The News from Frederick, Maryland on August 31, 1967 · Page 27
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 27

Frederick, Maryland
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Thursday, August 31, 1967
Page 27
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Start The School Day Right Good Breakfasts Are Important ·y LOIS J. LfOPOtD sir M writer ] berries The first day of school is only four days aw Ay. The static environment m which children live during the summer will become a memory (blueberries, peaches, or straw- PL'FFED OMELET or any other fruit be eggs, separated 6 tablespoons ho*, water ings, a breakfast such as this one might be in order: Orange juice Oatmeal with cream Fried eggs and bacon Muffins (cranberry, blueberry) Hot milk, or hot chocolate the cold ; BETTER BREAKFASTS - Frozen French toast, pancakes, a switch making it DO^,M,. and waffles from freezer to toaster to plate with the flick of hot breads on the busiest day* f f e r a choice of these favorite Enjoy Spaghetti And Macaroni In Outdoor Meals , i_ i 1.4.* .**ifV% rrnisiA «3«H nhift- r-AnHnilP^ to DOll. CyOOK as they settle jown to the next nine months. What will you be doing to help them through the long days? Good breakfasts are important during these days. They no longer have the freedom of midmorning refrigerator raids, b3 a nourishing breakfast is the " » order of the day. £TMs. Everyone knows that many break for lunch times, and this is especially com| mon with teens and pre-teens. 1 youngsters are just "not in the mood for breakfast." Not being in the mood for breakfast can be the cause of not being in the mood for paying atention in class. It's virtually impossible to concentrate on algebra, French, or English when all you can think of is "Gee, I'm really starved. Wonder what's for lunch?" _, .. Good breakfast foods would include cereal, eggs, frencn toast, peanut butter, and pancakes. ^ , . A good menu for a balanced breakfast might be similar to this: Orange sections Scrambled Egg Toast Milk or, Prune juice French toast Milk . . . . Use fruits on cereals to give the child a change from just straight oatmeal or corn flakes. Put fresh applesauce, bananas brown underneath. Then place in moderate oven (350 degrees) for 10 to 15 minutes or until top _ is dry Touch top of omelet tablespoons butter or other Ijghtly with firger and if egg D»shnet»«r I does not stlck to vour fm g er « uasn pepper j ^ ^^ . g dQn? ^ not Qvef . Beat egg whites until stiff, cook. If you overcook it it will Beat yolks until thick and lemon become tough, and shrink, colored Beat hot water into, Loosen edges of omelet cut them and add salt and pepper, through center, slip a spatula or Fold yolks and stiffly beaten flexible knife under side next cwcuiaic egg whites together. Melt butter to handle of pan, fold one-haJ weather here in omelet pan, grease bottom over the other, and press shglit- to' keep and sides of pan Turn egg mix- ly to make it stay in place, " ' ture into pan, cover and cook, slip onto hot plate and serve at over low heat until puffy and i once. Serves six. 1 can (6 ounces) tomato paste 1 cup water 1 teaspoon seasoned salt i /4 teaspoon basil V4 teaspoon oregano Crushed red pepper, to taste 2 broiler fryer chickens (2 pounds each) halved 1 tablespoon salt 3 quarts boiling water 8 ounces spaghetti Heat oil in saucepan, add gar_ _.. lie and onion and brown lightly. wed ~m advance: melon ball Add tomato sauce, tomato paste^ frmt CUD finger salad, fresh water, seasoned salt, basil, ore- tarts igano, and crushed, red pepper A favorite American food- spaghetti--joins a favorite Am- i»rican custom--eating out of doors--in a new recipe for Barbecued Chicken with Spaghetti. The spaghetti is most easily 'eooked in the kitchen, while the' chickens sizzle on the grill nearby on the patio or in the back- vard. Then the two foods meet with the same barbecue sauce to blend flavors. The rest of the meal can be simple and pre- I*-/", sa.'Sd.'Si "S2jsrw*i*. ·-. !i L'El)'OlicKEN WITH during last 15 minutes of cook- spaghetti with sauce and chicken. CITRUS MACARONI FRANKFURTER BAKE (Makes four to six servings) 1 tablespoon salt 3 quarts boiling water 2 cups elbow macroni (8 ounces) tender. Drain in colander. In large mixing bowl combine cooked macaroni, green pepper and half the orange sections. Reserve six frankfurters; slice the remaining frankfurters in diagonal pieces and add to mac- I O OUIlces; ,,.c.f,«..-. r 1 large green pepper, chopped aroni; mix well Place mac- 4 oranges, sectioned 1 pound frankfurters 2 tablespoons butter or margarine 2 tablespoons flour 1 can (10^2 ounces ) condensed beef bouillon 1 cup orange juice J'4 teaspoon ground ginger Vs teaspoon cinnamon Green pepper rings Add one tablespoon salt Hangtown Fry Is For Labor Day By GAYNOR MADDO X Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Kick up your heels adventurous at. aroni' mixture in ovenproof adventurous at your ou dish; arrange reserved frank-!grill over the long Laoor r.,~* r t ..^ r,n f/\n \irith rOTYiaitlinff O7M*k0Hd. furte'rs on top with remaining weekend. Instead of the familiar THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Thursday. August 31, 1967 Page B-5 Dairy Council Says: TraveTVia The Dinner Table Spin the globe, pick a spot you'd like to visit and go there! Visit it tomorrow night or even tonight. Don't let little things like tickets, passports or vaccinations hold you back. Instead, take your family on a foreign travel adventure by serving nationality foods right in the comfort of your own dm- *- West Young man, IV Slir HI uuuiuvu o"J HOI uvsa, S" «·«=«·» * ·» m-aiis*-- juice, stirring constant-1 and surprise the crowd wiui « K u n t i l sauce is thickened and [ 49er Hangtown Fry. i( soils one minute. Stir in spices. One of the most famous oui- frankfurter dish. door"meals in American history Pour over to SP \GHETTI (Makes four servings) ing time. ,. . Add one tablespoon salt to cloves garlic, aflu spagneui BV w«n. »-.«.. ---- tinues to boil Cook uncovered, J. I I I C l A i U I i J W 4 I t w » » . ·_ · .-W j- r- -- | _^ t , 1 -an '8 ounce- tomato sauce ider. Dram in f\\MJL VUC 1«U1V-.3^"J-V"1 . - v . . v *-" · 1 *VA.]* rapidly boiling water. Gradu- Garnish with green pepper ally add macaroni so that water rings. r ( f i l l U V C T I I' c u i r v i L A i w.^1 \**-j». uVfvl *iifc-«"»*» *«* Cover and bake in 375 degree w as scrambled eggs and oys- imodeiate) oven 20 minutes, i ters called "Hangtown *ry. ,, , _ "it. ««»«« nATt*iAi* T-» ·_ -- j/u.TM. /iWM Kiien nVft m What's Cmlking For Your Labor Day Picnic More Time Than Money? Then, Pickle Watermelon stand from one to I 1 * hours Thoroughly rinse and drain nnd to remove all free lime. Into a large pot turn the rind, 'tastes If the weather is cool on t h a t ! day you have the last picnic of the season, vou might like to consider taking along a mam hot j dish--spaghetti with tomato sauce and beef. With a wide-mouth v a t ' i u m jug in the family kitchen, this mam dish can be e a r n e d to t h ' picnic place Just add the cooked spaghetti to the piping-hot t o m a to sauce and beef and ladle them into the jug 1 hfly leaf 1 teaspoon garlic salt S teaspoon crushed basil leaves 1 teaspoon oregano leaves 2 tablespoon salt 4 to f: quarts water 1 pound spaghetti In a large hea\y saucepan, heat the oil; add the beef and oi o w n . ^ l / i l , OUt* L I I V , FJ-^%,* -- -- -- ·«- v icniove beef with a slot-1 railroad.) LCI O V.«*«T** »----CT-- ,- . During the Gold Rush days MI California, eggs were almost as, precious as the gold m the ground. This dish was named after a California mining town oy the camp cook who created this combination of oysters with precious eggs and available seasonings. It was cooked outside over a campfire. (Our own maternal grandfather -was a pioneer and settled in the mountains oi Northeast California w h ere there was gold. My mother of ten told us about the barrels of oysters he wouid have sent up from San Franciso via Nevada City on the narrow gauge When your dinner t i m e feature ,,,,,,,,,,,_.. _^ course. TheToreeks would probably use eggplant in th« recipe but this one features potatoes along with ground beef in a spicy sauce. All this goodness nestles under a custard-like topping that puffs and browns during baking. Accompany the Moussaka with a large green salad. Be sure to tuck a few ripe olives among the lettuce leaves for olives appear frequently on Greek menus. The beverage? Milk, of course- Its refreshing flavor is the ideal accompaniment to any menu from any country. MOUSSAKA % cup butter (1 stick) 4 cups thinly sliced raw potatoes 1 pound ground beef From Cavemen To Now, Barbecues Have Been Fun ted spoon. Add onion to oil in One of the most satisfactory projects ever to go on in our kitchen is the making of watermelon pickle- Each summer we glow when | salt, ground we turn out a batch, count up t the vinegar and enough w a «=i «, j ^^ strands Y ou can do orepano lover anu »»·»««·. the cost and find it's piggy- cover . B oil gently until rind is thig after tne p a s t a has bppn s t i r , ing otrasiona ly. until txeei bank money compared to what _ nywhere f rom 20 cooked and drained. is quite iendcr-\4 to 2 nours^ t i . ^,oti» c rndt when bought. lc " w J H«ivndinB A fmcer salad w i l l go w e l l R e m o v e from neat, lilt saucer" 8 ^- r££T££.^- "»· ihl pknic spaB " eui f aiiH ·" h ' Iai8e k when it is s e i v t ' d in s -'" - - -- - - - ·ost t h a t if Add tomato sauce, ^ cup water, vou cut it bav leaf, gai he salt, basil and strands." You can do oregano Cover and simmer. plLlVlC-lI*** 1 * 1 1 1 ^ t M » » » - ^ -- lightful time, m our opinion, De- preserves bring so cause ...- t much gratification when serve them or give them we riety of watermelon, draining, turn into of fat. «Mu Allt mis you might cnoose ch i r\ spoon skim off most WlthOUt tomatoes, carrot and ,-elei Mak^ over a q u a . t non-me- siic ^ s s u ce s of fmochia ' i t \ o u S h o i t l v befoie the oeei Vi HANGTOWN FRY (Serves six ) cup (^ sitck) butterof margarine 2 cups (1 pint) oysters, well drained 6 eggs v 2 cup beer ^2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon Tabasco Melf buter in a large heavy skillet. Add well-drained oysters A nameless caveman, one day in antiquity, accidently dropped a piece of raw mastodon meat into a fire. He quickly retrieved it put it into his mouth and discovered that--barbecues are fun! Then there is the tale of the ancient Chinese farmer whose home burned down, roasting several pigs that lived in it with him. The farmer pulled a piece of roast pork from the charred ruins and he too discovered that --barbecues are fun! But it wasn't until fairly modern time, in our own country that barbecue got its name. Credit for this goes to the French hunters who some 400 years ago, introduced the barbecue method of cooking to America. They spitted the whole animal from "barbe" to "queue" or, in our language, from whiskers to tail. voila! Barbecues are fun! 1 cup chopped onion 1 six-ounce can tomato paste 1 cup water 3 teaspoons salt ^2 teaspoon cinnamon , i* teaspoon pepper 3 tablespoons flour Vg teaspoon nutmeg 2 cups rnilk 2 eggs, slightly beaten ^ cup shredded Parmesan cheese Melt 1 4 cup butter in large frypan. Add potatoes and try until lightly browned, turning as needed. Remove potatoes from pan and save. Add two tablespoons butter. Saute beef and onion until beef is crumbly. Add tomato paste, water, t.wo teaspoons salt, cinnamon and pepper; stir. Cook, stirring frequently, until thickened, about 15 minutes. Melt remaining two tablespoons butter in saucepan. Laui^oL*v/viio ijvn.vx.1. »·· u»«w- **r - - Combine tomato sauce, steak. Blend in flour, remaining one sauce, vingar, and brown sugar; teaspoon salt and nutmeg. Add dWi.Mib'^', · ""O ' ^^ mix well Pour sauce over flank steaks and chill two hours, turning once- Arrange steaks on grill over glowing coals. Grill about milk and cook, stirring constantly, until thickened Add a small amount of hot mixture to eggs, stirring contantly. Return over itiuwiiiic ^.VMIIO- «*· ·** %··»«»·» cg^k), ^iii»»* u o v*»-"·""",* · 10 minutes, turning once. Brush i to saucepan; cook a miniue frequently with sauce in which longer. Spread half of the no- steaks were marinated during tatoes over bottom of a shallow grilling period. Makes about 10.two-quart casserole: cover with O _ . __; _*.._.!. G*i**i*\lrlA «7if h half ill cuiiiii£, "** ** "«-*- -- - anv;i\a, ^n^v.o v» 1 1 nt'v. . M , U U i c bowl; cool; refrigerate can get -t, and the inner lea." ^--·-^·^ wate r to well of romame lettuce ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ saU Md Tabasco . is and saute them just until tne Today bar becue refers to any servings BVRBECUED SPARERIBS neat mixture. Sprinkle with half B^O^ LM , ^ .,..^..,^, of the cheese. Top with remam- 1 can (8 ounces) tomato sauce i ing 1 potatoes. Cover with sauce * cup steak sauce , and sprinkle with remaining T tablespoons vinegar cheese. Bake in moderate ovtn, J* CUD firmly packsd brown i 350 degrees, until lightly brown- suear , ed. 30 to 36 minutes. Let stand 2 racks spareribs (about 5 10 minutes before serving. Mdk- poundsf es six to eight servings. Combine tomato sauce, steak sauce, vinegar, and sugar. Simmer five minutes. Arrange spareribs on grill about five inches from glowing coals. Grill slowly, turning frequently, about one hour. Brush frequently with ,MC ijtv,i. 1.3 anu ^u--«~ ' muaj, u«i"«·«-·"· ·-- -·- -- --* sauce during grilling period. kettle, bring edges begin to curl. Beat eggs meat baste( j ^th or served in a Test mea t before serving ·'- '--" "" u an ' 1 ' ' !1 --- u ~ it is thoroughly Pour egg mixture ,ndo g ne fl "ord e orcaution.Th e SKpS."^ the cinnamon, recipe recommends thoroughly | allspice, cloves tndcr^tA nut- rmsmg the watermelon nnd a f - ' m e g ; add »4 cup of the vinegar ,-- --*-- Do and ^ big and _..,, Island Dr along as a dip for t h e f i n ^^ jf ne.ghborhood these ing I s i M l w o u l d the spaghetti; as the ends under ; evenly over oysters. Stir over t h e w a t e i soften, push down any i low heat until eggs are light y ends t h a t are not in the water, scrambled. Serve immediately Boil uncovered stirring a few with dark bread and butter. tunes ]iisi until tender Turn into a colander to drain Serve hot s p a g h e t t i v . i t h tomato-sauce and heef Makes six to eight serv- r r The Bliss is · much like clolh-lmrf strainer, and sch TWO-DAY WATER MELON PICKLE 2 pounds prepared watermelon nnd (about 1 '4 quarts) ; slaked lime Ha- JlllV e» **·* O" r*""~ ~ n -- ~" j maimng four cups vinegar and the sugar, heat, stirring until sugar dissolves. Dram the refrigerated rind and add with enough water to cover. Boil gently until rind begins to look SPAGHETTI \ \ I T H TUM \ 1 O SAUCE \ M KF I f 2 tablespoons t l i \ e I 2 pounds lean chuck beef cut in about 1-mch ( And Cheese Make A Fine Team Make the most of the lovely Sou- If \ o u w a n t to cook the t o m a t o sauce and beef ahead. ,,,,,,,. -l o v e t and r e f i i a e i a t e it Before nectarines in the market. in about 1 men ( i n n ' s ' c h e a t i n g NOU can remove all serve them "as is" with a 1 laree onion fmelv ctn-nned 01 some of the fat that has hard- cheese ring We think you 11 ag- ^4 cup -»'*'» ^ t h o l °P ( ' ook the s P a ?' ree with us that this combma- 5'2 cups gar S cups sugar 5 sticks cinnamon (each about 3 inches long), broken into shorter pieces . T, tablespoons whole allspice 1/2 tablespoon whole cloves J 4 whole nutmeg (if too hard to cut, pound to crack) ( ~^A CUD ' L I U I l-H/ V w \ / r w v i t v , -JK^O I C C W l l l I **» v - -- - jx*4^-*- 7 rans- (each 8 o u m e s i l o m a t o h e t t i iust hot ore vou are ready tion makes a delightful snack to Combine c^nL to «or\e it with the tomato O ff e r with before-dmner drinks ml x well. S3UL" , , * . _ . * ,,*Ae-^\£L1* I * · _ l _ L it can be Cherries And Filberts Enrich Torte Here's a suggestion on how «f ,.«,,·· of our barbecue sauce Ana, u t«u we, to ^ sure lt is morouKi"/ "· · - ~"°,' more fun and easier than ever| cooked Cooking time will de-1 to sweeten the before by using one basic sauce ,, upon snape an d thickness ' [amils-and fr.ends over i . j««*;«rt ,f tn th* nartipular . ~t --w^ HJ^K^^ ,.v e *rvm0c tne uaoor uay weeKena. UCiUl C \Jj I*O»*»B v"-and adapting it to the particular meat you are cooking. Following is the Basic Red Barbecue Sauce and recipes that use variations of it BASIC RED BAREECLfc SAUCE 1 cup (8 ounces) tomato sauce or ketchug I* cup steak sauce v, cup firmly packed brown sugar 2 tablespoons vinegar or lemon juice ribs. Makes six servings. HAMBURGER SPECIAL the Labor Day weekend. If you aren't afraid of the cal- HAMBLruie-n. .·jrivwi.-vu , cr ; es j n butter rich cream 1 can ( B o u n c e s ) tomato sauce ; marascmno cherries and nut .; tj cup steak sauce th , ndulee ln a s i lce O f Dan- all sauce 2 cup water sauce and beef. Try This Calorie-Free Refreshing Iced Tea vine- enough green food coloring to Refreshing, t h n s t - q u r n c h i n g t e r . then st.a.ri it into a pitch- e m n a°ke g H£ and syrup a pretty and.^ically ca,o,,e-f,ee - ei^with^an a^io^quar^of ^Should syrup become too The calone content w , l l de- t i m e beause ou boil only a thick before pickle is ready for pend on how much S..R.,, .,.i small q u a n t , t , of water, it putting into jars, thin with equal use. The tea itself has no cat- MU-S on, ,«· cub^s. t^or parts of vinegar and Should there be more u ^ . _ r ,,,_ than is needed for filling jars, ter, home economist loi t l u water O nes syrup We consulted w i t h R e t \ l use some other way , Council, on the best ami inch U9 , ng , slot . wjth , he the home is hor expri! ·ememher t, or as an evening refresher CHEESE RING WITH NECTARINES 8 ounces mild cheddar cheese, finely grated 3 ounces cream cheese, softened i* cup (about 2^ ounces) crumbled blue cheese 2 tablespoons dry sherry 2 teaspoons finely grated onion, pulp and juice '« teaspoon garlic powder Vi cup (about) diced roasted almonds 3 fresfc nectarines In a medium mixing bowl, with a wooden spoon, thorough- Makes about \ 3 * cups. BARBECUED CHICKEN cup cup firmly pacned brown sugar '4 cup pickle relish 2 pounds ground beef chuck 8 slices bacon 8 hamburger rolls toasted Sauteed onions (2-3 medium size Combine tomato sauce steak anc j sauce, brown sugar and pickle , relish Simmer f i % e minutes 1 Remove from heat Shape beef into eight patties Wrap one bac- V rmd and pink into one-inch square measure and set a«ide. pieces; . Into a non-metallic bowl holding one quart cool water, s t i r l.vo teasp-xms of the slaked lime: add rind; stir in another q u a r t of cool water. T,et atand one hour; stir in remaining two teaspoons lim* wd Mtt to within Vi-inch from top, making sure syrup covers rind. Wipe off any spills on top or threads of jars. Put dome 'ids on jars; ..crew bands tigh* Makes about three pints. Allow four of ICED TEA BY THK PITCHERFUL (Makos t\vo quarts) Using loose tea or teabags: B] ing one quart of fresnly me boil in an open saucepan. the cheddar cheese, ^.~~... _ _ ^ Remove f . o m the h'eat and cheese, blue cheese sherrv, TM*· J*"TM i m m e d i a t e l y add one-third cap onion and garlic powder Form £^1 Brow f n e minutes, uncov-j made ahead, rover tiehtlv with cup steak sauce 2 tablespoons vinegar ] 4 cup firmly packed brown sugar 1 tablespoon grated onion 1 tablespoon Dijon Mustard 1 teaspoon chili powder 2 broiling chickens split in half (about 2^ pounds each) Combine tomato sauce, steak sauce, vinegar, sugar, onion, mustard, and chili powdei, mix well Arrange chickens, cut side down, on greased grill over glowing coals. Grill slowly brushing · -"- Turn then indulge in a slice of Danish torte DANISH CHERRY VUT TORTE (Makes eight servings) l i cup butter or margarine I 1 ? cups sugar 4 eggs, separated Two-thirds cup sifted all- purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder ] jar (8 ounces) red maraschino cherries, drained and syrup reserved '4 teaspoon salt "·a cup chopped filberts ., . 1 cup h e a \ v cream range patties CD grill over glow- Cream b u t t e r w i t h ' 2 cup suing coals Grill about 10 minutes, R a r. graduallv beat in esg turning once Brush patties fre- volks Sift together flour bak- quently with sauce during grill- fag powder and salt; add to ing period Piace each patty on creamed mixture and blend one half of roll Spoon onions well Spread over bottom of over the other half of roll Makes two greased and floured eicht- servings ( inch cake pans Beat egg whites CI UB STEAK BARBECUE until foamy; gradually add one 1 can (Bounces) tomato sauce'cup sugar, beating unt.l soft i, cup steak sauce peaks form Spread over cake i. CUD orepared horseradish I natter, sprinkle with nuts Bake 2 tablespoons vinegar in 325-degree (slow) oven * ,-s."ff2S,rii» ^r h ±^,,r,t,ES -s . minutes or until lightly browned. Cool on rack: remove from pan. Chop cherries Whip cr e a m . are or eml use iour i«-n-»ju"ii-s "i « « " ··· « - · - - · _ four tea bags to make four cups Stir and strain into a pitcner bf hot tea. But fnr four holding an additional quart of of k-ed tea, you need six te i of tea or six te-t r .An easv way to msme cold v ater \Vhcn re;idv plastic wrap and refrigerate. to serve, pour to KO BIA/UL H I I ^^ pi****'. ' · i · . mellow for three or four, feet iced tea, »h advises. P'" ., to weeks, stored in a dark place;brew the tea in an open same . _.^_ !_, --" -- J k l l A V T f\f W A l H n B ^O paji in 00* quart of bou^ng wa- on stirrers. and lenton wedges strung Robust Salad Toss crisp torn western ice- lettuce with halved stuffed ves. grated Farme*- and bcrtt and garlic Q£ i**wo*t **·»«·* BARBECUED LONDON BROIL 1 can (8 ounces) tomato sauc* cup steak sauce 2 tablespoons brown sugar 4 club steaks, about l-mch Jrjss. ssir-s ^r pr ts.'^ brown sugar. S.mmer five mm- tween and around side* of cuo nish with stemmed maraschino cherries, if desired. «· sugar I Hank ste»ks (abwrt V* pound* t*ch) evenly - chilli hour. Remove steaks from sauce and place on grill over glowing coals. Grill turning once about six minutes per side (for brown rare). Brush frequently with marinade and remaining sauce during grilling period. M«k«« four servings. Dip Nectarines Stir crumbled crisp bacon Into dairV sour cream and servo M dip tor fresh nectarine slices.

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