peac^tJ Ors 15-- Music uxi Mcke C 15-- Or. Parker 7 7 45-- SctultKS WGI. SCSEXZCTADT-- S« WEAF S J»-T 00. 7 iO-8 JO. 11 15-1300 1»-- Varteu « S0-«on»3 . i*. li:3»-- Oceoeer CKCW. TOEONTO-- SST-- M» k. WJZ. 7.00-7.15 KJEAP 8 OC-S JC: »^ fcjo -- Music 9-00-- Tno: -ecrcre: Or*. tHESTCKN STATIONS! CBST-- SCBTSACn I B«ir lor CesUal KXW. CHICAGO-- W«J-- MM k, W E A?. 7-ts-seo wjz. seo-ii-eo T.-oa-- Ors . Sports; Peau. 10-- njeri U OO-N;«: Stau SJ-: On. MMAQ. CHICAGO-- MS-- «7t «. WZAP: 10 90-11 00 _ _ . : OS-- S^ppj. Feats.: Revs: Dao BThrU · 00 -- Coc£ert: Or.; Plaso: Peau. 11 -,g -- As.o»-AsliT. Tbomas. Oicil. MEKm Md BTLS CHICAGO-- Mi-- *» «. WJZ t 1S-T CO. 7 30-7 «5. * CO-S 09. 10 SM-ll) ^0. 1! JQ-1-00 WSAI S «·-« '.5. T 45-« W. J OC-ifl 00: 10 30-11 00 1! CO-- AEiiS n Aad» rtCtt. CHICAGO-- S*»-- »7« k. 1 oo-- Ti-i. v^icty jc» ja Hr. 5 0»-- RiiM TOBJ. Or . Ne« IC-00 -- Ofrr-»n Hr . Round-Crr Or. MOC O**ENFOBT. aa? WHO. DCS StOIXES-- SJ9J-- 1««» k. WEAK S 0O-I! OS. 11 li-H 3C naAS. toi'isvnjJE -- set-- «» a. WEAK: 11-14-11 3O WJZ i' 00-10 3» 6 3-- Voea: Pars*: Or.. t»A t SO-- Mss: Fast Peiloa» 10 35 -- Tti-«:rr or Air: ttBSSeal 11 *·-- Amos-Andy. 1! 30-- Rerce; On. KTsU. MO.WACKEE M« C» k. WEAP 7 30-7 *S; · W-»:00: 10-3C-114* WJZ 9 00-10-00 7-00-- Sscrt ' 4S-- Orch. Si 00-- .tecs-Andy: Ora, «ow. OMAHA-- sa»-sao K, Wl^F 7 JO-11.30: 13.J5-S 00 7 33-- N?w» 11 00 -- Clofc 11 3-- Newi. Asbassaiiors KSD. ST. tocis a»o no «. WEAP 7-7.45: 8-10.30: 11-11 15. iIJO-1 S.30-- MuitacbJo* 11 IS-- SwbteUis Bon KMOX. ST. LOCIS-«75.1-I»!»0 k. WABC. 7.00-7 IS: 7.30-8 «0. 8 1S-10 JO. ' 11 00-11 1$ ". 15 -- s-^ccess. Sports S 00 -- Tomcsy Talks 10 JO-- Ensemble 11 15-- r^en Or 13 00 -- Cowboy Sozfs Or . J«b - WBAF 6 K : 2: BETTER BUSINESS BILLS KEPT AT TOP OF PROGRAM Economics And Political Antagonism Also-Come To Fore. Wasiuagtoa. Dec. 17.--Capitol Hill i vts s. place of many moods today, the Itfislators at times concentrating on ·eonomics, again intent or political antagonism and often enjoying raillery. Determination to Seep better business the head of the legislative pro- evidenced itself. There iras no irtien toe procession Trill get serving, hoiever. An ill omen for te President's petition lor a temporary Tear debt revision came from the House ways and THfn* committee. It amended the moratorium ratification measure to declare ttccellatlon or redaction of debts ·gmintt congressional policy. Just how this Trill affect action on the moratorium remains to be seen. Aimed to assure capital for farmers tow rates, the bill for $100,000,000 revolving fund for farm loan banSs won House committee approval. Arrangements were made for committees in both branches to get going on another Hoover proposition, the $500,000,000 "reconstruction corporation"' » advance funds to Industries to wane. The Senate with hardly any ado directed Secretary Stamson to produce his flies on ffce Manctairlan scrap between Japan and China. It also -embarked again on an old trail of uHHury. the ·why and wherefore of food prices. Sen. Borah chlded President Hoover lor not having called a special sesslon. Brookhart, an independent-minded Be- publican. toot the same theme. Two Miners' Bodiss Recovered. \ViIaecou, Wa^ii, Dec 17.--Rescue re-^3 working some 1.400 feet under groond last nigh; recovered the bodies of Jons 5. Johnson and Oscar Hihta. coil m-aers, just seven days after the two had been caught under a la'Juif _H3 rcof. Chimney Fire. A Eical! chimney fire at the home of Mrs. T. O. Jones, 408% North Bentz street, was exfcpgiushed Thursday afternoon by the Independent Hose Company with chemicals. (Photo by Acme. SCRAPPED FOR SOtTVEAIRS!--Srcu Is the fate of the great Ens lisb. dirigible R-100, -which only last year Sevs f"-om England it Canada and back again. Ordered dismantled as pait of the government's economy program, tl-e bis; airship is shown as it was broken down for souvenirs at C^itlin"to;i. THIS YEAR'S CHRISTMAS GIFT to the entire family A Christmas chair for the home should be comfortable, usable, good-looking and should stay out of the antique class through many years of hard service. The Alexander Hamilton Chair is not only aii of that but it will delight the heart of every fashion-conscious woman. The design is perfect and the soft, woof texture covers are smart and new. We honestly believe that this is not only the best-looking thing, but the most genuine value that we have seen for years. "To"Think of Furniture i^ !o Think of Carty" C.C.CARTV ESTABLISHED 1868 U to 52 PATRICK EAST The Chair $4950 The Footstool FKEDEKICK MD. A* advertised in House Beautiful ALEXANDER HAM1LTOM Choir T 7 , - * r.-sv.;.f YOUR BEST COSTS SO LITTLE i y ¥ SILK RAYON PAJAMAS One and Two Piece Styles. Wide Bottom Trousers. Trimmed Coats. 11 North Market Street Between Bead's Drug Store and McCrory's Five and Tea THE STORE WITH THE and $1 88 'MAS EVERYBODY'S GIVING SENSIBLE GIFTS By "sensible" we mean a gift that will be used with true By "sensible" we mean a gift that represents good pleasure because it is an object of rare beauty and fine value--not ostentatiously extravagant, but in the best of quality. ****«· Our Array of Sensible Gifts Is Large and Interesting and cans COATS BEAUTIFULLY FURRED Don't Miss This Opportunity newest Fabrics. Showing all ments. Every coat All wanted colors. Ladies' Blanket Robed Modernistic Designs Sizrs: Small. Medium and Large *, Green »nd Blue .OO Ladies' Flannel Gowns Regular and Extra Sixes for * 1 -°° SUk. Crepe De Chine. Satin, Chiffons and Black Lace Gtowns, Teddies, Slips, Dance Sets, Step-ins, Panties and Chemises Lace Trimmed and Styled Beautifully .88 Imported Kid Gloves Slip-on and Cuff Style .oo $l par Temptation Hosiery Every Pair Guaranteed Perfect All Newest Shades 3 9 -00 par LADIES' FULL FASHIONED Chiffon Hosiery Newest Colors 2 Pair $1-°0 Silk Rayon Undies Gown* -- Teddies -- Dance Sets Bloomers -- Step-lmt Regular and Extra Sizes CREPE DE CHINE AND SATDf UNDIES Teddies, Dance Sets, Chemise, Step-fa» i and Panties SJPSSPCC S5 V y Children's Sweater and Tarn Sets All Wool--Newest Colors--Sizes 2 to 6. $ 1 -0° set Ladies' Silk Negligees New Patterns $1 Ladies' Silk Quilted Robes Silk Lined and Warmly Interlined. Sizes 16 to 42. .66 Children's Camel Pile Coats With Tarns and Mnffs to Match $3.95 Infants* Chinchilla Coats | With Tarns to Match. White, Pink and Bine. Sizes 1. 2 and 3. .OO V vr w I I y Girls' Dresses Flat Ciepc m All New High Shades. Sizes 3 to G. $ J.88 I A Big Selection! Beautiful Styles! Greatest Values! DRESSES $4.95 Styles for every occasion in crepes, triple sheer chiffon, metallics, velvets ind many beautiful combinations. All wanted colors. HflCfliVt«

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