Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 27, 1968 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1968
Page 12
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AL1OM EVERY | PENNXj; COUNTS — Sta- • feey Hazen,<2, (left) and her Unnlionih old brother Hany, of Pswtacket, BJ., are richer by a bottle, of pennies, 22,190 of them, saved over the past two yean by a thrifty grandfather. The bottle Weighing 150 pounds was taken to a savings bank by armored track and accounts opened for the children. (AP Wlrephoto) ' Abe* Fortas Worked 1 C? 11 1W7*.M:1 ^I7"» !• school With Violin By BEVERLY R. YOUNG Associated: Press Writer MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - H the Senate goes along with President Johnson, Abe Fortes will be known by the dignified'title of Mr. Chief Justice. But when he was a young man working his way through school by playing the violin friend called Abe." at dances his him <"Fiddlln* 5his. own band. The Bluej:;Melody Boys, attending South Side High School and Southwestern College. He got $8 a job, a large sum for the son of a.Jew- ish. immigrant twbo? worked var- iously^asi'a jeweler,-furniture dealer and cabinet niaker. Wednesday Fortas^V be Johnson named chief justice in place of retiring Earl Warren. Fortas was bora in. Memphis June 19, 1910, the youngest of five children of Woolfe and Rachel Berzansky Fortas, who had come to the United States from Southampton, England. Young Abe was an excellent student. His late brother, Meyer, reminiscing several years ago, recalled his capacity for concentration.' "He studied by the radio. He would turn on the radio and sit close to it. He seemed to concentrate better that way. I couldn't have studied with all that sound. It was fascinating to see." It was at Southwestern, a small Presbyterian college which Jie attended on a scholar-; ship, that Fortas decided to pursue law as a career instead of music. After graduation, he was of; fered law scholarships to: Har yard and Yale. He chose Yale paid $50 a month because it more. State Parties to Fill Convention Roles tfl» (AP)*» fteftiocrats and Republican* wiO complete the flliftois foster ol national cotiventfon delegates at their state cdnventions this weekend Delegate selection and nomination of three Candidates for University of Illinois Board of Trustees will be the main bnsi- ness of the two meetings. Both parties are postponing adoption of platforms until the fall, Virtually all of the 70 at-large delegates to be chosen by Demo* crats Friday are expected to be uncommitted on a presidential candidate, in line with the stand taken by Mayor Richard J. Daley of Chicago. Of the 48 other delegates who were elected in the primary, the bulk of them also are un- pledged. However, political observers expect Daley to eventually announce his support for Hubert H. Humphrey, giving him all but a few of the 118 Illinois delegates. An Associated Press survey shows only two delegates favoring Sen. Eugene Me Carthy in the Democratic presidential race. Republicans will name 10 at- large delegates Saturday, headed by Sen*. Everett M. nfrkseli and Charles H. Percy and including other top party leaders, these 10 and almost all of the 48 elected delegates are expect ed to wind up in Richard M. NixonM camp. Hie AP survey lists 34 tf the elected delegates for 4 Nixon and 14 uncommitted. Difksen. running for x reetee- tion, is _gettlng the spotlight at the GOP state convention by being billed as the keynote speaker. Percy and Richard 6. OgU- vie, nominee for governor, also will speak ; ,. .< Qov. Samuel H. Shapiro, who „ tofl t«W 18 gov»- not, will tain the limelight at the Democf§tic session. Aiurhni committees have submitted recemmefidattefts for the university;.of Illinois trustee fidfttttfttiOflSi ; , ,. . ._^. The Detfiwratic slftte oom prises Refltty Wpawsw it, 'MS," Pfatices *" KHTS ives of There Witt A Brief Pause... MOUNDSVILLB, W.V». (AP) -"Worked K.P. Wed. Used a shovel today Ha. Ha. Boy did it Jh^Pont,forget,the stuff and watch. Charley." So wrote then Pvt. Charles Barker Jr., Moundsville, in a post card to his wife mailed from Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md, on April 29, 1944. He never got the "'stuff." The post card arrived last week, a quarter of a century in transit. FREE DEMONSTRATION OF PAD-O-SEAl? by a Pneumatic-suspension Technologist Direct {from the factory will held at STRATFORD MOTOR HOTEL, ALTON, ONE DAY ONLY, SATURDAY, JUNE 29th. HOURS. W AM. 'UI • • NO BELT TO BIND ,• NO STRAPS TO • NO BUCKLE TO GOUGE - MO witarwriv • NO INJECTIONS ' • J*?J™L • SWIM IN IT* BATjtIE IN »T • WATERPROOF • WORN and Approved by • RUSTPROOF Doctor! ' ' r • MEDICARE COVERAGE If you honestly want help yon Owe It to yourself to Investigate PAD-p-SEAL®, now; no matter how long you've had your re- duclble rupture or how large it has become. Thousands of CHAFE ' •n are glad they did. You" are protected under any normal "condition. 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