Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 3, 1965 · Page 2
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 2

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, May 3, 1965
Page 2
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JACOBY ON BRIDGE ••"•"••••••"••"••WMBBMBB*. ^^mi^Hmmuam Takeout Double At Wrong Time y,-.,. „.,, a. C8ng MaMhg Ne0f A|f , a<t Leathernecks Confident At DaNang DA NANG, Viet Nam (UPI)—dryly that the Marines will do the mountainous iimoin «.-hi^h •>,-„ i,.,^,, r;,.,,,. „ _„., ..,:__., , . *^ By JACOBV & SON (hand was over. Newspaper Enterprise Assn. | Strangely enough, North DA NANG, Viet Nam (UPI)- dryly that the Marines will do Americans at this bristling air \ their job. ; base scoff at the idea that this ; And the tough young men un- 1 could be another Dien Bien Phu. jder Karch's command, each May 7 is the anniversary of defeat which broke the hf ,i ' u" „ n K~ "•"" i°" of the French h j[ Is markin S th e beginning As said c = D H fl § htin g > NORTK 13. AQJ1052 V A 4K763 + QJ10 WEST (D) EAST 4AK874 49 *864 VKQJ5 * AQ8 4 J 109 + 65 + A8742 SOUTH 463 ¥109732 4542 + K93 North and South vulneTable West North East South 1 4 Dble. Rdblc. 2 V Pass Pass Dble. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4 6. A rather plaintive letter j blamed his partner. He reads: "Will you please writelthat if South had onlv passed -, A ~ • ,u , t" TT- a column on when to double an West would have been set at • <a? e J; Indochi- opening bidder. I play with a ; one spade. North's analysis was 1 "*'" , t,T , r mas * ing of Com - Itroup which insists that one,on a par with his bidding As- r VT v 1 ~> * , e -..1st double any time he holds Burning that West played reason-.jLfho^^^mt "S «s good as an opening bid so<ably correct he would have made' Q ",,v w 7nJ f h l T£ JT that his partner will know about Jat least one spade and probably , tactlcs against the Amencans his strength. Please advise." jtwo. j From among the 9,000 Ma- This will require several! Had North simply passed one ; rines almost hope the Reds will columns since it runs into the spade, chances are that East try. whole question of what to do j and West would have gotten too ,, . _, „ . . . t , , high in no-trump and North andL Bng ' Gen ' Frederick Karch, 1 South would have shown a prof. ; their commander, only remarks 11,665 Deaths On NM Roads | SANTA FE (UPI) — A total I of 1,665 traffic accidents were j reported in New Mexico in February, according to a report by I the National Safety Council. I The figure was 253 less that \ the number of accidents in Feb-' ruary, 1964. Fourteen persons were killed in February traffic accidents, and 630 were injured. In February, 1964, a total of 26 deaths and 601 injuries were reported. riJ Kiring Back they push their way back, lost some- 16.000 at Dion Bien n,.d 'names! naese the South Viet- The success was only temporary, but In between lay the were f v fv.^'j, Ltivxii rr ci j f i I through the shoulder-high pie- ,. thoir hest ••••• •'-» f grass and intn surpectecl ''' !U ''ocaiisc they undorestimat- er i mountains ' os i "g chunk of territory for , r«m« ' < ' l ° day Uiey 8re believe <i K>. the Communists, howev- making a determined bid. Familiar Territory are EXPECTED TEMPERATURES MUCH ABOVE NORMAL ABOVE NORMAL NEAR NORMAL BELOW NORMAL MUCH mow NORMAL , Q—The bidding has been: North East South West 1 * 14 2V J'ass 2 4 Pass ? You.-South, hold: 4432 VK87 4K654 «f,K 3 2 What do you do'.' A—Bid four hearts. Your hand has improved became it appears that all your three kings will be valuable. TODAY'S QUESTION" You bid four hearts and your partner bids five clubs. What :io you do now.' Temperatures will be above normal in the eastern part of the country, below normal in the west. of the Viet Cong sue- Fr'enc'h ^^ ^^ l ° lhe cesses have come through mill- j llst ah()VP pi-n... ,,„ .. The Marines intend In make Jarv. surprise and political inlil- ;!own of Ron Turn ForS, oH no such mistake. IMlimatelv ''^'"n. No on« here pretends to bv North Vl.ti-«' Po r, Ces !, c , d tht-ir defense perimeter will know their military intentions. \g uven rian T slret.-ii beyond Ihe 12.000 yards I'olitically. (he most frequent ^om Kon'Turn a rt whii-h is the npprnximate ran.qe line <>f speculation is that the came thefr ,J1, T1. .." . .. < " '«<• nun c-annon. I^Tcnt'cI T '" ™* ^Sfal HighlSd, "" There N no cvidrnre sn far mV r ? v M "'I'rl<-/ ° r^'' 1 ''!^ v^ ' rhe tnunclcr of let fighfer- that the Heds are briiminf in v,',/- ""^n 01 .vnith Viet bombers taking off for attacks ;.nvthin<. thai lu.uv M " V m s n " rt , hl>rn Provmces be- on North Vietnamese large?, or "»«• «-«n^n»,nK t» po to the.lending ground Support onierenee table. country South "» Ili.-ir line pushed some'forces"drowns out (he sound of miles closer to Saigon, they | lammcr ancl nai) al Da N a ? r ,;' 1111 " 1 ; -' fl ", r ; ;1 ' )t '«' 1 "-' Mlli( ' h bulging air base. * If I f inrtn 11 4 U.ittt t ., -. :t.t .1 _ . r, Hut M the •h-ir r r,,,,,,,.r farliu, tht-r Iron, , he esp «ar,. parke-l on Da voim- men push l"' ;i( '' to in aruiar- e hard- nc's air- against UK- nuerrilias. He (li-nu!i>, tiic lh<"' lake.-. ; , "ucrnlla to ki filla. Whatever it is. the base at thc seams. ot EXPECTED PRECIPITATION Anti-Smoking Drive Planned For Estancia when your opponents open the bidding. I will devote today's column to a horrible example. North has 13 high card points and a good hand. It is surely worth an opening bid and it is T-cf^-rM \ ( T-DH TU *>.•,,„< »t ^ •„ ,-i- ,., ' surelv worth a take-out double! ESTANCIA (IjPI) - The New. Meetings will utilize films., of a opposin- ?ear^"bij^^lexico IIcart Association plan.s slides and speakers to show' flrtunatelv to? this particular an extenslve threc ' wcck ^m-there arc more heart attacks.J lianta - c »^ oi-l , t ,i paisn against smoking in Estjn- among smokers than non-stnok- " oston ' c to make d take- ,_ m _ The assodatjon said jt a]sf) Charleston, Those April showers will be very much hi evidence. Heavy precipitation will cover much of thc country. Temperature Table 'I !ii-\ can have the if tliev \\ant their |> inn-; conie hi-re l.,i ;,•( I'Aeej.t f.'.f the a:-] .inru\ !•: >.,-i;-\ ;ir,,i . M . Nanj a- a politic,,! p: i- ID l.ict !ii!!e to con ~,)i ,i .\i> i 'font cities have sprouted on M Nam s only barracks lawns. New structures ninnmi: north are gain* up overnight :ie Ihina Sea .\nd the single mess hall n»n-er meant to handle the I.VOOO Americans who fly, maintain nnd protect an awe- 'onu> display of aerial fire po\v- the job j, being done lit. the running a>! to twcon 1'..t">-« a dav. iie N t r ( . f , , . n ' , Representatives o( the heart plans t ssociation plan said they will smokers "- w»,i».TJvn*n\fii iiuivj, 11 air**,' -~ to show that cigarette R« .Momes, cy run a risk of coronarv '/'..' UM) - ,V- V . ' Indianapolis, pc in proportion to t h e Los An |, c i es . ' c out double of an opposing spade bid. This led his partner Into a ""••— "•• '"~v ••doubled two heart contract and. 3 " 6 " 1 ? 1 rto . ()lltline thi^dangers disease South' . itau numncr ot ci^srcts they smoke, \iinnii Bosch cv s^anafed church groups. Principal speaker during t h e ^' y^" 5 c come-on with the seven. This The anti-smoking campaicn is three-week campaipn will be Dr ' ... held declarer to one club trick, supported by the Estancia School Gr;K . ( , M R(|th chjpf Qf lh v a C| P 1 - c He also managed to lose two .System, was designed to reach ' San I- rancisco. c diamonds and three trumps ;184 high school students and pa- U1 ar and was minus 1.100 when the rents By United J'ress International Roswel! recorded !he High Low Pep. ! te mperaturt.s in the si, B l day with 9;> ricL'reo« recorded the overr.L'iit 1 45 decrees No pj-.-c was recorded in the si. laboratory at Clinic in Albuquerque. New York Times Publisher, Campbe 1 ! Slate Luncheon NEW YORK (UPI i — New at the luncheon with Sulxbertjer Mexico's Gov. Jack M. Campbell by Stanley Brasher, his legisla- will lunch May 11 with the prest- liv liaison man. and the direc- dent and publisher of the New tor of the New Mexico Depart- York Times, Arthur Ochs Sulz- nnent of Development. Robert Hoffman. Lovelace Spokane, c Washington, c -— — - i Wichita, c BITIXG OR SELLING? - — READ CLASSIFIED ADS Read Classified Ads 81 53 f>5 86 91 70 77 70 / t m BO 58 B-4 B5 55 42 65 66 74 53 73 65 60 55 .Mi 34 'A 63 :}•}< M.,: Hi I.nw Aiamogciruo Carlsbad Clayton . Schools Get Acting Chief burger. The luncheon is scheduled during a Mav 9-12 trip to New York by Campbell and a group ot New Mexico businessmen to promote industrial and economic advantages of the state. . „_ ., The group also will visit the ' "Ll]i ()R U).\SKQL KXCES World's Fair while in New York.. V 1 , ~~ basl1 burks - P'^'Pal Mav ]0 is New Mexico Day at "' ' ot N'nngs Hi«h School of the" Fair ' - 1 ruth or Consequences, has been A press conference has been named acting superintendent ot scheduled by Campbell for May l ^ lruth ° r Consequeiicfs 9 at thy Kennedv Airport. , ^eliool bsysturn 1 He succeeds (. I. Robinett. who Later, on May 11, the group, resigned Thursday, alter an ap- will visit the world trade center parent disagreement with the oi t.he New York Port Authority town school board .ind will be guests at a reception sponsored by Irving Trust at the Waldorf Towers. The New Mexico oll'icial> "ill be hosts for a luncheon a! Ihe Essex Hou.-e on Ma> 12 Tiie> will return lo Albuquerque Ijk-r that day. will be accompanied Burk.s will rontmue hi> i^ hL'ii school |)ruicipa! duties FREE ALIGNMENT CHECK WHILE YOU WAIT-TAKES JUST A FEW MINUTES! Car hard to bteef' seem to be og too tast' U your FREE checK shows bad ahgnmen) we un * Correct CiStw. Cimber. * Adjust Toe In, lo< Out " Inspect »nd Ad)u'.l Steerm| GENERAL' IM^ TIRE CLOYIS SAFETY LANE 517 \\. 7th Clovis (Iran's llobix. ' \'c-as Raton ____ Hosue!' Santa Fe S;!\er Cit SOCOITO .. T or C Tucunicar; Zur.i LET US HELP YOU BUILD A ROOF OF PLANNED PROTECTION SAFECO INSURANCE FITZHUGH MALLOY & OR MAN AGCY. in") I'll.' 7fi;{-} x;! Take Your Problem To The Right Place SEE US! In fnniofxist* all your money |>.-l;r<! on a ^lrnp|lfn•<l b»V:i. <• Vi in rr,nvrnicfit installment*. It's The Smart Way To Sf --hten Out Family torn DP TO jiooo 1 8 Mitchell Srrett ii tum *« CT.OVIS MKMHKK At DIT BI ltC,\U (IV lll« I I.AIIIIN BY LH-l'LE A1KKCHA.NT CrRKIKR l./i rri'Vithiv tn ailva'u'** iiv rrn:l in CL»!!V and surn>unt1i' f? ci»ur.!h-s tl'J »> 't) r Of * Vfti! . $h '«> fO'~ . \ nii>r'!^i. $4. 2ft for trifle moitih^. >i V> for or,.- rnoii' 1 ^. Bv mail 'ji.ui'le rir.. v's ita^e tr'rnurv siH.jfi '.-11 o- < vc?r: Vi >i tor »:x m>-.Ui«. Jr»»/ for three mnn!h» I: T> r,,r .jrc rtio'-i^ ALL SlirtSi 'RlJ»n< >*•> h"AV. ABI.K IN ADVANf'K S.'<vii^ rmsj l-'»ta^'? [J^lfl at <*1OV1S NH'A >.!."<!OO. P'itillsh»d dally e<rept ^i-noiv i-v Ihe CTOVIS NEWS i'JbHNAi. 3:ictfi 4 Pile, Clovt». New M«.Uco. Ph. 7B3-3«1. 6 POUND MINIMUM M.50 COIN OPERATED DRY CLEANING FOUND 25< SELECT ANY ONE OF THESE FAMOUS NAME DIAMOND WATCHES AND PAY ONLY $59 95 ! beautiful exquis.te exciting fashionable EL6INS • HAMIITONS • WITTNAUERS • BAYLORS No down payment at all. monthly payment till July. ...AND 5 OTHER REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD INSTALL GAS CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING NOW! MAKE YOUR CHOICE NOW 2, 4, and 6 diamond styles. 1 7-jewel precision movements. All shapes: round, oval, square and marquise. Rich 14K gold and gold-filled designs. Zale's exclusive diamond designs. Faceted crystals. EACH ONLY CONVENIENT TERMS 1. LASTS LONGER. Because there are no moving part 1 , in the cooling cycle. And the cooling cycle is about 90'c, of the whole system! So there's practiceiiy no friction anywhere. 2. NEVER LOSES COOLING POWER. Unlike the other kind. f'JS a,r conditioning maintains constant efficiency. Pours out as much cooling after 10 yturu a:» it does when new. 3. YOUR GAS COMPANY'S BEHIND IT. Gas company specialists engineer gas air conditioning to fit your home. And your gas company remains a permanent Service force, always ready to answer your call. 4. SO BEAT THE SUMMER RUSH. While our Air Conditioning Specialist can see you soon, get a free estimate on year* round air conditioning or on an add-on gas cooler that attaches to your present gas central heating system. 5. ADD PAYMENTS TO YOUR GAS BILL. A mighty helpful convenience. And remember no down payment and no monthly payment till July if you act won! FOR A FREE ESTIMATE AT NO OBLIGATION CALL OUR AIR CONDITIONING SPECIALIST AT 763-4421 1SOO Tfcomtoji I1e»i0 fifing 4* The for -s IZALE'S If you want die job done right... do it with gas. A SOUTH! RM UNION COMPANY

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