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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Friday, January 9, 1948
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Register Gel Results THE DAILY REGISTER THE DAILY REGISTER, HARMSBURG, ILL., FRIDAY, JANUARY 9, 1948 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 162 u , _ . . . _ $4 MILLION PROFITS BY INSIDER: STASSEH OTForceTd 2.000 Invades Palestine SiElS, "»-- About Town And Country By TIMOTHEUS f. _ Only Drownings in 1947 in County Occurred in May of three pastors. v a COuplt "' u'V-' ""· -· ,7 J, 17 drowned in the Muddy 5 pond. They were thc only i'ty drowmngs of the year. The Rev S. H. Frazier, pastor of the First Baptist church, on iav 8 announced his resignation, Effective July 1, to become a fa- tv membe'r at East Baptist col- ege On May 11 the Rev. Hoyd iZ" resigned as pastor to the ;ille Baptist church to be. pastor 01 the First Bap- uji church at Carterville. And M May 21 the Rev. Chauncey R Piety resigned as pastor of he Firn Christian church to be- flroe pastor of the Christian hurch at Farmington, Mo. British Army, Jewish Units Join Defense Believe Invaders Seek to Wipe Out Border Settlers By ROBERT C. MILLER United Press Staff Correspondent JERUSALEM, Jan. 9.--(U.R)-- Arab expeditionary forces perhaps 2,000 strong invaded Palestine from the Levant in a number of border crossings today and stormed scattered Jewish towns in the face of strong resistance by British army and Jewish defense units. Reports from the northeastern tip of Palestine said some 800 Arabs swarmed across from Syria at 8 a. m. today and laid siege to the settlements of Dan and Kefar Szold. British soldiers from border posts and Hagannah groups converged on the area and engaged the Arabs in fighting on a scale not made clear immediately. The British were reported firing into the ranks of the Arabs with light HARD TO SWALLOW. Pamela Jane Richards, of South Bend,' tillery. Indiana, views with distaste the nickel which doctors removed from Seek to Wipe Out Settlers GOP Leaders in Congress Charge Truman Budget Will Lead to Bankruptcy WASHINGTON, The Republican Jan. 9--(U.E)-- leadership in Congress trained its big guns on the cost of President Truman's new-legislative program, charging it would take a budget of $50,000,000,000 and lead to "national bankruptcy." In their attack on some of the tion, increase prices beyond all control and make a tax reduction impossible." Chairman Robert A. Taft of the Senate Republican Policy committee accused the President of taking a "Santa Claus" approach that would inevitably lead to "national bankruptcy." He estimated that in tneir attacK on some 01 me rr" m"',"!'»_ ^morAm would hike spending policies outlined by Mr. Mr. T^ns program would hike Truman in his state of the union the te . aerai -° uaget " y * message, GOP leaders found some 00 °' 00t0 ,* year r.*,r\nn~i ,*i e/\nti*o*-« "nftmrtpraHf* -in ine support in southern Democratic ranks. . Chairman John Taber, R., N. Y., of the H9use Appropriations committee said the administration proposals would "create more infla- Historical Society Elects County Officers camp, Sen. Walter F. George of Georgia said the $6,800,000,000 down-payment for the first 15 months of plan is "too high." ,, -i Harry B. Byrd, D. Va., of the Joint Congressional Economy committee said that unless rigid economy measures are imposed soon, the country is "headed straight for disaster." Other developments include: Social Welfare -- Sen. Robert A. Taft, R., O., promised that Senate Republicans would push their own social welfare program as a substitute for that offered by President Truman. Taft particularly was critical of Mr. Truman s U. S. Navy Gives 15 Ships, Including 4 Subs, to Turkey WASHINGTON, Jan. 9.--ttl-- The U. S. Navy disclosed today that it is bolstering anti-Communist Turkey's naval power with 15 ships, including four 1,500-ton submarines. The ships are being turned over to the Turkish navy under the $400,000,000 U. S. program to help Turkey and Greece hold out against Communist pressure. Turkey's share in the program, all military amounts to $100,000,000. The submarines are unmodern ized craft of 1944 vintage but stil packing a mighty wallop, and cap able of firing 10 torpedoes, on a single patrol. The navy also is preparing fo delivery to Turkey eight moto minesweepers, one gasoline tanl er, one repair ship, and one net laying craft. Turkey controls the Bosporus and Dardanelles, the strategically laws in her throat with the aid of a laryngoscope. With thc Butler tax fleet, there was much discussion.-^-- · k 1 *. m h o w much higher they would! CAPSllJCnn SlICS F O f O MOT0F eand Robert J. Ingram announced, r C i y M »WI · hJU«*9 I W l l i S T 1 W V / B hat Harnsburg city tax bills would - |£-*C1 1AA AAA Co. for $251/100/000 y Clerk Don B. Garrison said hat the county tax extensions to- zllcd $850,026, or $161,840 high- r than were the taxes payable n 1946. The Harrisburg Junior nign chool graduated .134 students. I total of 130 was graduated from lie Sarrisba^Vj^wrjjJsih* high chool. By DAVID C. WHITNEY United Tress Staff Correspondent Damages in Tractor Suit Mrs. Roy Small, 65, Diss Suddenly Of Heart Attack Deaths here during May, in. hronological order: Mrs. John ! Hart, 92; Grcorgc Robinson,) A sudden heart attack at 11:40 5, retired miner at Ledford: last night caused the death of , Andrew A. Debes, 64, New York R oy Small at the Lightner entral employe; Walter Grounds, hospital, where she had been a 1, retired miner; W. H. Evans, patient since Saturday for observa- 8, pioneer mine official; John tj on due to an ailment which she ee Van Johns, 64, Carrier Mills; had suffered for a considerable Irs. Margaret Gibbs, 90; Pfc. j time. She had been troubled with lingsley Knight, 21, Galatia, a'p a i n , n her chest, but the condi- raduate of Harrisburg Township tion had not been diagnosed as igh school; Mrs. William Me-.heart disease. lure. 33; Harry S. Mallady, 52; | MR . Smalli the f orrae r May (NBA Telcphoto) . Responsible sources in Beirut reported that about 1,000 Arab volunteers struck across the frontier from Lebanon during the night. Advices from Beirut said the invaders were intent on wiping out the 12,000 or so Jewish settlers in the Safad and Tiberias districts, the northeasternmost in Palestine. The Arabs planned to sweep across the Palestinian thumb jutting to the northeast, and cut oft the inhabitants before aid could Election of , ^ ,, ·year and a discussion of early o£ the me dicai profession, transportation and the coming of «·-,,-},all Plan -- Lewis railroads to this area occupied 1 - w " sili " Jan 9-- IU.B--The reach them' from other Jewish y _ f f I (»nters^Beirutjliipatc^s^^s^ : '^^ 3 st«5g i tfce - . ; While" there were.references..;to the'successful event which the Ferguson started with a handshake 10 years' ago, wound up in the courts today with Ferguson suing for $251,100,000 damages. Ferguson, described as Henry Ford's "only partner," charged the the march of the Arabs in a, proclaimed Holy war, early reports of the invasion suggested that it was of .relatively limited scope and purpose. :,,, Uniforms TM W. S. ambassador to raiiroaas 10 mis area wucmiKsu D , ^ s am bassador to the Saline County Historical So- gj^g Vritain, fought back against ciety meeting, held last night at ^ congressional demands that The Daily Register office. ( »UU»B K .. ,,._,_ T. Leo Dodd of Eldorado was reelected president; Scerial Thomp- s f o r e g n a id spending be re fromsthe $6,800,000,000 sum Testifies at bearing by Senate Group Pauley Charged. With Million Profit By GOP Candidate WASHINGTON, Jan. 9.--01E-- Harold E. Stassen charged today that "about 11" government insiders made more than $4,000,000 in commodity speculation since the war, with Edwin W. Pauley making about $1,000,000. Of the others, Stassen named as speculators who profited only Brig. Gen. Wallace H. Graham, President Truman's physician, and Ralph K. Davies, wartime deputy petroleum administrator. He said he had "information but not judicial proof" on others and -- . . did not want to name names until vital straits which keep Russias, n e cou id prove n j s charges Black Sea naval forces out ol the j p ^ Dayies and Graham have Mediterranean And "early one. speculators ha I of the Black Seas coastline . d b th Agricl £ ture De . belongs to Turkey. | partment Russia is vastly more powerful it'. ' . in undersea as well as surface Disputes Graham's Claim strength than Turkey. But it is assumed that the bulk of the Soviet naval power is now in the Baltic Russia obtained many of Germany's most modern submarines after World War II and is close to the top among the major powers in undersea strength^ Candidates Active In Circulating I I m ?ff| m m m m Stassen disputed Graham's contention that he lost heavily in commodity speculation and that he pot out of the market shortly after President Truman Oct. 7 denounced "gamblers in grain." The former Minnesota governor said Graham "was not truthful" in such statements and, in fact, had profit' ed in his market dealings. Stassen made his charges before a Senate Appropriations subcom- 1 mittee investigating commodity speculation by government insiders. Stassen himself precipitated.the investigation. In December the- ond was re-elected treasurer 'i Fred Wasson of Carrier Mills, treasurer of the county centennial celebration, reported income of their speculations "and' tractor and a hitching farm implements to tractors. irs. Sadie Horning, wife qf Bob ornmg, \\ho helped her husband ptrate the Horning hotel here: Uen Riegel. 82. retired farmer: . L. Shelton, 64. Methodist church Maple,'was 65 years of age, and was a native of Saline county. She was the daughter of the late John and Eliza Maple, and a half sister of Mrs. Maude Malone and Mrs. atodian: Mrs James Shriver. 64: Eugcnc ' Spence r of Harrisburg. us Threet. 68. Harrisburg Route ° * _. c .. . n na , Mrs. Blaine Duty. 58, Harco. * a * Other events in May. in the tier in which they occured: A new pipe organ installed at A First Baptist church and a .rang turned out to hear it at recital. L X. Davenport bought, the cn- 'e interests of the Scten Furnire Co. Ixren Travclstcad of Carrier She and Mr. Small, who had been married 43 years, had resided the past 20 years or more at their residence at 121 West Sloan street where she was known as a good neighbor and was well liked by those with whom -she came in contact. Mrs. Paul (Madge) Showalter of West Frankfort is their only surviving child, a son. Delmar, having died about 19 years ago. ___________ ,, _______ resigned as chief deputy Funeral services will be conduct- to manage a strip mine ed Sunday afternoon at 2 p. m. at Williamson county. Lebern rell of Harrisburg was named Sheriff Fred Wilmolh to suc- w him. Charles Mason. HTHS senior, · a South Six conference record (Continued on Page Six) Jtmer Resident in Evansville the Presbyterian church of which Mrs. Small was a long-time member. The body will remain at the Gaskins funeral home until about 1 o'clock Sunday when it will lie in state at thc church, and services will be conducted by the Rev. Stewart W. Radford. Burial will be at Sunset Lawn cemetery. W. ciinc. 72. former : resident, died ycster- ' « his home, 1116 Southeast » stwcL in Evansville. Ind. "* Wlh to hcld at funeral home in - m - Saturday af- the body will' be the Beirut reports of the ^.lawtuiiy copiea nis j :^- f ^ ^anon were short hydraulic system of ^"detail United Press advices from Metullah, at the extreme northern tip of Palestine, gave a better picture of the action there. The invading Arabs were dressed mostly in Syrian army uniforms. They invaded in motorized formations. One stopped outside Kefar Szold, three miles below the north- Sentence Woman To Death for 'Lure' Murder NEVADA CITY. Cal.. Jan. 9-UD--Lois Hardy, 22, former Con--- -... .^ necticut waitress convicted of lhc to Harrisburg* for burial ,"lurc" murder of James W. Me- Henry Ford II, the motor magnate's grandson, immediately counter-charged that the company 1951 525,000,000 in its dealings with the inventor while Ferguson became a multi-millionaire. No 'Written Agreement Ferguson filed suit in federal district court against the Ford company, three subsidiaries and eight ( individuals. His lawyers said i t j was one of the largest civil suits , ever begun. He charged that after "19 years of unceasing work" in a garage in Ireland he had invented a hydraulic system for hooking implements to tractors so that tractor and implement operate as a single unit. At Henry Ford's suggestion. Ferguson brought the tractor and the attachments he had invented to Michigan, where he entered into an agreement that was "never reduced to writing." the suit alleged. Broke Relations in 1946 In 1939, according to Ferguson. the Ford company began making thc tractor and sold it until June, 1947, as the "Ford tractor-- Ferguson system." However, thc suit said, all rights to the inventions were retained by the Ferguson company. The iwo (Continued on Page Six) mily plot at Sunset Hill. I Lain of Burbank, yesterday was . 5 ravcs 'dc sen-ice will be fe' Rcv ' C - w - Miller. h v M «inlcy Avenue church of this city, at 3 p. Alonzo Hill, 61, Dies at Galalja Alonzo Hill. 61, merchant of Galatia, died suddenly of a heart attack in the office of Dr. Freeman Ozment yesterday afternoon. Mr. Hill was engaged in the grocery business with his son, Arthur Hill of Galatia. He was a member of I. 0. 0. F. lodge. No. 433. He leaves his wife, Sadie, and the following children: Mrs. Alma Hay of St Louis: Mrs. Edith Allen of Detroit: Mrs. June Wetty of Detroit: Arthur Hill of Galatia. In addition he is survived by the following stepchildren. Mrs. Ellen McClellan of Galatia: Stanley Slowc of San Francisco. Calif.: and Paul Slowc of Detroit Funeral arrangements are incomplete at this time. The body was returned to the residence to- Historical Society sponsored. Vote Surplus in Bonds He reported bills of more than $11,000.00 had been paid and stated other bills were outstanding, after which he would give a detailed report of the finances of the celebration. The session voted that any sum remaining from the celebration should be placed in U. S. bonds re- county foday"were active in circu ; TMg'^ ScWtST """^ if Congress changed the pro- feting.their petitions. . "· " ie ; ^_ TT. J " .- ·,.,,..; to any great extent. He said Republicans^ with petitions out Graham to Testify f resigning was the last .thing he for signatures include: . - - k Graham -had. ,been .^schequled:. to " " ' Dave Evans, Harrisburg 1; O. W. I appear^^pr^^^tbj^o^^jtee^j^ Reit£' Harrisburg 2p?'Ch'af!esTDr_.tell'his own"'sfdry-of his grain Barrett Harrisburg 3; Charles speculations. But the White, House .front the celebration,,in- TM^" do ; ' . . ^ financial enormity of' -^ -- ~'~ / · ---- '· Predicts House Will Pass Tax By Jan. 29 Harrisburg'7; Oliver Ridley, Har- one-half hours. Graham will be risburg 8; J. Earl Crabb, Harris- called at. 10 a. m. Tuesday when- burg 9; Elton Kinser, Harrisburg the public hearings will be re- 12; ,,- sumed. Avery Tuttle, Eldorado 1; C. W. stassen noted in analyzing Paul- Johnson, Eldorado 2; Mrs. Jessie , g comm(K iity accounts that Rob- B. Evans, Eldorado 4; Henry ert E Hannegan, then postmaster Bradley, Eldorado 5; Maurice Gas- genera i an d Secretary of Agricul : J Si which' was taken'ual income tax reduction plan , on the Sret train 1 Mr. Truman proposed a $40 tax ° n TM e i r S credit for each taxpayer and de- Kby and read Pennsylvania Jennie Durham, Harris- J. W. Davis, Harrisburg 3; irmei -- -.-- rrt, JC,VCJLC«. Shaw, Carrier Mills 1; from pendent, effective this year. The EHas Roberts? Long Branch; Auda loss of revenue under this plan j. wi nj ams Galatia; Pat Butler, - **-- "--1 "** of ' - f D Rettinger, Younger, Eldo- «=s»?2£5 58sa«wsB $ t»randnarents and ner parenu* i · · it,-..,,,,!, -,n inrrMQp in *·""«"·«""' "» am^glad 1 yoS are to ha^railt %£,$,,*££ a " SnafeMC " arlvantflPftS that the Community tr«../ 4 1.4 Vniituin H-. advantages, that the commum y ^riT Harold Knutson R, would receive from having ran- Mjnn ^ Q£ the ^.^-5^2 House rado 6. road facilities. , tax-writing Ways and Means committee would go much further than Mr. Truman proposed in cutting personal tax' Circulate Petitions James R- "Jimmy" Burroughs',"^ would j ncrca se personal ex- of Harrisburg is circulating pe-1 emp tj ons from the present $500 to titions seeking the Democratic $g()0 cxtcm j to all states the right nomination for circuit clerk and Qf a nusoan( i and wife to split Ezra Heatherly. Harnsburg, P r .c-i tnc j r income for tax purposes and sent Democratic senatorial commit- cut incomc taxes from 10 per cent iceman from Saline county in the - lhc nigh brac kets lo 30 per cent 51st senatorial district is circula- - , h , ·cturnea 10 uie resiacnw i « ^^»v O c.i«..w. .·?·· ---,. ~ _.«ioMirm from the Courtney funeral ling petitions seeking re-election I to that office. . tion a Ford patent attorney arguing a case before thc United States district court for eastern Michigan in 1928: "There is no power on earth, this side of thc Supreme Court cu j thc United States, which wou,d make Henry Ford sign a license iiicmv »·*-···» m *· ^a agreement or pay a royalty. Ford and Ferguson lions in November. 17-Year-Old Youth Saved from Gallows Only 66 Minutes Before Time lo Hang WALLA WALLA. Wash.. Jan.-Smith from the S^mor"? man-' A-CD-The family of Joseph 'sion at Olymp.a ever, asj proof of- jjj Henry Maish cancelled his . cral arrangements today. Unless there is an unexpected change in sentiment, the committee will endorse thc principles of thc Knutson bill and give it thc srcen light for speedy passage. Senate Republican leaders have not committed themselves on thc jKnuison plan. Chairman Robert .'A. Taft of lhc Senate GOP Steer- last nicht repeated lo cut taxes but for party's . imcnlioncd no amount. Death Takes Mrs. E. F. Holmes, 66; Funeral Sunday Mrs. Carrie E. Holmes. 66. wife of Ed Frank Holmes, died at 6:30 a. m. today at her home at 1308 West Barnett street in Domsvillc. after an illness of three weeks. Death was attributed to pneumonia. Survivors besides her husband include two sons, Frank King o» SL Paul. Minn., and Charles King. San Diego. Calif.: a daughter. Mrs. Pearle Kcltner of Chicago: and the following stepchildren: Mrs. Grace Fitzeerald of Harrisburg: Hubert Holmes of Akron, 0.: Oral Holmes of Kennelt, Mo.: Raymond Holmes of Kennett, Mo.: and Waller Holmes of Harrisburg. As for Graham's statement that he ordered his brokers to close out his Accounts after President Truman denounced "gram gamblers'' in an October speech, Stassen said that was not true. Made Charge Dec. 10 The former Minnesota governor- said "it is our information that Graham did not leave the market "until after I specifically charged that government insiders were profiting in commodity speculations. Stassen made that charge in a speech at Doylestown. Pa., on Dec. Stassen, in a dramatic appearance before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee investigating speculation, named no new government names. He repeated that Pauley. a special assistant to the secretary of the army, Graham, and Ralph K. Davies. wartime deputy petroleum administrator, speculated. sentenced to die in the lethal gas chamber at San Qucntin prison. Superior Judge James Snell pronounced the sentence after turning down Mrs. Hardy's request for a new trial, sought on grounds that members of thc jury had been threatened unless they voted for a conviction. Mrs. Hardy received thc judgment calmly. v...v^ a , s - Sncll set no dale for the exccu- White and tion. Under California law, all death sentence judgments arc ap- ' to thc state although productioVof the tractors was continued until June. 1947. the suit alleged. Charge 'Conspiracy Thc suit school! "I have ordered, the death sen- - Costs for Year ^» ^K IBhBBIfl Over Seven Billions had Miner in Critical Condition Following ; Automobile Crash Walter Gass. 46-year-old Pea- 1 ilVimvj "» ».,... TC - -- -c.- i!aii-i ··-.-. - - - . Funeral services will be hcldi^,. 47 m who lives in Sunday at 2 p. nj : at Uie Walnut wd i re?a ined in " -*'" 1 ,,...,,..,, last night ,,,. before he was scheduled to hang ,thc governor for the knife slaying of a pretly ] A jury- at ! convicted Maish. He naa 17-year-old La C. commuted to death Donna s-stcm traclors and line of implements and seize the inventions. 2. Compel implement jrnanufac- the noose. Thc frightened youth had spent len said WASHINGTON. Jan. The Veterans Administration re, ported today lhat it spent a record '. $7,805,335,201 on veterans affairs was the most rc- the ^M^ Ferguson and supreme court, sources of supply of , The Hardy woman was accus- 3. Take over in its cd, with her husband, of lunng! dis ,ributor-dcalc-r ^ organization McLain to a lonely spot ncar jbui it by the Ferguson company. Truckec, Cal. While she held McLain in her arms, Joseph Hardy, Jr., the prosecution claimed, shot him through the head. They were "-- captured at Las Vegas, Ncv^ in McLain's car. , . Hardy escaped before their joint trial date arrived He was recaptured in Texas and will go on trial later this month. 4 Impose upon motor dealers the Sffins tfiat they not dc£ in tractors or implements sold b the Ferguson company. 5 Impodc efforts of the Fergu- nv to provide capital arrange for the manu- IOC II1KIUV11VU J V W M I naw o^nvj"-- -~·-- -; -_ , , what he thought were his final ipentent prisoner he had ever en- hours sobbing and praying in his,countered. C tw*ifie rec- · ·* ---- -- ncrv-' The jury made a spccmc i*.*.dress- onunendation for lhc death pen- w~ collapse when ,, ed him in gallows garb as mid- alty. night, thc hour of execution, drew near. Young Maish had prayed for his life on the floor of his death ««· a " dcr ^ I dont son f n d s a d arrange facture\f its tractor *vr«ison is r.ow in Britain. Ferguson s At 10:45 p. m., he was led into thc office of Warden Tom Smith i jam Allen. He ,and told his sentence had been J have done a bad thing 'commuted. , ,, i 1 ^ **y I dld ll "My God, my God, my God!" When the he cried 'guards and He was half-carried, limp and who had gathered for the nang- tremblinjl back to his cell. i°g audibly expressed iheir relief. Wallgren, under pressure from , Today, Maish was transferred from private individuals, clubs and his segregation cell to the life churches, telephoned Warden i imprisonment- cellblocK. in the 1947. cn(Jing Julfc Largest chunk was SS.677,978,078 for compensation including education, pensions, unemployment allowances and other benefits lo living veterans and dependents of deceased vclerans. The lalest es- limalc shows a veteran population of 18,600,000. While no estimates arc available on estimalcd expendilures for Uie fiscal year ending next June 30, thc ever-increasing veteran population indicates that it will be at least equal lo fiscal 1947 and that budget requests for the year beginning next July 1 will equal or surpass it Grove* church, with Rev. Tommy Cock officiating. Burial will be in Walnut Grove ccmclery. The tody will lie in state at the Gibbons funeral home until time lor lhc funeral. Canvass Shows Record Vote in City Judicial Election The canvass of Tuesday's city election vote by Ihe city council i yesterday afternoon* revealed tha.. a record vote of 3.410 was cast, Thc official results of Ihe race for city judge were identical witn Ihe unofficial vote compiled Uie nighl of Ihe election. Ally. L,. M. Hancock won with 1,759 votes, compared to 1,589 for Ally. Trai- lon Dennis, his opponent Thc canvass showed that Juanita Maddox defeated Blanche Beaslcy bv 681. votes instead of 663. as had been compiled unofficially. The vote: Maddox 1,861, Beasle 1,180. tion 'in Ferrell hospital, loday. Mr. Gass was ir- lidcd on the -- ^ hizhwav at Dering mine road. He suffered chest and back jnjunes. Hospital attaches reported today that he had a poor night Five other Eldorado miners were injured in thc collision. The Weather Illinois - 3Iortbr· urday 40 to 45. LOCAL TEMPERATURE Thursday 3 p. m. 6 p. m. 9 p. m. 12 mid.. 60 .57 .55 54 Friday 3 a. m 6 a. m..--- 9 a. m. -12 noon -- 51. 47 45 46 '$· ,- £)' . V * ·u UM ' \ t - '$ "··ii * II n M KWSPAPLR WSPAPLRI

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