The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 20, 1956 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 20, 1956
Page 10
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ifun Pet Puppy Gives His Quilf Away MIIAVAl^Kf/K/Wis..— I'P — Trunk \Vipi.j< l w'ski xvonticnnl where Ills psycfii'ck d;uf jjoris- • iiaiil lie ^pii'd Jtis [»<•( puppy, •JUfXV . . '' \Vipf jr« ski gave Moo a psfff" /of .paper' ivhifh /hr pi:j»j>y :t*e "virciHnsl.'iiifml in'tik-nrc" hftd proven \vlmi happened to his ' First Hand Report-" ANTARCTIC YJ ELDS SECRETS IN 'OPERATION DEEPFREEZE Tuesday, March 20, 1956 Have your .spins . -checked through before end after X- rays. You csnnof buy anofher Spine. Protect it while you may. And do; it nature's way. The graveyards are'filled! wrfh ifiose people who had their autos repaired and neglected their bodies. Consult VOLT iocs! Chiropractor.. . T. TRAVIS'- Chiropractor 15 £. Sterling Dial 69.10 Office Hours 9-IJ, '•-g KDITOliS XOTE: Davis Mcnvin {-overwl (lie recent Antarctic, (rxpcililioii for United Prevs. Mt'rvvm has boon editor and publisher-of jhe Bloomington, 111.. Pantagrnph and later was with (He .Minneapolis Star. He served in the Marines- in )>olh world wars, has flown 27 vcnrs as a eomniereial air pilot and as a hobby, and covered the. Korean war and Asia as a reporter. : By DAVI SMEUWIX SYDNEY. Australia —UP— The first phase of Operation Dcop- freose blun'dered' through 1 to achieve the greatest success of any Polar expedition in history. Man now- knows wore oi this vast, mystwiou? .land ami. the cosmic ray-bornbai\U>f3 heavens above ih than he ever has known before. More than p. million square miics of land were brought under human and camera'eves for the iiifi time.. At Thad Felton's five new mountain ranges were discovered and charted, four flights were made over the South Polo "and one over each of the other three poles. Most important of all. America's rigtit toclaim ranch of Antarctica' was strengthened beyond any reason of doubt. All this was accomplished despite inadequate planning, bureaucratic confusion, ambiguous •• directives and epidemic "cabin fever." The greatest, 'scientific accomplishments of the expedition wore studies in the fields of" cosmic rays, glaciology, meteorology, oceanography and solar activity. Several of the expedition's? scientists were outspokenly miffed by failure to grant their requests for transportation to outlying' areas or field trips where they could cay out stiiies. But to position was taken that transportation priorities — especially air. — must go to unloading supplies, establishing' bases and ; long - rangr; mapping flights. No additional passengers or diversion of man and equipment could be made to the scientists until these objectives had been attained. The expedition cnarted at least half of the continent's remaining' land never seen before by man, bringing the American - explored area far beyond the combined total of ai! other nations. ?oa.ks rising more thai; 14,000 feet were discovered among the five new ranges mapped. Pilots Hying over the area, described the antarctic continent as a huge ice- clad plateau presenting a minimum of topographical features in its interior. , The pole itself lies at 10,000 feet above sea level compared with the north pole which is submerged hundreds of fathoms below water. Two new main bases at Little America and McMurdo Sound were com Die ted on schedule. Thev are among the more than 100 scienli- . fie observation points established. •Materials have been assembled for construction later this year or iwo more key stations, one" exactly .at the South Pole and one in Marie Byrd Land. Bmbiguously written- ortlers in . Washington increased the difficulty of commanders. • ' , Reporters travelled 13.000 miles 'to' find that spot news had been delayed In transmission as long as 72 hours while official reports were speeded to Washington as Navy Department press releases. Wheeled vehicles proved worthless. Tractors were the only satisfactory means of travel overland. The helicopters were the workhorses of ihc operation. But the knowledge and experience gained should guarantee an even greater success when the second phase gets underway later this year. Stork Had Rough Time In This One COLUMBUS; owo:..—: ur — Mrs. Roberta Warner, 37, save birth to a (laughter Sunday only 55 minutes after the emergency squad car whirh was rushing her to thci hospital overturned in a traffic accident. .•:.• Kxcept for minor cuts Mrs. Warner suffered in the accident, both mother and daughter are doing fine. Try Sun Classified Alls—Dial 8302 BULLETIN; if you plan to vote in favor of public housing on Saturday with the idea that you are helping to give some of on" " rtunote white families a better place to live at a lower rental cost, reflect a mamc-nf on . that BY YOUR VOTE YOU ARE ASKING THESE PEOPLE TO EITHER MOVE INTO A PROJECT AND LIVE SIDE BY SIDE WITH THE NEGROES, or refuse the accommodations when they are offered to them. Courts Everywhere Have Said "THERE MUST BE- EGREGATION USING!" HERE IS THE PROOF-READ IT! \n ' io ;;;; v>^- .^^w^"'**.<> ' \-,i:'\" i'V * * ,.- {>^' .lO'-**- *"' „, .M'-f^- " ,. 1 j9'»>"' '"••° 1^»" " iWi r, -\-.<- Tp''-* vn::£ -t ^ ••" v ,, ; ,rv ^ v t.;^ Vio0 V.'JP' " . .,, K-'" '•'" - ,-:««-"t b . : "^nw ^;r. v.^i f ' iv ''"",,,.ir.'. o' 0 e -,^4 '*'",, " ^••^''\,,r.^ **•""<«*:*<••<>• "' ,.. -^ v ' :: ''.,.v;o-.:s »« '"' \VHAT THK KKDKKA/, «O\'KK.V- Mr;\T SAVS AP.OT:T ITS PKO- PKKTV IN" ST. I.Of fS AIJW) APPFJKS TO ITS PROPKRTV IX IIAVTDW.V. IN BAYTOWN IF YOU ARE AGAINST FORCED RACIAl MIXING VOTE AGAINST PUBLIC HOUSING AT KOVARS DOOR PRIZES.'-. BIG SPECIALS! LOW PRICES! Whatever You Do-Don't Miss Trades Day At Kovar's REGISTER FOR THE DOOR PRIZES! One at Each Store! At Store No. I-- Convenient KNAPP-MONARCH REDI-BAKER Normally Sells for 29.95! At Store No. 2- For That Boy of Yours RCA VICTOR ELECTRONIC KIT A SI 9.95 Value! BIG TRADES DAY SPECIALS! CHINESE MODERN TV LAMP FREE! With Each New or Used TV Purchased on Trades Day YOUR CHOICE A 'POLYNESIAN WROUGHT IRON LAWN CHAIR OR A CHINESE - MODERN TV LAMP MONO Special Trades Day Price on Either of These Items Regular 6.95 Each UP TO 00 TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE TOO CBS Columbia "21 Open-Face CONSOLE tt List Price Model 23C39. 2 1-inch mahogany finish open-face console Q _ model. Expanded screen. Aluminiicd picture tube. Glare^ ree *'' te<: * ^''* erizec ' sa f e ty glass. Super-power Cascode funer. Built-in antenna. _ — — 2 / J Also - $100.00 Trade - In Allowance On These New Consoles Admiral 24' Mahogany 289.95 RCA 21" Model 21D645 339.95 Zenith 24" Model 2264 RD 409.95 RCA 24" Model 24D650 365.00 FREE! BEAUTIFUL TV SWIVEL ROCKER With Each RCA Color TV Purchased PLUiT Reduced Prices on These Used TV Sets! AT STORE NO. 2 17"MECK Mahogany S Console. Wa ,,,,,,,.... 12" G.E. Mahogany S Table Mod. , Va , .,,,,„ M" Silvertone,, ,,, SfJC A A Console. Wllx ,,,. 00 . Jd.UU 1A A A 4U.UV IN THE CITY WIDE ELECTION MARCH 24H» (PAID FOR BY THE BAYTOWN HOMEOWNERS' ASSN.) AT STORE NO. 1 16" Silvertone MAI ,, WIIIJ $ Console. w . w r , V()() ... 45.00 16" Silvertone M.i.o^ny Console. Was !( ,, )0 ... 17" G.E. Mahogany fo.vsor.ic. \y spcuUcr, Koilers. A\'ns 85.(H) 20" Raytheon Ms ,, IOWIiy Console. AV ,,s ».-..oo 21" Sylvania , InhOMny Table Mod. n -,,, ^ 21" Admiral MaI10RllBy Console. WllR 1IS . M .... '65.00 75.00 75.00 80.00 105.00 OPEN EVERY NIGHT UNTIL 8:00 —CXCIfT SUNDAY KOVAR APPLIANCE CO 221 EAST TEXAS 4012 BAYWAY DRIVE PHONE 743ft or $004 P»*NE 7313

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