The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 19, 1987 · Page 23
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 23

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1987
Page 23
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THE BAYTOW.N SUIS UW11V PAGBNT- Clnwtt Moew. Wednesday. August 19, 1987 11-B .OSO.M .CatJO .BUjO vtMctxrumt : • . «3» Cl-ITIU ot «MT») -1AIK CDOLJCD ENGINU-Pans, sale i«nd service. AuUionwd : Dealer lor Onan, (Cooler, Tecumjeh, Bn 'too. Uwa Boy, TonvGrws i Jotasco, McLaw IATOWN.MX UUU AMD KTTt- AKC. Qaa- CatHa-WJ. POFBCT troUNC- Oboaeaee Bott- tempenoes. Champae Moofime OF AI Cafl a-5a»L LOfAKX-Littic babKS. baad feedaf. 3 weeto oil baby Coctttiell. CaB at- PUK- 5 ncoai old tiiaek Lib t btaci POODUB, AKC- _ Irttt- Mik 8«»0e and Hoai mix. I- Friday i SKar- ly. 5 aa. MoriEf Safe. Coaches, baby OLDttULJ - Honda;. I»5, FVe LINE ROCK-US 15 per ton Driveway mattriaL Delivery available. ARROW RED1-MLX. INC., 7106 N. : Hifbny M. JO-SK. GttJONIHP Girdea tiller. H«. STMWorttS-OS. HOTTWEILOS— Etpstirta. KT5 NegoOaolt CaB a cake F us&ef. Cad oe3y. CSudres'i xaooj r. <TT< aoii c&a^s. kXI Of SBC. OUVX, M»- Wei. t Tsars. M. Piia- rJBgs. teas, faraiare. aew 1MO i15 SV tire, seboo! ekxtes. t man! MEMUal TO UXCC SKIMP- ISO -1 fcs_ Sl(» per &. 58 Ibi, Sl^S per &. »- 1- Air nailers i stiplers. Saks, service t rentals. Sort* Main Rental CaKer. 1«0 S. Main. <S-5SS ducts. efticte^rJk^' GBS>eii ' !W * "•"'r B*jw«'s"«»*si«<s& ducia. chickens, I nrttv STj-iw. AFRESH SHRIMPDAHY in**** (Mill HMM ill •0-33UM8 a YEA*. OLD MARS- Very Must sell. HO) Call t»-«)4 or C7-IS6S asj psrta! BJ.'s Greccaa. 58S Part ! tn-un PALMETTO, a»- Paietes. Tiers. 1 Fri. *-». .No early bads! IsfisL woewa. oea t tMterasty: cjotts Sic-oxs i craSs. MIDICAL KXCXPTIONIST- * for (COUPLE XEXDED- Wife to massage, Pttjsiciias office. Dsbes sacJaw m-[ sanact igj eoBecnas Socse afSce a- pgTgctbriycaLCaIlCS-H»i. Wffi hirasS axjbfle tame ii aiary. Soc ojateSossoas 4 »je te: ioo>; LC.U. o«iioi far prints <*zy in re&ef staffiec £jt & tsoers 1 salines ORDINANCE NO. 1T74 AN ORDKAMCX PltOMD£?iG rOR THE EXTENSION OF CERTAIN BOUNDARY LOUTS OT THE cmr of IAYTOWS,, TEXAS, AND THE ANNEXA Map Records of Hams Couaty Texas, and besng more pjr uciriarly described *s folio-* s: BEGINNING at & point oc tbe e.v istmg city Hmit line which i ri»r^T_ ^uu./ A«*«I r* ~'~r- I TION Of FOREST GATE SUB-! lhe eastenuno<tt caraer CaS ,' ~ MATUU: DOXV1DCAL- Veoed to care fee ja&at 45; tear oid IB ay aoeat DIVISION AND 3ttss!»i«<artreferexes.O«S«- AREA, WHICH SAID TERRITORIES LIE ADJACENT TO ADJACENT PABSLEY, S PAKT-nitt L7S- aesdK fcr toes!: ^eciaSj Jt D office. Prtrans office j ocpenescoi preier*! Tffi trsa: jar && Sc AVON AM) ADJOW THE .. BOUNDARY LOOTS FOR THE County. Teas: CITY Or BAYTOWS, TEXAS. Jec&ns HaUway Part lying oc the bjroer line Between the ChristJoc A-6S aod tne Davic Sorvev A-591. Harris PATSY DKIVK. Ttersuy serf. sooe ooriag iai sooe afttraooc «an.' jSsad rescuea: Z3rarzSss.P.0 SOT•' ! ~ "-"":. Saywra. TX.77SS. ! iod Uos eicGKS ««J iots ziore. _ _ G10W YOCITOWS WATCHDOG! ! ca* aifc Jffipies *sa reai per- KXDBKKXY BILL M- Ttasrs. 1 Fn Ijwn so»er. IS ea. ft. rejnsgrstar, eSeoric gaiir, rerasH. t U a i!-7 zjfis for KB bed IscBsy.; a person: Sao Beassca, Bad, oysa- sbefis. «4S« roct t tart AXC &EGISIER£D— Mtalatnre SE PROUD or rtxm COG_ hm or her cbniiean m cdy t Claws airting SMC t>. Mill. Cafl IB • E D I C At; JM5im.ASCI/COLLECnOSS- far jssrgeoo's office. Sos* eo*neo«' ' preferred Sead resase so ? 0,3d VST.' Bayto'wn Employment Service j WHEREAS, there being no re- iqoest for an "co-site" hearing, jrwo puobc heanujs before the Ci- ;ry Council of the City of Bayuwn. i"* STexas, utiere all laserested per-' deS!:nS>e!: ' | sons were •provided s-ith as op- iniEE DTTC6- ?rw otL- »an*. swn ter Ba Jr oat. i is t. Fcratare. csrccs «te«is. 1 iporamity to be beani on tbe pro- iposed anosxatioo of tbe property .josscribed m Section 1 of this or- einaoce. were he'd, one at 7:OJ THENCE Nortis 09 deg.. 57 nun « sec. West t called Norto 10 oeg <K f"'y 00 sec. West) along toe ex- city tlrast !iM being;, also, line o£ true aereir. tract a distance o.' 3S6.6S !«i •, called 3*5 8 Jw. :• to a 1 perKoce, SECRETARY— J12O- Ercdtes sj> ! SEJ sfcffls Ior Scsr oest Diaeatrv- inch iron pipe found for corner. THENCE North SO deg. JS mio, 33 sec, Eaa icsiled North W deg sa East I along tbe Nortn City Couscfl CJianiber of tise City Hail of tbe City oi Baytown. Tsias. whjcfc tiaie is not more forty t-W> nor iess ^'"^^ (20^ US4.20 fe«£ to a S. inc6 iroo ; !oi2K for coroer in tjue West i ive: I ETire. giUjyje^ Iocs of * -• — - o*... -„_, ^ «_ ;te eariy tares: Tsorin! 7tei ^ Twer ^ Oaaaehw i WHEREAS, notices of succ Best atoog toe East toe a; aiis tract, corsraon ^ une of Raccoon Drive, a i SAN JACIMTO WETHOOIST HOSPITAL HOME HEALTH AGENCY Now Offers RN's^LVN's The Best of Both Worlds • MEDICARE HOME VISITS • PRIVATE DUTT NURSING • HOSPITAL STAFF RELIEF BENEFITS AVAILABLE: • FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING • SPECIALIZED UNIT SKILLS TRAINING • HOSPITAL INSERVICES • CPU CLASSES • GENEROUS SALARY • BAYTOWN & TRUCOUNTY AREA ASSIGNMENTS Pleite ctll for mM'trwiM! information and inttnritw appointments. /i'lethGdist Jccinlo Mtlhodltl Ho»pll*l M«rci« Koch Hem* HMlth Agtncf Dirtctor ?1 Prict St., S*iit* 105 Muficoi Pl«o BwiUing Baytown, Tx. 77520 713/420-1609 £0[ i ! S81AXWMO. U:3S. 3cyr irjct-m. t ! Tiers, t Frt I-J»'Ts 1 i ?«). !ain TBQKPSOK, 4 PrxiiT 3*r i stooK. ewca, large «Koes's docfKs. aee'i I Eifs dctse. Vxs acre aisc. MCAfB «D. MS- W 1MEDKAL T1U.XSOUPTJOK1ST- For Gcoc tjpE| * experience recoiled. CSEMY POKT, 13B»- TSsrscav I us ; E. WALUSVTLLE. JFrnay.M •fll OC. m:- Em. ;Sij Vars.Sale' aesca-i jsalsry reoairenenss ta: ». CXDAB 3AYOU LVSCH5OBG. tC»- TScrsiJ?' * KndJjr. !se«spapcr aavicg general cir- m tbe City of Sayuwa,' ? lEn cav of Julv • sec - West aSoog toe South iitw of ^T^l.Te^lLViin tto^idtanceofUia. ra-enty (20) aor less than te= -, 10.' days prior : to tbe date of sach j tract. aix: wttiiin tbese calls W.73SS acres of land. SUKMAHY 1 i SOGSE PALSTISG- k HOCK KtBisr. ! Law Prses-EnsBest Wort CaE W. CEDAK BAYOO LYSCHBCK.i SBI— ^*eiirtesszy i Tias^iay. i to Tire* Sisaies. A larft TITKT . • 900OZCPEK— Far iscrsace ofS». i A: ieas 1 year ejuaaieaeg s Myraii i! rjr repora. MESS be -riSia tej IOT Saas-Semcs-Pms lor Scao. Grsss WHEREAS, tie total corporate! I area of tbe City of Bayto-sTLi Teias. on tbe 1st dav of Jan-jarv. I _. ' io«- ..--», — " , ", "be areas prooosed for annexa- 1867. was Sj , square mttes: and i ^ „,„, ^.^3^- ^.^ WHEREAS, the populaooo of the City of Baytowa. Texas, is ap-i proiiiaatejv 53.166 inhabicancs. ; aad WXST ?CAKX Across Jrotai : j GB-OfTHAM. ai— Ttassiz; . rnaay 1 •-!•• fc**« i j ManagSale! j ottS 59 Backlog left by preoocs boat- i I laps. JtsK be ante a :tes? ofScs nst-! < Salary atgBbablt Can <S«1L oexatMos are sc&eduleii for Hall. AMWAY PRODUCTS SiiL T J3 ^^e^^ lSR£ -^- [1 « 0 « 1 <«-' tescris « i J3 olh MYnoe-PlBS' 3ru Z s,St.-ztto = : iemU) f esbew:ilil!tiieex ? 2le '" J ! Tsosae. WSCCBSS. i Koete Bntal nU3na! J"ns<ljctx>c of -die Cny of 1 .Air CM* &*«. IB W. TaM.-^-jBav-to^a-Texas: anc! t EAWTflOBSE. 1*1— Ttors -Sat rtai j art Sis;- eess. poos: to srii : Dtsoes, | [ ?«a. jr»e!r», b t HAZEL. }4*1- ITfcorv.. 4 FT... f:W joa. B-Srasrator. j jfrsotr. israsrt t SUK. tees. ,«»o,i letter Art by Ortiz Grfl Sbop i K=i neasamt *t rest oasxx tacies Taerscay. Fruiiy, i Saarsay Cacae 4 «« oor seiecrjDE «t Seaa! ! EGHLA.MK: m JCKO3 M>- Tbcri. f t Fn aetef-TKor OTOQ ITS CLO— Aoaptag apptics-1 iocs tar baneaoers, tartttcta. ca-r^a | Sdereacs irsilsafe. ,*iteas«s aad cat jockev JkaoK «: :. . • CaH-CT-SSTS | DffiECTOit- ior Saya?^: '. jArcs. Colltte cnres .-Kroiret i ESCELLEST LCCATRW- Used or i j SacJE^mxi in social reiaiec ^wt 4 igg. 3 stall repair srjop, aowle bcoi ; eoizaetef: Salary open. Prssea: Soe&sr i acs Svnt qsaners. Price is raSL - 1 - tie pstfcc Preozrt erzas. Seai! CKIZL'SREALTY" a P.O. Sa aa. :y LJrnijs lines. -[WHEREAS, the betow oescribe!l!fPt c ^._ Se ^' ice __f"^ ltts tor eacr iterritones lie adjacent to and ad- ;joia the Ctty of Bayiowa. Texas; j NOW THEREFORE. I!BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF '.JRAYTOWN, isecbon 1: That tbe described land and territories)y- teg acjaceat to an aoxsiniag tbe WATHNS PRODUCTS - Betaad Stirsa's : TB«I 4 CCTTETV Btaory Siioe. 5eus.-tojL «o3 rtsaae »; p.o 5oxsi.5i«sw5,rx77sn i Par. i CAfflDBS- StKart «otaa= prrferrel i XEOO- s di} 1 . Afttr- MBBC4Ar.lortieaeaarj.Mes ssans and fieid notes are on !Ue »1U> tbe City Cler* and available As a result of these annexauocs, no additional Citv buiictoes. veaicles or personnel -ATI! i>e required. of and shall hereinafter be included wttnin tbe aoondary liraits of tne Qty of Texas, liiala of such City, itae various points conti£uous toi i tiie areas !>ereinaJler descri£>e<l. j are altered and araeodeti so as te! •5775 AX ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 11. "ELECTRiaAL CODE," OF THE CODE OF OR- s - o ScfiSta? cres. Ssjoaramj Knfias car-i !Bi »ei 4 T>isri M B.4CV Trji : « O! ra o «-TaeKn«!ooaLO6-J««_ I * 7" »•* FREE Wp i^OfXi*^^^ ^d^l^^^^^^^H Ecoocc^yisadraaa^l^ye,.-! iraflati^stSEirr*, K=-ii JC?iu=ni ; KSTN1» MAJUOEl XttDCD-Ftr ipaswart r .a>pp«-»trt ccoOoeti I pv<r-^ ar« arapasi' Eoenocr a ' MADttEtAJOE SUrTRVTSOa- Ei-|3iDy invited so ataad. ^ae» A«e. ot>; ttess. czruat 'taniee^c of kwi "'•^-••- .gjuiied '?eneacpl XaS h»w rdefiocts AirjT.3 Grjy.Co=miaaer : Qoeaz* aS sao- ^rps SCE'V larpe ! &»<1 alary wss maxim siad resaaae ieor«aoonja( ecwneoce nsjereil Ca!; | «"J.Ast«i»t Recorter JTV Nrtr, r^rs. iwj- is Tbe Say.evs Ssn, P 0. V* suea. of SEE EXHIBIT-A" Sectioa J: Tbe aoove describee: territories and Ibe areas so as- 11-14, I "MASTER ELECTRICIANS;" i SECTION U-JS, "MASTER SIGN I ELECTRICIAN:" SECTION 11- Ix. MAINTENANCE ELECTRI- i» tJCpiixast, >eeci> i reprejeatacws j Bernes area. SB* Says j •«*. l:» tc {STATED COWrUMCATION- ••i.> «iss if aaiz ac.wi ama!r«. Sols X. CaE KVSai tr afk; i IJT; S* ic«>s»Cre<4 LOCK No. nc AFaa :35p.a. AU Scjoors- jBayt r. O ajmses troa Horace. cr9!p4C rataj." ' iyto«ii. Texas, and the property j [ so added bereby snail bear its pro 1 I rau of ttie taxes lened by tbe City I iof Baytown. Texas, and tbe ia-j : habitants thereof sivall be entitled j ' to all of tbe riciits and p-vileces J jof all Use citrrrrff of tne City of' i SaytouTi and shall be bound by jtne acts, ordinances, resohrbons, and regulations of tne City of ra. Texas. jSEctioa 3: la accordance »i£h !TEX.RE\VCIV.STAT,. art. }tne service plan prepared by the ICity for proi-idlng munidpaj ser- Uices to tne annexed areas is at' fucbed as Exhibit "B" and tj!| SECTION U-tL -FEES;" SECTION 11-75. "REQUIREMENTS ENUMERATED:" PROMDING A REPEALING CLAUSE: CONTAINING A SAVINGS CLAUSE: AND PROVIDING FOR THE PUBLICATION AND EFFEC TIVE DATE HEREOF. SAN JACINTO METHODIST HOSPITAL it presently building o new Medical Center complex at the corner of Garth and Baker Rd. to provide for our present growth and planned expansion into high- level acute care services, providing the latest innovations in Healthcare. We are seeking RN's with experience in • EMERGENCY NURSING • MEDICAL/SURGICAL NURSING • ICU NURSING • NEO-NATAL ICU • PSYCHIATRIC NURSING RN RELIEF NURSING SUPERVISOR We are also seeking a seasoned RN with management experience to fill the Department Head position of: NURSING MANAGER We have all the great benefits you're looking for PLUS: • IMMEDIATE MOOO RECRUITMENT BONUS • Tuition Benefits • Weekend Differential LVN'S • Part Time • All Shifts • Critical Care Experience RESPIRATORY CARE PERSONNEL • tCP, RUT *r CUTT Certified EDUCATIONAL COORDINATOR/ INFECTION CONTROL OFFICER * RN wttw cwTOWf license •xpenencM HI Nif ectwfis •itMM end mkreefoiiay preferred. •fplic.iufi mvy M*4 • r«MMM w •ppty m pwiwi. l1« <* VICKIROMIRO HUMAN RESOURCES Df MRTMENT nOIDfCRERDRlVl MTTOWN, TWAS 77S10 713/420-8690 HIGH SCHOOL/COLLEGE STUDENTS Pirt litie - EmiBgs 4 Satwtiys The Houston Post Circulation Soles Department is now offering a unique pan time opportunity for fast learning, motivated individuals with a desire to earn for in excess of minimum wage for hisr"her time. • Paid Training • Transportation Provided For more information coll or 840-6756. For IT YOC AXE SEW TO THE AB£A",Se«T» tossxaen!, tnx±> 4 cari Varcojaad are tooOat, tor i seaSTjorDood Et)osota Resar. !sc C»S 7»*n-i«wrcJi a«ae. cfteck the Scodj) i Section 4: Tats ordinance shall bet :«a». .Q^-' 805 DIRECTORY. It ocSaa pubitsned and passed ta toe man- i E1PEA1X.SCED MAMTENANCX : )«eao«w aw! xrm jcfleenlei »1sai ner provided <a Article 1. Section j ' ...... _ • -•— .__„, 9. of tbe Charter of the City of Baytown, Texas. INTRODUCED, READ and on the FIRST DREADING tills the 13th day of For MobikHooe Part iCaiicusa. <E X P E »I E N C E D BARMAID ! SEEDED- SS Sects Xiffi CHW. EXOTZMEyrTHA* PAVS the Trutj Ars»- Nadocil GaM tan a |' REQUEST FOR BIDS ON TEXAS HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION Sealed proposals for constructing 1SS miles of replacing bridges and approaches at Oyster Creek and on CR 228 at Oyster Creek OR and «ber| "«• («O>er nferaaaw. ' oadaale. A j»rH b< ** !l cac c^ulifv voc tor • coaS4c * Teresa TtHcnaacc »r Les Marks Unemployed? low income-Need e Career? New federally funded program Coll Today to see if you qualify Vogue College Admissions 453-7201 1226 UvaMt - Houston baitni twt&repmfr CaniracOoc ei letv Qweri, wA *ii«ci in tht HVKA W.C.TO)- EXPERIENCED aoden si Iron; Apply ai XI \ H>7 Baywra. C7-S77t CR, cov«r«l by BKO U1S>X & BRO III MIX in Krazoria County. »ill bt ftt*lt«d at UK Stale /s-'ErnroeaO.Hutto Department at rtlpr»avs and EMJJETT O-Hl/TTO. 1 puWic Tr?nsporut»n. A«in an- Mayor |tfl 7:W Scptonber 10. 1S8T. land Uvei; put-iiciy opened -arxl iread. TSis contract is subject to all ap- propnaie Federal law*, tncladjni: Till* VI of trie Civii RignU Act oj 19W. Plans and specifications :n clixSiag rainimum »aise rates as provided by La* are available lor icspecuoa at the office o! Richard L McDormW, Resident Engineer. Angteton Texas, and at the State Department of Highways anc Publre TransportaUon, Austin. Texas. BidtJinp proposils are to be requested from the Construction Division, DC. Greer Slate Ktgbwav Building. Uir. and Brazos Streets, Austin. Te*as TS701. Plans are avaiiatle ATTEST: .'s^l.>T>da Kilgore LYNDA KILCORE. Deputy City CVert .APPRO\"ED: s..'RANDALL B. STRONG Randall B. Strong. ANNEXATION HELD FIELD NOTES FOR FOREST GATE SUBOI\'IS1ON Being a 10 T389 acre tract out of tne David McFadden Sun-cy. Abstract No. S91. Harris County. Texas, said tract being Lot One U> Block Six v6> of CEDAR BAYOU ESTATES, as recorded under Vohune 2S. Page 3 of the through coauaerc;al pnnsers in Austia, Texas, at ti>e expense of Usual ngfits reserN-ed I4€, j •UTUKK HOOSECEEPER- Tc vide cart lor : ytxni ciiiret MooO<y. t -1 Caill C3^C ber^eer. 5 i n DIRECTOR OF NURSING We're ARA Living Center, a rxj;>onally recognized leoder in health core services. We hove on exceptional oopOfTuniry ior you ro grcm- professionally. We're looking for on experienced nurse wirh rhe desire to move ahead as you Supervise & maintain the highest Qualify ot nursir>g core. If you possess leodershio obilities i have the Oesire to direct one of our oreo fociliries. pleiose coil: MARH.rH SMtTN (HtCEN *0»D CONVALtSCENT OENTEIt 20QO 427-4774 EOE M.T MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN *im. Tins Clns A v I Yikicrt OpmMrt Li- cnst, wiimm Snfc C Certi- ficitt ii sirtact wiMr, 3-5 mre nptriMct. P.I.IHOI iTi.TTED PINK Tl MUST 21ST HI JMCO DDJVEXY SERVICE- Seeds errver. BBC han p«-tajp track »Ti headache rack, CaE OMOS1, GESntU. OTFlCe— Uamre perse Sooe •«» tnr.ieo.t- BSO nxna to sail Fcr SEE DID— Eiperieaced floor matrHrn»iKT penofi tor 100 bed tacitltv Appfj m pence. 3»K) Beaaraont WXDtD- Pir.-uoc laoadry Mp plrnpersoo ataXBeausuBt. IWflt imjIT—rTieceptJocrs Denied F«au«jc oppormaKjes at Faoastic W A^ntCHBS ?QkBZNt&™* toe* >H shifts. Apply In penoc oaty. Hilliard's Rotwraot, latcncctni of HIT. w 4 F.M PAKT-TTJtt— Your ante EmDen: m- COEX.. No nrvesunent. ASSJST.V<T SAU5 HAXACER SOBtLEHOXES Bwepay - bonus 3C-3S»6. GO AHEAD LAUGH Take a toIMJzne « pan-time fob «Hit Rrt Litflter and enjoy. We believe n har4 vQflL- ABO w ocxieve It can be (mat rt*x. We and enerf«ic. outnoira; people «)» vat* to nake trierxS «tu> tbeymakenaiey. •Wilten •Bartenders WtOtlw -Great Suram Salary TtWV»e»twmi WaK to tam more' Cmw oy wd air Manager Oils veet. M' I m. or J-» p» atO7Il«.B»Tlr«rn,Te««T75Jl REDLOKTER NOTICE OF lit? MTaVCII VI TAX RATE FOR THE CITY OF MONT BELVXEU Tbe purpose of triis aodce Is to triform j-ou about your taxes Tbe 1987 effective lax rate is a tax rale t,'iai ««iW krvy tbe same amount o( operating taxes the taxing unit levied last year on property Uvpd in both years, plus the amount toe unit needs to pay certain long terra debts mis year The ra;c :s calculated as follows : tiW total tax leiy: ................................ ' ................................ ji.S7.7V> 7; Less Uxes tor 19« debt J?*S appraisa! roU errors, and adjustments for tos: value ..... -*Wi.s« i«' Equals adjusted tMC mamtenace * operations levy: ................................. SSS4.1S7 •.«:• 1«T total tax base: . . ......... ..................... ....... . . ......... ...... ...... H,lC.ii57.«5 ,A'» Less adjustzneats for \*alue of new property : ...... ... .................. . ............ -si.iwoKi w Equals adjusted 1SS7 t«x base: ....................................... ...... . .Sl.lGO.Ki.ti? ••«.> Tbe adjusted 1»« levy dl\-ld«l by the adjusted 1967 tax base and multiplied by 100 equals the the effective maintenance fc operations tax rate: . Plus rate to correct for appraisal roB errors:.. ............................. Plus rate needed to pay debts and obligations: Equals 1987 effective tax rate: ......... ................................... ... . S 07tt»Xi. Jl w ... ........... S.14W67, r $10S JWT effective tax rate: ........... . ................. ............. .............. s.i«S67 per $100 of value Tbe maximum rate the governing body can adopt without publishing notices and holding a bearing Is: ........... , ............. > ................... i.uswT per sioo o! value Toe maximum rate the governing body can adopt before taxpayers can initiate rollback petitions Is: ........... ................. ...... " ............... J.156S*S per SIOO ol value This nodce contains a summary of the calculations used to determine this year's effective lax rate You can inspect tbe full calculations at 1111 Avenue A. SCHEDULE A: UwmantarM Fwd B*lann» This taxing unit estimates that the following balances will be left In the unit's accounts at the end of the fiscal year. These balances art not encumbered by a corresponding debt obli gaum Balance K5.4S8.00 7,000 (72.46800 tax revenues lor ToUl Payment Sl.BW 2K.MS ••,«•.• .•m.m.m tm.m.» ±m:m.n GENERAL FUND INTEREST AND SINKING SCHEDULES This taxing unit estimates that the unit will pay the following amounts out of property long-term debts that are secured by property taxes OtMr Ajnmaata tobePaM 1973 Gen. Obligation Bond 1*79 Public I in pro v^c incrtt Bonds TlM T» a* P*« MM 11.«B 146.M5

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