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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Thursday, November 13, 1924
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T'AGE TWO. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1924 FRIDAY AND SATURDAY The last days of our Canned Goods Sale. Order by the dozen. You save the price of 2 cans. Vegetables— New—Fresh BUNCH BEETS BUNCH CARROTS BUNCH TUHNIPS SPINACH FRESH TOmATOES CUCUMBERS Meats— KRAUT AND SPARE RIBS Phone 1500 7 South Main' "Quality First" CLUBWOMEN TO TURN OUT LABOR TO FIX" FUTURECOURSE THE TOWNSHIP EASIER TO FORM HEADS CHOSEN! THAN TO REFORM Much Interest Created Over Political Activity To Come Trustees Elected for the Var- j Rev. Maitland Urges Need for Proffer of Carey Home for A Meeting Place. Before Federation at El Paso Meeting. The wonom of Hutchinson are j ElPaso, Tex., Nov. 13.—Chief- very much Interested In/the pro- ( tntns of tho American Federation posed plan of Emerson Carey to I of Labor In a special meeting of call a meeting tonight to hear his j ihe executive council turned to tho offer to the club women of Hutch- • exclusive consideration of political Inson of his home at Tenth and i policy. Throush with the task of Main streets. , formulating reeomniondatlnns on Telephones have been busy all I mnjor policies In tho realm of RAILROAD TIME TABLE SANTA FE Westbound Tratna No. ArriV''-s hi •;»••! r' & l—Thf- SSroiu ...... (i:;t,'i pit) 7;t.'opii- l.ii» .. :.;.i5 pin 3;;;;. ini, ti—Cult). l >\i<reaa &:2ft pin &;.VJlnn T— Kwrcra • 3.•'»»> p»' pin i*—Tho Nwvtijn .... 4' •,:;.Ufim 11—L'olo. Kan Mail.. ~:.'>,"> ain .f-.ti'J Hit- •*.*.~Lcit'i\l V.IKH 1:1.0 pm |mi —I. iK .il I'.-ijsa. (Kx Sun,) '.t:l'MUT r>7—l':i."?^nfT^r S:;*.u am f»;00 am H 6i S Puss. (South) t);Uian.' Eastuouncl Tralnt .So. 2—Thf> Navnjo . 4 —<\.)if. Mmilt-d 8—Hiilila FP "a" The Scout ... 12— K. C. Flyer.. 66 — Loeul P.iss. .. eS ~PnsscnpPr ... (.2—I.O.'ul I'HRJr .. r .0— Jl. A: S. r'nxfl.. .Vr-rivo* I>p:irts .. 1:4r» pm l":M) nm .. 2:.'i5 pm I m: .. ,il::i5 aut I 1 nn «i» .. .11:^0 pm n ::m pm ... am 9.2h am ... 12::iG am ia:4U am ...V.':4'» litn »•»'" Vin ...J0:in pm pm 3:4') pm ex. aun. 2:20 pm No. 7 does not carry pas-**. iigera. . ROCK ISLAND. Eastbouna. No. 1 ipparts 4- r.r.ld.-n State Limited. ..It am I'niiforntuu . .li'-.hj pin 312— Locul rasseniser ,. S:i>5 an. Westbound No. J.>i>parta ; n— GoMen State Limited .. tlH'l I'll) i- Oilifornian ., iia>:> am 3t l — l.txal I'asseniiPr .. <i\m pm St- r.™-.'i' FrniRlit . .r-:4;i em so- Local Freight pm culling mil Hit.* members of :itl; I lip ftMlcrntod imd .info<lr>rate<l dubs' In Die city. This is the first time j in all the yearn of llutchtactot) that] a has been mud a to pro-j ride any norL of n meeting placiv for wonion's activities. At other 1 ' times when some at 'Uon has been nr -KGd th« wonted have always boc-m told to put off rhHr campaign until tinnther time. Now comes Mr. Carey's nfiYr and It is hoped a big crowd will he out. Mrs. Kmnk Kearl, president, OL I lie Women's club said today: "I am pn'Mid to hear at last there is a chance for the women of HuteU- iiifHin to have a club house. 1 have had every member of my club notified of the meeting and hope to have a large leiegatlon out." Mrs. Arthur Schroll, president ot the Qui VI VH club Is another president who notified all her club members to ho out tonight. "The proposal pounds most interesting," said Mrs.- Schroll. "I am hoping to see every member of the Domestic Science club out at the meeting tonight," said Mrs, Albert Thomson, a member ot the club house committee, of the City Federation. All other clubs are exerting an effort to be well represented. The meeting begins at 7:30 o'clock. MISSOURI PAC1F1*. Westbound. No, Pepnrtfl 443—-Pas-spiiBPr I<:2&.in. iJ3 — I'ubrfei.Kur 3:12 pm h:,~ Freight UHD air Eaitbound. No. Dcpartt 4)1 — yHX.irnner 1:07 pm fU-PiifsonKcr :t:12pm «9fi—l .OL -al Freight 10 .OS am ARKANSAS VALLEY INTERURBAN Arrive Local ... Pm I.i..'nl ...l0:u;» air. Limited .U:"') am l*n,\il j Limited . 1:45 pm Loral ... P :2U am l.i>rn\ ... 7 lb am J -lmlted . l»;2ii am Local . ..10nm Limited. .11:4.S am TjOtftJ ... J:'-';/pm ; L '.'L .il ... '.>rj\i pm LlmlK-fL. l'::''ipin j LJm):.vd , t:ispm I.or-ai .... :;:(•) pm | Ln ( .-:ii ... ,'i:;:.ipm Limited., 4:2D pm | Limited . t(:is pm . u:15 pm i ... 7::t:» pm . ii:2:. pin L-,IMI ... 8:1'i jun , pm I.hnttcd . I* :.')" pit: . V-AU pm j Lrtrjil . ..11 ;hit jun . U :H) urn j Loan ... i::»u am All truiiis are rV-ily Tr.tlns rui.t art' thn>iiph I.I ulns \>»-\v, i?«n Hutch mstm and Wi.-hitit, nnrf all (nttns tnaun iu- r*M cf»nif.-iM|fjna at Van Arsfiate tar N>'\vifiii. Kan. Lcxal Lo< a! .. Ltmitc-d. Leva t Local Kansas Title Men Open State Meeting ASK JUDICIAL DECLARATION z :\se Fairchild Asked to Interpret City Ordinance On Auction Sales. pol traditional la'),»r prul'lems for presentation to the annual meeting ot the federation next Monday. President Samuel (Jumpers and several vice, i>resiilent!i -who make up tlie council arranged for today the first i of a Kerli'j of excullve meeting • focitsstne upon future political ! activities, with a view of sub- mlitlr.R to the convention a special ; re|iort touching upon possible rein. ; tlonshlps between the federation and any nov- party movement • which may grow out Of the presidential enniiialsn Just concluded. President llompers presldtag at tho initial session under the announced proi-'nim, must weigh the araunionu of both proponents and antagonists of greater politlea! acilvlty by the federation. Lessons for labor from the presidential cam- pnlnn. it is planned, shall form a largo part of the final report of the meetiiif:*. Iiepnrlp.wntnl meetings for consideration of problems of various crafts carried over into today's pro-convention programs with several questions which may reach tho convention floor. Foremost nmong them was the action of the bufldinp trades department yesterday in formally demanding the suspension from the American Federation of Labor of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners with a membership throughout the country of some 350.000. The suspension was demanded by a vote of the building trades department convention as a disciplinary move against the carpenters for their refusal to accept an arbitrator's award in a jurisdictional dispute with the sheet metal workers and the subsequent, withdrawal of the woods craftsmen from the building trades department. ious Townships In Reno « County. The township trustees for tho vnriotis townships In Reno county chosen at the recent olectlon, who also will bo tho deputy county assessors for tho respective townships, aro as follows: Albion—John G. O'Leary. Arlington—Chas. C. Sponce. Bell—C. V. HailBlmck. Castleton—ft. K. Zlmmormnn. Center—Fred Hirst. Clay—J. A. Valine. Enterprise—C. K, Ire tot Grant—O. If. Dobbs. drove—W. 1'. Frank. Haven— H. l>. Hlett. Hayes—Ed Uroker. North Hayes—G. H. Barker. Hunlsvllle—Chas. Schoor. Laugdon—W. L. Mull. Lincoln—D.C. House. Little River—.1. M. Barlel. Loda—C. V. Warner. Medford—Lee Bonnott. lledora—C. S. Swltser. Miami—OrrlUe Evans. N'inescah—H. P. Graber. Plevna—Curtln Davidson. Reno—.1. L. Martin. Roscoe—Ray Brownlce. Salt Creek—H. R. Bookless, Sumner—Gustav Beltz, Sylvia—A. L. Stanley. Troy—Thos. Hallnran. Valloy—W. M. Hill. Walnut—W. M. Ragland. Westminster—Geo. Mclver. Yoder—A. J. Hendershot. Parental Discipline In the Home, PRINCE TELLS OF SLAUGHTER Wholesale Butchery by Bolsheviks In Republic of Georgia, Visitor Says. Faced with a threat ot arrest be^ cause It Is alleged they aro operating an nuctlon sale in violation of law, R. C. Brown and J. T. Brown, local jewelers have asked Judge W. U. Fairchild, of the district court for an opinion, under the declaratory judgment act, ot whether or not they need to take snt the license required of auction salos under Ordinance 11H of the city. The auctioneer who Is conducting their sale has taken out an annual licenSB, Issued last spring. But he is threatened with arrest for operating an auction without taking out a license under Ordinance 11 H. Thl' ordinance ' provides that urupt sales, fire salt*!, manu- Premier Only '•ha-., The nnniial convention of the Kansas Title Men's association opened here this afternoon with a meeting at the Ho.-n It/iotn of the Stamey hotel. About 75 of tho title t :ien fr^in nil parts of the pin'n we-e io-":':nt for tho me **t- hi!-;'.-. . k "ome of t !ie delegalions thnt drove i" had difficulty be- cfuine of tile muddy condition of the toads. The title men will be taken down Into the Carey sail mine for luncheon tomorrow noon and tomorrow eveuini: they will he entertained at. a banquet at the Konibnush- Wlay Tea room. The convention will cTopo S:uurrt:ty morning with lb'; elect Ion of officers. The principal subject which will be considered at the convention Is the changing of the Mate statutes In such n manner as to simplify real »>stato transaitiuns. factnrers' outlet sales, damaged- by-tvater sales, wreck sales, or other extraordinary sales" must have a license, the fee of which is ii'i per day. I Ho is operating without this. The Messers Brown contend that the* language of the ordinance Is nniblguous and that they do not come under this, their sale being none of these specified. The district court is asked to construe the ordinance and settle the matter. The case comes before Judge Fairchild late this afternoon. BIG SMUGGLING PLOT IS BARED Killing of Mrs. Mors Furnished U. S. Agents With First Tangible Clew. Washington, Nor. 13—A jewel smuggling conspiracy of vast dimensions has been uncovered by customs service agents working In half a dozen sections of the country since the killing last August of Mrs. Theresa Mors in Los Angeles. Smuggled jewelry valued at The burden of a Christian home rests with tho parents, said Evangelist H. C. Maitland, last night, at Iho revival meeting In the First Methodist church. "Law and order should be the rule. Pnrents should roallio the sarvod obligation as well as responsibility ot a happy religious home," bo said. "The future of our nation depends on the home. A real love for homo for children and for each othor should always be the goal, Whero love does not prevail, children become mean and hard to control. Must Not Neglect God. "Children should not Ut) allowed to run tho homo," continued Uov. Maitland, "over-indulgence Is a aad mistake, because of Inexperience of the children. Discipline should be taught In the homo as well as In the school room. God must not be left out. There should be the family altar, morning or evening worBhlp or both, grace at the table and the teachings ot observing the Sabbath day. "Make the home attractive so tho child would rather be at home than any where else. Plenty of good literature should bo bought good music and clean sports. Bo companions of your children and traiu them In religious duties. No matter how poor or rich, lead your children to Christ. It you have never prayed with your children, go do It. To neglect these duties you decrease your Influence over tho children and a decrease in confidence In you aud lack,of reverence for the law and nation, increases crime. Form Not Reform. "It Is easier to form tho life ot a child then to reform It. Home so attractive that It will always be sacred in the memory of your children." At the close of the services ten persons camo forward to jolu the church. The subject tonight will be "The Unanswerable Question". Twelve In One Family. The U. B. Hlldyard family broke the record for family attendence to the revival services last night at the First Methodist church. Each family was asked to sit together so tho largest family could be easily 1 discerned. . There were 12 mem- Houston, Tex., Nov. 13.—Atrocities which will amass tho world •when they are known have been committed In the Republic of Georgia by bolshevlsls during tho past year, according to an Interview Willi Prince David Mdlvaul ot that little nation, printed today by the Houston Post-Dispatch. Determined to force the little state, of such Btragetlc and economic value. Into submission to its rule, Prince David said, the red government Is resorting to methods ot cold blooded butchery. The prince, who arrived in Houston this week, was forced to flee from his native land because of threats on his life. Since 1919, he said, there have been at least 20,000 Georgians slaughtered without trials. A shipload ot natives was taken out cn the Caspian ses and the vessel sunk, with none rescued. Others are called to their doors and shot down. Rigorous censorship prevents the news being Bent abroad. In 1919, after fifty years of Russian domination, Georgia rebelled and set up a republic at Tiflls. The prince's father, Zhre Mdlvaul, renounced his title and was made premier to the patriot, Gordunl, who was the provisional president The land of the Golden Fleece was happy tor but s short time. The Bolshevlki soon realized the im portance ot dominating Georgia and sent an army ot 50,000 against tho Georgians. After gaining control, the bolshevlsts either deported or killed the elder men ot tight- ing age and subjugated the younger men. more than $2.10,000 already has 1 ^"oTThe HUdyard 1 amlir wel General Peppino Garibaldi, grandson ot the great Italian patriot, haa Ignored the challenge to meet General Varlnl, Fascist! militia commander, in a duel. He will tight one only with Premier Benito Mussolini, Garibaldi insists. Xhat [ iii.akes em .all Refuse Extradition of Goat Gland Doctor Topeka, Kan., Nov. 13.—Having failed yesterday to present sufficient evidence to obtain from Governor Davis a writ of extradition of John R. Brlnkley, hospital owner ot Milford, Kan. Police Sergeant H. L. Cook of San Francisco was preparing today to otfer further testimony In affidavits which were awaited from Calf, fornia. Governor Davis late yes terday declined to grant extradl Hon papers 1 lit allowed a con tinned hearing this afternoon. Hrinkley Is charged with con i;[iinii'y to violate tlit-: medical statutes of .California In 192 when it is alleged ho exhibited a tieiillnus Kansas license In attempting to secure a certificate In the coast stale, i'be proceedings were Instituted by the California board of medical examination and ministration, but Brlnkley declares tho nioie is part of an attack he- \nz made on hint by tho American j Medical society. ' Kansas Newspaper Men to Lawrence Lawrence, Kan., Nov. 13.—Nearly 200 Kansas newspaper men and women will Httend the annual newspaper conference at the University of Kansas tomorrow and Saturday. Prof. 1.. N. Flint, head ot the department ot journalism, said I today. ', | An interesting feature of the con. I'erence will be the meetings on : both days of Ihe Kansas Advertisers Association, made up of the larger dallies of the state. The program for tho conference in gen- ertt! will consist of round table discussions, instead of arranging a formal program, the journalism department lias sought to make it easy for the editors In various groups to bring up for discussion whatever problems Interest them. Kiitertalnment of tho editors will 'in H university dinner f'rlildy iiig .ir. I rh :;mljcr of Commcree luncheon .uitiifdtiy noon ami i),* Kun *:is -0!.-- •ihoiiut football g .'.ine .Saturday af- rnnoJ). Alcohol, 1SS proof, Formula 3, Leonard Freed of Charge at Olathe Frank Leonard, acquitted by a jury some time ago of the murder charge growing out of the killing ot W. E. Glbbs wealthy old recluse about a year ago. Is once more a free man. Word was received today by Wm. D. Buck attorney for Leonard in the murder trial, that the highway robbery charge at Olathe has been dismissed. Leonard was charged with Dr. Uhls and another former inmate of the Uhls sanitarium with the hold up ot Louis Breyfoglc, a dairyman near the sanitarium last January. Leonard and Uhls were also jointly charged with the murder of Glbbs. Leonard Is back ct his old job tn the Wabash yards at Kansas City, according- to Buck. been seized and a man known as Medlansky, who is said to have left the country, is being sought as the active director, if not .the actual head ot the conspiracy, In which ho Is alleged to have had a dozen or more aides. The killing of Mrs. Mors with which "Kid" McCoy is charged, served Insofar as the conspiracy Is concerned. It Is said, merely to provide tho first definite lead "into the smuggling maze, some of her jew- elr.y„ having been indentltled atter the crime as part of the illicit Imports. A similar lead was opened In Los Angeles Monday with the killing ot Harry I. Kau and officials estimate that "several hundred" persons scattered widely throughout tho country have come Innocently into possession ot the smuggled gems, about half of which they think, will never be Identified. Although much work remains tor tho customs a; juts In searching out further details of the conspiracy, their success thus far has been HUCII that the treasury felt justified tn making public part ot the story as reported by service officials In New York. The smugglers are said to have maintained their headquarters In New York but Pacific coast centers, especially Los Angeles and San Francisco, appeared to have provided their principal markets, judging from the amounts recovered there. Most of the jewelery, agents reported, was purchased by the smugglers In Austria and Germany, with the depreciated currency of those nations, atter some of It had found its way out of Russia. ent. Daughter Killed by father Who Thought She Was a Burglar riaremore, Okla., Nov. 13.-—Vera Russell, 16, who waa shot by her father, Chief of Police W. D. nus- sell, who mistook her ." r a burglar when she returned home from a parly late last night, died today. Clareniore, OUla,, Nov. 13.— Vera Russell, 10, daughter of Chief of Police W. D. Russell of this city lay ut the point of death today following her accidental shooting late last night by her father who mistook her for a burgler when she entered Ihe bac'. door in an effort to avoid iiwakcuing her parents. She had been attending a party. The father will not be arrested, it was said this morning at the sheriff's office, Brookhart Has Light Campaign Expenses Washington. Sow 12-- Senator Brookhart ot Iowa, reported to the secretary of the senate today that In his campaign for reelection he had received contributions amounting to $327 and that his expenditures had totalled J314. He added a note explaining that he "was entertained free cf charge many times in hotels and homes; halls for speaking were all furni"h- ed to ma fvee of charge.; some railroad tickets were bought for me by People In charge ot meetings and many trips in automobiles were furnished free of charge and not Includod In these fjgures." Radical Emma Was Having Pipe Dream Washington, Nov. 13.—Washington officials read with considerable amusement today Emma GoluV man's statement in London that she had been approached by representatives of the American government on the subject of her possible return to this country. It was pointed out that In the same speech she announced receipt of a cablegram from Commissioner General Husband, of the immigration bureau, who speaks for the government on all Immigration questions, saying that the order deporting her would bar her return "forever." "Offiojals generally seemed con tent to let that dispose of the in cident. Marcels Way PICKED UP AROUND TOWN ROLLER SKATES THE FAMOUS UNION LINE In Stock All Sixes—The Price Is Right. • Our Motto: Quality First, then. Price—snd ths Pries Is RlgMt HOSKINS & YOUNG HARDWARE—TIN SHOP (Home of FRONT RANK FURNACE) Phone 3752 22 West First Wear-Ever' Aluminum Boaster J UICY, tempting and dellclout will be your roast — whethei It be turkey, chicken or duck— If cooked In the "Wear-Ever" ronstcr. .Note the many DAILV USES listed below. Truly it It one of the most valuable utensil' a housewife can have. We now ore offering this roaster In alt sites at attractive special prices. 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J„ Nov. 13.—Time keepers cut off ten seconds In two uf tho twelve rounds fought by Luis Firpo and Charlie Woinert here last night, J. Piatt Adams, chief boxing inspector of New Jersey, declared today. "I kne-w positively they wore ten seconds short," Adams said, "as I held a atop watch and timed them." Adams told newspaper men that the rounds were, cut to favor Welii- ert, wiio in one o:' the round.) was in a liuiiKtTiiuo'y open ii.igttloti ou the, ropt». Newspaper men Auve Woluerl the decision. Oklahoma Is one of the greatest producers ot honey. J. S. Simmons has bought a new Studebaker standard eodan. A. B. Leigh, probation officer Is spending several days in Wichita on business. Elden Best, formerly of this city now of Nowton was In the city yesterday visiting with Ed McNaghten. Jim Nash, of the New Santa Fe garage is spending a week in points j ot Missouri visiting with relatives. J. H. Shears and Frank Shears 1 aro in Sylvia looking over some pacing equipment which they mas- add to their present outlay. The first Christmas tree of the j season is the one put up in the show window of the Woolworth store yesterday afternoon. The Blsonto lunch room Is under, going some Interior Improvements. One wall Is-being replastered and tho entire room will bo rei ecorated. Mrs. Mary Roach of Third avc. east, returned last night from Plevna where she was called by the death of her nephew, Henry Holeomb. Dr. L. O. Forney, county physician has found two cases of scarlet fever In Partridge within the last few days, and both cases trace back to Manhattan, he says. Don Search, elevator operator at the First National bank building, went to Emporia this morning on business far a few days. He Is making plans to locate there. J. H. Shears and sons, contractors, who are putting In pavement jn Eljlith are. and Maple street will start Monday on the asphalt surfacing. The paving will run from Eighth ave. to Plum street and on Maple ave., from Ave. A to Third ave. The first claim of the National Guard group Insurunce has been paid according to Bert Berry, ol the Travelers Life who handlos the Insurance. The first member of the guard to die since the Insurance has been taken out la Otis L. Berdlne, of Company 1 of tho 137th infantry ot Wichita. Daddy is a bank president, but Frances Klein proved to him that she could "marcel her way through college." Fifteen other girls at Stephens College, Mo., thought the Idea a good one and successfully tried It. Now on sale at all "Wear-Ever" stores Hutchinson J. C. O'DONNELL HDWE. RORABAUGH.WILEY ORY GOODS CO. Great Bend—P. Bondtirant. Pratt—Hopper Hardware. McPherson—Hawley Hdtve. Co. Dodge City—Nevlns Hardware. Newton—Hogan Stores Co. Larned—A. A. Doerr Merc Cc. Sterling—The Hanlcn Machinery Company. WHO WANTS TO BUY A PARK? assistant general freight agent, "f. tlie Rock Island was here from Kansas City for the hearing. Receives Painful Cut. While fixing an electric erlll last evening Claude Grill, of 13 South " j Adams street sustained a deep Cnnnrv Treaaurer Figures It' B ' 1sh on tl,B upper Up when a pluc0 county treasurer rigures u ]nf (he grm fl( _ w oH nnd pU , rc0(l through his lip and left cheek. Three stitches were taken in the cut. Doesn't Pay to Advertise It for Taxes. A GANG SHOOTING IN CHICAGO TODAY Chicago, Nov. 13. — Willlum Shields was shot and probably fatally wounded today on the soutbslde In what the police described as a gangland fight which is being investigated particularly for any connection with the slaying of Dion O'Banion. Joseph Carvllle, ktiowu as a gangster Is being sought. The shooting occurred In a restaurant. Carvllle is said to hnve been present. According to tho police, he once was acquitted ot a murder charge. EVANGELIST TO TALK TO KIWANIS CLUB The Kiwanls Club will hold Its regular week dinner this evening at tho Chamber of Commerce. Rev. J. C. Maitland, who Is conducting the revival meetings at the First Methodist church will he the speaker. Police Mystified By Katz Slaying Los Angeles, Nov. 13.—Police today admitted themselves mystified by the murder ot Harry 1. Katz, musician, real estate operator and diamond broker, who was shot and killed on the doorstep of his apartment here last Monday night, the latest suspect taken into custody having established an apparo((ly airtight alibi. Chase Carroll, barber and husband of a woman friend ot tho slain man was taken into custody shortly after midnight last night, the second man to be detained for questioning within 'H hours, but after grilling him at some length detectives announced they were satisfied ho was in his barbershop lrhen/Katz was killed, and accordingly released him early today. FORMSR DODGE CITY WEATHER OBSERVER DEAD Because the City ot Hutchinson won't pay taxes on park property. County Treasurer Frank Lewis Is wondering how he Is going to gel his books cleared of a lot of in. paid taxes on lots In what is re" a city park, Carey park. The aggregate Isn't large, much more than $100 wortli In Under the law the county treasu Is supposed to advertise the nnd tracts for sale If the taxes not paid. "But tho amount of tax is " seven or eight cents on each lo explained tho (treasurer, "and costs tlfteen cents per lot to adv Use them for sale." Nobody would buy them In. If : did. And the city doesn't '• r whether the county issues a • deed or not. The county commissioners try to persuade the city comn: slou to pay the taxes and en; the county treasurer to clear u his records In some way. Discovers Amazing New Albany, N. Y.; Nov. 13.—George T. Todd, for nineteen years meter- ologist and weather observer In the United States weather h,ureau in this city, died yesterday of heart dis.ease. He was 58. He had been in the government weather bureau service for more than 35 jteara, serving previously at Wichita, and Dodge City, Kansas. Alcohol, 1SR proof, Fnriiratii Bflc per gal.; 2Ue per quart. H. 1 Gales, .Service million. 13-lt Perches placed on u littht, house by the British Royal society for iho, protection ot birds' have become confused by the lights, from neutrly 1,000. a night to less than that number in a whole soason. Plan Masquerade Dance. Mrs. Bertha Worrel, Mrs. Eva May Johnson and John Worrel were taken into the Yeoman lodge luBt night. During the business which . fallowed plans were tnado for a 5, | Thanksgiving masquerade dance Nov. 211. Those on the entertainment committee are: John Smilli, Richard Sutloii and I'M llugau. A heuofil dunce for the lodge home concluded the evening's meeting. ' Friday 's Prayer Meetings. Prayer meetings in connection with the revival campaign at the First Methodist church are scheduled for tomorrow morning as follows: No. 1—Mrs. \V. H. Buck, 305 Ave A East. No. 2—Mr. R. H. Clearwater, 317 Second Ace. east. No. 3—Mrs. W. A. Dawson, CIS Third Ave. east. No. i —Mrs. O. B. Zenor, 520 Sixth Ave. east. No. 5—Mrs. G. W. Norrls, 301 Twelfth Ave. east. No. 6—Mrs. Chas. Peterson, 2S Ninth Ave. west. No. 7—Mr. Bert Oswalt, 109 Sixth Ave. west. No. 8—Mrs. Mary McVay, 109 Ave. A west. Oak-, a V.:.:l::i 3 Man Finis New Har .-i-ilecs R-medy Which Healed Himself. MEDSKER HEADS FARM BUREAU AT LANGDON T. R. Modsker, one ot the prominent Langdon township farmers was chosen Farm Bureau vice- president for that township at a meeting which WUH held at Langdon last night. Mrs. Q. G. Wright was re-olected its adult loader of the boys' and girls' club. R. W. Morrlsh, state leader of boys and girls club work from Manhattan was present at the meeting and made a speech about boys and girls club activities. C. C. RATE HEARING CONDUCTED IN The liitersluto Commerce Commission held u heiiring here today at the poBtofflce. The subject before the commis.-lon was tho Alcohol, 1S8 proof, Formula =j, SOc per gal,; 20o per quart. H. L. I through rates on the Kansas and Sales, Sorvics Station, f 13-lt I Oklahoma railroad. J. C. La Coste, Before 1 go into details I think you will be Interested In learning who I am and how 1 came to discover (his remarkable remedy. For twenty-six years 1 was a traveling salesman working out of Sioux Falls, for several machine companies. I hud boen an asthma sufferer ever since I was 10 years old, tor 27 years in fact, and suffer, ed Intensely most of the time. Hardly a night passed but I would have a smothering spell and would have to sit up and sthoke myself with powders so 1 could get a little sloop. I wish you could, talk to the different hotel keepers over my territory and could hear from them how I suffered, how for nights and nights I could not get a wink ot sleep. How 1 had to Bit up, wheezing and choking all nlghl long—how 1 didn't ilara to lie down for fear I would strangle to death. How I continually smoked myself with different asthma powders only to get a Uttlo temporary relief. Finally fifteen years ago after taking every socalled "cure" that I hoard of, I discovered purely by accident this remarkable remedy which entirely freed mo from the suffering ot asthma. It is now over fifteen years since I first , started to tako this remedy and CITY i less than six months after start- 1 ing lo take tills remedy I have hci .ii free from the tortures ol usilima. I will gladly explain lo you free of charge or to anyone who writes to mo. W. H. Kitsch- man, Room 8, DT., Lucotah Bldgj Sioux Falls, So, Dak.— Ady,

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