The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 8, 1948 · Page 10
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 10

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1948
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE FOUR, SECTION TWO THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., THURSDAY, J A N U A R Y 8, 1948 I Large Farms Galulnc ' Between 1910 and 1040, the number of farms of 1,000 acres or more in..cased from 50,135 to 100,531; the acreage Involved Increased from 107 million to 3C4 million. Simultaneously, smaller farms were decreasing in number. Spectacles Spectacle Repairing (has. S. Bokourt Optometrist 110 N. Vine Harrisburg Phone 459-R ALLEY OOP An Old friend COM3 ON IN. POLKS HA,\E A AU.E.S COP XNC OCCL'V-JJST THE HOME A.SA.IN ; it?o MUCH so. AN ALL 5EEM5 7 MAVBt-LET* CHECK AN' r^V 1N W1TH H1S SERENE! X. T ROYAL. HKSHNESS.' PwOni^K77 i-r / BWBCTIN'WU. By V. T. Hamlin PIERSON «5. Sidney Uuttcrworth. Coi respondent Sumlav al \\orlii is ill ).i!l Dailv Kc-uisto.-.^.. W U - K ' m HK-J Attendance Annual attendance at ,- niii-s aveiajjes more than no ,,,, linn, or neatly 00 million moi«j u, " ,o who witness basketball PI,,,"" he Hulled State« s tho. in UK THE ST011Y: It all started [ h e l p ' m e get o\er Oscar Craig. al TM c , S b« , n ,,.,,,·.·,,,,, S »^'sr«.TM nS/wK three months, writing the movie sciipt for one of my own mystery books--and letting Jeff Haverson ANNOUNCEMENT MR. MARION OZMENT -Former owner and operator of Ihe OZMENT MONU- ; MENT WORKS in Harrisburg IS NOW ASSOCIATED WITH THE ELDORADO MONUMENT WORKS OELDORADO. ILLINOIS » ;_For Monuments of Character and where prices are rasonable contact Mr. 0/ment at the ' Eldorado Monument Works "919 5th Street · Telephone Eldorado 161 or Call Harrisburg Co. 26F3 81 x 99 "Foxcrof Mode of long-wearing, seamless bleached shccr : ng, neally . . . and a very attractive man. Liz Leyden, my unpleasant col laborator, informed me vindictively that Jeff had been married for some time to Avis Vaughn, our glamor star, I was stunned. Jeff had been searching for an actress who looked enough like Avis to play her sister in the film, but not finding one had cast Avis in both roles. That day's rushes showed bit-plaer Madge Narney to be the perfect double for Avis. * 3 t VIII "Don't ask me why I never noticed it before . . ." Jeff babbled. "Maybe because the two never played in the same picture before. . .". Maybe because it's just a trick of lighting that's brought it out now. I don't know." I turned to get a good look at Madge, who was sitting almost directly behind me. The funny thing was that she and Avis didn t ilook at all alike in the flesh Madge's hair was brgwn instead of blond, a pale brown with lots of golden highlights in it and she had the very white skin that usually only redheads have. Jeff came back down to eartn and began to make plans. "Well, this means we make some changes. Bleach Narney's hair and give ner the part of the sister--we'll only take distance shots of her until the final scene where she and Avis will both be in close-ups. Then the audience will find tnat they've really been seeing two| different women instead' of thei same one. That should build up to a whale of a kick. We'll cast someone else as the secretary." i Avis Vaughn's blond h e a d , snapped up irom where it had been resting on Art Cleves well- padded shoulder. "Wait a minute,. J e f f " she said loudly. The honeyed accents her public knew were strained from her voice. Jeff spread his hands in a placating gesture, "Now, don't get excited, Avis . . . " , " . , , , . She bounced to her feet at that -Don't get excited, he says. No, don't get excited. When you re cutting my part in half." . -We're not cutting your part in half The sister only-appears in a few scenes. Just let me explain 1 His words were lost in pandemo- i nium. Avis began to screech that it was a conspiracy to rum her--that the audience would dislike her as the suspect wife and j g l \ e all the sympathy to Madge 'as the innocent sister. Art Cleves i sounded like a bad recording as he repeated everything Avis said. Jeff kept arguing his point that' fooling the audience would give) ihe play the punch it needed. Ben Morgan agreed with him. It was a merry little free-for-all. \t~last Avis gave up trying to ^et her way by outscreaming everybody else. Her voice dropped twc octaves. , , . "All right," she said hoarsely. "Give the sister part to Narney. Give both parts to Narney and see how far you get. I'm walking out. I play both parts or none. She thought she had Jeff there Giving the lead in an expensive production to an unknwon young rctress might happen in a romantic fiction story, but it just isn t · done bv the hard-headed business ! men who make pictures to make ' money. And Avis knew it. Jef knew it too. But he didn t seem disturbed by Avis threat. He looked at her cooly. Vou re forgetting that little contract of ·urc. aren't you? It's two-edged, vou know. So far its always worked for you . . . but this time ( it might work for me. The anger left Avis f a c e ^ C u n - ning took its place. "So. tha. s it, vhc said soltly. and her smile ucsn't pleasant. "So that's it \ou tbmk if you make me break our contract, you'll be free, "iou d like 'that, wouldn't you? She laughed suddenly and turned and looked at me. Her i heavenly blue eyes swept me u£ land down with a look that held Imorc mockery than malice, as i! she wondered what I had to offer, !a man in comparison with her own I luscious beauty She laughed again and still laughing turned and] walked out of the projection room., Morgan began to look unhappy. I -Sec here, Jeff" he said. -\\c c-n't waste time and money while { .Avis puts on an act. I don't want production held wp now. Better, forget the change and go ahead Jeff ran a hand weanly through his hair. "Suppose you leave Ibis to me. Morgan. We won t lose an time. I can handle Avis." His eyes met mine then and what 1 "knew must have shown unhappily on my face. His own changed. He said. "Come on. lets get out of here." Icff went around to my onicc I with me. not saying anything i until we were inside and the door closed. Then he walked over to ,lhc window and stood with nis Vck to me so that 1 couldn't see Hs face. He said: 'Tm married to .\\ie-yoii know that, don"t_you "I heart! about it--today." ! Ho didn't ask who had told me. "It happened six years ago. when I first came out here fioin Broadway--" "You don't ha\e to tell me about it," I said stiffly. He Untied and looked at me then. His eyes w e i e pleading "Maybe 1 want to tell \ o u about it." " A hard lump crowded up into my throat and tears smaited my eyelids. The last thins I wanted was to let him see how I felt rbout him. 1 sat down in a chair| and lit a cniaret and said coldly: I "You don't h \ e together, do you? j \ \ h \ d e n t you get a divorce?" "She won't divoice me . . ." lie v it down on the end of the cushy (\.\enport placed along one wall 1-etwecn the bookcases,. He looked :.t me and then he looked away. I gave him no help. Just waited (To Ke Continued) Mr. and Mis. John Perkins are visiting in Ponliac. Mich., w i t h Mr. and Mrs Albert lUitler and daughter. Mr. and Mis Lucy Hogg a n d , sons, and Mr. .md Mrs. Cluulo Hogg of St. Louis M o , spent a part of last week with Mr. .»nd Mrs. Sidney JJtitterworth and f a m - ily. We extend our deepest sympathy to the f a m i l y ol Uncle Dan Slienod in then i client bereavement. Mrs. Virgil Lands is ill w i t h a cold. Mr. and M i s Pete Roberts of Alton spent the Chiistmas holidays with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Fulkerson. Hob Fulkerson icturned home w i t h them for a week's \isit The children in this district returned to school Monday alter a two-weeks' Christmas vacation. Mr. and Mr* Sidney Buttcrwortli List Your Property With Us We have a waiting list of Buyers ALL 3 ROOMS COMPLETE ONLY NO MONEY DOWN! i.s ahvavs a month of real Value-Chime at Mitchell's! These room out l i t \aiues prove it! Buy the complete -'} room outfit or any room -·inirh. No monej down . . - prompt deli\er\ . . . pay on easy weekly or m o n t h h tcrni^. ONLY NO .MONEY DOWN Here's a handsome modern outfit that will make an\ lhh:£ room attractive as well as lhafolc. " A steal xaluc at a low price! c SpacioiKs modern sofa o Matchinsj lounge chair e Tine occasional chair « Mass top cocktail table o AUiac-the end table 9 M.5tc5iinn lamp table o I.o\cU pottery base table lamp YOI 10 PIECES NO MONEY DOWN This streamlined modem bedroom en- sr:nbie includes a smart waterfall suite that is worth the pike asked for the complete 10 pieces. See it now! « Full si/c lied o Chest of drawers o Vanity or dresser o Comfortable mattress s Sitirch coil sprinTM e I'air Feather pillows o n I'c. itoudoir lamp set YOU DONT NEED'CASH! U S E Y O U R C R E D I T ! IMAGINE! 51 PIECES for ONLY Don't fail lo sec Jhis oiilstandin? value at MitthcllV. No nioncj down! Prompt tlclhrrx! · Enamelled Metal inli- 1 Cabinet · 2"-Pc. set stainless steel teblc rutler: fi knncs. 6 forks, fi teasuoMjis, f, soup spoons O 1 matching (h.iirs · Modem throme fable · Colorful felt base rus · .^C-Pc. set of daint} dinnen^arc. sen ire for rr Dial "The Duke of Paducah 7:15 p. m. Daily -- WEBQ SPAPFRf

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