The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 12, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1924
Page 12
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THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 12. 1924 Unynor 'H guild BEGIN HERE TODAY IMnlu linyni.r I* f"»»il s !"> 1 tin .mull lho lioirl In tin' faily .-viiIiik • II 111'' floor tin- iniii rrmm nf llow- r Acn.--, 111* liitiitr l-l;iinl limn>'. itnilililiK over Ihi" iliii'l man, In liiinil. In Miilciilni I'lnL.i. fnrmiT sw.'cllif'iirt of I'.iiyn'ir'M wlf.., Niim.y i:va 'rni-ni-r, K.'ivnui's mini'', st ihti llBht h -wlli 'h. Thru Nan Iiritlhnr, OrvlMo Krnl; Kzni I fiii'liil or Finl.y; Ml"» .MiiMI n .ir 'H Pl .Hlci, ami inh anil* \> ry; hi-r niil'lartl, ••. liny- llio I.lcillCl It: lt:i>nnr, sun n( J >"im 'l flrM nmtri;tt :e, .•linns tallii'r's fstan. Nnr !• S'Mh to ntti-i t of Po'.m-la Kavnol l »y olalni riirniT i'i'H- pllnif to poison I loiiillitH Itaynor by llrM man I I'l.'tlln his f/jlhoi'fl eMa!' 1 . .N 'ni .ii' Tm-- m-t' ronfesso.^ to nll.'mlptllit; to poison Douulns Kaynot for ivveni:<>. IVmilnir- lon U', a irrlitii.tlcil dfticllvo, nnd his jtlrl ncsiHtnnt,''/l7!l, tire ralloil to tnk<! Ilio (R*<; (Mil of 111*' li.'inili r>f l»i :trrtlvfi Pol.hlnrt. 'ti in'.f-liii w Catinofi U-\\B Wl«« that N'anry niatiioil I'oiu;- \nn Kaynor licransi> Hhf wrongly llioiiKlit Him rnnlil . u av her oillnK father rnnn n foiu.ry rharf;--. NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY "I 'm Inclined to think no, loo," iiiid Pennington Winn. Kinvoly. 'All this juitB tt now llrtlit nn It. Tito fearful truth fonilnt! home to her, tho Impossibility of living Willi Hint man ntler Blip hat! learned of his perfidy, and then the atlded afcony of seolns attain the man whom frhe imiHt liavo loved hefore her marriage —whom she surely loves now—oh, what oilier theory is there.— ?" "Does her hrother— douB .Mr. Kenl know 1 ?" 7Ai.\ asked. "I'm not sure," said Gannon. "If he does, she lias told him lately, for Mie has tried to keep II from lliul all alone. No, I don't think he knowfi nnylhinir about it at ail, Hut, of course, lie knows of the terrible at firsl. bad griulunlly inadn him- 1 self more ncee|ilalile to the family, \ He bail rjiiitu won the heart of Miss .Matlle. he Rol on well with tho' nun, and except for Nan, lie. was : friendly all round. Hut lie was so positive that It was Nan who shol lils father that no arguments, could chance his opinion. As lo (he Inheritance he was jauntily confident in his present ownership ot the whole estate, and reserved any discussion of Nan's rights or claims until the matter if the murder should be settled, one way or another. Orvilie Kent puzzled Wise. The young man was so moody, as well as physically tipflot that Wise wiu* Interested In him aside from the matter in hand. Kent's strongest trail—or, so It seemed to Wise— was his affection for his sister. He worshiped her with a dumb, doglike devotion, oten evident In his Kltmces tit. her, while he until no word. • Wise was not at all surprised when Kent assumed tho burden of the guilt. He held that there are some natures not only capable of a great sacrifice for a loved one, but who really glory In It. It Is the sniff of which the early martyrs were made Mrs. Itnynor'x guilt, be mint know more than wo do." The two went to Orvllle Kent's rooms. These were two sunny, pleasant rooms on the souib side ot tho i bullae. , Kent received them in bis s IIII iik i room—which was more like a utu- I illo, nul a working studio, lint tint | room of an art lover and dilettante. "Come In," be said, gravely. "Vou want to see me? Take n seat, Miss I Zlzi." | "Thank you." and Zlzi slid toward the chair indicated. "Oh." she cried, pausliiK en routs, "what u dear face! Who Is it?" Site took up a photograph, and Kent's eyes smiled us he said: "That's Dolly Vuy, a neighbor, and a barnm-scaruni. That's only an enlarged snapshot, but It shows her at her best." "Now, just a few wonlfl as to your somewhat (startling statement, Mr. Kent." Wise began. "1 shall start out by saying (hat 1 don't bolleve you shot your brother-in-law, and that I do believe you claimed that you did, in order to lift suspicion from your sister. It is better to tell mo the details, than lo rehearse them to the police—though 1C you prefer that—" "No, no—" Orry's fingers were working nervousl]'. "Well, then, let us start by assuming that your story Is true. Why did you kill your brother-ln- law?" "Uecatise—because he made my sister's life a burden." "But bo had dono that for two years—" "Oh, It was much worse ot late. Ho was—be was brutal to her—" "Yes—I know—but that equally OUR BOARDING HOUSE had asked for 24 hours' further search, tho detective was a very busy man. .And so, later that evening, he was going over the sun parlor floor again. It was this that Wise was study- Oh, she didn't—she never could —I tell you. Mr. Wise, my sister Is Incapable ot such'a deed!" "Then she didn't do it—then she can't be convicted ot it—then—then Mr. Kent, why do you take the blame and pretend .to a crime you never committed?" "Do you mean that?" Orry looked up eagerly. "Do you mean my s I b- ter can't be convicted If she Is Innocent? Can't she be wrongly sus- prcled and—" "She l« suspected, of course. And there is a strong tendency on the part of some to suspect an outsider —on account of the print ot the overshoe." • (Continued In Our Next Issue) PHILIPPINE EDUCATOR TO SPEAK TO STUDENTS "THEN LBT US ASSMMK YOU 11 STORY IS TRUE. .01.1 KlhU YOUR I)ltOTIIER-lN-L,AW?" WHY DID C. II. Sheldon, supervisor ot teaching for eight years In the Philippine Islands will 'be at the Senior and Junior high schools next Tuesday to tell ot his experiences In dealing with the natives. Mr. Sheldon Is the second on the City Schools Lyceum course. Ho will give first hand knowledge of the United States Island possessions and of tho "Garden Isles," of China sea. The people, their customs and what he thinks of Philippine independence will all be brought out In his narration. OL* MOU K JTAIU 60A ~f." ?t^V US A CMOfJfT. owA -ru* PVIOK SV GRAPI* AM' V L L S/ A J(J A IOV/E SALL -Ll- is ov7ER P PAVJ>J- A J /MAKi-^ A < ue ART \<i> mo^Ehi Cr «* v .1^ CjU\S<?\\ -i MV <Sr\-\> kiOT SO \JivVr>^ I \OlU_. <SE-f MV V /dPfcPS &0D voe VOlLL- -<AW'E A BRISK WALK '. ~"fU&ll, \c> OUT i>J -W k'lTcMEti T >0i>J6 TAlS, SHE'LL POT" s/JMZ iKi W IS V1K5 Vi\~M A PLMTfeP! ["" nee. n'» ~ VOLL A% A PlME. AO'Tf .a ctikiT c?ro»e 'jJtkSTJOVJ' * -Tv*' LAW WILL PLP'TUA -fCORK iki -TtA' JUS lo bis sister lived with her litis- ' • and and it has made him and and I. Orvlllo Kent ts a queer man, II. he has a sound heart and a eep affection for bis sister. She .. as cared for hlni like a mother all r, life." Crlm Oannon leaned back In his lair as if lie bad now eettled the fairs of the universe, lie scarcely noticed his callers' irewells, anil they left him drows- ig over hl3 old pipe. Crossing the lawns they met Or- III b Kent coming toward them. "1 want to give myself up," he aid, speaking steadily, but with a .lervous twlcbing of his long fln- XerB. "I killed my brother-in-law, Douglas Raynor." WI bb gave a quick glance at Zlil. "Mr. Kent." bo Bald, kindly, "I know you think this sacrifice of yourselt for your sister is a right thing to do. And 1 appreciate the love and affection that It shows to have you willing to take even crime on your shoulders to lift It from hers. I know how black the ease Is against her—1 know bow you have tried to deviso eome means ot getting her freed from suspicion. And I know that now, when you can's help seeing that tho net is tightening round her— tho last doubts of her guilt vanishing—I know that In your utter desperation you have concluded to avow the crime yourself, and lake her pmil-limetit. nut, .Mr. Kent, this Is not so easy a matter to accomplish as It seems to you, and I'm go.iif; in udvisn you against, your plan. I'm going to ask you to s,lvo me 114 I ioiiib . at least, to find out the real truth." "Take your "I hours, .Mr. Wise," -aid Kent, slowly. 0II APT ICR XVI It's Never Too Late for Clews Pennington Wise was lu the sun parlor studying the room once more. "A littlo late tor clews, Isn't it, Mr. Detective?" Lionel Raynor said, In a tone more jovial than sarcastic. Young Raynor, though not liked Ing—although he had long ago agreed that It was merely the impression ot tho right side of the right shoe worn by some ono who had entered tho room at some time, Wise looked up at Lionel Raynor's chaff, and smiled a little. "It's never too late for clews," he said, "and this print is such a good one 1 bate not to utilize It. To me It Is exceedingly Indicative, and I am pretty nearly ready to state It was left here by the mur- rerer himself." "Or herself," amended lionel. "1 tell you. Mr. Wise, as soon as you get away from the one who la most concerned, the most interested In tho absenito of my father, you get away from' the truth." "This overshoe is of too large a size for the one you have In mind,'' said Wise. "Nonsense! It is Just the thing a clever woman would do—put on the largo shoes ot a man, over her littlo slippers . Then, she would think, the clew would be misleading, na," ho looked a'. Wise, "as It seems to be." "Oh, I don't know," said Wise. "Have you noticed tho direction in whlc.i tills points?" "Well, it is pointed toward the place where my father fell, If that's what you mean." "That Isn't what 1 mean," said Wise. And then, with a murmur of excuse, Hie detective left the room and went Into the house, lu the hull, he met Zlzl and drew her aaidu or it word. "Come with me, Ziz, to talk with Kent, aim watch him. You know when anybody is making up a yarn, if you pretend to bolleve him, he will go on and elaborate his falsification until lie defeats his own ends. Now, Kent Is putting up n confession to save his sister. If wo can persuade him that his sister is In no danger, he would doubtless retract, but 1 propose to let him think she Is strongly suspected, and see him Insist on • his own guilt, Any way, we must learn all ho knows—If he is so certain ot In answering advertisements, please mention Tbo News-Herald. STOP ITCHING SKIN Zemo the Clean, Antiseptic Liquid, Gives Prompt Relief. There Is one safe dependable treatment that relieves Itching torture and that cleanses and soothes the skin. 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Get a 35 cent bottle of St. Jacobs Oil at any drug store. It has been recommended for 65 years. Teaspconful of Powder from Italy Placed in Shoes Relieves Man of Rheumatic Pain Almost at Once California We are making up a carload of household goods for Los Angeles to be shipped this month. Phone 9 THE CITY TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO. 19 WEST FIRST L. D. Ferguson W. C. Shaw When be went into the store to get this marvelous powder, he was a cripple. Because of the terrtble, torturing effects of rheumatism he was crawling about on two canes. I Later the same man, Mr. P.—B. | —(name on request), of New York 'City, wrote the following letter; "It gives tue pleasure to Inform you that one box of your powder completely cured me In three days or rheumatism, from which 1 have suffered for some time." Tho.discoverer ot this powder is Aleasandro Volta, the well- known Italian physicist for whom tho electric volt was named. He discovered a scientific combination fll certain Ingredients which he compounded Into a fine powder. This powder, when shaken Into the shoes or stockings, Is Intended to penetrate Immediately through the myriad i>ores in the 80les of the feet. He has called the powder Volta. It lias been so successful In the treatment of thousands of cases of rheumatism, many of which were considered hopeless, that the American distributors have authorized local druggists to dispense the powder with an unqualified guarantee that the entire cost of the first box will he refunded it you a're not wonderfully relieved. If you suffer trom Rheumatic pains, Sciatica, Lumbago, Gout or Neuralgia, ydu owe It to yourself to try this remarkable and revolu- tonary scientific treatment. It Is absolutely harmless and will not cost one cent if you do not receive wonderful relief. You can get a box ot Volta, from such good druggists as: A. &A, Drug Co,, Fred Weesner, Foltz Pharmacies, Adams Drug Co. 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First Nafl B1<U ia) awwerlns axiverUsemeuU, please mention The News-Herald.

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