The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on April 23, 1986 · Page 5
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 5

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 1986
Page 5
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THE BAYTOW SUN Peter Gott, MD. Cause of tumor unknown '- DEAR DR. GOTT - Two months ago the doctor found that my - -husband was diabetic; his sugar was about 300. After more tests they found a tumor on his pan• 'Creas, and within a week he was • • dead. How can someone who was •so-healthy, so strong, and who . • 'weighed 230 pounds get so sick - '-and die in such a shorl time? He i • only 55. What causes a 11 tumor on the pancreas? '•' '.DEAR READER - Nobody knows what causes pancreatic > malignancies — or any other • -major cancer, for that matter. ••". -Until science can come up with • '•'answers to the cancer puzzle, thousands of families — like yours — will continue to grapple • • with the tragic consequences of '••••'this 20th century scourge. Unfortunately, pancreatic cancer is : • one of the worst. It can grow quickly, can be difficult to diagnose until the late stages and is virtually untreatable by current methods. DEAR DR. GOTT - I am 62 and was told to take 0.3 mg. of Premarin 25 days of each month and Provera (10 mg.) for 10 days. I moved and saw another doctor, who said I should be taking 0.625 mg. of Premarin along with the Provera. Which is the correct amount? Will 1 be taking these drugs fur the rest of my life to prevent osteoporosis? DEAR READER - There is no "correct amount" of Premarin; each woman's case must be individualized. You (depending on your symptoms) and your doctor (depending on his or her skill) are the best judges of how much hormone you should lake and for how long. Because postmenopausal women continue to lose calcium from their bones indefinitely, your doctor probably will suggest that you take the Premarln- Provera combination for several years. DEAR DR. GOTT - Are there any harmful effects of radiation exposure while watching color TV? DEAR READER - Color TVs emit more radiation than black- and-white sets, but the radiation doesn't travel very far in the air. If you are at least six feet from the picture tube, you will not ex-' pose yourself to particularly dangerous radiation levels. DEAR DR. GOTT -• I hear of more and more people who are having distressing reactions to foods, especially when eating out. I've been told there arc no allergy tests for this kind of situation. Could you give us some practical advice'.' DEAR READER - There are various tests that can be performed by an allergist to determine if you are sensitive to certain foods and food additives, such as food coloring and tnonosodium glutamate If you have had reactions to certain foods, try to play detective and figure out which foods caused your symptoms. If you need help, call an allergist to guide your investigation. H you have questions about MENOPAUSE, You can get answers in Dr Gott's new Health Report on the subject Send 7f> cents plus a long self- addressed, stamped envelope to P.O. Box 2597. Cincinnati, OH 45201 Be .sure to ask for the Health Report on Menopause. f'eltr Coll is a columnist for offootrtftd Rusty Brown Seminar changes writer's thinking SAVI40% ft 70% •AVI MOM MOWf Over 500 Famous Mafctr dress**. Over 2000 famous m«k*r coordinates. Special Group of Famous maker kids wear. Over 2500 famous maker LADIES shoes \ When PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) first began getting widespread recognition us a physiological and psychological disruption affecting millions of women, I avoided writing about it. 1 was relieved to learn that the symptoms had a physical basis and were not just "in our heads," but I still was reluctant lo call added attention to anything that could be possibly misused to proclaim women's biological inferiority. After all, we have spent years trying to live down that "biology is destiny" argument. So, I rationalized, far be it for nie lo lend credibility to linking behavior and menstruation. 1 certainly ciid not want to sane- Contemporary art displayed • PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Over 40 contemporary paintings r • and sculptures have been brought together in the exhibi- .'.iion "Definitive Statements: •American Art, 1964-66" at Brown University. The exhibition runs through . •. March :H>. The show then will • 'travel to the Parrish Art Mu• seum, Southampton, N.Y.. >• - 'where it will run May 4-June 21. • • . The show charts the merger of .three contemporary directions — Pop, Minimalism, and Color- Field — and includes works by : 'Frank Stella, Andy Warhol and • .Claes Oldenburg. Sun Teen Times Provides School Scoops lion PMS as justification for women unable to cope with their children, unable to perform on the job or unable to curb murderous acts. But my thinking changed when 1 attended a PMS workshop led by Jan Thornburg, a clinical nurse who co-founded a group practice for professional nurse counselors. Her emphasis was on acceptance and self-help and not on PMS as a reason for special treatment from family, employers or the legal system. The audience was made up of women seeking help. Most said they fell within the 40 percent of women who, in the days before Iheir period, frequently experience fatigue, anxiety, anger, depression or irritability. "I slapped my son," said one. Others admitted: "I nag my husband unmercifully"; "I fly off the handle at work"; "I cry easily." They talked of guilt after their outbursts and how their shame affected their self- esteem. Others complained of physical changes, including bloating, clumsiness and cravings for chocolate or salt. Some said their symptoms began after childbirth or when they started taking birth control pills. One woman had struggled with periodic depression since age 12. Ms. Thornburg explained that these mental and physical changes occur when there is a temporary but predictable hormonal imbalance between body levels of progesterone and estrogen. Having recorded her own moods and symptoms, day by day, for the past seven years, she is firmly convinced that a chart is the best starting point for every woman. "When you see feelings falling in to a cyclical pattern, you validate yourself. It's concrete evidence that changes will occur at certain times and that you are not going crazy." Tne self-help treatment begins between o v u1 a t i o n and menstruation. Ms. Thornburg recommends lifestyle changes kno\vn to help many women: cutting back on red meat, salt, sugar, alcohol and processed foods; cutting out caffeine, candy, chocolate and ice cream : increasing whole grains, fruits, leafy vegetables, beans and peas. Dietary supplements, including a vitamin-B complex and other vitamins, also seem to help many women. Vigorous exercise at least three times a week alleviates other PMS symptoms, particularly depression. If lifestyle methods fail, some doctors prescribe suppositories of natural, as opposed to synthetic, progesterone. This treatment has been widely used in England. Ms. Tliornburg likens our 1st Annual Association For Retarded Citizens/Baytown BBQ Friday April 25, 1986-11 a.m.-3 p.m. at Wayne Gray Sports Complex '5.00 5200 East Rd. - Baytown, Tx. ForTick.tiC.ii Donations Prepared by: Constable James Douglas TAKE OUTS ONLY 420-3079 427-8121 VYWCVX XN: BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!! ENTIRE STOCK •HENS LONG SLEEVE 1ST QUALITY DRESS SHIRTS TKMTEX-KARMKN IXMJBLES-ELY KENIN'Y KOGERS ENTIRE STOCK 1ST QUALITY FULL QUILL OSTRICH 195- 8 295 •VOIIK FHEK ITKM MUST HKOKKOUAMW LKSSOH VAI-UK. IIUYONKATTIIK HHC.iH.Mi 1'KICK AM) CHOOSK YOUK FRICK HOOT FHOMMAHKKDSl'KCIU.S ENTIRE STOCK DALLAS BRAND AND EXOTIC 1ST QUALITY BELTS LIZARD-SNAKE LEATHER-OTHERS ENTIRE STOCK MEINS 1ST QUALITY LEATHER DRESS BOOTS 1ST QUALITY ROPERS ACME-DURANGO OPEN SUNDAY 12 P.M. TO 5 P.M. MKIOW CONVfNtfNT LAV-A-WAV cram? 14113 MO tMt innraiwui HOUSTON BAYTOWN HwyMS+yth PEARLAND LIBERTY VB.Ni.-7 P.M. MeSTOtl understanding of PMS to recent discoveries that some types of diabetes can be managed through diet and exercise. Many diabetics now have a chance to control the malady instead of letting it control them. The same can be said for PMS We can moderate it and not let it interfere with our lives or our image as consistently capable, contributing women. Acceptance and self-help are key weapons against an ancient stereo-type of the "weaker" sex. Rusi> Brown u a columnui for N»wspup*r Eni*rprij< Association. Over 100 Famous Brands: * Esprit • I. Magnin • Selby Footworks • J. Renee • 9-West • """"H. 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