Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 29, 1973 · Page 84
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 84

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1973
Page 84
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Marriage Licenses ALLEPJION5 Marriage Licenses *«tn..Mio.Hf, -Vf* AJif* 30, ib'thWivS; ISM-oKAfb, Michael Edward, 19 susan Marift, 19, both ot 601 W , , • 8 " 1 . Lane/Jani* Helen, -i f«rey Way. nd ••W'* [ ^^M"r;«h oH%a$ i> Michael L., M Susan M,, 22, rson, 22 L E 7288 Crochet handsome afghan 'n' pillow for den, summer home. Create an unusual design when you join 6" shell-stitch squares for afghan and 12" pillow. Loop-stitch border. Use worsted in 3 colors. Pattern 7288: directions. Send 75 cents in coin for this pattern; add 25 cents for air mail and special handling. Address Alice Brooks, The Arizona Republic needlecraft Department, Box 163, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011. Print name, pattern number, and size. Send 75 cents for totally new 1973 Needlecraft Catalogue with knit, crochet styles, crafts; 150 designs, free pattern. NEW! Instant Money Book. Learn to make extra dollars from your crafts $1. Instant Macrame Book '. $1 Hairpin Crochet Book $1 Instant Gift Book $1 Complete Afghan Book $1 16 Jiffy Rugs Book 50 cents 12 Prize Afghans L&juij.sVow,.Scott Anderson, i lO'lA/'aPiSSbiw/.both of "fempe. I*A>R Y"f*LAIjKlt Y* RflOUi N,* L^S'CLK^HNtJL Dan K.. t ^t$$R"' "•"'•"" •t Maria Laura, 1 Mitt'Tl'rYtf-'MStfrl. 44, 2010 W Madison; Lupe, 47. 2207 E. She Amy taav-Ylng, Opo^p r o.tTig, Paschal.B. Jr., nnewna; Pa 3 fric J |8 h T., 2 2i,'& 3 23r5 i*MITH, Gary A., 21, Mesa B S. .12th St.; Mercy Rav W., 23; Sharon bo«! M rter";-;HaVriet"Rochelie Riverside, Calif, riet Roche Book 50 cents Quilt Book - 1-16 Patterns 50 cents Museum Quilt Book 2 50 cents 15 Quilt for Today Book 50 cents Divorces Asked tGUILAR. Manuel- sues Socorro. 9AZZILL, Paula Marie sues Bruc BLAcl?fi(ON, • Arlene Juliette sue C^R m ?ibZA, Virginia A. sues Ray ov Pa RDERO, Olivia sues Roman t DALTON, Joan sues Michael T. DICKINSON,'Marv Ann sues Davic GARCIA, Sylvia P. sues Joseph F GREEN, Dixie Louise sues William Hr?L r MSTADTER, Eleanor J. sue HPLL, a ' d Hel'en Jane sues William S HiTiEMAN, Patricia Ann sues Leo- KiitER^ Jan Louise sues Terrv D. MATTINGLY, Marv sues William. McCOY, Roy A. sues Suzanna R, McFADDIN, Louise E. sues Michael NeWL^S, Norma J. sues Granvilli PJkilL, Linda Lee sues Steven R. PINE, Sandra L sues William T. j... Carr 3| Lee sues Joann , Michael Ray sues An Janice L. sues Robert D. Dor.a Torres sues Henry D. sues Ca Brian George T. sues sues arolyni Frances SMITH, TORRES, Raymond R. sues France V. Printed Pattern THE "WORKING WORDS" Discover for great, great bargains. Read them everyday! You are now looking at the most complete shopping guide in town! Classified for fast results from a low cost Classified Ad! Turn to these pages daily for the best buys in fall items! Have an office for rent • brush the cobwebs away • you can get results from a want ad today! 271-9111 Busy women just like you delight in traveling everywhere in this 5-part wardrobe! Sew slimming, zip- front dress, vest, blouse, pants, skirt in machine- washable knits. Printed Pattern 9067: Half Sizes 10%, 12%, 14%, 16%, 18%, 20%. Send 75 cents in coin for :his pattern; add 25 cents 'or each pattern for air mail and special handling. Address Marian Martin, The Arizona Republic Pattern Department, 232 W. 18th St., New York, N.Y. 1001. Print name, address with zip code, size and style number. New Spring-Summer Catalog: We love to design for you — more than 100 town, vacation, glamor styles. Choose one pattern free. Send 75 cents. New Instant Sewing—Sew today, wear tomorrow, more than 100 pictures. Send $1. Instant fashion book contains answers on what to wear, tips on accessories and figure control. Send $1. Divorces Asked Richard Aden iuM Ev Hariev prank sues Divorce* •ALC6M, Edward Thames from Su i, 'Sharon u. from J«m« w. , Helen u.jrom Joseph E, I, Larry Edward from dh«r David V. from Kathi N> n w)lliam J. fromMaraare iMIifjLAIN, Avatlne A. from , batherlne Louise from lOoua ,_wlill«m Thomas from Lu Br from , Carol from Jack. Leona G. from Stanley. >, Frances A. from Jatr 4," Frances "Ai;"fr6m""j8'me PfERCE, Caroline F. from Rlsde P W WCLL, Dave from Evelvn Lor •.rfclfte, Christy Arlene from Sher cvnthla A. from Ma 1 'Marilyn F, from James A. Ltj Betty B. from f. Frank. "I lie Jo from Law Republic and Gazette Phetnin Nwnpaptn, Inc. 130I.Vmlur*nSt. Phon«!271-1000 Mall AddrMii P.O. In 1950 SUBSCRIPTION RATIIV CARMIR Rtpublk (Morning) SScawM Santt* (Evening) S$ce»«« Icpublle (Morn. A Sun.) 90c a w«« Oantt* (Evening) plui> Hra Sunday Rt- public, 90c a wwk SUSSCRIIERS ritilrtflf f» pay In advance annually will plena mall nmltfanc* a carrier rat* dlracf to circulation dtpaif mint. CIRCULATION SERVICE Branch Offices and Representative service—Phone Avpndale 271-838 Bisbee Buckeve Bullhead City . Casa Grande 8 Chandler 271 Clifton 864 Gilbert . „ Globe 4: Goodyear Kingman Luke FlelL Mesa 271 Miami " Nogaies . p »S e Parker Announcements Classes 1 through 50 I—Meeting Notices *>ZJ *_•_ •" 7^-i i — "Phoenici J jen'cia lodge HSf^FiM 1 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scotts„. e. Jst degree, 7:30 p.m. Vis Iting masons welcome. ir-iim^^JicJSfittty* Car^TlVil^rr^^fS S' W^jJIH'S^ ^ resrtments. Lyle M. Brannan! e Vv.M Announcementi ^....« / Kennett c. kosary 7-30 D m tjJday, Nortnwest MorfuaryT Ma? BOUGH John M. Passed away IROWNf Floyd. Grsnt. Arrdnsorr pending* Pdriidise ChaoBi t*un funeral jienr_/wnnMpciis^Mlnnesota."'_ C< J?K, Herschel F. Services conduct- '•*"" '—-•• 9 a.m. °r ",T"Y7' Mayme C. 852J !i , nter ment'Kerkhoven: MI* ii ,enerov Minn. Visitation after S p.m. S?V...,ereen. A.cret Mortu' A?t n !=. E , llls ,?, n , of Phoenix, brother 01 Michael Ellison, Phoen x. Grand son of Mrs. Billie Wade, Merced, California. Passed away Tuesday Services conducted by Rev Charles L. Strubel, 3:00 p.m/ to ', Chapel of Memories, A. L. • Sons. Interment Green- iLSASSER, Andrew Fredrick. Hul band of Rusty. Rpsary 7:15 p.m today In Arcadia Funeral Hnmi Indian '?' .^SS E ^ lndlan ? c h°ol Rd. Mass of the Resurrection 9 a.m Saturday In Church of St. Agnes Interment St. Francis. gjjjay calL ^al^r .12. noo FAUNT, Albert E. Servi . ervice and inter- l - UIMlbsr »'* r.-.-.f George. Service 9:30 a.m. 'oday at Mempry Lawn Mortuary Chapel. Interment Monday 2 p.m. _Forf Whlpple. Prasep h_ _. -. . ...n,,..,.,, , i pauu 11. AR.CIA/ Alfred C. Services todai Seirs, Arizona. Survived by wife Lupe. Sons Alfred L. Garcia Jr., Lonnle C. Garcia, LeAnaro Garcia, parrell Garcia, 2 daughters, Yvone & Joaquen. Sisters Dorothy AcunI a f u.lH«°Q< lr ghrln«na_ Joseph of i ucson, Lnrmtina Joseph mix, Bernice Enos of Tucsi ,_ .,._...— -| a udir~ — brotl- *<*•.•»•.« w. fviaioiia, Ariz, _ „.».,-l h J' d .r e ?.. fllso survive:.. Arrange- -•_ ' w^vwiy V.IU uiiiiia >/u*cyn 01 Phoenix, Bernlce Enos of Tucson, Lillian Ventura, Claudlna Blaine both of Sells. One brother Arthur 9&K i.<" .W?«na, Ariz. 2_grand. -. ^»»'» IWtttt iMP» ft OUK, Harry FTlervlces 3:00 p.m. Todav at Camelback syntel Chw«l -- lntermen iS&KBK^^ro Fri 8 Ha H pirafhe R R 0 l!e r s y ,l?ryy- a A' *(.m. M ! a !urSSy &jfa J -efef^ «— -?J' R. ne tif 1 "^ 9l r '°, r !° service time at the Ward Society Room. Interment Mesa Cemetery. Mel- urn c . Mortuary. Macdonsld at 4—Fttflinl TURE.four month old feme) week/silver, .vicinity. Soyf ve,. and Chambers.. wearm ,e ) (asMrarn aco and Mr. Cham and McK WeM ?oT tar. .ami. small green bow. owne iver + away Thursday Arrangements pending; iMortwary, Macdonaid at X^monfhs old female red Iris y&^ypvsStFf £° n * r *¥ | ' n Mar p* e™. Yavapal county tans. Ais r... . cnipcl. 376 N. 3rd Ave. interr ^ e riedw).M"-bed June husand oRb Scottsdale;' end~Rev:"bavid °!"d son, Sweden. Daughter, Marv An Guerra, Salt Lake city, Utah; Two sisters, Mrs. Helen Bends/on €8fi*U»£ t^gaX Beatrice j. -Bled June !=."„'»«._ Survived by sons jame Ponald Peterson, facoma, Wash Ingtor); David Peterson, Oceansld Calif la. Also 8 orandeh s§ jBftt<Bfef •KSSt. '""A4..<*..material 0 ?e cTfaoel. fyS$^t!$* l fy*l' r i»1««" j-napei! 3800 South Central Avenue T/rrc Mary e. 7550 N 14th St Mother of Miss Helen Rer«. ph«» conducted by DrTchflfon c Me cftlSefV F J- m - WM««O™ £teFLAv,.k J¥ loor » * Sons. Inter WTER, Howard G. Services w " ' .Asalee"wl»e of Theodore, f John, 3 grandchildren -Sat. .10' a.m. wllloJigrove it Double egulem mass Saturday at 9 a. m ,, . - une »,rf §y r K lv ? 1 B,. by daughter Mi? aret Wolf of Phoenix. Private ere ation announced by Grimchaw Chapel; ,710 West Bethany °S a ;^ Memorial Services " eld later ln Bronson TLER, Frances. Funeral services P-.m, today Gibbons Garden Cnai> ..ft'^/f...Sr? ma » 9" with inter •«^»» r.. *.'«'< lal| y" win inier ment in Mountain View Cemeterv Pasadena. California <- emeler v Rafaela; . Alfredo B. Husband u father of Ignacio Verdugi AlbeVtS-^glfV^an^nulren' ff^AS^SOSS^ K - 2n 9 tl a A n?:s^?day r ! 1 n e - R - eSU ^ tion ny s ^,.«, wll , cis. Friends today. Church." t. Antho Interment St. Fran may call after noon VOLNER, J. C. 23, 925 S. 28th Ave Husband of Sherri Volner, Phoenix father of Michael Lee Volner Phoenix. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Jame. Lee Volner, Phoenix. Brother o Mrs. penton Randall of Bagdad Freddie Lee, Larry and Jimmie Vpmer of Phoenix. Passed away Wednesday. Services conducted b' Rev. Walter W. Thompson 9:01 a.m. Saturday Memory Chapel, A L. Moore ft Sons. Intermen Greenwijjd Friends may call from __4;OQ. to 9:00 p.m. today. VAHLFELDT, Herman. Survived by sons, Walter, Champaign, III. LouiT of Bay City, Mich.; daughters Mrs W- K. Roysdon, St. .Louis; Mrs, Martin Mevis, Phoenix; Mrs, all Mathews, Phoenix. Brothers, Hen' ry, S. Dakota, Max arid Will am of Illinois. 1 grandchildren; 5 great grandchildren. Services 11 a.m. Sa furday. Memory Lawn Chapel. Visitation S to 8 today at the mor tuary. Entombment Memory Lawn Mausoleum. WISE, Marguerite E. Survived by ifil^^id«S!^l?/DWi Philadelphia, Pa.; 4 grandchildren , . Services 10:30 a.m. Sat. in the Sunnyslope Chapel of Ha tuary Cremation wi w. Friends may call 4:30-8 p.m. today. 'AMACK ChajieL Lois. Universal Sunset WOODMASS, Carla. Services 1:00 p.m. today, west Thomas Baptist • in bin (bin ufSGi v »nvr fvidiiw iai Gardens. Arrangements by Nary.*''.•. . c *L a "*!L* Mortmry. ^ .. iMASS, Thomas J, Services i:uu p.m. today. West Thomas Baptist Church, 3928 W. Thomas. Interment Deer Valley Memorial Gardens. Arrangements- by Maryvale Chapel ft Mortuary. In lieu of material remembrance^, donations to the Woodmass Memorial Educa tlon Fund for the su mass children _woul,d .ed, ' ,_c '. Th i /o Mrs. Bobble Malone, 3920 omas Rd., Phoenix 65019. T, Dorothy Mae. Services 1.00 p.m. today at Cameltaack Sunset Chapal. 301 W. Camelhack. Interment Greenwood Memorial Park. 7—Funeral Directors FORMAN'S ARIZONA FUNERAL HOME M N. 3rd Ave. ARRY C. MELCHER MORTUARY MISSION CHAPEL 425 E. Apache Trail, Mesa 832-3500 MESSINGER MORTUARY cottsdale 945-9521 SUNHYSLOPE MORTUARY PAUL L. STROUP, Owner 4 E. Townley 943-7243 MERCER MORTUARY 541 E. Thomas 266-4473 3—ln Memoriam !£ lovlnq memory of Tommy Green awav. 10 years ago to- missed by, his mother, reen and sister, Sandee ino passed awav av, sadly mlsf-- .arqaret Green .cColm. ft—Cards ot Thanks Wish to e: the docto xpress my deepest thanks IRKBGAARD, Harold.. Evans. Ar- Merrlrt. Mass 8:45 .. , . Jerome Catholic Church. Intermen} Deer Valley . . a.m. today, St. Jerome Ca . Memorial Gardens. In lieu of materlaF remembrances, family suggests contributions to the Amer- - ican Cancer Society. Arrangements Theodore., Arrange 9—Cemetery tots t MEMORY Lawn crypts. 275-5332. ._ EAST RESTHAVEN CEMETERY 4310 E. Southern 27fr447:? FAMILY plot including two vaults and one headstone. Rest Haven Park Cemetery. S795. 278-3493. 25-Lost TRI-COLORED male year. Reward. 277-5195. §1?., m <M«!? °Jd ..bla SIX .months old black and t«n hound. Male. Reward. 948-4487. 28-LHf 272-S733." "mjW ichwlnn bicycle, .Junlo JiM^AUHw," P«rk pool. Re- BLACK male cat. answers to ''Spoo poodle iosf fromKoRF Ranch near Payson. Little girl's pet Sreen Va e- ' " •"-" "'" * •*" mrw Avenue "—'** lndlan Sch00 '' ]2TYE7irtr"ol<rBlacl Spaniel. Both blind collar or tags. V Avenue/Norther. Pit ,"',,"• '-J-'T- ^" CP". —. — . , ildTrt.acjnefnale Coc SicTn.r"- '^m mmShUute fx rkln h%»,n and .A" Enailsh ByM'do iix, brown with white mark nas ri VSarS °' d< Reward being completely renovated. Can ' bedr °° m - 27i - 28—-Found SH Setter, Tower Plaza area. 33—Auctions $25,500-CHRISTOWN AREA mjSoSA TSft W 3 1 |fi,,y h8 rm 9 , "M ture citrus & palms, redwood fenced. •$24,50W)SBQRNDISTRICT .pvely well-kept 3 bedroom refrig'd Womack with large cov'd patio. Dbl. carport, automatic sprinklers. RED CARPET REALTORS 264-7181 4947 N. Central Ave. Helple, Bkr. iCOIISDALt AUCTION 945-0741 TTER's Antigue AUCTION <tti.Sun.Meh MB. &j.iiaf_ AUCTio'N VAN'S A-l AUCTION 001 W. McDowell ARIZONA'S •"" "M-li-MpHAYE 252-4240 -jreJF. PHOEN/X AUCTION'CENTER .,,„ -Auction Thurs. 4:30 p.m. !433 E. Indjan Sch._Rd. P 274-8241 BIG AUCTION MSEcE ARE'S AUCTION _4025 N. 38th Ave. 278-0489 — --••• '•»""._ j.i > SAT. & SUN. ONLY 600 MEW DOORS ASSORTED SIZES $4, W, $8 400 GAL. PAINT & ENAMEL dreds of table legs rri'"ais6rte'd size's other. Items. CHEAPER THAN i HEAPn „., Van' 001 W A-l Auction Liquidators cD_owell ___ 278.70M 49 S. ATTE MESA DESERT AUCTION aune29,h,4:30p. 9 m M - 394 ' ..TION: Furniture buyers. ,.,._._ a 'good selection of new bed- ;oom sets In Spanish, Medltfirranean 8. Maple. We have a Birch bedroom set in maple with a triple dresser with mirrors, chest on chest, headboard & commode nlnht stand. New crushed velvet couches & loveseats also new Early American couches S :halrs. Larae selection of new coffee ables & end tables in Soanish, Med- terranean & Maple. Hotpolnt doublf door bronze refrlaerafor. Late model color TV, also, black & white TVs, >Jew rocker recllners, new decoratot amns. New Early. American tables \ chairs. Spanish table & 4 chairs & ither table & 4 & 4 chairs. Laroe election of refrlqerators, other appliances. The vai with medium furniture & -. tarts at 4:30 p.m. Everyone wel- ome. Phoenix Homes For Sale CIHIM IM Tkraugn 17* 100—Phx. Homes All Areat ADULT LIVING HOME TO MEET YOUR INCOME NEEDS INDWIDU mm SINGER HOUSING CO. GREENWAY>T.CAVE CREEK QUIT LOOKING When you see this outstanding 3 bedroom familv room home you will be sold. Center entry sunken living room, large corner walled mm i" " wtrws - four large bedrooms, 3 baths, family room, cool cool refrigeration. Huge covered patio, V: mile — golf course and only .._D"CARPET, REALTORS 31-3687 CALL ANY HOUR 3411 WEST NORTHERN PRICE REDUCED yxury home now only $34,909 — 3 drm, plus formal dining rm, family n, Arizona rm, dble garage. EALTY SPECIALISTS * 944-2233 T?' TK BRAND NEW LISTING ou lust have to see this beautiful 3 R, 3 bath home surrounded by arefree desert landscaping. Back ard has a beautiful pool separated om the home by a wrought Iron ence. See this lewel today. Priced $45,000. JOHN POELLOT, 7-4373; REALTY EXECUTIVES; NFW WOMACK HOMES J^A-NCY ON SOME tent 100—Phi. Homtt ill BUILDERS CLOSEOUT IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY JOHN F. LONG HOMES Equal Housing Opportunity OPEN DAILY 12 TO 8 P.M. 601 EAST PALO VERDE These great 2 & 3 bdrm town houses nive you, luxury at low cost In a great close-In location .All models, Include bulltin S/c ovens, disposers, dishwashers, & garbage compactors, w/w car petlna T/O. Enclosed patios, db carport & common heated pool Gas bbq. Rec rm with fii * kitchen for your enterta pleasure. Only 50 to be ..... some available for quick occu pancy with 95% financing avail If desired. Built by Madoma. Sales N&BLE& LEE RLTY -"-"-""sisesL CENTRALLY dn-town area, extra' < .LOCATED. Handy to i, lovefy 3 BR, home with •oom for riobblest. CAN ASSOC 25M7K $1800 CTM or lease/option. 2sT9j COMPARE, THEN BUY! ae TREMENDOUS LOCATION Mear Camelback & 7th Ave. Iqe paneled new fam.prm. & newly remodeled modern kitchen. 2 bdrm. & much more. Plus beautiful workshop 2 car carport, call for more Information. R-3 L zoning. Offers many possl- Jljitles. Drive by 608 W. Plerson. All his for onlv $27,9«0 . Eves. 973-0313? ALLIED REALTY 943-3411 LOADS OF CHARM n this 2 bdrm refr'd home, also has jool and fireplace. Close to evervth- na. A-242. RED CARPET, REALTORS 264-0213 ^EAR 7th St. & Thomas - Low Taxes Spanish Style 2 BR $18,900 deal small family home, fireplace, new carpeting, lovely wood paneling. Idewalks to shopping & hospital. TEPHENSON Rltv, 959-3300,994-40 SUPER SHARP AND CLEAN! Extra nice 3 BR, 1% bath, with arse country kitchen, attractive car- let & draperies thruout. Covered pa- io & fenced yard. Even a workshop or Dad! Lovely mature shade. Mid 20's. — Terms. BARTELS REALTY 995-0480 "104 N. 27th Ave. Call 24 hours DON'T MISS Seeing this charming home. Present owners have furnished it so delightfully that you will be quick to realize its possibilities. There are 3 BRs.. lame living room, dininq room & familv room, 2 bathrooms. It's located on a larae lot, close to Honeywell, Sperrv Rand & the new Metro Center. W/w carpetlnq & draperies are also included. It can be yours for onlv 526,500. Tony RIMSZA Realty Write today for your free Newcomers Kit. We specialize in relocating out of town families in the home and area that fits your needs. We' know and love Tempe (Valley of the Sun). For professional service & assistance write or call J. Lee Nice, Western American Realtors, 325 East Arlz WESTERN AMERICAN Realtors, 325 E. Southern Suite 6, Tempe, Az GRAND OPENINf Orangewood Townhouse Park Now you can own the kind of home you've always wanted but never thought you could afford. 2 and 3 bedroom, maintenance free townhouses • that come complete with any of the things others have ? s options. Priced from lust 21,900. Come see "life the way It was meant to be lived." Come see Orangewood Townhouse Park. 47th AVE. & ORANGEWOOD GLENDALE OPEN DAILY 10 'TIL DARK 937-7777-Eves. 947-X54 Rea tor, A Overend & Assoc. 947-3744 UST FOUND. A HONEYI Tower 'laza. 3 large BRs & shiny as a new enny. Gorgeous patio & outdoor liv- AMERICAN ASSOC 252-1725 lre"place." Total $li,500."L~6cate'd be- ween Phx and Wlckenburq. Seriwell tealty, 32 West Hatcher, 944-1578. ..ICE reduced!| $1,000. Chrlstown. efrigerated, . (3) bedroom.s, (2) laths, dining room, large llshwasher, carpe.t. drapes L LTORS' dt,: "garage, 243-8238. Unti KOLPIN MOORE REA JEW REFRIGERATION, NEW ZOOF. 2300 SO FT OF FAMILY .IVING. STONE F I R E PL AC E. UGH FENCED YARD. LOW 40'S. JIM DEVLIN REALTY 43-7909 V44-22W * MASTERCRAFT * HOMES PEORIA *ve. t, peon* »J4-r3« WEST PHOFNIX ROM TEMPE NORTHWEST PHOENIX 934-4945 PARADISE VAUEY 34* St. « Cactus R0. ROM K4,eOO 994-9010 EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY BL VES OOD HOUSE — N.yy, AREA rm + den, .'16,500. VA - Conven. TWARD Rlty. 243-5335. 997-4570 DELIGHTFUL 3 Bdrms, Hi baths, refrig'd beauty. Home has had loads of TLC. Rooms large, kitchen has bltln, R-0 & dishwasher. Near new carpeflno. Fenced rear yji'd. ,f v | s - cell Churk camp- DfiMA NICHOLS REALTY 100 E. Missouri 277-1471 . ^^_^^ MODEST BUT CUTE. Ideal for oyng family Loe fenced yd, lust edecorafed. In teens. LL AMERICAN ASSOC. 252-1725 PRICED LOW AT $20.000 ow CTM, J BR + den. Caroeted. enced. In north area. VESTWARD Rltv. 243-533$, 997-4570 MomM ill Inn ES _, . |TIKA aown FHA, 4 Bdrm, 2 B« home. Big family room, new carpeting throuqtr put, ..remodeled Kitchen with breakfast bar,, eov'e poflo i jeneerf yard. Great for "" SHINY NEW PAINT.., J 6DRM..,1JS bath, carport + garaqe. off central, N - "- eibackf 1 ui .CJ" 1 ' IMMEDIATE MOVE IN 3 BDRM., on .quiet street shopping * schools. Prlcec "~ •"«!?« 252-8981 near riced mid J77-«770 . KOLPI REAL Pi n a n 243-B238. rORS. . !506 DOWN, no qualifying north 'hoenlx, by owner. Three bedroom, ^a^jguag Drive, Evenings- SERENELY QUIET... Madison Meadows School District. Spacious 4 bedrooms, ' baths, familv room, formal dl Inq, country kitchen. Large c rus studded lot enhanced wl CLEMENTS REALTY 263-7753 5039 North 7th Avenue TRANSFERRED OWNER ... has lust reduced this super Suggs, 4 bdrm for rmmedlafe. sale. The best :. sale. The best buy !L«?,500. Eves, call In town _. —...-.. _ Joan Collins 2«5-54i7. 264-6767 TWO RENTAL UNITS Well decorated two house, one lot, walkinq distance to C ison school & Central Hlqh. C to shopping. Rental Income month. You can't miss at $20,: TAKE THE WORRY OUT Spanish townhouse. Floating stairway w/antigue mirror wall on landing. Bedrm walk-in closets, vanitled baths, well-planned kitchen. Heated comm. pool. Quiet area, easy location. $27,900. TOM FANNIN 956-5100 3233 N. 24TH STREET, PHOENIX WALK TO .METRO CENTER BR, 2 bath. Upgraded TO new 3 Up vin carpet & drapes. Large diving pool. Carefree yard. 30's. BETTY SWAART REALTY 244-9393 279-5432 4730 N. Central 100-Wix, ill *t.. owwr.. lovtly 4 bedroom, ~3V ^Irafe '°w«!s; r fe 6 ,T TOoW^'-- 6 '"' THE GOOD LIFE M. LESLI HOME REALTY oven, Must "LUXURIOUS" K „ carpeted a, c noell home. Formal LR & nily rm. with f replace, kltch- all bulit-lns with serf-cleaning 'M J!!.»° •ppreefate. Shown . intment only. Linda SOUTHWEST PROPERTIES, INC. 955-6500 :TIVE refrigerated B _Jrooms. convenient C N Location $24,500. convei FLnanc ng. _ _243-82X, Until Financing. 2«M2M, Until KOLPIN MOORE_REALTORS .'C-A-R-Lovely refrlg home on.its own. landscaped lot In li E LIVING 1 I'/ mobile " - d? s S i " THREEbedroom, $8000. $300 down, $115 monthly. 272-2289, before 9:3C a.m. after 4:30 p.m. OUR bedroom. No qualifying. .rally, located. »300 CTM. »500 under appraisal. 249-0907, 2 BDRM I ,. Sharp NW, range,, refrlg. oven, furnl- 'ure^.workshop, adult shade, 113,500. *- .Y DIDLO REALTY 244-4851 FOfiES1MA1HESRLiy«7J|385 (87th St. & Indian School, followour vacant Sands East Townhouse. Corner unit. Adlac club house. La 3 w/fam/rm. Only $53, hostess the G a I a r 94 " unit. Adlaceht 'to'"pobi & 3.Br.single^ 's, eves. MAMSON SCHOOL DIST NEW HOMES Come & see our new Spanish Des qn, 3 br., with fam. rm. York refriq'd homes which include shag crpt. Circle drive dbl carport, R&O, dishwasher disposal. Immediate occupancy. For more details, Ofc ca 994-0404 Model 943-6802 Located at 13th St. & Belmont 12th St. N. of Glendale to Belmont Not affil w-Vallev Nat'l Bank S a.c r I --,-. I f i ce, , residence,., "firec Ef X C l a a r? 1! ,'ni;o ha ?'40 C '!^'1 I 3'!?0 8l irestge , sf 4517 N. 7th St.. agent, 3 YEARS YOUNG all for „ RED 1% ba., ED^fR double carport, C&D, .PET REALTORS 956-3260 rea lhaded yard front "A" *" JIM DEVLIN REAi !63-7909 See CONTINENTAL HOMES FIRST CONTINENTAL BETHANY 49th Ave. & Bethany Home GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY Convenient northwest location: 2. 3, 4 bedroom homes. Sc« all S beautifully furnished models. FROM $21,990 • PHONE 144-1019 CONTINENTAL NORTH 43rd Ave. North of Ptorli BEST NORTHSIDE LOCATION •Ig roomy homes in an established community. Nearby shopping, freeway, schools, churches. Choose from 11 different models tea t ur i n<l as many as 4-bedrooms, 3-baths. FROM $25,500 PHONE 918-2100 CONTINENTAL VILLAS TEMPE Baseline & Price Rds. IN FAST GROWING AREA Luxury townhouses In a most desirable location. Choose from 2,3 4 bedrooms. Enloy pool, clubhouse and sauna. VA and conventional financing, FROM $29,950 PHONE 1314)544 IM'MI AWDELH CONTINENTAL THOMAS 71st Ave. & Thomas Rd. EASY TO CARE FOR HOMES Ideal floor plans for easy maintenance. See 5 beautifully furnished models featuring up to 4 bedrooms, 2 baths. FROM $21,990 PHONE 149-4431 CONTINENTAL. EAST Baseline & McClintock SUPERB EASTSIDE LIVING Spacious homes. 2, 3 4 4 bedrooms, as many as 3-.baths. Easy access to shopplna, schools and east side employment cm- term. FROM $24,500 PHONE 838-939S CONTINENTAL TOWNHOUSES-EAST Oobson North Of Southern PRESTIGE ADDRESS- IN MESA Luxury townhouses with up to 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, pool i cabeni. FROM $24,500 PHONE 134-4551 ICCUPANCY, i IS YOUR- PR_. IN WON.- THU SUNDAY 10 A./ USING OPPOF IOME MODELS NT HOME EQUAL HO American Continental Homes HALLCRAFT HOMES DEER VIEW PARK SCOTTSDALE Pima . Rd & Indian School FROM: $24,600 . BETHANY HEIGHTS 44th Ave. & Bethany Home Rd. SUNBURST -FARMS AND RANCHETTES 35th Ave & Thunderbird Rd. WEST SIDE ESTATES e7th Ave. No. of Camelback Rrf. GLENDALE PH: 264-8990 FROM: $25,600 SUNBURST EAST AND RANCHETTES 60th St. & Shea Blvd. PHO TEMPE GARDENS FRar!54 n O b Or WeenRgr »!E 4 M^ ll 2 n 4S. C 8 k 6 ! | CAREFREE VILLAS FROM *$16,925 VILLA CAREFREE MESA VILLA CAREFREE GLENDALE S5th VILLA CAREFREE EASTWOOD *VILLA CAREFREE GREEN 48th St. South of McDowell ^ PHOENIX: 264-8660 JSth Ave. 4 McDowell PHOENIX: 264-892S SEE 11 BEAUTIFULLY FURNISHED MODELS ON DISPLAY AT THE' ONE STOP HOME SHOPPING CENTER THE HALLCRAFT SHOWCASE OF HOMES East Camelback Road & 22nd St. 264-8611 IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY - SOME PLANS Total Electric Medallion Homes . . . Electric hejtlni for contort . . . Insulation for Energy Conservation. . • . MODELS OPEN DAILY 10 A.M. TO 10 P.M. SAT. 10 A.M. TO i ».M. fhi fMiy, -June », 1973 the Phoenix Gazette Want Ad* Art Easy To Us* Can 271-9111 100—Hu. Henn •II Areas HOM(=S, ICK POSSESSION. DESIGN MASTER REALTY 849-1302 247-4517 ba. spacious thrupantrv. Over 200b w NICE .two bedroom Home 6MS, 3 0°°s m . tf •**!' lot, of re- 252J755 - .— bedroom home on ,„ ..| S o._zoned.R.3.for w pa f t T ms, NO QUALIFYING-3 BR-2 BA W4,900. $4.000 DOWN, or. FHA-VA Three bedroom, two bath, family room, refrigerated den, carpeted, ga- THREE bedrooms. R-3 zoned. CTM' zonedTctM. NEW 2 B Home unfinfsh acres 110.00 mo. 4 pet., $2C Balance $14,500. Located 25 " ..of.. Tempe, .Sellwell RI ;d on 2 )0 down, minutes ally, • 32 MOVE IN FAST Tempo makes It easy I New bl •- '• teens & u ~ nomes mid- Ley —.Call Don, 992 JP. Paradise Val- 1-9190 or 253-2423. Eastside — call Dan. TEMPO HOMES INC. An Equal Housing OP ^AWF"^ . PHX $32,0i GIANT N PHX $327000 LOW FHA ,. PERSONAL SERVICE 24 HRS "MR REALY STATE" 944-1414 SEE THE PRIZE ROSES at this home In mid 20's. jilt-in kitchen • & Erickson & As- THE contemporary tin Rich"" paneling, ""buTlt-in" k'iiche *»>' .CSC' Erlckson & JUMBO 4 BR-DBL GARAGE; Like new Hallcraft built on lovely cul-de-sac lot. Easy care desert gravel front yard. Dream kitchen & •amily rm. Terrific area near 39th Aye. & Bethany. 30's price— terms. BEAUTIFUL 4 BEDROOM SLUMP BLOCK HOME Here's a lovely large 4 BR home In an excellent area close to schools a, shopping. Sep. fanr. rm with arcadia doors leading to cov'd patio. Deluxe kitchen with all the built-lns also convenience of entertaining with pass through d, beautiful omes show pride of ownership. This is ths window to rear vard, beautiful neighborhood where homes show . pest buy In the area, an be yours at only $31,500 wit excellent term <cellent terms. Tony RIMSZA Realty it can 264-1881 _venlngs 274-4048 4 BR NEEDS FAMILY TO LOVE 2 short blks to excellent N.E. school. " ar. $24,900. CALL BILL 244-B478 $$$$S$$$SSS$$S$$$SS$S$S$$SS$$S$S$SS$SU Gallery of Komes Presents BUILT TO LAST built by craftsmen then this Encanto home is for you. It features formal dining, lovely kitchen, large family rm. It's voursfor $47,500. Call John Humphreys, eves. 942-4444. , • WESTERN AMERICAN, 264-7222 Realtors 5212 N. Central Ave. $$$$s$$$$$$$$s$$$$$$$$$$s$s$$$$ssssss$s THREE or four bedroom plus den, refrigerated, choice of carpet color. Camelback and Freeway area. Lots of shopping, near schools. FHA. 24,000. ABC, 265-4103. NO DOWN , MODEL HOMES ONLY 3 LEFT SOME NO QUALIFYING FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED IMMEDIATE POSSESSION : : HA, VA & CONVENTIONAL FIN. Owner Jim 243-5562 Eves. 997-0481 HORSES-Uh'SPERATE OWNER' .oveiy 3 Br, fam rm, fireplace, re- rig'd, carpets, drapes. Mint cond. t-enced commercial half acre 5% cm. Qwner pays cost. Full price $31,500. :ves. 992-3724. ROXBOROUGH REALTY 944-5581 LOOK! LOOK! LISTEN! Thlsfe the nicest 3 Bdrm, fam rm home available. Corner lot, refrlg desert landscaping in front, dbl garage, vacant. Low 30's. Terms If needed. REALTY aJTIVE942.7004; J I M iui v*j-ewi. ; • 3 PAYSON PROPERTIED" New 2 BR home w/fireplace. New arpets. Very lovely — 3 BR rafter home & lot, w/tall pine trees, II In Payson North. Bring all otters. HUNDERBIRD REALTY, 275-9453. Eves. 955-4514. REALTORS 224 EAST McKlnley. Three bed- ooms, extra kitchen. Income? Pay- ments_$100.Jerms.J53-7255, Broker $$$$$SSS5J$$$$$$S5$$$S$$S$S$SSS$$SS$$$ COOPERATIVE SELLER ' IN "ROYAL OAKS" In a beautifully developed area of other proud home- ' owners ROOM ' a d T o I n~i n a "the" complete ELECTRIC KITCHEN. Excellent closet space, 2 car attached garage and every . facility for the growing fam (V. OWNERS WITH 2 HOMES HAVE PRICED : REALISTICALLY AT WHERE ELSE? (AT SUCH A PRICE) "Just oft No. Central" A ta'otefullv decorated, carpeted, custom draoed 3 BEDROOM, m BATH HOME with RICHLY PANELED FAMILY , ROOM and huge brick fireplace for A PRICE AS S26.900/ .. have color coordinated — cleaning ranoe and oven, lovely yard with room for pool, large outside storage, 2 year., old/ heating and. j-efrl- system. ST D" offerin Truman . FIRSTCOM E RVED" off call T SERV call FO POST REALTY 277-1444 5040 N. Central REALTOR K$$$$$t$$$tSt$$$$SS$$S$$StKSS$t$$«$S FIX-UP DUPLEX SPECIAL . little yyork will make this property n excellent Investment. 2 and 1 idrm units. OWC with $2,500 dn. '314. RED CARPET, REALTORS 263J961 26WK13 247-4141 RUSTIC SPANM • IN MOUNTAIN FOOTHILLS * COMPLETELY REMODELED $1000 DN COULD BUY IT! ; :Dptless 3 bdrm 2 baths, spacious Jyina rm, huge natural stone fireplace. b J? n <L new quality w-w cajr- oets 4 tile thruout. paved street & in sewer. new Metro Cener. Priced In lowest $20'«. OE McGARRY. Realtors 944-4944

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