Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 13, 1942 · Page 9
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 9

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1942
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

MORNING AVALANCHE •-. By FRANK HEWLETT *Uniied Press Staff Correspondent „. WITH MacARTHUR'S FORCES -JN THK PHILIPPINES, Feb. 12. *—The gun erupted with a roar Ayhich jolted me backward, a bril- Jliant flame lanced out and I heard <a hallow swishing sound from the 'fhell. »>. Looking through the glasses I £aw it Jiit and a few seconds later v jhe sound of the explosion washed «back. • It was "right on the nose." The Shell struck just where'the lieu- •fensnt at the gun controls had said •it would strike. £ Were Blasting Japanese ;; I was seeing Gen. Douglas Mac- -Arihur's artillerymen in action— •and they were sending over "spe- ^cial delivery" packages of death .at the Japanese, blasting them, 'blasting their guns and blasting [their machines. ^ It was dawn on the front lines •in Bataan. ;• Through the night I had been .with the gunners, whose accuracy iBiight have been responsible, up •to now, for cheating the Japanese [of victory. * Countless rounds of TNT-loaded •shells have been dumped on the jenwny positions. Crews behind the ,guns have been mostly Filipinos •jiow seasoned campaigners who learned the hard way—as they fought. '.: The fire has been deadly, shown ;fay our own observations, by docu- jTjen^s found on dead Japanese officers and by our intelligence rc- •ports. ^ I stood with a battery which .swept a wide area, virtually destroying everything within hun- "dreds of yards. * I stuffed my ears with cotton, back-stepping from the force of -every shot. ' Three miles away, on the infantry front lines, the shots were 'striking home. Over and over the |frim task went—the loading, fir- 3ng, the shells striking, spewing death: * Instructions Telephoned ,, At a vantage point nearby were American officers. They telephoned down instructions to the gun crews. ; ' New targets were picked. Ranges RED GROSS NURSE 1 HORIZONTAL i Pictured nurse, F'orence . 11 Courtesy title. 12 Idle, 14 Badger-like animal. 15 Equal, 17 Periods of time. 18 French soldier. 21 Glen, 22 Lair. 23 Snake. 25 Sailor. 26 Bullocks. 28 Scent bag. 29 Varnish Ingredient 30 She helped the wounded Ansv/er to Previous Puzzle 47 Bird. ...- 49 Overshoe. in (he War of 54 Engrave, 'the ——. 55 Manufacture-; 35 Drivirfg VERTICAL command. 1 Floating on 36 Weapon. water (bot.). 38 Within. 16 Pronoun. J 8'Object of perception. lOInstallmeni paid (abbr.). 20 Girl's name. 23 Lines of junction. 2-1 Tierce {abbr.) 27 Yale. 30 Musical instrument. 31 Retreat. 32 Bird's nest. 33 Pointed .._. , . instrument', 40 Singing voice, month. 34 Tight grip 42 Set of three. 3 Gallon (abbr.) 35 joke 43 Negative reply 4 Hectometer .37 Sloth .44 Faint lights. (abbr.). 39 In no'way. 46 Court (abbr.), 5 Male singers. 41 Neglect. 6 Peers. 45 A seeking. 7 Great (abbr.}, 48 Left hand 8 Endeavor. (abbr.). 9 Burden. 50 Exist 10 Property. 51 Music note. 11 Female horses. 52 All right 13 Glory. (abbr.). - -. - _ ^ . V°VW1./. .2 Day of Roman 14 Crimson. 53 Compass point changed. "- "Home ram!" the gunners were .told. •a Them I "Fire!" * Over and over, the battery raked an arc-like area from a Bataan beach to deep into the mountains. .. Later I moved up closer to the lilies. I found lighter artillery Slamming over more packages of Eeath. Those batteries were well covered as a precaution against ppotting by planes. Ae soon as " . ^Charlie"— the enemy— disappear ed from the sky, the guns would open up with a new barrage over pur infantry into the Japanese lines: Guns Virtually Intact While marshal of the Philippine army, an artillery officer told me, Douglas MacArthur was responsible for getting guns from the United States which now are outdistancing the best the Japs have ox his withdrawal to this" area of land stand" he brought his gun units virtually intact. Another outfit—the engineers- come in for a large share of the credit. Those toiling men who tradtion- ally do the "dirty work," have built bridges and destroyed •\*-lHo-rtr" 1..UT _•» . • . ts —««. . ^uj IAU jr. C U bridges, laid land mines, turned Her*'* yo*r chance to get la on a. »ood«rfcl doable bargain of beaitbM benefit! for jour £»mU T —pka »o>«rt, colorful, high quality chini, nude by oae of America's grett manufacturers! Ask 70«r jtrocer for Mother's Oat* --ritk China, today! Remeiahtr, it's x^iaraJt, triplt- rM> in tfe« great "ann-fadgae"Tit3Ltwn Bi*I It*« rich in Phosphorus, for strong boact,,teeth 1 , in Iron, for rich, red Hood! Retmotbcr, *oo, chac t»tmeal leads »ll ,/Acr wbok-grain c*rah; ia Proteins, for firm Seth, strong muscles! G«e these extra healthftil values of America's Sxptr Breakfast Food—and thrill to the colorful loTeli- ae*t of high qnilitr china iodnded in ereiy package—br getting x big thrift/ package of Mcther'i Oats, with China—today! MOTHERS OATS WITH CHINA WINK Of IT! YOU &T ^f^ M^M jf^ ••'•^ SUPER BreakfastFood QUICK-PLUMBING SERVICE Emergency trucks on all fimei. caraboa trails into good roads and encirled virtually all Bataan with a barrier of barbed wire. Bridges Blown Up Col. Harry Skerry of Portland Ore., supervised the demolition of 184 bridges in northern Luzon :sland including one with 13 spans each more than 175 feet in length.' Those bridges often were blown up in the teeth of enemv fire Over one bridge the entire southern southern Luzori army had moved. Four generals on Jan 1 witnessed its destruction which blocked the Japanese at a river 'vu'ifh S *** *** :1|/r A .Li 1 A ,«•!-• ' -^^~ —.-. 'Plol 4343 For Th. pcArtnur^ArWkrvmenStandmgJap Invasion Off With ~Deally inGrny Positions~* Heavily Shelled Offices Schools Not To Take Holiday As Lubbock school buildings will not be needed for Monday's registration of males between the age.s of 20 and 44 for selective service, no holiday will be observed by the schools, Supt. W. B Irvin said Thursday. The day has been officially proclaimed by Gov. Coke Stevenson as a holiday for schools so that moldings may be used for the registration. As Lubbock draft boards have made other arrangements for places to register there will be no need for schools to take a holiday, Dr. It-win said. Schools Cooperating 'We are cooperating with the draft boards by furnishing them with interpreters for Spanish- speaking registrants but as we have already set our schedule of holidays and need all the time possible for our regular session it would seem foolish to take a holiday Monday when the buildings are not needed," Dr. Irvin" said. _ "Gov. Stevenson's proclamation was made only to provide places for registration if they were needed," Dr. Irvin said, "and the action by Lubbock officials is in no way contrary to his declaration." In Britain, motion pictures are «TT™ S«ven_ censor's certificates, U for universal exhibition, "A" for adult audiences, and "H" for select gatherings. 5oO-feet wide long enough for MacArthur's tired army to reorganize. .Skerry's engineers blasted out with dynamite a small Japanese suicide force from caves in which they hid back of our lines. The Japanese had refused to surrender Another demolition squad defied death by going through the lines at night to burn shacks and rice stacks and to chop down trees where snipers lurked. _ One outfit has a mascot named Dynamite." He is a puppy rescued by Lieut. Joseph F. Smith 1941 graduate of the University of Illinois, from a bridge on 1 which Smith had lighted dynamite fuses. Fine Meeting Reported In Spite Of AH The Ladies' Accidents AUGUSTA, Kas., Feb. IS. (IP) —The ladies of the Rebekah lodge went to nearby Douglass to put on a memorial service. This is what happened: Mrs. A. M. Taylor became ill suddenly and drove her car info a bread truck. Mrs. Willie Koons fell on the steps and tore a ligament in her ankle. Mrs. Emma Davis was pushed against a wall in a crowd and her shoulder was wrenched. _ Mrs. C. O. Purdin backed into another car and tore off a fender and hub cap. Mrs. Marcella .Johnson fell through a window and was cut by broken glass. Nevertheless, the ladies reported a fine meeting. Pre-Med Club Will Sponsor College Dance Texas Technological college Pre Med club will sponsor an all-college dance in the gymnasium from 9 to 12 o clock tonight, according to announcement Thursday afternoon by John Biekham, president. Admission charge will 25 cents for stags or couples. Sponsors of the club are \V. M. „ „.. vlll - ^ tuu alK jy_ ^J Slagle and Jesse Q. Sealey. ln- Permits Issued For 21 Houses Twenty-one residence permits •oA a o ln u g $ 72 ' 400 Pushed Lubbock's 1942 building total upward records j at the office of Jim Reid, city building inspector, showed Thu-s- day afternoon. «fi?n g r!?> tee " o£ ille f jel ' m 'ts, totaling 563,000, were issued to American Homes, Inc., owner, and to Guy GUstrap, M.. H. Thomas, M. E btone, E. R. Reese and W. E Allen, contractors, for defense rental residences in 2400-block Thirty-second street. Harold Biffle, owner and contractor, was granted two permits for $2,700 residences at 301 and 305 Avenue W. Barfield Lumber company, owner and contractor, received a permit for a 54.000 residence at 2512 Thirtieth street. 5 total now stands at that for the week at d for the month at The residence total for $344,430. Kiwanians Told Of Boy Scout Program Lubbock Xiwanis club which recently assumed the sponsorship of a Boy Scout troop, had a re- por". of its progress by Dr. Milton Adams, club member and scoutmaster, at the weekly program Thursday noon in Lubbock hotel a part o£ the local celebration of the 32nd anniversary of the founding of scouting. Dr. Adams said the troop began functioning Jan. 1 with 12 members, but that since then one boy moved away. Within the pas week eight of the 11 members have received uniforms. Dr. Adams made a plea for an assistant, say mg he was not ahvavs able to attend and that he mi^ht be call ^ into the armed forces of th< bniled "States. Dell Morgan was program chair man, with Sam Henry and Sam Newman as co-chairmen. Jack O and for the year vited guests will be Drs. & Mesdames Dean R. Parker, M F , £%£' «• ^ Studhalter, Arlo j Smith, Harold M. Hefley R r Goodwin, E. L. Reed and Dr. Bessie B, League. LASSO Tff/S BAKGAW.6/Ki$ Delivery Hours—8;30 A. M. 10 A. M. 3 P. M., 5 P. M. FOLGER'S PRODUCE SPECIALS Green Peas r 2R ° ZEPNkgFRESH COFFEE T.xai Seedless I f . oft . f GRAPEFRUIT I CABBA6E Each 21/2C I Lb. 21/7C Strawberries COUPONS Bring Ui Your Lever Coupont SPINACH Faultless No. 2 Can BUTTER APRICOTS Armour's Cloverbloom, Ib. i Whole . . . Peeled White Swan, No. 2y 2 Can R GHT! Even in hj.rd -n-atcr, the New OXYDOL gc<s cloihcs white without bleaching—except stitns, of course.or unusuil pieces. Yet it is still milder on hr nds. And st(e for washable rayons and colors. What's more, ISTew OXYDOL saves a big part of yoursoapmoner because every cupful now washes much more clothes or Wishes! Try i'. Same familiar package. 12 Lbs. Light- Crust FLOUR 59c Del Monfe COFFEE Lb. 3Ic WHEAT TOAST WAFERS 19C „ Salted Brown . . Toasted I Lb. Box i^^^^Mi ^^^pEmME Kni -J3 3(b. m 3 l.b. ff. Ca* 69C ^OXYDOL Larga Box _. 24c PEACHES, M«lba HmlTei, Del Monte, No. 2>/z can BLUEBEHHIES, —No. 2 can „ _ Z1C PINEAPPLE Chunklets" Del Monfe, No. 211 can EARLY GARDEN PEAS, Del Monte, ^-, No. 2 can, 2 for_ _ 35C CORN ON COB, Del Monl«, Large can (4 ears) GREEN LIMA BEANS, Early Garden, Del Monte, No. 1 can _ ASPARAGUS, Natural While Swan, Picnic can TURNIP GREENS. While Swan, No. 2 can SLICED BEETS, White Swan, No. 2 can KOSHER DILL PICKLES, C.H.B., 21 or. jar | FRUIT COCKTAIL **MMMM_I^^^M^^^^M No. I iall can-. 15c PEAS 8c CARROTS, While Swan, No. 2 can__ HOMINY, Scott Co., No. 1 can GINGER BREAD MIX Dromedary, large box__ HONEY, Burleson's, IGozjar PEANUT BUTTER, Peter Pan, 12 ox. can MINUTE TAPIOCAr 8 oz. box_ I7c _6c 22c 27C 13c KRAFT COCOA MIX 8 ox. box CHEERIOATS, Large box, 2 for_ MOTHER'S OATS, Largs box . _ _ KARO SYRUP. Blue Label, 3 Ib. can__ BROOKS CATSUP, Large bottle CLOROX, Pint iSc _27c -33c 2?c 18c 12ic G0MG TEXAS TEXAS Todsy. it is everybody's obli- gacion to fcesp fir. Lasc year colds and minor illness caused America's d-fcnse program to lose a million or more of working hours. Whar you ear is the ~ay you feel. Hit the day in high by eating a big, juicy vita- mm-rich Texas Grapefruit, topped with energizing Imperial Confectioners' Pow- dercd Sugar. Texas grows the world's finest grapefruit. Each luscious fruit abounds in protective vitamins that built resistance against coldj and other ills. And Texas' own sugar . . . Imperial . . . a dd, driving energy va[ ue to , n j $ tasty dish. Ler Texas Grape- fnm and Lnperial Pure Cane Sugar help you keep fit ... , o <fo your bit. Sliced Bacon Halh's Black Haw!t Pound Cheese Full Cream, Pound Be 28c Pork Loin Roast First Cull, Pound Skinless Franks Pound 19c Hed Snapper Channel Cat Fresh Spanish Mackerel Flounder Fillet* Fresh Shrimp Fancy Select Oysters LAMB CHOPS Pound 32c DIAL 4671 "W 9 Reserve T?ie Right To umir "FEATURING QUALITY FOODS" rocery AVE. V & 15TH ST. CAKE AND COOKIE BOOK Send 7 for Your Copy Today Imp«r!»l Eugur Company, Dept. 35-c Sugar Land, Texjj. Enclosed it an impty Imperial Sugar sick or «non top for »hich plejsc send fr« ind pos:- pjid Aunt Con'i Boot of Unusual Cakes and Cookies." Cilr_ BICYCLES BOYS WILL BE BOYS BALTIMORE W';—Eighty-yea-. old John Hopkins was just out having fun with boys in the neighborhood—throwing snowballs in the first snowstorm of the year when he was hit by an automobile. Patrolmen sent Hopkins to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries, and.said he should be more careful. Stone, local scout executive, was master of ceremonies. Cub Wayne" Kuykendall and Scout John McLarty spoke briefly on the local work, as did Stone. Motion pictures in technicolor, of the camp at Camp Post last summer where shown by Kiwanian Marion Peters. President O. J. Sexton presented to'the club Dm-ward D. Mahon, a new member. Isn't FLAVOR what makes good coffee? ... and aren't Oel Monte Foods all famous for flavor? Think of all the other ' Del Monte Foods you like. Del Monte Coffes .should be good, too. And maybe it's just the coffee to suit you best of all. Worth find• ing out—isn't it? Buy now, while bikes are fully equipped Thrill your DOJ? or girl-vnrh onr nf n— streamlined deluxe C j //ftr zquippcd models, ^fl/i / J TEHMS HOME, AUTO SUPPLY AND SERVICE STORE Bill Slaiter, Mgr. 13th and Av». L Fhon« 5588 Two grinds—Regular and Drip Packed in both cans and glass •—hut always Del Monte Quality!

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