The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 16, 1932 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1932
Page 7
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TEX DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK, MD., MONDAY. MAY 16. 1932* SEVEN Snappy Snapshots Gleaned By Photographers All Over The World Motorists Pay Tribute To Washington As Trio Clung To Akron's Rope- Nice L'il Pets * And Life-Before Death Took Two i - ·· r^^ss* If you're tired or d, is. ca!.-:. :v.r:,'. canaries and gj"d:i--.h ;i ; :·"-». ::.·.:' :. the !are of t!:r !:?:\r!. T-.vo c; ·":·· rcptiioi-- .1:! \::tvsCv; ;:,i ::: t h v i r br:i;h: blue "Su::d.ty l-.':" " :.yc--:::^ -- :'.ro ·.-.':: here on the end o: a ;caf:i ::eid by MLV- llka Ch:t5c. pronii:i!-r.t soi'icty wo::i:i:s ancl actress ,vs .·ij'.e MroUed alons a Ths Mecca for thcuss-cs of American tourism -his year is the Mount: Vemon home of Georse Washinaujn. rhown above. Lower left, is the crypt holding the rc-ntain.» of Washinrtcri Right is map of the n«w Mount Vernon Hi^h^-ay. By NEA Service. Washington. D. C.. ?.Iay 16.--The "pilgrimage" of present, day American patriots has started to the land L-! George Washington's youth, snd the new Mount Vemon Memorial Highway is crowded with early motorisis ~."ho have come to celebrate Washington's bicentennia!- The r.ew highway o-t- of Washington is or-e of ihe shortest in the country, yet it is one«pf the mast, modem and expensive. Along its length cf 15 miles, abou; 54,500,000 have been spent, with the result thai the r^ad is bunt on a right of ".-ay 200 fsei. rride and through a satins rich ir. ".Yijh- inetonian lore. Tourists from Washington can easily reach the new highway. It begirds al Columbia Island in the Potomac, at a It- is connected with the city by thv Arlington Memorial Bridge. During its short course from Washington to Mount- Vernon. the high" ay passes through Roaches Hun into Abiagdon. birthplace cf Nellie Custis. adopted daughter of the \ F.nd ho-me of the Stuarts. Natural:;.-. ihs highway runs through Aki-iandria. following nlte old A;E:-ic,ricria canal engineered by Washinjrten. Original Washington Portraits. Close to Alexandria is the George Washington National ?.Ii=or.ic Memorial on Shooters Kill. The !:-c?e has many valuable pa-ntings of Wa=hing- lon, among tlteni die original by Gilbert Stuart and the Pope Pc..l painting of him in his early life. The old quarters of the volunteer depart me r.t of vhich Washington "as a sli-i tends. Leaving Alexandria, -.he hi;h-/ay rambles along thrr-uch Oal-i-s. Warwick. Wellington, snd Fort Hunt, into Mount lernon. At ?.I:-tir." Vemon engineers we anticipatt-5 isrgc cr-r.-ds. f.r.d herefore have rrsce prcvt^i^ns for car larking. Space h:s b:tn allotted to In Mount- Verr.Dn. therf .".r? ntiny sights that are directly ronn-r-rt-?tl vvh : Washington. Among these are Washington's home, the crypt holding his remains and the v.-onderful gartlens and grounds surrounding ihe estate. I Trees Line Koad. : As part of the bicentennial improvement program, thousands of trees have been planted around the estate and ' along the highway. A circle, with a · ciamirtt^" 01 aoout u-r* leet, is tne term-i inus of the Mount Vemon Memorial I Highway, and -.·as constmcted under i supervisisn cf Thomas H. McDonaiu. ! chief cf the United States Bureau of : Public Roads. Tlvs has been 'arvd- · scaped attractively. ; The estate has grown considerably ! since it v.-as purchased by the Ileus;; I Verr.on Ladies' Association of the Union in 1355. Then 202 acres were purchas- : en. Since that time more tracts of . Inr.d have been added until the area no'.v comprises about. 420 acres. To this ladies' association gees most cT the credit, for perpetuating the estate cf Washington. Is nienibers re- cEored the old buildings, furnished the empty mansicn. iald out gardens as 3shin;to:ts. ; planned by Washington in his diary. Naturally. : and preserved the gorunds. Aki-ianclri2.; Gardens Carefully Tended · The beautiful gardens which surround the estate are due to the xvork cf H. K. Do-iige. present- superintendent . of the estate. For the past 46 years , he has worked to construct the gardens ir. line --ith suggestions contained in : Washngton's ^Titings. Added to this infcrmatton. Dodge has visited many Cclonial gardens in the United States. : and even journeyed abroad to inspect English gardens cf the Georgian period. Fc-llov. ing are some of the events : "hich are scheduled at part of the bi- csntc-nriial celebration at Washington and l^Icunt- Vemoni Msy 29--:\Iemc.ria; Sunday. Jur.o 14--Flag- Day. June 22 to 25--George Washington July 4--Independence Day. Aucust 1C--Boys" and Girls" Day. 5--Labor Day. Ncvemb-?r II--Armistice- Day. Noverr.Drr 24--Thanksgiving, which --ill ntark the end o. r the bicentennial. 'TrarLsmitti'd by telephoto) A thrillin;. trs^ic drams ·'·' the air -v.s being enacted before a trar-jfixec throng at Camp Kearney. Sar. Dwr?. Caii! . v, her. this picture \vis -taken, showing three members of the erour.d crc-.v · in cir.-lei clincir.; to a lancing rope from the dirigible Akron after they had bpfii j.vep: aljft durir.g an attempt to moor the huge airship. After this phct-~ V.T.S :ak?i;. t.vo of the men last their grip and were dashed to death. A third. Bud ',va£ hauled up into the Akron. Hopes To Fly "Talks Turkey" With Soviet On a mission of high importance to hit countrymen. Premier Lsmet Fash? of Turkev is shO'ST. a'w.'e I'risht.i as he arrived in Moscow to discuss with Soviet oScials 2 new trace treaty befreen the two countries. With him is M. Molotov left,». chair---in of the Soviet Csuncil uf People's Comanissares. Moiuitaiiieer Sharpshooters Clash Motor Cop Adopts "Prisoner" Being the only aviatrix in her native Esthonia isn't sufficient diitir.ctijr. for Mile. Sivy Kalcp. Koi- she is planning a New York-to-Europc solo Sitr.t across the Atlantic and is pictured here as she arrived in Paris to discuss ...rc-para- tic-as for the air voyage. She is to ior the United States by boat .= :..r.. Hotel Proprietor: It's storming badly, sir: don't you think you had better stay another night. Departing Guest: Thank you. I'd rather get wet going home than Stay here and get soaked. Here Are First Smiles Of Massie Defendants ihi.' i:rf.:re was l.'.ker. ·.::· si-r.trnce. In vac ;v v J I,rf Mrs Gra Tha'.i* .M.i ·:·- ·:'.- a.«!-" ':iv of th* Hawaiian ··. .-.:v. :·.:·. v njh:. Clarence F;iri« .-.;-. h-r casj;ht*r Mrs. their IC-ycar prison sentence Fire Rn£es Where Paul Revere Worked It ----3.3 i-r. :hc :.::·· of ;.;:e of t:i- ?:·::·.·.:·:·. R i ; b r r C?:: ar.d hr-r-.- ;lrcnr:j ^rf Eh^v^vr. bsck;r:;i:::^. of Paul Rvv :ld :--·pp-.r.-.nt::!:::'.: i:' P-iui Revere iha: flames raged, as pictured abr.'C. through building: : : · - . · · .-:.;:·.; .-,: Cn:i''.~:i. M.iis.. :.;:e o:h~r day. The b!a,:«- foilo'.vpri ::ircc c'.iomirnl e.vpjosions. :-'.-.:.;ii:-.-- !:: ·-:-·· .Vppir.s?t River as they foujht the can'lagration. In the building in th« ·iv'.; :'.-f.rc:jd.-«:::.s cannons during the Civil War. Assassin Of French President Saved From Lynching j^-V-'-:' -.. j . . s'?:; £· *~-.-*''. v"!ITM : ;;;^fe ' ' " '^^fr^^ '' / » .^M^^^-^-^K^^.'^ ^ Japan's Lindbergh Assembles Plane £or Seattle-Tokyo Flight la the heart cf the Cuntberr'.r.d cers held a "ith the fam-us in settling tit*; wile count". Gilbert. .' of the district, cracsed 47 :-.-.-. ·-/. a r- huge rifle. I C O years c'.c. h? i? .--t-t-r. h -'· blackened plar.k sr.i rr.clded bull-: is a da vs. rr-~unt3ir.5. at Pikcville. ^enn.. mountain- "'.-·r.'* rifles" used by their crar.dpappie* .\Tit-t-". .".""vc. rsted or.e of the best shot* : 5; r.t a of 50 yards w:tl~. the c ir.r. T.ic tr;rr~*_ wa.s a cross cut on a to "ola:k powder were us-:d as in the old Paths Converge At Shreveport i;. z". \:r.orcyc'.e ?o'.:;entar. Dor. Many ···r r-rr^lt--a :0-m-r ; ths-c-ld baby out a: C:~.* ;."-:·-. ibsvr -,vit.\ t^e O:C -.isiti :ot'i-c .-.x br.r.'r.;rs and sUters o' League. S cirr.e. The stork winked ar.d is showing · . ' . : : . .. ~ ." ..1 i.: 1.-"^ ^:ia rr.^i.*-' ri j . i , " " r \'.\r~.'y.~?t y, : v V;::;..;..,. ·-; ,: :'..··:':- Vie/-'!;:!- .luair., .)·'.·'··::r.::;s .:. t:'e:r Di-it-rmir. ·'.-.'· ^.·.·.r.··· ··:::!!. f; · :.- s. i ·'.= Shrr-v-p^:: ···.':';' .: ":. Tf\:^ J.joa!-." i c: .- Cii;:'..:i: f.- : ·:·'.::. a-'.i :ir.:::ir at a f a r t p?-ce. -.vhilo Ward Yoshihar.i '' jl hii oli srill..'-.'.- 1 "-".'' br:»o piovicir.g a bis p.inch A Lir.db-:rj;i The s-;c%"h i ·.:;.-.·-.· ·:::·::··· f. «.,,,,,,,,, .NfswsvAifjiRflCH!VE«

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