The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 1, 1948 · Page 14
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 14

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 1, 1948
Page 14
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SoapBoxDerhy "Trials Are Run Se*p Box Derby race courss titt««m«c 'Wednesday revised timates ot the length and speed ._, the selected route east on Patrick street from JeSerson. as six i- handsomely finished entries tried L out the track from a fi%-e-foot romp start, before an enthusiastic fmllery dissipated by rain. '·- H*adsome:y ntted coas^ruction "- marked the boy-built racers as the soap-box pilois attemed speeds In excess of 30 miles psr hour down the West Patrick s:reet bill, past College avenue. Prizes ere award- .ed not only for speed b_: for "workmanship of the bu.lders Edward 13. Thurrr.o-:. held the focus of *· ^ ? :cr appearance of hLs c=r. Tr.e ce?ut.fuily streamlined al_n-.l: u-. bc-cy design was set o:T b s ;ob of black Ieathero:d-upholi-.ere3 :::ter- ior. Peter Fabrsey. 332 We-: Co'Ic-^o Terrace,,-' of '-. " ^"- ~who will no: be !'. urt.l rcxt week, appeared .n s. ::e_: c .-.·."_?- lion painted s".sr:"2 re_, proved rurisbshty 3-: x eu-h the «JD of a well-know r; :ca' -or;;. ».e.:-Ti has not yet cczrpletea the of his soap-box rr.rt'- In a gaucy orar"e ar.c b'.ck painted fabric ccwrco. rarer V.M- bar Main. 13, 17- "Ve: College Terrace, son of a Rroccr. proudly announced "My daO is my sponsor" as his creation streak"d from the ramp and be started his initial run down the course over which he expects to steer the "Main's Market" speedster. July 21. Rudy Slifer. son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Slifer. !tfidd:eicr,vn, had a slight edge over co-racers, from previous experience over the official coarse. Manning one of the first H%o finished ;act.r to try Oiit the Patrick street hill last v;e?k. he neve-the'es? -expressed a t'tr: 1 ! in .-urt:i;r.g from the ramp | temporary ramp ofT the sid« of a I j stake-body truck. | I Officiahi said that the trials yesterday indicated more speed by youths who have had experience j in piloting thc:r machines and I possibilities of lengthening the! course .after al! brakes have been 1 approved. ' The deadline for. completion of cars and official inspection is July; 10. Entries are still coming in. i some from distant points and are' greened at clsnic headquarters IOC Eait Patrick street, sponsors said National Leasue Vcitrrday 'American League Results \'esierd*y Washington-Philadelphia, rain Boston. 7; New York. 3 Cleveland. 2: Detroit. 0 St. Louis. 2: Chicago. 1 Games Today Boston at New York "Washington at Philadelphia Cleveland at Detroit ·Chicago at St. Louis "Night earne Standing Of The Trams. W. L. Cievela.-id 39. 23 Philadelphia . 40 2~ j New York 38 I BoHton · 1.. 32 | Washington 30 Detroit- 29 St. Louis . 24 Chicago . 19 2« 29 34 34 38 40 .594 .525 .469 .460 .387 322 S6.45, cited by Officers Twentey Dietz. Pet. .629 .597 COLLATERAL FORFE1TEO Five collateral forfeitures were the only business transacted in a short session of Police Court before Magistrate Edward J. Smith. Monday night. Traffic citations for exceeding 30 mph within the corporate limits resulted in forfeitures by Roy E. Hess. Cherry Point. O. Sli.45 arid Paul W Bossi. New York City. Perry Grove, charted by S«r«t. Swomley and Officer Royer, with drunkenness and peace disturbance. forfeited $25.80. posted on the City ·charge. For drunkenness, Thomas | G. Powers forfeited $3.30 and Olive j Gray, $5.80. Arresting officers in ! the -alter cases were. Sherman ' Boone and Alton Twentey. EMPLOYES PICNIC Rain Wednesday evening failed to halt picnics of employes of Sears and the Court House. Sears em- ployes »njoyed am outing along the Monocacy at Reich's Ford and the Court House workers went to Mt. Tabor Park, near Rocky Ridge. NOTICES one of the o"t» forr"3tee r f 'he ant' D.:Iere:.t de-'X"."-'^ ' ^CJ.-lT-TJ , - f f l » » V " . - £ . V . ',, ti ^ » . . i » " , ^ » t - f . , - i , , ~ . f . s"o operate » bv 5? ·cert L ttletoi. Ill K * '.c'.fu-r · t ·:.- e '~ Garner Today 3;;: No, 1 . York ;.: Boston :;i;:i per- Phsla-Jelojiiu at Brooklyn PiV'bvrsti at Cincinnati S: Louii at Chicago Standing Of The "IVasri \V L Nf.v--.^'. ^po:i;j:ea i-rc=f:-v.-: r,,.,,-..,, cr.-sy ^ , r O U ! Or.I"' c. r .f *;.:! r-.:·"; v.a-* i^s\xc by each cntr 1 . ye^tc.rdsy 2^ ^ " C:ty Pu'.ce rer-.-itt-d R«,i.:e 4,- jj'.. the :r.aN Ja'.cee tvjr^ M:5 ·.·.;». pv.'ed e.'ch f^try .-- the :,.i i Chevrolet c.---·; i ;-:;-or; opt-rs'e-i ;h- 30 3'J 33 36 37 Pet 578 55G .532 516 .SW .450 Ai .422 BETTER HOMES, Inc. § if I I Hagerstown, Md. Johns-Manville BLOWN" ROCK WOOL HOME INSULATION O l \ I S G K I L l DRCTD THEATRE BUILDING. DAMASCUS, MD. FULL COURSE DINNERS STEAKS, CHOPS, FRIED CHICKEN Plan to visit Damascus and cat that juicy, tender fried chicken dinner; tender T-bone steaks that you can cut with a fork. SNACK AND SODA BAR your old roof like new -quickly and easily. NUROOF the quality roof c o a t i n g g u a r a n t e e d 10 years. J. P. KARN, Inc. BRUNSWICK. MI. We Deliver -- Ph. 22SI ROYAL JEWELERS NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR CREDIT TAKE UP TO A FULL YEAR TO PAY Lidy i WRSST WATCH 15 Jewel BULOVA ANOTHER SHIPMENT NEW LOW PRICE "Emerson PORTABLE RADIO Reg. $19.95 Valae-XOW 14 .95 Pay Weekly For Picnics · For Beach For Sports · For Travel · Anywhere Maroon plastic cabinet with sturdy carrying handle. Super loop antenna, only SIV wide and even" inch a thoroughbred. See and hear it. Plays anrwhere. PAY AS LITTLE AS 50c A WEEK K. blARKET ST. We can't make the weather any cooler, but here are our suggestions on how to be more comfortable in hot weather. OIL STOVE i A sturdy dependable stove f o r ' j laundries, summer cottages, etc. i · Top measures 12x21 inches. In- ,· . slant starting ivicks VACUUM JUG $0.95 2 I-callon porcelain lined vacuum jug with b a k e d enamel exterior finish. For hot or cold liquids. Ice Cream ' FLY FREEZER SWATTER 7.50 LAWN CHAIR SQ.49 \a e x c e l l e n t chair or h^rd- t:ori. -w::h awri- in; «.:r!p-:l scat. You'll w a n t several. . - l . N C H OSCILLATING FAX A very dependable con! running motor po^rrs this oscillating fan. Krackle enamel base, blades and truard . . S15.65 BEVERAGE SET . HOSE A q u a l i t y eardon hose of 2-ply fabric coni'.ruclion * i c k - Vllractive decorated .,- ,. " set consistinj: of 60-oz. pitcher, Si.98 6 s -lengths tBmblcrs HARGETT CO. 52-56 South Market St. Phone 182 Frederick, Md. DR. WALTER SNOW orroxratisT Eyes Examined -- Glasses Fitted 41 North Market St Phone *35 i IN TBDC STEWART HOBBS CROWN Your Real Eitate LUtin_» Ax* I btat* Beodf STEWAKT HOBBS BBOWM IS North Court St. PbOM 14M P. B. ROOF row. The cure a Sparrow, i^RHTrr^o?r^To» ran- 1 ·« 1 *- 1 - «- room "* I--«t S t ^SH5 T rS t 2I/S^£o ED ' ^aTM* hous *- electric, lood well w_- K r!OUl«T-k MARYLAND j ter at ^ door -^^ ^.^^ ^ de _,,,, ^P"" 1 b«ck porches, garage and shop. 3 I chicken bouses, brooder house, all jlawn and concrete walks, garden and (truck patch. Alone Koute 26. at Un; ionville. Poss. sooa. states to substance that NOTICES EJCJECUTOK'S NOTICE the Defendant is a c"n-re*'dent of the j Siate "ot Maryland, whose last address j was '~* Thomas H. Amlie. 125 East CUman Street. Madison. Wisconsin; P- B. Phone 8S-J Sew Windsor. Md. th« estate of ' EMMA POPE BROWN i ordained minister of the Gospel. The · Bill further states that as a result RALPH W. BOYER the same, with the vouchers! thereos. legally autheniieat suoscrioer. on or before the o' Jaiua^v 19^9 next" the" mav oth- * s^c aaiu u*4u^±«s^ w;^; *-^i£-^'.--^.^... ----' e-wi» 5y law oe excluded fom all - nas conducted himself alwajs as a - privately bailt home and food Benefit o! said estat* Those indebted ' *««?. chaste, dunfttl. faithful and af- ; meet. to the deceased are desired to make · fectionate husband towards the saia : Apaytj-tat nouses on w Pat st UPftl^tilS'C D3%'dC*K_ " DcfCZKlSJfit* -V13LTV \r. .;3f*3rrOiS' - 1CTM g \*aF5f^t ^t SS^H f *r+s1i ^JT-ftij^t "* of June U V948 m ^^ ** J : August 9th. 1945. the Defendant. : BtiiJding lots »or dwellings or coni- " v BEXNET^ ! without any just cause or reason. me rcia! buildings. «-e51 located. ». o«_-v.t... , _ . _ . _ _ __^ _,,,, , ,^ ,.,,,,.. RAtpK w BQYEa BOYER IXSCRAXCE AGENCY Executor ' abandoned and deserted the Com- ; Alton Y. Bennett. Attorney. i plainar.t; that the said abandonment j dJe il " 4-Jv 1 8 15 ' and desertion has continued tminter- I · y · s ruptedly for niore ihan eighteen NO. 7621 EQUITY j months" prior to the Sling of the Bill j IN THE CIRCUIT COUrtT r'OH FRED- " of Complaint, was final and deliber- . ERICK COUNTY IN EQUITY. ; ate. and that the separation between . Xo John Francis Smith. T-jstee under the parties to this cause is beyond any the Will of Sarah A. B.OV.T.. de- : reasonable hope or expectation of re- -ceased. On Petiuon. : conciliation. The Bill prays that the , ORDER OF PUBLICATION s Plaintiff be divorced A Vinculo Matri- j The object of this proceeding is to monii. and for genera! relief and pro- give notice that the parties «i mlerest - cess. that the trust has terminated and the ! It is thereupon this 23rd day of proceeds thereirom are so be dis- - June. 194S. by the Circuit Court for tributed to the parties entitled there- i Frederick County, silting as a Court to i of EQuity. ORDERED '.=21 the Plain- I The petition states that Sarah A. i tiff give sotice to the said non-resi- ' Brown late of Frederu.-x Couniy. · dent Defendant of the object and suQ- ! Maryland, died July 17. I'l'j;. leaving ! stance of this Bill by causing a copy , . . a will, which was admitted to pro- I of the same to be published in some ate bv the Orphan's «oi:rt for Fred- newspaper pubbshed in rredericK ;riclc County, and recorded in Libtr County, once a week for four stic- ;JLS. No. 1. folio 197. one of the cessive weeks prior to the 23rd day known as Theodore ChntOT Robinson. · if any she has. why a Decree should Frances Emma Brown, who married ' not be passed as araved. John Lanzer. Nannie Louise Brown, i ELLIS C. WACHTEH. who married a man by the name of i Clerk of the Circuit Court Matthews, and Florence Ida Brov. n. ar i for Frederick County. j long as they or any of them desired | Edwin F. Nikirk. I to live therein, but in the ^ver-t none : Solicitor for Coraplainant- j of them desired to live therein, siri · Filed June 23. 5948. j devised said property to J-hn Francis 1 True Copy Test£ Smith, in trust, to manage same ' and pay over the net income Ulcre- from equally to said enilu-cn. That said testatrix further pr.iv'jied that afte. the dsath of all of said children Frederick Representative Foe Murray C. Sohn 1 N. Court St- Tele 2214 R- L. ZENTX Attractive 5-rrn. stone bungalow, hard rd. near Taneytown. electric, automatic water system, bathrm. witii commcde and lavatorj'. x*ery good condition, about acre land. A good rental investment- Being offered at only S3.350 for immediate sale. Quick possession. R. L. ZENTZ Strout Realty Taneytown. Md. Ph. 153-J ELL!J C. \VACHTEB. CI-'l dJe24-Jy HUBERT P. BURDETTE barn with 18 stanchions, granary and sold under a Creditors Bill and the net proceeds, in the sum of S343.43. was paid to the said John Francis Smith. Trustee, That ths Circuit Court for Frederick County. «n Equity j assumed jurisdiction of the trust. other outbldgs. Early DOSS. SI6.000- 8 room frame dwelling on state h-ghwav with 1'i acres of land. elec. water system, bath, furnace, a modern hou?e in good location. 33 miles from MURRAY C. BOHN 155-A. 9-room brick house, electric j water system, modernized bank barn. 30 stanchions and cups, new block " dairy, never failing water, all bides. in fair repair, mostly metal roof. land very productive, tractor farmed. Poss. this fall. 3 miles from Union Bridge. ! b mile mostly stoned drive to State road. Quick sale. $16.500. 53-A. ,6^-room trame house, electric, well water at house and barn, also cistern at bam. all bldgs. in fair repair, metal roof, some woodland, good meadow. 2nd grade dairy. 12 A. wheat. 8-9 A corn. 2 A sweet com. 14 A. good grass for hay. 2 A. tomatoes, all above j That Edward J. Smith ,,. .,, r Baltimore. 12 irom T mm »d- . jnmed for owing to bad health and H. P. BLTODETTE SOX. Mt. Airy. Md. Ph. 123 Lnac r.ti*vairu J. oi:nui v» -ta ^a^ij-^tsiicvi : . . . -._. nnn substituted .trustee January 21. 1919. 1 »a« e possession. S..900. That the corpus of the trust now j amounts to $444.77. and the income j therefrom on hand is §29.15. making j a total of S474.92. That the said Florence Ida Brov.-n ; died in 1918. leaving a son. William Brown and a daughter. Myrtle Brown Healvey. as her only heirs at law and next of kin. both of whom reside in Pittsburgh, in the State of Pennsylvania. That Theodore Clinton Brown, also known as Theodore Clinton Robinson, died March 18. 1929. leaving as · ! will give immediate poss. to ' crops, house later in summer. ! MURRAY C. BOHN Real Estate . Phone Onion Bridge. Md_ S-J PEOPLES FINANCE CO- his only heirs at law and next of km. a son. Clinton E. Robinson, who re{sides in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania, a | daughter. Martha E. Snowden. .vho ! resides at Beaver Falls. Pennsylvania. ! and three grandchildren, the children | of Helen Brown Hunt, a deceased i daughter of the sVd Clinton E Robin- 1 son. nai..e!v. Man- Hunt Mitchel. j Dorothy Hunt Burks and Albert E. ' Hunt, "an infant, under twenty-one vears of age. sil of -.vhosa reside in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. That the said Nannie Brown Matthews, widov.-. died January- 25. 1948. without leaving any issue of her body. That the said Frances Brown Lanzer disappeared from her residence in Newark. to Could You Use 550.00 -- S15000 -- S250.00 or more in cash help meet the expenses which DELBERT S. NULL usually arise at mis time of year? If so. we cordialls Invite vou to ac- DELBERT S. NtTLL Desirable city dwelling. 6 rooms and bath, hardwood floors, steam heat. Poss- 30 days East Chu-xh St. cept this invitation to call on us. for ! Corner building lot. 9th Bentz the money you need. PEOPLKS ^·E : IA^^c^: co. 11 North Court St JA dome Small Loan Co.) DAVID O. GRIFFIN St. Price $1.700. DKT.BERT S. N Auctioneer Real Estate Insurance 26 W. Patrick St. Phone 1153 AETNA ACCIDENT TICKETS Pay for both foreign and domestic travel and non-travel accidents. Pro- New Jersey prior to January 1. 1912. a although made to «»..»«: TM. ~_. .,,.._..-._..._ , longer and by your petitioner. Tha.. n is * d women from ages 18 to 70 unknown whether she is living or j «iipnip dead, and if alive, whether she is a ] ** e eligiole. resident or a non-resident of the D4.VID O GRIFFIN State of .aryland. and if dead wheth- j ' rNStTRANCE er she left any issue of her POOJ and · 2 - N - Court St. Phone 600 if she died leaving issue whether Jiey | are residents or non-residents of ] Marvland. That the said Frances ! Brown Lanzer is now presumed to be { dead. That the trust estate termin- i Do not Hesitate to consult this of HAROLD C. FRUSHOLTR KEY CHEV. SALES, INC. HERE ARE SOME GOOD USED TRUCKS. ated upon the death of the said Nan- i fj^ on nie Brown Matthews, who died Jan- , uary -25. 1948. arid under tbe will of 1947 Ford l ! i ton stake truck. Excellent condition throughout. Low mileage, 194S Ford 1'4 ton chassis and cab. Lo\v mileage, good tires. Low price- 1940 Chevrolet cab-over-engine stake truck. 1*3 ton. 13" body, ideal for farm tise- Automobile. Compensa- ; 1941 GMC panel -,'2 ton. Perfect condition tion or any other Insurance matters | HAROLD O FRUSHOUR 26 West Patric* St. -Phone 1155 Frederick. Md f -,n A \» pt a. UKAiUJK the* said Sarah a Brown the trust estate should be distributed equally among the descendants of the said Theodore Clinton Brown, also known as Theodore Clinton Robinson. Frances Brown Lanzer. Nannie Brown Matthews and Florence Ida Brown, per stirpes That as far as is known -jp. . H all of the parties in interest are non- ! iVrlXl residents of the State of Maryland. j That the petition prays for the j CITY HOMES FOR SALE ' following relief: That the Court will j Three story bride residence, seven ; pass a decree adjudicating that the ; rooms, steam furnace, bath- Two car j said Frances Brown Lanzer has de- j garage South Market Street. Posses- ' parted this iife: that the Court will ; sion 60 davs Priced S7.00OOO. me direct the distribution of the trust = ^g and brjck dwei ij n g West ' iu ° among those entitled thereto and pro- Fourlh street Immediate possession i tect the trustee in the distribution i p-j P _ S2 = n n nn I 1935 Chevrolet I 1 ,: ton chassis and cab. If you need a good truck at a low price, this is it. » 1935 Chevrolet school bus. 36-passenger. body and chassis in good condition. Let Sev Care For four Car- / ' u t . ' v ufvr TTT* ^H±.VitULi,l 0 t . , Patrick phone 707 HARRY E. MOHLER Smith, substituted trustee in this ' Rockwell Terrace section, cause give notice by Order of Publi- i Modern dwelling. West Second cation, to Frances Brown Lanzer and ) Street to the next of kin. heirs and personal i Desirable building lot. fronting 50 : floors, steam heat, concrete basement- representatives of Frances Brown ; ft. on Wilson Avenue Owners desire , Quick pos Lanzer. residents or non-residents of j quick saie Will sacrifice at S950. ] 6 room bricSt semi-bungalow, h. w. j 3 4-room modern bungalows, steam : heat. h. w floors. Immediate pos. ! 8 room modern apartment house, 4 , rooms and bath on each floor, h. the State of Maryland, of the sub- i stance and object of the aforeeoing j petition, warning them to be and ap- j pear in this Court, in person nr by j solicitor, on or before the 15th day j of September. 1948. to answer tfie ! _ aforegoing petition and abide by and ' 114 "· Coiu. St. perform such order and decree is ! Tiiay be passed herein, provided a For further parti^ilars. apply. NOAH E CRAMER SON Realtors Frederick. Md I floors, garage, steam heat, N. ! tion Quick pos. West sec- 4 room bungalow, in A-l condition, outbmldings. various fruits, about IV 3 acres of land, hard road, about 3 miles from Frederick. Must be seen to be appreciated. Priced to selL copy thereof be inserted jn sopie i newspaper published in s rederick 3 -County, once a week for four succes- ' «ivc -i-ceks. prior to the 24th day of · vatc. Julv. 194S. ELLIS C WACKTEK. . . d Jc 24-Jy i .8. i j. -2 M. D. HARP AGENCY HOWARD A. GROSS i I have other city and county prop- · erties and building lots. I HAKRY E MOHLSR 1 Real Estate 6 rm. brick dwell. All rooms pri- j 113 East Third Street Phone 2074 Large lot, nice location. ' 5 room bungalow. North-west section. H IV. floors, tile bath, full con- '· C!erk of the Circuit Cojrt in- crete Ce ll 3r . mdm. kitchen. Nice lot. 1 Frederick County. Maryland. , Early poss GI prior approval., | iward J, Smith , g room brick dwell. In Sne condi- J ibst:t'j:cd irustee j tion interior and exterior. No expense] FOB SALE s :3eci June 9. 294S. _ ^ ._ involved for new owner to move in. · Xetr Sliirig station and store, sep_ True Copy * est* j xice location. Early possession- · arate 9 room new modem brick d-wel- r-LLIS C. WACHTER. ClerK- 5 room home. Modem in every re- J ling situated^ oa main highway. 10 .spect. Large living room, fireplace ;miles from Frederick. Fine opportcn- ' Circulating hot air heating plant, fuel; ity for good tourist business Every- oil. Located 711 Fairview Av Large · thing new. · lot. Immediate possession. Many other listings. For particulars 6 room complete-y modern dwell- - see Nice location. Fuel oil heat Large lot. j side and rear entrance. Best state of j repair. Change of occupancy could ' be" made with no expense of redecorat- j ing or repair. Early poss. j Business Location, store room, ·with : two apartments Located just three · Phone 87? · doors from Market street. Ideal store · ^ location ano koocS investment. ~" ~ ._"_"---~ Small Farm located just 5 mi from j G. H. MERCER SONS Frederick. 17 acres of land with large ; -- -~-^-frontage on State Hghw. Improved , , with 4 bedroom modern dwelling.' 4 . roonl modern bungalow, steam stoker heat. Other improvements in- he ^- "nmedia.e possession. elude bank barn, chicken houses. 2: .,,?.. rooni modem bnck dwelhrig on car garage, and other necessary out- i ^tf^L 80 ?,?- hardwood floor, cement buildings, all in fine state of repair. : basement laundry tubs, steam heat ; Owner occupied for number of years !«« -yker. garage extra lot with ' Immediate possession. ' · 5 °. ft - frontage^ S13.SOO 8 room partly modern dwell. One D « room modem dwelling. .13 E. ! acre of land. Large frontage on Route i Potomac St. Brunswick, Md. Immed. i 40. Suitable for two family occu- P°| s - . . . , _, ,,. ! pancy and is Ideal business location. _ 6 room modern brick dwelling, h. w. I 2 four-room dwellings Located just noors. oil heat, cement basement im- 4 miles from Frederick. Priced at | m ^ iate Possession. 53,500 and S2.500 Both good locations I 3 - acres along macadam road 4 miles ^ r, «»T,T »«x-r-v west °. f "cdencK improved with 6 FOR LEASE Vacant Storeroom 40' \vidc-SO" IMMEDIATE POSSESSION" REASOXABLE RENT 201 Petersville Road BRUNSWICK, MD. APPLY FEETE BROS. FUNERAL HOME Phone 3371 Brunswick,. Md. HOWARD A. GROSS "Realtor" 9 Co-art St. Frederick. Md. M. D HARP AGEXCY Pythian Castle Building Phons 729 Howard S. Fink--Rep. Gordon. W. Spumer--Broker room GRAYSOX H. MERCER SONS Real Estate Loans Insurance Pytluaa c*stle Bld«. Phon« 537 INEWSPAPERif SlEWSFAPERl

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