The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 16, 1932 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1932
Page 8
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XXOHT THE DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK, MD.. MONDAY, MAY 16.1932. "Central Cross" HORIZONTAL 1BT 4 Made a bottom on a shoe. « What I; S. cabinet officer v:is a fcsscer governor of the IsIaadsT inis as of to PrerioBS Puzzle ZS3 Q EEllJ 3U occu saga sum u H E^ UfflQ ss arcs D :- 9 Pigmented part of the eye. 11 To set up a polf ball 13 Measure of cloth. 44 Superior? IT Flaccid. IS Paid pubUcitr 19 Each Jl Opening for escape of air. 23 Head of the United States » Children's Bureau. t4 Chisel for cut- tiap V-shaped greaves. 25 Pre-aenaJe ei- tensiing out over the water 25 Exclamation. ;S Before Chrirt «S Spirited. 30 Branches of learning. 52 Epoch. ~3 To doposd. 34 Timber on which a win- Jew frame "6 Preps. 35 Deposited. 40 To preclude ·11 Edge of a cup VERTICAL 1 Balanced 2 Tree genus 3 To recoil 4 Eye tumor 5 Drone be* 6 Sorrowful 7 Nothing. SOficia! statements of fact» 10 Barbarians 11 Bon* of the 1*512 Glo-» Ins coal. 15 President of Turkey 16 F* 17 To drink dog fashion. IS Devoured ;0 Port :oii of a ciri !e Z: Ti. attempt THE GUMPS By SIDNEY S Sitting Pretty I'VE (yON^ THROUtrW IT AtX- WAlY TIU. HE'S BEEN MARRIED AS WAVE- YHI% i-OVEY BOVEY STUFF rS Al-t- RTtiMT- THIS KI^S AKto MAKE BUSINESS, -- TW£Y CAM WAVE THEIR I.OVE- BUT 1 HAVE FOUMD ANE » WAVE REARMED THE IDEAl. ^TATE OF MA NMEN» WvV WIFE MORE WORRIES ABOUT BA1.D HCAD AND MO WHETHER. -SHE DOES 0.4. NOT-- A ^JAMfc- AN 1DEAJL COUPLE! VNWV SUE'S- MAX ABOUT HIAA / \NUO DO YOU -TMIMK. I AA^T OM TM£ STREET MOW " NtMRlETTX- AMt WtJAT DO YOU TUIKIK. MA'S AW£ TO/Vx WAVE MACk A AAXOF -- i DON'T Ae-OOT- BOT 'S A COUI»ue OF I HONE YMOONt RS- THEY C»OT A JLOT OF OVER-- TAKJ6S BETWEEN4 THEM.- 31 Ti!!i- of c«ur J««? 3* SU arlel 37 Ever (contra/ (ion) 39 Kimono sash. i MUTT AND JEFF Oh-Yeah? I By BUD FISHER /MUTT, LOOK AT Trie I POOCH TH/YT OUOWED , AS STVIBBORW A Mute, ON- Be A v*t (rtfe HoKAfcTWvw REG'LAR FELLERS By BYRNES \ BOOTS AND HER BUDDJES Getting Set! By I COKiMO '. P.U. WE BCTV X Y4MOW A 9V OP TOR ME MOW ) Tom: i hcpe we'll agree after j we're married. i Tess: Maybe you won't at first, i but you'll soon learn to. . ! THE BUNGLE FAMILY George Is Consoling--To Himself By TUTHILL "Jack'» nose is a regular weather ·Ignal." "How's that?"* "Sure sign of a storm when hi* wife *ce» it red." WILLING TO RISK IT In kissing, many germs may pass. A claim that scientists advance. But when we see a pretty lass. We feel i n c l i n e d to take a chanc* OH GEORGE YOU'D TAUC DIFFERENTIA IF I HAD SLAMMED THAT DOOR IN OAKDALE'S FACE. HE'S THE: ONE WHO DESERVED IT. IMAGINE ME MAKING SUCH A MISTAKE.,..EVEN IN A DIM WHAT THAT MAN A SNEAK.? CH GEORG PLEASE EH MOSS CAREFUL IN YOUR REMARKS. WHY rss IT'S TOUGH BOT WHY NOT LOOK AT nr THIS WAY? HE, EL DORADO, SURPRiSED YOU AND YOU SURPRISED HIM. VWY SHOULD HE COMPLAIN? IMAGINE SUCH A TK;NG HAPPENING TO THAT MAN, ABOVE ALL OTHERS. A MAN WHO HAS MILLIONS, A YACHT TWO OR THREE HOMES, EVERYTHING. OH GEORGE BUNGLE T JUST MAKES MY HEAD SWIM TO SEE HOW UNCONCERNED YOU I ARE ASOUT ME SLAMMINC THAT DOOR IN MR. 6L DORADO'S FACE, UNDER THE IMPRESSION HE YOU THOUGHT HE WAS LOST IN FUGHT. WHY DID HE PRACTICALLY HAVE PHONED. ONE DAY H£ WELL JO, THINGS LIKE THAT JUST WILL HAPPEN WAS IN THH SOUTH '\ THE MORE I THINK ··; OF DAY HE POPS UP YOU CALLING ··-/SiHlM, THE BiGGSS MAN IN TOWN, A SNEAK... 1 OUR HALL LIKE SOMEONE; WHO'S ,, SNEAK. UP TO THIS OOK1-T VCXJ OUGjMTA MlMELl OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS \ THE NEWFANGLES (Mom and Pop) The News Is Out! By COWAN "I don't like that girt'« idea o? wit. She say* she's eating next to nothing." "Where's the harm in that?" "She sat next to me at dinner." "What did the judge do to that ; young man who stale the diction- i aryr~ "He gave him a long sentence to work cut" _=s^:^^TM l ir- ! ; -. ^.^^m_^ h^TV- : \";".- ; J_. '_Cv_" - "I hear you intend to teach aftei you graduate." "Yes, and I have the man ilreadj picked cut,TM *·-_---·-.-=» -----, -- - - -. -.1 - ~ r; * . - . - - { p--. --·- HAVE \ TUE eu. o? IHE AMD SO AGuSTA^ .You iANJD \ '"^ I ELOpiMG ' VJONS'T ! D " £ VMOQLD BE S?^! vS 1WS3 POcT \ /3vn TvicV'CE I N L ] GO\MG "KEEP H£3/ ( uovjt'. AiWuocr.rLu! GO OUT MO BQ\MG tUcM. OH,EXCUSE .V£.-\ \vmv, VES..\ · _ - _ ,._-_ . i HOPS I'IA j AM- i VSXM ^.StC^t , BUT NiOT 2*r r T\KiLx J VOu'RC "ivSc. I VOU V ELOPE I rwv So Hi^E \ v«PPY I CCutt) CT3V 1 n' SVCST I UEi-RD !! : p, 1P E»RfiC-iiVf.»com

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