The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 23, 1969 · Page 20
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July 23, 1969

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 20

Des Moines, Iowa
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Wednesday, July 23, 1969
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

0« Moinei July 23, I96» Ovtr the Cojftt* Split-Week Living NIXON ORDERS SPENDING GUT Donald Kaul is on vacation. Today's column is by Jack Smith oj the Los Angeles Times. D R. MILLARD C. FAUGHT, a Houston socjo-economist, has worked out a plan he calls 'split-week living," which he believes can get us out of the urban crisis and the great American rat race. Instead of the present five- day work week and two-day weekend, Dr. Faught advocates a three-day "work end" and a four-day "week end." That is, we would all work three days and have four days off. Splitrweek living has many implications beyond the mere shortening of the work week and lengthening of the weekend. It would, Dr. Faught says, change the essential quality of leisure. . As it is now, he points out, our leisure is fragmented. We- have a lot of leisure time, when you add it up on paper, but in reality it hardly exists. What we call leisure time Is so chopped up as to be all but useless. We can chunk some of it. into watching TV, or reading, or working in the garden, or going out to dinner or a movie. But there isn't enough of it in one stretch to permit any really creative enterprise. Our leisure is in bits and pieces. And much of it is killed dead by driving time, the hours spent every day on the freeway. D R. FAUGHT points out that under his plan the working man would have four days and five nights on uninterrupted leisure. No longer would it be mere time away from work, as we know it now, but a golden opportunity lo experiment, to experience, to grow and evolve as creatures of infinite potential. Dr. Faught has coined a word for this new kind of-leisure. He calls it timewealth. What does a man do with timitaealth? First, he can ajjord to get out of the city and go back to the land. On his three-day work end he will stay in the city, spending the two'nights, perhaps, at a domitory near his job. Thus he will have to drive to work and back only once a week. He need not live near his job. He can take a place in the country, away from the urban crush. H E CAN GET to know his children. Maybe even his wife. At first, Dr. Faught concedes, the divorce rate might go up. There is bound to be some friction with a stranger around the house. ^ But in time the man who has timewealth will be a bet- ler father, a better husband, a better citizen. Meanwhile, the national economy will spin on, more productive than ever, manned by two three-day shifts. We will have a three-day work week but a six-day economy. For years I have advocated a similar plan—the seven weekend week. We would work five days and have two off, as now, but there would be' seven weekends instead of one. We would not only have the Saturday-Sunday weekend, but also Sunday-Monday, Monday- Tuesday, Tuesday-Wednesday and so on. My plan would alleviate weekend glut on our freeways and at parks, resorts and other public places. The load would be spread throughout the week, instead of coming like an avalanche on Saturday and Sunday. There is one flaw. There wouldn't be any Sabbath. But that's no problem. Every dny would be Sunday. Clergymen would have to put in a seven-day week, of course. But why not? They've had it pretty soft for at least 2.000 years. Algeria Hosts Black Panthers ALGIERS, ALGERIA (REUTERS) — The militant Black Panther party opened an Afro- American center here Tuesday with the blessing of the Algerian , government. Enlarged photographs of party leaders and posters hailing "Afro-American solidarity with the oppressed peoples of the i world" were plastered on the walls of the center in the heart of Algiers. Leaflets and'maga- zines published by the movement also were on display. Information minister Eldridge Cleaver, who fled the U.S. eight months ago while facing return to prison for parole violation, was present. WIREPHOTO (API Whispering at the White House WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) President Nixon said Tuesday he has ordered government agencies to reduce spending by an additional $3.5 billion to off• set a worsening budget picture. \ ''No federal program is i above scrutiny," the President i said in a statement. "Some ! highly desirable programs will : have to be stretched out — others reduced. The dollar reductions will be accompanied by a further lowering of the personnel ceilings established last April." 5 Soaring Estimates Mr. Nixon said the reduction is necessary to bring soaring spending estimates back down to the $192.9 billion target he set in April. That was when he sent his own budget to Congress. Since then, he said, thc financial situation has become worse. "We now anticipate," the chief executive said, "further increases of approximately $2.5 billion in expenditure for such uncontrollable items as interest on the public debt, Medicare, Social Security, Civil Service retirement benefits, reduced receipts from off-shore oil j leases, public assistance, and veterans'benefits." HP II Till II I I III A Mr. Nixon noted also HX" • KK NH W AI I AWN Congress has done nothing! HH1HI fit UH IIW about increasing the postal! rate, which he requested as of; < T ^ R ^r's low,-, Newsservice. July 1, and has acted inconsist- FORT DODGE, IA. — District enlly with budget proposals in Court Judge Harvey Uhlenhopp other fields. of Hampton nas set Aug 5 as I Earlier Forecast ; the date fof . fl distrjct co(|rt I These and similar actions, he Bearing of a suit filed by the agreed to trade two Americans 'said, could add at least $1 bil-i Webster Realty of Des Moines convicted Of spying for the So- lion more to net federal spend-; to test the constitutionality of viet Union in exchange for at ing in the present fiscal year. Iowa's urban renewal laws. least three prisoners jailed by As a result, the estimate of| The suit was brought against the Soviets, a well-informed the year's spending has jumped!the City of Fort Dodge in con-,British source said Tuesday from the earlier administration inection with the planned issu-;nighl. forecast of $192.9 billion toiance of $500,000 worth of gen- The Americans are Morris $196.4 billion - a total of $3.5 eral obligation bonds for an and Lola Cohen, alias Peter and urban renewal project in the Helen Kroger. They were sen- river front area of the city. tenced to 20 years in prison by It is expected that the suit - a Brilish court in 1961 for fil ' ultimatcly will wind up before the Iowa Supreme Court. The question of legality must be solved before bonding attorneys will agree to the issuing of bonds. ASKS STRESS Nixon Sets Welcome for ON U,S, SCENE: faraaautt; Starts Trip THE DAY IN WASHINGTON By Hohart Rowen (ti The Washington Post WASHINGTON, D.C. George Romney Tuesday chal- WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) - President Nixon set up Tuesday! a super-welcome for the Apollo 11 astronauts before heading for 1 a Pacific rendezvous with the returning spacemen. i It was a crammed day for lenged his to "revise own and administration reverse prior- the President as he .spell through last-minute duties before taking off on his 12-day Hies," inasmuch as "we have ! round-the-world trip. landed men on the moon-" The secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban De- Evangellstlc Ferver But the chief executive obviously was elated with the sue- velopment (HUD) told reportersi cess of thc nistory making that having demonstrated our I hioonwalk - and. as a congres- "technical capacity" with thel s j on al leader put it, he was Apollo space program, "it's!fj re d with evangelistic fervor time to give more urgent, do-' for his forthcoming tour of sev- mestic programs the top priority.'* He urged that "the goal of a decent home for every American" —'which he said hadn't been given adequate governmental support — ought to go to the top of the list. Romney made clear that he was not seeking to argue with Vice-President Spiro Agnew's Senate minority leader, Senator Everett Dirkscn (Rep., suggestion that American III.), right, and Representative John McCormack (Dem., spacemen be sent to Mars by Mass.), speaker of the House of Representatives, engaged in the year 2000. , > some close conversation Tuesday at the White House. TEST OF URBAN i But, Romney's remarks sug- I igested there will be increasing plex questions of legality. The discussion within the Nixon ad . cities named were Charles City, , . . ,. . ... . JMason City, Burlington, Cedar ministration.on whether - and Rapids, Des, Moines and Mus- how - to snift tne emphasis of i catine. Britain-Russia Prisoner Swap LONDON, ENGLAND (AP) The British government has billion. Dr. Brint Heads New Department! itering allied 'Moscow. naval secrets to ; three persons to be released by the Soviets is Gerald Brooke, a London lecturer sentenced to Dr. Samuel Brint has replaced Dr. Elizabeth Burrows as professor of obstetrics-gynecology and chairman of the department at the Des Moines College of Osteopathic Medicine of.bonds_early this and Surgery. Dr. Brint, former- then, however, local bonding ,, ly chairman of the obstetrics-: attorneys have raised the-ques-i fo "^ gynec'blogy department at Met- j tion of whether the sale of the ropolitah Hospital in Phila-! bonds is legal. The legality could i delphia, Pa., is a 1942 graduate i not be tested until some indi-;i"!:'' l 'j ieu of the Philadelphia College of ividual or group filed a suit to ^ r J-^ •' .,_,.„ ncfonnnthio lUorlif-irto ! Bet thfi flllpqtinn intn nnnrt .'"-King in QrUgS. The informant said one of the Voters approved the issuance! fihve vear , s in P rison in ™* ™ * Ud '"- e j charge of subversion, and under of being~Tetried-for The only other Britons known hands as Parsons and 'get the question into court. Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Burrows now is director! p| ans for the pro j ect jn of medical education at Des i question involve moving some 100 families out of the river front area, which often is flooded, and creating a recreation area. Adequate housing for the families in the area would be found by the city. It was not im- Moines General Hospital. Osteopaths Elect Dr. Jean LaRoque Dr. Jean F. LaRoque of Des Moines was re-elected vice- mediately known, however, j whether they were to be in- jvolved in the prisoner swap. \ I 1 Disturbance* at j Army Stockade FT. RILEY, KANS. (AP) - the past nine years from space to domestic problems. The problem is said to be on the President's mind. It has been discussed by White House staff policymakers, and within the Council of Economic Advisers. Romney is known to feel that the national housing goal of 26 million homes over the next 10 years, stated in the 1968 Housing Act, is falling steadily behind the necessary pace — and that something like the 1961 national com,, mitment to put a man on the moon is needed to get the housing program off the ground. Compared to the $165 million appropriated for housing supports and subsidies last year, he is thinking in terms of annual commitments running to $70 0-$800 million, beginning with fiscal 1971, which begins July 1, 1970. For fiscal 1970", HUD is asking for $300 million more, and for fiscal 1971, plans to put in for $350 million on top of that. That would bring the support level to $815 million by the end of fiscal 1971. Soviets Launch Earth Satellite MOSCOW, RUSSIA (AP) The Soviet Union launched Cosmos 290 Tuesday, continuing its en countries, Mr. Nixon had arranged to spend the evening attending the All-Star baseball game, but It was rained out. Then after flying to San Francisco, Calif., he heads today for the mid-Pacific to be on hand for Thursday's Apolfo spashdown. From there he goes on to Asia. The stateside w e 1 c o m e for the space heroes, as laid out by Mr. Nixon, will feature tickertape parades in New York, N.Y., and Chicago, III., on Aug. 13 plus a formal dinner in Los Angeles as his guests that night. Mr. Nixon admittedly was brimming with optimism about the future — "this is no time for the pessimists," he said — in talking to some 2,000 foreign high school-age students visiting the White House. He said he believes that by the year 2,000 "we on this earth will have visited new 'worlds where there will be a life."He gave no further detail on this. Just what beyond-the- moon exploration*, the United States will conduct has not yet been officially decided. However, Mr. Nixon voiced hope that other countries will join America in the "next great venture of space." j Breakfast Meeting The President's official day started off with a White House breakfast meeting with congressional leaders of both parties. Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana reported afterwards that Mr. Nixon outlined with evangelistic fervor his hopes for his 24.000-mile journey. White House sources have portrayed the trip as a goodwill jaunt in which the President will exchange views with Asian leaders about future policy there. Mr. Nixon is also stopping at Romania, the first U.S. President to go to a Communist country since World War II. A 'YOUTH DAY 1 AT STATE FAIR Preiidint Set up » taper-welcome for the Apollo 11 astronauts. I Speaking to t,m foreign high school students at the White House, said that by the year 2000 man will visit new worlds „. . . ,«, ... . ,on which there will be a form of Thursday, Aug. I?, will be al". {e day of youth and vigor at the I Aske(| CoBgresg for M | n0 rity ito appoint a strong executive to head the Interstate Commerce Commission. • . _ globar- trip " r to" congressional Iowa State Fair. It is the day before the Fair opens with flag raising and fireworks bomb blast. Judging of all classes in the 4-H horse and pony competition begins at 10 a.m. Thursday in the livestock pavilion. Before day is done two Iowa cowgirl queens wil be in the saddle, the Iowa State Fair Queen Contest gets under way, the Iowa girls' barrel race championship raises the dost and sundry other events are listed here and there. What began as a modest little event for the 4-H youngsters has developed into a big-time horse show for that young riding, set, explained W. L. Yount of Altoona, superintendent of the horse department. Yount said last year 4-H boys and girls showed 224 animals. . „,. „ . . ... TH« '111*1, o* . v • i. Tne Pentagon issued a call to ns , c J tC a ' r W1U draft 29,000 men into the Army ° sf close Sunday midnight, Aug. 24. l an d Marine Corps in September. Left for San Francisco on the first leg of a 12-day round-the- world trip. Senate Confirmed the following as ambassadors: Eileen R. Donovan to Barbados; Henry A. Byroade to the Philippines, J. Raymond Ylitalo to Paraguay and Leonard C. Meeker to Romania. Mouse Interior Subcommittee approved bills to designate the Gettysburg, Pa., home of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Cincinnati, Ohio, birthplace of former President William Howard Taft as national historic sites. Agencies About 200 inmates of the Ft.'series of space exploration by A representative of Webster; Riley stockade created a dis- junmanned earth satellite, Tass speaker of the American Osteo-;Realty said several other Iowa | turbance Monday night but it [reported. It said the vehicle pathic Association at ^ls con-1 cities are closely watching the subsided without the use of was orbiting the earth at a vention _ Tuesday in Chicago, progress of the suit since they force by military police, ! " ' " 111. 'are faced with the same com-1 Army spokesman said. maximum distance of 218 miles 1 and a minimum of 124 miles. Strike Delays B.O.A.C. Flights LONDON, ENGLAND (REUT E R S ) — Most outgoing B.O.A.C. flights were delayed at Heathrow airport Tuesday for up to 90 minutes as a slowdown by 600 airline employes entered its third day. i/ERSEAS DELIVERY AVAILABLE It takes this many men to inspect this many Volkswagens f There ore really pnly two things that stand between you and a new Volkswagen. $1,799*. $ And 1,104 inspectors. The money is your problem. The number of inspectors it takes to okay every VW that leaves the Volkswagen factory is ours. You see, once a man becomes a Full Inspector ot our factory (and he'll spend three years doing just that), ha becomes a different man. He then has the power to overrule any and all decisions that relate to the manufacture of the car. (One "no" from any one of those gentlemen up> in the picture and that Volkswagen is hot a Volkswagen.) * tvery single VW part is inspected-ot Isast 3 times. So before the whole car gets from us to you, it goes through 16,000 different inspections in all. (We lose an average of 225 Bugs a day that way.) -' So if you ever had to wait a little longer than you cared to for a new VW, now you know why: It's not that we can't make them fast enough. It's just thqt we can'* maks them good enough fast enough. CARS, INC. 1440 Locust St. Phone 283-1701 Des Moines •SUGGESTED RE1AIL PRICE EAST COAST P.O.E., LOCAL TAXES AND OTHER DEALER CHARGES, IF ANY. ADDITIONAL. YOUNKERS Satisfaction Ahvaya the "now" panty... only Takes the sag-bag-slide out of panty hose. Look thc way you like from waist to toe in a Pretty Girl panty girdle of DuPont stretch nylon and Ly- cra® spandex. Smooth magic leg in an action girdle that holds stockings without garters, holds figure without weight. One size fits 24 to 30" waist. White or beige. Lingerie; third floor, Downtown and some stores. Phone 244-1112, ext. 334. On mail orders add 9c tax, 45c postage and handling. by Pretty Girl tAr, Hemstitching for crocheting 1. Victoria, satin stitch 2, (iarden Jewels, lazy daisy 8. 3. Leaf and Posie, banding, cross stitch 4. Priscilla, lazy daisy 6. Corsage Rose Buds,- 4aay-daisy— DMC threads, skein lOc pair 1.79 2 pairs 3.29 pillow tubing and pillow cases by Minuet IYQUNKERS

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