The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 2, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 2, 1918
Page 4
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ft* PAGF, FOUR THE fitjTdnttfSOS HEWfl, Sir 1 HE HUTCHINSON NEWS I O^TciXlTpAPER OP RENO COUNTY W. V. MORGAN, EDITOR. ESTAEU3HED 1872. tntTai j*t ih* I'uaioirics Jn Ilutchtn- tcu, Knn., iff iianamiSHton through the mails na M. mniter, ' TELEPHONES. ftUH.iifjRs otflcu .......j....No. 3 .'.<U ri'lltiJJitf LH-1'UI Imeni No. 3 society bailor No. mo;; TEHM8 OP SUBSCRIPTION. Datly c<ii ttuii ilflli vti«1 by carrier lo ftJi> pal t ui niiuilimsuii, IU c«iit» a wick. liy mail, rtx muiiiitM 1,1*0 Hy mail, ituett moiitUH J.UU Uy mail, uno niuiuii iQ Wvci'.y SLVIS, uiii! year TO CHMNUE ADDRESS. In ofOtaius Uiu uiidie6s of your paper cJiKUfciHi, uiu(whetiter ) t Id 1 huly or jVuLUUdbb a* li" 511 08 tl,e ADVBRT.SRMSNYJf. ^ ^ it ii may uocin an,-ilv.rlW .MJ •''•«^ ll,0l con'tra^L™ leh'pliunu. Calla lor nocl^ly thanks, meetings, cards ot , -licis, i»»oluiiuiis, io- ci*l, u »J chord and UUOHI/. lf;' rr '» {.{J' Kansas dlcRte that not nil tlio thirteen million Will bo required to wnllop the stuffing out or the Germans, He 1ms Aaid Hint nn army of five million would ncconv pllsh Hie desired result, and we hi- ready have close lo three millions In Hie service. So we may understand Hint the govcriimcnl will only actual' ly cnll two or "three million of Hie new minion registered, and that the remainder, consisting of those with dependents and those In occupations essential to the war, will not be touched unless Hie need 'becomes greater than Is expected. While Germany wilt only actually see five million Americans in arms, she will Know that eight or ten million more nre right around the corner rendy to respond whenever the President culls. CluoiKO CUy, Mo. elm rue. Ill wUluewn BUI.. K. Kiu Ad\trtl»in« Agency in AiiVcrilsliiis talcs made known ilinli. Teiel'lioiw No 3. No. 4W or ZKia. items to on nppll- 13u.U.rlal While we nre talking BO much about It why not let the people have a sny in their government In Texas and MIs- issippl as well as in the countries overseas? This might make the world "safe for democracy," but it would make It very unsafe for the Democratic parly. MEMUER OF THE ASSOC.AT" P" •>«»•» n, ^ i " ] !".'«:jw J local ..«»» '11 Una l'-'l""' »" u l0C '' ""Jll-'Vi 'ilhls r republication ot special All "•!". |UMH( . R „, U ARO M»O reserved. ' dcHl-iii'" 1 ' The SMlinger Drug Ce. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Telephone 31. No. 17 Norm Main Street, Hutchinson Germany is likely to have a new prime minister, Dr. Solf, who Is secretary for colonies in the imperial cabinet. Dr. Solf is no longer burdened with work on hip present Job, f Abe Martin •The strike of the London police did not lust long but It enabled the thieves to show what could be done If they were not handicapped by the conventions of society. Tlie American newspapers are inclined to be modest about some things but when they think of the army In Franco they will be excused if they forget it. „• AFFLICTED FRANCE. roar, <•? When •* <£- The war has knocked things 'V <j> out oi plumb; our comforts go. --i 1 <?.' privations come, but let us on *?• our wots be dumb, anil think of 'f> France. It costs a loi to buy your ».• rice, our Mn-cotash and prunes -v •i> and ire, bin let us promptly pay •¥ <?> the price, and think of France. * «i> Our towns are standing on their -v <t> slics; no bombs drop in ami >t' <i- spoil our nights; lo fuss uuw ^ <?• fret we Imvf no rights—let's '; <i> think of France. There 15 no •« ^> stranger u;» cur slune to paint the landscape i'ed with gore •'•' <S> make seme busy IJerlha <i/ but think of Franc<i- I'm inciiio'd to tlrt.op and umpc, <\> aiul lose n.y hold on fafth am: t hope, discouraged by some splel- <h er's tlope, I tliink of France. • Some old time luxury I miss, 4 1 some vanished comfort spru'ts <S> my bli;;s; antl then I iiooi ;.iy- self and hiss, anl l.iiink of <i> Fr'-inee. I hear men grewi.wioi <$> arctic feel; they find it hard to s makp ends meet, and then my message 1 repeal, "Oh, think of <i> i-'rance!" 1 V-ear dames gruiu- 4' ble ore ar.l then' beeati: <*> have no rags to wear, ai <3> mark, "Oh. lailies fair, pray <S> think of l'"r;;nee!" Our iv.s are <s> trifling things and brl sli(ii-l hour iliey find relief; e weiihi know tht.* soul of There ought to be a law prohibiting teiirists returning from Colorado and telling how delightfully cool it was last summer. What gits me is how the kalsor could talk with his head thrown back an' his mouth full o' tools. When Miss Krmie Moots wuz asked about th' rumor that she wuz engaged t' a certain corporal, she replied, "In so fer as regards that's concerned ther lialnt nothin' Into It." !i; w.iund- liiisgner, Y. they I re­ in <5' one if V * grief, $ -i- .' we'll think of France. --Wall .Mason. ,j. r., Q Only three weeks until we show the kaiser how America will put over a Liberty bond issue that will capture his goat. It would be a fine thing if some Of these Holsheviki leaders would swallow their own names and choke. Tlie new registration law doos not exempt bald headed men unless tlipy have heirs. * * •£ <i> >i> * * <* <£• 'i' TOO MUCH BOTHER. By Huth Cameron. <i> i> <S> <J> -ii LABOR'S DAY. This is Utbor Day, a day set aparl by law for the observation of Ihe honor due to the basis ol all Industry ami jirosptTily, Bveryone of umlerstandlni; knows that the position of Labor has changed remarkably in the past few years and that the present world war will work a still greater revolution. The •wur has called for man power and as men have gone from the industries of peace Into the service of war they have created a market for labor which has brought an advance in wages and an improvement In conditions. In some countries Labor has gone Into polities as a parly but in our country It has thus far remained non-partisan or ralhor It has come near to ihe control of ill I parties. Never again will the employer of latior bo able to dictate terms and price. Never again will Ihe men who tqll allow the men who plan lo get such opportunity for tlie largest pur Hon of the profits. Tlie end of this war will see a new world Industrially speaking and it will be a much better, world. • i Tho "adjustment'' may come more slowly in our country than In other countries where Ihe differences in opportunity have been greater. In America thore has always been the chance for tho employe to become the employer or for the <J' sfl ""slicd man lo go west and grow up wllh the country. The United Stale* will come to the new arrangement without tho jolts (hat may be felt in Europe. Uul wo will get there just as surely as It is certain that labor is necossary and knows its advantage when organized and sensibly directed. Idjbor Day will become more of a recognized holiday in the future be cause it will mean In accomplishment what it formerly meant Ifl liopo, THOSE THIRTEEN MILLION MEN The very inagnifioeiit offering of (he United Statea ia an army of tliir- toen million men—to start with. Of course If nioro are needed wore •will \o added to tlie draft nMfUM'ftU(i% My neighbor, who had just been seeing off a guest, sank on thq;edgo of my verandah and indulged In-what was plainly a sigh of relief. Some people always feel that way when guests go (and usually their guests feel the same, which mak'es the whole thing one of those footless proceedings we go through wilh in the name of conventionality). But my neighbor is not that sort. Tho departing one had been a cousin, and 1 ventured lo inquire if it were : a case of "God gave us our relatives. Thank God we eau choose our friends." •, "Yes," she said, "exactly," arid then contritely amended it to, "No, I don't mean ihui. She's awfdlly nice, In some ways, but—-well, she's one of Ihose people that everything bothers. "You know what 1 mean," she went on, "the. mosquitoes all bite her, and the bites swell up, and she has to bathe them with iiamameiis and show them to you every few minutes. "If it's hot she's miserable with the heat; if it's cold, she hovers over tho stove and wants to know i; it's often like this, and how we stand it. "if there's one fly in Ihe house, Jio manages to get into her room and wakes her up In the morning. Uvery time she goes out she gets sand in her shoos,—we all do Unit and expect it,—bul she makes such a fuss over it. "She is terribly afraid of thunderstorms and, of courBe, we had three while she was here. "That's all I con Ihlnk of, Just now, but there were a lot of other things and really it gets on your nerves after a while. 1 suppose I'm foolish to mind." I couldn't agree wilh her lust statement. Or, if she Is foolish, I'm foolish, loo; lor 1 certainly mind (hat type of person. The trouble with people like thai, Is not that, they really are any more sensitive physically to these Inevitable annoyances of life, but that they have got into the habit of thinking and, talking and milking much of liiein. They make a sort of Mo(joeh of their physical comfort and, aa u people, but to themselves. And not only a nuisance to other people, but to theuiselvocs. You havo doubtless heard of the little chap in tho southern mountain, district who watched., with gaping' mouth, when John Vox, the novelist, who WUB making a trip through Ihe mountains, bathed himself in a mountain stream and cleaned his teeth. "Mister," ho said finally, "ain 't you tin nwfu) lot of bother to yourself?" Of course wo would call that kud ot bother legitimate, but there are a great many peoplo who aro so much unnecessary bother to themHO .vog, \n one way or another, that they (lon 't got any fun out of Jlfc,~-or let anyone else. wounds, IS; died ot disease, oil, degree undetermined, in 1. Total, 31S. KILLED IN ACTION: Lieutenant Solomon ltubel, New York, N, Sergeants Waller Tillman Bluukcits, Dearborn, Mich. John (•reenfietil, Shrtivcport, Ln. ICnrl C, Mlttt'lstnl. New Uoslon. Mich. Hubert D. Wtltliirs, New Iberia, La. Corporals Howard Amoa UiUMite, l-lttsliurth Pa. Jesse C. Hunting. 81. Kranclsvllle, 111. . Vinton Moore. Lmlysmltii, Wis. ttarl G. Wausse, Milwaukee, Wia. Bugler Cecil Eugene Ogletrco, Detroit, Mich. Privates Taytori David Diivlu, Hickory, Ky. l'Vod McCAnn. ShullAourg Wis. Jlmry Nehrbass. Athens, Wis. Joseph Nottlug. Milwaukee. Wis. Jessy D .Slefiull, Sviu-ea, Mo. J. Leslie Htlllnmn, Andiewx, N. C. W.nJtcr G. Thompson, South Manchester, conn. Victor Zimmerman, .lialn. Wis. I'MdJe A. Amlersoiv Win!hrop Minn. Komc Antrobus. Poplar Mont. Hnrvcy A, ll.'iines, Milwaukee. Wis. Fr.'tnk W. .Iionau, Mayville, Wis. t - Klmcr D. Dobaon, Hells, Tex. > Vernon K. Dow. Muskegon, Mich. ltonuin I*. Frleaeiihahn, Han Antonio, Texas. Frank Gonyeu, Victory Mills N. Y, Ilidwell Loftln, LoiiBShoiila K. C. .Tiune.i F. McLaughlin. Koxbury, Mass. I.eon Sayler, Spokane, Wash. Andreas Steunklsle, Denlson, Iowa, K<twiu Austin, Turin, Mich. Joseph A. Dion. Uockford, lit. llolHiid A. Kinney. Detroit Mich. Drnest IL Nelson, Kliigcfleld Talk N. J. Corwin Reese, Justus, Ohio, Joseph Sehlosser. Milwaukee, Wis, Paul Stalling*. Relvlderc, N. C. DIED OF WOUNDS: Sergeants Hazlett F. Hahne, Danville, PI. Jesso D, Mtl'llire, Mnntlcellor lib Corporals -Waiter Gasuive Schilling,- Ft, Atkinson Wis. Donald T. Talcs, Dtego K. Y. ' r 1 V -\'v.yv''-';-- l ' ; :' ; Cook.. v : -.•.'^."•v'.--/».. Wilson D. Holniati, Columbia, 'lenn. Privates Prank Tlenuttlnr, 1 Inimical, Mo. Frank ftlaul. i.tilcago. 111.:. Mlki! Uruillier, Two It!vers; Wis. John Jay Corinan, I'lttslairsli,'Pa. Motile Gradow, 'New- Vork -N Weymouth Tho folowioe canualttoi aro reiiort- ec| by tho Commanding Oeaural ot the Anierteftn. Mrpoaltlonaty Forces! Amos Hardln.i I>rilto'n Arthur iJ. Jlmiey, Nor Fir-! L. Kirhv, ICIHoH, Iowa. DIED OF DISEASE: Serf] cant Jerry Forbes, l-liiluclelpliiu, P:i. Privates rrunclH H. Potior. i,TlL'n<i:vo, Mont, t May ton K ^5.lun<U'rs, I.ynn, .MH&J. Cladwyn M. Sauncit-s, Ada K-n. Clarence P. Noe, Wctmore, Kan. lUnjarnln Small, JochHonvH'.o Fla. Newman Smlih. liuMliltill, ''a. WOUNDED SEVERELY: Lieutenants Will V. (ioldachmtiit, Chieugo, 111. I't'ti.-y 10. I^slourgi-on, Chicago, 111. William I*. Ward, .Luke-wood. O. Serjeants Ijrlbnrt M. Hurkharij- tildon Wo. Aimer Silas IMcknrd, KtUumajioo Mich Win. II*riiry Shc-nnun, Unit Axe, Mich. Orion Sidney Thompson. Dexter, AUch Jithn O. C'admun, ] J Iymouth,, Maaa. 'J homus K Dowlintr, Aew Yorh, N. T. Wm. T. McIviM -nrtn, KuBk*vlHu, Conn. , AVUlliuTi J. Mlddtoton, Lumkln Qu, Frttl W. J'cu-rson, Aliiywoith Iowa. Corporals Wm. Hf nry Hhem an, Now Urltaln, Jot: Don, New York, N. Y. Kmllt* Duanols, Kemtnole, Pa. Jit-Hand D. iOUusnn. Andoraon Ind. Jom-pli f(. OoiiRh, Detroit, Mich, rtubeit Hamptun, Manilowoc, Wis. Josvim J.awrcncu J lannon, M-iuoravlllo, I-'rnnklln Henry. Ilnwnrden, Iowiv. ChmJes McCoUough, Mauontown, Pa. John IVwell, Kansnfl City, Mo. Cecil I»\ Swats, Ixine l*'ount:itn, Vo. Frtxl Trluhlo, North Blrmhamlne Ala. Cleorge VaJl, Chlcugo, 111. CJcorgo Baker, ],lnwood, Araaa. Jesso E. Beard, Rolla, Kan. Harry J. Cailentlne, Waterloo, Iowa. Arthur H. Dctijurdlns, I*owell, Mas3. Daniel V. llurU*y t Houlh Boston, Mass, Marcus J. McLoughlin, Jr., Branford, Conn. 1'iank M«rt<!B, Fountain CUy, Wis. Jrvlng H. Shumway, Pittafleld, Mass, Mechanic John Joseph Mo*..nIre, Detroit, Mich. Cook Karl U. Peterson, 1'ortase, Wis. Privates Peter Baicii, Buchanan, Mich. J.ornUnu Adell Banmhy, Omnd HapidB, Mich. Arthur J. Berthlsumc, Detroit, Mich. Charles 11. Btklo, Washington, D. C, McKlnloy B!aho|), BonjelUco. Ky. Clarence Dib'h, Boallr, N. C. Frank U. Fu,rr, Seattle, Wash. Fron FoJtlnna.' Chicago, Ul. ChiulcH OuUlckson, Menominee, Wis. ' Tilmer £).• Mens, Sun Froiiolaco, GoJif. llaymond T. Jiurley, Newton Upper Falla, Ma»s. Charlea J. Hue, Detroit, Mich. George KeJner, Madlfion, S. D. Erwln H. Lewi*. Concordia, Kar). John L. Allen, Atqhl»on,'Kan. • Mike Anders, Mali one y CUy, PA. Oacar Appelsoth, Ctarksflehl, Minn. Harrison O. Baker, Sugar Grove, V«, Den S. Barkea*. Mt. Clemens, Mich. Uoyd c. Beach, ICureka Bprlnga, Ark. Arthur Jeromo Becker, Rr&rrlH, MJch. Luther Bcekncr, It hod a, Ky. Vernon JO. Uaekeloo, Kalamasoo. Mich. Frank Boryschewskl, YonkeiB, N. Y. Albert C, Cumpbeli, willows, Calif. John C Coleman, Buffalo, N. Y. Michael A. Petta, Chicago., IU.' JoHOph Mlohaet Dorttn, San i'>anCisco, Calif. Lloyd 8. Duhoso, Amorlciia, Ga. John A. Duncan, Wapella, 111. Mlnard J, Wnrlght Itawaon, Ohio. Ivnymond K. Ithitwlitlry Chicago, ill, William M. Kvana, Windsor, Conn, A«<lrow II. Foreman. Columbus, O. Charles O. Frauattpruls, Jr., PUttfburjh^ Charles W, Olbaon. Atgont, Jowa, Wwllacti Ii. Grow*, Pombcrtou. Ohio. Eugeno N, Oulllory, VlUo Platte, Lu, Carl O. Gustataon, TlttusvlUe. Pa. Ne«l p, Haj-low, DlxflcUl, Mo. BenJ. T, Harvlu. Humphrci', Ark. Kcyo« W. Iiumi»ht1fts. coltimbin, IA. - LJrtient T2, Jones* Pickens, S. C. Anthony KnIWUdB, Toftfhirf; '••*•- Jamcft itntsftr, Detroit, Mich. •;.< Duther Kendrick. Bung*'. Texan. 1>«ter A. Kent, J<r.»oy .Snori 1 . i'a. Alfred F. Keslair Coiiomftngli, Pn. >* Iru l>. KHner, Jacksonville, 111. John Knorr, New Vork. N. If. ^ Antono Aolto Kurta, flnn FrnncWco, Calif. ..Thomaa 0. Dealey, Pelzor. S. C. Stanley MoBrlde, Harbor Springs, Mich. Vincent P. McKay. Brtuhloek, \Pa. Dbh Alhm McKI^, Wcbhervllli*, Mlcll. Leu la A. Major, New Itundn, Ln. £. J. Mjijrlcle, South Omaha, neb John 1:1. Nlfdarhnuster, Monr^e.-Wls,." Charles PofnnlUJr, Bridgeport. IMotto PnllCitchlo. BoHwell, Pn, / Marl-y Hertry Pohlmnn Pre«tori, Kat^a*. Jo«n>h J.,PrffldGrgnst..Clinton, Mats. WnCIoW PftTtinel, iKjdti N. .1. r .'. Steve .ltolh, ClerthiiHJ^.'O. Arthur RL. itu^Hin, Jeffemmivllle, VU • Clutt-lM \V, flcHlesser. Sernnton, Pa^ Jjoulfl C. SehilCr, Athene, • • Delmar A, Hdttlb, Malta. Ohio. James Shatiley, Battle Creek, Mlclu ltobert aheMdniij Rt. Lauls. Mo., James D, SK^tH, JtoncewMtu, W. Va. lOrnest H. SnMling, Calhoun Fnl)*, C. Edward J. Snyder. Tjnncn.ster, Vtx. ^ Joseph CYPrtttck, Etna, Pa. Carmelo Spltall, Chicago. 111. Clarence B. Stater, Dnnwnnd. W. Vn. Adam A. Slern, lUlea, N. Y. James P. Stockman, Koiest Hill, Difc Uugeno AV* Stravhorn, L'lilversHy, N, C. WOUNDED j (Degree Undetermined) 1 ! h . Lieutenant ." i Wltllam T. Williams, Murphy^ N. 0. Sergeants ' v M Matthew Jamen Cohiiely, Troy,' N. Y, I'lysscs H. McKoown. Wlsnei*. Neb. David A. Tuck, So. Klehmond, Va. Itolfo WngTier, Clyde, Tex. Boy W. Walson, Houston. Texafl. Christian Werihwctn, Jfr.sey CUy, N. J. Warren F, Connoly, New Brunswick, N. Ji ' ' Aillitir C» Dobson. New York, N. Y, Tnlbert :N, Fla-ser, Mooresvllie, Ind. I'>e<ieilck A. Tompie, Huntington. W. Vn. Carmen Mo«t, Mocatmqiin, Pa. Walter Billion Hose, Tulsa, Okla. Corporals Rodney F. limit, Barre, Muss, William J. Vogei, BiaimlbrOok, N. J. John D. Bosley, l^afnyette, Tent). William Dunir/iskl, Chicago, Ml. Francis P, Williams, Kast Liverpool, Ohio; Bugler Homer Chastaih, uai-aa, Tcjias, Musician Manuel V. Sn n tus, plymou t h, Ma«s. Cook Bay B. Wynn, C'CIIIJUK. Iowa. Privates Alfred B. Amundson, Mctntnsh, Mich. Jorgen J. Arvlk, Auburn, Mont. John Bauer, Sanborn, Minn. Paul Bcrnas, Cleveland, o. Theodore Beyer, Collis, Minn. Lto.J. Cafrrey, Cary Station, 111. Pierce It. Onrmack, New York, N. Y. Danlel'S. Cecdre, New York, N. Y. Hardy Bryant Crouch, livu. La. Lon Everett Deatberuge, Mnamford, Okla. Paul P. Dcboiig, Allenlown, Pn- John P. Fink, i-lancot-k, Mich. Joseph F. FreUns, San >ranciMCO, Col. Charles Garrow, i*inconnliig. Mien. Farrhi W. Gillman, MlhcdgevUle, Ua. Albeit Hole, Uktah, Calif. James OMCOJ- llanna, Byhalla, Mlsa. triyde William'Slice, Rowletis, Ky. Guy. EdwarU Tallerday, Klkhnrt, ind. Henry O. Walker, Nushvlllr, Mich, l.ue- Winn, Abbeville. «». Charles C. \V*rlght, Coukville, Texas. Joseph Yantorno. Brooklyn, N. V. Michael Alessi, Chicago, Bl. Dlmitrofl AndreapouU-s, Stockton, Calif. Orvllle Breeding, Council, Va. John B. Brown, Purdutn. Neb. liltncr N. Curlson, Stromsbnrc, Nch. Walter Carlton. Chcsanlng, Mich. ; William A. Cash. Curryvlllc, Mo, Chrlws Christ ianson. Red Lodge, Mont. E«lward Iv. FUzgerahl, Milhulelphia, l*u. Clyde K. lioffg, Eldred. .111. Malcolm Landpn Mclver, Jonesboro, N. C. Michael F. Mnck, Ueadvllle, Mass. I^an-y Spano, l^edmout, W. Va. , l/eon G. Thompson. Barnca, Pa. Fred Vaiigorder, Franklin, N. J. ' Henry Burtanuu, Baraga, Mich. .Rudolph Bthrenu, Arlington Heights, Ohio. John Bcliak, Penbody, Ma.HM. John E. BlnlKdcll, Glendo, Wyo. Nleholas Mary Brlgiio, Chicago, 111. .Patrick* Raul*BM«v*-Nt'W York, N. Y. PhiHi?Xa>ttclV^rVcrbonk, •N^'VV Ira TV CQOI, Merna, Nob. , Henry C. -Doro, Troy, Kan. Tipi iCnsrud, St. Hllaire, Minn. ; Artjiur'l^ Kwold, Cagetown, Mich, Clarenco Ga>'vVroppenlsh, Wnsh, r Russel G. Groiicher. LOB Aiigeles, Calif. Merrill C. Irwin, Tabor, Iowa. : Ralph Kimbefly, .'Fairmont. W. Y&Ralph LafurglQ. SBW Yoik, N. Y. Leo Lafrance, NorUi Underbill, Yt.: Daniel l^ampberc,. New York Mills, Joseph W. Lewis, Severance, Kan; Jimmie Lifortt, Gibson Snttion, Va, Cecil Lowery. Latham, Mo. , Carl r J'. Medford, Wheatland, Okla- Emmett K. Merrlam, FrnnceHvlIle, Ind. Howard C. Mlddleton, Boyne City, Mich. Hugh B. Pullen, Ft. Kavett. Tex. Gerald S. Tebbe, Perry, Okht. Freddie B. Wallace. Pensaeolo, Fin. Ciustav Wonka, Dayton, O. Eail C. Wilson, South Mllford, Ind. William J. Yaney, Lopes!, Fa, Josepli Stephen Yclnick, i.'amden, N, J. MISSING IN ACTION: Lieutenant Vivian H. Hoberts, Macon, Ga. Charlea C. Schi-andt,'Philadelphia, Pa. Corpals Oscar A. Anderson, Klkmotind, Wis. James IS. Hayes, Pittsburg, Texas. Bugler Peter Horowitz, New York, N. Y,. 1 Mechanics Franlc Rugf-iero, Pittafleld. Mass f Ja^ejih Tracowskl, Kynon, Pa. Privates Carlo Bazzuni, Coupon, Pa. A«riai!our Bod res fan, Lynn, Mass. A. lledblom. I*askin, WIB, August Heuskju Johnstown, Pa. George I.«eov, Oakland, Calif. John R. Newton, Litile Muddy, Ky. Willlaiw Joseph Walsh, South Boston, Moss. John W. Yohe, Latrobe, Pa. August Badenhop, Napoleon, Oliio. Asa Beoid. Bai'ton City, Mich. Walter Bulla, Wcat Frankfort, 111. August Brauu, Cottage Grove, Wis. John Flavin, North Walpole, N. II. Howard L. Ford, Ft. Wayne, Ind. ilenry Fieese, Raymond. Minn. Bernard Frohn, Highland, Ul. Joseph S. Clammon, Cordova, Ala, ICarl S. Gatlln, Lookeba, Oklo. John Gotlnger, Shadyside, Ohio. Harry C. Goedelmann, I ltd bud, III. Moses Goulet, KawkawlJn, Mich. James J. Guerin, Stamford, Conn. Jamca O. Hansard, Vanal«tyne, ftx. HemY Hanson, Mcl^eod, ,N. D. Joe M. Harrison, ChtiUwurth, Ga. Dave C. Harry, Mlnoola, Texas.. Charles IJetalnger, Alton. Ul, ; * George It. Ilidia. Clarksville, Go, 1 Bert HigKinbotham, Arcadia, Flo. William II. Horton, Rook Springs, Ark. Major Howard, Alpbarattu, Ga... Dock Jackson, H/ico, La. Charley J. Rabck, Hntchinaon, Minn. WttHor Murcuskl. New Haven. Conn. . Kdwurd B. Mnrkle, Paxton, W. rVa, 13dward C. Michels, Albion, 111.' I-evy Mitchell, Slmsboro, Lu. * Raymond It. Otta, Sutilgont, Ala, Josh Peck, Eden. Mlsa. action, 8j • of wonn<t» rdcalVed in notion. 1; tUcdjir diflwae,^.; #oundea in action, Severely, 8; wottnaerl in nc- 'lion, dpgrco undetermined, ll)^-"iu bAnds oL enemy, 1, TWtnl, %\. KILLED tn ACTION. . • '-• • • •• Serfleant - Orrlc F. Kline, Tacoina. Wnsh. Privates GornW K. Irish, Pit tBford, Mich. Orvllle A. NolBflfl, UtcMlt-ui, Minn, DIEb OF WOUNDS RECEIVED IN ACTION: Private Walter F. Sttrasacr. Buffalo, N. Y. DIED OF DISEASE: Private John .1- Lynch, Centralln, Pn. WOUNDED IN ACTION: (Severely) Privates Stephfin J. Dorsek, Toledfi, O, Lewis H. Guhncll, AHl)u;ton, N. X Leo F. Hartmann. RAndnsky,Ohio. Norman"J. Jarr.rrt, Buffalo, N. Y. Boy F* White, Campbell lnil. 111. Dessa O; Wilson, Mntinlilglon, W. Vn. IJCHIIO Zendfcr, Fre<lonln,W^. V. (Onlv seven names given, tablo onll.1 for eight; Incorrectly filed in Washington.) WOUNDED IN ACTION: (Oeqree Undetermined) Gunnery Sernennt Kugent J, MelluKh. New Yoik, N. V. Cook Mtko T. Orticem, Akron, Ohio. Prjvntes .lospph C Clark. Wartrnce. Tenn. Joseph L. Courow, Kansas City, Mo. James H. F^agnr, Vlnrrlcan. lltiihv IfYanels Grelnn, Ynnkton, P. D. Roy A. Hill, Cnylr, Okla. William T. McGhoe. Fredcrlckfiburg, Vn. Cnrl O. Potter. Hector. Minn. Earl D, Powers, Waslilngloii, Mich. Previously Reported Mlsslna In Action, Now Reported Severely Wounded in Action: Private R.nymnnd C. Johnson, Ttrilvri*. Colo. IN HANDS OF ENEMY: Sergeant Roseoc M. Cram, New Sharon, Me CRIPPLED SOLDIERS PREFERRED WEEGHMAN REPAID * FOR HIS VENTURE Charles WeeRhman. When Charlie Weegh man oeeamp owner of the Cubs he started to Rot a pennant winner. Tho Cubs comietl the fine for him and brought uaclt much of the coin he spent. Recognized. This Btory In advanced as Illustrative of the nlllluilc of die Amerlean soldier toward. life and the world in Ken oral. A sonlry Is walking post on a dark night on the outskirts of a Dtitish camp where a dctiielinient of Amorlcnns is'tomporurily sMlioiied. Someone approaches, and the sen:ry Roes through tlio usual petl'ornmneo, demandlug lo know who Is there. Queen's Own," comes the res^eet- Mmlng Engineers Propose to Look' Out For Them. j New York, Aug. 31.—To. use sol- : tiler clippies In preference to anyone j else, wherever possible lifter the war, ful reply will bo one of the plans d'.scussed at j "Pass, Queen's Own," says Die sen- the war work meeting ot the Amerl- , try. can Institute of Mining Entvlncers, I Later another rlgurc became dimly wnich opons In Colorudo on Hepteni-1 discernible nf.svinst the- black sky. ber 1 and continues for six days. The ; Again the sentry makes his domnnd, convention will be attended by "sev- i "Friend, member of tho camp," is oral hundred prominent mining com- flio answer. panics of the country. | ."Pass, member of the enmp," says Mlnlns engineers are taking a spe-; the sentry. Toward morning n heavy cial interest in the problem ol the j step Is heard. It is Mulek. but rather employment or cripples after the war, shuttling. and each ot the fifteen sections of i "Who goes there " snaps the alert tho national Institute Is unueriattlng sentry. Individual work tending to prevent j "Aw, you go' lo h -.' is what the crippled soldier from bpiiiK a comes back out of the darkness, In a charge on the public—at least so rar heavy, husky voice, na Ihe mining Industry is concerned. I "Pass, American," says tho sentry, The work Is being done In direct co-! quickly replacing his gun.—Trench operation wilh the (lovernmcnt; and Camp. through some of tho hundreds of Amerlean Institute members connect- 1 A man can be a pro-Hun even it he ed with war work departments at doesn't say a word against thlB eoun- Washington. try.—Atchison Globe. Rheumatism Has Never Been Cured by Liniments or Lotions, and Never Will Be. You never knew of Rheumatism that most painful source of suffering —being.cure^ by liniments, lotions or other external applications. And you will'never see anything but temporary relief afforded by such makeshifts. But why bo satisfied with temporary relief from the pangs of pain which are Satire to return with increased severity, when there is permanent relief within your reach? Science has proven that rtheuaia- tism is a disordered condition of the blood. How .then, can satisfactory resuKs be expected from any treat- HERE IS ONE THING THAT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE ment that docs iiot reach the blood, the seat of the trouble, and rid tho system of the couso of tho <tiacn *4? S. S. S. Is ono blood remedy that has for more than fifty years been giving relief to even the most aggravated and stubborn cases of Khouma- llsiri. .It' cleanses and purifies tin blodd by routing but all traces of dis ease. The experience ot others who havo taknn S. S. 8. will convince you ihat it will'promptly reach your case. You can obtain this valuable remedy ill any drug sloro. A valuable book on Rheumatism and its treatment, together with ex pert medical advice about your own individual case, will be sent absolutely freo. Write today to Medical Department, Swift Specific Co., 431 Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga. Henry fllcbard. Jlolyoko, Mftsa. , Axel V. Snnnls, FOrman, N. ». John P. Barn, Blkhorn. Mont. Bmniltt 18i^S»j«j*er,:AVhUe;«alns, Ky, Sylvester Tonibcrlaln, 'BnUnenJ, Minn. James Volk. Cleveland, Ohio. ,„ italph J. Walton, Brawnlng. HI,- i „ Carl J. Wilkinson, Grand Junction, Colo. PRISONER! Lieutenant„ Robert B. Q. Utuwnlnir. S. Itlnne.ipolle. Minn. 7 MARINE CASUALTY LIST Q^ua|tl«(i t9 Date Of fleers—Dp»ths, 37! wounded, (Wi missing, J, Bub total, 98. iflnlistad. (Men-^uoaths, 871; wounded, J.8S3 i In hands of enemy, jgj m,ua. lag, 183. Sub, total, 2,89(1, UrauU total, %,U»4. The following casualties are--reported, to Uje CoaiwandlBg Qeneri»: of ti« Amt»ricaii • ^pMIUon«ry^>'oraflii AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY Accessory, Supply and Repair Houses AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 114-116 Sherman St East Auto Supplies, Tools , and Qaraga Equipment. Distributors: Bosch, Connecticut, ;Atwater, Kent, Stromberg Carburetors, and Leak Proof Rings. Phone 3000. 3ELL-ANS Absolutely RemdVefi Indigestion. Druggists refund money if it fails. 25fli. McVAY LIVERY TAXI—BAGGAGE Phone 88, Opposite Convention Hall. PROFESSIONAL CAJft&S. PHYSICIANS. H.S.BREV00RT.M.D. Practice Limited to *• Ofdee Treiitment t* ' Chronic Diseases Kxamtnnilon and, Diagnosis rre*. IU Wen First St., flutehlnaen,: Kkntaia. Kate Williams CITY VISITING NURSE Office with »r. Louise F. liichmvnd, Built Hi norabaugh-vviliiy PulWlng. • (•hone 2852W. -- TESTINQ EYES AND TITTINO SPECTACLES Is our specialty, Pi-Ices reasonable; accurate service. SHIPMAN BR08. ••''•• Over Commercial National Bank. Phone 3369. li^lLROAU IIMETABLfc*. SANTA FE Ci'lBcund. No. 2 The NOVIJJ No. J Clllcugo Limited No. 6 Chleaxv l'l»i«<« No. S auulu Eight No. JO The Seoul.,.., No. 18 Kiuisoa Cl.y l.'llor Mo. &iiw i'afls«ns«i No. 65H I'assiliaer — No. 60S H. tic S. l'a^aonsttr Ar.. 2:4i ii. rn. No. 71 V.AV t -'relKut. ll;4ru.-tu. No. 1 Tho Scout p. m. No 2 'i lie California Limited.. 3:tu p, m. No 5 Thy Colorado KKuiena... 6:JS p. m. No. 1 tanso Vtat i.oo p. m. No. 'J The Navajo 4156 a. m. . s:o» p. m. . 4itfS p, in, • 11:35 a. ni. .12:111 a. m. • VM a. m . • IKiotl tt, 111, . ?:4U p. m, <:45 p. m. 3:46 a. ru, •<:»» p. m.- n.'oft n. m. y: 1 0 a. in. No. H Colorado Knat .Uuil. No. 6l'5 Pua«enB«r., No. 60/ pnasensi-r No. 1157 PaauanKi'r No. 607 II. & a, l'iiKMuntier.... wui a m Nti. 7J Way FrclKht (Alain "' .unci , [(j:oo » ,.. No. 77 Way Froluht iflriineh '"• 7:tS a. m. MISSOURI PACIFIC, _ . KasTOaund. No. 421—Ijocai rnKtjejiaer . No. 434—Luval Puaecngcr . No. 4Utl— Local Fruiatu .,, Westbound. No. 423—l-ocal PaHKbtiter . No. A'iZ— Local Paauenier No. 435— Local FroigM ... .10:10 am . I Ii pm • LIllU p:u . «:t» pm ..»:»• IUII .11:40 um ROCK ISLAND. ' Ca&t Qaunj, No. 34..Ar. «:3» n. m., .Jeimrt 8:46 a. m. No, 4 . •' lt:16 a .m. No. 2 Itiuu p. m . No. 80, Local Pitel«nt .12:16 p. m. Weal Sound. No. 1 7:10 a. m. No. 3 6:10p, m. No. 33. .Ar. o;2S P. m.~ Depart ti:3G p. m.. No. »1. Local FieiL'lu 1M0 p. m. ARKANSAS VALLEY INTERURBAN. * Eaetbound. Circelrlo ».r,-.lna for Nuwlon, Wichita and Int -rmiHllate poiuui leavo liutentntian ai 5:30 A. Mi 6:30 A. M.. tJmlrol; J.S3 A" M., 9;16 AIM., 10:36 A. M., 12:S0 V. M., Llinl- ted;P. M., sis» Hi.. i:i>> tf. M. Mi P; M., Wmtted: 0:36 r. »I„ 7:55 p. At., 9.16 P. M., 11:20 P. M. \V"ea«. ).llid. -.... Eleclrle trains (rem Wichita, Newton and Intermediate points arrive at Hutchinson at 7:40 A. Mii8:30 A. M„ Limited; tfl;lt A. M,Jli36 A.**l;. 12:66 P.Jbh, 1:50 P.M.', Llmlled: 3:S6 P.iM., 4:66 P. M., 5:50 P. J4. Limited: T:3Si P. M.. -8:66 P, M..'- lOtlS P. M.. tl:3fi P. *M. 1:30 A. M. —"QUALITY IS ECONOMY"THE PERU IMP.CO. DISTRIBUTORS 13-15-19 First East REO HASKARD MOTOR CO., 17rint Weit Phone 243 w Arnold Auto Co. Marmon—Haynei--D<Mlge Brolhero j Phoir* WW AutopobileB 25 E*it FJfjr) 3W DAT/IV -«'The Moil Beautiful rAlUU< car in America" The Salt City Mptqr Car C$ 123 Sherman East Also gtgftbafrr Parts and Service ElectrlcBattery&RepaJrCo, p {8 T R1B yT0B» miim SIORAOE BATTERIES U*«d ky O f* r Co ni «f All M«nwft«Wr«rt I LAROMT llATTKHV MPAIH «TATi9N IN KAMA*. 10S Mwfcnan Eaal, rnone fj+* Directory — of the -— Rorabough-Wiley Bldg, Etevntor eervlco day and nifttt. AliClUl'ECTS MANN 6. CEROW Raorni 721-22. Phone !1»»ATTORNEYS WM. H. BURNETT Attorney-at-Law ton n.-w. nidv. DENTISTS I. J. JONES, DlMlat. Suite 512.11. Phene SOW, PHYBIOIAJSS A>!L) SURGHONS H. M. STEWART, M. 0. •ulta »I1. SuetUI Attention to Eyt, Sar, and Throat. Glalte* Accurately Fitted.' Noae Dr, Ktla Mundea'^Pr. W. ». »»W*r» . PR8. NJUNDELL, •ulia 5JJ IL-W. p|4|f Phone M »3>T 0. A. B|,'ASDE1, .•..' PHYSICIAN ;A.ND 8WHee0f, »ulU »11. pltlce Fh»t»» H«». Wiowe T7«t PH.-(.QUISE>r. RICHMONP. A 'l ^lSuttaW. OKIcs PMntilWW. Residence WMR BEALU i«o,r. lcl «ni '»|id Surgtan TO fbopea; Offlse 't ^W.>Jtea, 9551 , - PP, 4 . ( P;'?TERR(fTT. 'I'mctlcaTtinUcd It) J3ye, e»r,-nose• aial tiu-oailiRoofli'liiio Ituraliftugh- Wiley: Jjdg, ^o n e tW- REM. ESTATE AtfD p^SURANQJS U*. PAV»|\- m ««r^awi a^wjs* r

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